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Monday, March 19

Returning to the bike shop, Alison and Jamal are delighted to find a whole crew of friends working to bring the place up to code. Frank catches a glimpse of another message on "Nellie's" monitor just before Karen accidentally unplugs the computer. At the ER, Eve treats a woman who slashed her wrists after her husband asked her for a divorce. Meanwhile, Arianna stubbornly repeats to Ian her assertion that she loves him and will never leave him. During a brief break for the work party, Mary passes out glasses of green beer and raises a toast to the luck of the Irish in saving the bike shop from extinction. Troy quietly admits to Eve that his marriage has actually been over for years but he feels too guilty to leave his troubled wife now. Ian reminds Arianna how she knew going into their arranged union that he was already in love with Eve. Refusing to take no for an answer, Arianna insists that they make their marriage work. Joe and Gabriela celebrate upon learning that they've been selected to represent GH at an HIV conference in London. Livvie told Jack she feels out of control whenever they're together. As Troy reluctantly promises to stay with Stacy, Eve fears that the young couple's case closely mirrors Ian's dilemma. After receiving the nod from the building inspector, Jamal happily prepares for his grand opening.

Tuesday, March 20

Ian promises a skeptical Eve that they will be together very soon. Lucy grows inquisitive after overhearing Victor making some surreptitious plans at the Recovery Room. Amanda returns to the bike shop to offer a wary Jamal her best wishes on his grand opening. Meanwhile, Jack meets an attractive biker chick named Sam. Kevin stops by to dispense some fatherly advice to Livvie, who insists she can't forgive Lucy or Jack for the night they almost spent together. Though Victor warns Lucy not to interfere, she can't resist quizzing Arianna when she bumps into Ian's new bride. Eve told Ian how she fears he will never be able to leave his emotionally fragile wife. After admitting to Lucy how she and Ian had their first "squabble" on the previous night, Arianna confidently announces that she's certain their marriage will stand the test of time. Later, Arianna is crestfallen to come upon Eve and Ian in a passionate clinch. Livvie sees red after catching an eyeful of Sam on the back of Jack's motorcycle. Arianna corners Eve and orders her to keep away from Ian.

Wednesday, March 21

Frank's growing obsession with "Nellie" drives a large wedge between him and Karen. After bumping into Ian at the Recovery Room, Lucy urges her troubled friend to unburden himself. Meanwhile, Arianna orders Eve to keep her distance from Ian before the INS uncovers proof that the Thornharts' marriage was a ploy to avoid deportation. Undaunted, Eve reminds Arianna that nothing will prevent her from being with the man she loves once the way is clear and the time is right. Kevin visits the bike shop and thanks Alison for being such a good friend to his daughter. Ian informs Lucy that she has nothing to worry about because he and Eve are destined to be together forever. Later, Lucy wheedles out of Ian the story of how he and Eve revisited their past lives. Another message appears on "Nellie's" monitor just as Frank promises Karen he'll toss the old computer into the trash. Dazzled by Ian's tale, Lucy dreams of spiriting Kevin away to the same island to delve into their own eternal romance. Later, Kevin proudly shows Lucy the new motorcycle he just purchased.

Thursday, March 22

Though Livvie claims she doesn't care about Jack's new motorcycle mama, Alison presses her friend to admit how upset she really is about this latest development. As Sam brought several of her pals down to the bike shop, Jamal is peeved to see Zach saunter back into his life. Eve barges into Chris' place toting the makings for a large pitcher of martinis and cheerfully announces her plans to get blind drunk. Meanwhile, at the loft, an INS agent interrogates an annoyed Ian about his island interlude with Dr. Lambert. Chris and Eve raise a toast to the concept of hardening their hearts against falling in love. Though surprised to learn the details of Ian's trip, Arianna pretends she knew all about her husband crossing paths with Eve while she lay ill in the chief's hut. Ian shows the suspicious agent a stack of photos depicting his happy marriage. After the woman leaves, however, Arianna weeps to realize that Ian needed a cheat sheet to remember the color of his wife's eyes. Jamal warns Jack to keep his distance from sexy Sam and her troublesome friends. Arianna sadly told Ian she'll let him go and will leave Port Charles. Following several rounds of martinis, Chris suggests to an intoxicated Eve that they go to bed together.

Friday, March 23

As Frank prepares to disconnect "Nellie", another message appears from his mystery correspondent. Eager to prove that he hasn't been imagining things, Frank rushes to get Karen but the monitor went blank the minute she enters the garage. Arianna told a relieved Ian she's finally ready to let him go and get on with her life in a new town. Meanwhile, Chris convinces a drunken Eve to forget about fate and have sex with him instead. Kevin takes Lucy for a spin on his new motorcycle. Returning to the Recovery Room afterwards, Kevin is irked to see Jack getting chummy with Sam. Looking for a sympathetic shoulder, Livvie drops by Chris' place unannounced but he hastily gives her the bum's rush while Eve passes out on the floor. With Frank away for a while, Karen decides to compose a message of her own for "Nellie". Lucy icily suggests to Sam that the notorious hitman known as "Doc" will be very unhappy if he learns that his daughter's boyfriend has been two-timing her. As she sobers up, Eve shudders to realize how close she came to sleeping with Chris. Ben is outraged to learn that he was duped by Ian and Joe.

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