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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 27, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, December 27, 2004

In the Brady bedroom, Hope happily tickled her husband on Christmas morning and was dismayed to discover his Billie stitched wound. Hope told Bo she didn't want him running off to find Georgia again but Bo insisted he had to find his daughter. Unfortunately, Bo's wound was infected and he began to run a fever.

Stopping by to bring presents to Zack, a hungover Shawn got into another fight with Bo. When Bo tried to ask about why Shawn's life had spiraled out of control and whether Jan had his best interests in mind, Shawn ran out screaming about Bo's hypocritical jaunt through Europe with his ex lover. Meanwhile downstairs, Hope tried with no success to get Jan to take back the bike from Shawn.

Rex double checked Billie's PDA message from Georgia to authenticate it. When Billie became confident the message was real, she ran off to tell Bo. Hope stared after a feverish Bo as he anxiously agreed to help Billie track down Georgia from the message.

At the penthouse, Belle assisted John in his rehab exercises. When John screamed out in pain, a scared Belle tried to calm him. Later, while Belle cleaned the living room, she found a Christmas card from Sami that included a picture of Roman and Marlena and the Christmas sentiment, "Go to Hell!" inscribed within. Furious, Belle complained about Sami's nerve as John told her to forget about it. Quickly changing subject, John asked Belle if she was truly over Shawn. Miss honesty as always, Belle admitted she still loved Shawn but that Shawn left her behind and her future was with Philip. When John cautioned her against marrying someone she didn't truly love, Belle insisted she grew to have feelings for Philip and that their friendship meant their relationship had to work. John gave Belle a fatherly hug but his face showed doubt.

Sami waited at the courthouse to file her annulment papers but was shocked to find that Eugenia was the newest clerk at the court. Eugenia happily denied Sami her annulment, sending a freaked out Sami in a desperate search for someone higher up to help her. Sami prayed to her parents at the church as Julie overheard her discuss her Lucas and Brandon dilemma. Worried, Julie advised Sami to put off the wedding until she was sure she could give her whole heart to Lucas. Unfazed, Sami went home to find a moldy, cheap fruit basket from John. After pitching a fit over the gift, Lucas asked what she did for John. When Sami explained her "Go to Hell" Christmas card, Lucas ominously warned she would come to regret it. Right on cue, Julie called to say that John Black was Sami's best bet to get the annulment papers run through the courthouse as quickly as possible.

Over at Basic Black, Philip showed Kate the wedding ring he bought for Belle. Their happy chit chat about the wedding was short lived however when Philip's orders arrived. Philip opened the envelope and wearily said, "I can't marry Belle."

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Brady thinks he has seen Chloe at church and runs into Nancy. We realize this was a dream and when he awakens he looks at Nicole, sees Chloe instead and they make love. Nicole offers to help Brady "bury" Chloe once and for all with an act of charity. They go to the church where Father Antonio encourages Brady and Nicole to participate in their "giving tree." Brady makes a large donation and Nicole matches it. They are asked to speak to the news about the event. Antonio notices that Nicole is in love with Brady; Nicole fantasizes about marrying Brady.

Nancy chastises Chloe for not going to Brady. Chloe says she can't and won't until she's good and ready. Nancy and Chloe are channel surfing and catch the news interview with Nicole and Brady... Nancy tells Chloe to go to Brady before he moves on with Nicole. Again, Chloe says she won't. Alone, Chloe watches Brady and Nicole on the news.

Sami arrives at John's to apologize for sending the card and to ask for his help with her annulment; there is nothing he can do. Sami and Belle run into each other and have it out. Meanwhile, John continues to suffer. Lexie checks him out but there's nothing she can do for his pain. John wants to step up the physical therapy so he can walk Belle down the aisle but Lexie says it's going to be touch and go. Philip and Kate arrive and Belle learns she's not getting married anytime soon because Philip is shipping out. Wheels turning, Kate says they should marry asap and Belle agrees despite Sami's protests.

Billie wants to go find Georgia. Bo tells her that despite the PDA message allegedly from Georgia, they have no concrete proof. Hope tells Billie that Bo is not going with her. Billie agrees and assures Hope she wasn't asking. After Billie leaves, it is apparent she's going to go off on her own while Bo thinks otherwise.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Belle, Philip, Kate, Rex, Mimi and Lucas all work frantically to pull off Belle and Philip's wedding.

Sami rails, saying she wanted to get married first! Kate and Eugenia overhear and conspire to listen in and control the conversation when Sami calls Marguerite the psychic. Marguerite (with Eugenia's prompting) "assures" a wedding filled with drama. Sami decides to go... and hopes for the worst.

Mimi deliberately takes Belle to the bride's room at the church to show her Caroline's wedding dress. Belle has memories/fantasies of dressing up and marrying Shawn. She remains in denial and tells Mimi she is in love with Philip.

Shawn goes to Alice for family and love advice. He admits that he is confused and Alice knows the person he should be talking to is Belle. Shawn says he always used to but he can't anymore. He sees the hand-delivered invitation to Belle and Philip's wedding. Alice asks what he intends to do and Shawn honestly doesn't know. Alice asks Tom to help Shawn realize who he loves...

Celeste has premonitions that something terrible is going to happen at Belle and Philip's wedding.

Bo is in bed with a low-grade fever and infection. Hope is upset that he nearly died looking for his daughter Georgia with Billie at the DiMera castle! Jennifer knows they won't give up until they find her. Hope refuses to let Bo run off with Billie again, stating that their sons need him here. Hope also speculates that it's possible this whole thing has been a setup by the DiMeras... including the PDA message. Hope is adamant: there's no way she'll let Bo go running off again with Billie!

Bo has a fitful sleep, remembering all the danger he and Billie encountered and overcame together at the castle.

Billie is with Patrick working on Jennifer's computer, determined to locate Georgia. Billie discovers another lead and wants to leave right away. Patrick says she can't go alone and surprises Billie by telling her he's going with her. Patrick and Billie go to Bo and Hope's to tell them about the new lead. Jennifer worries when Patrick says he's going with Billie. Hope, relieved, thinks it's a wonderful idea. Suddenly, Bo appears and says there's no way Patrick's going anywhere with Billie!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Belle and Mimi are with John, who is trying to stand so he can walk his daughter down the aisle. But the pain is just too great. Belle says it doesn't matter, just so he's with her at the wedding. Belle and Mimi leave. John is determined to keep his promise so he calls a doctor friend from the ISA and calls in an old favor to get some pain meds. He takes them and heads off to the church.

Philip is with Kate, experiencing typical bridegroom pre-wedding jitters. In the bride's room, Mimi again works on Belle to get her to admit she shouldn't be marrying Philip. Mimi finally persuades her to give Shawn one last chance and gets Belle to call him and leaves a message.

Shawn comes back to his loft where Jan questions his whereabouts. Shawn says he needed to get away and think; Jan is nervous that he is preoccupied with Philip & Belle's wedding. She gives Shawn a drink and drugs it. Shawn is woozy and goes to take a shower to clear his head. Jan tries to join him but Shawn rejects her. When Jan comes back to the living room she hears Belle's message on the machine and goes to erase it... Shawn catches her. Shawn calls Belle's cell phone...

At Bo and Hope's house the argument continues as Bo forbids Billie to take off to look for Georgia with Patrick Lockhart. Bo doesn't trust him despite Hope, Jennifer and Billie all defending him. Hope accuses Billie of coming here to get Bo to go with her. Billie denies. Hope can't believe Billie's taking off again on another wild goose chase. The argument escalates until Billie gets a one-way call and announces that the Basic Black jet can't take off tonight. Jennifer and Patrick leave for Philip and Belle's wedding. Hope tells Billie she really does want her and Bo to find their daughter but all she asks is that they get more evidence and not run off blindly. Bo agrees, tells Billie they'll involve the ISA, and when they have hard facts, they will go together. Hope agrees, as long as they have hard facts and a specific plan of action. Billie seems to accept their argument but as she leaves she calls to fuel the plane.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Shawn gets an urgent message from Belle and calls her at the church. Kate answers the phone and doesn't say a word; she hears Shawn on the other end and that he is returning Belle's call. Kate silently hangs up and Belle is deeply disappointed Shawn hasn't returned her call. She takes it as another sign that she has to marry Philip. Mimi freaks because she still thinks Belle and Shawn belong together. John interrupts to give Belle gifts her mother left for her: something old, borrowed and blue; John supplies something new. Belle, deeply moved, gets ready to walk down the aisle with her father.

Shawn argues with Jan about the message. Jan thinks Belle is trying to jerk Shawn around but he is convinced that Belle's call must have been important. Desperate Jan gives Shawn a drugged drink. The drink knocks Shawn out and he dreams about Belle. When he wakes up, Shawn is convinced Belle should not marry Philip and he decides to go to church to stop the wedding; he warns Jan not to follow him. Groggy Shawn gets on his motorcycle.

Philip and Rex get ready for the wedding. Rex tells Mimi to leave Shawn alone.

Brady and Nicole get into a car crash on the way to Belle's wedding. Brady is rushed to a clinic for treatment; the same clinic that is treating Chloe! He has a minor head wound and concussion. Nicole goes to call Belle and Chloe sneaks into sleeping Brady's room. Brady wakes up but does not see her. He tells the doctor about his lost soul mate, Chloe. The doctor remarks that he has a patient by that name and Chloe wonders if is her identity is about to be revealed.

Hope tends to a sick Bo and is relieved he didn't take off again with Billie. Bo intends to get better and find a solid lead on missing Georgia's whereabouts. He is glad they convinced Billie not to rush off again. Bo convinces Hope to go to Philip's wedding alone. After she leaves Bo calls Billie's cell phone and hears suspicious noise in the background; Bo races out of the house.

Bart taunts Jack with live video of Jennifer and Patrick at the wedding. Bart thinks it won't be long before Jennifer and Patrick are married. Jack really loses it and is determined to make it home to Jennifer and his family!

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