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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 13, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, December 13, 2004

In Salem, USA, Hope tried to reach Bo by satellite phone but he had already turned it off before storming the European castle. Brandon stopped by for a visit and Hope bent his ear about her Billie troubles. When asked whether you ever get over a love that ends unexpectedly, Brandon admitted he still loved Sami but won't pursue it. Hope prayed Billie will be as good as Brandon.

Frantic, Sami turned her apartment upside down in search of her annulment papers. At her whit's end, Sami called her psychic friend who advised her to decide what she wanted and to stick with it. When Lucas questioned who she was talking to, Sami skittered off to Basic Black in search of the papers and sent Lucas off to bed. Once at Basic Black, Sami called her psychic friend back and begged for help in deciding between the men she loved. From the doorway, Kate overheard and began to formulate a new plan.

Out in the wilderness, Belle and Shawn finally consummated their love in the barn. As they lay sleeping, a stray spark lit up some nearby hay. Shawn eventually woke up but could not rouse Belle from sleep. Scared, Shawn scooped Belle into his arms and tried to escape the roaring fire. The barn crashed down around them as Shawn fought to protect Belle.

Nearby Rex and Philip continued to ski in search of Shawn and Belle. After searching an empty barn, Philip spotted a fire in the distance and they raced toward it. By the time Rex and Philip got to the burned out barn, Belle and Shawn had already been carted off by the paramedics. All that was left behind was Belle's scarf, making a horrified Philip scream.

At the hospital, John suffered his pain as Maggie stopped by with a gift. As a precaution, Marlena gave Maggie John's cross to give to him if she didn't make it. Maggie stopped by to make good on the promise but left quickly after an emotional encounter with the pained John Black. Kate was just as upset as Maggie at John's condition but upon talking to Lexie, learned John's condition could improve if he were home recooperating. Hoping to help, Kate offered to move into the penthouse and take care of John full time. As John cried through gritted teeth, Kate held him close and promised never to leave him. From the bathroom, the mysterious stranger videotaped the tender moment.

In Europe, Roman and Marlena tried to escape but Tony handily put an end to their efforts. As a special treat, Tony wheeled in a television with the video of John and Kate in Salem, embracing. A tearful Marlena saw the cross in Johns' hand and decided John had given up hope of finding her.

Outside the castle walls, Bo and Billie were almost captured but got the drop on two guards, stealing their uniforms. With some quick handiwork on the keypad to the guard gate, Billie and Bo ran into the compound, setting off the alarms as they went.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Shawn and Belle are rushed to the ER in critical condition after being caught in the burning barn. Shawn and Belle share a mutual out-of-body experience. They pull through to the relief of worried friends and family. Mimi goes to thank the EMT who saved them and learns Shawn and Belle's bodies were found together, wrapped in each other's naked arms. Profoundly reacting, Mimi wonders if Shawn and Belle made love! As they regain consciousness, Shawn and Belle begin having flashes of their lovemaking (though Belle's memory is hazy). Shawn feels the change in his emotions. Belle is moved by her memories of heartfelt passion and she finds the courage to level with Philip.

Rex questions Mimi about what happened to her tonight. Mimi covers about finding the cage; she wants to wait until Shawn and Belle are better to talk to them about it first. Mimi knows eventually she will have to tell Rex about her abortion. She begs him to promise, no matter what happens that they will always be together.

Sami is on the phone with the psychic worried she'll screw up again because of residual feelings for Brandon. Lucas walks in on Sami on the phone with the psychic. Sami fears she's been caught and Lucas gives Sami the bad news about Belle. They rush to the hospital where Sami gets a moment alone with Brandon. Stunned Sami hears Brandon is leaving town tonight. Lucas overhears Brandon confessing his love to an emotional Sami and her begging him not to leave.

Kate overhears Sami on the phone with the psychic and gets an idea. When Sami leaves, Kate hits redial and bribes Marguerite to do whatever it takes to break up Sami and Lucas.

At the castle, Bo and Billie find a storage closet filled with their missing daughter's baby clothes, toys, a baby book, and a photograph. Billie has an emotional reaction and Bo consoles her. They find a clue to Georgia's room and after a close call with a guard, Bo and Billie open the door to the room.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

At the DiMera Castle, Bo and Billie find a room with a nameplate reading "Georgia Reed Brady." As they enter the room Billie calls out to Georgia, and a voice answers "Mama..." but Bo finds that is it only a doll. As they search the room they realize it's furnishings are for a much younger girl, and that Georgia hasn't lived there in a long time. Heartbroken, Billie realizes that though Georgia grew up in the lap of luxury, she was missing the most important thing in her life: her parents and family. Billie fears that Georgia grew up un-loved and lonely. Bo finds a filing cabinet and thinks it might be the key to finding out more answers as to Georgia's whereabouts. Bo warns Billie not to try to open it, as it is probably booby-trapped to destroy its contents. Billie ignores his warning and tries to open the cabinet causing it to explode. As the smoke clears Bo comes to and finds Billie lying unconscious on the floor.

At the hospital, Sami explains to Brandon that her mind is definitely made up. She wants to give her son, Will the stable family environment she never had growing up, especially since her parents are both dead. Sami vows not to let her past marital problems haunt her relationship with Lucas, and declares that she truly loves him. Upon hearing this, Lucas enters the room and tells her how lucky he feels to have her. Sami thinks Brandon should stay and celebrate the holidays with his family. Lucas agrees, but Brandon tells them that it's time they all moved on with their lives. Later, Lexie gives Brandon a clean bill of health and he informs her of his plans to leave immediately. Lexie protests, but he is insistent, explaining to her that he has no intention of coming between Sami and Lucas, especially because they share a child. He recounts his conversation with Hope, and tells Lexie how he thinks Bo and Billie will become closer as they bond with their daughter, putting a lot of strain on his marriage to Hope. Unknown to them both, Hope is standing outside the door and has heard every word they said.

Once at home, Sami and Lucas begin to make love. Horrified, Sami begins to fantasize about Brandon making love to her instead of Lucas. Sami pushes the images away and vows that she will be happy with Lucas.....only to have the image of Brandon return.

Miss Wendy, the phone psychic arrives at Basic Black, where Kate shows her a script she is to use for Sami's next phone call. As Kate pushes a wad of cash across her desk, she assures the phone psychic that Sami will call again and instructs Miss Wendy to tell Sami that her only chance at true happiness is to remain married to Brandon. As Miss Wendy reads over the script, she realizes that this ruse may not work, and tries to explain to Kate that Lucas and Sami may be fated to end up together no matter what. Kate will hear none of it and tells Miss Wendy (Marguerite) to just take the money and do her part and Marguerite agrees. As she leaves, Eugenia arrives and informs Kate that Brandon has left Salem, and that Sami and Lucas have gone home together.

Lexie tells Mimi that as soon as Belle and Shawn's lungs are functioning normally, they can go home, and that the barn fire could have been "the end" for them. Mimi recalls her conversation with Ty, the EMT who informed her that Belle and Shawn were found holding each other naked in the fire. Mimi is convinced they made love, and muses out loud that this is in fact a new beginning for the couple.

As Philip sits with Belle, passionate images of her making love to someone fill her mind. She looks over to Philip and says she has something she needs to tell him. Meanwhile Shawn insists to Hope that he needs to speak to Belle, as vivid images of their lovemaking fill his mind. Shawn needs to confirm if what he remembers is a dream, or reality. With that he makes his way to Belle's area of the emergency room. Belle tells Philip that her brush with death has made her sure that they cannot waste anymore time, and that she loves him. Philip returns the sentiment and they kiss, completely unaware that Shawn is standing on the other side of the curtain and has heard everything. Seeing this, Shawn is convinced that it all must have been a dream and walks away. Belle tells Philip that she dreamt about making love to him and how life-like her dream was, and he reasons that she might have been dreaming about the last time they made love, however, he mentions that she was found with Shawn. Belle assure Philip that she must have been dreaming about him, seeing as how he is the only man she has ever made love to. Mimi barges through the curtain and surprises them both by announcing that what Belle said isn't true! She asks to speak with Belle alone, and Philip leaves. Mimi tells Belle that her lovemaking dream wasn't a dream at all, and that she had in fact made love to Shawn. Belle refuses to believe it, attributing the hallucination to hypothermia. Mimi instructs Belle to speak with Shawn in order to find out what he remembers. Later Philip tells Mimi that he is sure he and Belle are destined for each other, and asks her to stay out of the situation. He then asks why she wanted Shawn and Belle out to Jan's house in the first place. Mimi says she can't tell him, but promises to show him soon but warns him that her revelation will reunite Shawn and Belle.

Shawn asks Lexie if it were possible to have vivid dreams due to smoke inhalation and being unconscious. Lexie confirms that it is entirely possible, and orders him back to bed. He angrily tells Hope that he and Belle are finished. He then explains how he and Belle were headed to Kent Island, the details of their accident, and the events that followed. Shawn is tormented, but Hope convinces him that no matter what, he needs to fight for his love for Belle, and that he cannot let her marry Philip. After Hope leaves, Shawn considers his mothers advice, as Belle pulls the curtain to his area. She asks if he remembers what happened between them, and he tells her he does.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

In the aftermath of the explosion, Bo has a hard time reviving Billie. Bart and some guards approach with guns drawn. As they try to break down the jammed door, Billie finally comes to, sees the blown apart file cabinet, and frantically tries to retrieve scraps of evidence on the history and whereabouts of their missing daughter. Bo and Billie narrowly escape being caught. They flee via a treacherous snow-covered ledge high above the castle gorge. Billie wants to check out another room they passed to see if Georgia is in there. They knock out a guard, steal his keys and are about to open the door.

Roman and Marlena are chained and shackled. They hear the explosion and wonder if someone is trying to break out of Tony DiMera's prison... or maybe a rescue party has arrived. They try to make noise to tip off the rescuers but Bart bursts in and warns them to cut the racket. While they question Bart, Marlena sees a startling reflection in Bart's ski goggles: Bo and Billie creeping by on the ledge outside the window. After Bart leaves, Marlena and Roman go to investigate. Bo and Billie are gone but there are distinct footprints in the snow out on the ledge. Roman wonders why Bo would be with Billie and not Hope? Marlena worries it could've been her imagination, Roman comforts her and they kiss.

Back in Salem, Hope worries about Bo's safety. She goes to Celeste for a reading. Celeste sees Bo and Billie and that they are in danger. She then sees a couple in each other's arms. Hope is dismayed but we see the kissing couple is Roman and Marlena and Bo and Billie are about to walk in on them.

Lexie examines John, confounded that the pain medication he's getting doesn't seem to be helping. The mystery figure injects John's I.V. with a drug to counteract the pain meds.

Shawn and Belle try to have a truthful talk about what really happened between them in the barn. Both are defensive and won't admit they remember making love. Belle finally blurts she dreamed about making love with Philip! This is the last straw for Shawn and his anger and edge return; he wants nothing to do with Belle ever again! Hurting, Belle returns to Philip and Mimi, determined to get married.

Mimi tells her mother about the cage she found at Jan's, the proof that Jan manipulated Shawn into dumping Belle. Despite Bonnie's warnings, Mimi insists Belle, Shawn, Philip and Rex come to Jan's house.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Mimi brings Shawn, Belle, Philip, and Rex to Jan's country house, determined to blow the whistle on her about keeping Shawn prisoner in the cage. Jan is defensive and nervous and insists she did nothing wrong. Everyone is curious about this "proof" Mimi claims to have. Mimi gives Jan one last chance to "confess" but she refuses. Mimi leads everyone to the bedroom and is about to open the door...

Brady and Nicole visit John and Nicole recognizes signs of drug use in John. Brady and John remember happy holiday times with their great loves, Chloe and Marlena. Brady wishes they could come back but he knows miracles like that just don't happen. Brandon is there to see Lexie and runs into Nicole, he tells her he is leaving Salem. Nicole tries to get him to stay for the holidays but he refuses. Nicole knows it is because he needs to get away from Sami Brady. They discuss her relationship with Brady and Nicole admits that, now that Chloe's dead, she thinks she may finally get what she wants for Christmas: Brady.

Chloe's doctor tells her there is a surgeon who can restore Chloe's voice and beauty and his clinic is just outside Salem. Chloe's refuses to go back but Nancy hits her with tough love and insists Chloe get the help she need.

In the DiMera castle, Bo and Billie are outside the room where Roman and Marlena are being kept prisoner. Before they can enter, Bo and Billie are forced to leave by approaching guards. They hide in an empty room and Billie rests, dreaming of happy memories of her and Bo. Bo and Billie are determined to find their daughter, even if they have to search every room in the castle.

Roman and Marlena break from their kiss and are disappointed they weren't rescued. Marlena and Roman begin to doubt whether Marlena really saw Bo and Billie outside the window on the ledge. They continue to grow closer as they, too, share happy Christmas memories.

Hope is upset about Celeste's premonition that she saw two people kissing. Hope believes it was Bo and Billie. Hope leaves and goes to the pier where she remembers happy times with Bo. She wishes on their star but a cloud obscures her view and Hope is chilled by what appears to be a bad omen.

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