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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on GH
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Monday, April 30, 2001

Roy was trying to help Lucas when Melissa showed up. He had called an ambulance but before they got there, Melissa helped.

Alexis' penthouse:
Alexis and Sonny argued about what was best for Zander. Sonny offered him a legitimate job. Alexis said he wasn't going to work for Sonny.

Zander said he wasn't taking either job; he just wanted to get out of there. Sonny tried to give him some money but Zander said he had taken enough from them both and was going to make it on his own. He went upstairs, supposedly to pack and Alexis and Sonny continued to argue. Sonny told her he thought she still wanted to be his lawyer but she denied it. She would run on without taking a breath and Sonny would remind her to breathe. Finally he accepted she didn't want to be his lawyer anymore and left.

Later Emily showed up to see Zander and told Alexis it was all a lie, her grandfather made her do it. Alexis said she knew it and went upstairs to get Zander, only to find him gone. She came back down to tell Emily.

Quartermaine mansion:
Rae and Skye caused quite a commotion with the claim that Skye was hers and Alan's child. Nobody believed it and thought they were out to scam them. Finally Alan, Rae, Monica and Skye went to another room to discuss the situation. Rae told Alan and Monica about how she had found out she was pregnant, but didn't tell Alan because he had broken up with her. Her family sent her away to have the baby and then told her the baby had died, only to sell her to a family. She found out a few years later that her baby was alive and had been trying to find her. She was looking for that bible page that had the info. Monica still didn't believe any of it and asked Alan if he did. He said he did; he admitted he had known that Rae was pregnant with his child. That through Rae for a loop.

Elsewhere in the house, Ned, Chloe and AJ were discussing the situation. They forgot about that though when Edward came in the room and they shanghaied him. Chloe showed the minister out while Ned, AJ and Emily got Edward to confess. They said they had proof when he refused to sign a paper. Lila came in and they filled her in on what was going on. She threatened to call the police if Edward didn't sign his confession as to what he had done to Emily. He finally relented with a huff.

Lucky and Nikolas ran into each other and discussed their respective families. Nikolas said something that set Lucky off but they got passed it and Nikolas admitted that he didn't blame Luke for hating him, he was only protecting his family. He had hated Luke too, blaming him for the death of his father. He knew he had been wrong. They had a nice talk, then hugged.

Tony and Bobbie talked about Lucas and Roy. Tony still wasn't sure about Roy but said he would try. He said he would always be there for Lucas. Not too long after this Lucas was rushed into Emergency, accompanied by Melissa and Roy. Bobbie dismissed Melissa when she tried to help. Tony and Bobbie were helping Lucas but didn't know quite what was wrong. Tony said it wasn't the diabetes that was causing it.

Roy and Melissa were out in the waiting area when Roy collapsed, his stitches come undone. He was bleeding again and they rushed him to another room. Bobbie went looking for Roy and was told he was in one of the ER rooms. She actually went and worked alongside Melissa for a change; helping Roy before he was taken up to get re-stitched. Melissa was walking away when Bobbie stopped her, asking where she was going. Make up your mind, Bobbie; you're the one that wants Melissa gone.

Bus station:
Zander waited for a bus to take him away. Would Emily be able to find him?

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Helena continued to gloat about her success over Lucky. She is determined to break his whole spirit. She hoped that the old Lucky would never return from the mind washing. Helena had been following Lucky around to ensure that his programming was working.

Liz found Lucky in the dark room working on some photos. Liz was shocked to see him developing a print of Helena. She questioned him about the photo. He said it was only an accidental photograph. Liz tried to get him to leave and go upstairs with her, but Lucky told her he would join her later. After Liz left, Lucky pulled out a picture of Lucas and then he looked remorseful. Lucky rushed over to the hospital. He encountered Melissa and asked her various questions about Lucas. She tried to reassure him, but deep inside he felt wrong. Luke walked up behind Lucky and saw he was visibly hurt. He tried to reassure him, but Lucky knew he had done wrong and so did Luke.

Melissa fought back against Bobbie. Bobbie was in the midst of blasting Melissa when Melissa decided to stand up for herself. She told Bobbie that she wasn't going to be bullied anymore. Melissa tried to explain that she was only at the brownstone to say goodbye to Roy and then she was able to help Lucas. She did not have any particular motives. Bobbie was unaffected by her comments. Melissa replied that she did not care what Bobbie thought and from here out, she was going to make her own decision whether to leave or stay. Bobbie stood there in awe. She did not know what to think. Roy came up to her after being stitched up by Tony. Bobbie asked Roy how could he do this to her. Bobbie told him how she was scared for Lucas and scared of losing him to Melissa. Roy said that he loved her and she did not have to worry about anything. Bobbie just started to cry in his arms.

At the Quartermaine house everyone was shocked by the news about Skye and Rae. Alan confessed that he knew Rae was pregnant. He mentioned that his dad had told him. Edward said that Rae's parents had contacted him right away and told him of their decision. Edward said that he too was informed that the baby had died. Alan reiterated that he wanted to take responsibility for his own actions and he made the decision to break up with Rae and he made the decision to let his father help him in this situation because he was so young. Alan said he just could not handle being a father then. Skye interjected that, daddy didn't want to deal with me back then, and so all of you will have to deal with me now. Rae asked to speak to Alan alone, Monica was not happy about this, but Alan agreed. They spoke on the patio and both Alan and Rae were calm. They realized that this was the past and they had no other choice than to deal with the present. Rae told Alan that Skye hated her and that she wanted Alan to try to help Skye adjust. Alan was shocked by the request, but then realized that he really needed to come through here. Alan and Rae returned to the family meeting and Alan asked Reginald to set Rae and Skye in the guestrooms. Monica was livid and stormed upstairs. Alan shouted, we can work this out Monica, we can.

Emily went to Alexis' place to find Zander. When Emily looked upstairs there was no Zander. Alexis told her he must have gone out the back while she and Sonny were talking. Emily pleaded for Alexis to help her find Zander because the attack on her Grandfather was all a lie. Alexis finally agreed and told Emily to go after Zander and then she would go to the Quartermaines to confront Edward about his wrong doings. Emily went to the bus station but she was unable to find Zander. She returned to the penthouse to chat with Sonny but no one was home. Finally Emily went home to change out of her dress and to grab some things before she took off to really find Zander.

Felicia went to visit Luke and she was furious with him. She came in on a mission and then when he asked for her help on the disk, she grabbed the lab top and started to jump on it and crush it with her feet. She continued to scream about the fact that Luke had not called her and had not even though about her in 2 weeks. Felicia was trying to tell him that she really cares about him, but Luke did not understand what was going on with her. He stopped her from leaving twice, but Luke was still unable to settle her down. As Felicia made a quick exit, the third time is the charm; Luke grabbed his stuff and was going after her. The phone rang and it was Roy. He left a message asking Luke to get to the hospital immediately because Lucas was sick and Bobbie needed him. Luke went to the hospital. A little while later, Felicia returned to Luke's office to find him gone. She was very puzzled as to his latest departure.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Nikolas finds Gia at the Port Charles hotel, and tries to apologize to her. She tells him he was right about her all along, and now that she no longer needs him, she will be moving out and he can have the cottage all to himself. He jokes that he won't be able to afford the cottage once he renounces his fortune, and has decided that he will move into her hotel room instead. Gia tells him that she wasn't trying to betray him. She only wanted him to be sure before he made his decision to leave the Cassadines. They make up, and decide to go back to the cottage. They decide to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate Nikolas' new freedom. While Gia goes to get a bottle of champagne, Nikolas looks over the papers and begins to cry.

Lucas' blood glucose is brought down to normal, but he is running a high, and unexplained, fever. Upon receiving a call from Roy, Felicia comes to the hospital to comfort Bobbie. Felicia assures Bobbie that things will not be the same this time around, referring to BJ's death at the hospital several years ago. Bobbie asks Felicia to sit with Lucas while she goes to freshen up. After she leaves, Felicia tells Roy about BJ's death.

Laura, having also received a phone call form Roy, comes to the hospital and finds Luke. They have an amicable discussion about Lucky, and spend some time talking about the good times they shared in their past. Luke leaves to go to Lucas' room, and Scotty comes in. Bobbie finds them both there, and Scotty gives her a little "good luck" troll doll that he took from her old boarding house a long time ago. She tells them about Lucas' condition, and thanks them for dropping by. Roy then takes Bobbie to an empty room so she can get some rest.

Luke finds Felicia outside Lucas' room. They talk about their relationship. He tells her that he missed her, and is sorry he didn't call her for two weeks, but questions her about what she expects out of the relationship. Meanwhile, Laura comes to Lucas' room, and overhears Luke suggesting to Felicia that they go somewhere private to discuss their relationship.

Carly comes back to the penthouse and tells Sonny to give up his business and run away with her. She insists that, with all of Sonny's money, they can easily go anywhere they want without being found. Sonny refuses, saying that he only way he can leave his business is in a coffin. He tells Carly that he will not leave Port Charles or his business, not even for her. He reminds him that the last time he tried to leave, he almost went crazy. A relentless Carly brings up the issue of the baby, and insists that Sonny and her can have the family they want, away from Port Charles. Sonny tells her that although he loves her, she has to either accept his life, or leave...leaving the decision up to her. Carly walks out, and Sonny makes a call to find the identity of the person who left the bomb for him.

Having left the penthouse, Carly goes to the hospital to talk to Bobbie. She encounters Roy, who informs her of Lucas' condition, and tells her that Bobbie is resting and should not be disturbed. Carly tells Roy that maybe she doesn't need Bobbie's help after all, and asks Roy to get Sonny arrested by the FBI so he can be free of the mob, just like Roy.

Thursday, May 3, 2001

by M.A.

Felicia and Luke talked out their feelings about each other and their romance while they were up on the roof. She told him she wanted more and he admitted that he was not in a position to give her what she wanted. "I want to give you more, and we waited a long time to be together, but now I'm confused," Luke said. She responded with, "I love you and I want you to love me back." When he said, "to be honest I don't know if it's in me to love anyone any more." She realized that he was still in love with Laura. Felicia left, realizing that Luke didn't feel the same way about her.

Meanwhile Stefan found Nikolas and Gia in his office waiting for him. Nikolas threatened his uncle with arrest if he ever illegally entered his cottage again. Stefan admitted that it was his fault that his nephew as renouncing his name. He told Nikolas that it was his destiny to protect Nikolas.
When Nikolas asked him to walk away with him, Stefan explained that he had to stay where he was to protect his son from Helena and Lucky.

Bobbie expressed concern to Lucky about Lucas and his mysterious symptoms. The sadness that Lucky felt was obvious to Bobbie. He was torn and confused as he watched Liz play with Lucas. He asked his aunt for advice on how to handle his mixed feelings

Carly cornered Roy in the stairwell and explained her elaborate scheme to get Sonny out of the mob. Roy tried to make her understand the grim reality of what she wanted to do. When she asked him to cut a deal with the F.B.I. to get Sonny busted, he was stunned and refused. Carly told Roy about the bomb at the birthday party, and explained that this was why she wanted to get him to walk away from his life of crime. Roy told her, "Men like him don't walk away." Carly explained that she'd rather have him leave her than be dead. She finally convinced Roy to help her set Sonny up to be busted so he would have to deal his way out of the arrest and into a witness protection program.

Gia stopped Liz in the hall and asked her if she and Lucky would stop by to visit Nikolas because he was about to make a life changing decision. Liz agreed to do it for Nikolas- not for Gia. The girls later told the guys the four of them would have dinner together that evening.

Taggert appeared, armed with a warrant. Taggert told Sony that he had received an anonymous tip that there was a bomb in the penthouse. The argument escalated after Taggert reminded Sonny that a bomb that was meant for him had killed the first Mrs. Corinthos. "A wife, a mother, and an innocent child dying for the sins of one single man- is that what you really want?" asked Taggert.
As he was storming out, Mike came in to see Sonny. He apologized for being a failure as a father and hoped that he could find a way to make it up to his son. Carly came home and shared an emotional moment with Sonny.

The show closed with Nikolas opening his heart to Gia about his feelings for his uncle while Lucky talked about his differences with Luke to Liz. In the meantime Roy showed up at the F.B.I.

Friday, May 4, 2001

On the road...
Emily daydreamed that she had found Zander on the bridge to Canada and told him that she loved him. Meanwhile, Zander showed up at a diner where he met old friends and asked to be let in on the latest deal. Zander's old acquaintances were reluctant to let him in on their plan. When Zander went to the restroom, Emily came into the restaurant looking for him and the waitress told him that she hadn't seen him. Emily left and Zander returned to his table where he burned pictures of him and Emily.

The entire family is having dinner together, including Rae and Skye. After a little light chatter, Skye asked the Q's how much money she would get for being a Quartermaine. Monica told Skye she was greedy and rude and that she should try bilking another family out of their fortune. Rae explained to Monica that Skye was raised by Adam Chandler and had her own trust fund, which meant she didn't need Quartermaine money. Monica continued to degrade Skye when Rae and Alan told her to back off. Alan asked that they try to get through dinner peacefully; however, Reginald interrupted the fun by telling Alan he had someone waiting to see him in the living room, which almost sent Monica off of the charts. Rae explained to Monica that Skye was only seeking love and acceptance. In the living room, Melissa told Alan that she reconsidered her resignation and wanted to continue to work at General Hospital. Alan gladly accepted and Melissa told Alan that she would like to work on a different shift or floor than Bobbie. Alan said that although it would be difficult, he would do his best to try to accommodate her wishes; however, at some point her and Bobbie would have to deal with each other. Rae and Skye argued back and forth until Alan returned and interrupted. Reginald brought in Monica's birthday cake as the rest of the Q's sat speechless. Monica sung to herself and blew out her candles. She requested two birthday presents: a DNA test from Skye and for Rae and Skye to get out of her house. Chloe wished Monica a Happy Birthday and the rest of the Q's chimed in. At Alan's request, he and Monica left the room to discuss the situation in private. Monica informed Alan that he was on his own in dealing with Skye. Back in the dining room, Skye and Edward discussed the family fortune and Ned and AJ warned her to be careful of Edward. Edward explained, in his own words, to Skye about the Q's quirky ways. Alan told Edward that he needed a word alone with him. Ned, AJ, and Skye left the dining room and Alan told Edward to back off so that he didn't drive Skye away from his home like he had Jason and Emily.

Tony and Bobbie discussed procedures to help and find out what is wrong with Lucas. Bobbie told Tony that she was scared, as Mac and Felicia looked on. Lucas was taken in for another procedure. Felicia comforted Bobbie. Melissa showed up to inquire about Lucas' well-being and also informed Bobbie that she was staying at GH. Bobbie told her that she didn't care if she stayed or she went, just as long as she stayed out of her life.

Carly apologized to Sonny and asked him to accept her for who she was. Carly told Sonny that she wanted a safer life for her, Michael, and a baby. Sonny told Carly that he loved her, but that she knew what she was getting in to when they got married. Sonny received a call and had Carly leave the room, but she listened from the hallway. When he was done, Sonny told Carly that he needed to leave for a few hours and they kissed good-bye. Once he was gone, Carly pulled her cellular phone and Roy's telephone number from her pocketbook.

Roy met with Mike, and told him that he would deliver Sonny Corinthos with all of his contacts and information to the FBI in exchange for full immunity for Sonny. After a long debate, Mike told Roy that he didn't believe he had this type of pull to get Sonny to turn all of his contacts in. Roy said the deal had to work his way and that Mike owed him for saving his life and getting him reinstated to the FBI.

Carly met with Roy in a stairwell and Carly asked Roy to promise her that everything was going to be ok. As Roy was telling Carly there were no guarantees, Sonny entered a room where the man, who sent the bomb to the penthouse, was tied up. As Sonny spoke to the man, the FBI stormed into the room!

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