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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on GH
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Monday, March 19, 2001

General Hospital:
Felicia asked Roy what Melissa was doing in Port Charles and why was she there. She was concerned for Bobbie's sake. She thought Roy should ask Melissa to leave.
Later, Melissa was playing with a patient when Roy saw them and sat for a few minutes before the patient, a little boy, was taken away to have dinner. Roy mentioned to Melissa that it might be a good idea if she went somewhere else. Bobbie saw them together when she got to the hospital, which was after she had a conversation with Luke about Roy and whether she trusted him.

Jake's (Jason's room):
Lucky clenched Liz's gloves in his hands and asked why. Before he left he put them back where he found them. When he went downstairs Liz was there talking to Jason.
Jason was asking Liz why she was there. She came for her gloves. He was going to get them but she went with him. Lucky pretended to be on the phone and watched them go upstairs.
Back in Jason's room, they talked about Lucky and Liz said she loved Lucky. Jason commented on her doing the "modeling thing" because of Lucky even though she didn't really want to do it. She said it was a good opportunity for them. Jason said how she loved riding on the back of his motorcycle. She said she couldn't ride on the back of his bike forever. He said he lets her ride in the front sometimes. They almost kissed but Liz pulled away and left.

Nikolas' cottage:
Lucky went to see Nikolas and Gia. He wanted to know if Gia was telling the truth when she told him about seeing Liz at the mall the day of the shoot. She admitted she lied, that she didn't know if Liz was at the mall, because she wasn't. She said how she went to Jason's room because she was sure Liz was there. She didn't see Liz, but she did see her gloves. Lucky thanked her for being honest with him. Gia said she lied for him, to protect him. She mentioned how she appreciated the pictures he had taken of her.
They talked some more and Lucky left. Nikolas told Gia she did a good thing, and admitted maybe Liz wasn't the girl he always imagined. He mentioned how she hung around with Jason when Lucky was "dead".

Luke's club (his office):
Luke was trying to decipher the code from the discs he pilfered from the Cassadine vault but not having much luck. Bobbie came by to see him and seeing the disc, asked what it was for. He said it was very important family business, but didn't mention whose family. She talked about Roy and about their days at the Campus Disco. She wasn't sure if she trusted Roy with Melissa in town. Luke mentioned all the other jerks that had let her down. She left and he was working some more when Felicia came to see him. He told the person to go away till he found out it was Felicia on the other side of the door. His attitude changed immediately. She asked if she could try to break the code so he let her try. They weren't having much luck. He said he was going to go to Helena's yacht. Felicia asked to come too but he said this time he needed to go alone. She said she could be the lookout again. He said he loved that cat suit but he had a different approach this time. She said she would stay and try to work on the computer. They kissed and he left.

Helena's yacht:
Helena was telling Andreas about using the Ice Princess to control Lucky and make him angry enough to do serious harm.
Later when Helena came back to the yacht she found Luke waiting for her. He greeted her and said that this, referring to the container she had kept the Ice Princess, looks like something that could contain said Ice Princess. She just laughed. Luke and Helena have kind of a sick relationship, as do Helena and Andreas, her boy toy. I often wondered why Andreas was so loyal to the woman who had his twin brother killed.

The Docks:
Lucky was heading back to Kelly's to wait for Liz when he ran into Helena. He tried to brush her off but she took out the Ice Princess and showed Lucky. She managed to get him angry with Jason and handed him a knife. He laid in wait for Jason and held the knife to his throat. According to Helena, Lucky wouldn't remember doing any of what he was about to do.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

by QT

Helena has declared war with Luke Spencer again. After putting Lucky into a trance and giving him a knife. Lucky pulled the knife on Jason Morgan (not a bright thing to do) and told him that Liz was his and no one else's. Jason being an extremely capable opponent took Lucky down. Unfortunately Lucky would not stay down. Jason had to really pound on Lucky. At the instance when Jason was inflicted his final kick Liz arrived and was horrified. She yelled Jason stop. Jason knew that he was in the worst possible position and with no way out. Liz immediately went to Lucky's defense and blasted Jason for his wrongdoing. She added insult to injury and did not allow Jason to explain. She ordered him to leave, he did, but Jason listened as Lucky slammed the door shut on Jason's friendship with Liz. She ushered Lucky to the hospital where he saw Tony. Melissa sat down and talked to Liz. She was understanding, but Melissa also showed that her anger about how Roy lied to her was not as over as she had led Bobbie and Roy to believe. Tony returned Lucky to Liz. Lucky was okay. He had no broken bones just sprains and a deep cut on his forehead. When Lucky and Liz entered his room, Lucky continued to bad mouth Jason.

Felicia was trying to break the code of the CD's from Helena in Luke's office. She almost had a disaster, but was able to remove the CD prior to it erasing Luke's laptop computer. As Felicia was working at Luke's desk she noticed a picture, old picture, of Laura and Luke together. She became jealous. Luke returned and told her about his meeting with Helena. It was the usually threatening with a little clue just to get him going. Luke had begun to look for Laura's number and this stirred Felicia more. She told Luke that she was there for him and could help him. Then she put on her coat and asked if he wanted her to leave. Luke told her no and kissed her. He whispered what kind of romantic evening he would like for them to have.

Meanwhile on the yacht, Helena was admiring the ice princess and her impending victory over Luke. She gloated to Andreas about her hold of Lucky and how the 2nd phase of his programming was going so well. Lucky will be violent when angry, but he won't remember a thing. He will always think that he was the victim. Helena told Andreas to pack his bags tonight because he was going to Istanbul, Turkey to retrieve the CD's; they were too valuable a commodity to have them half way around the world. Little does Helena know that the CD's are so close to her in Luke's precious hands. It appears this battle will get messy soon.

Carly was on a rampage today. She had set her mind to the fact that Sorel had threatened her family and she was determined to find out what was going on with him. She tried to get Sonny to divulge this information (yes, it was a losing battle for her), because Sonny has a will of iron when it comes to not giving any more information that he wants out. He talked to Carly about trust and how she has to trust him. He told her that she was not in any danger and to let him handle his business. Carly finally let it go and then they started to get romantic. They were kissing and Carly was removing Sonny's jacket when Jason stormed in the penthouse and insisted on speaking to Sonny. Carly went back into her terrified mode thinking that Jason or Sonny were in some kind of danger. Jason tried to reassure her that this had nothing to do with business but she was on a rampage and was not letting it go. Sonny asked her to go upstairs. She refused. He asked her again and reminded her of their recent conversation and the trust that she was supposed to have for him. Finally she relinquished and went upstairs but she still gave them a piece of her mind. Jason told Sonny that Lucky tried to kill him at the pier. Sonny was shocked

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Roy told Bobbie he asked Melissa to leave Port Charles. Bobbie had a change of heart and told Melissa to stay. Melissa appeared overjoyed at Bobbie's request, but only in front of Bobbie and Roy.

Luke and Helena exchanged conversation about the Ice Princess aboard Helena's yacht. Helena sent Andreas to Istanbul to bring back the disc from the bank deposit box.

Lucky drew a knife on Jason at the docks because he was angry and upset about Liz's attraction to Jason. Jason quickly disarmed Lucky and proceeded to punch Lucky out when Liz stopped the fight. Lucky, under Helena's programming did not remember he instigated the fight and accused Jason of attacking him out the blue. Liz angrily told Jason to leave and took Lucky to the hospital.

Sonny and Carly conversed about what is bothering him. Jason informed Sonny that Lucky tried to kill him.

Thursday, March 22, 2001

Monica grows frantic searching for the medical form she misplaced. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Emily asks Bobbie if she's noticed anything different about Monica's behavior in recent days. Luke spends a sleepless night trying to break the code on the CD-roms he swiped from Helena. Laura gasps in dismay when Lucky walks into her office with his arm in a sling and a face full of bruises. As the Quartermaine clan falls into another characteristic quarrel, a frazzled Monica angrily reminds her puzzled family that they should count their blessings and be glad they're alive and healthy. Felicia tells Luke she wants to share more of his life than just the occasional wild adventure. Lucky tells his mother that Jason viciously attacked him without provocation. Zander thanks Alexis for being such a good friend to him in his hour of need. The Quartermaine men consider changing their ways in order to appease the women in their lives. Monica tearfully confides to Bobbie her fear that her cancer has returned.

Friday, March 23, 2001

Luke's Apartment:
Laura went to see Luke to talk about Lucky. She told him she thought Lucky was in danger but not from the Cassadines. She told him about Jason beating up Lucky. She said he must have got mad about Liz and Lucky and took it out on Lucky. She was surprised that Jason would do that to Lucky when Lucky never did anything to Jason. Laura was talking about what Liz would see in Jason and it brought her back to their past. Luke commented that no matter how far a person traveled, they always end up in the same place. He was telling Laura that he would go see Jason when Lucky came in. He told Luke to stay out of it; he was not his little boy anymore. Laura said to wait till he had children of his own, he would protect them. Lucky said he would know when they were grown up to stay out of their lives. Luke asked Laura if he could be alone with Lucky. Lucky agreed and Laura left. Lucky told Luke to respect him enough to leave him alone to make his own mistakes. He brought up the rape again.

Liz's studio:
Liz went to her studio and found Jason there. He tried to explain what really happened. Liz wouldn't listen to him, just screamed at him. He told her Lucky had held a knife to his throat but she didn't believe him. She said she had thought that Jason was good and kind, even though he had tried to tell her different. Lucky and Nikolas had warned her about him. She wanted him to leave and never see him again. After he left she threw something at the door and it broke.
Later Lucky came by and she told him that Jason had said he had held a knife to his throat. Lucky said that didn't happen, Jason was sick. He asked about what she was cleaning up and she told him about being mad at herself for believing in Jason and she threw it at the door.

On the pier:
Ned was all dressed up in a tuxedo and was waiting for Alexis. He had sent her a note to meet him there. The place was all decorated and he had a violinist standing by. He was going to give her five more minutes but she arrived just then. He took her by the hand and he sang "It Had to Be You" while they danced. Ned said he was glad he waited a few more minutes to see her sparkling eyes. She said she left as soon as she got his note. She was sure she ran into some people on Riverside, and she didn't know what she did to a group of teenagers she plowed into; she was sure they would sue; it was a good thing she could defend herself. Ned told her that he could compromise and he thought of her as home and he was homesick.

Kelly's - Hannah's room:
AJ went to see Hannah and found her packing. He asked if she was going on an assignment. "You could say that," she said. She told him she was leaving Port Charles. "No, you're not," AJ disagreed. She said it wasn't about him. He told her they had such a great time at Winterfest, he won her a gorilla; that was just a first date. He accused her of running and wondered what about him scared her. She told him he was reckless. He asked who put her up to this, and where was she going. She told him if he ruined this assignment by contacting her, he would be disrespecting the one friend he had and didn't deserve. He tried to talk her out of going, tried to give her a gift, but she wouldn't take the gift and told him goodbye. Her packing left a lot to be desired.

Hospital - Monica's office:
Alan went to see Monica and ask her what was wrong. She told him it was stress but he wasn't buying that. He said he had been married to her for enough years to know when something was wrong. She told him she was worried, but he thought she was referring to menopause and said he would be with her even if her mood swings took her from Africa to Siberia. He said they would grow old together, and thirty years from now when they were both as white haired as his mother, he would still think her beautiful. She told him she loved him, but didn't get a chance to tell him about the biopsy.
Emily went to see her and gave her the paper she had picked up by accident. She asked Monica if the cancer was back. Monica told her that Dr. Meadows just saw something and wanted to do a biopsy; it was probably just a cyst. She said nothing was going to keep her from seeing Emily graduate; walk down the aisle to get married; see her children. She would fight if it was the cancer back. Emily told her she loved her.

Zander's room?:
Emily found the permission slip for the biopsy she got by accident and was crying, thinking that Monica's cancer was back. Zander tried to comfort her, telling her it didn't necessarily mean that. She said it did and went on about the chemo and stuff she would go through. She was all doom and gloom even though she didn't know everything. Zander went with her to the hospital, saying he would take a cab home.

Helena's yacht:
Andreas was back with the discs from the safety deposit box. Helena commented about how stupid Luke was for leaving the discs behind. Because he was so intent on getting the Ice Princess he missed what was in front of his nose; his one-way ticket to hell. She soon found out different. She had Andreas put the first disc in the computer and guess what she heard? Blues music instead of what was supposed to be on them. I guess the joke was on her this time. "Those are the wrong discs, Luke has stolen the other ones," she exclaimed.
Note: Enough of the mind altering stuff, been there, done that. It's getting old fast.

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