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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 13, 2004 on GL
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Monday, December 13, 2004

Outside the Beacon, Billy confides to Josh that Harley suspects he had something to do with Phillip's murder. Josh is unfazed until Billy tells him Harley knows he lied about his whereabouts the night Phillip was killed. Josh asks Billy if he killed Phillip. Before he can answer, Billy's phone rings and he answers. On the other end an unidentified man tells Billy he did as asked and 'took care' of Phillip. If Billy wants him to leave town, his price for the deed will double. Billy whispers urgently that the man should leave town and agrees to the price. Josh glares at Billy and demands to know if the call had anything to do with Phillip. Billy lies to his brother and walks into the hotel.

In the lobby at the Beacon Ross hands Olivia legal papers outlining a proposed visitation agreement giving Alan the right to visit his granddaughter on a regular basis. Olivia is outraged and tells Ross she will not allow Alan to mold Emma into a twisted image of him. Ross tells Olivia to calm down and try to understand Emma is a Spaulding and Alan has a right to be interested in her future. When Olivia storms off, Ross greets Dinah who is also in the lobby, happily knitting baby booties. Ross is shocked to find out Dinah may be pregnant. He tells her he is happy but is concerned she may not be ready for motherhood. On the phone at the front desk, Edmund listens to this news in fascinated horror. Later, Dinah confirms Edmund has heard and tells him not to tell Cassie.

At the hospital, while waiting to see Buzz, Jeffrey O'Neill questions Lillian about the morning-after pill. Lillian is suspicious and refuses to give Jeffrey a prescription without the recipient seeing a doctor first. Their meeting is interrupted by Harley. She tells Jeffrey he can see her father but advises him not to upset Buzz. Once at his bedside, Jeffrey tells Buzz as soon as he is well, he will be formally arrested for Phillip's murder.

At Company, Jeffrey tries to get Dinah to agree to a pregnancy test. She refuses, saying it isn't necessary - she knows she is going to be a mother. She goes on to reassure Jeffrey she has no plans to pursue him for help with the child. Jeffrey is annoyed and tells Dinah any child with her as a mother is surely doomed. Dinah simply smiles at him in response.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Beth goes to Cedars Hospital in search of Rick, but instead finds an unhappy Mel. She has no idea where her husband can be found. Her patience with Rick's morose behavior since Phillip's death is running thin! Beth, however, knew right where to find her old friend Rick - in the high school gymnasium where Phillip and Rick played many a game of one-on-one. Rick seems unconcerned that Mel is looking for him and tells Beth he just took a day off from the hospital. The two commiserate and it is obvious a new kind of bond is growing between them. In fact, when Rick offers Beth some personal basket shooting instruction, it looks like a cuddle between sweethearts - something not missed by Mel, who finds the two together. Mel tries to get Rick to return to the hospital and reality by telling him Buzz was admitted to the hospital again. Rick is concerned, but not enough so to leave the gym. He tells Mel about the trip around the world he had hoped to take with her, but she insists his home is in Springfield, and his place is in the hospital. He tells Mel he refuses to be like Ed, "a workaholic father who was never around." The fight ends when Rick stomps out of the gym, leaving Mel and Beth together. When Mel confronts Beth and asks about her relationship to her husband, Beth says, "I'm his friend. Are you?"

Sandy and Tammy enjoy a meal at Elizabeth & Co. Sandy talks her into trying her hand at playwriting. When he is called away on a phone call, Jonathan sees his opportunity to further destroy Tammy's confidence. He tells her Sandy only wants her for sex, but he won't have her until he has "fixed" her. Jonathan says Sandy's suggestion that she write it all out in a play is just another way to fix the "damage." Although Sandy is making every effort to show Tammy he genuinely cares for her, she is bent on self-destruction and believes everything Jonathan told her.

Michelle has joined Holly in her tropical prison cell, but she refuses to sit quietly. They know Sebastian wants them to contact Ed, apparently the only physician in the world who can cure his illness. Michelle tells him she will call her father only after Sebastian lets her out of the cell long enough for them to find Tony. Sebastian falls for the ruse, not knowing Michelle has no idea how to contact her father. Miraculously, they find Tony just in time to administer the medication he needs...and he recovers! Sebastian and his henchman bring him back to join Holly and Michelle in their prison. Sebastian now expects her to pony up, and hands Michelle the telephone through the prison bars...she dials the phone...

Back in Springfield, Danny and Marina enjoy a day of flirting and innuendo. It's clear they enjoy each other's company as they spend the afternoon selling Christmas trees. At the end of the day, Marina mischievously produces a sprig of mistletoe. Danny is delighted, and they kiss! It's obvious they have both looked forward to it for some time, but Danny's cell phone rings, disrupting their moment. Danny is startled by the reply on the other end of the line. In a bit of very clever thinking under pressure, not to mention brilliant timing, Michelle has dialed her husband's cell phone number instead of her father's, as Sebastian ordered. Danny reels as he hears his missing wife's voice: "Hi, Dad! How are you, Dad?"

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Michelle pretends to reach Ed but in reality calls Danny. She hangs up quickly to prevent Sebastian from discovering her but he does and he's furious. Holly tries to convince him to show mercy but he seems unmoved. Michelle, Holly and Tony think Sebastian's going to kill them. Later, in a last, desperate attempt, Michelle convinces Sebastian she might be able to help him. Meanwhile, Danny convinces himself Michelle just misdialed and tries to put the call out of his mind. He and Marina decorate the tree but she catches him looking at his phone. Later, Marina makes a sacrifice and tells Danny to find out what's going on with Michelle.

Harley catches Zach trying to sneak off to help save Buzz. She promises him that his grandpa is getting all the help he needs and she'll make sure he turns out okay. Later, Harley gets in her Ruth attire and goes to the bar where she pretends to be drunk. She practically confesses to Josh that she killed Phillip. However, just when she is feeling confident she will be able to redirect the blame away from her father, Harley gets picked up by an undercover cop who overheard her confession.

Reva and Josh come home to find Jonathan partying with his friends. Reva asks Josh to leave her alone to deal with her son. When he leaves, Reva grabs a beer and joins in the festivities in an effort to get to know Jonathan better. She gets along well with one of the boys and a jealous Jonathan puts an end to it. Later, as Reva assures him she's not going anywhere, Jonathan keeps to himself a phone call about his burned down home in San Jamar. He lets Reva think he's warming up to her.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bill promises to take Emma to see Santa. Olivia hands off Emma and a dirty diaper to Alan who promptly returns the toddler. Alan privately reveals to Bill that he knows he is trying to adopt Emma. Alan says Olivia will self-destruct and wishes him luck.

Billy meets with the goon he hired to scare Phillip. Fearing the goon killed Phillip, Billy pays him off and orders him to leave town. Guilt-stricken, Billy visits Buzz in the hospital and promises he won't allow him to go to prison. Billy and Lillian debate whether Phillip deserved to die.

Gus offers a security position at Spaulding to the guard who took a pay-off and sprung Alexandra from jail on the night of Phillip's murder. Alexandra confronts them and sends the guard away. Alexandra defends herself and Buzz but Gus doesn't buy her story. Gus tracks down the guard who tells him Alexandra never made it into Company on the night of the murder because there was a gunshot and Buzz ran out of Company.

An undercover officer arrests Ruth/Harley for Phillip's murder. Ruth pretends to be sick and goes into the bathroom. Harley changes out of Ruth's clothes and tells the officer she witnessed Ruth escaping out of the window.

Harley visits Buzz and is brought to tears as they read his will together. Gus finds her in the waiting room. Harley tells him her death is the only way to get her father off the hook.

Billy and Alexandra discuss prison and Buzz's plight. Bill finds them and accuses Alexandra of plotting to take Emma from Olivia. Given her own experience, Alexandra swears she would never try to separate a mother from her child.

At Alan's bidding, a "nurse" from Ravenwood calls Olivia and tells her papers were found in Phillip's old room relating to her stock transactions. The nurse has Olivia sign "standard" forms and locks her in Phillip's room. Alan appears and tells Olivia make herself comfortable.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Reva and Josh encounter Billy at the Beacon. He seems depressed, so Reva makes an excuse to leave so Josh can talk to him. Josh tries to get Billy to tell him what's wrong. Billy simply says he's in trouble. Billy asks Josh if he knew something that could help Buzz. He's not forthcoming about what he's talking about, so Josh tells him he has to do what he knows is right. Josh asks how he can help. Billy says he can't and gets up; he needs to make a decision. He then leaves.

Cassie is running outside the Beacon and stops to stretch. Suddenly, someone starts rubbing her shoulders. She thinks it's Edmund at first and is horrified when she learns that it is Jonathan. Just as a disgusted Cassie is about to lay into him, Reva happens by and Cassie tells her that Jonathan groped her. Jonathan defends what he did, stating that it was a simple back rub, but Reva wonders if he was just messing with Cassie since he knew she wouldn't appreciate the gesture. Jonathan says no and walks off. Cassie starts getting upset that Reva is taking Jonathan's side and defending him. It's obvious Cassie's not ready to simply forgive Jonathan for what he did to Tammy. She then tells Reva she has one request.

A little later, Reva sees Jonathan inside the Beacon and asks to talk to him. He tells her to spare the tongue lashing. He comments that it might be best if he just disappears. Reva states that Cassie had a similar thought; she doesn't want him at her wedding. Reva defends Cassie's decision, although she tells Jonathan she wishes she would have postponed the wedding until next spring or summer. Perhaps then things between them would be different. She's hoping with some time and effort on everyone's part things will improve. He shrugs it off by asking why would he want to be there? To watch his aunt marry the man who wanted him dead at birth? Reva states that Edmund's changed, but Jonathan's not buying it. He doesn't think she does either, but she has to be there because she loves her sister.

Cassie sees Josh, who's now waiting for Reva, and tells him about not wanting Jonathan at her wedding. She says Reva claimed to understand but she knows she doesn't. Josh tells her not to worry about it. He's learned that sometimes things just have to happen. He tells her that Reva will eventually see Jonathan for what he really is.

A little later, Reva sees Cassie outside the Beacon and tells her that Jonathan understood. Satisfied, Cassie asks Reva to share the maid of honor duties with Tammy. Reva accepts. Cassie then goes outside and comes face to face with Jonathan. He's carrying a large box and tells her it's a wedding gift. Cassie's not very eager to take it, but he gives it to her anyway. He tells her that he doesn't want to keep making the same mistakes; he wants to put their problems behind them. He then wishes her a happy wedding and leaves. Cassie throws the present away, unopened. Later, Jonathan returns and sees the present in the trash.

Josh and Reva talk about Jonathan. She thinks he's finally coming around. She thinks the more they include him in the family, the safer he'll feel around them. Josh reminds her that there are those in the people who don't feel safe having him around.

Olivia goes to Phillip's old room at Ravenwood to meet Alan. He tells her to make herself comfortable. He informs her that she'll be staying a while. At first, Olivia can't believe that he has the power to keep her committed, but he states that all he needs are some friends in key positions. She'll be there until he gets what he wants--Emma. Olivia tells Alan that he has no right to Emma, but he reminds her that she is his granddaughter and should be raised as a Spaulding. He asks her if she honestly thought he'd just stand by and let Bill Lewis adopt Emma. Olivia is speechless, and more than a little moved. She starts defending Bill to Alan stating that he'd make an excellent father, but Alan won't hear it. He leaves the room and Olivia's locked in. Inside alone, Olivia starts bemoaning what's happened to her and wishes she could go back to that night and re-do it. Just then Alan reenters and asks her what she was about to say. Olivia insists that she did not kill Phillip, but she wishes that night had changed, that she could have saved him. Alan doesn't seem to believe her. He reiterates that he will not let Bill adopt Emma; Phillip would not have wanted that. After he threatens to walk out and leave her locked away, a desperate Olivia concedes to his demands. Alan then tells her he wants to work out the details. What will she tell Bill? She suggests the truth, but Alan wants his name left out of it. He wants it to appear to be her decision. She comes up with a few ideas, but they all seem too weak to Alan. He wants the adoption idea resolved permanently. Olivia then suggests that she tell Bill she doesn't love him enough for him to be Emma's father. Disgusted, Olivia goes to leave, but is confronted by a nurse who pushes her back in the room and sedates her. Olivia is angry since she did what Alan wanted, but he tells her that he thinks she should stay there a bit so she won't have any second thoughts.

While Frank is forced to arrest Buzz for Phillip's murder, Gus and Harley are discussing her plan to have Ruth commit suicide. Gus is shocked, but Harley insists that she will not let her father go to jail for shooting Phillip. She's not even sure if he'll survive the stress of the trial. Gus isn't sold on her plan. Harley agrees that Ruth's death has to be 100% convincing, but she knows how to do it. She, as Ruth, will go to the old bridge and videotape a confession. Ruth needs to be terrified about getting arrested. Harley will then make it appear as if Ruth has jumped off the bridge. She'll throw a log in he water so a splash could be heard on the tape and the police will think Ruth's body washed away with the currents. She says it's foolproof, she just needs his help. Gus is less sold on the plan now than before and tells her she's lost it and refuses. Harley is shocked, but Gus tells her the plan has too many flaws. Plus, there's the danger of her getting shot by some nervous rookie. He can't help her with that plan since he'd be putting her life at risk. Suddenly, he gets a call from Frank, Buzz needs his lawyer. Gus wants Harley to come to the station with him to see her father, but she refuses. She says she can't bear to see him like that. Gus leaves but tells Harley not to do anything crazy, to think about what she's doing.

Gus then goes to the station. Buzz isn't optimistic about his chances--he's even doubtful he'll be allowed on bail. Buzz asks where Harley is and Gus states that she had to stay home and watch the boys. He tries to assure Buzz that it will be okay. He then leaves the interrogation room and hears that Ruth Karloff has been spotted near a bridge. He rushes out with the cops. At the same time, Billy enters the station and asks to speak with Buzz. Billy tells Buzz that he doesn't belong there; that he wants to make sure the right person goes to jail.

Harley, dressed as Ruth, is outside on the old bridge, setting up the videotape when the cops arrive on the scene. At the same time, Gus arrives and demands that no one fire. However, when Frank demands that Ruth give herself up, he fires warning shots in the air. Shouting for everyone to hold fire, Gus runs toward Ruth as Frank does the same. Scared, Harley keeps backing away and falls right through mesh gate and into the water!

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