The Reel Emmy Story: Supporting Actor/Actress

Posted Sunday, May 15, 2005 8:40:08 PM
The Reel Emmy Story: Supporting Actor/Actress

The airdate for each submitted Emmy reel is included when available. The airdate will appear as a link and clicking that link will open up our archived recaps for that week for your review. For your convenience, all links will open a new browser window.

Outstanding Suppporting Actor

Jeff Branson (Jonathan Lavery, AMC)
Episode 1: Reggie opens Maggie's eyes to some of Jonathan's lies. Ryan tries to give Greenlee insight into Jonathan's behavior as he tells her about their abusive father. Jonathan begins drinking alone. Maggie confronts Jonathan for lying to her. Jonathan loses his temper and slaps Maggie across the face. [December 29, 2004]

Episode 2: Jonathan instantly regrets hitting Maggie and breaks down in tears. Jonathan begs Maggie to forgive him. [December 30, 2004]

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine and Connor Bishop, GH)
Episode 1: Nikolas wakes up in Mary's house and begins to panic when he can't remember anything. Mary, who is a widow, tells Nikolas that she is wife and that he is her husband, Connor. Mary tries to plant memories of her husband in Nikolas' mind and claims that Nikolas is a soldier who was injured in Iraq. [March 25, 2004]

Episode 2: Helena sets her plan into action to alter Nikolas' memory. Emily asks Jason to do whatever it takes to get Nikolas out of Shadybrook. [August 13, 2004]

Justin Deas (Buzz Cooper, GL)
Episode 1: Harley tries to prepare Buzz for a breakup with Alex. At Company, Alex tries to dump Buzz but she can't go through with it. [July 28, 2004]

Episode 2: Gus and Frank reluctantly get to Company, aware that they need to find a way to break the news to Buzz about Harley's arrest. Alan arrives and enjoys doing it for them. A guilty Buzz appeals to Frank to pull strings to save his sister. [December 29, 2004]

Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing, GH)
Episode 1: Ric obtains a search warrant for Sonny's penthouse and wants to charge him with murder. Elizabeth overhears Ric and Sonny's argument and questions Ric's motives for being with her. [April 2nd, 2004]

Episode 2: Ric and Alexis seek shelter in a shack where they argue but then make up. [December 23rd, 2004]

Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery, AMC)
Episode 1: On the rooftop, Kendall saves Greenlee from plunging to her death as Ryan and Ethan arrive on the scene. Ryan believes Kendall is responsible for Greenlee almost killing herself. Kendall admits to Ethan that she still cares about Greenlee and didn't want to see her die. Kendall and Ethan grow closer. At the hospital, Joe and Dr. Ashbourne promise Ryan they will find out what is causing Greenlee's episodes. Ryan is devastated when Greenlee has to be placed in the psychiatric ward. [November 30, 2004]

Episode 2: Ryan convinces Greenlee that he's alive but is shaken by her continued delusions. Ryan succeeds in bringing Greenlee back to reality and explains the medication made her act they way she did. Ryan removes Greenlee's restraints. [December 10, 2004]

Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher)
Episode 1: Lauren calls Paul and assures him she is being careful. She informs him that Kevin has not opened up, but she has him where she wants him. Kevin invites Lauren back to his place, because he does not want to discuss secrets in public. [February 17, 2004]

Episode 2: Michael tries to talk Kevin out of his suicidal state. Kevin thinks his life is over. He says he cannot undo the things he has done and no one is ever going to love him. Michael assures Kevin he will stand by him. He takes the gun and sits next to Kevin as Weber knocks on the door and demands to be let inside. Weber shows Michael the search warrant, and explains that they are looking for electrical equipment. [February 20, 2004]

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer, GL)
Episode 1: Bill brings Jeffrey to the jail to marry him and Olivia. Alex sees it as a chance to help the woman who has promised to help her, as well. Although Bill is doing this to keep her from being deported, Olivia believes a real marriage might result. Jeffrey remains skeptical and refuses to be manipulated into breaking the law but when Bill makes his appeal, he wins Jeffrey over and Olivia remains hopeful. The newlyweds take the news of their marriage to Bill's dad but no one could be more stunned or outraged - since it's Billy and not Phillip who arranged for Olivia's deportation! To keep Olivia away from Lewis Contruction and his son, Billy cooked up the scheme to get her out of the country - but his plan backfired. [October 14, 2004]

Episode 2: At Ravenwood, Alan threatens to have Olivia committed unless she agrees to let him have a stronger say in Emma's upbringing. He wants her to prevent Bill from going ahead with an adoption. Olivia didn't know anything about the adoption and angrily rejects Alan but he means business. Against all her better instincts, she gives in to Alan but he he seals the deal when a nurse appears and gives Olivia a shot, knocking her out cold. [December 17, 2004]

Robin Christopher (Skye Quartermaine, GH)
Episode 1: Luke listens as a drunken Skye unleashes her anger about Edward. Skye's rant, however, is soon focused on Luke himself. Faith points Ross, a crooked cop, in Skye's direction. Ross seduces Skye at the lake house. Luke finds Skye with Ross, who has been stabbed to death with an ice pick. [April 12, 2004]

Episode 2: Skye is plagued by a hallucination of a young girl who claims she is the child Skye can never have. The girl encourages Skye to jump to her death from the parapet. Luke races to the parapet but fears he may be too late to save Skye. [December 2nd, 2004]

Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor, Y&R)
Episode 1: Katherine, Jill, and Liz convene at their table and Katherine goes on about her romantic evening with Arthur to Jill's dismay. Jill believes Kay has already been drinking. Kay starts to get loud and obnoxious. Jill tries to force Kay to leave, but she makes a scene. Todd intervenes and takes Kay outside to talk. [May 10, 2004]

Episode 2: Participants of the intervention tell Kay goodbye and walk out. Later, Kay is alone on the couch drinking when she falls asleep. Kay is stunned when the ghosts of Rex and Phillip III discuss how much the people in her life care and how drinking is going to kill her. Kay wakes up and thinks her spiritual visitors were part of a dream. [July 6, 2004]

Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom, OLTL)
Episode 1: Roxy tells Asa about Nigel buying the hotel in Angel Square and informs Asa that Nigel won't be working for him much longer. [January 13, 2004]

Episode 2: Nigel kisses Roxy, who announces she is moving in with him. [May 25, 2004]

Natalia Livingston (Emily Quartermaine, GH)
Episode 1: Emily learns that Edward is responsible for the fire and blames him for Nikolas' death. [February 18, 2004]

Episode 2: Connor explains to Emily that he was given a dishonorable discharge from the military. Nikolas orders Connor to leave but Connor later sneaks back in to the church and watches as Nikolas and Emily recite their vows and are married. Emily and Nikolas begin their all too brief honeymoon. [December 2nd, 2004]

Heather Tom (Kelly Buchanan, OLTL)
Episode 1: Kelly insists to Paul that Kevin can never know about her miscarriage. Kelly asks Paul to help her get a baby and promises to help him get the thirty million dollars away from David and Dorian if he does so. [March 11, 2004]

Episode 2: The doctors get baby James' (Ace) fever under control. Kelly realizes how deeply Babe loves James and does the right thing by letting James go without a fight. [December 20, 2004]


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