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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 27, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, December 27, 2004

Ridge asks Bridget when she's going to tell Brooke that she called off her engagement with Oscar. Deacon tells Jackie that it's time they announce their relationship to everyone. Thomas visits Massimo and although Thomas tries to bring Massimo's attention elsewhere, Massimo still thinks of Jackie and secretly plots a way to get her back. Later, Massimo employs a young woman, Heather, to entrap Deacon by spiking his drink with an odorless, flavorless alcohol so that he will get his temptation back to start drinking again.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

At home, Brooke assumed that Bridget was upset because she and Ridge were going to the Jackie M party knowing that Deacon would be there. Bridget denied that she was upset over Deacon. Ridge suggested that she go to the party and show Deacon that he no longer means anything to her. Bridget nixed Ridge's suggestion.

Massimo hired Heather to become "Deacon's assistant." Heather was instructed by Massimo to pose as Deacon's assistant and then put alcohol that was twice distilled, odorless, tasteless and undetectable into Deacon's drink at the Jackie M party. Massimo's goal was to make Deacon unknowingly drink the alcohol and have a major relapse with his alcoholism. Nick did not know what Massimo was up to with Deacon. Nick advised Massimo that his constantly keeping tabs on Jackie was very unhealthy for him. Massimo convinced Nick to go to the Jackie M party to be there just in case something went wrong. On his way to the party he stopped by Brooke and Ridge's house to drop off a Christmas gift for Hope. He took a protesting Bridget to the Jackie M party with him.

At the Jackie M party all of the major fashion players were there. Most importantly, Spectra Couture and Forrester Creations were there. Sally questioned Deacon and Jackie about what the sales figures for the Jackie M line was. Deacon intentionally saved the answer for later. Eric admitted to Sally and Clarke that their Spectra Couture sales had been impressive. Ridge, Brooke, Nick and Bridget were present at the party to hear the sales figures for Spectra and Forrester. Jackie and Deacon promoted the fact that Spectra had a 23 percent gain in sales in just the last week. Deacon announced to the party goers that he and Jackie are a couple. Nick questioned if Bridget were upset about seeing Deacon with Jackie. Bridget denied that she was. Suddenly, Brooke noticed Bridget staring at Ridge very intensely!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

At the Jackie M party, Brooke notices Bridget's fixed attention on Ridge. At the same time, Nick confides to Ridge that Massimo might not be taking the news, of Jackie and Deacon, as well as he appears to be.

Later, after rescuing Bridget from a conversation with Deacon and Jackie, Ridge takes her out on to the beach where the two have an awkward moment when Ridge compliments Bridget's appearance. When Ridge goes to get Bridget a bottle of water, Bridget daydreams a romantic moment in which her and Ridge kiss. Amber is crushed when she overhears Thomas saying to Caitlin he has no intention of having kids any time soon. After finding out that Thomas had helped out with the Fireman's toy drive, Amber becomes a little insecure with his friendship with Caitlin.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Amber and Thomas make out at the beach party relentlessly, much to Ridge and Caitlin's chagrin. Amber catches Thomas making eye contact with Caitlin who is visibly upset by the spectacle the two are making in the corner of the room. Amber is all over Thomas who just looks plain uncomfortable. Caitlin and Ridge commiserate over the couple and Caitlin lets her true feelings for Thomas slip. Ridge, finally unable to conceal his disgust, interrupts the amorous pair and asks Amber to dance. Before whisking her away he tells his son that Caitlin is waiting for him outside. The two meet outside and Caitlin wonders if she should tell him her true feelings.

Nick goes outside and offers assistance to a miserable Bridget. Nick performs a song with the band to cheer Bridget up. It works for a while, Bridget joins in the singing, but a moment later the two are back outside and Bridget is once again crying over her obsession with her mother's husband. She tells him she broke off her engagement to Oscar and finally admits that the man she is in love with is Ridge.

Deacon stares longingly at a glass of champagne as his new assistant makes him another "virgin" pina colada.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Deacon avoids his temptation of having a drink by asking Jackie if they can leave the party. Heather assures Massimo that she was not suspected by Deacon for slipping him the alcohol.

Ridge and Amber dance and compare the conflicts of their daily lives. Meanwhile, Caitlin confesses her feelings for Thomas, saying that her choosing Rick over him was a mistake. Thomas is a bit stunned. Amber notices Ridge eyeing the Caitlin and Thomas out on the patio and concludes that something must be up. Later, Ridge overhears Bridget confessing her feelings for him to Nick and he interrupts them and claims that everything will be alright.

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