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Margaret shot Todd twice and managed to get him to her cabin. She asked him to impregnate her. Kelly called Duke to help her find Ace. John and Evangeline made love in an elevator. Cristian suffered from bouts of rage. Daniel was able to force Riley to have doubts about Jen.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 13, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, December 13, 2004

Antonio dreams that he and Jessica are making love. Jessica tells Antonio that she isn't sure that he didn't kill Tico. Antonio tells her that he didn't and he won't leave her alone until he finds out who did. Antonio also admits to Jessica that he cares about her and Jamie and won't let them get hurt.

Kelly is on Babe's trail. Kelly calls Duke to help her find Ace. Duke confides in Adriana about his plans to help Kelly.

Todd tries to escape from Margaret but gets shot again. Margaret warns Todd that if he tries anything else she has a friend who is watching Starr. Margaret makes Todd write a letter to Blair telling her that he couldn't go through with the wedding. Dorian is livid that Todd would hurt Blair again. Starr doesn't believe Todd would leave them. She wants to find him because she thinks he is in danger. Margaret takes Todd back to the cabin and decides to use a chef's knife to remove the bullets from Todd's legs.

John and Evangeline make love in the elevator. Cristian is still having memory trouble. He did not remember Adriana or his and Natalie's song. Natalie is suspicious.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Starr refuses to give up on Todd. She believes something must have happened to him and asked Viki to notify the police. Viki also agrees with Starr but Dorian is convinced that Todd walked out on his family. Blair decides to sleep at the hotel. Todd tries to escape again but is too weak. Margaret ties up Todd. Todd doesn't want Blair to give up on him.

John and Evangeline have a discussion on marriage. Evangeline doesn't want to get married and John thinks it's because she is too committed to her work. Evangeline is offended. Cris cuts his finger and nearly attacks Natalie. Cris burns his hand on the handle of a pot and throws the pot on the floor. Viki witnesses Cris' fit of rage. Viki and Natalie are worried about Cris.

Duke borrows Asa's plane to help Kelly get to Ace. Kevin tries to bribe and threaten Adriana to tell him where Duke is. Adriana let it slip that Duke is helping Kelly. Duke has a friend locate Babe Chandler.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Cris has an appointment at the hospital; Nat thinks he should mention his headaches and nightmares because it's possibly post-traumatic stress. John overhears the pair arguing and is concerned for Nat. She makes a comment about someone you know being a perfect stranger and he hopes it's not himself she's referring to. They reminisce about last Christmas. Paige takes the appointment instead of Michael who is none too happy that he's apparently being watched very closely by the hospital due to Tico's death on his watch. Paige tries to tell him that it's because it will be a stressful day with his having to testify again before the hospital board. When Paige returns to her exam with Cris, she inquires about a previous rib injury and the headaches that Nat called about. He thinks that Nat was overreacting and refuses to discuss anything or have further tests. He also refuses to take the doctor's advice to speak with a professional regarding his recent imprisonment and stress.

Jen spots Marcie at the gym doing an extreme workout and voices concern over her pushing herself and not eating right. Marcie explains how it all has to be done so that she looks good for her book tour. She doesn't want Michael to know how much time she's spending at the gym. Kevin corners Adriana and pushes her for information on the whereabouts of Duke and Kelly, claiming concern for their safety. Adriana states that she trusts Duke and refuses to divulge anything to Kevin. She receives a phone call from Duke but pretends it's from someone else. Later, she returns the call and asks Duke not to call anymore because Kevin is trying to pry information from her. Kevin puts a tail on Adriana.

Daniel pays a visit to Riley, shows him the newspaper headline regarding Dorian's release, and makes it known that Jen will be questioned again. Riley refuses to believe that Jen could ever commit a murder but Daniel is able to fill him full of doubt. When Jen returns home, she notices that Riley is acting oddly when he begins to question her. Jen is angry that Riley seems to believe that she could be capable of such a crime but after a brief and heated discussion, they make up.

On the airplane, Duke receives a phone call and learns the latest location of Babe and Ace, though they have already moved on. From the information given, he surmises they're headed to New Orleans. He's willing to go where they have to but he demands to know the full truth from Kelly. She tells him that she's not really Ace's mother.

Bo and Matthew return to Nora's house and fill her in on Blair and Todd's non-wedding. Nora is concerned that she hasn't been able to locate Daniel to let him know that she freed Dorian and David. She thinks that Daniel is avoiding her. There are a few awkward moments when she and Bo mention their personal lives and the subject is quickly changed to Paul's murder and new evidence. There's been a new partial bank statement found showing routine deposits of $25,000. Obviously, they were payoffs. Daniel arrives unexpectedly and is surprised to see Bo. He's ok with Nora's releasing Dorian and he thinks he may be able to have someone track down the bank deposits. After Bo leaves, Nora grabs Daniel and kisses him but he pushes her away, accusing her of competing with Bo. He thinks that he's playing second to Bo and assures her that she will never remarry Bo and can waste her life if she so chooses. Matthew listens from the stairs.

Michael testifies before the hospital board and afterwards, blames Paige and the hospital for trying to make him the fall guy for the murder. When Marcie arrives and apologizes to Paige for Michael's behavior, Michael flips and yells at her for stepping in. They argue and he accuses her of comparing him to Al. Cris comes upon Nat and John talking and completely ignoring John, tells her his headaches will go away. Bo stops by the hospital to say hello to Paige and invites her to dinner at his place. Marcie passes out. John continues to question the staff about Tico's death and listens to an argument between Cris and Natalie over his speaking to a psychologist, which he denies being suggested by the doctor. When he goes off to have his prescription filled, John offers his friendship to Nat if she needs someone.

Nora explains to Matthew that she and Bo are just friends and a team to watch over him. It's true, she tells him. They will never remarry. She's also not sure if she will marry Daniel some time.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Margaret holds Todd captive in her cabin and tells him exactly what she wants from him. Back in Llanview, Blair tells Dorian that Todd didn't write the letter to her. To check on Blair's theory, David takes it to a writing expert.

Paige and Bo's dinner date end in the bedroom, where they make love. As they lie there, basking in the afterglow, Nora arrives. After an uncomfortable Paige leaves, Bo and Nora have a fight, where Bo says he'll never be able to forgive her for cheating on him.

Worried about her fainting spell, Michael admits Marcie into the hospital, which results in an argument. Marcie's call to Jen interrupts her close moment with Riley. Riley later is caught off guard when he finds something suspicious amongst Jen's things.

Thursday, December 17, 2004

by Judy

In New Orleans, Kelly watched Babe and Jamie decorating for the holidays. Kelly saw Babe comforting Ace/James when he was crying. Babe heard a noise outside and opened the door to investigate. Babe did not notice anyone and went inside. Kelly decided that Babe was Ace's mother and wondered how she would give him up. Kelly knocked on the door. Babe answered and Kelly said she came to get her baby.

At Llanfair, Cristian was experiencing headaches and quickly hid his journal. Antonio arrived and asked Cristian what was bothering him. Cristian responded how he has been lying to everyone. Cristian said he wasn't sure he could go back to the guy he once was, the guy who always did the right thing. Antonio said some things have changed. Cristian responded how they both have changed. Antonio stated how they could get back to being brothers again, only it would take time. Cristian realized that, but said he was angry and frustrated all the time. Antonio asked him why he hasn't told Carlotta he is alive yet. Since Tico is dead and no longer a threat, Antonio asked what he was afraid of. Cristian said he wanted Carlotta to know, but he was just different now. Antonio reminded him that he was still her son. Natalie entered and Antonio went to talk to Jessica. Natalie asked Cristian to go out on a first date again. Antonio found Cristian's journal. Cristian realized he was missing his journal and ran out to retrieve it. Antonio did not realize whom the book belonged to and left it in the hallway without reading it. Cristian arrived and retrieved his journal.

John was playing pool at Rodi's when Evangeline arrived. John asked why she came and Evangeline said Nora called and asked to meet her there. Nora sounded very upset. John thought how nice it was to have someone cared. Evangeline said she would do the same for him if he ever needed her. John told her he would as well. Evangeline asked if everything was okay since he doesn't normally discuss friendship and watching out for each other. John remarked he believed she was the one who said attachments spoiled things. Evangeline remarked marriage spoiled things. John commented that talking about relationships made him edgy. Evangeline said there was something that came between dating and marriage. John asked was that love. Evangeline wanted to remove those words from their vocabulary, as she kissed him. Natalie and Cristian went on their date to Rodi's. Cristian hoped Natalie didn't mind going back and shooting pool there. Natalie said the table was at Crossroads then. Cristian, clearly not remembering, covers his mistake. Cristian asked who brought the pool table to Rodi's. Natalie told him John did. Natalie apologized for mentioning John. Cristian told her it was not a big deal. Natalie disagreed. Cristian nastily said he did not think John could buy Natalie off. Natalie defended John and told Cristian John still feels guilty for everything that happened to him. Cristian was happy with this news. Natalie stated she knew Cristian believed John screwed everything up, but John was not the one who wanted Cristian dead. Tico was. Cristian walked out.

At Todd's penthouse, Blair retrieved a red dress among the ruins. Dressed to kill, Blair walked into Rodi's and started drinking. She reminisced about her and Todd starting the lonely-hearts club and decided tonight she was going to lose the loser for good. Evangeline approached Blair to let her know how sorry she was to hear about what happened with Todd. Blair scathingly responded was it the same sorry she felt when she laid her out on the witness stand. Blair berated herself for letting Todd go free. Evangeline told Blair she didn't mean that. Blair told Evangeline to go to hell and threw her drink at Evangeline.

At the cabin, Todd (still being held captive) told Margaret he would not go along with her plan to impregnate her. Margaret said his choices were to impregnate her or die. Todd advised her to shoot him now. Margaret said she wasn't going to shoot him. She shot him twice already and doesn't want to pull any more bullets out of his legs. Margaret said she knew Todd didn't love her and can live with that, as long as she has his baby. Todd said no to this idea. Margaret was disturbed and shouted how this was her dream. Margaret became enraged and slammed the iron fireplace poker into Todd's legs. She then cried and scolded Todd for making her do these things to him. Margaret told Todd all he had to do was to impregnate her and he could limp out of there back to Blair. Todd asked Margaret that if he consented to her request, would she really let him go. Margaret asked if she was repulsive. Margaret asked if she was a beautiful as Blair. Todd told Margaret she had her own special beauty. Margaret wanted to make a baby with Todd right away, but Todd advised to wait since he was hurt. Margaret screamed for Todd to get over it and act more enthusiastic or he would never leave. Margaret started kissing Todd and said he would be giving Starr and Jack another sibling, so they could all be one, big, happy family. Margaret gushed how Todd was a wonderful father. Todd replied that was because they were Blair's children and how they are the only children he would ever love. When Todd said he would be an absent father, Margaret screamed how he deserves to die. Margaret held a knife on Todd and said she would get pregnant and then she would kill him. Todd tried to reason with her and she wanted him to call her Peggy. Todd complied and said that a baby needs to be wanted by both parents. Margaret knew this wasn't what Todd wanted. Margaret decided once the baby came, Todd would change his mind.

At Bo's place, Bo told Nora he never forgave her for cheating on him with Sam. Nora was devastated, since she thought Bo forgave her a long time ago. Bo was angry. Bo said Nora doesn't want to move on. When Nora protested that statement, Bo asked why hasn't she? When Nora doesn't answer, Bo said its because she can't let go of him. Nora angrily said he needs his ego checked. Bo questioned why she took the Assistant District Attorney's job. The job put her in constant contact with him. Nora reminded Bo that he advised/encouraged her to take the job. Bo accused Nora of circling Paige like a hawk and how she did the same thing to Gabrielle. When Bo remarked how Gabrielle was always insecure, Nora agreed she was insecure, however that had nothing to do with Nora. Nora asked Bo did he ever stop to think about why none of his relationships last? Bo angrily responded the reason was because Nora would not give up. Nora yelled that was because he wouldn't let her. Bo stated that she was still hanging on. Nora responded that he was the one who was hanging on. Bo said he was hanging on to anger. Nora told him that was because he was still in love with her. Bo opened the door and told her to get out. Nora stated that he was so full of Buchanan pride, he could not think straight and how Bo and Asa were alike. Bo said he was nothing like his father. Nora agreed stating deep down Asa was all heart. Bo commented he was cold and unfeeling. Nora reminded him those were his words and left. Bo was having a hard time dealing with his feelings after his fight with Nora. He called Paige and left a message apologizing for the evening and wanted to see her again.

Natalie and Jessica were in the library at Llanfair and discussed how frightened Natalie was for Cristian. Natalie was still concerned about all that he went through and everything he was going through now. Jessica questioned Natalie if they talked about it. Natalie, very frustrated, responded they had, but he kept shutting her out. Natalie told Jessica she had not told Cristian about John. Jessica responded that they never got together, but Natalie said there was something there anyway. Natalie decided not to tell him since Cristian blames John for everything Tico did. Jessica did not want to discuss Tico. Natalie warned Jessica that John was going to question her about the night of the murder again. Jessica stated she could not remember and maybe she did not want to. Natalie questioned if Jessica knew the killer. Jessica coldly stated she wanted Tico dead more than anyone. Antonio told Jessica he did not kill Tico and wished he could convince her. Jessica said she once believed everything he told her and wondered what had happened to that. John arrived. Antonio asked John to go easy with questioning Jessica. John thought it was because Antonio was fearful Jessica would remember he killed Tico. Antonio told John, Jessica would eventually remember and then he'd know Antonio didn't kill Tico. John was unhappy thinking Antonio could have killed Tico, but stated he had the means and motive. Antonio said he also had the desire. Jessica was remembering the night Tico died. She saw Tico and the life support equipment. She saw shadows and a surgical gloved hand pull the plug. She saw and heard the machines ringing and it appeared she was looking at her own hand. John and Antonio enter to talk to her. John showed Jessica pictures of Santi associates and asked if she recognized any of them. Jessica did not and was trying to remember that night. Jessica told John she knew he believed she was covering for the killer, but she assured him this was not the case. Jessica hated Tico, but did not want anyone to kill him. This le d John to believe Jessica may be the killer. Natalie and Cristian arrived. Jessica told John she could see a figure, but not a face. She remembered walking to Tico's room and getting to the door, but nothing after that. Jessica appeared to remember something and said she could not finish with Antonio in the room. Natalie feared Jessica was going to implicate Antonio. Antonio was stunned.

Nora arrived at Rodi's to meet Evangeline. Nora asked Blair if she had seen Evangeline. Blair commented Evangeline had a problem with an adult beverage, but would be back. Nora said she heard about what happened with Todd. Blair told her to go ahead and gloat. Nora said she would not, since her track record with men was not great either. Blair was stunned that Nora admitted she had made mistakes. Nora suggested a truce. Blair asked if she got into a fight with Daniel. Nora told her it was Bo and the fight was six years in the making. Blair asked who won the fight and Nora responded no one. Blair walked over to Natalie and told her she saw what happened with Cristian. Natalie commented that he was having a hard time. Blair said she had a husband return from the dead and look what happened. Natalie was appalled that Blair compared Todd and Cristian. Natalie told Blair she should have seen it coming. Blair was shocked and had no idea what Natalie was talking about. Natalie remarked that Todd was flipping out and about to lose it before their wedding. Natalie was surprised Blair didn't notice. Blair told Natalie Todd was damaged goods and she thought by loving him enough she could fix him. Blair realized she cannot and walks away. Evangeline found Nora. Nora said Blair told her she had an accident. Evangeline angrily told Nora that Blair was the accident and Blair was lucky she didn't get Evangeline's hair wet. Evangeline asked what happened with Bo. Nora explained how Daniel said Nora could not move on because she was still hung up on Bo, so she had to talk to Bo immediately. Evangeline said she should have talked to Daniel. Nora excitedly said she needed to talk to Bo to clear the air and then she was going to go back and talk to Daniel. Evangeline was trying to keep up with Nora's logic and ramblings. Nora said when she arrived at Bo's, he was with Paige and it was very clear that they just had sex. Nora continued to rant about Bo and Evangeline was shocked to discover Nora stayed and waited for Paige to leave. N ora stated that Bo had been making her feel weird with Daniel, while he was having sex with Paige. Evangeline gently pointed out it sounded like Nora was jealous. Nora was hurt that Bo had lied and had not forgiven her. She was having a hard time dealing with the fact that Bo thought she would cheat on him with anyone. Nora was angry since she felt Bo had cheated on her with Paige. Nora, realizing what she said, was shocked and calmed down. Evangeline told Nora she was glad she admitted how she may not be over Bo. Nora quickly responded she was over him, finished, done, no more. Evangeline gently asked if that was what she wanted. Nora responded that Bo wanted Paige and she wanted Daniel. Evangeline looked concerned as Nora went to find Daniel. Blair thought she knew where to find Todd and was surprised she didn't think of it before.

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