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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on GH
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Monday, April 23, 2001

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny, Carly and Michael were celebrating Sonny's birthday. Carly gave Sonny the present from Michael and whispered to Michael, pretending he wanted to know when she was going to give Sonny the other present, a new baby. Sonny told Michael that babies weren't like presents; his mother and him had to think about it. He opened the present from Michael and it was a drawing he had done made into a placemat. Sonny thanked Michael, then Carly gave Sonny what she thought was the present from her, commenting that the ribbon wasn't the way she wanted. Sonny opened the box to find a bomb inside. He told Carly she had to go and take Michael. They left with Johnny, to get ice cream they told Michael. Sonny just stood there holding the box until Jason showed up and between them managed to diffuse the bomb. They agreed they had to get rid of Sorel's men. Jason said he would have to disappear again and Sonny apologized. Jason said it was best. Carly and Michael returned to the penthouse. Leticia took Michael upstairs and Carly asked Sonny who planted the bomb. Sonny said he didn't know. She asked if that was the reason he didn't want a baby.

Police Station:
Emily was trying to get Edward to see reason, that Zander didn't attack him, he wouldn't. Edward said he had a witness that saw Zander leave the scene. He agreed to drop the charges on two conditions: that Emily come back home to stay and she never see Zander again. She finally agreed to his demands, but asked to see Zander one more time. Edward told Taggert he was dropping the charges. Alan thought his dad was crazy. AJ asked Edward what he had been saying to Emily. He said Edward could have put Zander away but he didn't. He's suspicious of the whole thing, especially since Edward didn't really seem to have any bruises or anything that was a sign of being beaten up.

Luke's club:
Luke told Laura that Lucky was acting like he was when he first came back from being held captive. He had refused to help Luke with the discs; then he came back and offered to help but the discs were gone. He wasn't too upset to see the discs gone and Laura asked if Luke thought that Lucky had stolen them for Helena. He thought so. Laura didn't think things were as dire as Luke thought. She told him to forget about the discs and get on with his life. He said he would as soon as he knew the cowboy was okay, meaning Lucky.

Helena's yacht:
Helena gave Lucky a vial of liquid and told him to hide it and never let on to anyone he had it.
Later Luke got on Helena's yacht and went to her computer, but couldn't do anything before he heard voices. He hid and heard Helena come in, then Laura, who asked Helena what she had done to Lucky.

Jason asked Liz if she wanted to go away with him. If she got sick of him and wanted to come back, he would walk away; but it would be because she wanted to come back, not because she had to. She told Jason she never thought she could love him as well as Lucky but she was going to stay with Lucky. He told her Lucky was dangerous. She told him he didn't know Lucky's heart like she did.

Kelly's - Lucky's room:
Lucky went back to his room and tried to find a hiding place for the vial from Helena. He didn't find one before Liz came in and told Lucky that she would tell him what she told Jason; that she loved Lucky and wanted him. He didn't believe her at first but they made up, big time. Later she got up and she found the vial. She started to open it up but Lucky woke up and stopped her.

Emily and Zander went off to their favorite place and he thanked her for once again saving him. He vowed that he would make her family believe he wasn't the scum they thought. They kissed but Emily pulled away, crying. He asked her what was wrong.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Sonny and Carly discussed the bomb that Sorel planted in her gift. Sonny was working very hard not to just dismiss his marriage since he had made a promise to Carly. He just was under serious pressure and knew that he had too much to loose with a family now. He informed Carly that since he had promised her that through good and bad they would stick together, he was still okay with this. But he could not possibly see bringing another person into his dangerous life and world. He pretty much squashed her hopes of having another child. Sonny asked Carly to understand and promise not to attempt to have another child. Carly was not in agreement and tears poured down her face. To placate Sonny she sort of agreed and cried some more. Unfortunately Sonny took this as a yes. Carly went upstairs to tuck Michael in while Sonny made phone calls to confirm who sent the bomb and where did it come from. During the end of his conversation, Carly came downstairs in a beautiful black lace nightgown. He told her she looked beautiful. She bought over champagne and told Sonny it was still his birthday and she did not give him a present yet. Carly started to kiss him and he pushed her away. Carly was offended by his abruptness. Sonny went off on her for trying to get pregnant and how could she even think of this after they just had a talk. He said I thought you understood. Carly rebutted with the fact that they are in a marriage and not a dictatorship. How could he decide for them both about children? I am not okay with not ever having children. Sonny went through the roof and asked her to go upstairs. Carly refused. He yelled again go upstairs. She refused. He told her he was not kidding and then starting to throw the champagne glasses at the wall. Carly then went upstairs. Sonny regretted his actions, but he was in a bad place after the bomb incident. Later Sonny sat on the sofa contemplating and watching the fireplace while Carly stood at the top of the stairs watching him. Finally he had to leave, so he grabbed his coat and left.

Liz discovered the vile that Helena had given to Lucky. And she was handling it loosely which worried Lucky. He jumped up and asked her to give it to him because he did not want her to get hurt. Lucky lied to Liz and told her it was a type of photographic chemical. Liz wondered where Lucky was coming from but did not want to push him too far after the incident with Jason. They made love and as Liz lie asleep Lucky left Kelly's and went to the brownstone. He encountered only Tony and Lucas because Bobbie was not home. Lucky made up a story about needing an extra key for his apartment so that Tony would leave the room. Lucky then distracted Lucas while he pulled out the vile. It appeared that Lucky was going to pour the poison into Lucas' milk. The next scene was when Lucky returned to his room at Kelly's and he pulled out an empty vile. Do you think he could have really poisoned his own cousin? Does Helena have control of him like that?

Meanwhile on Helena's yacht, Laura confronted Helena about Lucky's strange behavior. Helena tried to avoid Laura's questions about Lucky but Laura was relentless. Laura told Helena to stay away from her son, but this only fueled Helena more. She reminded Laura of her son, that she lost Stavros. How she was robbed. Then she threatened Laura. Luke popped out from behind the bar and backs Laura. Helena at this moment has closed up and was not revealing any additional information with the two of them there. Helena only rattles Laura further by mentioning how many times Luke has been there with Felicia. Luke and Laura leave the yacht, but Laura is not convinced of anything. She told Luke that she does not know what to believe and that he is partly responsible for Lucky being in this predicament. It angers her when Luke treats this whole thing like it's a game when it really Lucky's life. Laura just asked Luke to keep Lucky out of his feud with Helena.

Emily told Zander that she no longer believed in him or trusted him. Since an eyewitness was found that gave a statement that Zander mugged her grandfather. Zander was so sweet. He begged Emily not to lose faith in him. She was his only comfort and support. Emily tried to put him down easy, but he would not leave and kept making it harder and harder. Finally she stormed out and was crying outside the door and Zander remained in the barn crying. It was touching but so sad too. While at the Quartermaines', AJ was trying to figure out what his grandfather had done. He was wondering why his grandfather had healed so soon and miraculously. He questioned Edward, but he remained mum. Edward told AJ to just let things play out the way they will and don't interfere. This was really a valid request for AJ. The curiosity got the best of him so he went down to the hospital to check further on Edward's injuries. AJ discovered that Edward was faking it all along. There was nothing wrong with him. AJ had found the truth. Edward had planned his mugging and this situation to get Emily away from Zander once and for all.

Roy called for help and Melissa came in to see what he needed. Roy really wanted to talk to her about the incident and to know that she was okay. He asked her to stop blaming herself because it was not her fault. She told Roy not to worry about her. Roy took her hand in his and said he can't help it. Roy told her that he would always care about her. At this moment Bobbie walked into the room and was displeased to see her man with another woman and needless to say hand in hand. Melissa quickly excused herself and Bobbie went over to Roy. They kissed and Bobbie told Roy that I will always be there for you whenever you need me. Later Bobbie went out to the nurses' station to blast Melissa. She tried to avoid the confrontation with Bobbie, but it was really too late. Melissa then said enough. I have to work and we are quite busy tonight so I cannot do this with you again. Bobbie offered to help Melissa with some charting for Dr. Jones. Melissa was grateful and gave the files to Bobbie. Bobbie still scorned hid the files under plies of other files.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

by ROX

Sonny looked for Carly in the penthouse, but Johnny told him that she had already gone to the office. Alexis arrived with several boxes of Sonny's files and they debated over who was right/wrong. Alexis left the penthouse and ran into Ned standing in the hallway. Alexis asked Ned what he was doing there and he said he needed her services with a legal matter with L&B.

Alan and Monica discussed honeymoon plans and the wedding ceremony. Edward and AJ came in to the room and announced that Emily was moving back home. Alan and Monica were suspiciously happy. AJ continued to hint to Edward that he knew he hadn't been injured in the alley behind the courthouse, but Edward weaseled his way out of answering the questions by stating he was going to pick-up Emily at Kelly's and bring her home. After Edward left the house, AJ told his parents that he had a feeling that Edward had faked the attacked to set-up Zander and get Emily to move back home.

Emily had a dream about Zander coming to her room and telling her that he loved her and wanted her back. In the dream, Emily told Zander that she loved him too and they began to make-up; however, she woke up only to find Zander standing in front of her. Zander begged Emily to believe that he didn't injury Edward, but she continued to push Zander away. Meanwhile, Edward knocked at Emily's door. Emily hid Zander in her closet while she told her grandfather that she still needed time to pack her belongings. Edward assured Emily that he would wait downstairs for her until she was ready. Zander tried again to get Emily to listen to him, but Emily sent him away with harsh words and once again told him that she believed her grandfather's story. After Zander left her room, Emily called Alexis and briefly described what had happened. Emily asked Alexis to go and find Zander. Alexis told Ned they had a chance to change a situation between them, but Ned declined and left Alexis standing the hallway at the penthouse.

Bobbie visited Roy in the hospital, but continued to imply that Roy wanted to spend his time with Melissa instead of her. Luke arrived to visit Roy and Bobbie used the opportunity to leave the room. Roy asked Luke to get him out of the hospital. Roy asked Luke how he could get Bobbie to trust him. Luke told Roy that he was the last person he should ask that question to, but did offer the advice that Roy had to convince Bobbie that she wasn't going to loose Roy to Melissa. Luke also reminded Roy that although Bobbie was probably over-reacting, she had been through so many difficult relationships that it made her very untrusting and insecure.

Back at the nurse's station, Tony questioned Melissa about a chart she was supposed to update. Melissa told Tony that she was sure the chart was up-to-date because Bobbie had offered to assist her in completing it. Tony and Melissa confronted Bobbie about the missing test results, but Bobbie said she didn't know what Melissa was talking about. Tony reprimanded Melissa about her failure to complete her assignment and that although he knew she was new to the job, which she would have to be more careful in the future. After Tony left, Melissa told Bobbie that she knew Bobbie had set her up. Bobbie told Melissa not to blame her for her own mistakes. Melissa accused Bobbie of being jealous of her and Roy's past. After Melissa trying to reassure Bobbie that she was not a threat to Bobbie and Roy's relationship, Bobbie told Melissa to prove herself by leaving town. While Bobbie and Melissa were having words, Roy, being pushed in a wheelchair by Luke, arrived and inquired what the problem was.

Skye Chandler arrived in Port Charles and waited at the airport for Rae Cummings' flight to arrive. When Rae departed the plane, she made a phone call to Alan asking to see him right away. Alan told her that he was on the way to the hospital and he would meet with her there. Unbeknownst to Rae, Skye was eavesdropping behind the telephone booths. After arriving at the hospital, Rae met with Alan, but before she could tell him why she was there, Tony pulled Alan away on urgent business. Tony reported to Alan the situation that had occurred between Melissa and Bobbie. Alan said he would speak to Melissa about it immediately. Tony offered to take Rae for coffee so Alan could take care of the situation. Alan went to find Melissa, but Skye stopped him in the hallway.

Before Alexis could find Zander, he tried to steal a boat from the docks. Sonny arrived to find Zander trying to hotwire his boat. Sonny wanted to know what Zander planned on doing to the boat once he stole it and Zander told him that he was going to get revenge because Q's had convinced Emily that he had attacked her grandfather. Sonny explained that he knew how Zander felt, but that self-destructing wouldn't help anyone, including himself. Sonny told Zander he would help him move on with his life by getting him set-up in school or to find a job, but Alexis arrived to explain "Over her dead body."

As Edward brought Emily to the house and inquired about everyone's whereabouts, Emily told Edward that she despised him. Later, Monica welcomed Emily back to the house. Monica did question Emily's motives and her melancholy mood, but Emily asked her to change the subject. Monica asked Emily if she would be the maid-of-honor at the renewal of Monica and Alan's wedding vows at the party that night. Emily accepted just as AJ entered the room and asked to speak to Emily alone. Once alone AJ asked Emily about Zander. Emily told AJ that she didn't want to discuss Zander. AJ told Emily that he didn't believe Edward's story and that the witness that came forward had mysteriously left town. AJ told Emily that he knew their grandfather had set her up.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

by M.A.

Alexis brought Zander into the hospital and encountered Alan who refused to help, until she threatened to sue the hospital for refusing to treat a patient. "To think, I almost married into this family", said Alexis. Alan gave in to the threat of a lawsuit and had Tony treat Zander. While all of this was going on, Skye appeared and tried to talk to him. Before she could get a word in, he got called away. She left and Rae showed up, telling Alan that she needed to talk to him right away about some "unfinished business." Of course, Skye observed this from afar and followed them to his office. Before Rae could talk to him, he got called away again, and left. After telling him what he believed Edward did, Alan agreed to check into Edward's medical records for Ned and get back to him. Alexis spotted Ned as her and Zander left the hospital, and tried to talk to him, but he's was too busy belittling her with psycho-babble about trying to save lost causes, and wouldn't listen. Alan interrupted them, took Ned aside, and confirmed that Edward did, in fact, fake the whole thing. Ned then asked Zander point blank if he had attacked Edward, and of course, Zander denied any involvement. The two of them left, puzzled by Ned's behavior. In the mean time, Ned called AJ and said, "Junior, whatever you're doing, count me in. Grandfather won't get away with this." After Alan left, Skye went into his office to do some snooping around. She found Alan's address on a piece of mail, and decided to visit him at home. Roy and Luke walked right into Melissa and Bobbie's argument, and both women tried to cover up what they were really arguing about. Both ladies played down it down, but the men didn't buy it. Melissa ended up lying about their argument and Bobbie went along. After Melissa took Roy away to be discharged, Bobbie leveled with Luke about setting Melissa up. While they were talking, Melissa finally told Roy the truth about why she came to Port Charles. "I came to Port Charles to win you back, and Bobbie be damned," she said. After professing her love for him, she told him she's made a decision to leave General Hospital. He told her that they could get past this, but she told him it was time for her to go.

AJ tried talking to Emily about Zander, telling her he could help her if she'd just tell the truth about what happened with Edward. Little did he know that Edward was behind the door eavesdropping! He then talked to Ned and told him there was proof at the hospital that Edward faked his mugging. At first Ned didn't buy it, assuming that AJ had been drinking again. AJ said, "I hate to admit it, but I need your help." Edward tried to make amends with Emily telling her she'd forget about Zander in time. She responded to him that he may be able to keep her away from Zander, but he could never keep Zander out of her heart. As Monica prepared for their big day, Emily pined away with a broken heart. Ned came back, and admitted to AJ that he was right all along. When Edward joined the two of them, Ned pretended to be glad that Emily and Zander had broken up. The doorbell rang and Monica answered the door, thinking it was Chloe with her dress. But, the person at the door was Rae Cummings, looking for Alan.

Friday, April 27, 2001

Liz and Lucky were all mushy today and couldn't decide what to do. Alexis tried to get Zander to eat breakfast and told him she found a job for him with a lawyer friend in New York. He didn't really want to go to New York. He was upset after breaking up with Emily, one of the few people who believed in him.
Stefan cornered Laura outside Kelly's to try to get her to help him with Nikolas. He would make a deal with her and get info to help find out what his mother was up to with Lucky. She was not having any of it and told him where to go.

Nikolas' cottage:
Nikolas was in a frenzy looking for the papers to sign, renouncing himself as a Cassadine. Gia came in and he jumped all over her, thinking she made off with them and gave them to Stefan. She wasn't too impressed with his accusations and left again. Later Stefan showed up at his door and he found out Stefan had stolen the papers. He told him he wanted nothing more to do with the Cassadines and Laura showed up and gave him her support.

Roy was lying on the couch in Bobbie's living room, with Lucas playing a few feet away. He was asking when Roy would be up to playing soccer with him and Bobbie told him it would be awhile. She happened to feel Lucas' forehead and noticed how warm he was. He complained of a scratchy throat and she went to the hospital to get him some medicine. While she was gone he got sicker. Roy felt his forehead and said he was burning up. Lucas was going to go get some milk, but collapsed before he got too far.

Bobbie ran into Melissa and said she thought Melissa was leaving. Melissa told her she was there to clean out her locker.

Most of the action was here today. AJ and Ned teamed up, believe it or not, to catch Edward in his lie about Zander and being beaten up.
Ned was talking to him and turned on the intercom, so everyone in the house heard his confession. Needless to say there were a few upset people on what was supposed to be a happy day for Alan and Monica. Emily was of course upset to find she broke up with Zander for nothing. They were all giving Edward the evil eye. Of course, that wasn't all the excitement for the day. Rae Cummings showed up to try to talk to Alan, tell him about his bouncing baby girl who was about 20 or 30 something. She didn't get a chance with all the other stuff going on and Skye herself showed up. She whistled to get everyone's attention since they were all arguing and screaming. She informed Alan she was his daughter, and asked to be shown to her room.

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