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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 27, 2004 on GL
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Monday, December 27, 2004

Danny and Marina have arrived at Santo Domingo in search of Michelle and Tony. A room attendant admits to seeing them together and comments they appeared to be very much in love. When the attendant leaves the room, he calls Sebastian and alerts him to Danny's presence on the island. In the lobby, Tony staggers in and asks the desk clerk if he can arrange to have a plane fly him off the island. The clerk phones Danny in his room and asks if he would be willing to assist someone who wishes to leave the island. Unaware it is Tony, Danny refuses. Tony forces his way into Danny's room to ask for help, but is punched in the jaw by Danny when he recognizes his cousin. Tony, unfazed, tells Danny that Michelle needs his help and he has to fly them to Africa in search of Ed Bauer. Danny tells Tony they will start doing things his way and they are not flying to Africa in hopes of finding Ed sitting happily by a campfire. He leaves alone to fly to the island where Sebastian is holding Michelle and Holly.

Sebastian makes cryptic comments to Michelle about Danny willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for a woman who doesn't even love him. Michelle is startled and asks what that is supposed to mean. Sebastian doesn't answer.

Outside at the Spaulding mansion Coop and Lizzie continue their charade of trying to romance the other. They are in a near embrace when Alan and Beth appear. Alan tells Lizzie her father would be disappointed to see her becoming close to a Cooper. Beth tells Alan to stop and maybe Lizzie will finally be the one to stop the madness created by the Spauldings and their vendettas. Once inside, Beth continues by saying she wants Lizzie to embody the love of Phillip because she is glad she will never again see the person he had become. Alan is shocked at her words and attempts to calm her down. Later, Beth calls Rick and leaves a message that she has to tell him something about her and Phillip.

At Company, Gus and Harley are sharing a passionate kiss as Frank watches from the window. Gus tries to convince Harley to share an evening of romance with him. Harley is reluctant but seems to like the idea. Outside, Franks makes a call to Jeffrey and tells him he is about to arrest someone for Phillip's murder. He walks into Company and announces he is arresting Harley for the death of Phillip Spaulding. Harley guesses Frank knows she is Ruth Karloff. Franks admits he saw the scar on her arm - the same scar Ruth had on her confession tape. Despite Gus telling Harley not to talk, she tells Frank she created Ruth as a device to infiltrate Spaulding and cut them down to size. Franks asks if she killed Phillip and she responds she doesn't know for sure. Harley asks Frank for his handcuffs, but he doesn't want to use them on her. Harley takes the cuffs and puts them on herself. Gus promises he will find out who is responsible for Phillip's murder before Franks leads her to jail.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It doesn't take Tony long to realize that Marina is trying to keep him busy, but why? She admits Danny has taken off in his airplane, but not to find Ed. He has gone to find where Sebastian is holding Michelle. Tony is furious, "Doesn't he know he just killed Michelle?" Sebastian also seems to have plans for Danny, as during his verbal sparring match with Michelle, he tells her, "Danny's clock is running out." Danny has taken off from Santa Domingo safely, but very shortly encounters bad weather. As he flies through the weather, his thoughts turn to memories, both good and bad, of Michelle. His reverie is broken by an engine malfunction. He immediately realizes he is in trouble. While Danny wrestles with the airplane, he calls Tony's home phone and leaves a long, loving message for Robbie. He then calls Marina and tries to say goodbye, but she will not allow him to do so. Danny tries to talk with Tony, but his plane disappears...

Inside Sebastian's mansion, the sparring escalates between Michelle and him. Absolutely nothing is gained in this exchange, and Holly tries to appeal to Sebastian's humanity and sensibility. Sebastian opens the cell door but instead of trying to help him, she attacks. He is ready for the attack and holds her in his grasp. He tells Holly where to find a gun, presumably to use to silence Michelle. Holly finds the gun, but she is sick of the craziness and yells, "Enough!" as she pulls the trigger. There are no bullets in the gun. Determined to feel self pity and to prove he is unlovable, he seems to gloat when he yells at Holly that he knew he could not trust her. Overhead, the sound of an airplane in distress passes over the mansion and Sebastian sneers, "That must be Danny now."

Jeffrey finds Reva and Jonathan at Elizabeth & Co. He needs to ask Jonathan a few questions, as it seems Jonathan's adoptive parents' home was burned to the ground on the very same day he and Reva tried to visit them. Reva insists she accompanied Jonathan during their entire visit on the island and he couldn't possibly have set the fire. However, when Jeffrey leaves them, Jonathan makes a few comments and Reva realizes he set the fire and that she was wrong to cover up for her son.

Cassie is savoring the final preparations for her wedding to Edmund. During the final fitting of her wedding gown, she sees Dinah in the shop, also wearing a wedding gown. Cassie asks Dinah if she is stalking her. But surprisingly, all of the barbs Dinah throws out are ignored. Cassie smiles and says, "I just don't have the energy to be angry with you." Dinah seems very upset when she doesn't get the reaction she wanted from Cassie. When Edmund goes to the dressing room looking to surprise Cassie with roses, he instead finds Dinah in a heap on the floor, in tears. Dinah fantasizes about a romantic encounter with Edmund, but her thoughts could not be farther from reality. Edmund scolds Dinah, "You couldn't even let her have this!" as he runs to find his bride-to-be. Cassie's joy clearly is not altered by her encounter with Dinah. When Edmund finds her at their rendezvous point in the park, they look every bit like a couple very much in love and looking forward to their wedding day. They enjoy these moments, assuming they are private. They do not see Jonathan is watching them...


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

While Tammy is trying on her bridesmaid dress, Sandy comes in and tells her how beautiful she is and dances her around the store. After Cassie enters the store, Sandy leaves. Cassie tells her daughter she does not think she should see him anymore. Tammy defends Sandy, explaining all of the good things he has done for her. Cassie convinces Tammy to spend the night with her at the Beacon, to have one last night alone together before the wedding.

At the Beacon, Jonathan overhears a maid tell Jeffrey that Cassie and Tammy will be spending the night at the hotel. As the maid and Jeffrey walk away, Jonathan attempts to steal a hotel key off the maid's cart. But he is unsuccessful as the maid returns to see him searching the cart.

Edmund is at the farm with Will and R.J. He talks to the boys about the wedding, explaining this will make them a family. Edmund asks the boys for their permission to marry Cassie. Both boys give him two thumbs up, just as Jonathan enters. He tells the boys they better stay on their new daddy's' good side, as Edmund tells him to go. After Edmund takes the boys to another room to play, Jonathan is left alone in the living room. He spots a hotel key lying on the coffee table and puts the key in his pocket. Edmund returns and again tells Jonathan to leave the home. Edmund argues with Jonathan, telling him to stay away from his home, his wedding and his children. Edmund points out that he understands Jonathan's need for revenge, but he also understands the person Jonathan hates the most is himself. He storms out of the house, with the hotel key still in his pocket. Later at the Beacon, Sandy walks Tammy to her hotel room. Tammy enters alone, to find J.B. inside the room.

Dinah enters the barn where Cassie is planning to get married. As she is remembering the fire, she cries out she should have left Cassie to die. R.J. enters the barn. As they share memories of the fire, Dinah tells R.J. that Edmund hit Jeffrey with the shovel and started the fire. After leaving the barn, Dinah later runs into Jeffrey and tells him Cassie has called off the wedding.

At Company, Buzz demands to know why Harley is in jail. Frank and Gus explain Ruth was really Harley and she had a confrontation with Phillip the night of his murder. As Gus declares he will prove Harley's innocence, Buzz and Alan attack each other. Frank and Gus break up the fight. Gus tells Alan to leave, only to have Buzz accuse him of involving Harley in the murder. Gus again declares he will prove her innocence. He leaves to find Alan outside. Alan tells him it is time for him to change sides and questions his family loyalty. Meanwhile, Buzz asks Frank to hide the evidence and get Harley out of jail. Frank promises to do anything he can to clear Harley of these charges. However, he states it has to be done legally.

Cassie returns to the farm house and Edmund. She is looking for the hotel key when R.J. enters from outside. R.J. is visibly upset and tells Cassie he was remembering the fire. R.J. looks at Edmund and yells, "I thought Daddies were supposed to be nice!"

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Harley's arrest for Phillip's murder makes headline news. Frank brings Coop and Buzz, disguised as perps, into her cell. They serenade her with a kazoo rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Buzz fakes chest pains and tells Harley that she's breaking his heart. He consoles Harley when she proclaims she deserves to be in prison. Coop brings out the champagne and the Cooper clan toasts to the New Year and to Harley's demonstration of love.

At the farmhouse, R.J. tells Cassie and Edmund that daddies aren't supposed to hurt people. Before Cassie can figure out what's wrong with R.J., Reva and Josh arrive to take Cassie and Edmund to their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Alone with Mrs. Chitwood, R.J. uses his toys to act out Edmund hitting Jeffrey on the night of the fire.

When Jeffrey arrives at the farmhouse, R.J. asks if it hurt when Edmund hit him with the shovel. He tells R.J. not to tell Cassie about what he knows. Jeffrey calls Dinah to the barn to find out what she knows about the night of the fire. She reveals Edmund did hit Jeffrey and start the fire. Dinah urges an angry Jeffrey to use the information to get closer to Cassie. Jeffrey leaves her alone in the barn. Dinah stomps on a white rose as perfect as Cassie.

The goon Billy hired to rough up Phillip on the night of the murder arrives to blackmail him. Billy shows him the newspaper article about Harley's arrest. The goon admits he never made it to Company on the night of the murder.

At Company, Josh thanks Edmund for taking care of Reva when she had the transplant surgery. Edmund asks Josh to be his best man. Much to his surprise, Josh accepts. Edmund, Josh and Billy toast to being willing to own up to their mistakes. Edmund steps outside to call Cassie and is confronted by Jeffrey.

After breaking into Tammy's hotel room, Jonathan asks her if they can start over. He claims he knows her and knows she won't hold a grudge. Even though Tammy says Jonathan doesn't really know her and he is just lonely, he starts to get to her.

Cassie stops by the Beacon and catches Jonathan kissing Tammy in her hotel room. Cassie warns him to stay away from her daughter and throws him out. Cassie wants to call in the police or some of Danny's mob friends to take care of Jonathan. Tammy admits he can still push her buttons but protests she can take care of herself. Cassie makes Tammy promise to be careful.

Cassie and Tammy head to J. Farley's bar for the bachelorette party. Cassie steps outside and shuts her eyes against thoughts of J.B. kissing Tammy. She opens her eyes to see Jonathan standing over her.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Due to the New Year's holiday, Guiding Light did not air today. This preemption was planned for and there will be no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, January 3rd, 2005, and pick up where yesterday's episode concluded.

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