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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 9, 2012 on GH
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Luke said goodbye to Anna and left their hotel suite with a flower box under his arm, just as John McBain arrived to see Anna. Anna asked if John had talked to Sonny. John explained that he had gone to Alexis' house and met Sam instead. Anna said that John did not want to ruffle Jason's feathers by upsetting Sam. After John assured Anna that it had not been his intent to upset Sam, they began discussing who besides Sonny could have been responsible for shooting at Anthony.

Anna suggested that Kate might have been the culprit. John protested that Kate did not have a motive. Anna said that Kate might have wanted to avenge Sonny after he had been shot in the Metro Court garage. John replied that the target had been Dante. Anna said that Kate might have acted on the spur of the moment. John wanted to know why Kate would try to avenge Sonny and then frame him by planting the gun. Anna said that Kate might be hoping that Sonny would be cleared so that she would not have to confess.

John did not buy Anna's scenario. He said that Sonny had means, motive, and opportunity, and Kate did not. Anna added that John really wanted to find Sonny guilty because Sonny had killed John's sister. John asked that Anna not mention his sister again. Anna agreed, and John assured her that he did know the difference between justice and revenge. Anna accepted what he said and suggested that they look at all the evidence again. As Anna looked through the paperwork, a picture of Anna and Robin fell on the floor. Anna picked up the photo and started sobbing. John hugged her.

Michael overheard Starr as she talked to Blair on the phone. He pretended not to, but after Starr got off the phone, she said that she knew that Michael had overheard her tell Blair that she would make sure that Sonny paid for the death of Hope and Cole. Michael told Starr that the evidence was circumstantial and assured Starr that Sonny would take the punishment if he had been responsible for the death of a child. Starr said that she had believed the same about her dad, only to be proven wrong. She asked if Michael would be able to handle it if Sonny was found guilty. Michael asked if Starr could handle it if Sonny was found not guilty.

Michael asked Starr to keep an open mind in case something was said at the trial to change her mind. Starr was convinced of Sonny's guilt because of her conversation with Anthony at the site of the accident. Michael tried to explain the animosity between Sonny and Anthony and that Anthony might be using Starr to make Sonny look bad. Starr remained unconvinced. Carly telephoned Michael to invite him to dinner at the Metro Court. Michael tried to resist, but Carly was insistent that it was important. Michael agreed to meet her. He invited Starr along, but she said that she would stay in the apartment and cook for herself.

Sonny tried to find Kate, who had phoned him -- as Connie pretending to be Kate -- to meet him at the Metro Court when Johnny and Carly walked in together. Johnny was snarky to Sonny and was pleased by Sonny's predicament. Sonny wanted to know what Michael thought about Johnny and Carly's relationship. Carly wanted to know what Sonny had said to Michael and was relieved when Sonny said that he had not said anything to Michael about her liaison with Johnny.

Sonny said that he looked forward to clearing his name. Johnny wanted to know how Sonny was going to manage that when all the evidence pointed at Sonny. Sonny accused Johnny of shooting out Anthony's tires and planting the gun in Kate's office. Sonny asked Carly if she intended to stand by Johnny, who had caused the death of a little girl and her father, and then walked away.

Carly turned to Johnny and said that it was not every day that a woman's boyfriend and her ex were accused of the same crime. When Johnny asked, Carly said that she was absolutely convinced of Johnny's innocence and would like to believe that Sonny was also innocent. She added that she was glad that Sonny had not told Michael about her relationship with Johnny.

At General Hospital, Ewen and Kate talked in his office. Kate was worried about Connie and Connie's attempt to sabotage Kate's relationship with Sonny. Ewen wondered why the gun found in Kate's office was the stressor that allowed Connie to emerge. Kate said that she hated guns and could not believe that Connie had any relationship to the actual shooter. Ewen said it was important to integrate the Kate and Connie personalities. He told Kate that if they did not, then Connie might emerge for good. Kate wanted to know how Connie could take over. Ewen told her that Connie was getting stronger and stronger.

Kate said that she would do anything to get rid of Connie. She urged Ewen to hypnotize her, but Ewen said that it was not that simple. Kate demanded that Ewen fix things. Sonny called and wanted to know why she had not shown for their date, Kate said that she had to meet an editor and would meet him shortly. As soon as she was off the phone with Sonny, Ewen said that she could not leave during a session, but Kate said that she had to meet Sonny for a date that Connie had made.

Kate told Ewen that he had to help her and asked him what she should do. Ewen advised Kate to tell Sonny the truth and then to check herself into a mental institution. Kate was incredulous when Ewen said that the only way to contain Connie was to keep her under 24-hour surveillance. Kate said that she was not going to be locked up because she had to be at Sonny's side during the trial. Ewen said that Connie would keep getting stronger. Kate said that Ewen's suggestion was impossible. When Ewen asked what Kate proposed, she said that she would have to be stronger than Connie and left his office.

Once Kate was gone, Ewen phoned the facility and said that he had a patient in crisis that was a danger to herself and others. Ewen said that he was trying to get the patient to commit herself voluntarily, but that he might have to have her committed against her will.

Olivia went to Steve's apartment and started pounding on the door when she heard loud opera music coming from inside. Heather opened the door, but shut it in Olivia's face and locked it when Olivia demanded to see Steve. Steve emerged from the shower and wanted to know why the music was so loud. Heather said it would make his shower better. Steve heard Olivia shouting for him and let her in. Steve explained to Heather that Olivia was his girlfriend.

Before Steve could explain why Heather was there, Heather said that her days at Ferncliff were over and that she would be living permanently with Steve. Heather went to the kitchen, and Steve explained that as a condition of her release, Heather had to live with a family member. Steve added that the doctors at Ferncliff had said that Heather was much better. Olivia asked him if it was a good idea to take Heather on, but Steve said that he wanted to believe that anyone could be redeemed.

When Heather returned with a tea tray, Steve told Heather that if things were going to work out, Heather had to accept Olivia. Heather agreed. Heather put down the tea tray and said that making tea gave her joy and that she got pleasure from performing the simple rituals of everyday life. Olivia looked skeptical. When Steve left the room to take a call, Olivia was alone with Heather.

Heather told Olivia that it was only natural for Olivia to be wary. Heather said that she had been in the throes of a mental illness when she had accidentally overdosed on LSD. As she handed Olivia a cup of tea, Heather said that the LSD had been meant for Steve's adoptive mother, but Heather had gotten the wrong cup and had begun a long strange journey instead. Heather encouraged Olivia to drink the tea, but Olivia said that she would pass because she liked her brain just fine. Heather laughed and said that the tea that she had offered Diana had been iced.

When Steve got back and asked how they were getting along, Heather said like Pilgrims and Indians. Heather picked up the tray and took it back to the kitchen, adding that Olivia did not care for tea. After Heather left the room. Steve asked what Olivia thought. Olivia said that Heather was insane and Steve had lost his mind. Olivia said that it was one thing for Heather to be released from Ferncliff and another for her to live with Steve. Steve responded that there was no one else to ask. Olivia rejoined that he was thinking with his heart and not his head.

Steve said that Heather was his mother, and he had to at least do that much for her. Olivia understood and said that she would give Heather another chance. Steve went to the kitchen to get Heather but returned and told Olivia that Heather had left the apartment.

At the penthouse, Sam told Jason about her meeting with Heather, but left out all of the pertinent details concerning Franco. She did not exactly lie, but she did not tell all the truth. Jason reminded Sam that before she left for New York she had promised him that she would drop the investigation if she did not find out anything important. Jason concluded that since Sam had just told him that she had not found anything new, it was time for her to stop obsessing about Franco and let matters drop. Sam agreed that Jason was right.

Jason noted that Sam looked tired and urged her to rest. Sam laughed and said that it was funny that Jason had said those words because he was already back at work for Sonny after Jason's recent brain surgery. Jason told Sam about his interview with Kate. Jason said that he thought that Sonny had a real problem on his hands. He told Sam that Kate had called him Sonny's "lapdog," and had warned him that he would be sorry if he crossed her. Sam said that it did not sound like Kate. Jason agreed that Kate seemed like a different person.

Sam urged Jason to tell Sonny what had happened. Jason said that he had informed Sonny, but that Kate had told Sonny a different story, and Sonny had chosen to believe Kate. Jason said he understood why Sonny had taken Kate's side. Jason said that the last thing that a man wanted to believe was that the woman he loved was lying to him. Sam could not meet Jason's eyes. Sam told Jason that she was sorry that Kate had lied and acknowledged his frustration. Jason said he would deal with it.

Sam told Jason that she loved him ,and he returned the sentiment and said that he just wanted everything to be okay with the baby. Sam said she wanted the same thing. When her phone rang, Jason said he would go to the kitchen and make some food. When Sam answered, it was John, who told her that the FBI lab still had Franco's DNA, which they would be sending him. John said he would contact Sam as soon as the sample arrived. Sam said that it was very helpful but that she could not talk. She hung up as Jason walked in and asked if things were okay. Sam said they were, but looked pensive.

At the Quartermaines', Alice was vacuuming and Monica was reading the paper when Tracy walked in and asked if there had been any phone calls, deliveries, or packages left for her. Tracy was hurt when Monica said no, and it became apparent that everyone had forgotten Tracy's birthday. Tracy was momentarily brightened when Luke stopped by with a box that looked like it contained flowers. When it turned out that the box contained a riding crop, Tracy was down in the dumps again.

Anthony showed up a few minutes later with bags from Wyndam's but Tracy was again flummoxed when the bags were filled with clothes for Anthony, who had charged them to her account as a "get out of jail" present for himself. Monica asked if Tracy had ever had a husband who had not married her for her money.

Luke stepped up and said that he had married Tracy for love. Tracy added, sotto voce, "And better access to my bank account." Luke said that marriage was give-and-take. Anthony chimed in and said that that was his point exactly and that by using her charge account, he had saved them ten percent. Tracy shouted at him that there was "no us."

Anthony asked why Tracy was so grumpy. Luke said that it was Tracy's birthday. Anthony said he would go out and charge something nice for her. Tracy said that the only thing she wanted from Anthony was a signed divorce agreement. Anthony was on his way upstairs to try on his new clothes when the doorbell rang.

When Anthony opened the door, Starr was there. She questioned him about the accident. Anthony assured her that he had seen Sonny fire the gun at his tires. Starr believed him. Starr said that Anthony had to testify and that if he did not, she would see to it that the D.A. forced him to.

In the living room, Tracy said that it was the worst birthday ever. When Luke mentioned his gift, she spurned it and told him that she did not like being whipped or doing the whipping. Luke said that his gift was not a whip but a riding crop, and he reminded Tracy that she had always said that the best present she had ever received had been a pony named Skittles that Edward had given her.

Tracy was astounded when Luke said that he had tracked down Skittles and learned that the horse had been a prodigious stud. Luke added that he had procured Skittles' last offspring and that the horse was tethered outside, waiting for Tracy. Luke left, and Tracy changed into her riding habit. Anthony was waiting along with Monica and Alice when Tracy entered the living room. Tracy was anxious to be off for a ride on Skittles' son, but Monica could not resist hoping that Tracy was tossed "ass over teakettle."

Michael went to the Metro Court to meet Carly, but stopped briefly at Sonny's table. Sonny reminded Michael that Sonny's trial was starting. Sonny told Michael to tell the truth. Michael told Sonny that Michael knew that Sonny was innocent. Sonny was overjoyed and told Michael how much it meant that Michael believed in his innocence. When Sonny asked about Starr, Michael avoided answering and changed the subject to Carly by saying that even though Carly was fighting with Sonny, she also wanted to see Sonny acquitted.

Michael joined Carly and Johnny but was extremely unhappy when Carly told Michael that she and Johnny were a couple. Michael refused to have dinner with them and stormed out.

Kate joined Sonny at a nearby table. She apologized and said that she would not be late again. Sonny told her about his talk with Jason and that he had told a different story than Kate had about her encounter with Jason. Kate was obviously uncomfortable.

Luke went back to the hotel and walked in on Anna crying in John's arms. When he asked, Anna told Luke that she was okay. John left, and Anna went to her room. Luke picked up a picture of Robin and Anna that he found laying on the floor. Someone knocked on the door. When Luke answered, Heather was standing there. Luke was speechless, but Heather said, "Long time no see."

Michael went back to his apartment, but Starr was not there. She arrived home a few minutes later and was surprised to see Michael back so soon. She asked about his mother, and Michael told her that Carly did not always make good choices. Starr sympathized. Michael said he would make dinner, but Starr insisted that she would. Michael asked where she had been, and Starr said she had been for a walk to clear her head. When Michael asked if her head was clear, Starr said, "Perfectly."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

At Steve's apartment, Steve became alarmed when he noticed that Heather had managed to slip out. Olivia wondered where Heather would go, but Steve had no idea. He explained that Heather was fully aware of the conditions of her release, so she couldn't just leave. Olivia admitted that she'd had reservations about Steve agreeing to take responsibility for Heather, because he would be held responsible for Heather's actions. Steve was certain that Heather wouldn't go to Audrey or Liz's houses, because his grandmother and sister despised Heather. Olivia was curious whom else Heather knew in town.

Steve explained that everyone that had known Heather would avoid his mother, and that Scott Baldwin had left town years earlier, so Heather had no one to turn to. Olivia recalled that Heather had once been married to Edward, so Steve decided to call the Quartermaine mansion to see if anyone had seen his mother. Alice reported that Heather hadn't been there, but Steve advised Alice to remain on the lookout in case Heather showed up.

After Steve ended the call with Alice, Steve wondered if perhaps Heather had simply gone out for a walk. Olivia realized that Steve was trying to put a positive spin on things by giving his mother the benefit of the doubt. Steve became defensive, as he explained that Heather had worked hard to reclaim her sanity, and that she deserved a second chance.

Olivia assured Steve that she hadn't been suggesting that he turn his back on Heather. Steve suddenly recalled that Heather had had a fixation with Luke, so Steve decided to call Luke. Steve's concern mounted when Luke failed to answer the call.

At Metro Court, Luke was stunned to see Heather. Heather apologized for not calling, but she had feared that Luke wouldn't have wanted to see her. Luke admitted that she had been right. Heather quickly added that she had a lot to tell him, and that there was much that he needed to know. Heather confided that her release from Ferncliff had been a gift, because it had given her another chance. "For what?" Luke wondered. "Us," Heather replied.

Heather confessed that she had often thought about seeing Luke again. Luke carefully wondered how Heather had managed to get out of Ferncliff. Heather assured him that she had walked out, but Luke remained skeptical. He was curious if she had clubbed a nurse. Heather was hurt by Luke's callous words, but she handed her release papers to Luke to prove that she had left Ferncliff with the approval of a board of doctors, and her son's support. Luke conceded that the papers appeared legitimate.

Heather realized that it might be unrealistic to expect Luke to welcome her back with open arms; however, she confessed that thoughts of how things had been between them, when they had been good, had kept her going while she had been institutionalized. Heather was curious if Luke remembered those times. Luke recalled when Heather had first confessed her love for him, and his assurance that he knew that she had loved him enough to kill Edward, to "ice pick" Detective Duncan, frame Skye, and then kidnap Laura from the "nut farm" so that Heather could use Laura for a cover. Luke shook the disturbing memory away, and then insisted that she leave. Heather refused, because she feared that Luke had been thinking of her over the years as a broken woman.

Luke promised Heather that he hadn't thought of her once since she had been taken to Ferncliff. Heather insisted that she was free to live a long and happy life, so Luke wished her well, but he wanted her to be far away from him. Luke decided to call Steve, but Heather quickly ripped the phone out of Luke's hand. She explained that she couldn't let him do that, so Luke pointed out that her reaction hadn't eased his fears about her mental state. Heather became distracted when she spotted Anna's jacket on the sofa. Heather's temper flared, as she demanded to know if he were hiding a woman in his suite.

Heather demanded that the woman show herself, so Anna popped her head out of her bedroom. "I don't believe we've met," Anna carefully said. Luke told Anna who Heather was. Heather realized that Anna was Robert's ex-wife, but Anna didn't see why that mattered. Moments later, Luke's cell phone rang. Heather saw that it was Steve calling, so she decided not to answer it. Meanwhile, Anna was curious what Heather was doing in the suite.

Heather explained that she had been given a second chance. "More like ninth or tenth, but who's counting?" Luke remarked. Heather ignored Luke, as she added that she wanted Luke to know the real Heather. According to Heather, Luke and Heather's lives kept intersecting because of fate. Heather started to reach into her purse, prompting Luke to panic. Luke shouted, "Gun," and then threw himself on top of Anna.

Heather was shocked by Luke's reaction, and then quickly assured him that she was better. Heather tried to hand an envelope to Luke, but he refused to take it. Heather insisted that Luke read it, because the letter was a reminder of everything that they had shared. Luke suggested that Heather talk to a therapist about what was in the letter, but Heather decided to give it to Anna. Heather thought that Anna might decide to step aside, once Anna realized what Luke meant to Heather. Moments later, Steve arrived.

Steve was relieved to have found his mother, and to see that everyone was unharmed. Luke was annoyed that Steve hadn't bothered to warn anyone about Heather's release. Heather once again offered the letter to Luke, imploring him to read it with an open mind. Anna wisely suggested that Luke accept the letter, so that Heather would be more comfortable about leaving. Luke realized that Anna had a point, so he accepted the letter.

After Heather left, Anna confessed that she had thought that Tracy was bad. Luke assured Anna that the relationship between him and Heather had been in Heather's head. Luke started to crumple the letter, but Anna stopped him; she explained that it might be wise to read it. Luke handed the letter to Anna, so she read it. Afterwards, Anna confessed that it appeared that Heather had been trying to make amends for the pain that she had caused, but Luke didn't buy it. Anna suggested that Heather seemed harmless, but Luke insisted that it was part of Heather's act.

Luke assured Anna that no one as twisted as Heather ever got better. Anna was curious what exactly had happened between Luke and Heather, so Luke told her about Heather's attempt to kill Skye, because Heather had seen Skye as a rival for Luke's affections.

Meanwhile, Steve, Olivia, and Heather returned to the apartment. Steve warned his mother that she couldn't leave whenever she pleased, but Heather insisted that she had just wanted Luke to know that she was better. Steve warned Heather that Luke would never be interested in a relationship with Heather. Heather promised Steve that she realized that, because Luke was living with Anna. Olivia decided to leave, so Steve offered to walk her out. After Steve and Olivia left, Heather mumbled, "I wouldn't dream of doing anything to come between Anna and Luke. For now."

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kate was stunned when Sonny told her Jason's version of what had transpired between Kate and Jason in Kate's office when Jason had questioned her about the gun. Kate assured Sonny that she respected Jason, and would never have said those things. Sonny assured Kate that it didn't matter, because he had instructed Jason to stay away from Kate, so that Jason could focus on proving that Johnny had planted the gun in Kate's office. Kate was confident that Sonny would be exonerated of the charges. Sonny glanced at a nearby table, where he saw Carly and Johnny in deep conversation.

Sonny accused Johnny of being a "smug bastard," and then suggested that Johnny was only using Carly to get to him. Kate admitted that she was surprised that Carly and Johnny had decided to make their relationship public. Sonny couldn't believe that Carly would get involved with Johnny, knowing how Michael felt about Carly being involved with the man who had tried to frame Sonny. Kate suggested that Carly only cared about herself, but Sonny assured Kate that Carly loved the children. Kate suspected that Carly's affair with Johnny was an attempt to get under Sonny's skin. However, Kate wanted to put all of that drama behind them, so that she and Sonny could be in control of their emotions and actions.

Nearby, Johnny apologized to Carly for causing problems between her and Michael. He offered to talk to her son, but Carly assured Johnny that it wasn't necessary. Carly understood why Michael was upset; she had become involved with Johnny, after months of warning Michael to stay away from him. Carly explained that she wouldn't let her relationship with Johnny affect her children, and then admitted that Johnny was right; she was entitled to her own life. Johnny assured Carly that everything would work out. "I know," Carly replied with a smile.

Johnny decided to give Carly the opportunity to "dial things back," if she wanted to, so that their relationship didn't cause any more problems with Michael. Carly wondered if Johnny were trying to break up with her. Johnny explained that he wanted to do the right thing, but Carly assured him that it wasn't necessary. Johnny admitted that he was grateful for how supportive Carly had been during his struggle with the revelation that Claudia was his mother. Johnny admitted that he cared for Carly, but he also appreciated how close she was to Michael, so he didn't want to jeopardize that relationship. Carly explained that Michael was just worried, and that her son would eventually realize that Johnny was not using her to get to Sonny.

Johnny promised Carly that he wasn't responsible for the gun that had been found in Kate's office. Carly assured him that she believed him. She suggested that if it wasn't Sonny's gun, then it meant that something else was going on that they couldn't see. Johnny was curious how Carly could be so certain that Johnny hadn't planted the gun in Kate's office, so Cary reminded Johnny that they had been together the entire evening. Johnny pointed out that Carly had talked to Shawn for a little while, which had been ample time for Johnny to call one of his henchmen to arrange for Anthony's tires to be shot out, and then to frame Sonny for it. Carly argued that she knew Johnny to be a kind person, and that she cared about him, too, so she was certain that he hadn't called anyone.

Carly and Johnny stood up to leave, but Carly decided to stop at Sonny and Kate's table to ask Kate about a bill for a locksmith. Kate explained that she'd had the locks changed on her office door at Crimson, because she didn't want Carly to break in again. Carly argued that she owned the building, so she hadn't done anything illegal, but Kate disagreed. Kate then pointed out that Kate was also part owner of the building. Carly tried to put Kate on the defensive by suggesting that Kate was hiding something in the office. The argument between the women quickly escalated into a shouting match as Kate accused Carly of hurting Michael by jumping into bed with Johnny, and trying to seduce Shawn.

Kate and Carly ended up nose-to-nose, as Kate confessed that she felt sorry for Josslyn, because Josslyn had a "slut" for a mother. Carly was ready to take their argument outside, but Sonny and Johnny finally intervened. However, Sonny pushed Johnny's buttons by wondering if Johnny had difficulty "controlling" his woman. Johnny warned Sonny that Sonny didn't have any room to talk. "What's that supposed to mean?" Sonny demanded. Kate looked nervous, but Sonny didn't notice.

Sonny realized that Johnny was referring to Johnny's recent suggestion that Kate had gone to Johnny's place to have sex with Johnny. Carly's eyebrows shot up, as Sonny accused Johnny of being a "pathetic loser." Kate decided to defuse the situation by suggesting that she and Sonny leave. Sonny asked Kate to fetch the car, and then promised to meet her in a few minutes. Kate reluctantly left. Meanwhile, Johnny asked to have a private word with Sonny, so Carly stepped away.

After Carly walked away, Johnny wondered why Sonny wasn't trying to enjoy his last few days of freedom. Sonny assured Johnny that there wouldn't be a conviction, so he vowed to go after Johnny. Sonny assured Johnny that he didn't want to kill Johnny; he wanted to humiliate Johnny, make Johnny suffer, and to take everything that Johnny valued. Johnny thought that they were empty threats. Sonny smiled, as he insisted that the only reason that Carly was going out with Johnny was to piss Sonny off.

Johnny warned Sonny to be careful, because Sonny wouldn't appreciate how Johnny pushed back. Sonny ignored Johnny's words of caution, by taunting Johnny about Claudia, and then promising that "the end is coming." After Sonny walked away, Carly returned to Johnny's side. Johnny explained that some people didn't know when to leave well enough alone.

Later, Kate was standing at the bar, her hands shaking, when Olivia marched up. Olivia immediately confronted her cousin about Kate's attempt to seduce Steve. Kate had not idea what Olivia was talking about, but Olivia didn't believe Kate. Olivia recalled that Kate had acted the same way when they were teens, which was how Kate and Sonny had ended up together, so she made it clear that she would not let Kate do the same thing with Steve. Moments later, Sonny walked up.

Sonny sensed the tension between the cousins, but Olivia smiled, and then wished Sonny well at the court hearing. Sonny was certain that he wouldn't be convicted. Olivia smiled, and then cryptically assured Sonny that she was confident that he wouldn't let Johnny get away with what Johnny had done.

Later, Kate and Sonny were in the bedroom, about to make love, but Kate pulled away, because she had a headache. Sonny promised to make her feel better, so he continued to kiss her. Kate appeared worried, as it became clear that she was struggling not to let Connie take control. After Kate and Sonny made love, Kate woke up. She slipped out of bed, pulled on Sonny's shirt, and then went to her purse to put on some lipstick. Connie watched Sonny sleep, as she quietly told herself, "Kate just can't help herself, so I'm going to have to help her."

In Johnny's bedroom, Carly was curious about Sonny's remark regarding Kate trying to seduce Johnny. Johnny was evasive, as he explained that Sonny had pushed his buttons. Johnny made it clear that he didn't want to talk about Sonny, so he kissed Carly. Later, after they made love, Johnny watched Carly sleep. Moments later, his phone rang.

Connie quickly whispered an apology to Johnny for the way that Sonny had treated him. Johnny assured Connie that he could handle it. Connie glanced at Sonny's sleeping form, and then told Johnny that her offer was still on the table. Johnny explained that he wasn't interested, but Connie thought that he might have a change of heart if Sonny wasn't convicted. She invited Johnny to call her if that were to happen.

At the hospital, Spinelli and Matt lurked outside of Ewen's office. Both men were certain that Ewen had something to hide, because it had taken Ewen months to admit to Liz that Ewen had fished Liz out of the water after Lisa Niles had thrown Liz overboard. Spinelli vowed that Ewen would pay for allowing Maxie to take the fall for Ewen's crime. Matt reminded Spinelli that first they needed to prove that Ewen had killed Lisa. Spinelli wished Matt luck, and then ducked out of sight.

In Ewen's office, Ewen was on the phone with a sanitarium. Ewen explained that he had a patient who had multiple personalities, and would need to be admitted against her will. Ewen insisted that his patient needed to be in a safe place, where she could receive proper treatment, because she was a danger to herself and others. Shortly after Ewen ended the call, Matt knocked on the door, and then entered. Matt revealed that he needed Ewen to evaluate a patient. Matt then pretended that he had forgotten the paperwork at the nurses' station, so Ewen agreed to follow him.

After Matt and Ewen left, Spinelli slipped into Ewen's office to look around. Eventually, Spinelli spotted the incomplete emergency commitment papers on the desk. The paperwork just showed that the patient was a female and that her place of employment was Crimson. Spinelli immediately assumed that the paperwork was for Maxie.

At the nurses' station, Ewen reviewed the patient file that Matt had handed to him. Ewen couldn't figure out what Matt's concern was, so Matt explained that the patient was a guy that had everyone believing that he was normal. However, Matt insisted that the man only pretended to be nice, and well-meaning, even though it was clear that underneath there was something darker and more sinister. Ewen was curious how Matt had managed to determine that. Moments later, Spinelli walked up waving the commitment papers around. "J'accuse!" Spinelli shouted at Ewen.

Spinelli suggested that Ewen had killed Lisa, and then had swum to Spoon Island, where Ewen had found Liz floating in the water. Spinelli went on to suggest that Maxie had turned to Ewen for grief counseling after Robin's death, so Ewen had taken the opportunity to hypnotize Maxie into confessing to the murder. Spinelli was certain that was the reason that Ewen intended to have Maxie committed.

Shocked, Matt blasted Ewen. Ewen quickly realized that Matt had been using the patient as a diversion, so that Spinelli could break into Ewen's office. Spinelli was unrepentant, as he insisted that Ewen's lies had been exposed, so Ewen would not be sending anyone to a mental hospital against their will.

Ewen argued that he had never met Lisa, so he had no reason to kill the doctor. Spinelli decided to leave it to the police to sort out, but Ewen threatened to have Spinelli and Matt charged with breaking into his office. Ewen then accused Matt and Spinelli of being idiots, because Maxie wasn't his patient, and the commitment papers weren't for her. Ewen took the commitment papers, and then stormed off. Matt demanded to know if Spinelli had seen Maxie's name on the papers. Spinelli confessed that he hadn't, but the papers had revealed that the patient was a female, and that her place of employment was Crimson.

Matt and Spinelli quickly realized that the patient was Kate, not Maxie. Matt was livid, because Spinelli's stunt might have cost Matt his medical license. Matt decided to go to Ewen's office to apologize. Matt explained that Maxie was determined to take responsibility for a crime that she hadn't committed, because she felt responsible for her cousin's death. Ewen accepted Matt's apology, because he appreciated that it was difficult to try to save someone who didn't want to be saved.

Meanwhile, Spinelli called to leave Jason a message. Spinelli urged Jason to call him back, because Jason had a right to be concerned about Kate's precarious mental state.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

At the hospital, Maggie was delighted to see Steve, but Steve tried to avoid her. Maggie was hurt; she admitted that it seemed as if Steve had been punishing her ever since he had told Olivia about what had happened in Memphis. Maggie wondered if Olivia had asked Steve to stay away from Maggie. Steve explained that he was concerned about his mother. Maggie was surprised, because Steve had never mentioned his mother before, so she had assumed that his mother had died. Steve explained that Heather had been in an asylum for the criminally insane for the last eight years, because she had killed someone.

Steve confessed that Heather had never been a presence in his life, because of her mental illness. However, Heather had an excuse for killing someone, whereas Steve had not. He then confided that he had been relieved when Heather had been institutionalized, so Maggie was curious what had changed. Steve admitted that hearing Heather's voice, and knowing that the doctors were ready to release her, had turned the tides. Maggie wondered if Steve were having second thoughts about taking responsibility for his mother. "Constantly," Steve replied.

Steve told Maggie about Heather's brief disappearance to visit a man whom Heather had once been obsessed with. Maggie suggested that perhaps the doctors had been wrong about Heather, but Steve admitted that it was too soon to know. However, he conceded that his mother appeared to be making an effort to reconnect with him. Steve explained that, as a doctor, he had to believe that any illness could be treated, including mental illnesses. Maggie thought that it was noble of Steve, but she was concerned about his remark about him being a killer.

Steve wanted to believe that one act didn't define him, and that he could be redeemed for taking the life of the patient in Memphis. Maggie hated to see Steve torture himself like that, but Steve insisted that it was a good sign, because it indicated that his conscience was working. Moments later, Olivia called Steve to give him an update about Heather. Steve promised to return to the apartment immediately.

At the penthouse, Jason left a message for Spinelli, because Jason wanted to discuss the message that Spinelli had left about Kate's precarious mental state. Jason wanted to know exactly what Spinelli had been referring to. Meanwhile, Sam stood in the hallway, talking to John McBain on the phone. John offered to meet Sam at General Hospital to give her the sample of Franco's DNA that he had obtained from the FBI. Jason opened the front door, as Sam ended the call. "What's going on? Did you get bad news?" Jason asked when he noticed Sam's somber expression.

Sam followed Jason into the penthouse, as she explained that she had a prenatal checkup. Jason wanted to go to the appointment with Sam, so that he could hear the baby's heartbeat, but Sam assured him that it wasn't necessary. She realized that Sonny's trial was set to begin, so she knew that Jason wanted to be there to support Sonny. Jason made it clear that the baby was more important, and that he could go to the trial after the doctor's appointment. Sam pasted on a smile, and then let the matter drop. Moments later, Spinelli arrived, eager to discuss the situation with Kate.

Sam immediately seized the opportunity to urge Jason to stay to talk to Spinelli, and then dashed out of the door before Jason could stop her. Jason was frustrated, but he remained behind to find out what Spinelli knew about Kate's mental health. Spinelli explained that there appeared to be something clinically wrong with Kate, and that she was being treated for a serious problem, but Spinelli didn't have any specifics. Spinelli revealed that he had stumbled onto the information, while snooping through Ewen's office, in an attempt to find evidence to prove that Maxie had falsely confessed to killing Dr. Niles. Spinelli then shifted gears to ask Jason to talk to Maxie. Jason doubted that Maxie would listen to him, and then explained that he needed to focus on Kate.

Spinelli realized that Jason was right, so he explained that Ewen had drawn up papers to commit Kate to a sanitarium against her will. Jason had no idea what to do with the information, because Sonny was in complete denial about Kate's odd behavior. Jason confided that Sonny had ordered Jason to leave Kate alone, so Jason would need proof that something was wrong with Kate. Jason wondered if perhaps he should simply leave things alone, since it was clear that Kate was seeking treatment for her problem. Spinelli warned Jason that the papers had indicated that Kate was a danger to herself, and to others.

Jason asked Spinelli to keep the information between them, and then wondered if Spinelli could hack into the hospital's computer system to access Ewen's records. Spinelli admitted that he couldn't, but he knew someone who could. Jason decided to go to the hospital to meet Sam for her doctor's appointment, while Spinelli made some calls.

At Greystone Manor, Kate became concerned when she woke up to find Sonny's side of the bed empty. Her anxiety grew when she discovered a note tucked under her pillow from Connie. The note read, "Thanks for letting me come out and PLAY last night." The note was signed "Connie" in bright red lipstick. Kate jumped out of bed, and then called for Sonny. Her panic mounted when Sonny didn't respond, so she began to worry about what Connie had done.

Moments later, Sonny appeared in the doorway, and then asked if Kate were okay. Kate quickly fabricated an excuse for her strange behavior, by explaining that she had been disappointed to wake up without Sonny. Sonny noticed the letter clutched in Kate's hand, so he asked her about it. Kate claimed that it was note to herself. Sonny sensed that Kate was upset, so she reiterated that she had wanted to be there when he woke up. Sonny reminded her that they were in a relationship, so if something were troubling her then he wanted to help.

Meanwhile, John McBain told Max to let Sonny know that Sonny had a visitor. Max was reluctant to let John in, so John presented his badge to Max. Max recognized the name, because Sonny had a restraining order against John. John showed Max the FBI investigative allowance document, and then explained that it trumped the restraining order. Max reluctantly went to fetch Sonny, while John meandered into the living room with Milo close on his heels.

In the bedroom, Kate recalled Ewen's words of warning about Connie's frequent appearances, and how important it was for Kate to seek treatment. Sonny wondered what was going on with Kate, because she was clearly troubled. Kate explained that she was nervous about the trial. Moments later, Max appeared in the doorway to tell Sonny that John McBain was in the parlor. Sonny promised to be there shortly, and then dismissed Max. After Max left, Sonny hugged Kate, and then assured her that they weren't done talking about what was really bothering her.

In the parlor, John was looking at an expensive piece of artwork that Sonny had on display. Milo warned John to put it back. Moments later, Sonny entered the parlor. John noticed that Sonny was already dressed for the trial, so he realized that Sonny had probably been up early. John wondered if Sonny had had trouble sleeping, but Sonny ignored the question, as he demanded to know what John was doing there. John explained that he had wanted to wish Sonny luck. Sonny insisted that he didn't need it, because he was innocent.

Sonny knew the real reason that John was there, so he warned John that a lot of cops had tried, and failed, to take him down. John was well aware of that, but John refused to give up until Sonny had paid for what Sonny had done to John's sister. Milo pulled John away from Sonny when John moved close to Sonny. John violently shook off Milo, so Sonny assured Milo that it was fine, and then ordered the lieutenant to leave. John advised Sonny to pay special attention in court when Starr testified, because Starr was another young girl whose life Sonny had ruined. Sonny insisted that it wasn't the first time that John had gotten things wrong.

John was curious how Sonny intended to play it in court when Starr talked about the loss of her daughter and boyfriend. Sonny assured John that he had compassion for Starr's loss, but John didn't believe Sonny. John suggested that if Sonny had truly been sorry, then Sonny would have accepted a plea deal to give Starr some peace, instead of trying to weasel out of the charges by going to trial. Sonny argued that if John were truly interested in justice, then John would go after Johnny Zacchara, because Johnny had been responsible for the crash that had claimed the lives of Starr's daughter and boyfriend.

Ewen looked over the commitment papers for Kate when Liz knocked on his office door. Liz had wanted to thank Ewen for lunch the previous day. He was surprised that she hadn't been scared off, because of Kate's behavior, but Liz reminded him that Kate had acted like a "lunatic," not Ewen. She quickly realized that Kate was Ewen's patient, but Ewen remained silent. Liz realized that it had been unprofessional of her to expect him to confirm her suspicions. Ewen smiled, and then reminded Liz that he still owed her dessert.

Liz returned the smile, as she told Ewen to let her know when. "Sure you won't mind dating a murderer?" Ewen asked. Liz was startled by the question, so Ewen explained that he hadn't meant for it to sound like that. He revealed that Matt and Spinelli had briefly suspected Ewen of murdering Lisa Niles. Liz felt responsible, because she had told Matt and Spinelli that Ewen had been the one who had rescued her from the icy waters after Lisa had shoved her overboard. She offered to set Matt and Spinelli straight, but Ewen assured her that it wasn't necessary, because they had realized that Ewen hadn't killed Lisa, or hypnotized Maxie into confessing.

Moments later, Ewen's phone rang, so Liz went to the door. She stopped to let him know that she wanted ice cream for dessert, and then left. Ewen's smile disappeared when he answered the phone. It was Kate. Kate explained that Connie had managed to emerge the previous night, and that she had left a note for Kate. Ewen urged Kate to check into a sanitarium for treatment, but Kate refused to consider it. According to Kate, she wasn't a rich housewife looking for fifteen minutes of fame.

Kate reminded Ewen that she ran an international fashion magazine, so her career would be ruined if she were to go for inpatient treatment for dissociative identity disorder. Ewen warned Kate that it was too risky to allow the problem to go untreated, so she needed to tell Sonny what was going on. Kate assured Ewen that she had tried to tell Sonny, but she couldn't do it, because the trial was about to start. Ewen insisted that the trial was the last place that Kate should be, but Kate was determined to be there for Sonny. Ewen feared that Connie would continue take over for longer periods of time, and that each time Connie's actions would become more unpredictable. Kate was determined to keep Connie from taking control, but Ewen pointed out that she hadn't succeeded so far.

Ewen explained that Kate didn't even know the warning signs or triggers that drew Connie out. Kate suddenly recalled that she'd had a headache prior to each blackout. Ewen wondered if she were certain of that. Kate assured him that she was, so she was determined to attend Sonny's trial. Moments later, Sonny returned to the bedroom. Kate quickly ended the call, which she had claimed had been business related.

Later, Sonny was thinking about John's accusations, about Sonny being responsible for John's sister's death, when Kate entered the parlor to see if he were ready to leave. Sonny noticed Kate wince, so she explained that she had a headache, but she promised him that she could shake it off. Kate rubbed her forehead, as she followed Sonny to the car. Meanwhile, Ewen completed filling out the commitment papers, and then began to type his notes into the hospital's computer system.

At the apartment, Starr was upset when she learned that Anthony would not be testifying, even though Anthony had been able to identify Sonny as the shooter. Starr angrily ended the call, as Michael entered the living room. Starr quickly reigned in her temper, and then explained that Anthony refused to testify. Michael sarcastically wondered if Anthony feared that Sonny would pull a gun on Anthony. Starr realized that her own father had done that to Sonny. Michael apologized for the reminder, but Starr suggested that they each stop apologizing.

Starr explained that it was imperative for Anthony to tell the jury what he had told her. Michael realized that Starr had gone to see Anthony when she had gone for a walk. Starr admitted that she had, because she had wanted to judge Anthony's claims for herself, since Michael had been telling her how much Anthony had hated Sonny. Michael surprised Starr by revealing that he would have taken her to the Quartermaine mansion, if she had told him that she had wanted to talk to Anthony. Starr was reluctant to ask Michael for anything, because he had already done a lot for her. She also didn't want Michael to feel as if he were caught in the middle of things.

Michael warned Starr to be careful about trusting Anthony, so Starr revealed that Anthony had seen Sonny in the car, and that Sonny had fired the shots that caused the crash. Michael pointed out that it had been night, so the car behind Anthony had had their headlights on. Michael insisted that it would have been impossible for Anthony to have seen the shooter, but Starr argued that Michael wanted to believe in Sonny's innocence. Michael urged her to look at the facts and circumstances, but Starr became upset, as she thought about the loss of her daughter and boyfriend.

Starr regretted that she hadn't been able to give Cole her answer to his proposal of marriage, and that Hope had died without the precious stuffed animal that had always made Hope feel safe. Michael held Starr in his arms, as she cried. After several minutes, Starr pulled away, and then confessed that she had no idea how she would get through her testimony. Michael insisted that Starr was tough, and that he would be there to support her. Later, Michael and Starr arrived at the courthouse. Michael hugged Starr, unaware that Sonny watched them.

At the hospital, John was on the phone with Natalie. He promised to take their son, Liam, for a boy's day at the zoo when he returned home. Natalie wanted to join them, so he agreed that she could go too. Moments later, he saw Sam, so he ended the call. Sam thanked John for meeting her, so John quickly handed her the vial of Franco's DNA. Sam promised that she wouldn't let anyone know where she had gotten the sample.

John was curious if Jason planned to meet her, so Sam admitted that she hadn't told Jason anything yet. John realized that Sam thought that she was protecting Jason, but he warned her that, at the end of the day, she was lying to her husband. Sam insisted that she hated what she was doing, so John suggested that she stop. Sam explained that she couldn't, because Jason's sworn enemy had been Jason's twin. She wanted to be able to assure Jason that the baby was Jason's when she revealed that Franco had been Jason's brother. John was curious what Sam intended to do, if the baby turned out to be Franco's.

Sam admitted that nothing would ever be the same, but she would find a way to tell Jason. John hoped that things worked out for her, so Sam thanked him for listening. She confessed that it felt weird to be with him. "Why is that?" she wondered. John suggested that perhaps they were put where they were meant to be. Meanwhile, Liz rounded the corner, and then stopped short when she saw Sam and John in deep conversation.

Sam confided to John that she wanted the baby to be Jason's, so John urged her to get the paternity test done, because the longer Sam waited, the longer it would take for her and Jason to know what they were dealing with.

Jason bumped into Liz when he arrived at the hospital. She was surprised to see Jason, because she knew that Sonny's trial was scheduled to begin. Jason explained that he intended to go to the courthouse after Sam's prenatal checkup. Liz revealed that Sam wasn't with Dr. Lee. Jason was curious where his wife was. "She's right around the corner, talking to some guy," Liz told him.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Johnny arrived at Carly's house to pick her up for court. Carly was flattered, but she assured him that it hadn't been necessary. Johnny reminded Carly that she was a terrible driver, so he had thought that she would appreciate a lift. Carly smiled, and then complimented Johnny's dapper suit. Johnny admitted that he wanted to look his best, because it was the day that Sonny would go to prison. Carly admitted that there had been a time when she had thought that Sonny would not have been capable of causing such a horrific accident, but she confessed that she had doubts about Sonny's innocence.

Johnny wondered how Michael would react when Michael realized that Johnny and Carly would be testifying against Sonny. Carly suggested that all she and Johnny could do was tell the truth. According to Carly, the rest was out of their hands.

At the courthouse, Sonny and Kate spotted Michael holding Starr, as Starr cried on Michael's shoulder. Sonny walked up to his son to greet him, and then reminded Michael about their agreement for Michael to stay away from Starr. Starr barely contained her hostility, as she explained that she and Michael had bumped into each other at the courthouse, and that Michael had tried to comfort her when he had noticed that she had been upset. Kate tried to ease the tension between everyone, to no avail. Alexis arrived, and then suggested that she and Sonny enter the courtroom. Sonny invited Michael to join them, but Michael decided to stay with Starr.

After Sonny and Kate followed Alexis into the courtroom, Michael admitted that Sonny needed to know that Starr was staying at the apartment. Michael assured Starr that, even though he supported his father, he wanted justice for Starr. Moments later, Michael and Starr entered the courtroom. Starr sat on the prosecution's side, while Michael took a seat behind Sonny.

The judge called the court to order, and then invited the prosecutor to make an opening statement. The prosecutor explained that there were three elements needed for a conviction: means, motive, and opportunity. The prosecutor insisted that Sonny had all three, that he had threatened Anthony, and that the gun, which had been used to shoot out Anthony's tires, had been found in Sonny's girlfriend's office. The prosecutor then pointed out that Sonny didn't have an alibi for the time of the shooting, so the prosecutor intended to prove that Sonny had caused the accident that had claimed the lives of Cole Thornhart and Cole's three year-old daughter, Hope. As the prosecutor spoke, Michael recalled Starr pleading with Michael to save Hope and Cole.

After the prosecutor sat down, Alexis addressed the jury. Alexis admitted that she sympathized with Starr's loss, but Alexis insisted that convicting Sonny wouldn't lessen Starr's pain, because Sonny had not been responsible for the crash. Alexis explained that the prosecution's case was circumstantial, and that there wasn't a shred of proof that Sonny had shot out Anthony's tires. After Alexis returned to her seat, the judge invited the prosecutor to call his first witness. Dante was called to the stand.

Dante testified about the events in the parking garage, when Sonny had taken a bullet for Dante. Dante then admitted that Sonny had left the parking garage, and then gone to the Zacchara penthouse. Dante confessed that Sonny had held Johnny at gunpoint, because Sonny had blamed Johnny for the shooting. Next, Johnny was called to testify. Johnny confirmed that Sonny had aimed a nine-millimeter semi-automatic gun at him. According to Johnny, Sonny had intended to use the gun.

Carly took the stand after Johnny. Carly revealed that Johnny had been with her at the time of the shooting in the parking garage, so Sonny had assumed that Anthony had targeted Dante. The prosecutor then called Tracy to the stand to testify about Sonny's confrontation with Anthony at the Quartermaine mansion. The prosecutor wondered if Sonny had threatened Anthony, but Tracy was evasive. Eventually, Tracy was forced to admit that she had heard Sonny tell Anthony, "Finding you will be half the fun; watching you die will be the other."

Alexis cross-examined each of the witnesses. She was able to establish that Tracy, Dante, Carly, and Johnny hadn't seen Sonny shoot out Anthony's tires. Meanwhile, Starr was frustrated that no one had been able to confirm that Sonny had taken aim at Anthony's tires. Afterwards, Starr was called to testify. She told the jury that she, Cole, and Hope had been on their way to Llanview, when their flight had been rerouted. Starr explained that they had decided to rent a car at the airport in Port Charles, and then drive the rest of the way.

The prosecutor invited Starr to tell the jury about the moments leading up to the accident, so Starr revealed that she and Cole had reunited after a lengthy time apart. Starr explained that they had only been together for a few weeks, but things had been great between them, and that Cole had asked her to marry him. Sonny quietly wondered why Alexis hadn't objected, since Starr's testimony had nothing to do with the actual crash. Alexis pointed out that it wouldn't look good for the defense if Alexis were to bully a grieving mother. Meanwhile, Starr became emotional, as she explained that she had heard the gunshots ring out shortly after Cole's proposal of marriage. According to Starr, everything had happened at once, as Anthony's car had careened towards them.

At the prosecutor's urging, Starr revealed that after the collision, she had managed to escape from the wreckage, but the car had been left teetering on the edge of a cliff. Starr explained that Cole's leg had been broken, so Cole hadn't been able to get out of the car. Starr then explained that Hope had been trapped in the car, because Hope's car seat had been wedged in the backseat. The prosecutor wondered what had happened next, so Starr told the jury about her encounter with Anthony, when Anthony had refused to help Starr, because Sonny had been gunning for him. Alexis immediately objected, because it was hearsay.

The prosecutor moved on by asking what had happened to Hope and Cole. Starr admitted that she had passed out, but she tearfully revealed that she had been told that the car had slid off of the cliff, and that her daughter and boyfriend had perished in a fiery explosion. After the prosecutor finished, Alexis asked Starr one simple question: had Starr seen Sonny shoot out the tires of Anthony's car? Starr was forced to admit that she had not, but she insisted that it didn't mean that Sonny hadn't done it. "But it doesn't mean that he did," Alexis gently pointed out.

Michael was called to testify after Starr stepped down. The prosecutor was curious why Michael and Dante had been on the road that night, so Michael admitted that he and his brother had been concerned that Sonny had gone after Anthony. Alexis wondered if Michael had seen Sonny on the road, or Sonny's car. "No," Michael answered to both questions. Alexis was curious when Michael had last seen his father on that fateful night, so Michael revealed that it had been at the hospital, when Sonny had received treatment for the gunshot wound that Sonny had sustained in the parking garage. Alexis wondered if Sonny had seemed emotional at the time.

Michael explained Sonny had been upset, because Sonny had been told about the tragic death of a close friend. According to Michael, Sonny had been sad and quiet after receiving the heartbreaking news. After Michael stepped down, the prosecutor called Dante back to the stand to talk about the gun that had been found in Kate's office. Dante admitted that the serial number on the gun had been filed off, and that the fingerprints had been wiped clean. Alexis seized the opportunity to establish that anyone could have taken the elevator to Kate's office.

Johnny whispered to Carly that Alexis was clearly trying to imply that Johnny had framed Sonny, so Carly suggested that they leave. After Johnny and Carly walked out, Dante conceded that anyone could have accessed Kate's office, and that he did not have any proof that Sonny had hidden the gun there. After Dante stepped down, the prosecutor called Kate to the stand. Kate was sworn in, so the prosecutor asked her to state her name. "My name? My name is Connie Falconeri," Kate replied. Sonny looked at Alexis.

Olivia entered Ewen's office, and then begged him to help her with a family member. Olivia explained that the family member was crazy, and needed to be institutionalized. Ewen carefully covered the emergency commitment papers with Kate's name on it, before Olivia saw what he had been working on. Ewen confessed that he hadn't been aware that Olivia knew about "the situation." Olivia pointed out that it was impossible to miss, because the woman was unstable. However, she was surprised that Steve had talked to Ewen about it.

Ewen wondered what Steve had to do with it, so Olivia clarified that she had been referring to Steve's mother, Heather. She was curious whom Ewen had thought she had been talking about. Ewen quickly tucked the commitment papers out of sight, as he explained that he had assumed that she had been talking about one of his patients. Ewen invited Olivia to tell him about her concerns. Olivia quickly filled Ewen in on Heather's history, which had led to an eight-year stint in Ferncliff.

Olivia confided that Heather put on an act for Steve's benefit, but Olivia was certain that something was off with Steve's mother. Olivia wanted Ewen to talk to Heather, and then give Steve his professional opinion. Ewen explained that Heather would have to agree, so Olivia decided to call Steve.

Heather was delighted when Steve took her to Kelly's. She recalled that she and Steve's father, Jeff, had eaten there all of the time, and that Jeff had always ordered bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. Heather decided to have a BLT in honor of Jeff. Steve pulled out a chair for his mother, and then joined her at the table. Moments later, Luke and Anna entered the diner, but Luke quickly decided to leave when he spotted Heather. Unfortunately for Luke, Heather saw Luke enter, so she ran up to him. Heather explained to Luke that they had unfinished business, and then assured him that she didn't mean to cause any trouble for him.

Heather realized that she had been mistaken about Luke and Anna's relationship, because Anna clearly was not Luke's type. Heather confided to Anna that Luke preferred blondes. Luke continued to try to leave, but Heather insisted that he and Anna join her and Steve for lunch. Luke reluctantly agreed.

Later, as Steve, Heather, Luke, and Anna enjoyed their sandwiches, Heather admitted that the food was as good as when Rose Kelly had owned the diner. Heather wondered if Luke recalled Rose, so Luke confessed that he had wanted to date Rose. However, Luke admitted that he had been more partial to the times when his aunt, Ruby, had owned the diner. Heather conceded that Aunt Ruby had been a natural at running the diner, even though she had once been a madam at a brothel. Luke didn't deny it, but he assured Heather that he had been proud of all of Aunt Ruby's business ventures. Luke then revealed that his aunt had left the diner to him and his sister, Bobbie.

Steve's cell phone rang, so Steve stepped outside to take the call. It was Olivia. She explained that she was in Ewen's office, and that she needed to talk to Steve about Heather.

Meanwhile, Heather continued to make small talk, as she carefully set her drink on the edge of the table, near Anna. Heather deliberately knocked the drink over, spilling its contents all over Anna. Anna jumped up, so Heather apologized for being clumsy, and then tried to help Anna clean it up. Heather suggested that Anna go to the bathroom, to treat the stains with cold water. After Anna left, Heather walked over to Luke, and then began to rub his shoulders. "Here we are, alone at last," Heather told him.

Heather explained that had she wanted Luke to know that she had worked hard to live a normal live, and to have a future. Luke was curious what kind of future Heather envisioned, and then quickly added that it would be a mistake for her to focus on one with him. Heather assured Luke that she simply wanted to start over as friends.

Outside, Steve was on the phone with Olivia. Olivia urged Steve to get an independent evaluation to determine if the doctors at Ferncliff had been right about Heather's mental health. Steve admitted that Heather had acted rashly by leaving, but he didn't want to overreact to the situation. Olivia argued that it had been a red flag when Heather had decided to seek out Luke at the first opportunity. Steve started to make excuses for his mother, but then glanced through the diner's window and saw his mother's antics. Steve decided that Olivia was right.

Steve entered the diner, and then informed his mother that the hospital had called. Steve explained that he was needed at work, so he invited his mother to join him. Heather didn't want to go, but Steve pushed until she agreed. After Heather left, Luke whispered, "Oh, my God." Moments later, Anna returned from the bathroom. "Where is our barking mad friend?" Anna wondered.

Luke explained that Steve had taken Heather to work with him. Anna was relieved, because she was certain that Heather had intentionally dumped the drink on her. Luke suggested that Anna look on the bright side; at least her clothes hadn't been stained with blood. Anna chuckled, and then Luke reached out to wipe some of the spillage from Anna's hair. They were unaware that Tracy stood outside, watching them through the window.

At the hospital, Steve warned Heather not to wander off, because there would be repercussions. Heather promised to stay put, because she wanted to earn his trust. After Steve walked away, Heather wandered over to the nurses' station. Meanwhile, Steve entered Ewen's office, and then handed Heather's medical records to Ewen. Steve explained that the doctors at Ferncliff had been confident that Heather had made progress. Olivia suggested that the last thing that they needed was for a dangerous crazy woman to be on the loose, so it would be better to be safe than sorry. Ewen agreed that it was best to get a second opinion.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sam glanced down at the vial of Franco's DNA that John McBain had given to her. She quickly tucked it into her jacket pocket when Jason walked up. Sam wondered what he was doing there, so Jason explained that he had hoped to go to the checkup with Sam, but Liz had told him that Sam had been talking to "some guy." Jason wondered if he had missed the appointment. Sam tried to change the subject, prompting Jason to wonder if she were trying to get rid of him. Jason insisted that he wanted to be supportive by attending the doctor's appointments with her. Moments later, Kelly Lee walked up.

"Sam, you needed to see me about something?" Kelly asked. Jason appeared confused by the question, so he reminded Kelly that they were there for Sam's checkup. Kelly noticed Sam's uneasy expression, so she covered for Sam by blaming the mix-up on the receptionist. Kelly assured Jason and Sam that one of her patients had cancelled, so she invited them to follow her to an examination room. Later, Kelly asked that Jason give them some privacy for the first part of the exam, so Jason stepped out of the room. "What's going on?" Kelly asked Sam after Jason left.

Sam explained that she needed another paternity test, and then handed the vial of Franco's DNA to Kelly. Sam revealed that Jason and Franco were fraternal twins, so Sam was concerned about the results of the paternity test. Kelly agreed that the first paternity test might have given them a false-positive reading, so Kelly agreed to run another paternity test. Kelly also promised to put a rush on it, so that Sam could have the results in twenty-four hours. After Jason returned to the examination room, Kelly decided to do an ultrasound. Sam and Jason were awed when they saw the baby.

Kelly revealed that the baby was healthy, and then offered to try to find out the sex of the baby, even though the baby appeared to be a bit shy. Jason and Sam wanted to be surprised, so they agreed to wait until the baby was born. Kelly handed Jason a picture of the sonogram, so Jason asked Sam if it were okay for him to keep it. Sam smiled, as she assured him that it was fine. After Jason left to go to the courthouse, Kelly gave Sam a piece of paper that Sam would need to pick up the results of the paternity test the following day. Sam insisted that the baby had to be Jason's, because she feared that it would destroy Jason if Franco were the father.

Later, Sam was looking at the piece of paper that Kelly had given to her, while she waited for the elevator. Heather walked up, and tapped Sam on the shoulder. "Hello, Samantha, remember me?" Heather asked.

Friday, April 13, 2012

At Kelly's, Tracy caught Luke and Anna sharing a laugh after Heather had doused Anna with a milkshake. "So much for nothing going on," Tracy spat. Luke let Tracy know that Heather had been released from Ferncliff recently. Luke explained to Anna that he and Heather had once gone through a feigned wedding. "My favorite fake wedding will always be ours," he told Tracy.

Luke alluded to the dirt Anthony must have on Tracy, who tried to justify her marriage. Luke assured Tracy that she could trust him with anything she had to tell about Anthony. Anna took her leave, and Tracy opened up to Luke. She explained that Anthony had been threatening to reveal Tracy's criminal activities in order to gain control of ELQ.

Anthony startled the two as they conspired. He ushered her out of the diner, as he suggested she do her wifely duties and run home to cook him dinner. "I feel like a steak," he crowed. "In the heart!" she replied, with a play on words.

Heather confronted Sam at the hospital. Heather explained that Steve had signed the papers to get her released from Ferncliff. Heather was surprised to learn that Sam hadn't told Jason that Franco was his brother.

Heather revealed that she knew Franco was Jason's twin. "I am not having this discussion with you," Sam said as she turned and walked away. Heather grabbed Sam, the two struggled for a moment, and Sam dropped the paperwork she'd been holding. Heather picked it up and asked why Sam was having a DNA test conducted. Heather put two and two together and assumed that Sam had slept with Franco.

Heather threatened to tell Jason about the test. Sam turned the tables and threatened to tell Steve everything, and she predicted Steve would rescind the agreement that was keeping Heather out of Ferncliff. Heather reluctantly agreed to keep Sam's secret. "Samantha, I'm keeping my fingers crossed the baby is Franco's," Heather taunted.

Johnny visited Carly at her home and comforted her, as she became emotional over the death of Cole and Hope. Carly could relate to the pain Starr was feeling. Johnny apologized for his part in Michael having been shot, and for what Claudia had done to Carly's family. Carly was thankful that Morgan was safe, away at boarding school, using her maiden name. But Michael would always be pegged as a mobster's son.

Carly let Johnny know that she trusted him, otherwise she wouldn't have allowed him into her house. Josslyn awoke and walked into the room. Carly introduced her to Johnny, who read the little girl a story.

Spinelli informed Jason that he hadn't been able to gain access to Ewen's files. Spinelli suggested that Jason warn Sonny about Kate's precarious mental state, but Jason said he had to have proof first. Jason showed Spinelli Sam's ultrasound photo, and the two shared a lighthearted moment.

Kate took the witness stand and introduced herself as Connie Falconeri, but she explained that she'd had her name legally changed to Kate Howard. The prosecutor asked her about the gun found in her office. She admitted that Sonny had been in her office with her the day the gun had been found. As she was under oath, Kate had to admit that she and Sonny had made love in her office that day. Kate denied that the gun belonged to her.

The prosecutor sought to introduce Anthony's written statement as evidence because, the attorney alleged, Anthony feared reprisal. The judge disallowed the statement, which elicited an outburst from Starr. At that moment, Anthony walked in.

On the stand, Anthony testified that he'd seen Sonny in his rearview mirror the night of the crash that had killed Cole and Hope. Anthony stated that he had excellent eyesight, so Alexis tested his abilities. She held up a page with "perjury is a crime" written on it, but Anthony couldn't make out the words on the paper.

The people rested their case, and the judge asked Alexis to call her first witness. "We won't be calling any witnesses, Your Honor," she explained. "The defense rests," she concluded. Sonny was nonplussed, but Alexis assured him it was in his best interest.

As the prosecutor gave his closing summation, Kate began to squirm. Alexis started her closing argument, and Jason noticed Kate's odd behavior.

Matt visited Maxie in jail. He tried to convince her that he was as much to blame for Robin's death as she was. Everyone could have done things differently before Robin's death, he argued, but that didn't mean they'd killed her. Matt admitted he loved Maxie, which caught her off-guard.

Outside the interrogation room, Spinelli listened to the conversation. As Maxie was about to admit she hadn't killed Lisa, Spinelli leaned into the door to hear what was being said and fell into the room. Maxie hollered for a guard to take her back to her cell. Matt berated Spinelli, who urged Matt to remain focused on the task at hand: finding who had actually killed Lisa.

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