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Passions Recaps: The week of December 27, 2004 on PS
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Monday, December 27, 2004

Norma knocks down the closet door and chases Mrs. Wallace, Rebecca, Tabitha and Precious through the house. Just as Norma closes in on Tabitha, Sam and Luis arrive. Sam comes to the rescue by shooting Norma with a tranquilizer gun and drags her back off to the mental hospital. Mrs. Wallace and Precious race home, but Rebecca joins Tabitha for a cocktail and Tabitha tells her how to pull off Eve's murder-make it look like it was done by the same person who shot Julian and poisoned Alistair by using the same poison. Rebecca was put under a spell so she won't remember anything of their conversation except for how to murder Eve.

Eve is delighted when Chad shows up at the mansion for the Christmas dinner. Fox and Whitney bring by a present for Little Ethan from Theresa and Julian manages to convince them to stay as well. Eve's spirits somewhat lessen, however, when Whitney says that she would rather confide in Liz than Eve and reminds Eve that it is her fault she is pregnant with Chad's baby. Fox and Whitney leave, and Julian assures Eve that Whitney will forgive her with time.

The DNA test results are in, but aren't accessible to Theresa and Gwen. Ethan tries calling the man in charge of the records, but he refuses to come in to the hospital on Christmas and it looks like they will have to wait until tomorrow to find out who the biological mother is.

Beth fantasizes about stopping Luis and Sheridan's wedding by dropping the bombshell that "Mrs. Wheeler" is Katherine Crane while Mrs. Wheeler watches as Sheridan visits Alistair. Mrs. Wheeler gives Sheridan Katherine's miniature Bible and tells her that she knows Katherine would have wanted Sheridan to carry it down the aisle with her at her wedding. Sheridan begs her again to tell her who she really is, and when Mrs. Wheeler won't, Sheridan asks her not to contact her again, because she can't betray Luis.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tabitha staggers out to her kitchen and begs Endora to zap up a cup of coffee for her. She remarks that the snow outside is too bright, "Why can't snow be black, Endora?" Once she has that first sip, she encourages Endora to drink up her bottle of bat milk. (The picture she paints about milking those little bats is too gruesome!)

At the Crane Mansion, Rebecca walks in on Julian and Eve in the middle of a whine and cheese session-Eve whines about her divorce and Julian serves up cheesy platitudes about taking care of her. Julian asks Eve to let him have a private conversation with Rebecca. He tells Rebecca that it's time for the divorce. He's prepared to compensate her richly if she walks away without a whimper. Unexpectedly, Rebecca acquiesces easily, saying she only wants her Pookie to be happy. He can't believe it and is forever in her debt!

At the Russell house, Simone recalls happier Christmases. Liz overhears her and tells Simone she'll always be there for her and in the post-Christmas glow, TC pops a major question (without getting down on his injured knee)! Liz quickly agrees to be the new Mrs. T.C. Russell and Simone joins in the festivities. At that moment, Julian and Eve arrive with Christmas presents for Simone and Whitney. Eve tells Liz to stay away from her girls. She rants at Liz about everything she's stolen from her. She hates her, wishes Liz had never been born and wishes she'd die. Liz says, "See this is the real Eve." Eve threatens to kill her.

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan and Luis wake up under a furry wrap on the floor in front of the fireplace. Sheridan playfully swats at Luis because he was supposed to leave the night before so he couldn't see the bride before the wedding. As Luis starts to wake up, Sheridan tosses him out in the snow with only his boxer shorts and her pink scarf. He begs for his shoes and she tosses his clothes out to him and tells him to get dressed in his car.

At Casa Lopez-Fitzgerald, Theresa is pacing and redialing the DNA lab to get the test results. The big snowstorm has kept the lab techs from getting to work. She's desperate to know that the baby is her little girl. She tells little Ethan's portrait to just be patient. As soon as she gets these results, he'll have a baby sister and their daddy will come back to her and the four of them will live happily ever after. Pilar tries to calm Theresa down, but she can only focus on what she doesn't have. Pilar is excited about the wedding and Theresa can only think about herself. The doorbell rings and it's Ethan. Theresa immediately assumes it's about her and the baby, but he's there to help Luis. He tells Luis about everything for the wedding and Luis is grateful that he's being his best man at this busy time. Luis hopes everything works out for Ethan and Gwen. Theresa chimes in with a "Me too." The lab calls and Ethan and Theresa each run off to the hospital to get the results abandoning Luis. At least Ethan has arranged for his father, Sam to stand in for him if he doesn't get to the wedding.

Meanwhile, back at the Crane mansion, Gwen is pacing and redialing the DNA lab. She's desperate to know that the baby is her little girl. "I have to be with my little girl!" Ethan comforts Gwen, and then hustles off to meet Luis since he's the best man. Gwen also needs to help Sheridan get ready for her big day. Gwen arrives and wants to know why Luis is running around in the snow in his underwear. Sheridan asks her about the DNA results and commiserates. Gwen is upset, but she doesn't want to take away from Sheridan's happy day. Sheridan shows her the cute baby tux for Marty. She's going to take it over to Beth's after she showers. Gwen doesn't want Beth in the wedding. Sheridan sticks up for her

The Wallace Household struggles to start their day. Everybody including Precious is in hair curlers and PJ's. Beth admires her wedding dress. Edna berates Bethie for not fixing her coffee. Beth is intent on figuring the best way to tell Sheridan that her mother is Mrs. Wheeler. "Today is the day they'll be torn apart forever." Her mother laughs at her and reminds her that Luis is likely to kill the messenger so that even if he breaks up with Sheridan, he won't hook up with Beth. Beth can't wait to see the looks on their faces. She's got the scenarios all worked out. Edna tells her that Luis will hate her until the day she dies for breaking up his marriage to the love of his life. As she tries to work out the details, Sheridan and Gwen arrive with the tux. Beth says "Sweet idea, but, no!" Edna hauls Marty out of the kitchen and says that of course he wants to see his daddy and Sheridan get married. After Marty gets all duded up, Gwen notices Beth's wedding dress. Beth covers saying she gets it out whenever she goes to a wedding. Gwen gets a call from Ethan and rushes off to the hospital to find out if she's the mommy. Edna quips, "Imagine that! Two girls fighting over the same baby."

Rebecca visits Sam at the police station and manages to get a peek at files on his desk to find out what poison was used on Alistair (after trying to seduce a young cop as a cover up). She speaks the poison's name into a recorder.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The wedding is on! Everyone is thanking their lucky stars Alistair isn't there to ruin Sheridan's big day, while Beth has decided on a way to tell Sheridan that Mrs. Wheeler is her mother. Beth arranges for a beautiful bouquet of flowers to be delivered to the church and she types up a note to Sheridan about her mother, which she puts in with the flowers when they arrive. Sheridan begins to open the note several times but each time she is interrupted, making Beth extremely frustrated.

Paloma is adamant that Mrs. Wheeler and Martin should be able to watch the wedding, and she manages to hide them in the sacristy where they can see everything. At the hospital, Rebecca steals Eve's key card and the poison from the pharmacy storeroom. After Gwen tries to kill Theresa and Theresa has her fun provoking Gwen, they finally get their hands on the DNA test results.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

At St. Luke's Church, as Father Lonigan, T.C., Sam, Julian and Rebecca look on, Eve and Liz confront each other in the pews and Eve reiterates her threats to kill her sister before Liz ruins Eve's r relationship with her daughters. Father Lonigan is aghast at their behavior. Julian apologizes for her and Father L recommends she join a gym to get rid of her stress instead of defiling his church. Rebecca smirks and remarks to herself that she'd love to see Eve locked up with nutty Norma, but she's not going to have time since Rebecca will have to kill her to keep Julian from divorcing her. Sam reassures Luis that he'll keep the peace.

Paloma rushes off to the sacristy to let Martin and Mrs. Wheeler (Katherine Crane) know everything is okay. They are so glad that Alistair is in a coma. He won't be able to hurt Luis and Sheridan. He just prays nothing stops them at the last minute.

Father Lonigan asks Eve and Liz to stay apart. As they sit, Liz tells T.C. she's glad he keeps her safe. Eve sits fuming to Julian that she doesn't want her sister to get her daughters as well as her husband. Julian, of all people, tells her she needs to control herself. Rebecca sits down by Liz and T.C. and exclaims how shocked she was at Eve's behavior. Sam and Luis muse on all the bad things that have happened to their families this year. Luis is just glad his father isn't coming to the wedding. If he were there, Luis would "strangle him with his bare hands."

Martin, Paloma and Katherine jump for joy that they will be able to see the wedding without disrupting the wedding ceremony. Paloma leaves to join the others. Katherine gets a premonition that something will stop the wedding.

Julian asks Eve if she'll be all right as he leaves to walk Sheridan down the aisle. He remarks on their true love. He says maybe they'll get to walk down the aisle too someday. Eve lists off all the bad things that have happened to her and Julian.

Father L. talks to Luis about marriage being a holy sacrament and not to be rushed into like some people who easily break their vows. Luis replies, "yeah like my father!"

The bridal party gathers in the bride room for last minute preparations. Sheridan has a card in her hands. Beth encourages her to read it, but Mrs. Wallace and Precious knock on the door and interrupt. Sheridan cries out and Beth is sure Sheridan has read the note that Mrs. Wheeler is really her mother. But alas, Sheridan exclaims that she can't marry Luis now. Pilar and the girls rush in to find Sheridan in a state, and Beth quizzing her. She has a stain on her dress. Jessica whips out her emergency kit and takes care of it. As Jessica is cleaning, Beth presses Sheridan to read the card now, but Julian knocks and interrupts. He's here to walk her down the aisle. He apologizes for everything he did in the past and she says all is well. Beth says, "But what about the card?" Nobody pays attention to her. Paloma calls everybody to take their places.

People fill the pews and Liz tells T.C. that Eve is scaring her. Rebecca thinks that T.C. shouldn't worry, "she'll be dead soon."

Sam remarks to Luis. "I didn't know Precious is part of the ceremony!" Luis takes her in his arms and breaks it to her that he's marrying Sheridan. Father Lonigan tells her that sometimes loving someone means letting go of them. Luis deposits her in the pew with Mrs. Wallace. The bridesmaids start arriving at the alter (Beth with Marty in his little tux and the ring bearer's pillow). Sheridan and Julian make it down the aisle.

Martin and Katherine watch from the sacristy. Beth worries that time is running out for her plan to work out. Father Lonigan tells their history and explains they'll have the wedding first and the mass afterwards so that they can avoid unforeseen tragedy, if everybody is okay with that. Precious nods okay and Father Lonigan starts in.

As Rebecca plays with the bottle of poison in her purse, she thinks to herself that Eve will never get to marry Julian, but she can love him "until death do you part."

Martin and Katherine rejoice that their children are marrying and that Alistair can't stop them.

Just then, Madeline runs down the aisle saying "stop!" Her father (one of the best lobstermen) has had an accident on the boat. He's dying and needs Father Lonigan to perform last rites. Sheridan agrees and urges him on. At last! Beth has time to finish her plan! Luis tells Julian that somehow Alistair has found a way to ruin their wedding from his hospital bed. Julian says there's no way that could be.

In the back of the church, Liz confronts Eve and tells her that Whitney just left her a message about Fox. Eve lunges at her and Eve strikes back. T.C. and Julian only see Eve attacking Liz. Julian takes Eve to the basement to get something to drink. Rebecca says she'll poison her drink now instead of having to wait for the reception. Julian gets her punch and she leaves the cup long enough for Rebecca to add a little punch to it.

T.C. tells Liz that he's sorry Eve attacked her. Liz says she believes in cosmic payback and sooner or later, Eve's going to get what's coming to her. Julian tells Eve that she can't threaten Liz in front of people. He tells her to drink her punch.

Beth tells her mother that she needs to go get the card from the bride room. Precious points out that Sheridan is still holding the card. Luis notices it and Sheridan tells him it's just his card that came with the beautiful flowers he sent. He says he can't take credit for it and tells her to read the card. "Oh my God!" (Katherine and Martin discuss Sheridan's upset, but there's no way she can find out about them-only they and Alistair know she's Katherine and they aren't telling and Alistair's in a coma) Luis asks her what the card says and she tells him it says Mrs. Wheeler is her mother, Katherine Crane.

At the hospital; Ivy, Whitney and Ethan look on as Gwen and Theresa stand at the ready with their DNA test results. Like a shoot-out at the OK Corral, they draw their weapons-ready to prove whom is the mommy. Ethan apologizes to Gwen while Theresa dances around giddily telling Ethan she's given him his first child. She grabs at Ethan who only has eyes for Gwen. Theresa pulls on him and breathlessly says. "Let's go see our daughter. I know she wants to meet you. She's fighting for her life. She needs to be with her mommy and daddy."

With tears streaking down her face, Gwen begs Ethan not to do this to her. "This can't be happening!" Gwen starts recounting all the ways Theresa has wronged her. Theresa tells her she can always adopt. Gwen starts yelling that her life is over because of Theresa. The NICU nurse comes out and warns them to hold it down. Ethan comforts Gwen and Ivy confronts Theresa.

Whitney says not to kick her when she's down. Theresa recounts all the things Gwen did to her family with Rebecca and this is payback. Gwen cries to Ethan "This is supposed to be my little girl in there. We're supposed to be her parents." Then she crumples to the floor. As docs rush to her with a gurney, Ethan wants to go with her, but Ivy says Gwen may be too upset to see him, she'll go with her instead. He tells his mother to come get him as soon as Gwen wants to see him.

As Whitney looks on in horror, Theresa pulls a stricken Ethan into the NICU to see the baby. "She needs our love in order to survive." Whitney muses that Theresa is getting everything she wants.

In another room, the doctor gives Gwen a shot to calm her and tells Ivy that Gwen needs her mother as she's grieving not only the loss of her daughter, but any chance of having a baby of her own. Ivy remarks that she can't imagine what could be more important to Rebecca than being with her daughter.

In the NICU, Theresa gloms on to Ethan and tells him about all her dreams for their baby.

Gwen tells Ivy that Ethan is going to leave her to be with Theresa. Ivy tells her that Ethan adores her and will never leave her. Ivy tells her that he would have been with her, but she was afraid Gwen would be too mad to see him. They decide to go find Ethan. They find Ethan with Theresa hugging him.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Ethan pushes Theresa away to try to comfort Gwen, but Gwen, acting strangely, tells him she completely understands. Ivy slaps Theresa, and Theresa tells her to back off or she won't see her granddaughter again. Gwen comes across a knife in the hall of the hospital, sneaks up behind Theresa and stabs her!

TC blows up at Sam after Sam accuses Liz of provoking Eve. In the church basement, Liz decides to have more fun with Eve and says the only thing that Eve has left to lose is her medical license. Rebecca is hiding in the basement watching the sisters argue and wishing Eve would hurry up and drink the poisoned punch when Liz knocks the punch off the table. Rebecca waits until they are distracted and poisons another punch for Eve, but then Liz puts her own punch on the table next to it. Rebecca is worrying that Liz will pick up the wrong cup when one of the sisters collapses. She runs to Sam and TC and says "she's dead, she's dead!"

Sheridan is in shock after reading the card that says "Mrs. Wheeler" is her mother. Beth suggests to her that her mother's death was just a cover-up for her running away with Martin, but Luis thinks that the card was just another trick of Alistair's to stop their wedding. Luis and Sheridan find Martin and Mrs. Wheeler in the sacristy, and Pilar gets Mrs. Wheeler to admit that she is Katherine Crane.

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