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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 20, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, December 20, 2004

Jennifer stopped by Bonnie's Christmas tree lot only to find Patrick had already bought one and had it delivered. Her happiness was short lived when Jennifer called Abby on the phone only to fight over curfew and have Abby hang up on her.

At the Deveraux home, Patrick ushered Bonnie in with the tree he bought from her. After overcharging Patrick for the Bonnie take Mickey to Nashville charity, Bonnie queried Patrick on his plans for dating Jennifer. Eyes rolling, Patrick dismissed the suggestion as unlikely just as Julie entered. As Bonnie and Julie bickered in the living room, Patrick went out back to find Chelsea lurking in the yard, waiting for Abby. Jennifer came home to thank Patrick for spreading the Christmas cheer but when Abby arrived home late after going driving with some boy named Blake, Jennifer grounded her. Abby stormed upstairs leaving a tearful Jennifer in Patrick's arms.

Back at Bonnie's Christmas tree lot, Julie convinced Bonnie to donate all the proceeds from her tree sales to the Horton Fund. Bonnie agreed on the condition that Julie dressed as a jalapeno pepper. As Julie dressed, Bonnie attempted to hide the evidence of her National forestry thievery. Before Bonnie can dump the forestry tags, Julie appears all dressed in the foam pepper costume. With Julie sufficiently humiliated, Bonnie ran off to take care of a crisis at Alice's restaurant, forgetting to take care of the evidence. Julie held down the fort but when a police officer bent down to pet the dog, he noticed the tags and arrested Julie in front of Alice.

Out at Jan's home in the woods, Mimi opened the door to the cage room only to find a Christmas snow village and train set instead of a cage. Furious, Mimi tried to get Jan to cop to her craziness, only to realize no one would believe her story. Nearby Rex told Belle, Philip, and Shawn that he thought he might like to start a family sooner than he previously thought, sending Mimi crying into his arms. Mimi almost confessed to getting an abortion, but instead apologized for sending the group on a wild goose chase. In the corner of the room, Shawn began to experience fuzzy memories of being handcuffed in the room. Jan tried to say the room was always this way but Shawn confronted her saying she locked him up in there.

In the DiMera European castle, Victor and Caroline were shackled in a room. When Victor tipped over Caroline's bottle of perfume, a passing Bo smelled it from the hallway. Bo attempted to enter the room but was electrocuted by the door knob. Frantic, Billie tried to hide both Bo and her but they were soon discovered, knocked unconscious, and thrown in a pit.

Victor and Caroline were moved to another room as a fearful Caroline felt Bo's presence in danger and then vanish. The two reminisced about their time on the island together and comforted one another.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Jan lets the cat out of the bag that Shawn was held against his will but he loved it. Jan tells Shawn with Rex, Mimi, Belle and Philip all about their naughty sex life. Shawn doesn't remember and upset Belle wants to leave. Jan stops her and says she has gifts for everyone; this doesn't sit well with Mimi. Jan gives Shawn a new motorcycle and Belle objects; Shawn tells her to butt out. After Philip and Belle leave, Mimi lays into Jan. Rex finds a nut and bolt on the bedroom floor and Mimi feels victorious that she has some proof of the cage.

Bo overcomes the poisonous snakes but falls on to a sharp spike. Billie finds a secret door out and is unaware that Bo has a serious wound.

Cassie visits Jack and he enlists her help in breaking out of the castle.

Nicole is feeling festive, having decorated the house and dressed as an elf but Brady's mind is on Chloe.

Chloe and Nancy are on their way back to Salem. A little girl freaks when she sees Chloe's scarred face on the plane. Nancy wants Chloe to contact Brady but Chloe refuses. Chloe gives in and makes a call to Brady. Brady answers the phone and is shocked to hear Chloe's voice.

Hope and Doug try to bail Julie out but Bonnie shows up and the accusations fly. Bonnie claims ignorance of the origins of the Christmas trees. Fortunately, the man who sold her the trees is caught and doesn't give her up. Julie and Bonnie are off the hook but Julie is determined to do whatever she can to get between Bonnie and Mickey.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Chloe phones call to Brady is interrupted when the connection dies. Nancy encourages her to try again, but Chloe decides she doesn't want Brady to know she is alive until her corrective surgeries have been performed. Later, the phone rings and Chloe answers, and is speechless when she hears Brady on the other end. Nancy covers by telling Brady that she was calling to wish him a merry Christmas, and to inform him that she is on her way home with Chloe's ashes. Heartbroken, he is confronted by Nicole. He explains to her that he has come to the realization that Chloe is really gone, and that he wants to move on with Nicole. He takes her in his arms and carries her upstairs.

Patrick insists to Jennifer that her problems with Abby will work themselves out, though Jennifer is skeptical. She feels as if her problems are a burden to Patrick, but he insists he doesn't mind helping out. Jennifer is curious as to his plans for the future and Patrick informs her that he has decided to stay in Salem. Jennifer tells him that while on the island she and Jack decided to name Hope and Patrick as their son's godparents. Not only that, but her son also bears the name Patrick as his middle name. Jennifer explains to him that this is because he is responsible for saving not only her life, but that of her son as well. Upstairs, Chelsea tells a shocked Abby that she has decided to lose her virginity to none other than Patrick Lockhart! Later, Chelsea tries to flirt with Patrick as he is fixing Abby's radio. After he's done, Chelsea vows that Patrick will be hers.

At the Christmas tree lot, Bonnie, who is enjoying a beer and cigarette is interrupted by an emotional Mimi who explains how the "cage" room was gone when she tried to expose Jan. Bonnie assure her daughter that she has a way of beating Jan at her own game. Mimi's only solution is to come clean about the abortion before Jan has an opportunity to use it against her. She also tells Mimi to stalk Jan until she has enough dirt on her to use against her. Their conversation is cut short when Rex arrives as Bonnie spies Julie and Maggie talking behind some trees.

Julie tells Maggie that she has a foolproof plan to win Mickey back, and be rid of Bonnie for good. Not knowing that Bonnie is eavesdropping, Julie instructs Maggie to defy the "house rules" and seduce Mickey while Bonnie is busy with the tree lot. Upon hearing this, Bonnie leaves Mimi and Rex in charge of the lot, and hightails it home to get to Mickey before Maggie does. Once at home Bonnie, dressed in sexy lingerie sneaks into Mickey's bed and hides under the covers. Seconds later, Maggie enters, also dressed seductively, and sneaks into Mickey's bed. The threesome becomes a foursome, when Max the dog also decides to make himself at home under Mickey's sheets for some undercover naughtiness.

Seeking advice, Sami finds Julie, also working at the lot, dressed as a red pepper. She tells Julie about Brandon admitting his feelings, and of her feelings for him. Julie asks Sami to compare the two. Through comparison, Sami realizes that besides being the father of her child, he is also her soul mate. Her elation is cut short when she spots Brandon. As he is about to leave for the airport, he is suddenly joined by a distraught Nicole. As Sami overhears, Nicole tells him of her problems with Brady, and how she feels that her relationship cannot move on as long as she is competing with Chloe's ghost. Brandon explains to her that Brady hasn't had enough time to grieve Chloe, and that she should be patient. Feeling better, Nicole offers him a ride to the airport. Later, Brandon is shocked to find Sami has followed him to the airport. Sami tells him she was only there to make sure he was leaving. They hug each other and Brandon sadly watches as Sami walks away. Later, Sami, who hasn't left the airport spies Nancy walking down the hall, and wonders about her mysterious hooded companion.

Bo and Billie continue to make their way through the DiMera castle determined to find Georgia. Unknown to them, Jack is nearby and is sure that someone is trying to break into the castle. He plans to slip a note under the door, but Cassie worries that a guard will find it. Jack assures her that if that doesn't work, they will come up with another plan. A guard bursts in and drags Cassie out of the room, but loses her when she bites him. Cassie manages run away as the guard chases her, calling for other guards. Down the hall, Bo and Billie over hear the guards talking about "the girl" biting one of them, and Billie is convinced they are speaking of Georgia. After the guards are gone Bo is forced to show Billie his stab wound when the pain becomes too much to bear. Once in a private room Billie examines the wound and finds that a piece of metal is lodged in Bo's side. Though it will be extremely painful, Billie must remove the metal herself. After she's removed the metal, and sewed up the wound, they continue their search for Georgia. They hear guards searching the hallways and Bo pulls Billie in for a kiss. After the guards leave Billie drops the papers she found, and discovers Georgia's adoption papers proving that Georgia hasn't been in the castle for years. Bo reassures her that they will still find her, as they leave, never realizing that they were standing right outside Jack's door.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bo is on fire to get home to Hope and his family for Christmas and his wedding anniversary. The Basic Black jet is grounded due to mechanical problems and since it is Christmas Eve, all flights are booked. Billie offers to stay behind but there is not even one seat to be had. Bo calls Hope with the bad news but before she can tell Bo how much she needs him they lines goes dead.

Santa surprises Hope... it is Grandpa Shawn. He tries to lift her spirits but we see Hope is very concerned about Bo being with Billie. Hope cries on Jennifer's shoulder about missing Bo. Jennifer has literally lost Jack; he is never coming home. Abby and Jennifer call a truce.

Billie calls Kate to see if another corporate jet can be arranged. Kate thinks Billie is crazy: take advantage of time alone with Bo! Meanwhile, Bo keeps trying to get a flight, but can't. An old man with a white beard sits next to Bo and introduces himself as Wenceslas. The man can't get a flight either and a lot of children could be disappointed. The old man assures Bo he can get them anywhere they want to go and presents Bo with a Christmas compass. When Billie returns, Bo wakes up and realizes he was dreaming. Bo is determined to get home to Hope and his family for Christmas.

Jack is being held prisoner and Tony has a Christmas gift for him: video of Jennifer and Patrick together. Tony tells Jack that Jennifer is moving on with her life. Jack, crushed, has to get home to Jennifer before Lockhart hijacks his wife and his family!

Kate moves in with John to help him recover. John receives a Christmas gift "from Marlena." It is a clock with a hidden camera... recording scenes from the penthouse. As Kate massages John's shoulders and gives him a tentative kiss under the mistletoe, someone is watching.

Roman and Marlena are convinced that Marlena must have imagined seeing Bo and Billie outside the window. Marlena and Roman realize they'll be stuck here for Christmas and the future. Tony surprises Roman and Marlena with footage from Marlena's penthouse... Roman and Marlena are shocked to see Kate has moved in with John! Roman and Marlena console each other with a kiss.

Sami has breakfast with Lucas but can't get her mind off Brandon. After she makes an embarrassing Freudian slip, Lucas is fed up -- if Sami can't forget about Brandon, how can they have a future together? Sami swears she loves Lucas and wants her future with him. Sami is stricken when Lucas leaves. Lucas went to get pick up Sami's Christmas present. Sami is deeply moved when Lucas gives her a gift and reiterates that he wants to be with her forever.

Friday, December 24, 2004

It is Christmas Eve/ Bo and Hope's wedding anniversary. Bo surprises Hope and Zack and shows up as Santa Claus! Hope was afraid Bo wouldn't make it home. Bo explains he and Billie hitched a ride on a military flight. Bo is Hope's hero! Bo fills Hope in on the search for his and Billie's missing daughter and that they know Georgia was adopted. Bo covers his injury. They go to the Horton Christmas party, where Mimi, Rex, Patrick, Jennifer, Alice, Doug, Maggie, Bonnie, Mickey, Julie and even Billie attend... Shawn is there with Jan. A fight erupts between Bo and Shawn. Everyone goes to midnight mass. Billie is there and is stung when she sees Bo and Hope as a family. Billie has a fantasy in which she sees herself with Bo, reunited at Christmas with their daughter. Billie receives a text message from Georgia!

Sami makes a scene at John and Kate's Christmas party -- she won't let Belle and Philip upstage her wedding. Lucas escorts Sami out. Brady brings Nicole to his dad's party as a statement that he and Nicole are officially a couple. Nicole gets a very chilly reception and John wishes Brady could still be with Chloe.

Chloe goes to the church to say a prayer. Sami confronts Nancy at church and Brady moves in. He knows Nancy came back to scatter Chloe's ashes and he wants to be there with her. Nancy covers and rushes out. Brady senses Chloe's presence in church and as he comes up behind a cloaked and unaware Chloe, it looks like he is finally going to see she is alive.

Also at church, a stranger enters with an envelope stating he fears it will ruin Christmas for so many people.

At the Horton holiday party, and later at the reading of the Christmas story at the children's wing of the hospital, one new member of the Horton family makes a big impression: Bonnie as Mrs. Mickey Horton! She hangs a tacky oversized sequined ornament with her name on it, to fit in to the family. It is so heavy that the tree almost tips over. Julie tries to get Maggie to assert herself and fight for Mickey! An emotional Jennifer reads the Christmas story to the children at the hospital and strong Patrick is there for her.

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