One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on OLTL

Todd decided to take Starr out of town, but she didn't want to go. Asa asked Alex to marry him. Viki's alter 'Jean' tried to make a deal with Gina. Melanie admitted that she had killed Colin, but she had not hidden his body in the woods.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, May 7, 2001

At the penthouse, Todd told Blair that he was taking Starr on an extended vacation, but Blair threatened to go after them. Starr resisted leaving town without Blair, and Todd relented. Later, he called the Sun with plans for a public attack on Blair.

Max contacted Nora about obtaining sole custody of his child. Blair entered the mansion and overheard then fainted. When she awakened, she and Max argued over the baby and their own history. Blair stormed out, and Max began to reconsider his harsh position.

Asa surprised ex-wife Alex at a sleazy club. She claimed to be a successful performer but was revealed to be an exotic dancer instead. She begged Asa to take her back. Asa proposed marriage.

At the gallery, Jessica asked Will about the things he was keeping from her. He told her that he wanted to protect her by not making her an accomplice in what he knew.

Melanie arrived at the Llanview Police Station to provide a hair sample for Bo and alluded to things that she had not told him, things that might change his feelings for her.

Outside Bo's office, Lindsay and Nora fought after Nora pulled out some of Lindsay's hair. Lindsay refused Bo's requests for samples from her and Jen, but had to submit when Hank produced a court order. Afterward, a diversion in the squad room allowed her time alone with the samples; Bo and Nora accused her of tampering with them. Back at her gallery, she told Jen to keep quiet about Colin for her own good.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Alex told Asa that she was sure there was another reason besides his libido for him asking to marry her. He admitted there were a lot of people he wanted to get revenge on, and their marriage would irritate quite a few on that list. Of course, Asa explained, he would want Alex to sign a prenuptial agreement, but Alex objected. She was tired of being used by men and left with nothing. She would only agree to marry Asa if she was sufficiently taken care of later on. Asa reluctantly agreed to set her up financially, so she agreed to marry him. The two left the club together.

Jessica and Will got ready for his mother's gallery showing. Jen started in on him about what he was hiding from her. He promised to tell her everything after the party. When her zipper broke, she stayed behind to get dressed. Will didn't want to keep Lindsay waiting, so he left without her.

Ben showed up and expressed to Jessica how concerned he was about Viki. Earlier, Ben had gone to Viki's office and discovered there was nothing on her calendar and that she hadn't read her email in a month. Jessica told Ben she didn't trust Gina and thought it was weird that she had stopped over and asked Jessica all about Viki's DID.

Meanwhile, Gina taunted Viki by reminding her that she was trapped and would never get out of that basement. When Viki reached her breaking point, Niki emerged. "Just the woman I wanted to talk to!" Gina replied. Gina convinced Niki to pose as Viki to break up with Ben. Niki was excited at the idea of messing with Viki, so she agreed.

However, when Niki heard Ben's voice over the phone, he called out, "Blondie, Blondie!" and Viki reemerged. Gina snatched the phone away before a confused Viki could say anything. Upset and pushed to desperation, Tommy emerged and lunged at Gina.

At the gallery, Lindsay tried to separate Jen and Cristian. Lindsay didn't appreciate Jen sneaking to display one of Cristian's pieces, but Jen loved it. Lindsay dragged Jen off and grabbed a duffel bag. They headed toward the exit, but Antonio was there to stop them. He informed them that Bo had ordered that no one leave town.

Later, Will unsuccessfully tried to convince Jen to get out of town before there was a major explosion. Kelly, pretending to be covering the gallery, eavesdropped on their conversation. Melanie showed up and told Lindsay it was time for her to reveal everything before it was too late. Melanie said to Lindsay that they both knew how Bo's investigation was going to turn out.

At the station, Nora went on and on about her hatred for Lindsay and how she would prosecute her. Bo was only half listening. Nora was surprised when she realized that he was worried that it would be Melanie's hair that had been found under Colin's fingernails. Nora was adamant that Lindsay was guilty and that forensics would prove it.

After Nora left, Hank walked in with the test results. Nora headed over to Colin's and had a vivid flashback of being trapped there. She remembered her attempts to write Melanie a letter begging for help and sending it out with the divorce papers. Nora was shocked when Sam showed up.

May 9, 2001

Bo stared at the envelope containing the returned hair sample results. When Hank tried to move him along, he stated that the person might have struggled with Colin but was not necessarily the killer. They both checked out the results, learned who the match was, and then departed for Lindsay's party.

At Lindsay's art showing, Cristian and Jen tried to leave to get some air but were deterred by Antonio. After Cristian challenged him and his showing of power, Antonio bent and told them they had fifteen minutes. Melanie wanted Lindsay to know the truth and told her their lives would change when that truth got out. Lindsay only wanted her sister to remain silent.

Kelly wandered over to Will and asked about Jessica, who was late, and wondered why he appeared distant. He was worried about someone he loved being responsible for Colin's death, he told her, but when Kelly tried to probe for her story, he shut down. He defended his sister, though, and relayed that Colin had gotten what he had deserved. Antonio teased Kelly about not finding anyone to talk to her, and they confronted each other on being dateless.

Jen and Cristian wandered down to the docks, where he reassured her that he was not angry at her for hanging his drawing at the art showing. When she pressed him on his artwork, he related that his hand would no longer allow him the ability to do any of it and told her about the night he had suffered his injury. He also confirmed that he no longer had any feelings for Jessica, though he had loved her very much. He was tired of his dispute with Will, and he cared for Jen. Back at the art gallery, Lindsay and Melanie headed off to the bedroom to chat, though Melanie wanted Will to tag along, and Lindsay was against it.

Nora wandered around Colin's house, having flashbacks, until she was surprised to run into Sam. Her memories had been jogged until he showed up, she told him. When she saw his ring, though, it led to another memory of Colin holding her hostage on the night he had been killed. She relayed her memory to Sam and told that the doorbell had interrupted Colin. She was certain it couldn't have been Melanie at the door because she was sure that Lindsay was the killer -- unless it had been Melanie who actually might have walked in and seen Lindsay committing the murder.

Sam couldn't believe it when Nora insisted she didn't need any proof, and he accused her of just trying to make it be Lindsay. When a funny look appeared on his face, Nora thought that Sam was hiding something, but he said he just couldn't believe that the mother of his children would do such a thing. When he had walked in that night, Nora had been alone in the house, and he had been there, merely looking for her.

Ben wanted details of Jessica's conversation with Gina after she told him that Gina's cousin had DID. Jessica didn't trust her at all because she knew Gina was after Ben, but Ben assured her he only loved Viki. He also asked Jessica if it was okay that he thought of her as a daughter, and Jessica wholeheartedly approved.

"Tommy" tried to kill Gina but "Jean" interceded and saved her. She assured Gina that she could get her what she wanted, and though she had no emotions, she could impersonate Viki perfectly, even though Gina thought that "Niki" would be better at it because at least she could show some warmth. "Jean" didn't want Gina to kill Viki and hence, all of the others, so she demonstrated how effective she was by calling Jessica and pretending to be Viki checking in. Ben was anxious to speak with Viki when he learned that she was on the phone, but she refused to answer him and hung up. "Jean" assured Gina that she was the controller and gatekeeper of all the alters, had no feelings for Viki's family, and had no problem asking Ben for a divorce -- she didn't want to be married to anyone anyway.

R.J. grabbed Roseanne and accused her of betraying him by leading the cops right to him. After speaking with her, he realized that Sophia had set him up and had to know that Roseanne was the snitch. Roseanne denied that Sophia knew anything, and even if she had, she wouldn't have told anyone and hadn't. Sophia was out of town somewhere, she told R.J. R.J. thought maybe he should spill all to Antonio, but Roseanne begged him not to. She also thought that even if Sophia had said something, nobody would believe her.

Bo and Hank arrived at Lindsay's place and first demanded that everyone not involved get out -- including a protesting Kelly, who was carried off by Antonio. He announced that he had found the match.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

In his office, Max got a message from Asa telling him to go to the Palace and that Asa had a surprise for him.

At the Palace restaurant, Blair arrived with an anonymous note from someone saying they could help her with her case, and she found Todd there. People around her, as well as Todd, were laughing about a degrading picture of Blair that Todd had put in the Sun. Blair became hysterical, tore up the paper, and threw it at Todd. Max walked up behind her and took her to a table, convincing her that it was wrong to give Todd exactly the reaction he wanted. They talked about the baby, and Max asked how Blair was doing. Max then told Blair he felt guilty about not seeing his other kids and that he wanted to be a good father this time.

Max then told an incredulous Blair that he wanted to team up against Todd by saying it was a man, not Blair, that had shot him. Blair then went over and gloated to Todd how she was free, and Todd said, "We'll see about that!" Blair left, and then Max was with Renee. Max asked her what was wrong. Renee began to tell him that Asa was getting married but didn't yet tell Max who the bride was.

In Alex's hotel room, Alex was anxious to drive around Llanview and tell the world about her and Asa's upcoming marriage, but Asa wouldn't let her. Asa mentioned that Max was downstairs, waiting for him, and Alex became upset. She questioned Asa's motives for marrying her, but Asa assured her it was because he wanted her. Renee then burst in and was very upset to see Alex.

Renee grew furious when she learned of the wedding plans and reminded Asa of all Alex had done. Asa then began to remind Renee of her sins, including keeping Max's secret, and told her to butt out. Renee asked if he was doing it to hurt her because it was he who would hurt most. Renee left, and Alex and Asa discussed her dislike for the wedding dress and veil. Alex then said they were going to get back at everyone, especially Max.

At Nora's house, Sam, Nora, and Matthew were together, and Nora again lamented her lost memory. She said she wished Colin had lived so she could get back her memories and nail Lindsay. Sam then said he could help with some of their memories and began to tell her about the first time he had seen her in Llanview. Sam then asked Nora how she felt about him.

Nora told Sam he was a dear friend but that she knew Sam wanted more. Sam said he was grateful to have her in his life, and Nora said she knew their love was still there just beyond her reach. Nora then asked Sam how he felt about her, and Sam said she was the same person he'd always cared about. Sam got ready to leave, and Nora thanked him for being there. They then agreed to make new memories together.

In Lindsay's gallery, Melanie asked if her hair had matched the hair on Colin, and Bo said yes. R.J. began to gloat, and Lindsay advised Melanie to be quiet until she got a lawyer. Jessica walked in and asked what was going on, and Will and Jen filled her in but said that Melanie couldn't be the killer. Bo began to defend Melanie against R.J.'s goading, and Melanie told Bo to stop protecting her. She ran to Lindsay's bedroom.

Jessica then asked Will if he had known about it and was covering for Melanie. Will and Jen vehemently replied that Melanie could not be the killer. Lindsay, however, pointed out that Melanie had been acting strangely. Bo then went to Melanie, and she tried to talk to him about Colin, but Bo advised her not to talk without a lawyer. He told her that they would be together no matter what then Lindsay walked in. Bo got very upset and told her to leave.

Meanwhile, Jess asked Will who he thought the killer was, and Will just apologized for dragging her into the whole thing and told her things couldn't ever be the same for them again. Also, Jen told Cristian that Melanie couldn't be the killer, and Cristian said R.J. and someone else had to have done it. Cristian comforted Jen then Bo and Melanie walked into the room, with Melanie looking frightened.

Bo told them all he was taking Melanie to the station for questioning, and Will became upset. R.J. continued to goad Bo and say that Bo would probably arrest him for the murder. They began to argue, and Melanie obviously couldn't take it anymore. She blurted out, "Okay! I did it! I killed Colin!"

Friday, May 11, 2001

In Lindsay's gallery, Melanie said she had killed Colin and told Bo to arrest her.

One Life to Live was interrupted by an ABC Special News Report

In the Palace Hotel bar, Kelly and Antonio discussed Sophia. Kelly tried to tell Antonio what Sophia had wanted to tell him about Roseanne.

At Lindsay's gallery, R.J. ranted and raved that Bo should arrest Melanie. Melanie again said she had killed Colin and that she did not want a lawyer. She just wanted to tell the whole story. Bo and Hank took Melanie to the station for questioning. Jen was furious with her mother for not defending Aunt Melanie and ran out with Cristian right behind her. Will took Jessica to look for Sam. R.J. told Lindsay that they had something to settle.

At the Palace Hotel, Renee told Max that Asa was going to marry Alex. Andrew tried to talk Asa out of marrying so suddenly, but Asa refused to be dissuaded. With Nigel acting as his best man, Asa started the ceremony, and a woman in a heavily veiled wedding gown walked down the aisle.

At Sam's house, Cristian told Jen that Melanie had probably killed Colin in self-defense and that she would not go to prison for that. Jen told Cristian that he did not understand. Will and Jessica walked in. Jessica said she didn't feel so bad about lying about finding Colin's body, since they had been protecting Melanie. Cristian said that everything would be over soon, and Jessica said maybe things would get back to normal. Jen said that nothing would ever be normal again.

Back at Lindsay's gallery, R.J. told Lindsay that she was never to ask him for anything again. Lindsay said that she wouldn't because she was a different person. R.J. laughed in her face. R.J. warned Lindsay that if she ever told anyone that he had been the one who had gotten her the memory-erasing drug, he would expose her to everyone. Lindsay said that as far as she was concerned, none of that had ever happened. Lindsay said they were lucky that Colin was gone, but R.J. said that some might say that Lindsay had killed Colin. He added that it was hard to believe that someone as good and pure as Melanie could murder anyone.

While Melanie waited in Bo's office at the police station, Hank told Bo that the interrogation had to be by the book. Bo assured him that it would be and that he could handle it. Hank said he would wait by the door just to be sure. Bo went into his office and got ready to question Melanie. He turned on a recorder and stated his name, who he was questioning, and why. He then stated that no one else was present then he again asked Melanie if she was waiving her right to have an attorney present. When she said yes again, Bo was very disappointed.

Bo asked Melanie if she was prepared to tell him the truth, and Melanie told him that she was finally ready to tell him the truth and that until then, she had been lying to him over and over again. Bo shook his head and looked as if he couldn't believe what she was saying. Bo told her to tell him what had happened the night of Colin's death.

Melanie had had a bad feeling that Colin would do something bad to Nora. She had tried to call Nora, but no one had answered the phone. She had gone over to Nora's and had found the front door wide open. She had walked in calling for Nora, had found Nora's purse lying on the floor, and had determined that Nora had not been there. She had gone over to Colin's house. When Colin had opened the front door, Melanie had marched in and had headed upstairs to find Nora, but Colin had grabbed her and had thrown her into the living room, knocking over the coffee table.

Melanie had gotten right in his face as if she were not afraid and had asked him where Nora was. Colin had started walking into her, forcing her back against the fireplace. He had threatened to tell Bo and Lindsay that Melanie had killed her father. Melanie had grabbed the poker from the andirons and had shoved it toward Colin. She had run for the stairs, and Colin had chased her. A struggle had ensued, and Colin had grabbed Melanie's hair and had started to hit her. Melanie had swung the poker around and had hit Colin. She had then dropped the poker and run.

Melanie asked Bo what the autopsy stated as the time of death and what the probable cause was. Bo told her the estimated time of death was just about the time she had been there and the cause had been a blow to the head. Melanie broke down, saying she really had killed Colin.

In Lindsay's gallery, while talking with R.J. about the various people that Colin had had information on, Lindsay remembered that Colin had had something on Melanie that even Bo hadn't known and that he had been blackmailing her. R.J. asked her what kind of secret Colin could have had on Melanie that would have made her kill Colin. Lindsay rushed out, apparently on her way to the police station. R.J., being facetious, said to himself that he could see that Lindsay was a completely "different person" than she said she was.

At the Palace Hotel bar, while discussing how badly Antonio wanted to nail R.J., Kelly got Antonio to admit that there was a leak at the police station. He asked Kelly if Sophia had told her who the mole was, and Kelly told him she had a very good idea but did not have enough to prove it. Just as Antonio asked Kelly if Sophia had given her a name, Roseanne walked up. Antonio told her he was still on duty, and Kelly said he was babysitting her.

Antonio's phone rang, and he walked away to answer it, leaving Kelly and Roseanne alone. Kelly started a conversation with Roseanne and mentioned that Antonio had said there was a leak at the station. Roseanne said they were not sure that was the case. Just as Antonio returned, Kelly told Roseanne that she had a message for her from Sophia and told Antonio that she thought he would want to hear it.

At the Palace Hotel chapel, Asa slipped a wedding ring onto the bride's finger and was about to lift the veil when Max rushed in to stop the wedding. Asa told him he was too late. Max warned Asa that Alex would hurt him and reminded Asa that she had taken $30 million from him. Asa said that what Max had taken was much worse and that Max would pay for it.

At the Palace Hotel bar, Kelly said that Sophia wanted Roseanne to know that they had some unfinished business, but she did not say what it was. Roseanne covered quickly by saying that Sophia wanted her to file some cases Sophia could not finish. Antonio told them that the situation at Lindsay's Gallery was over. He assured Kelly that she would find out how it had been resolved soon enough, and Kelly told him she would be sure to tell him when Sophia called again.

At Sam's House, the four young people discussed Melanie and how everything would soon return to normal. Jessica said she wanted to go home, but Will said he wanted to stay until Sam arrived. Jen told Cristian to go, and he offered Jessica a ride, leaving Will and Jen alone. Jen asked Will if it was really over.

At the police station, Melanie told Bo that she had run from Colin's house and gone to the police station to tell him that she had killed Colin, but he had gone to rescue Nora, returned, and said that Colin wasn't there, so Melanie had figured she hadn't really killed him. The light bulb went on in Bo's face as he realized that Melanie hadn't moved Colin's body. For the record, he asked Melanie if she had moved Colin's body to the woods, but she said she didn't know how it had gotten there. Melanie told Bo she hadn't told him everything because she had been afraid she would lose him but that she had already lost him by not telling him about her father. Lindsay walked in and told Melanie she would like to know about their father too.

Outside Sam's house, Jessica asked Cristian if he thought Jen and Will had known all along that it was Melanie who had killed Colin. Cristian told her to ask Will and asked if they didn't tell each other everything.

At Sam's house, Jen went to bed, leaving Will to wait for Sam. Will took Colin's passport, with the name R. Butler on it, out of his suit pocket.

Back in the Palace Hotel chapel, Max ranted at Asa and his bride and grew angry because the bride wouldn't say anything. He yanked the veil off, and it was Gabrielle.

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