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Chad and Gabi bonded. Eli told everyone that Paul had attacked him. Chad warned everyone that Paul might have jungle madness. Paul attacked Gabi. Kate asked Andre to marry her. Abigail asked Raines for a favor. John put his family before the ISA. Claire learned what Jade had done. Theo got praises from Abe. Adrienne and Justin waited for news about Sonny.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 5, 2017 on DAYS
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Abigail makes a confession to Jennifer Abigail makes a confession to Jennifer

Monday, June 5, 2017

by Mike

While Abigail was hard at work at the police station, Commissioner Raines approached and praised her for her dedication. He encouraged her to put off the rest of her assignments until the following day, noting that it was getting late, but she insisted that she didn't want to head home yet because she was on a roll -- and work was a good distraction, anyway.

Raines wondered if everything was okay. "Actually, no," Abigail admitted after a moment of thought, and she proceeded to tell Raines about the problems Dario was supposedly facing in Mexico. Raines offered to check with a few of his contacts and try to verify Dario's story. Although Justin was already looking into the matter for Abigail, she was grateful for the extra help.

Later, Abigail joined Dario at the Martin mansion and found that he had assembled a new crib for Thomas. Dario stressed that the kind gesture wasn't an attempt to put pressure on Abigail, adding that she could still back out of their arrangement at any time. However, when Abigail warned that it could take at least six months for her divorce to be finalized, Dario fretted, "I don't have six months. I'll be deported, and then I'll -- I'll be dead."

While Abigail was taking a shower, Dario researched ways to hasten divorce proceedings. "Did you know that in the Dominican Republic, there's no waiting period? You and Chad could be splitsville in less than twenty-four hours," he revealed when she emerged from the bathroom. "Wow, that is...awfully fast," she noted with a nervous chuckle. "Fast is all I got, Abby," he stressed.

Before Abigail could respond, Jennifer arrived and took note of the fact that her daughter was wearing only a silk robe. "Am I interrupting something?" Jennifer asked with a hint of concern. Abigail explained that she had just finished cleaning off the remnants of Thomas' earlier meal. Jennifer entered the room and wondered if Dario would mind giving her a minute alone with Abigail.

Once the coast was clear, Abigail stressed, "It's not what you think, Mom. It's just an arrangement." Confused, Jennifer wondered what Abigail was talking about. After swearing Jennifer to secrecy, Abigail explained the arrangement to her. Stunned, Jennifer tried to talk Abigail out of marrying Dario, but Abigail insisted that she wanted to help him out because he was her friend and had done a lot for her since her return to Salem.

Jennifer argued that Abigail might owe Dario a thank-you card but certainly didn't owe him a green card. Jennifer began to list numerous concerns with Abigail's plan -- it was illegal; it could be harmful to Thomas, who might grow attached to Dario, only to have him disappear once the marriage had served its purpose; it could prevent Abigail from finding real love again; it could send Dario the wrong message -- but Abigail dismissed each one then hesitantly revealed, "Look, if I don't...if I don't do this, they're gonna kill him."

"Well, isn't that just so convenient?" Jennifer mused after hearing the rest of the story. Abigail admitted that she had, in fact, considered the possibility that Dario was exaggerating about the dangers he was facing in Mexico in order to convince her to go through with the marriage. Jennifer offered to look into the matter for Abigail, who conceded that although she already had a couple other people on the case, extra help couldn't hurt.

As if on cue, Abigail received a phone call from Raines. After a brief conversation, Abigail ended the call and told Jennifer, "It's true. Dario was telling the truth." Jennifer saw that as another reason for Abigail to abandon her plan to marry Dario, but Abigail refused to change her mind. Jennifer wasn't willing to support Abigail's decision; she promised, however, that she wouldn't share her daughter's secret with anyone.

Dario soon returned and hesitantly revealed that, according to Rafe, a Kiriakis jet had recently vanished -- and J.J., Chad, Gabi, and Sonny had all been on it at the time.

Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Andre shared the same bad news with Kate, who wasn't just worried about Chad but also about Gabi and Sonny, the only parents Arianna had left. Kate wanted to confront Deimos right away, assuming that he was responsible, but Andre urged her to stay calm and wait for an update from the search team. Annoyed that Andre seemed to be taking the matter really well, Kate guessed that he was secretly pleased because he stood to inherit the entire DiMera fortune if Chad remained out of the picture. Andre vehemently denied the accusation, insisting that he was just as upset as Kate was.

Kate eventually softened and apologized for doubting that Andre truly cared about Chad. Andre comforted Kate with a hug and assured her that everything was going to be okay. Kate soon received a phone call, which she answered with obvious hope -- hope that was extinguished the moment the caller began speaking. "What? Are you serious?" Kate asked incredulously.

"Should I ask?" Andre wondered after Kate ended the call in anger. Sighing, Kate explained, "Hong Kong knows about the missing plane. And the timing couldn't be worse; there's the annual CEO vote tomorrow, which was supposed to be a formality for Chad, but now..." Andre assumed that DiMera Enterprises' board members were simply panicking, but Kate clarified that they had actually already written Chad off as dead. "Shin thinks that without stable leadership, the company would be rendered inept [and] vulnerable," Kate continued.

"Well, they can elect me in the interim," Andre reasoned, but Kate insisted that was never going to happen. "The board doesn't trust you. They think you are -- and these are not my words -- mentally unstable," Kate explained. Furious, Andre immediately contacted Shin to give the man a piece of his mind. After a heated conversation, Andre ended the call with a threat. "A mentally stable response if I ever heard one," Kate dryly observed.

Andre was certain that Stefano would want him to run the company in Chad's absence. "Unfortunately, what Stefano would or wouldn't want is a moot point now, since he's no longer around," Kate pointed out. Kate added that she was the only person who could realistically assume the position of CEO, prompting Andre to hint that she couldn't wait to do just that. Scoffing, Kate insisted that she didn't want the job and would, in fact, be more than happy to give it back to Chad as soon as he was found and rescued.

Andre said that, in any case, the board members wouldn't agree to entrust the position to Kate because she wasn't a DiMera. "I don't know if you've been privy to some of the same conversations I've heard, but they're more than willing to dismantle this company and sell it off piecemeal if there is not a DiMera at the helm," he continued. "Well, that's not fair," she complained, prompting him to shout that nothing about the world in general was fair anymore. Sighing, he added, "This could very well be the end of my father's company."

Kate wasn't ready to give up yet, insisting that there had to be another solution. Andre was out of ideas, knowing that Theo -- the only DiMera grandchild who was old enough to take Chad's place -- wasn't the least bit qualified for the position at that time. "Such a shame that I'm not..." Kate began with a sigh before letting her voice trail off. With a mischievous grin, she spontaneously asked, "Andre DiMera, will you marry me?"

Chad and Gabi stopped kissing when they heard J.J. and Lani approaching them. "You guys are never gonna believe what we found," Lani began. Chad and Gabi listened in shock as J.J. and Lani revealed that they had found a bashed-in human skull on another part of the island. "We searched the entire area to see what else we could come up with. We came across an abandoned shelter," J.J. continued. Chad thought that was good news, but J.J. clarified that they couldn't actually use the shelter because something -- or someone -- had torn it apart at some point. "We also found this diary," Lani added, producing the item.

Chad, Gabi, and Lani settled on the beach with J.J., who read the diary aloud to them. It told the story of a couple who had moved to the island shortly after their wedding in an attempt to go off the grid. Flipping through the pages, J.J. stopped on one of the entries and said, "Guys, listen to this: 'May 6, 2007 -- Last Thursday, when Kyle and I were at the beach, he was bitten by a mosquito. We didn't think anything of it at the time because we both had been getting bitten, but something has been off ever since. He has a fever, he can't sleep, he has these terrible mood swings and hallucinations... I don't know what to do. Every time I try to help him, he gets violent. I'm scared. This man is not my husband; this man is an animal.'"

J.J. flipped to the next page and continued, "May 9, 2007 -- Kyle attacked me again. He's been having these episodes, these fits of rage; I've never seen anything like it. One minute, he's the caring, loving man I married, and the next, he's a savage beast. Dr. Stahl arrived today. Thank God we still have contact with the outside world. He diagnosed Kyle with something called Jungle Madness." Chad and J.J. both recognized that as a disease that Peter Blake had once contracted. Turning his attention back to the diary, J.J. read aloud that Stahl had known how to cure the disease, but Kyle had murdered him before he could leave the island in search of the cure. The final words in the diary were: "I know he's coming for me next."

Gabi feared that Kyle was still on the island, but Chad and J.J. were both confident that he couldn't have survived for ten years with Jungle Madness. Gabi was relieved to hear that but still had concerns about the disease itself, knowing that the island's mosquitoes could still be carrying it. Chad assured Gabi that everything was going to be fine, adding that he hadn't seen any mosquitoes on the island yet, anyway. Unconvinced, Gabi pulled Chad aside and insisted that he needed to get rid of the amulet right away. He refused, maintaining that the curse was just a ridiculous superstition.

Sonny soon joined the group and revealed that Paul was missing. Gabi gave Chad a pointed glare, but Paul appeared a short time later and claimed that he had simply gone to a nearby lagoon for some fresh water to help with a sudden bout of nausea. Sonny curiously noted that he had searched that part of the island and hadn't seen any sign of Paul there. "I guess we just missed each other," Paul concluded with a shrug.

Sonny observed that Paul didn't look well, but Paul dismissively insisted that he was fine. Sonny agreed to drop the matter then headed off with Paul to retrieve the fish they had collected earlier. Meanwhile, Gabi fretted to Chad that she had to get off the island and make it back home to Arianna because the child had already lost one parent. J.J. watched as Chad comforted Gabi with a hug.

Sonny and Paul soon returned with the fish. Sonny offered to skin and gut the fish so Paul wouldn't have to worry about another wave of nausea. "I told you -- I'm fine, okay? If I need any help, I'll give you a shout," Paul replied with a hint of impatience. Nodding, Sonny went to join Chad, Gabi, and Lani, who were discussing the fact that Eli had been gone for a while. J.J. started to follow Sonny but stopped when he noticed blood on Paul's shirt. Paul claimed that he had cut himself the first time he had tried to skin and gut the fish. Satisfied, J.J. joined the others, leaving Paul alone with the fish.

Breathing heavily and sweating profusely, Paul pulled out a knife and stared menacingly at the nearby group, his vision distorting as he watched them chat with each other.

Paul attacks Gabi

Paul attacks Gabi

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

At the Brady Pub, John and Marlena celebrated Brady's recovery and Eric's return home. The couple toasted to miracles. John apologized for skipping town to work with the ISA, but Marlena said she understood that John had had no choice. John wanted to talk about planning a wedding with Marlena, but their conversation was interrupted with a call from the ISA. After John yelled into the phone, Marlena sighed with resignation.

When John ended the call, Marlena asked John when he was leaving town. John grumbled that a jet would pick him up in an hour. Worried, Marlena asked if he would ever return home. John averted his eyes. John's phone rang again. Rafe called to update John about the missing plane, shocking John, who had not heard the news. Rafe informed John that Paul had been on the plane when it had disappeared from the radar.

After ending the call, John muttered about allowing Paul to get mixed up in the DiMera and Kiriakis feud. Marlena assured John that Paul would return home, just like Eric. Patting John's hand, Marlena promised she would track down John when she learned anything about Paul. John refused to leave town with the ISA while his son was missing. Marlena insisted on joining John in the search.

At the police station, Rafe, Hope, Abigail, and Dario worried aloud about the missing plane. After assuring Abigail that everyone would return home, Dario went into the interrogation room to talk to Rafe. Dario blamed Chad for the plane's disappearance, but Rafe scoffed at the notion. Rafe reminded Dario that Chad had saved Gabi's life multiple times and that there was no reason to assume that the situation was Chad's fault. Rafe suggested prayer. Frustrated, Dario angrily yelled that prayer had not helped their father or their family.

Rafe changed the subject to Dario's impending nuptials. Rafe argued that Abigail would not stop loving Chad. Dario said he knew he could not change Abigail's mind, and his only hope to stay in Salem was to marry Abigail. Rafe urged Dario to use other legal avenues to stay in the US, but Dario stressed that his best hope was Abigail.

In the police station bullpen, Hope commented on the apparent closeness between Abigail and Dario. Averting her eyes, Abigail announced that she was engaged to Dario. Suspicious, Hope pushed Abigail to tell her the truth about what was going on. Abigail insisted that she loved Dario. Hope noted that Dario appeared to be involved in shady business dealings, but Abigail countered that she believed Dario when he swore that he was not doing anything illegal. With a shrug, Hope wished Abigail well.

Talk turned to the missing plane. Abigail was hopeful, and she said Chad and Gabi were a good team. Abigail said that the poison incident had shown her that Chad and Gabi worked well together. Sensing that Abigail was upset, Hope said that Chad loved Abigail. Abigail insisted that her marriage was over. When Hope noted that the missing plane might show Abigail that her heart was with Chad, Abigail said the opposite might be true. Hope warned Abigail that it was never too late to stop the divorce.

When Hope returned to work, an officer called to inform her that Myron from GDR had purchased a fancy sports car. Hope went over to the club and slid into the seat next to Myron at the bar. Hope complimented Myron's suit and then his car out front. A cheerful Myron talked about how he had paid cash for his car. Hope subtly asked questions about Myron's job. Myron gamely chatted about his exceptional IT skills until he realized that Hope was questioning him about Dario's business. Myron suggested that Hope talk to Dario directly. When Hope returned to the station, she did not tell Rafe about her investigation into Dario.

In the park, Abigail sat on a bench and thought about the night she and Chad had danced in the club to their song. As Abigail grew teary-eyed, Dario found her. Dario asked Abigail if she was upset about the plane. Abigail stared silently into the night. Dario asked if Abigail was more upset about Chad than anyone else on the plane. When Abigail sniffled, Dario said he could see in Abigail's eyes that she still loved her husband. Abigail admitted that she had pushed down her feelings for Chad and that the plane situation was causing her feelings to spill out.

Abigail lamented that her last conversation with Chad had been an angry one. Abigail said she hated the thought that Chad was somewhere, thinking poorly of her. When Abigail wondered aloud if she had been selfish for ending her marriage, Dario hugged her. Dario asked Abigail if she had changed her mind about getting a divorce.

On the deserted Greek island, Gabi and Chad chatted by the fire while, nearby, Lani read the diary she had found. J.J. surprised Lani when he walked in from the darkness. J.J. assured Lani that there was no proof of jungle madness around and told her not to worry. Lani was anxious to leave the island. Hoping to assuage Lani's fears, J.J. offered to find Eli and see if he had fixed the satellite phone.

Across the clearing, Paul stared intently at his knife. Sonny asked Paul if he was okay. Sonny suggested that Paul was dehydrated, and he offered to clean the fish while Paul drank some water. Paul reluctantly handed the knife to Sonny.

When dinner was ready, everyone but J.J. and Eli dug into their meal. J.J. returned holding the destroyed satellite phone. The group decided to search the island and look for Eli. With a bad ankle, Gabi opted to stay behind and wait. Before the group left the clearing, Sonny noticed Paul staring at the knife again. Jokingly, Sonny asked Paul about his new knife obsession. As the group headed out, Paul pocketed the knife.

While J.J., Lani, and Chad looked for Eli, J.J. asked Chad about his closeness with Gabi. Chad avoided the question. Changing the subject, J.J. said there was no way that Eli would have dropped the phone on purpose unless he'd been running away from something. While everyone searched for Eli, Gabi sat alone by the fire. Gabi found the amulet in Chad's bag, and she debated whether to throw it away. Behind her, Paul crept out of the darkness and hit Gabi over the head with a rock.

When Chad returned to the campsite, he believed that Gabi had fallen asleep. When Chad stroked Gabi's hair, he found it was damp with blood. Chad called out in a panic, and J.J. and Lani ran back to camp. Sonny and Paul ran up to the fire last. While the group wondered aloud who could have hit Gabi over the head, Paul shifted his eyes nervously.

Eli ran into camp and yelled out that Paul had attempted to kill him. Paul ran, and Sonny tackled Eli as he leveled a gun at Paul. Eli told the group that Paul had attempted to choke him and that Paul had stabbed him with a knife before fleeing into the night. When J.J. asked Sonny if Paul had been with him when Gabi had been attacked, Sonny's face fell. Sonny admitted that Paul had separated from him during the search.

Lani suggested that Paul was suffering from jungle madness. Lani explained that she had found a skull and a diary, which explained that a man had caught the disease after a mosquito bite. Sonny said that he had seen a mosquito bite Paul and that Paul had felt ill afterward. Sonny wanted to quarantine Paul, but a frantic Eli warned that Paul was a danger to them all.

Jade plans a big surprise for Claire

Jade plans a big surprise for Claire

> Jade plans a big surprise for Claire

Jade plans a big surprise for Claire

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

by Mike

Adrienne entered the Kiriakis mansion and asked Justin if he had heard from Sonny since the Kiriakis jet had landed in Salem. "Actually, that's the reason why I asked you to come right over here," Justin hesitantly began.

Adrienne was horrified to learn that the jet was missing. Lucas was at his place with Arianna, and Adrienne shared the news with him. After doing so, Adrienne fretted, "That little girl lost her daddy. What is she gonna do if she loses Gabi and Sonny? What am I gonna do if I lose my baby?" Justin comforted Adrienne with a hug and assured her that everything was going to be okay, adding, "We have to believe that."

Later, Justin contacted someone who worked at what he described as the Greek equivalent of the FAA. "Tell your minister we don't care if it costs ten million dollars. We will cover it. Just hire the manpower you need to search those islands!" Justin told the person before ending the call. Adrienne wondered if the Greek government would actually be willing to let an American citizen pay for a search of its islands. Justin wasn't sure about that, but he pointed out that Victor had dual citizenship.

Justin offered to drive Adrienne back to Lucas' place so she could get some rest -- or at least lie down -- but she didn't want to be around Arianna while upset, so he decided to distract her with a few rounds of checkers instead, having previously employed that strategy when each of their sons had gone driving for the first time without a chaperon. She laughed as she recalled that he had tried to teach her the more exciting game of chess, but she had been too distracted to concentrate on learning the rules. "You kept listening for the car in the driveway," he remembered. "[And] 'I'm home' -- the two most beautiful words in the world," she tearfully added.

Adrienne indulged Justin for a while but eventually insisted that she was too worried to continue playing checkers. "I want to fly to Greece! I want to look myself! I want to join John and Marlena!" she shouted in frustration. To her surprise, he admitted that was actually a really good idea; however, when he realized that she had an appointment with her oncologist the following day, he refused to let her cancel it, reasoning that Sonny wouldn't want her to put her health at risk. "And maybe by [then], they'll all be found, and this will just be one more outrageous adventure story that Sonny will be able to tell," he optimistically suggested.

Abe went to the hospital to tell Valerie about the missing jet. "Abe, Eli and I are just finding our way back to each other. This can't be happening!" Valerie fretted.

Claire was confused when Jade asked to transfer a surprise onto her laptop. After granting the request, Claire went to her bedroom to finish getting ready for a movie date with Theo. Jade quickly transferred the sex tape onto Claire's laptop, quietly assuring herself that Claire would thank her eventually. Shortly after Jade finished the transfer, Theo emerged from his bedroom and greeted her. Claire soon joined Theo in the living room and told him that she was ready to leave. Jade protested that she wanted to show Claire the surprise first. Theo agreed to meet Claire in the town square then grabbed his laptop and put it in his backpack.

Jade panicked, realizing that she had transferred the sex tape onto the wrong laptop. Meanwhile, Theo received a phone call from Abe. After a brief conversation, Theo ended the call and told Claire and Jade about the missing jet. Theo then rushed off to be with Abe, and Claire followed him despite Jade's protests, insisting, "Whatever you wanted to show me, it's gonna have to wait!"

Worried about what would happen if Theo discovered the sex tape on his laptop, Jade grabbed Claire's laptop and rushed off with it. Knowing that Theo and Claire were meeting Abe and Valerie at the Brady Pub, Jade went there and saw that Theo was already inside with the others -- and was using his laptop. Theo, who had turned on his laptop to check various news sites for updates on the search-and-rescue operation, noticed a strange new file but didn't get a chance to open it before the pub's fire alarm suddenly began blaring.

Theo put his laptop in his backpack then followed everyone else outside. When Claire realized that she had forgotten her purse in the chaos of the evacuation, she went back inside the pub to look for it, and Theo went with her, leaving his backpack behind on a bench. Jade emerged from a hiding place and performed a quick swap of the two laptops, hiding Theo's in her purse. Theo emerged from the pub in time to catch Jade closing his backpack, but she claimed that she had simply been watching it for him.

Jade again stressed that she wanted to show Claire something. Claire was reluctant to grant the request, but Theo assured her that he would be okay without her for a few minutes. After Claire and Jade left, Abe announced that it was safe for everyone to enter the pub again, adding that someone from the fire department had determined that the fire alarm had been set off manually.

Julie soon arrived and angrily demanded to know why Valerie hadn't bothered to tell her about the missing jet. "Julie, she just found out herself!" Abe explained, adding that there was no reason for Julie to take her frustrations out on Valerie. "Oh, Abe, are you all right with what she did?" Julie asked incredulously. Valerie pointed out that she had already apologized -- more than once -- for keeping Eli's paternity a secret.

"But that is over now. My son is missing, and I'm in pain!" Valerie continued. "Well, you're in pain because of fate, and I'm in pain because of you," Julie spat. Valerie defensively suggested that things might have been different for everyone if Julie had been closer to David. Outraged, Julie snapped, "Oh, how dare you? How dare you say that to me?"

Theo suddenly spoke up, telling Julie and Valerie to stop yelling at each other. "You say you love Eli, [Julie]? Well, fighting with Valerie isn't for Eli; it's for you. You should be trying to help him," Theo reasoned. Realizing that Theo was right, Julie apologized to Valerie, acknowledging, "All my life, I get angry when I can't control a situation, and when I get...when I get scared." Valerie offered her own apology and stressed that Julie wasn't the only person who was scared. Valerie decided to go to St. Luke's to light a candle and pray. Julie hesitantly asked if she could accompany Valerie. "Of course," Valerie replied.

"Your son -- he's a keeper," Julie told Abe, who said he had always known that. After Valerie and Julie left, Abe hugged Theo and told him, "I hope you know how proud your mother would be of the man you've become."

Claire returned to her apartment with Jade and told her, "This better be good." Promising that it was, Jade opened Theo's laptop and explained, when Claire recognized it as his, that she had accidentally transferred the surprise to the wrong computer. "You ready to be a star?" Jade asked before playing the sex tape. Horrified, Claire quickly closed the laptop then began lashing out at Jade for pulling such a "disgusting" stunt. Claire forced Jade to delete the video from the laptop and hand over the recording device. "It's still on there if you change your mind," Jade said before leaving the apartment.

Shocked that his friends wanted to "contain" Paul, Sonny reminded them that they weren't talking about a wild animal; they were talking about a sick person who needed help. Sonny started to rush off in search of Paul, but J.J. warned, "You won't get through to him, man. It's like -- it's like he's on drugs, you know? If you approach him, he could try to kill you."

Chad agreed, knowing how Peter had been while suffering from jungle madness. "Look, if Paul has this disease, he's -- he's acting on amped-up survival instincts; everyone and everything is gonna be a threat -- one that he has to destroy if he wants to survive. On top of that, he's producing crazy amounts of adrenaline in order to help him do it, so, essentially, he's Iron Man," Chad explained.

Chad continued, "The good news is, he's -- he's not like this all the time, okay? It comes and goes." Adding that jungle madness was known to cause memory loss, Chad explained that Paul might not even know about what he had done to Eli and Gabi. "[He] could come in here, and he could be the guy that we know, but he could turn on a dime, and if that's the case, it's gonna be us or him," Chad warned.

"I won't be putting this down," Eli said, raising his gun. Furious, Sonny tried to steal the gun from Eli, and it went off in the ensuing struggle. When J.J. separated Sonny and Eli, they were both unscathed, having managed to fire the gun while it had been pointed at the ground. "Okay, guys, that was too close," J.J. insisted. "This situation is bad enough without you trying to kill each other!" Lani added.

J.J. recalled that a cure had been referenced in the diary, but Chad pointed out that they had no way to leave the island in search of it. Sonny was disturbed to learn that jungle madness could be fatal if left untreated.

Eli, Chad, and J.J. decided to see if Paul was hiding on the jet. Gabi didn't think she could travel that far on her bad ankle, so Lani offered to stay at the beach with her. Sonny insisted on staying behind, too, believing that Gabi and Lani would be safe with him because he was the one person Paul could never hurt. Knowing that jungle madness had made Peter hurt loved ones, Chad skeptically warned Sonny to be careful.

During the hike back to the jet, Eli, Chad, and J.J. paused to rehydrate. When Chad joked that the discovery of a fresh water source had been the only break he and the others had caught since arriving on the island, Eli and J.J. disagreed, pointing out that being stranded with Gabi hadn't been the worst thing that had ever happened to Chad. Chad feigned ignorance at first but eventually admitted that Eli and J.J. were right.

"So, you gonna have an issue with me now?" Chad asked J.J. "I want to," J.J. admitted; he added, however, that he couldn't because, after all, his relationship with Gabi had ended for reasons that had nothing to do with Chad, and Abigail had been adamant that Chad had done everything in his power to make things work with her. Eli made it clear that he didn't have an issue with Chad, either. J.J. and Eli were both quick to warn Chad not to hurt Gabi. Chad insisted that he never would.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Gabi told Sonny that she was confident that he would figure out a way to save Paul's life. "In my book, you can do anything," Gabi continued, recalling how Sonny had delivered Arianna. Smiling at the memory of the first time he had ever held Arianna, Sonny admitted that he missed her terribly. Echoing the sentiment, Gabi reasoned, "We gotta keep it together because we need to get back to her."

Sighing, Sonny told Gabi, "I never thought I could love anyone after losing Will, but I love Paul so much. I just never realized how much until now." Sonny spontaneously decided to begin his own search for Paul, refusing to let Gabi and Lani talk him out of the idea. Before leaving, Sonny asked Lani to promise that she wouldn't shoot Paul if he returned to the beach. Lani wasn't willing to make that promise, admitting that she would do whatever she had to do to stop Paul if he showed signs of violence, but she stressed, "I will only try to stop him, not kill him."

After Sonny left, Lani began talking to Gabi about Chad. Gabi was quick to stress that she hadn't planned to develop feelings for Chad, but Lani wasn't interested in casting judgment after what had happened with J.J. in Miami. Gabi acknowledged that she had been a bit hard on Lani at first, especially since the one-night stand hadn't really been her fault -- or J.J.'s, for that matter, given that he hadn't been in his right mind at the time.

"You guys seem really good together," Gabi observed. Lani expressed reservations, admitting that she didn't want to get hurt. Reading between the lines, Gabi stressed that J.J. was over her and only cared about her relationship with Chad because he was protective of Abigail. Lani reasoned that Gabi had nothing to be ashamed of because Abigail had chosen to file for divorce and had made it clear that Gabi wasn't to blame.

A sudden noise caused Lani to raise her gun, but when Eli, Chad, and J.J. appeared seconds later, she assumed that she had simply heard their approaching footsteps. Upset that Sonny had gone off on his own, Eli and J.J. volunteered to search for him, and Lani decided to accompany them, leaving Chad on the beach alone with Gabi.

Worried about Gabi's head injury, Chad offered to wash her hair so he could clean the wound in the process. When she joked afterward that she had never had a better salon treatment, he said that was because the people who worked at her regular salon didn't care about her as much as he did. He added that if he was going to die on the island, he was happy that his last days were going to be spent with her.

Eli, J.J., and Lani tracked Sonny down and tried to convince him to abandon the search for Paul until the following day, pointing out that it was dangerous for him to wander around alone in the dark. Sonny was reluctant to do so, having caught glimpses of Paul running around in a seemingly frightened state, but he eventually acquiesced after making the others promise that the search would resume at daybreak the following morning.

Sonny had found lemon balm during his search, so when he returned to the beach, he helped everyone apply the herb, which was known to ward off mosquitoes and other insects. Eli set off the last of the group's flares then volunteered to stand guard for a while so the others could get some sleep. Sonny watched apprehensively as Eli checked the chamber of his gun.

Preemption for French Open coverage

Preemption for French Open coverage

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular coverage resumed on Monday, June 12, and picked up where the Wednesday, June 7 episode concluded.

Preemption for French Open coverage

Preemption for French Open coverage

Friday, June 9, 2017

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular coverage resumed on Monday, June 12, and picked up where the Wednesday, June 7 episode concluded.

Recaps for the week of June 12, 2017 (Following Week)


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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