One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 3, 2005 on OLTL

Daniel proposed marriage to Nora; Bo disapproved, and R.J. kissed Lindsay in order to prevent her from seeing the proposal. Cristian rescued Natalie after a mugging, but John wanted Natalie to leave Cristian. Todd managed to call the penthouse, but Margaret managed to silence him. Margaret took action in order to prevent information from getting to Blair. Rex was arrested.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 3, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, January 3, 2005

Daniel is frustrated with Nora when she says she needs time to think about his marriage proposal before she can answer. She then pays a visit to Bo, who is caught in a compromising position with Paige. Rex tells Lindsay and Jen that he's moving away from Llanview, but is intercepted by Bo, who arrests him for Paul's murder.

Natalie spies on John and Evangeline kissing and is hit with pangs of jealousy. Cristian beats two muggers to a pulp when they try to rob Natalie. His violent temper prompts Natalie to admit that, since he's been back, sometimes he's like a stranger to her.

Todd is overcome when he sees Blair on television. He tries to communicate to his doctor, but an observant Margaret prevents him from opening his mouth. Todd tries to fight the effects of the drugs and asks the doctors to hand him a phone.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Cristian continues to get flashbacks of his time in captivity on the ship. John tries to question him, but Cristian again becomes violent. John backs off then shares his concerns about Cristian with Evangeline.

Bo confronts Rex with a photo taken from the surveillance tape in Dorian's office; which shows Rex planting a gun in her office. Jen protests Rex's arrest, insisting to Nora that he is innocent. Rex is just about to tell Bo something important when a lawyer, Bill Emerson, arrives to represent him.

Lindsay is put off by R.J.'s accusation that she's a murderer. Daniel is growing impatient with Nora and says he wants her to give him an answer to his proposal later that night. Nora isn't sure what to feel when Bo tells her that she shouldn't marry Daniel.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Jess finds an empty beer bottle on the ground by the front door, surrounded by cigarette butts. At first she and Viki think it could be Cristian, but when she proceeds to find out that someone has broken into her car, a panicked Jess decides that someone could be after her. She calms down enough to persuade her mom to not call the police, that maybe it's even kids after all. They discuss the help that Cris needs after his yearlong imprisonment.

Todd gets discharged and while Margaret is out signing the papers, a worker at the clinic brings a phone by that she knows he requested from the doctor. Before she can hand it to him she gets distracted but Todd manages to make it to the phone to call home. He gets Jack and by the time Blair answers, a tipped off Margaret returns and grabs it away, proceeding to almost kill Todd in the process. He is sedated again and wheeled out.

Playing with a set of toy phones, Blair and Jack talk about calling daddy. When the real phone rings and Jack hears Todd's voice, he quickly hands the phone to Blair. It's too late as she hears what sounds like someone struggling to talk. Jack insists it was daddy but the phone is untraceable as a star 69 reveals an out of area number. Blair tells a visiting Kelly that she's sure now that something has happened and she vows to find Todd and bring him home. She knows he heard her singing.

At the diner, Nat tries to learn more from Cris about his experiences on the ship, citing his rage, especially after the park incident. Antonio arrives in time to hear that and questions the couple about it. Cris has more flashbacks but declares that he has a headache. He agrees to go to counseling. Daniel, who has picked up Matthew after school, shares a booth with the boy; Starr who is ready to "represent" Matthew and give Daniel the first degree regarding his relationship with Nora joins them. Matthew doesn't believe his mom would agree to marry someone without telling him first. Governor Brooks randomly shows up and tells Daniel how impressed he is with both his work and Nora's. He has an offer for Daniel and asks him to call; he meets the kids.

Hearing that Nora is considering marrying Daniel, Bo professes that he doesn't think she should, claiming at first that Matthew doesn't like Daniel and that she should find someone Matthew will like. Realizing that Bo probably means that Matthew will only like him, Nora takes exception to Bo's response but he challenges her, asking why she asked his advice in the first place. Proclaiming that she was only giving him advance notice, the talk turns into an argument. Eventually, the argument is heard by both Matthew and Daniel who have returned from the diner. Pretending not to have heard his name, Daniel offers to take Matthew home and entertain him after Nora mentions that she has a long hearing to attend. Once they're gone, Nora points out all of Daniel's wonderful traits and informs Bo that her answer to his proposal will be yes.

At the park, John and Van talk about Cris. When she pushes a little too far, John retorts that he loves Natalie and it's killing him to see her with Cris. He stalks off after telling a shocked Van that he hopes she's happy now but returns and apologizes for his retort, that it's her he really wants to be with. When Antonio walks by and learns via Van that they've been talking about his brother, it strikes the wrong chord with him and it results in a broken truce with John. Now John is angry at Van again for opening her mouth and goes off again only to return yet again to apologize. She apologizes too for talking out of place with Antonio and they make up.

Viki and Jess end up at the diner but Jess creates an unlikely scene when she overreacts to a comment and thinks that Viki wants her and Antonio back together. Antonio is back at the diner and overhears but when he attempts to discuss it with Viki after Jess runs off, she refuses. It wouldn't be right. Jess later returns and apologizes to her mother for her behavior. Carlotta and Viki worry about their children together.

Back at Llanfair, Cris has more flashbacks, this time about an order to do something and tells Natalie that he just can't do the counseling at the present time. He tells her he was thinking about how much he loves her.

Walking through Angel Square, Jess is frightened by someone following her and whips out her "pocket cop." Luckily, it's only Antonio who manages to seize it before she sprays it at him. He kisses her.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Margaret's car breaks down, forcing her to leave Todd outside alone. Someone approaches who could save him, but doesn't. Meanwhile, Blair, Starr and Mrs. Bigelow team up to find and rescue Todd.

Jessica and Antonio's kiss didn't seem to lighten the tension between them. They butt heads, arguing about their relationship or, at least, the one they once had. Evangeline leaves John questioning her loyalty.

Dorian is looking for someone to blame for her troubles, and Viki seems the most likely candidate. To that end, Dorian schemes to destroy her rival. Meanwhile, Hayes tells Marcie she might want to consider liposuction!

Friday, January 7, 2005

At the gallery, where Cristian's art was on display, David told Cristian how he wanted to interview him for his magazine. David liked his paintings and asked where he had studied. Cristian had a flashback of being held in captivity, where he was being brainwashed about how he studied art. He mechanically repeated what he was told to David. Natalie approached excited about his art show and surprised him with a teaching job at Llanview University. Cristian reacted badly. Natalie apologized to Cristian regarding the job. She was only trying to help him. Cristian apologized as well. Natalie said he needed to get a job. When he heard the word job, Cristian had another flashback to his time in captivity. He was brainwashed that there is a job he must do. Cristian said he might ask Kevin for his old job back. Natalie pointed out he hated working for Kevin, but Cristian said the money was great and that was a long time ago. He reassured Natalie and they embraced. Antonio arrived at the gallery. Cristian said he would feel better once this art show was over. Natalie went upstairs to assist Lindsay. Antonio told Cristian he was glad Natalie and Cristian were working things out. Cristian said Antonio would work it out with Jessica. Antonio was not convinced. Cristian stressed Antonio to remember no matter what had happened, Antonio was still the same person deep down. Antonio said he would try to remember that, but it was hard. Antonio hoped he could work it out with Jessica. Cristian found the whole Tico mess hard to understand. Antonio blamed himself. Cristian asked if Jessica remembered anymore about the killer. Antonio said she still couldn't remember the killers face, but at least John had backed off for now. Antonio wanted to know the truth, but not at Jessica's expense. Cristian said he would do anything to protect Natalie, even if that meant lying to her. Natalie overheard and asked Cristian what he was lying about. Cristian covered. Antonio asked Natalie if he had talked to Jessica.

John and Evangeline were arguing about Evangeline giving Antonio private information (she overheard John on the telephone obtaining information on Tico's murder case). Evangeline refused to apologize for assisting her client (Antonio). John was angry and stated he could not believe he got himself into this. Evangeline asked him if he was sorry they were together. John and Evangeline discussed how to keep their personal and professional lives separate. He felt she crossed the line, but was not sorry they are together. Evangeline stated she was not sure where that line was. John did not want this case to come between them, but could not let their relationship jeopardize his job. John had to go, so they agreed to discuss it later. Antonio asked Evangeline if representing him was a problem. Evangeline said it was not a problem and John was testing a piece of latex found at the scene of Tico's murder. Antonio appreciated her telling him this news, but advised that no job was worth her happiness.

As Evangeline entered the gallery, she asked Natalie how she was doing. Evangeline stated how she has encountered many people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how trying to adjust to every day life can make them act like totally different people for a time. Evangeline said there was help out there. Natalie said Cristian kept promising her he would seek help, but when she pushed the issue, he refused to go. Evangeline offered how she knew a specialist in the PTSD field whenever Cristian was ready. Evangeline congratulated Cristian and stated how good it must feel to be home in Llanview. As Evangeline walked away, Cristian again flashbacked to being brainwashed and how he was to go to Llanview and knew what he needed to do.

Antonio left a message for Jessica apologizing for their earlier argument. Jessica, staring out the window, erased his message. Antonio arrived at Llanfair and went upstairs to visit her. As he called out, he entered her bedroom to find it destroyed. Jessica walked in and asked what he did to her room.

Marcie and Hayes (her publisher) were discussing her image. Hayes was trying to convince Marcie to have liposuction. Marcie was hesitant. Hayes decided to call the doctor to keep the appointment. Michael overheard and told Hayes over his dead body. Hayes left to make a phone call. Michael asked Marcie if she is considering liposuction, as there are risks involved. Michael reminded her that it was not a cure for weight loss. Marcie took his comment as a put down to her looks. Michael stated that was not what he meant. Marcie told Michael this was her decision and why was he involving himself, since they broke up. Michael said it didn't mean he stopped loving her. Marcie said love wasn't their issue. They don't trust each other or accept their differences. Michael stated he was trying and was worried about her. Marcie told Michael Hayes said he was worried about her changing her looks because she might leave him for another guy. Michael said it couldn't be worse than losing her to a dead guy. Marcie stated he didn't lose her to Al and why was he bringing that up now. Michael said if she won't listen to him, maybe she would listen to Al. Michael pointed out to Marcie that Al wouldn't want her to go against believing in herself. Everything Hayes wanted her to do goes against everything Marcie believes in. Michael wanted Marcie to believe in herself. Marcie decided Michael was right. Al would not have liked Hayes or want her to change her body. Al would have trusted her to do what was right. Marcie asked Michael if he could do the same. Michael said he didn't know, but felt she was going to make a huge mistake. Marcie stated she was not his problem anymore. Michael stated she was NEVER his problem. Michael's pager went off and he left for the hospital. Hayes returned and they decided to order lunch. Hayes ordered two salads and Marcie added a piece of pie. Hayes told her she could not order that, but Marcie told him she could do whatever she wanted.

At the Sun, Blair and Mrs. Bigelow decided to offer a million dollar reward to locate Todd. Mrs. Bigelow showed Blair a book of Todd's enemies. After Blair left, she turned to Margaret's picture. Mrs. Bigelow figured out that Margaret had Todd.

Todd was sitting outside the mechanic's garage (Margaret's car broke down), unable to speak or move, when Kevin walked in (Margaret was in the garage bathroom). Todd was thinking how he could alert Kevin to his presence. Kevin asked the mechanic about Ace and Kelly. On the garage television, the mechanic and Kevin saw Mrs. Bigelow's reward telecast. The mechanic said he had seen Todd somewhere. Margaret overheard and became agitated. The mechanic said he saw Todd on the cover of the Sun. Kevin asked the mechanic if he saw Ace or Kelly and left. Outside, Todd tried to get Kevin's attention, but failed. Margaret came outside and said the car was repaired and they could finally go home. Back at the cabin, Margaret told Todd he was a lot of trouble, especially by getting himself shot. Todd remarked he didn't get himself shot. SHE shot him. Margaret became more delusional. Having to take Todd to the hospital and the car breaking down had deterred her from her plan of having his baby. They needed to have sex before someone collected the reward money. Todd was hopeful when he learned Mrs. Bigelow had a reward out for him. Todd was certain Mrs. Bigelow would find him. Margaret tied Todd up and left with a gun to find Mrs. Bigelow. Margaret entered the Sun and found her. Margaret said she had information regarding Todd as she noticed a picture of herself on the desk. Mrs. Bigelow confronted Margaret and told her she knew about the hospital stay, the cabin and how Margaret would be going to prison. Margaret pulled out her gun and aimed at Mrs. Bigelow. Margaret returned to the cabin and very happily told Todd Mrs. Bigelow won't be bothering them anymore. Todd was upset and angry.

Blair tracked down David at the gallery and wanted him to contact the handwriting expert again. Blair believed Todd was forced to write the note. David was skeptical, but agreed to help. He didn't want to get Blair's hopes up. Blair stated she needed to know if Todd was in trouble or if he left her. Either way, she needed to know. David said he would do anything for her, but asked if this entitled him to the million-dollar reward. Mrs. Bigelow called Blair and told to her to come back to the office. She found Todd. Kevin entered the gallery and asked Blair why she wanted to find Todd when he left her and abandoned his children. Blair told Kevin that was her business and left for the Sun. As David was leaving, Kevin gave him Kelly's PDA. Kevin said Kelly gave it to him along with a bunch of false clues to Ace's whereabouts. David smiled. Kevin told David he was not giving up. Blair arrived at the Sun and searched for Mrs. Bigelow. Blair became concerned when she could not find her. As Blair looked over the balcony into the alley, she saw Mrs. Bigelow's dead body.

John entered the police station and discovered the latex glove came from a police issued glove and not from the hospital staff. Evangeline overheard this conversation as well. John angrily remarked that this is becoming a habit for her. Evangeline apologized for her earlier actions. She said this is the first time she has had a person in her life more important than saving a client. John asked if she was going to run off and tell Antonio about this piece of evidence. Evangeline said no, because Antonio didn't kill Tico. She asked John if they were okay and he said yes. They agreed to meet later. Evangeline left and John called to get all the information on Cristian's death. John was reviewing the file when a picture of Natalie surfaced. He remembered Natalie saying how Cristian was her best friend and she never believed anyone could love her the way Cristian did. John thought to himself how her dream came true, but was turning into a nightmare. When John ran into Natalie, he asked about Cristian and said he was worried about him and Natalie. Natalie was surprised since John and Cristian were almost throwing punches at each other earlier. Natalie asked why he was worried. John thought Cristian was a little out of control. Natalie felt she knew Cristian better than John. John asked her if she really does. John asked Natalie if Cristian was acting like the same man she married. John thought Natalie was in danger by being with Cristian. Natalie wanted to know if he was asking her to leave her husband. John responded for her safety he was asking her to think about it.

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