One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 27, 2004 on OLTL

Evangeline begged Natalie to leave John alone. Marcie was fired and broke up with Michael. Margaret got Todd to the hospital with a fake story; he awoke after hearing Blair sing on television. Daniel proposed to Nora. Jen and Riley made love. A surveillance tape in Dorian's office was mysteriously erased.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 27, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, December 27, 2004

Natalie has a dream about he kiss that John planted on her in the coat room. Viki finds a empty bottle of liquor that she got as a gift from the university. She believes that Cristian drank it all. Viki tells her suspicions to Jessica. Natalie accuses Jessica of Jealousy. Jessica tells Natalie that she is very concerned for Cris. Viki suggests to Natalie that she talks Cris into seeing a shrink. Cris blows up at Natalie for even suggesting that he goes to the hospital. Cris tells Natalie that all he needs is her to get better. Natalie runs to John for advice.

Dorian is sure Todd is gone for good. Mrs. Bigelow has searched all over even Mexico and no one has seen Todd. Dorian gets her maid staff to come and clean up Blair's house. Dorian also gets a day pass for Addie to visit. Addie begins to remember her conversation with Margaret and tells Blair, Starr and Dorian but Addie cannot remember Margaret's name.

Before Todd passes out in the woods he writes a call for help to Blair. Margaret finds Todd and brings him back to the cabin. Margaret gives Todd a hot bath. Todd believes it's Blair giving him the bath and he professes his love for her. Margaret is now convinced that Todd loves her.

Antonio and Evangeline talks about his case. Evangeline and Nora tell Antonio that they don't believe he killed Tico. Antonio invites Jessica to have lunch with him.

Daniel tells Bo that he is in love with Nora. Bo and Daniel can't see eye to eye on Paul Cramer's case. Bo gets a copy of the security tape from Dorian's office and hopes to see the person who planted the gun in her office because this person would be Paul's killer.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Jessica and Antonio try to have a discussion about their relationship but Jessica is not ready. Antonio asks Bo advice on getting Jessica to forgive him. R.J. is seeking permanent custody of Jamie.

Evangeline doesn't like being on opposite sides with John. John tells Evangeline what happened with him and Natalie on Christmas Eve when he thought Natalie was her in the coat closet and he kissed her. Cristian forgives Jen for all the past. Cristian tells Antonio that Natalie wants him to see a psychologist. Antonio thinks it's a good idea. John tells Cris that Natalie came to see him and she was on the verge of a breakdown. Cris tells Natalie that he will get help.

Marcie's credit card is maxed out and she gets fired from the police department. Marcie borrows money from Hayes.

Michael breaks up Marcie. Michael tells Marcie that he will never live up to Al and that their relationship has been in trouble for a long time.

Bo cannot identify the person on the tape. Nora believes it to be a man but Daniel and Bo are not so sure. Nora tells Jen that new evidence shows the killer to be a man.

Kevin tries to get Duke to tell him who is Ace's mother. Duke tells Kevin that Ace is better off without him. Kevin suggests that Ace may not know his father. Duke tells Kevin that if Ace does not have a father he is still better off that having one like him.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

As Marcie confides her problems to Riley (who is helping Viki out at the Love Center with Mark), Michael tells Jen about his break-up with Marcie (while they're chowing down at the diner). He thinks that Marcie misses Al too much and compares the two of them too often. He's surprised to hear Jen agree that he reminds her of Al also. Jen attempts to give him some advice but realizing that she should be following it herself, urges him to call Marcie instead. When he finally gives in, Marcie has coincidentally just reached the diner herself. Jen makes a hasty retreat as the couple agrees to talk it out. Nearby, Dorian gets David to agree to spy on Viki by taking pictures. She's followed her to the Love Center and wants to catch her in a compromising position with Riley. She's bent on paying Viki back for possibly being the one to make her lose her job at the hospital.

Over at the Love Center, Kelly has been summoned by Viki to discuss the whereabouts of Ace. Kelly tries to explain without giving any information away and asks Viki to trust her. Viki believes that Kelly really knows where he is and is hiding him from Kevin. David shows up with camera in hand and lurks around for the ideal picture. After Kelly leaves Viki, she catches David who quickly assures her that Viki is aware of his being there to take candid shots for Craze. He watches as Viki stops by to chat with Mark and Riley as they have a pick-up game of basketball. He manages to snap a picture of her with a shirtless Mark (who is actually thanking her for supporting him when he announced that he is gay).

Blair takes over at the Sun where her first major hurdle is Starr, who angrily arrives with latest edition in hand. Todd's picture is on the front page with the headline of "Coward" in glaringly large print. Blair assures her daughter that all facts stated in the article are true but Starr refuses to accept her mother's reasoning. Perhaps Todd was kidnapped, she suggests. Blair doesn't see that as an option though later, she replays Starr's words in her mind. Starr storms out as Dorian arrives, eager to have Blair put Viki on the cover for the next day's paper. Blair thinks she's crazy after hearing Dorian's plan but amusedly agrees to use a picture if it's a real one. She shrugs off Dorian's claim of seeing Viki kiss the student at a Christmas party.

Margaret "shows" an unconscious, feverish Todd the Sun's current headline and decides to take him to a doctor when there is no sign of his awakening. She makes sure to grab her gun before they leave. As he's wheeled into the doctor's office, Margaret announces themselves as husband and wife, Jack and Rose Dawson (named after her favorite movie lovers, she whispers in Todd's ear later). Upon questioning from the doctor, Margaret has to disclose Todd's infected "leg injuries" which leads to the revealing of his gunshot wounds. A determined doctor makes it known that he will have to call the police. Margaret finds it necessary to remove her gun from her purse.

Both Michael and Marcie agree that they love each other but Marcie convinces her boyfriend that they have too many problems and admits that she got involved with him too soon after losing Al. Michael tells her that he'll never be Al and that he only wants what's best for her. She still wants to remain friends. They agree to split. David meets up with Dorian and announces he has the photo to "plant the seed" about Viki's behavior. Looking at the photo, Dorian tells him it's the wrong boy but it'll do.

Jen thanks Riley for supporting her; they decide to make love. Kelly checks in with Blair and offers her support in locating Todd.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Margaret skillfully talks herself out of an impossible situation at the clinic. Todd dreams of Blair being at his side. When he regains consciousness, he asks the doctors for their help in getting away from Margaret.

John is at the center of a verbal catfight between Natalie and Evangeline. At the same time, John tries to make amends with Antonio by saying he wants to be friends again. John later turns his attention back to business and starts investigating another suspect in Tico's murder.

After her little roll in the hay with Riley, Jen pays a visit to Rex. She tells him that his videotape cleared her of Paul's murder. Sensing the end of his stay in Llanview, Rex decides on leaving town.

Friday, December 31, 2004


At the police station, Bo is waiting with Paige for the surveillance tape of someone planting a gun in Dorian's office. Nora and Daniel are also waiting for information regarding the tape. Once received, they can go celebrate the holiday together. John was happy when Evangeline arrived. Evangeline realized the holiday was not that important to John and was delighted he wanted to spend it with her. John told Evangeline how proud and happy he was to be with her. They decided not to discuss business tonight and left to celebrate. Bo was angry when he learned the surveillance tape was erased. Nora was concerned about Jen's reaction. Paige and Bo were preparing to leave to celebrate, when Bo retrieved a copy of the original tape. Bo was trying to decipher who was on the tape when Paige walked out. Bo called Paige and left a message to apologize for ruining their evening. Bo took out a picture of Gabrielle and let her know he loves and misses her, but felt it was time to move on. Paige returned and told Bo she didn't leave because she was mad. She left to change her clothes. She dropped her coat to reveal a sexy outfit. They kiss and privately celebrate in his office.

In Angel Square, Jessica and Antonio met and discussed how the year is almost over. They were both glad to see the past year go. Antonio mentions how the holiday is about new beginnings. Antonio told Jessica she married Tico because he pushed her into it. Antonio asked Jessica for another chance. As Jessica prepared to leave, Antonio kissed her. Antonio asked Jessica to go home with him. Jessica declined and said she needed to figure out how to be happy again. Antonio asked if happy meant without him. Antonio told Jessica he will be there when she was ready. Jessica commented she needed to focus on other things and departed. Jessica (not dressed like herself and similar to Viki's other personality Niki) instructed the limo driver to take her to a party fifteen miles outside of Llanview. Antonio sat in the park thinking of Jessica.

At Llanfair, Viki tells Natalie how beautiful she looked. Natalie told Viki that she and Cristian were staying in for the holiday and she wanted to look nice for him. She remembered how Cristian does not enjoy parties. Cristian arrived and was ready to take Natalie out on the town. Natalie was surprised by his behavior. Kevin was practicing his speech when Viki entered. Viki told Kevin she spoke with Kelly regarding Ace. Viki believed Kelly knew where Ace was and believed there was more to the story. Viki wanted Kevin to give her an update. When Kevin did not respond, Viki departed for the party at the Palace Hotel. Kevin helped Kelly into Llanfair after she twisted her ankle. As Kevin went to get ice, Kelly revealed she was faking her injury to delay Kevin from making his speech. Kelly got sentimental with Kevin and wanted to erase the past year. Kelly always believed they would work things out between them. Kelly asked Kevin how he felt. Kevin responded he did not want to dwell on what might have been and prepared to leave. Kevin angrily left Kelly when he saw Blair singing and realized Kelly delayed him on purpose.

At the Palace Hotel, where everyone is gathered to celebrate New Year's Eve, Renee was nervous and asked Viki of Kevin's whereabouts. Viki and Blair wished each other a happy new year and Blair asked Viki if she could fill in for Kevin to reach out to Todd. Since Kevin did not arrive, Viki allowed Blair to fill in for him. Viki told Blair to say what was in her heart. Blair sings a song to Todd, telling him how much she loves him.

As Jen and Riley celebrated together, Jen was happy she was cleared of the murder charges. She kissed Riley and thanked him for believing in her. Nora and Daniel approached Jen and Riley. Nora told Jen how the tape was destroyed. Jen became very upset, since she was a suspect in Paul's murder again. Nora, Daniel, and Riley all reassure Jen they will help her. Daniel told Nora he hoped she was over Bo. Nora told Daniel she and Bo share nothing but a child together. Daniel asked Nora to marry him as everyone counted down to a Happy New Year.

As John and Evangeline were discussing John's childhood in Atlantic City, Natalie and Cristian entered. John and Natalie noticed each other. Evangeline told John her worst date story. Evangeline excused herself from their table. Cristian did the same. Natalie asked John if he was crazy for telling Evangeline they kissed. John wanted to be honest with Evangeline. He said it didn't mean anything and he mistook Natalie for Evangeline. Natalie thought he was Cristian and also said it didn't mean anything. John commented she already said that. Natalie went to locate Cristian. Cristian attacked the waiter when he asked for payment. Natalie was horrified by his reaction.

As the doctor was administering to Todd's injuries, Todd kept calling out for Blair. The doctor believed Todd was Margaret's husband. Todd kept asking for Blair. The doctor told Margaret to go get whoever Blair was, since Todd was not recovering. Margaret told the doctor that Blair was a dog and how devoted Todd was to the bitch. Margaret paid off the doctor and told Todd to stop hurting her. As the doctor convinced Margaret to leave the room, he turned on the television. As Margaret saw the nurses watching Blair on television, Todd woke up to see Blair singing to him.

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