All My Children Recaps: The week of December 20, 2004 on AMC

Zach claimed that he had proof that Kendall had poisoned Greenlee. Bianca's condition deteriorated as she remained in a coma. Tad told Brooke the whole truth. The results of the DNA test were revealed. Erica delivered the devastating news to JR, who remained in denial.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 20, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, December 20

Ryan and Greenlee were not interested in what Zach had to say, until he said he had proof of who poisoned her. He gave Ryan a piece of paper. Maria rushed Zach into her office and accused him of trying to destroy Kendall. Zach said he was only protecting Ethan. Maria understood Zach's motives to get Ethan to leave town once Kendall is in jail. She wondered why he was so threatened and wanted Ethan gone so desperately. He said he was afraid there was something in town that was going to trap his son and he needed to get him out before that happened.

Ryan and Greenlee were very interested in Kendall's prescription for anti-anxiety medicine. Ryan thought it made sense that Kendall poisoned her, but Greenlee was reluctant to believe it. Jonathan joined them and agreed that Kendall had to be guilty and suggested they get a search warrant. Ryan stopped him. Greenlee went to check on Bianca and Jonathan grilled Ryan about why he is protecting Kendall. Ryan vowed to protect Greenlee while figuring out who did it.

Kelly confronted Babe and wanted her baby back. Jamie told her Babe is the real mother. Babe said she did a DNA test already and that Paul was the real kidnapper. Kelly started to break down and Babe let her hold the baby and told her the story about the night he was born. Kelly wondered how Babe could have stolen him back and asked if the girl was Bianca's. Kelly reminded her that Babe did exactly what Kelly did in keeping a baby from its mother. Babe admitted she'd been wrong but Kelly said at least she thought her baby's mother was homeless and didn't want the baby. They argued and Babe reminded Kelly that she was the only one who could protect the child they both love. Babe said Ace/James would suffer being raised by JR and Adam. Suddenly they realized the baby had a fever and rushed to the hospital.

JR asked Adam what he meant about losing him and what Erica was doing there. Adam said Erica was there about JR's vendetta against Bianca. JR got defensive, but Erica played along and said she hoped he will do the right thing for Bianca. JR said Bianca got crazy over Babe's lies and went over the balcony before he could stop her. JR said he understood Erica's concern for her child and that Babe was the villain, not him. JR left and Erica accused Adam of knowing that the baby was Bianca's and asked again for his help to prove it. Adam admitted he has doubts about Bess, but he couldn't hurt JR by proving his own son is dead. He said Hayley and Colby are gone; JR is all he has left. Erica threatened to tell JR it is Adam's idea to have a DNA test and that she will do her best to fight for her daughter's life. She vowed that Adam would not be raising any Kane children. Adam threw her out and threw a glass into the fireplace. JR came home, full of presents and excitement for Bess' first Christmas as Adam looked worried.

At the hospital, Ethan stood his ground to keep Jack from accusing Kendall of drugging Greenlee. Jack refused to let Ethan tell him what he could or could not do for his nieces and daughter. Kendall refused to leave Bianca's bedside. Anita suggested Kendall talk to Bianca as though she can hear her. Jack came in and hugged Kendall.

Lily and Reggie came to the hospital and Lily had a present for Bianca, a lifejacket as a reminder that one might have saved Miranda. Kendall was upset and ran out, Reggie ran after her. Kendall was stunned with the realization of how many people think they know Bianca and love her. Kendall returned and started talking to Bianca about wedding plans. Greenlee watched and when she saw Kendall holding Bianca's hand, had a memory of the night she was swinging on the roof of the Fusion building. She told Ryan she doesn't think Kendall poisoned her.

Erica returned and said she'd seen Adam, not that it did any good. Jack was worried about what Adam would do, but Erica refused to give up. Adam showed up and said he was in and would do the test.

Tuesday, December 21

Adam informed JR that Erica hadn't come to inquire about the doctor that had cared for him after his stroke. Erica squirmed slightly as she waited to see if Adam would tell JR the truth. Fortunately for Erica, he did not. Instead, Adam claimed that Erica was there because she felt that JR might have been responsible for Bianca's fall. JR denied the allegation and said that he proved that he cared about Bianca by arranging for her transport back to Pine Valley. Later, Adam bundled up baby Bess/Miranda for her trip to the hospital. He spoke softly as he mentioned how accustomed he had gotten to having her in his life. JR, meanwhile, was visited by the pilot of his private plane. The pilot explained that he had been on stand-by for 48 hours and reminded JR that Christmas was just a few days away. JR quickly wrote out a check and told the pilot that it was either his Christmas bonus or his severance pay.

In their hotel room, Jamie and Babe talked about Christmas. Babe was heartbroken when she learned of Bianca's accident. Jamie, however, warned Babe that they would have to remain on the low because they couldn't have JR find out about Ace/James. Later, Jamie returned with an angel that resembled Bianca for the top of their makeshift Christmas tree. He also brought with him mistletoe and the two shared a kiss underneath it.

An angry Reggie showed up at Maggie's apartment and blasted her for not having visited Bianca. Maggie explained that she'd been busy with finals and seemed unaware of Bianca's accident. After some probing, Reggie realized that Jonathan had never told Maggie about Bianca's fall. As soon as Maggie realized what happened, she grabbed her coat and headed with Reggie to the hospital. Alone in Maggie's apartment, Jonathan became enraged that Maggie had raced to Bianca's side. Later, at the hospital, Jonathan peered into Bianca's room with a scowl on his face as Maggie tearfully told Bianca how much she loved her and wanted her to be okay.

Aidan and Anita had a picnic lunch in the park. As they were eating and discussing their futures, they heard a loud scream in the distance and raced off to see if someone might be in danger.

At the boathouse, Lily sat silently reading one of her books. Out of nowhere, the threesome of Autumn, Chantal and China showed up. The three girls were furious with Lily for having ratted them out about their alcohol consumption. Knowing that Lily had an adverse reaction to the color red, the three young women shucked their coats and revealed bright red outfits. As Lily began to panic, one of the girls shook a can of red spray paint. The sound of footsteps in the distance prompted the girls to run off, but not before they sprayed Lily with the red paint. Aidan and Anita showed up and tried to calm Lily, but neither one knew how best to proceed.

Jackson asked Judge Lampbert, the judge who presided over Kendall's trial, to act as a witness to the DNA tests being conducted on Bianca and Bess/Miranda. She vowed to keep her eyes on the blood samples at all times so that the process and results could not be called into question. Adam arrived at the hospital and ordered Erica to stay away from the baby. He said that until there is proof that Bess/Miranda is not a Chandler, he doesn't want anyone to come between him and the child he believed to be his granddaughter. Erica nodded understandingly, knowing that it was hard for Adam to let go of someone to whom he had come to love. After the blood test, Adam knelt before the baby and said a silent prayer. As he did, Tad walked in on him and asked Adam what he was praying for.

Wednesday, December 22

At the DNA lab, Adam worries about JR's reaction if it turns out that Bess is really Miranda. After blaming Tad for JR's certain heartache, Adam tells him it won't be a pretty sight if Brooke prints a story linking JR to Bianca's accident. Adam later is overcome with guilt after JR thanks him for his support.

Brooke's concern about Jamie gets the best of her, but Edmund is there for comfort. She attacks Tad when he tells her the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the babies and admits that there's a chance that Jamie will never return to Pine Valley. Meanwhile, Jamie and Babe happily plan their future with little James.

Aidan and Anita arrive on the scene, where he is able to calm Lily, who becomes enthralled with him. He gives a veiled threat to Autumn, Chantal and China, implying that Lily is somehow working for the government. When Aidan threatens to bring trouble for the girls and their families if they don't stop harassing Lily, the girls appear to agree to back off. Anita is charmed by his gesture, and they kiss.

Thursday, December 23

Ryan and Greenlee show up at the hospital and are greeted by a waiting room full of people. They go over to where Opal, Palmer and Myrtle are and ask what the cause is. It is explained that all of the people that knew Bianca, or were touched by her in some way, have gathered in hopes of encouraging her recovery.

Erica is at Bianca's bedside when Maria comes in to check her vitals. Erica steps into the hallway where Jack, Tad and Kendall are waiting. She tells them that she noticed a change in Bianca's breathing - and that it could only mean good things to come. Not wanting to be negative in any way, they readily agree with her. As Erica hugs Jack at the minute bit of good news, she sees David standing behind them. Having no desire to deal with him, she asks Jack to take care of escorting David out. Although he swears that he cares deeply for Bianca and is only there for an update, no one seems to want to hear what he has to say. He says that regardless of how everyone feels about him, Bianca is like a daughter to him. This sends Jack over the edge and he demands to know what that means: would you ruin lives for her sake, or do you save that for your biological children? Kendall, apparently the only one not in the loop, asks why people are attacking David. Ryan hears the argument as he comes down the hall and tries to call a cease fire, due to their proximity to Bianca's room. Erica tells the group at large that someday soon, the entire truth will come out. At that point, Ryan will be willing to do to David exactly what Jack wants to do now, without being asked. Before she can continue with her tirade, Maria comes out of Bianca's room and says that things don't look good. It appears as though Bianca is letting go. Erica is in complete denial - she proclaims that she was just in the room with her daughter, and her breathing was better. Maria responds that she just measured Bianca's reaction to light, sound and touch and there's no mistaking: her numbers are falling. Tad asks what that means, and Maria delivers the grim outcome with just a look. Kendall demands that Maria do something to fix it. Maria tells her that all she can do is keep her hydrated, nourished and breathing - but that won't be enough. Wherever Bianca is right now, she needs a reason to come back - and Maria can't give that to her. Kendall thinks on that a moment, and then quietly says that she knows what is going on with Bianca. She is convinced that Bianca is letting go so that she can go be with Miranda. Kendall takes off after her revelation, leaving her mother behind to digest her words. Erica, in a panic, says that she needs to get Miranda back to Bianca, because it's the only thing that will save her. Jack wonders aloud if the technicians know how crucial the results are, and Erica questions whether they know the results hold Bianca's life in the balance.

David continues to try to get on to a better side of Erica, saying that he has seen cases like Bianca's before, and that he believes she will pull out of it and get better. Erica promises that she will make sure that happens, as she has plans to give her daughter the one kind of medicine that she needs. David offers to help, and says that the more information he has, the better help he can provide. Only listening to about half of the sentence, Jack cuts David off and tells him he won't get to know any more than he already does. David continues to try to block everyone out but Erica, and tells her that he truly does care for Bianca. That's the last straw for Erica. She tells him he has made it perfectly obvious how much he cares for Bianca, and now he needs to go. Erica asks Ryan to go in to see Bianca, in hopes that will help her hang on. When he does, they all comment how time seems to be dragging by so slowly while they are waiting for the DNA results. Tad says that at any moment, Adam could tell JR what he did with Miranda - or worse, JR could figure it out himself.

Kendall runs into Greenlee in the hallway, but isn't interested in what she has to say. Trying to bring her back from an immediate defensive stance, Greenlee tells her that she wasn't planning on attacking her in any way. She wanted to tell her about the massive amount of people in the waiting room. They all either know Bianca, or have been touched by her in some way. They have gathered to share their stories, but mostly to pray for and encourage Bianca's recovery. Kendall stares blankly at Greenlee, and then asks why she is being so nice. Greenlee tells her that when someone told her that they thought Kendall drugged her, she didn't want to believe it. She didn't want to think that's how their friendship would end. Disbelieving, Kendall waits for more. Greenlee goes on to say that she needed to apologize for the things she did while she was hopped on the drugs, mostly trying to run her over with the car. Kendall warns her to watch what she is saying - or people will think that she's lost it again. Greenlee assures her that she has a clear head, is rational and knows what she is saying. Not giving an inch, Kendall launches into another attack. She accuses Greenlee of thinking that she is the better of the two, and Greenlee denies having said or even insinuating that. Kendall points out that she dropped a hint as big as a bomb but put it nicely because of what is going on with Bianca. She tells Greenlee that while she can say she doesn't want to believe it's true, she still thinks Kendall may be the one that drugged her. Greenlee says that she wasn't hedging before - she really doesn't want to believe that Kendall drugged her. However, if she did - she doesn't think she should go to jail for it. Just like Kendall lost touch with reality on the night of the casino fundraiser, Greenlee recently lost touch. She knows how it feels and she knows how scary it is. She also knows that the answer is having friends and family around you that love you, as well as doctors that can help you. Jail can't provide that. Greenlee tells her old friend that she wants to help her, and Kendall says she doesn't know what to say about this generous outpouring. She thinks for a moment, and then tells Greenlee to shove it.

A bit later, Greenlee joins her husband in Bianca's room and they tell her about all of the people there to support her. They tell her that she is loved, and that the one word that can describe her is 'miracle'. Ryan tells her that in a world full of chaos and people that can't be trusted, Bianca is the one exception to every rule. He tells her that if she leaves this world, there won't be anyone left to teach people how to be good. He begs her not to go.

Zach and Maria talk about Bianca's condition in the hall. Maria admits that Bianca is getting worse and worse and there is nothing that can be done. Zach tells her that people come out of comas all the time, but Maria says that every situation is different. She tells him that Bianca doesn't have a living will, and soon (with her numbers dropping the way they are), Erica will have to decide whether or not to put her daughter on a ventilator. Once that happens, there is no telling how long Bianca could hold on. Zach tells her that Bianca is fierce and he has no doubt that she will definitely come out of it. Maria says that the knowledge of Bianca's strength is exactly why she is worried. If she saw evidence of that fight, that drive that lives inside Bianca, they wouldn't be talking about her condition. Instead, Maria believes that what Bianca needs is a reason to live - and that's something she can't give to her. She concludes that the worst isn't over - it's coming down the pike head on.

Then, Maria goes into Bianca's room, looks at the monitors and quickly asks Ryan and Greenlee to leave. Bianca's blood oxygen level is dropping. Outside, Zach is staring through the window and watching her work. Before The Laverys can say anything to him, he states that all he cares about is Bianca and that they can fight with him later.

Krystal pays a visit to the Chandler mansion but when JR opens the door and sees her on the other side, he initially refuses to let her in. Krystal tells him that she is only there for the sake of her grandchild, and holds out a present. Appearing to slightly cave, JR allows her into the foyer for a few moments. Once he closes the door, he tells her than he has a surprise for her too: a call to the cops, complete with a set of shiny bracelets that she can't return. Krystal asks what crime she committed and JR quips that he doesn't have enough days left in the year to run down the list. However, for this occasion, he'd start with stalking and move on from there. Krystal is flabbergasted that JR wants to accuse her of stalking her own grandchild - a baby that she has loved from birth. She calls him cold hearted just as Adam enters the foyer. He tells his son that Krystal has been in his house for longer than he would like. He tells JR to allow her to give her gift to the child and then ask her to leave. JR questions his father's decision at first, but Adam tells him it's the season to be giving. Finally, JR relents and tells her that she will only be allowed to see the baby for a moment, give her the present, and then she will have to leave. Krystal agrees, knowing it's better than nothing. When he leaves the room to go get the baby, Adam informs Krystal that if she lives to be 100, she will live to regret every second of every year. JR brings the baby down, and Krystal shows her the present she brought. Trying to keep the visit as short as possible, Adam takes the present from her. Krystal, trying not to feel brushed off, tells the baby she wishes her momma could see her dressed up pretty - as the sight would surely do her heart good. JR tells her firmly that she is not to mention Babe in his house again. Krystal nods slightly, and then refocuses on the baby. She holds her hands out as if to take the baby in her arms, and JR says that she has overstayed her welcome. He tells her to take one last look because it will have to last a lifetime. Krystal focuses her rage briefly on Adam and says sarcastically that he must be so proud of his son. Adam says that he is very proud of his son, and bestows him with the title "Best Gift Ever Given to Me." He then tells Krystal that they only have the love for their children and their desire to do whatever it takes to protect them in common. Krystal looks at the baby one more time, gives her happy wishes for the new year, and takes her leave. After she is gone, JR tells his father that what he said to Krystal was the best Christmas present he'd ever received. Just then, the phone rings. JR picks it up, and when the voice on the other end asks for Adam Chandler, he confirms. When they clarify that they need to speak with the elder Chandler, JR asks who is calling. The voice simply says that the call is expected. Adam takes the phone and immediately recognizes that it is the lab technician that performed the DNA test. He is told that the results are back, and he asks what they are. Results are not given over the phone, and she tells him that she will be calling the other parties involved. She wants to meet with all of them at the hospital as soon as possible. Adam agrees and ends the call. JR, having watched his father carefully, says that he's got a funny feeling about the call, and he wants to know what's going on.

Zach is the next to show up at the hospital, but Ethan stops him before he can get too far. Ethan asks if he is there for Bianca, and when Zach confirms, Ethan goes on the attack. He asks how Zach can care so much for Bianca, and want to put her sister away at the same time. Zach calmly tells his son that he is simply trying to point out the "obvious fact" that Kendall is guilty, in hopes that Ethan will catch on. Ethan asks Zach if he plans on giving Bianca her sister's conviction with a bow on it when she wakes up. Zach pauses, and then avoids the question by confronting Ethan about destroying possible evidence against Kendall. He tells Ethan that he might as well add aiding and abetting to his attempted murder charge. Ethan pretends not to know what Zach is talking about, choosing instead to make up a story about getting rid of empty aspirin bottles Kendall had lying around. Zach calls him on his lies by admitting he witnessed the destruction through the window, and telling him that there is no need to get rid of plastic in a garbage disposal. He then goes on to tell Ethan that he obtained a copy of Kendall's pharmacy records, which shows that she filled a prescription for the drug that was found in Greenlee's system. Ethan says that the prescription is common and that anyone could have gotten the medication. In addition, it would have been very easy for nosy neighbors to plant the drug in Kendall's apartment if they were intent on pointing the finger of blame at her. Everyone knows that Kendall would be the first person they looked at as a suspect. Zach goes on to say that Kendall has issues, and that all she has done since the night of the casino benefit is drag Ethan down. Ethan notes that oddly enough, that's around the time that Zach started blaming Kendall for everything, and wants to know why. Zach says that perhaps he wants her to pay for the crimes she committed because he is not a noble fool, as Ethan has proven himself to be. Zach tells Ethan that Kendall will explode, as she always does - and all that will be left standing is the man that tried to save her. This prompts Ethan to reveal some thoughts he had when he thought he was a Cambias. He tells Zach that he vowed to be a different Cambias: not a monster, but certainly not a fool. He goes on to say that he can't help but wonder how different things would be if he did have the misfortune of being sired by Zach. How would he live, knowing that his son hated him for the way he is going after Kendall? Ethan muses aloud that Zach won't rest until Kendall is in jail, regardless of the truth. Zach shoots back that Ethan is apparently willing to do everything he can to keep her out, regardless of that selfsame truth. Ethan says that Cambias people are notorious for rewriting the truth until it reflects what they want it to say. In fact, they are the type of people that would beat you bloody and then laugh in your face. After a beat and while staring at his father, he admits could get used to that.

A short time later, Krystal shows up at the hospital and runs into David. She tells him that there is something wrong with the world, and David glumly tells her that he's glad she finally noticed. Determined to tell him what happened, she pulls him off to the side. She admits that she went to see JR and found out that he is acting as if nothing was wrong, as if Miranda didn't exist. She tells David that there is no way that JR is letting go of the baby. David then asked her why she really went there, and she says that she had to find out if Tad told JR about his son. From what she could tell, JR was still in the dark. Krystal looks around the waiting room and tells David that she can feel the prayers in the air. He asks her if she can feel hope. She says she has hopes that Bianca will come out of the coma and will, because of her big heart, forgive her one day. David says that if anyone can do that, it would be Bianca. Krystal just wants a chance to make up for all of the wrong she's done toward Bianca. She admits that she made a lot of decisions that weren't hers to make, and all of them led to Bianca lying in a coma, without her baby. If she could just play god one time, she would fix it. David says that he has played god many times with patients on the table - restoring their health, saving them from death. If he could somehow play god one more time, and never again - he too would save Bianca.

Adam is the first to arrive in the conference room at the hospital. Moments later Jack, Erica and Tad join him in the room. They are followed a beat later by Judge Lampert, and then the lab technician. She reads the results: with 99.9% accuracy, the subject infant, Bess Miranda Chandler is the biological child of an untested male, and Bianca Montgomery. She starts to hand the results to Erica, who looks pleased for a moment but then sees the look on Adam's face. Erica and Adam sign off on the test results, and Judge Lampert takes them with her to be filed. She leaves the room, followed shortly thereafter by the lab technician. Erica tells Adam that she doesn't know what to say - sorry doesn't seem to quite fit, but she says it anyway. She tells him that if it's any consolation, the people who are responsible for this tragedy will pay for what they did. In fact, some of them already are paying for their actions. She adds that the rest of the people involved are all victims, most especially JR and Bianca. Erica starts to offer her help if there is anything Adam needs her to do, but he rejects her soundly. He says that he has to go home and tell his son that the baby he loves is not his, and that there won't be anymore Daddy and Bess time. Adam starts to head out of the room, but Tad insists that he can't allow Adam to handle this alone. Irate that it seems the trio wants him to air his son's pain in front of an audience, he questions Tad's motives. Tad tells him that JR has had the Chandler jet on standby, 24/7 since they got back from Florida. He knows that as soon as Adam says word one about the test, JR will grab the baby with one hand, a suitcase in the other, and take off for parts unknown. Tad informs Adam that JR has been told several times that Bess is really Miranda but to no avail. He wants what he wants. Looking sorrowful, Adam begins to realize the weight and severity of the situation. Jack notes that while JR should be able to go through this hell in private, he is holding on to the one thing that might be able to bring Bianca back from the brink of death. Adams agrees mutely, indicating his consent that they join him in telling JR at the house.

Now alone with the baby at the Chandler mansion, JR sits with Miranda by the Christmas tree and decides that they can open one present on Christmas Eve. He shares the stuffed puppy he got for her.

Kendall surfaces at the boathouse and flies into a rage, throwing an oar and trying to break it. She starts pacing angrily and shouting at the sky. She asks what she needs to give, what she needs to do to get her sister back. She promises praise, glory, worship...whatever is needed, as long as Bianca doesn't die. While she is on her knees, pleading, Ethan shows up. She initially tries to dismiss him, insisting it was a party for two, but Ethan isn't so easily discarded. He tells her that there is a better, more direct way to get what she wants. It doesn't involve breaking oars or shaking her fist in the air - but rather just asking for help. She immediately tells him that the word isn't in her vocabulary, and wonders if that's why she's been shafted for so many years. He tells her that she should think of it as covering her bases, because asking for help certainly can't hurt. She asks if he followed his own advice when he was trying to find out if he was a Cambias, and he confirmed as much. She laughs wryly, and notes how little he got in return. Ethan corrects her and says that he got all he needed - proof that he wasn't a Cambias. Kendall wants to know if that's really enough for him, and he tells her that there is nothing more he could want. Zach took the test and it were conclusive. Ethan reminds Kendall that when he first came to town, he introduced himself as the nephew of Bianca's rapist. Instead of shunning him, Bianca immediately made him her friend. Nodding, Kendall notes that Bianca couldn't help herself - that's just the kind of person she is. Ethan says that if Bianca did leave, the world would be a much colder and meaner place. He believes that the world is cold and mean enough, and that no god could want that. Kendall admits that Bianca is the last remaining good part of her soul - the only part that hasn't been kicked in, damaged or bruised. If there is a god cruel enough to take Bianca away, Kendall swears that she will give up. If people want to believe that she drugged Greenlee, if they would feel better having her locked up and rotting in jail - she wouldn't care. Nothing would be worth it without her sister. Ethan tells her that she needs to stop thinking things like that, and if she couldn't, she needed to let him take care of both of them. Just then, Kendall starts to walk away. Ethan asks where she is going, and is met with a one-word response: 'alone'.

Back in the waiting room, Opal asks if anyone wants more cider. Declining, Myrtle says that what they need is something with more holiday spirit. As if answering her call, carolers come into the waiting room and their song serves as on overture for the next few scenes. David and Krystal watch the carolers...Maria takes notes on a chart in Bianca's room...Ryan, Greenlee and Zach look in at Bianca through the window...Ethan alone at the boathouse, throws one of the oars.

Kendall walks into a church set up with a nativity scene. As she looks on, a priest comes up behind her and startles her. He asks if he can help her, and she tells him she thinks that she just lost her way. He responds that perhaps she found her way, just as her sister did last year.

A shot of Maria taking Bianca's pulse in her room fades to a shot of the Chandler Christmas tree and JR sitting on the floor by the gifts. Just then, the doors fly open and his father, his stepfather, Erica and Jack come in.

Friday, December 24

JR asks Jackson, Erica, Tad and Adam if something has happened to Bianca and when they tell him about her condition, he offers to help in any way that he can. Erica tells him he can help her by giving Bess to her. JR says that he is not going to take his daughter to the hospital on Christmas Eve. Tad tells JR that he has some bad news and everyone, except Adam, pipes up to tell him that Bess is really Miranda. Erica tells him about the new DNA test, which proves the child is not Bess. When JR brings up the other test, Tad says it was wrong and tampered with. Erica says that a blood sample was taken from Bianca and Miranda. JR realizes that Adam took Miranda to get the test done and tells him "you did this." JR even tells Adam that he plotted with all of them - his daughter in exchange for Colby. Adam tells him that he made no deals with them, he just needed to know the truth. Next, JR blames Jamie and Babe, saying they all schemed to hurt him. Jackson tells JR that the DNA results with stand up in court and technically, they don't need his permission to take her. JR goes and slams the doors, saying they will have to kill him first before they take Miranda away. Stuart walks in and asks to speak to JR alone, even though he can sense it is a bad time. At first, Adam protests, but Erica says Stuart might be their last hope. Stuart and JR go outside to talk, where Stuart urges him to help Bianca and let go of Bess. Stuart tells him that sometimes it is worse to hold on tight than to let go.

JR comes back and tells them he will go get Miranda. When Jackson tells him he is going with him, JR protests and asks to say good-bye to her alone. Tad informs him that he will at least wait outside the door because everyone is scared he will run away. Jackson adds that the house is being completely watched by security as well. JR goes up to Miranda's room and grabs her baby bag. He tells her that he knows a secret way to get out of the house and they leave.

Jackson gets a call from Maria and she tells him that Erica needs to come to the hospital. Jackson tells Adam to get JR because they need to go. When Adam gets upstairs, he sees that JR and Miranda have disappeared.

Tad goes outside and talks to Dixie. He says that he does not blame her if she is disappointed in him, but he had to do what he felt was right. He says he does not know how to help JR, but to please show him how.

Maria is tells Zach that Erica needs to make some tough choices because Bianca's body is shutting down. She leaves the room and Edmund wheels by. He comes inside and Zach leaves. Edmund tells Bianca that she has to find her way back to the people who love her.

Opal and Palmer fret anxiously in the waiting room. Opal even bugs Palmer to do something for Bianca because of his extensive resources, but Ryan reminds her that there is nothing he can do. Maria comes out and asks for Erica, but they say she is not there. Maria pulls Greenlee aside, asks her to contact Jackson to see if Erica is with him and tell them to get to the hospital immediately. Ethan comes over to the crowd inquiring about Bianca's condition. Reggie tells him that from the look on Maria's face, it isn't looking good for Bianca. Lily says that she needs to get Bianca a miracle and when Ryan, Ethan and Reggie try to explain to her that she can't just "get" a miracle, she becomes confused.

Lily goes into visit Bianca after Edmund leaves. She tells her that she wanted to bring her a miracle, but that she was not sure where to get one, so she wait with her until a miracle shows up. She tells Bianca that sometimes, it feels safe when you are alone and perhaps that is what she is doing. She says that it is better to be a part of the world, no matter how scared you are. Lily reaches for Bianca's hand and holds it tightly. She then takes Bianca's hand and touches it to her face. When Lily realized that the sensation of someone touching her skin didn't frighten her, she asked aloud if it was miracle. Then she repeated, "I'm not frightened" over and over again as she continued to rub her face with Bianca's hand.

Kendall asks the Reverend how he knows Bianca and he tells her that she came by last year, deeply troubled and looking for something. When Kendall asks him how he knows they are sisters, he says that she has the same search and look in her eye that Bianca had last year. He tells Kendall that they discussed Miranda and that Bianca did not think she could love her. He notes that Bianca learned what God knew, which is that children need love and they don't carry the sins of their fathers. Kendall sarcastically thanks him for his advice and says that he messed up Bianca's life. She goes on to blast the power of prayer and calls it "useless." The Reverend asks Kendall what the opposite of faith is and she says fear. He tells her not to give up on her sister, but to reach out to her with her faith, not her fear. The Reverend tells Kendall he has to go and save "someone's soul." In an instant, he is gone. Kendall gets on her knees and prays. She says over and over again, "I believe."

As JR loads Miranda in a car, the Reverend appears in his passenger's seat.

Soon, people start flowing into the hospital's church, all saying prayers for Bianca.



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