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Monday, March 26

Karen reluctantly sent a message through Nellie and was very surprised when she got a response. She found that there was a person on the other side of Nellie only her name was Cookie. Cookie told Karen that she was in high school and that her dad would kill her if he found out that she was using his machine.

Joe and Gabriela were about to enjoy their stay in London when Gabriela ran into Ben at the front desk. Ben jumped all over Gabriela when he recognized her from Port Charles while she accused him of being a murderer. Ben dismissed her accusations and showed her the article about Joe in the paper. Since Joe was busy finding fellow speakers to critique his speech, Gabriela pretended that Joe was dead. She told Ben that Joe had been scheduled to speak before his death and that the article was only a mistake on the part of the committee. For the moment, Ben seemed to accept her story and left, but not before threatening Gabriela and telling her to keep quiet about seeing him there.

Karen was chatting with Cookie about school when Frank walked in. He was so relieved to find that Karen didn't think he was crazy anymore. Karen explained that she should have trusted him, but that she may have been pushing him away just because everything was going so well and she didn't want to get hurt. Unknown to Karen was that Cookie wore a gold heart necklace very much like the one that she was wearing.

Eve told Ian about her drunken evening with Chris in an effort to explain why she was soaking wet. She left out the part about Chris and her almost sleeping together. Overjoyed that Ian's marriage would be over soon, Ian and Eve were going to stay together, but they decided that it would probably be better if he leave just in case the INS were watching. But, before he could get out the door, they caved and fell onto the bed.

It wasn't long before there was a knock on Eve's hotel room door. Being cautious, Ian hid while Eve opened the door. The visitor was a hotel employee delivering a package that evidently came from the island that Eve and Ian had visited. The package was from Mya and contained a statue and a note. The note explained that she had sent the statue of a couple so that it would watch over Eve and Ian's love. Eve was reassured that her and Ian would work out just fine.

Eve got ready to leave her hotel room and set the statue on a table near an open window. Shortly after she left, the breeze from the window knocked the statue off of the table separating the two figures in it.

In the middle of their conversation, Cookie was interrupted by her father, who angrily told her to stay away from the computer and shut it off.

Gabriela filled Joe in about her visit with Ben. Joe quickly called Ian to let him know about the encounter with Ben. Then, Joe and Gabriela hurried to get out of the hotel, but hidden behind a newspaper, Ben was watching.

Tuesday, March 27

Lucy and Kevin returned from another wild motorcycle ride. Shortly after, Lucy told Kevin how great it was that Alison had talked him into buying the bike. With the mention of Alison, Kevin's mind shifted towards Livvie. He expressed how concerned he was that Chris was going to hurt her. Immediately, Lucy started to come up with sneaky ideas of how to get Chris away from Livvie. Kevin tried to tell her that they needed to let Livvie do this on her own, but Lucy wasn't listening.

From the on call room, Chris called Kim and told her to poke around Livvie's bedroom to see if there was a diary. He said that he was ready to step things up and get into her heart. Just then, Eve walked in. Acknowledging the awkward situation, Eve tried to stop Chris from ridiculing her, thanked him for not taking advantage of her and made him promise not to tell anyone what almost happened. She told him that he was a good guy underneath and that she knew he wouldn't hurt a woman intentionally. Sensing the reference to Livvie, Chris defended himself by explaining that he was taking it slow with Livvie and that he would never hurt her.

Meanwhile, Alison tried to put her two cents in with Livvie, but Livvie wouldn't listen. She told Alison that she was going to see what was there with Chris, this time for real. Alison did her best to remind Livvie of how she feels around Jack. It seemed that Livvie

was trying to make herself care about Chris and Alison told her that wasn't how it should be. Still, Livvie defended Chris because he was the only one who had been there for her since the beginning.

Victor and Ian discussed the plans to put Arianna in hiding. Since all of the plans were in order, they broke the news to Arianna that she would be leaving sooner than planned, but left out the part about Ben being a possible threat again.

Meanwhile, Ben was on a jet on his way to Port Charles with an article in hand about Joe and Gabriela's safe return to Port Charles.

Kevin decided that Lucy was right and Chris needed to be dealt with. Kevin even insinuated that they should have someone "get rid" of Chris so that Livvie would be protected. Lucy was surprised at Kevin's reference to violence. Then, with serious face, Kevin was getting excited about the possibility that Livvie would be safe with just one phone call. Lucy was really disturbed now so she started to talk him out of it. Kevin was disappointed and asked if Lucy would prefer he do nothing. Faced with the alternative, Lucy decided nothing was the best choice. With Kevin's smirk, Lucy knew that he had been scamming her in order to prove that the best thing to do was to not interfere in Livvie's life. With her fingers crossed, Lucy agreed that he was right and they should do nothing.

Alone with Ian, Arianna demanded to know if her hasty departure had been arranged because he wanted to be with Eve as soon as possible. Standing his ground, Ian still didn't tell her about Ben, but insisted that he was only doing this so that she would be safe as soon as possible.

Chris was on the phone with Kim who had found Livvie's diary when Livvie found him still in the on call room. She apologized for the way that she had been treating him. Chris explained that she shouldn't be so worried, but she insisted that she had been terrible to him while he had been nothing but nice. Livvie promised that she would make it up to him and sealed it with a kiss.

Alone with Arianna, Alison took the opportunity to welcome Arianna to Port Charles. She stressed how wonderful the people were and what a great place PC would be to raise children. Upset, Arianna quickly got up and told Ian that she was on her way home. Eve followed her out.

Outside, Eve reminded Arianna that Ian was doing all of this to protect her. Eve told Arianna that she thought she was a brave woman and wished her a long, happy life. Meanwhile, Ben was landing in Port Charles.

Wednesday, March 28

Frank told a curious Karen he's had no further contact with "Cookie" since the girl so abruptly cut them off the other day. Meanwhile, Cookie's father orders her to stay away from the machine and angrily rips her locket off his daughter's neck as punishment for her disobedience. Kevin and Jack have an awkward encounter at the bike shop. Livvie makes it clear to Chris that she's ready and willing to move their relationship to a more intimate level. Karen shyly confides to Frank how she used to ogle him from the bleachers back when he was a high school jock. Lucy urges an irked Livvie not to even consider having sex with Chris. Later, Lucy fumes to see Chris sneaking another peek into Livvie's private journal. Jack told Kevin how much he regrets trying to use Livvie to get back at his big brother. Lucy issues a warning to Chris, who merely laughs at her thinly veiled threats. After Chris departs with his date, Lucy sneaks into his office and pockets the diary, then heads to his penthouse to plant some evidence. As Kevin catches Lucy breaking and entering, Chris returns home early with Livvie.

Thursday, March 29

Frank invites Karen out but playfully refuses to tell her what kind of evening he's planned. Ian explains to a disappointed Arianna why she can't say goodbye to anyone before she disappears. Relieved to hear the end of Gaby's tale about her encounter with Ben in London, Eve thanks her friend for her fast thinking. Meanwhile, Ben slips into General Hospital and quietly ascertains Eve's whereabouts. Kevin and Lucy scramble to find a hiding place as Chris and Livvie return to the penthouse ahead of schedule. Ian cautions Arianna that she cannot take along any memento of their time together. Livvie is thrilled when Chris presents her with two tickets for a romantic trip to Paris. Watching from out on the ledge, an outraged Lucy shows Kevin the entry his daughter made in her journal about her lifelong dream of visiting the most romantic city in the world. Anxious to prevent Livvie from sleeping with her slimy Lothario, Kevin sets off the smoke alarm while Lucy plants the diary in Chris' living room. Frank treats Karen to the dream date she never got to enjoy back in high school. Eve is shaken to find Maya's special gift broken in two. Livvie demands some answers after stumbling over her journal hidden in Chris' desk drawer.

Friday, March 30

As a beaming Karen thanks Frank for a wonderful evening, a new and urgent message from Cookie appears on "Nellie's" monitor. Though Chris claims he has no idea how the diary wound up in his apartment, Livvie furiously accuses him of spying on her all along. Ian regretfully forces Arianna to throw away every memento of their time together. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Ben sneaks into the on-call room and prepares to strangle Eve but a timely interruption saves the unwitting doctor from being attacked. Cookie told a sympathetic Karen and Frank how unhappy her home life has been in recent months and how desperate she is to escape. Guessing that Kim must have been acting as Chris' inside source, Livvie berates her "mentor" for his despicable behavior. After Ian leaves for his shift at the hospital, Arianna decides to retrieve some of their photographs from the trash dumpster. Cookie is revealed to be living in the year 1973. Unable to keep their hands off one another, Eve and Ian slip into a storage closet and begin to make love. Arianna is horrified to find Ben waiting for her in the loft.

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