All My Children Recaps: The week of December 27, 2004 on AMC

Father Clarence prevented JR from fleeing with Miranda. Bianca woke up. Aidan and Anita's mutual attraction was obvious. Lily developed a crush on Aidan. Jonathan hit Maggie. Babe and Jamie prepared to move on. JR was determined to get revenge on Babe and Jamie. Erica had Derek arrest David and Krystal.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 27, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, December 27

Jack and Erica anxiously waited for JR to come downstairs with the baby. Tad returned and rushed upstairs, to find Adam alone in the nursery, saying JR must have found another way out and feeling guilty for losing his son. Tad, Jack, and Erica rushed out of the house to find Miranda.

Clarence asked JR for a ride to the hospital. JR tried to bribe him off, but Clarence didn't budge out of the car. He talked to JR about Dixie and what she must think of what he's doing. Clarence finally reluctantly got out of the car and Aidan and Tad approached. Tearfully, JR asked Tad to help him save the baby, his child. Tad swore on Dixie's soul that JR was not the child's father. Jack took Miranda and rushed to Erica. Tad tried to comfort JR but he only said Tad and Dixie are both dead to him. JR was drinking when Stuart came in to express his sympathy. JR stomped out and slowly climbed the stairs to find Adam in the nursery. He offered to share the decanter and congratulated Adam for being willing to cut his own son's heart out. Adam said he didn't fully understand how much JR loved Bess until he saw the tunnel he'd built and that he'd hoped JR would get away with Bess. JR was furious about Adam helping with the DNA test and asked if it was worth it to betray him. Adam reminded him he is not the enemy; he's never loved anyone more than JR, but too many people knew the truth. JR said Bess was able to give him the love and trust that Adam couldn't. Adam tried to be rational with JR about Babe's lies and making a legacy for his lost son. JR only said he doesn't have a father anymore, he doesn't have anyone and asked Adam to leave. Alone, JR cried on the floor of the nursery. Adam went downstairs and complained to Stuart about his son losing his child and him losing his son. Stuart hugged Adam.

Ethan visited Bianca's hospital bed, thanking her for friendship and asking her not to leave. David came in and told her about Miranda being on her way. Family and friends gathered, even more worried when Maria warned of the need for a respirator to keep Bianca alive. Reggie got upset and Derek tried to calm him down by reminding him of all the people who love Bianca. Krystal showed up and Brooke took her aside to ask about Babe and Jamie and why she should forgive or understand Krystal. Krystal said she was there to play decoy in order to protect Babe and Jamie. Krystal was proud of the man that Jamie is, but Brooke only wanted her child home.

Ethan tried to calm Kendall down in the hallway, but she was upset about the meeting with Clarence and the disappointment in finding Bianca still in a coma. Ethan warned her to only bring her faith, not her fear, into the room with Bianca. Kendall jabbered about New Year's plans. Maria asked them to leave so she could examine Bianca. In the waiting area, Kendall had a flashback to Ryan carrying in the broken incubator, reminding her of Miranda's death. Just then the elevator doors opened, and Erica proudly showed Miranda off to the stunned gathering. Erica, Kendall and Jack took Miranda to Bianca as Tad told everyone it was true, Miranda was alive, and gave a brief explanation. Krystal was relieved, but David warned her it wasn't over for them yet. Zach confronted David and wondered why Krystal wasn't more upset when the news broke. Myrtle said a prayer of thanks to Mona for bringing all the girls together at last.

Kendall was stunned that Miranda was alive and when they got to Bianca's room, Maria warned them she was not doing well. Erica brought the baby to Bianca and asked Bianca not to leave to find her. Erica got insistent and begged Bianca to open her eyes. As everyone watched, Bianca finally opened her eyes, saw Miranda and held her.

Tuesday, December 28

Bianca was reluctant to let Miranda out of her grasp. Erica, however, swore that she would never let anything happen to Miranda ever. Maria examined Bianca and was stunned by the results of her examination. Bianca, she said, showed no signs of anything having ever been wrong with her. Later when questioned by Zach about why Bianca returned to them, Maria replied, "I have no earthly idea." She suggested that Bianca's love for her daughter was what had brought her back. She then urged Zach to go and embrace his son, Ethan, while he still had the chance.

Jamie, meanwhile, placed a call to the hospital to get an update on Bianca's condition. He spoke briefly to Joe who said that Bianca had come out of her coma and that she and Miranda had been reunited. Joe waved Brooke over to the phone and she and her son shared an all-too-brief phone chat. Jamie assured his mother that he was okay and asked that she be "happy" for him and Babe. Saying that it was too dangerous to stay on the phone for long, Jamie asked Brooke to tell Tad that he loves him and then hung up the phone.

Although they were at odds about Babe and Jamie, Krystal approached Tad and thanked him for living up to his promise to reunite Babe and Miranda. Krystal said that she knew it could not have been easy to choose between his son and Bianca's baby. Tad shook his head and told Krystal that she had no idea what it was like for him to make that choice.

Danielle spoke with Derek and told him how hard it had been for Reggie since he learned of Miranda's "death." Derek smiled broadly and said that everything would be fine now. Danielle was stunned when her father told her to invite Reggie over to the house for Christmas dinner.

Babe was elated to learn that Bianca was doing well and that she had been reunited with Miranda. With Baby James by their sides, Jamie and Babe felt that their future was looking better and better.

Zach bumped into Myrtle in the hospital chapel and told her that he wants to find some way to make up for the heartache and pain caused to Bianca by Michael. Myrtle sort of shrugged and said that she's not sure that that can ever be done. Later, Ethan warned Zach that he has "no claim" on Miranda. Zach argued that he does have a claim because he is Miranda's uncle. Unimpressed by the genetic ties, Ethan warned Zach to stay away from both Bianca and Miranda.

Back inside her hospital room, Bianca asked Jack if he would be able to pull double-duty as both great uncle and grandfather to Miranda. A teary-eyed Jack proudly nodded his head and said that he would be honored. Later, Miranda's relatives introduced themselves to her one by one. During some private time, Kendall confessed to Bianca that she feared that she would never see her again. Bianca urged Kendall to believe. Kendall chuckled and said that Bianca sounded a lot like Father Clarence. Bianca was surprised that Kendall had met the mysterious minister and said that she wasn't sure that Father Clarence was "from around here." The two sisters embraced as a smiling Ethan looked on from outside.

Wednesday, December 29

Bianca was sent to a private suite within the hospital where she, Miranda and anyone of her choosing could rest and visit comfortably. Reggie was moved when Bianca asked if he wanted to hold Miranda.

Aidan stopped by to check on Lily. Lily and Danielle were busy doing some schoolwork and Lily stunned Dani by being able to compute square root and cosine functions in her head. Lily was obviously smitten with Aidan, bowing her head and smiling nervously as he told her that he cared about her and wanted to make sure that she was okay. Later, Dani was stunned when Lily revealed in her own indirect way that she had a crush on Aidan.

In shock, JR refuses to leave Bess's empty nursery and rebuffs Adam's attempt at conversation. JR later swears to Kendall that he would never do anything to hurt Bianca. Kendall is there as a good friend to JR, who, privately, is determined to make Babe pay for what she's done.

Reggie gets Maggie to see the depth of some of Jonathan's lies. Maggie was furious with Reggie and told him that it was not his place to put his nose into her business. She went on to accuse Reggie of disliking Jonathan because he secretly wanted her to be involved with Bianca. Jonathan, meanwhile, hits the roof when Ryan informs him that he will be transferring the Cambias estate over to Miranda, whom he sees as the rightful heir. Greenlee gets some insight into Jonathan's psyche after Ryan shares the history with their abusive father.

Alone in his own private hell, Jonathan starts to down the liquor. Armed with the info Reggie gave her, Maggie confronts Jonathan about his lying. He loses his temper and slaps her across the face.

Thursday, December 30

Jonathan burst into tears and apologized for slapping Maggie. Maggie was stunned, and shook as she said, "You hit me!" Jonathan blamed his outburst of anger on his drinking and a really bad day. Maggie asked him to pack up his things and leave. Jonathan obeyed her wishes and did as he was told. As he was about to leave the door, Jonathan again apologized and told Maggie how much he loved her. Maggie related a story of how her mother had once hit her and how she had warned her never to do it again. Jonathan's tears returned and he and Maggie ultimately made up and embraced.

Erica dropped by the Chandler Mansion to check on Adam and JR. Adam told Erica that things were not good at his home. Adam and Erica were both stunned when JR walked into the parlor and invited Erica to join him for a bite to eat. Erica told JR that she understood his pain and said that she hoped one day that he might be able to be a part of Miranda's life. Adam quickly interrupted and warned Erica to slow down. As they sipped Erica's favorite tear, JR assured Erica that everything would be okay. Later, JR told Adam that he planned to get "an eye for an eye" with Babe and Jamie. JR roared that it was not fair for them to have a fairly tale life while he was left with nothing.

Danielle was stunned when Lily revealed that she wanted Aidan to be her boyfriend. Dani tried desperately to explain that things between Lily and Aidan couldn't possibly pan out, but Lily was able to rationalize every obstacle to Danielle presented. For example, Dani brought up the age difference. Lily said that she had had sex education in school and she knew what "goes on" between a man and a woman -- and she noted that nowhere in her studies did it mention that there were age requirements. Reggie returned home and Danielle tried to enlist his help in talking Lily out of pursuing Aidan. Reggie was aghast and warned Lily not to go after Aidan because he was "pushing 25[and] practically an old man." Intent on doing things her way, Lily sneaked out of the house and headed to the hospital. There, she found Aidan and Anita making plans to celebrate New Year's. Out of the blue, Lily announced that Aidan was her boyfriend.

David and Krystal paid a visit to Bianca. It was unclear if the visit was more about apologizing, seeing if Bianca and Miranda were doing well, or pleading that Bianca not tell JR that his son was still alive. Bianca ripped into the pair, especially David, asking how they could allow her to wallow in her pain while they knew that Miranda was still alive. Bianca reminded David how she had mourned the death of his daughter, Leora, and demanded to know why he allowed her to go through the same pain. Finally, Bianca realized that Krystal and David wanted her to remain silent about JR's baby. Bianca didn't say of she would or would not spill the beans. Erica showed up a little while later and asked to speak to Krystal and David in the hall. When the trip exited Bianca's room, Derek was there waiting to arrest David and Krystal.

Friday, December 31

Ryan and Greenlee search through Kendall's condo for some kind of proof that she was behind Greenlee's poisoning. They don't know, however, that Zach is spying on them, watching their every move. Later, Ryan and Greenlee face off with Kendall over what they actually found!

Tad tries to convince Erica not to file a formal complaint against Babe. Unfortunately, his argument isn't convincing enough for Erica, who refuses to let Babe's actions slide by without some kind of retribution. Zach steps up and offers to help Erica punish not only Babe, but also David and Krystal.

Aidan gives Lily the best New Year's present she could ever ask for. He first clears up any misconceptions she has about what she "wants" in a boyfriend. Then, after realizing her concept of a relationship is purely innocent, he agrees to be her boyfriend.



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