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Monday, April 9, 2012

At the McCalls' residence, Ashley asked Tucker why he hadn't told her about firing Sofia. Tucker claimed that he'd meant to share the news when he'd visited Ashley at her office, but he said he'd become distracted by discussions about Jack's surgery and the future of Beauty of Nature. Tucker paused before requesting an update about the previous subjects of discussion. Ashley snapped, "Which one, my brother's surgery or Beauty of Nature?"

Ashley told Tucker that he'd become obsessed with Beauty of Nature. Ashley warned Tucker that the thought of him being associated with Beauty of Nature was worrisome because Genevieve was involved. Ashley explained, "Genevieve betrayed my brother, and you saw what she did to him. Who knows what she would do to someone she has no connection to?" Tucker said he could take care of himself. Ashley became frustrated when she sensed that Tucker had no intention of heeding her warning.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Nikki discussed Jack's plans to marry Genevieve. Unbeknownst to Jack and Nikki, Genevieve quietly listened just outside the room. Genevieve looked stunned after she heard Jack tell Nikki that he was entering into a mutually beneficial deal with Genevieve by agreeing to marry her. Nikki panicked. Jack added, "It's not what you think, and it's certainly not what Genevieve thinks, either." Nikki promised not to share the information with anyone after Jack swore her to secrecy.

Jack explained that Beauty of Nature would belong to him if he and Genevieve married because she'd promised to sell it to him after their wedding. Jack added that he'd file divorce papers after the transfer of ownership. Genevieve's jaw dropped when she heard Jack unveil his plan to Nikki. Nikki asked if Jack was seeking revenge. Jack noted that he'd have to "give a damn" about Genevieve to want revenge. He added, "This is business." Genevieve turned and left quietly after she heard Jack's callous remarks.

Nikki warned Jack not to carry out his plan. Jack quoted Genevieve's words and stated, "We have the chance to correct some terrible mistakes." Jack added, "I say the sooner the better." Nikki reminded Jack that at one time, his feelings for Genevieve had been real, and she knew it. Nikki added that Genevieve was dangling Beauty of Nature in front of Jack, hoping that he'd get sucked in.

Nikki became overwrought with concern and pleaded with Jack to let go of Genevieve and Beauty of Nature. Jack assured Nikki that he and Genevieve didn't share the same history as did Nikki and Victor, nor did Jack and Genevieve have children to bind them together. Jack told Nikki she shouldn't worry about him or Genevieve.

Nikki told Jack that she hated Genevieve because she was cruel and unpredictable. Nikki cried, "That makes me very nervous." Jack explained that he had to play it cool with Genevieve, so she wouldn't suspect his plot. Nikki reminded Jack that Genevieve had pushed her ex-husband off a balcony and seemed disappointed that he'd survived, so she might not be willing to leave quietly after Jack filed for divorce. Jack quipped that he'd avoid rooftops.

Frustrated, Nikki cried that Jack was treating the situation as if it were a comedy. Nikki warned, "Once Genevieve loses you and Beauty of Nature, she'll have nothing more to lose. I don't want to think about what might happen to you then."

After Nikki left, Ashley arrived and attempted to discuss business, but Jack was distracted. Jack told Ashley that Genevieve should have already arrived, and he tried to phone her. Jack checked his watch and told Ashley that Genevieve wasn't answering her phone. Jack's maid, Mrs. Martinez, entered the room and offered to prepare drinks for Jack, Ashley, and Mrs. Atkinson. Mrs. Martinez added that she'd seen Mrs. Atkinson arrive and enter through the back door about an hour earlier and assumed she was in the powder room. Exasperated, Jack sighed heavily.

At Gloworm, Tucker met with Genevieve after she summoned him. Genevieve struggled to contain her emotions when Tucker asked what had spurred her to meet with him after previously stating that she needed more time. Genevieve regained her composure and told Tucker that she'd been pondering the "wonders of the wine coolers." Tucker sighed and said, "Not your drink of choice anymore. I won't be plying you with those again." Genevieve said she was flattered that Tucker had remembered her past fondness for the drink. Tucker explained that a broken heart made one remember details about a lost love.

Genevieve remarked that she and Tucker had been one another's childhood crush, and she applauded Tucker's current success. Tucker said that Genevieve didn't stay with him long enough to celebrate his rising accomplishments. Genevieve recalled that Tucker had envisioned his future success. Tucker remembered that Genevieve's dream had been to travel. Genevieve said that she'd sought excitement in Australia, met Colin, and gotten more than she'd bargained for. Genevieve noted that Ashley didn't seem to know about Tucker and Genevieve's past romance. Tucker said he would enlighten Ashley when the time was right.

Genevieve told Tucker that he had been wise to keep their past a secret, so no one would think Tucker had gained an unfair advantage. Tucker assured Genevieve that McCall, Unlimited, had the resources to purchase the company for the sum Genevieve had written down on a card. Genevieve said she might want a position at Beauty of Nature after the sale. Tucker replied, "We'd love to have you. We could do great things together, Genevieve."

Genevieve told Tucker that he was currently the front-runner. Genevieve asked for more time before accepting Tucker's offer, so she could make a decision that would be in her own best interest. Genevieve added that a recent revelation made her realize she needed to make a choice to benefit herself.

Billy returned home from California. Victoria wasn't home, but Abby was there, and she told her uncle that Chelsea was missing. Abby admitted that Chelsea might have thought she was being insulted after Victoria ordered Chelsea to stay away from Adam. Billy checked his phone and discovered a log of missed calls from Victoria. Billy learned that Victoria had approached Victor for help. Billy asked Abby to accompany him to the docks at Lake Concord because he knew that Chelsea sometimes sought solace there.

At Victor's office, Victoria begged her father to use his resources to find Chelsea. Victor said he could not. Victoria told her father that she knew he still loved her and that he shouldn't punish her for pursuing ownership of Beauty of Nature. Victor said that it was best if Chelsea, pregnant with Billy Abbott's child, never returned. Victoria told her dad that she and Billy would raise Chelsea's soon-to-be-born son. Victor seemed uncomfortable when Victoria claimed that his only concern was that his daughter had married a man he despised. Victoria looked stunned when Victor added that Billy didn't deserve her.

After Victoria told her father that Billy was away on business in California, Victor became enraged and said that Billy's magazine ridiculed the Newman family. Victor yelled, "He's a cocky, impertinent bastard who's brought you nothing but heartache." Victoria told her father that she loved Billy and that the baby would soon become a part of their growing family. Victoria said she was responsible for keeping Chelsea and the baby safe until the infant was born.

Victor relented and phoned Anita, who was at the Chicago airport. Victoria placed the call on speakerphone and told Anita that Chelsea was missing. Anita became angry. Victoria asked Anita to relay a message if Chelsea called her. After the phone call with Anita ended, Victoria told her dad that she'd involve the police. Victoria was about to leave when Victor offered to help.

Later, Victoria hovered over her father's desk as he relayed information gathered by a pilot flying a helicopter over Lake Concord. Victor reported that Chelsea's car had been spotted along with two people walking near it. After Victoria learned that the pilot had spotted lights at a cabin beyond the ice, she instructed Victor to summon the helicopter to the roof of Newman Enterprises to pick her up. Victoria told Victor she was very worried about Chelsea being out in the cold. Before Victoria headed up to the landing pad, she warmly embraced her father. Victor, worried, told Victoria to be careful.

Abby and Billy drove to Lake Concord. Abby checked the screen of her cell phone and complained that she had no service in the rural area. Billy yelled, "Chelsea!" Abby heard a helicopter fly overhead and remarked that it was too bad it wasn't someone on a search-and-rescue mission for Chelsea. Abby and Billy followed footprints in the snow. Billy, frustrated that he was unable to contact Victoria, continued ahead across the ice, but Abby, worried about thin ice, yelled for him to stop.

After Adam rescued Chelsea from an icy pond, she screamed out in pain and told him that her baby was coming. Adam broke into a nearby cabin and helped a shivering Chelsea inside. Adam wrapped Chelsea in blankets and quilts and attempted to step outside to access cell-tower reception. Chelsea yelled out in pain and begged Adam not to leave. When the birthing process began, Adam instructed Chelsea to bear down and push. Chelsea sobbed and said she couldn't push because it hurt.

Adam covered Chelsea's legs with a sheet. He held Chelsea's knees apart and implored her to push. Chelsea took a deep breath and struggled to maintain concentration as she bore down. Adam eased the infant out and announced that the baby had been born. Chelsea panicked when she didn't hear the infant cry. Adam massaged the baby's chest, and the infant cooed softly. Adam proudly proclaimed that the infant had ten fingers and ten toes. Chelsea, disoriented and sounding weak, reminded Adam to fetch hot chocolate, so they could warm themselves by the fire.

Adam busied himself cutting the baby's umbilical cord. Adam placed the child in Chelsea's arms for a moment before taking the baby away and cradling the boy in his arms. Chelsea, babbling, asked, "What are you doing with my baby? What are you doing?" Adam said the baby looked healthy, and he cradled the baby to keep him warm. Somewhat delirious, Chelsea asked Adam to phone room service. Adam placed the baby into Chelsea's arms, so he could venture out and locate a cell-reception area. Adam instructed Chelsea to stay awake and keep the baby warm.

After Adam left, Victoria arrived. Chelsea, groggy, asked Victoria if she'd also phoned room service. Victoria, confused, assured Chelsea that she'd be all right. Victoria took the baby and rocked him gently. Victoria assured the fussy baby that she'd find a way to "fix everything." Billy arrived.

Victoria handed the baby to Billy, so she could check on Chelsea. Billy asked how Chelsea had gotten to the cabin and delivered the baby on her own. Victoria replied, "Someone must have helped her." Adam peered through a window and saw Billy and Victoria inside the cabin, so he didn't enter.

Victoria told Billy that Chelsea had a fever and needed help. Chelsea, unable to think clearly, promised Victoria that the baby would be born healthy. Victoria told Billy that they should put Chelsea and the baby on Victor's helicopter and fly them to the hospital. When Abby arrived and called out to Billy, Adam hid. Abby entered the cabin and told Victoria and Billy that when she'd phoned for help, she learned that an unknown person had already summoned an ambulance for a mother and her baby. Billy said, "Someone was here, left, and called an ambulance?" Victoria said, "Whoever it was saved our baby's life."

From his office, Victor phoned the pilot and learned that Victoria had arrived at the cabin. Victor ordered the pilot to ensure Victoria's safety. After the call ended, Victor said aloud, "Billy Abbott, you son of a bitch, this is all your doing." Nikki arrived and was surprised to find Victor in his office so late in the day. Explaining that she'd discovered he wasn't at home, Nikki asked if Victor was handling urgent business. Victor remained mum about Victoria and said he was just working on a project. Nikki seemed to sense that something was amiss.

Anita burst through Victor's office door and asked, "Where is she?" Nikki's curiosity was piqued when Anita mentioned that Victor had phoned her about Chelsea. Anita, angry, told Victor that it wasn't like Chelsea to run away unless she'd been pushed to the edge. Nikki cried, "Chelsea's missing?" Nikki addressed Victor and admonished him for not sharing the information. Nikki realized that Victoria had to be overcome with worry, so she left to find her daughter.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chelsea and the baby were taken to the hospital and rushed into the emergency room. Victoria, Billy, and Abby followed, concerned about mother and child. Nikki appeared, and Victoria told her mother that she'd held the baby. Nikki wondered who'd delivered the baby, since Chelsea had been alone when she was found. Victoria had no idea who'd been there to help Chelsea and commented that Chelsea had been pretty incoherent in the cabin.

Later, a police officer questioned Abby, Billy, and Victoria about finding Chelsea. Victoria explained that the baby had already been born before she arrived there, and Abby added that someone else had called the ambulance before she did. Nikki thanked the cop for helping to find the baby, and he revealed that Victor Newman deserved to be thanked. Nikki learned that Victor's helicopter had been circling the area and tipped off the cops about where to search. The doctor appeared and told Billy and Victoria that they were allowed to see the baby.

Adam phoned the hospital, and when he asked about Chelsea and her baby, he learned that they'd been admitted. In her hospital room, Chelsea awakened and realized that she'd had the baby. Later, the police officer questioned Chelsea about what had happened in the cabin, but her memories were muddled. Chelsea told the doctor that she wanted to see the baby.

Adam went to the emergency room and asked about Chelsea Lawson. Abby saw him at the desk and wondered why he was there. Adam told Abby that he needed an eye exam, but she didn't believe him. Abby talked about Chelsea having had the baby. Adam acted surprised to hear about Chelsea's adventure on the lake and in the cabin where the baby was born. Abby was curious about Adam's interest in Chelsea.

In Victor's office, Anita pretended that she was concerned about Chelsea's welfare, but Victor knew that she was putting on a show. Victor wondered if Chelsea had changed her mind about giving the baby to Victoria and Billy. Victor received a call and told Anita that Chelsea had delivered the baby. Anita wanted to go to the hospital immediately, but Victor demanded that Anita disappear. Victor unlocked his safe and handed Anita an envelope of cash and instructions to leave town. Anita took the money and said that Victor was the boss. After she walked out, Victor placed a call to arrange to have Anita followed.

Anita went to the hospital and entered Chelsea's room. Anita assured Chelsea that she'd take care of everything, pretending that she was concerned for her daughter. Chelsea still was determined to give the baby to Billy and Victoria, much to Anita's displeasure. Anita urged Chelsea to get a payday from Billy and Victoria before handing over the baby to them. Chelsea demanded that Anita get out of her room and leave her alone.

Billy and Victoria looked at the baby in the bassinet and marveled at how beautiful he was. Victoria and Billy were committed to building a family with all their children, including the newborn. Victoria was worried about how to proceed with the adoption. Billy said that he'd contacted Michael, and they'd need to have a post-delivery hearing to make sure that Chelsea still wanted to give up her rights to the baby. Victoria feared that they might lose the baby like they'd lost Lucy. Billy was confident that Chelsea would not do that to them.

Later, Victoria and Billy went to see Chelsea and were concerned about her health. Chelsea appreciated that they cared, and when Victoria apologized for their fight, Chelsea said she didn't even remember why they'd tangled. Billy informed Chelsea that the baby was perfect. When Billy mentioned custody, though, Chelsea was surprised. Chelsea announced that she wouldn't do anything until she saw the baby.

In his house, Jack found the marriage license he'd gotten for his wedding to Genevieve. At the Athletic Club bar, Genevieve had a drink and recalled overhearing Jack telling Nikki that he intended to lie to Genevieve to get her to marry him and give him Beauty of Nature. While she was still drinking at the bar, Genevieve received a call from Jack asking her to go to his house. Later, Genevieve went to Jack's house and he showed her the marriage license, explaining that it was still valid.

Genevieve accused Jack of lying to her about wanting reconciliation. Jack realized that Genevieve had overheard Jack's talk with Nikki. Genevieve believed that Jack planned to steal Beauty of Nature from her and dump her after getting what he wanted. Jack claimed that he'd been lying to Nikki because he feared that Nikki would tip off his family about Jack's desire to marry Genevieve.

Jack assured Genevieve that he really wanted to marry her and be her husband. Jack apologized for having been hard on Genevieve, and she admitted that she'd been sincerely trying to rebuild a life with Jack. Genevieve agreed to marry Jack. The phone rang, and Jack learned from Nikki that Billy's baby had been born. Jack asked Genevieve to go to the hospital with him to see his new nephew, but she declined.

Genevieve confessed that she wanted to trust Jack, but she was afraid. Jack kissed Genevieve and told her to believe in him. Genevieve said she loved Jack, but he didn't answer in kind. Genevieve took the marriage license and left.

Victor received a call and heard that Anita had gone to see Chelsea at the hospital. Nikki walked into Victor's office and told him that the baby was fine, as was Victoria. Nikki wanted to know why Victor had again not informed her of what he was doing while he was doing it. Victor explained that it didn't matter because everything had worked out. Victor told Nikki they could speak when he got to the ranch.

Nikki threatened to not return home unless Victor was honest with her. Nikki was upset that Victor had been dealing with Anita again. Victor declared that he did not approve of Victoria raising Billy's bastard child, and he predicted that Victoria would be hurt in the future. Victor advised Nikki to not become emotionally attached to the new baby.

Nikki suddenly realized that Victor was worried about her sticking to her sobriety. Victor reminded Nikki that the last time she had fallen off the wagon, she had wound up married to the sleazy Deacon Sharpe. Victor said that he feared losing Nikki to the "damn bottle." Nikki had not been aware of Victor's feelings about her drinking. Nikki demanded the brutal truth for Victor about his real worries.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley met with Sharon and Faith. Sharon had invited Ashley to spend some time with Faith, since they hadn't seen each other in a while. Sharon conceded that Ashley had played an important part of Faith's life, and Sharon was grateful to her. Ashley admitted that she'd moved on and accepted that Faith belonged with Sharon.

Ashley was glad that Faith was doing well. Sharon told Faith that Ashley had taken good care of Faith in those first months after she'd been born. Sharon assured Ashley that she would always have a place in Faith's life. Alone with Faith, Sharon told her daughter how much she loved her.

Adam went to the coffeehouse and noticed Ashley, Sharon, and Faith on the patio. Adam recalled the night Faith was born, when he'd taken Sharon's baby and given her to Ashley, letting Ashley believe that Faith was her newborn. Sharon approached Adam, and they exchanged a look. Ashley stopped Adam from leaving and asked why he was still living in Genoa City when there was nobody there for him. Adam turned and walked away.

Later, Sharon assured Ashley that Adam would never hurt her or Faith again. Sharon revealed that Adam had experienced an epiphany at the farm, and Sharon believed that Adam was a changed man. Sharon assured Ashley that she would never let Adam back into her life, but she hoped that he remained committed to his new life.

Abby called Ashley to tell her that Billy's baby had been born. Jack arrived at the hospital, and Abby told him about the new baby. Billy and Victoria appeared, and Jack congratulated them. Jack sensed that Victoria and Billy were concerned, and Victoria said she still feared that Chelsea would want to keep the baby. In her room, Chelsea held the newborn. Chelsea told the child that Victoria and Billy would give him a great life.

Chelsea wanted her baby boy to have all the privileges of a loving family that she'd never had. Chelsea promised that she'd always love the baby. Chelsea buzzed for the nurse to hand the baby over to Victoria and Billy. The baby was handed to Victoria, and Billy thanked Chelsea. Victoria and Billy promised to always love the baby.

Jack and Abby spoke on the phone with Ashley, who was caught in traffic on her way to the hospital. After Abby walked off, Ashley asked Jack about Genevieve's appearance at the house. Jack revealed to his sister that he and Genevieve had reached an agreement, and Jack was confident that Beauty of Nature would be part of Jabot by the end of the week. Back at the Athletic Club bar, Genevieve stared at the marriage license and continued to drink.

Adam returned to the hospital and went see Chelsea. Adam learned that Chelsea had given the baby to Billy and Victoria. Adam asked if Chelsea was sure that she'd done the right thing. Chelsea said she couldn't be selfish and think of herself. Chelsea was doing what was best for her son. When Adam touched Chelsea's hand, she remembered that he'd been there to deliver the child. Adam didn't deny the fact, but he told Chelsea that it would be their secret.

Victoria and Billy were overjoyed about the new baby. Victoria felt that no matter how he had entered the world, the baby belonged to the two of them. Victoria and Billy discussed names, and Billy suggested Mustang or Waylon. Victoria offered Theodore, so they could call him Teddy. Billy thought that Victoria would end up calling him Teddy bear.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Sofia and Neil had a cup a coffee before going to the hospital for the activation of Devon's hearing implants. Neil was struggling with a broken hand, so Sofia helped him prepare his coffee. Suddenly, Angelina's song played over the jukebox, and they were both excited for Devon. Neil mentioned that Tucker would likely be at Devon's appointment, and Neil hoped that Sofia wouldn't be upset to see him. Sofia was certain that she could handle being in the same room with Tucker.

At the hospital, Lily met Devon and announced that she was excited that he'd be getting his hearing restored. Later, Neil, Sofia, Harmony, and Tucker showed up so they could be with Devon for the procedure. Devon was nervous, but Tucker assured Devon that the success rate for the operation was very high. Devon admitted that he had done research online and discovered that there had been procedures that hadn't been successful. Neil tried to reassure Devon, as did Sofia, Harmony, and Tucker, but he was still worried.

Devon and Lily left to check on the arrival of the technician who'd activate the implants. After they were gone, Neil criticized Tucker for ignoring Sofia when she was right there. Tucker apologized to Neil and said he was there for Devon and meant no disrespect to Sofia. Tucker walked away, but Neil still wanted to punch him in the face.

Sofia told her husband to calm down and then realized that Neil was uptight about Devon. Neil felt that he'd acted dishonestly with Devon because he was afraid, too, that the implants might not work. Neil wanted to always be real with his children. Lily and Devon were shown into a room where the technician would activate his implant devices. Lily and Devon recalled when Devon first moved in with the Winters family, how frightened he'd been. Lily assured Devon that nobody would take away the good things in his life.

At the chapel, Harmony prayed for Devon. Harmony was in tears as she pleaded with God to restore her son's hearing. Neil found Harmony there, and she confessed that she felt responsible because the surgery had been her idea. Harmony feared that something might go wrong. Neil understood, but Harmony was still wracked with guilt. Neil told Harmony that she'd come a long way from the woman she had been, when she was Yolanda the drug addict. Harmony confessed to Neil that she'd been tempted to use again.

Tucker and Sofia met in private when he was sure that Neil wasn't around. Sofia told Tucker that she didn't like keeping up the charade that they were no longer working together. Tucker said he had the inside track to buy Beauty of Nature, but he still needed Sofia to "stay the course' with their scheme. Sofia told Tucker that she could only have a real marriage with Neil if she was completely open and honest.

In the chapel, Neil told Harmony that he believed that she'd changed. Neil admitted that after Dru died, he'd fallen off the wagon. Neil understood what Harmony was feeling. Harmony felt that her higher power had sent Neil to her.

Sofia entered and saw Harmony and Neil close together. Sofia said that the activation procedure was about to commence. Harmony left, and Sofia wondered if Neil had prayed for Devon while he was in the chapel. Neil said he hadn't, but he was feeling more positive. Sofia was miffed because Neil had obviously bonded with Harmony.

In the hospital room, Devon thanked Lily for being there for him. Lily contended that Devon had earned his good fortune and the devices would work perfectly. Tucker appeared, and Devon thanked him for arranging the operation. Sofia and Neil were about to enter, but Sofia decided to not be in the room with Tucker. Sofia sent Neil into the room so he wouldn't miss anything. Sofia was frustrated.

The technician arrived and pushed the buttons on the computer to activate the implants. Harmony asked if Devon could hear, and he smiled at her. Devon started to laugh as he heard all of them talking. Lily was thrilled, and Neil hugged his son. Devon started to cry with joy. Harmony and Tucker were also moved to tears.

Jill and Kay went to the maternity ward to see the Abbott baby, but the newborn wasn't there. The baby was with Victoria and Billy in a room. Victoria and Billy had yet to settle on a name for the baby boy. Victoria liked Cecil, but Billy said no.

Jill and Kay appeared and were thrilled to see the newborn. Billy explained that they were trying to decide on a name. Jill suggested Connor. Kay and Jill both disliked Cecil. Jill and Kay cooed over the baby. Billy mentioned that Chelsea had no memory of who'd delivered the baby.

Kevin and Chloe met at the coffeehouse and discussed where they should live, since they were married and he didn't want to remain in the Chancellor mansion. Kevin reminded Chloe that he owned the house Angelo had bought for him and Angelina. Chloe refused to live in Angelina's home.

Carmine appeared and told Kevin that he'd decided to stay in Genoa City because Chloe had insulted him. Chloe was irritated by Carmine's presence and wondered why he was lingering in the coffeehouse. Chloe thought that Carmine was acting childishly, but Kevin didn't want to talk about Carmine. He wanted to go to the hospital with Chloe to see Billy and Victoria's baby. They walked out.

Abby was walking into Crimson Lights and texting at the same time. Abby accidentally ran into Carmine, and he spilled his coffee on his arm. Abby was concerned that Carmine's burned hand was serious and insisted on driving him to the hospital. In the emergency room, Abby asked a nurse to treat Carmine and was very insistent that he shouldn't be kept waiting.

Carmine was impressed by Abby's attitude, but he assured her that he'd be all right. Carmine said he hadn't met very many nice people, but Abby seemed to be the exception. Abby asked his name and introduced herself. Carmine was surprised that she was the Naked Heiress, the Abby Newman. Carmine admitted that he'd seen Abby's videos and that a friend of his had Abby's poster on his wall. Carmine wondered if Abby had made any new videos.

Abby explained that she was pursuing new business opportunities, but Carmine ascertained that Abby had done nothing in the past year worth publicizing because she'd stopped doing the naked stunts. Abby was insulted, but Carmine was thrilled because it meant he had won a bet. Carmine called his buddy to collect on the wager. Abby told Carmine that he was a jerk, and she squeezed his injured hand as she said goodbye. Carmine called Abby a has-been as she walked away.

At the hospital, Kevin and Chloe arrived to see Billy and Victoria's baby. Esther appeared with Delia so Billy could introduce Delia to her new little brother. Delia was happy to see the baby, but wanted to know her brother's name. To distract Delia because they hadn't decided on the name, Victoria suggested that she draw a picture for the new baby. The nurse appeared to take the baby for some tests. Victoria was very excited about the baby and so were Kay and Jill. Victoria wondered if Chloe would be having Kevin's baby in about nine months. Chloe said that she and Kevin were just enjoying being married.

In the hallway, Kevin congratulated Billy on becoming a dad. In the other room, Chloe had a gift for Victoria and the baby. Chloe pointed out that Victoria was really into the new baby despite how he'd been conceived. Victoria said that once she'd held the baby in her arms, he was her son. Kay said that Victoria had handled the situation with grace and the baby was very lucky. Kevin returned with coffee for everyone.

In the chapel, Billy thanked God for Victoria and Delia and for the birth of his new son. Billy admitted that he was undeserving, but he appreciated God's good fortune nonetheless. Victoria appeared and hugged Billy. Victoria told Billy that she had named the baby without waiting for his input. Billy wondered if he could get a vote, but Victoria insisted that it was too late. She'd named their son John, for Billy's father. Billy told Victoria that he loved her. As they embraced, Billy smiled and looked up to God.

Esther mentioned to Kevin that Mrs. C. had given Chloe the go-ahead to redecorate the wing of the mansion where they'd been living in any way she wanted. Kevin really wanted Chloe and Delia to move in with him in the Angelina house. Delia asked about the place, and Kevin told her how cool a place it was, including a game room and a pool. Delia liked what she heard of the new house and wanted to move. Esther was in tears because she didn't want Chloe, Delia, and Kevin to move out.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

At the hospital, Victoria held baby John and told the child how blessed she felt to be his mother. In the hospital room, Adam visited Chelsea and offered to be her friend if that's what she needed from him. Chelsea revealed that she'd gone through with her plan to give the baby to Victoria and Billy. Chelsea recalled how afraid she'd been that night on the lake. Adam explained that he had remembered Chelsea loved the lake and that was how he'd found her.

Chelsea wanted to tell the world that Adam had saved her from drowning in the frozen lake. Adam sincerely wanted to keep what he'd done a secret. Victoria walked into the room and was not happy to see Adam there. Chelsea asked how the baby was doing and was glad that he was strong and healthy. Chelsea announced that she was committed to giving Billy and Victoria full custody. Alone with Chelsea, Adam conceded that the old Adam might have tried to blackmail Chelsea to get what he wanted, but Adam wasn't like that anymore.

Adam assumed that if Chelsea revealed the truth about how he'd rescued her and delivered the baby, people would think that he'd staged the event to improve his image. Chelsea thought that was preposterous. Chelsea admitted to Adam that when she discovered that she was having Billy's baby, she had thought she'd won the lottery. Chelsea wanted the Abbotts to be impressed that she gave up the baby to them. Adam wanted Chelsea's reassurance that she would keep secret that he'd helped her because he didn't want to take any credit for saving her. Chelsea agreed.

Cane called Genevieve to ask her to meet him at the Athletic Club. Although surprised, Genevieve agreed to see her son. Lily was optimistic that Cane would get through to his mother. Later, Genevieve arrived and wondered why Cane had wanted to see her when they'd bickered the last time they were together. Cane explained that he wanted to fix their relationship. Genevieve told Cane she was determined to be a better person than she'd been when she was married to Colin.

Genevieve apologized for mistrusting Cane in Japan when he'd tried to help her. Cane and Genevieve commiserated about having trust issues. Cane said he had gotten over his trust issues thanks to Kay and Jill forgiving him even after they'd found out that he was not Philip Chancellor. Cane said he had worked hard to have the life he wanted and because he'd been given chances to remake himself, Cane wanted to give Genevieve a chance, too. Genevieve admitted that she was trying again with Jack, but she wasn't sure if he was sincere.

Cane urged his mother to try a new path. Genevieve wasn't sure that Jack would ever trust her again. Cane explained that it would take a lot of time and energy from Genevieve to win his trust. Cane advised her to be patient with herself. Genevieve was pleased that she and Cane were getting along so well.

Lily returned, and Genevieve thanked her daughter-in-law for convincing Cane to reach out to her. Genevieve had to leave, but asked if Cane would meet with her again in the near future. After she left, Lily told Cane she was proud of him. Lily was relieved that Cane and Genevieve had made peace. Cane hoped that someday Genevieve would be able to be part of their family. Before Lily left, Cane kissed her deeply to thank her for pushing him to speak with Genevieve.

At the Newman Enterprises office, Victor told Nick that his plans with Genevieve had hit a snag. Nick hoped that Victor might make peace with Victoria even though she was working for Beauty of Nature. Sharon appeared at the office, and Victor announced that he had a new assignment for Nick and Sharon regarding the cosmetics line. Victor was counting on acquiring Beauty of Nature, and that would mean a lot more work for the two of them. Nick and Sharon were prepared to rise to the challenge.

Alone, Nick and Sharon went to work. Nick and Sharon chatted about Billy and Victoria's new baby, and Nick revealed that Chelsea had fallen into the lake before delivering the baby. Nick also brought up Chelsea's friendship with Adam and how it bothered Victoria. Sharon recognized that Victoria would be against Adam and Chelsea being friends.

As Nick and Sharon worked on the cosmetics campaign, they reminisced about their times together. Their memories were stimulated by the scents they were sampling. The last scent they tried reminded them of their late daughter, Cassie. Sharon and Nick agreed on the three choices for the chemists to develop. Before Nick left to do some errands, Sharon told him how much she enjoyed working with him.

Nikki visited Jack, and they spoke of Billy and Victoria's new baby. Nikki was concerned about Jack's plan to marry Genevieve. Jack told Nikki how he'd managed to convince Genevieve that he really wanted to marry her, even though Genevieve had overheard him speaking with Nikki about just using her to get Beauty of Nature. Nikki was vehemently against Jack's faux marriage to Genevieve. Jack didn't care about love, he just wanted Beauty of Nature.

Nikki reminded Jack that Genevieve had betrayed him over a business deal and contended that Jack deserved better. Jack asked Nikki if she might take Genevieve's place in his wedding plans and be his bride. Nikki wasn't ready to break up with Victor. Jack said he'd take what he could get from Genevieve, even if it wasn't real love. Nikki pleaded one last time for Jack to reconsider his plans.

Victoria stepped out of Chelsea's room and was surprised to see her father was there. Victoria thanked her father for helping to find Chelsea when she'd run off. Victoria admitted that she was upset about Adam befriending Chelsea. The baby was taken into the room, and Victoria held her newborn. Victor noted that Victoria had named him John, and he thought it was kind of Victoria to do that for Billy.

Victor saw that Victoria was very content with the baby. Nikki walked into the room, and Victoria said she had introduced Victor to John. Nikki liked the baby's name. Victor announced that he had to leave and said goodbye without touching the baby.

Nikki thought it was great that Victor had stopped by, but Victoria was miffed that her father had never looked at the baby or wanted to hold him. The door opened, and Nick arrived with a dozen balloons and a teddy bear. Nick was surprised that Victor had shown up. Victoria was pleased by Nick's gifts and his determination to be the best uncle ever to John. Nikki felt that the family was pulling together thanks to the new baby. Later, Victoria and Nick watched John sleeping in his crib. Nick was glad his sister had another child. Victoria said she loved John like he was her own.

Victor entered Chelsea's room and asked how she was feeling. Chelsea wanted to know why Victor was really there. Victor wanted to be certain that Chelsea would not renege on the deal to give Victoria the baby. Victor asked Chelsea to sign an agreement to that effect. Chelsea wondered why Victor suddenly cared about his daughter's happiness.

Victor said that Chelsea did not need to remain in Genoa City, since the baby had been born. Victor was willing to give Chelsea financial support to transition into a new life. Chelsea thought it was ironic that Victor was so concerned about Victoria's happiness when it had been Victor who'd sent Chelsea to seduce Billy in the first place. Outside the room, Nikki overheard what Chelsea had said and was stunned.

Jack left a message for Genevieve about their wedding plans. Jack made reservations for a private jet to fly him and Genevieve to Las Vegas. Jack worried that Genevieve might back out of the wedding. Later, Genevieve went to see Jack and told him about her visit with Cane. Jack said he was happy that it had gone so well for Genevieve. Jack said that he was a lot like Cane because they both believed in spring and new beginnings.

Jack said he hoped that Genevieve was packed and ready for their wedding in Las Vegas. Genevieve was curious about Jack's new nephew, but he wanted to focus on their wedding plans. Genevieve said that she needed more time because she had business to care for before going to Las Vegas. Genevieve suggested that they meet there, but Jack wanted Genevieve by his side on the jet.

Adam went to Crimson Lights and bumped into Sharon. She asked him why he'd been hanging out with Chelsea. Adam claimed that he and Chelsea were just friends. Sharon pointed out that his friendship with Chelsea had caused her to run off the previous night.

Sharon reminded Adam that Chelsea was a con artist. Sharon believed that Adam was courting trouble by forming a friendship with Chelsea. Adam said that he was not using Chelsea. Adam contended that unlike other people in town, he didn't judge Chelsea. Adam felt that they were two Genoa City pariahs and had a lot in common. Adam told Sharon that he was not trying to hurt Victoria.

Sharon warned Adam that people might jump to the wrong conclusions about Adam and Chelsea's alliance. Sharon told Adam to back up his plan to be a new man with action. Adam said he'd consider that.

Friday, April 13, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Abby presented Victoria with a tiny motorcycle jacket for baby John. Adam passed by and remarked that he intended to get the baby something similar, but Victoria warned Adam not to go anywhere near her child. Adam stated that Victoria couldn't change the fact that John was his nephew, and he walked off. Victoria followed him and snapped that her kids would know to stay far away from him.

Adam asked if John was okay, and Abby blamed Adam for being the cause of the fight that had led to Chelsea falling through the ice. Abby became choked up at the thought that Chelsea and John could have drowned the same way Brad had. Adam flashed back to dragging Chelsea out of the lake and delivering her baby. Adam said that he was sorry Abby saw the situation that way. Victoria complained that she'd lost her appetite after seeing Adam, and she wanted to get back to the baby.

Nikki eavesdropped outside Chelsea's hospital room as Victor reminded Chelsea that he'd hired her to seduce Billy, but her pregnancy hadn't been part of the deal. Chelsea contended that she hadn't planned it, and she had given up her baby. She refused to take his bribe, but he still ordered her to leave town immediately. Victor acknowledged that he had wanted Victoria to stop fighting for Billy, and he had hired Chelsea to take incriminating photos, but he accused her of adding sex and drugs to the mix. She claimed that she hadn't expected her friends to become greedy, but Victor snarled that he'd had to clean up her mess.

Later, Adam arrived with flowers for Chelsea and noticed her glum demeanor. She said she didn't deserve flowers or anything else. He asked if she was having a bad day, and she commented that he wasn't the only person who'd done bad things. Chelsea felt that she'd tried to make up for her misdeeds, but she wasn't sure she could. Adam noted that the Newmans and the Abbotts weren't very forgiving, especially toward outsiders like Chelsea and himself.

Chelsea explained that she had been tending bar at one of Billy's hangouts in Myanmar when she'd received an incredible offer that paid more cash than she could make in six months. She had been instructed to slip something into Billy's drink and take a few photos, but people had gotten hurt. Adam guessed that Victor was behind the scheme, and he said that Victor had an uncanny ability to turn people who worked for him into scapegoats. Chelsea realized that Adam had been in a similar situation, and Adam quipped that it had been even more special for him, because he was Victor's son. Chelsea disclosed that Victor wanted her out of town, but she refused to leave until after the hearing regarding custody of her son.

Chelsea regretted that her friends had planted drugs on Billy and that she had accused Billy of rape. She felt responsible for Billy's stint in prison, but Adam pointed out that she'd also given Billy a son. Chelsea admitted that she felt good about finding her son a home with two loving parents. Adam commended her for putting her baby first. She thought people could learn from their mistakes, and she felt that both she and Adam had.

Victoria and Abby watched John through the nursery window, and the nurse reported that it was almost time for his feeding. Abby asked if Victoria was scared, and Victoria admitted that she was petrified, for many reasons. Abby inquired whether Victoria was afraid that Chelsea would change her mind, and Victoria couldn't relax until the hearing. Victoria said mothers always worried that their kids would get sick or hurt, but she vowed to love John with everything she had. Abby called John lucky, but Victoria replied that she was the lucky one.

Later, Adam passed by the nursery and gazed at John. He asked the nurse if he could see the baby, and she carried John toward the window. Victoria spotted them and demanded that Adam stay away from her son. She instructed the nurse to put John back in his crib, and Adam argued that he hadn't done anything to hurt John. Victoria spat that she didn't care who Chelsea associated with anymore, but she didn't want Adam anywhere near her baby. Chelsea overheard and blasted Victoria. Chelsea blurted that Adam had rescued her from the lake and had delivered her baby.

At Crimson Lights, Harmony approached Devon from behind and tentatively asked if he could hear her. He gushed that he could hear much better, including little things he hadn't noticed in years. They happily embraced as Tucker entered. Harmony suggested that Tucker join them, and he was reluctant at first, but she assured him that he was family. Harmony marveled that she'd never thought she'd see the day when the three of them would laugh together.

Devon, Harmony, and Tucker arrived at the studio to listen to Angelina's new song. While on the phone with Roxy, Devon said it was wonderful to hear her voice again. He hung up, and Harmony became anxious as Tucker and Devon set up the equipment. Devon recalled that he'd admired Tucker's work for years, and he'd never dreamed that Tucker would be involved with one of his songs, or that Tucker was his father. Tucker pressed a button, and the song started.

After the song ended, Devon looked thoughtful, and he commented that it was exactly the way he'd heard it in his head. Tucker said it was Devon's song and artist, and he hoped Devon liked it. Devon said he didn't like it, and Tucker and Harmony looked devastated. Devon declared that he loved it. Later, Abby arrived at the studio and gushed that they'd done a fabulous job. Devon praised Tucker's efforts.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren informed Michael that she intended to go to Toronto to visit Fen and Scotty. Michael felt that it was time for Fen to return home, but Lauren flatly refused. Daisy entered, pushing Lucy in a stroller. Lauren declared that she didn't want Fen home with Daisy around, but Michael noted that Daisy had been the perfect parolee. Lauren scoffed at the idea that Daisy was reformed. Michael suggested that they hire a bodyguard, and he believed that they could keep their son safe. Lauren barked that he was living in a dream world.

Daniel approached Daisy and asked if Lucy was ready. Daisy griped that he could have picked up the girl at her apartment, but he thought it was best that he and Daisy only deal with one another in public. Daisy wondered why he was suddenly concerned, and Daniel stated that Daisy had started the conflict by getting the court order to take Lucy from Phyllis. Daisy whined that Phyllis would do anything to keep Lucy away from her.

Lauren and Michael argued about Fen, and she was miffed when Michael left to take a call. Michael approached Daniel and said that the custody hearing had been scheduled for April 23. Daisy had just heard the news from her own attorney, and she said goodbye to Lucy and left. Lauren announced to Michael that she was heading home to pack for her trip. She hoped he'd join them in Canada, and she coldly implied that if he didn't, she didn't know when she'd see him next.

At Restless Style, Phyllis fretted to an employee that they needed a good cover story to impress Billy's contacts in Los Angeles. Avery entered, and Phyllis was surprised that she wasn't still in Connecticut. Avery reported that George's estate had been easy to settle, since there had been nothing left after she had repaid the people he had bilked. Avery handed Phyllis an envelope with Phyllis's name on it, and Phyllis assumed that Avery knew what was in it, but Avery said it hadn't been her place to open it. Phyllis glanced inside and covered her face with her hands. She murmured that she couldn't believe it.

Phyllis pulled out a copy of Black Beauty, which George had read to her when she had been little. Phyllis considered it a manipulative gesture, but Avery thought it was touching. Phyllis asserted that George had intended to mess with her head by giving her a sentimental gift to prove that he was a good father, but she wasn't going to fall for it. Phyllis asked what he'd left Avery, and Avery shook her head and replied, "Nothing."

Phyllis said that Avery should count her blessings, because Avery had been close with their father, and George hadn't felt the need to resort to a guilt trip with Avery. Avery questioned whether Phyllis truly believed that George's intent had been insincere, and Phyllis pointed out that he hadn't changed his will or reached out to her before he'd died. Michael entered, and Phyllis informed him of George's last gift. Michael changed the subject to the custody hearing, and Phyllis proclaimed that the hearing was much more important.

Phyllis met Daniel at Crimson Lights, and Daisy peeked in on them. Daisy called Ricky and left a message requesting that they discuss how he could help her keep Lucy and get back at Phyllis. Phyllis started to leave to return to work, but Daniel called after her, because she'd forgotten her envelope. She instructed him to throw it away.

Avery and Michael went over paperwork for the custody hearing at the Athletic Club, and she observed that he seemed distracted. He admitted that he missed Fen. Avery said in spite of everything, she missed her father, and her eyes filled with tears. She clarified that she missed the image she'd had of her father in her head, when she had believed he'd been innocent, but since she had overheard him confess what he'd done, she felt that she didn't have anything to remember him by.

Michael assured Avery that she had memories, but she contended that the ones she had were false, because her father was not the man he'd pretended to be. Michael asked if she believed George had left Phyllis the book out of spite, but Avery thought George had left it to remind Phyllis how much he'd loved her and to let her know that he hadn't forgotten her. Avery sobbed that she'd stayed and defended her father, and he hadn't left her anything. Michael pulled her into a comforting hug.

Genevieve explained to Jack that she had a few wedding-related errands to complete before she left for Las Vegas. Jack offered to postpone the charter flight, but she urged him to take it, and she would follow later. He began to doubt whether she would show up, and she gave him her word that she wouldn't blow the second chance he had given her. Genevieve added that she believed that they could get back to the way things had once been, and she had high hopes for their marriage. Jack agreed.

An emotional Nikki appeared on Jack's doorstep as he was about to leave to catch his flight. He assumed that she was there to stop him, but Nikki wailed that she didn't know what to do, so Jack delayed the plane. Nikki cried that Victor had sworn that he'd had nothing to do with Chelsea and Billy's encounter in Myanmar, but she'd overheard Victor and Chelsea talking, and she had learned that Victor had hired Chelsea to seduce Billy. She suspected that Victor had been involved in everything that had happened since. Nikki thought Victor should be held accountable, and Jack swore that Victor wouldn't get away with it.

The pilot called to report that he needed to cancel the flight if they didn't take off soon, and Jack said that he was on his way. Nikki received a call from Victor, and she icily revealed that she knew the truth about his involvement with Chelsea. He asserted that she didn't know the whole story, but she announced that they were finished, and she abruptly hung up. Meanwhile, Genevieve approached Victor at the Athletic Club and chirped that she and Jack were getting married that evening in Las Vegas. Victor offered both congratulations and condolences, and he remarked that they deserved one another.

Later, alone in her hotel room, Genevieve sipped a glass of champagne and toasted to her future with Jack. She gazed at the marriage certificate and told herself that she'd make Jack love her again. The door began to open, and Genevieve called out that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Genevieve was shocked when Victor announced that marrying Jack was bad luck, even if she wasn't superstitious.

A bellboy helped Jack to the elevator in a Las Vegas hotel, and Jack mentioned that he was there to get married. Nikki pushed her way into the elevator and said she'd take things from there, and the bellboy wished them a happy life together. Jack incredulously asked what she was doing there, and she said she was preventing him from making the worst mistake of his life. She hit the elevator's stop button.

Jack demanded to know why Nikki had followed him, and she asserted that marrying Genevieve to get back Beauty of Nature was the sort of thing Victor would do. Nikki contended that neither she nor Jack deserved to be in an unhappy marriage. She warned that he was putting work above his family and real love, but he proclaimed that nothing would change his mind. She silenced him with a passionate kiss.

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