All My Children Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on AMC

Laura escaped from the hospital to attend Leo and Greenlee's engagement party. Leo's ex-wife, Katarina, showed up and told Greenlee he was a con artist. Laura was taken back to the hospital, where Brooke and Erica tried to devise a plan to get David to operate on Laura. Ryan and Gillian hosted a reality television show on the yacht. The participants included Leo, Greenlee, Liza, Adam, Ryan, and Gillian. Gabriel attacked Anna. JR was arrested for fighting with a cop.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, May 7, 2001

In Laura's hospital room, Erica told Laura and Bianca that she and Brooke had bonded. She explained that because of what they had both gone through with their daughters, they had decided to put their differences aside. Erica told Laura it was because of her they had been able to form that bond. An emotional Brooke turned to Erica with tears in her eyes, hugged her, and thanked her.

Laura promised Brooke she would never do drugs again -- ever. Brooke left the room, near tears. Erica followed her and offered her a tissue. Bianca and Laura looked at each other. They felt the bonding story was a cover for something else.

Outside Laura's room, Erica comforted Brooke. It was apparent to Erica that Brooke was doing the right thing for Laura. She agreed with Brooke that Laura would need hope before she was told the seriousness of her condition. Without that hope, Laura might not have the will to fight. Bianca stepped out of Laura's room. Brooke asked if Laura was okay, and Bianca replied that she had planned to ask the same question. She accused Brooke of lying to Laura and felt Brooke was holding something back.

Brooke tried to tell Bianca that she just didn't want Laura to worry. Bianca was skeptical. She asked if there was something to worry about. She reminded Brooke that she had seen Brooke take Laura's chart. She knew Brooke had been very upset then. Bianca asked if the news was so bad that she couldn't even tell Laura. Brooke shook her head no. Bianca wanted to know why Brooke wouldn't tell her then.

Erica stepped in to explain to Bianca why Brooke was not being up-front with Laura. She explained to Bianca that Brooke was terrified for Laura, but it was a justified fear because of what she had been through before with her daughter, Laura. Bianca was remorseful when she realized that and apologized to Brooke. Just then, a deliveryman arrived with a bouquet of flowers for Laura. Bianca asked if she could take them to her.

After Bianca returned to Laura's room, Brooke thanked Erica for covering for her. She didn't want Laura to know how serious her condition really was. Erica told Brooke they needed to find some way to help Laura so she would have hope and so Brooke wouldn't have to hide the truth from her anymore. They turned as Dr. Bryant and Dr. Joe Martin approached them. Dr. Bryant wanted to know if Brooke had spoken to Laura about her condition.

Brooke became agitated and told him she had not and wouldn't until he could give her some hope she could relate back to Laura. When Dr. Bryant told Brooke that Laura's heart condition was irreversible and that she was dying, Brooke insisted she would not accept that. Dr. Bryant told Brooke they had run more tests and had found that Laura's left and right ventricles were enlarged. The next step involved a more invasive procedure. Dr. Bryant received a page and had to leave.

Obviously upset, Brooke told Joe she didn't have confidence in Dr. Bryant. She felt he had nothing positive to say. Joe assured her he was a very competent physician. Erica then asked Joe to explain the procedure to them. Joe told them the procedure involved cardiac catheterization. This procedure introduced a very fine tube into the heart by means of a blood vessel. It would enable them to see the condition of the heart and find out if Laura was a proper candidate for a heart transplant. Unfortunately, Laura's heart had been severely damaged by the virus. Because of Laura's preexisting condition, the procedure would have an even higher risk for her.

Brooke wanted to know what would happen to Laura without the procedure. Joe didn't answer, but Brooke knew the answer from his silence. She told Joe to do it. Joe told her they couldn't just go ahead and "do it." Because of the risks to Laura, they would have to wait until she stabilized. He further explained that Dr. Bryant wasn't comfortable doing the procedure. Brooke asked if there was someone else who could do it. "Not anymore," Joe replied. "But David would do it, wouldn't he?" Erica asked.

Erica wanted to know if the surgery had been done on David's hand and how soon he could operate. Joe told her it had been done in the prison hospital. He told her David could not operate and that it was also very possible he would lose his license. Brooke wanted to know who Joe would have recommended if David hadn't gotten into trouble. His answer was David. Before they could discuss it further, Joe was paged and had to leave.

Erica stood up, looked at Brooke, and said there was only one thing left to do. Brooke wanted to know what that was -- and asked if they should break David out of jail. Erica replied, "Why not?"

Laura took the card from the bouquet and waved it under Bianca's nose, telling her to guess who the flowers were from. Opening the card, Laura read, "To Camille," from "your friend." Laura looked at Bianca and repeated, "Your friend." As Laura stared wistfully at the flowers, Bianca tried to lighten the mood in the room. She told Laura what she needed was and antidote for what ailed her, and if that didn't work, they'd have to operate -- perform a "Leoectomy." Playing the doctor, Bianca talked about Leo and his girlfriend, "Greensleeves." Smiling, Laura said they should give her the antidote so she could have Leo all to herself.

"Hasn't your mother told you about other fish in the sea?" Bianca wanted to know. Laura laughed and replied, "Every day! How about your mother?" "My mother doesn't want to think about the sea I go fishing in," was Bianca's reply. Bianca told Laura she would meet someone else someday. It just wouldn't be the same for Laura. Bianca realized Laura had more than a crush on Leo, and Laura agreed -- "Way more!"

At B.J.'s, Roger spoke on the phone with someone regarding Leo. He explained that Leo was marrying his daughter and asked if the person would like to help plan a surprise for the "happy couple."

Later at B.J.'s, Roger received another phone call from the mysterious person. He told them he was surprised to hear back from them so soon. The person had booked a flight and hotel and was anxious to help. Roger looked smug.

On the Fidelity, Leo was upset because he had been unable to reach the lawyer to sign the prenuptial papers. He wanted them done that night. Gillian couldn't understand why he was so worked up about it. They could do it later. Ryan and Gillian entered the room and thanked Greenlee and Leo for helping out. Greenlee thought it sounded kinky, and Ilene Pringle hoped it would be.

Ryan explained Dream Boat to Leo and Greenlee. A group of couples would set sail on the Fidelity. They would be put in certain situations to test the strength of their relationships. Ilene Pringle said Leo and Greenlee had "the look" to be one of the couples on the Dream Boat. Leo was skeptical, but Ilene told him there would be nothing to worry about if their relationship was built on trust. Greenlee stated there would be nothing to worry about. There were no surprises left in them. Leo didn't look very sure about that.

Finally, the Dream Boat was underway. Ryan and Gillian greeted the contestants and took them on a tour of the yacht. As they left the room, one man, Lars, lagged behind the rest and caught Greenlee's eye. He smiled and waved at her. Obviously recognizing the man, Greenlee was flustered, and she jumped when her cell phone rang. It was Roger with good news. The engagement party was all set.

Greenlee looked at Leo and told him her father was going to give them an engagement party. Leo grabbed the phone and told Roger not to give them the party. Roger said Leo was in no position to decline. Immediately, Leo hung up the phone. Adam burst in shouting that Ryan had lied to him. It was not an project but a TV pilot. He ordered everyone off the boat.

Ryan argued back and tried to explain the pilot to Adam. He had kept it a secret because he had known Adam would freak out. His plan had been to wait and show Adam the final product. If Adam didn't like it, Ryan said they'd pack it up and find someone else to go with -- someone with a vision of the future. Ryan felt he could make a bundle on the project. Adam said, "Then do it!"

Adam warned Ryan he would be keeping a very close eye on him. Gillian told Adam and Liza they should be one of the couples on the show. Liza agreed, thinking it might be fun -- but Adam said no. They argued the points until Liza suggested it could be "hot" -- for them. That intrigued Adam, and he told Gillian to count them in as couple number four. Adam said if he had to be in the show, Gillian and Ryan had to be in, also.

With that, Ilene Pringle started the introductions. Couple #1: Tonya, a health club owner, and Bob, a doctor; Couple #2: Lars, a consultant, and Phyllis, an entrepreneur; Couple #3: Leo and Greenlee, newly engaged and between jobs; Couple #4: Adam and Liza, the two most prominent businesspeople in town; and Couple #5: Ryan and Gillian, the skipper and his first mate.

The first game had couples dancing blindfolded. As they danced, Ilene Pringle directed her assistant to separate couples and switch partners. After the dance, they removed their blindfolds and got ready for the second game. They were handed a card with the name of a spot on the yacht. They were to go there and wait to see who would join them.

Adam wanted to quit. Liza convinced him to continue playing. She went off to find her spot and, of course, Adam tried to follow her. He was not a good sport. Greenlee wanted to tell Leo where she was going, but Ilene shooed her off. As Liza waited for her "rendezvous," Adam sneaked up behind her. She reprimanded him for not playing fair, when Bob walked in and asked if it was just them. Liza assured him it was not a threesome. She took Bob's arm and walked off, leaving Adam to go off on his own.

Sighing, Adam looked at his card and headed for the salon. His partner, Tonya, entered and smiled seductively at him. Then she walked up to him, grabbed him, and passionately kissed him. Leo ended up with Phyllis, who said she would like to end up in a stateroom with him. As they passed Ryan in the hallway, Leo asked for a raise. He looked trapped. In another room, Greenlee accused Lars of setting the whole thing up. She let him know in no uncertain terms, and literally spelled out, that she was getting married -- m-a-r-r-i-e-d.

At Wildwind, Alex and Edmund stepped outside the hunting lodge. As Edmund headed back to the main house, Alex spotted the guard dog lying on the lawn. She shouted at Edmund, and he returned. They were shocked that someone would kill such a beautiful animal. Edmund knelt and touched the dog, and he realized the dog was still breathing.

Edmund looked up as the security guard walked up to them. He told Alex and Edmund that the dog had gone off in that direction a while before. The dog was awakening, and Edmund told the guard to take the dog to a veterinarian to get him checked out. He then told Alex to wait for him inside the hunting lodge.

As Alex entered the lodge, she saw Anna sitting on the sofa, staring at the trunk. She was holding the broken recorder. Alex thought Anna had given up on the trunk. Frustrated, Anna banged the trunk with her hands and shouted she couldn't give up. There might be something in the trunk to help her find out about herself. Alex placed her hands on the trunk and told Anna there was something in the trunk to help her -- something hidden inside.

Edmund stopped and stared at Alex as he entered the lodge. She appeared to be in a trance as she sat in front of the trunk. He asked her if she was all right. At first, she didn't appear to hear him. Then she tore at the trunk, saying there was a false bottom in it. She pulled a rag doll from the trunk. Suddenly, both Alex and Anna had a flashback of Robin. Edmund wanted to know what had just happened.

As Anna held the doll tightly, they realize they had both had the same image of Robin. It was very upsetting to them. Alex believed it had something to do with Charlotte and being brainwashed. Edmund wanted to know if Alex had just gotten lost again -- if it was happening again. The emotional triggers from Charlotte's brainwashing hadn't lost their hold. Anna decided to leave Alex and Edmund alone. Alex expressed her fears to Edmund. She told him she was afraid -- for Anna.

Inside the tack room at Wildwind, Maddie offered Gabriel a cookie. He grabbed the entire package from her and began to eat them. While eating the cookies, he dropped the dog collar. Maddie picked it up and asked him why he had a dog collar. When he didn't answer her, she asked him if he couldn't talk or if he didn't have a tongue. With that, he stuck his tongue out at her. She giggled.

Just then, Maddie and Gabriel heard a door, and Maddie explained it was Mike, who put the horses outside when it was nice. She added that Alex had said that was good. Gabriel saw the picture of Alex on the desk and picked it up. After staring at it for a moment, he threw it to the floor. Maddie scolded him for breaking the picture and other things. Taking his hand, she told him she wanted them to go tell her daddy that he had broken the recorder. He jerked his hand from hers.

Maddie ran off, leaving Gabriel alone in the tack room. He looked around the room and angrily brushed papers from the desk. As he turned to pick up the picture of Alex, he didn't notice that some of the papers had landed in front of a space heater and were starting to smoke. While he stared at the picture, he heard a woman's voice say, "Get to Anna Devane!" He turned and saw the fire. Suddenly, he grabbed the wastepaper basket and dumped the contents on the fire. He stared into space while the papers burned.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001


Aboard Fidelity, Tonya was kissing Adam passionately. He pulled away and suggested they sit down and try to get to know each other better. Tonya giggled and told Adam that he should "go with the flow." She hadn't wanted to go on the boat but had wondered who she could possibly meet to fill her needs. She said she "followed [her] bliss," and there she was on the boat with the most powerful and handsomest man in America. Adam looked a bit confused. "You followed your what?" he asked Tonya. "My bliss," she replied, "it means that I am ready to open myself up to you, totally."

Adam tried to avoid Tonya's advances by walking over to the window to check out what was going on with Liza and Bob. Tonya giggled again and said that Adam was shy. She then asked him if he thought it was fascinating how people developed particular talents from their jobs. She explained that she worked at a health spa and that her particular talent was that she could tell what people looked like without their clothes on. Adam looked uncomfortable. She then told him he was gorgeous, and not knowing what to say, Adam told her she was "pretty fit" herself.

"My thigh muscles are rock solid. Feel!" she said as she turned her backside to Adam and grabbed his hand and put it on her thigh. "Yes, rock solid," he replied. She then began to check out Adam's right leg for muscles, and he directed her to his left leg. He asked her if she noticed any difference between his legs, and she told him they were both "perfection." Wanting to get rid of her, he told her that even with her x-ray vision, she could not tell the real leg from the prosthesis.

He said, "I really got my money's worth. I told the guy at the lab that I didn't want to be able to tell the difference between the leg that was attached and the leg I hung on a peg each night before I made love." Tonya was shocked by his revelation, made up some excuse that she had a phone call, and left. Adam grinned to himself as she walked away. He then sneaked out on the deck to see what Liza and Bob were up to.

Bob was telling Liza that he had done some "acting" in college and gave her a sample of a play he had done in school. He told her that the critics had said he "seethed with passionate intensity." Liza pretended to be impressed and asked him if he still had the reviews. He explained that he had just been a kid back then and had since found something much better that would give his life true meaning, dermatology. Adam, who had overheard the entire conversation, almost burst out laughing.

Bob began to tell Liza about his office. One wall was entirely covered with pictures of his patients at their senior proms, and all the pictures had written on them, "Thanks, Dr Bob." Liza was rolling her eyes as Adam was snickering in the background. Bob told her that he had a good life -- his house was paid for, and he was able to go scuba diving off the coast of Catalina every summer. He changed the mood and said that even though it was a nice life, he wondered what good it was if there was no one special to share it with.

Liza asked Bob about Tonya, and he explained that Tonya was just a girl, and he was interested in meeting a woman -- someone kind, smart, generous, someone just like Liza. Liza reminded him that she was spoken for and that she had found her special someone. Bob was very disappointed, but Adam, who was still eavesdropping, was very happy. Liza continued by telling Bob what she had found with Adam. As she was explaining it, Adam appeared and kissed her. He then suggested that Bob go and see Tonya's thighs. "She would like that," Adam said.

Phyllis was telling Leo how wonderful Paris was, and she hoped that he would return someday. He said that would not happen, since he had told her three times in the previous five minutes that he was getting married. They sat on the couch, and Phyllis took his hand and told him she could read palms. She told him that she saw it; he was going to have money. He pulled his hand away and told her that he didn't care about money. She then added that he was going to marry a very rich girl, and he was going to have a lot of fun spending her fortune.

Leo was suspicious about what she was saying and asked her if Roger had sent her. He jumped up from the couch and accused her of knowing who he was marrying. She replied by telling him that she was the rich girl he should marry. She explained that she had invented the "I Can't Believe It's a Mop" and had made millions on the shopping channel -- and didn't mind showing him a good time.

In one of the staterooms, Greenlee accused Lars of setting up the whole thing. Lars told her it was just a coincidence. He explained that it was nice to see her again, since she had never let him apologize the last time they had seen each other. She meant a lot to him. He asked her if she was really getting married and then told her that he didn't expect her to forgive him for what he had done, but he did want to wish her happiness in her married life.

Lars took Greenlee by the hand and kissed her. Greenlee told Lars that she hadn't thought of him in years. He had only cared about her because of her trust fund, and she had found true love with Leo. Lars told her it had to be some guy she was marrying and that he had to meet Leo. He got up to leave the room, and Greenlee grabbed him and told him to stay away from Leo. He wasn't going to mess anything up.

Ilene, meanwhile, showed Ryan and Gillian a tape of Greenlee and Lars's kiss. Gillian was crushed and worried that Leo would be devastated. Ryan, however, felt that they should show the tape to Leo in an effort to boost the show's ratings. Gillian disagreed, but Ryan later talked her over to his side. Ilene screened the tape for Leo and Greenlee, as Ryan and Gillian looked on from a few steps behind. The tape had been edited in such a way that it looked as if Greenlee has kissed Lars after they talked over their past relationship.

Greenlee swore that the kiss had been first and that her conversation with her ex-lover had been misrepresented. Leo hesitantly accepted Greenlee's explanation. The two ventured off to an empty stateroom, where Greenlee flipped off the lights to show Leo how much she really loved him. Ilene, meanwhile, chatted with Gillian and learned that Gillian's family owned the Wildwind estate.

Ilene said that the grounds would serve well for one of her upcoming projects. She asked Gillian if she could sketch a detailed layout of the property, and Gillian was only too happy to oblige. A cameraman approached Ilene and told her that some of the topside cameras had run out of film. Ilene flashed him a funny glare and reminded him that they were not really there to tape a television program.

At the hospital, as Bianca looked on, an extremely cute doctor was checking Laura's heart rate and pulse. Her heart sounded good, and her pulse was normal. "Are you sure?" she said with a smile, adding, "You would have thought my heart rate would have accelerated just now." She continued to flirt with him and asked him if it was hard pulling the late shift if there was somebody at home waiting for him. "Doc" replied that there was no one at home waiting for him.

Laura was quite happy, but her happiness was short-lived when the doctor added that his wife was away and would return home that evening. He told her to get some rest, and he left. "Wouldn't you know it, Dr. Gorgeous is married," she said to Bianca, complaining, "It seems that everyone is paired up except for me." Bianca suggested that she try to get her mind on something else.

Just then, Shannon and her friends walked in with a bunch of balloons for Laura. Laura asked them if they were in the right room, and they explained that they were there to see their friend. Laura replied by telling them that they had to have the wrong room, as they were not friends. They seemed shocked that Laura did not consider them friends. Shannon and the two other girls took turns taunting Laura.

Shannon warned Laura that she was going to file assault charges against her. Mindy chattered that they would spread rumors that Laura had tried to commit suicide by overdosing on "X" as a result of being dumped by Leo. Suddenly, the door swung open, and Jackson entered. Shannon asked Bianca what was going on. "Oh, you know my uncle," Bianca replied, "Jackson Montgomery, the former D.A. of Pine Valley."

The girls look a little panicked, and then Jackson added, "You know it's a shame, girls. I shouldn't be talking to you without knowing who your lawyers are." Shannon questioned why they would need lawyers, and Jackson suggested that they had better put a "dream team" together pretty quickly, or they would never be ready on time. Shannon had no idea what Jackson was talking about. Jackson chattered about felony and misdemeanor charges that could be filed against them.

The girls professed their innocence as they passed a can of soda back and forth. When they'd finished the can of soda, one of the girls placed the can on Laura's table. Jackson carefully hoisted the can into the air with a pencil. He then asked Laura and Bianca if they'd touched the can. The two girls shook their heads negatively. Jackson informed the "Three Stoogettes" that he would plant the can at a Pine Valley crack house before the next police raid. He explained that since he had no evidence that Shannon had antagonized Laura, planting the can was the only way he could punish them.

The three girls were outraged and claimed that no one would believe that they were drug addicts. Jackson quickly noted that Shannon was a drug addict -- or at least a drug abuser. Jackson mortified the trio by mentioning that they would be forced to clean the prison latrines. Their fate was to be decided by Laura, who Jack said would have to decide whether or not he planted the can. The three girls promised to spread nothing but nice words about Laura at school. Laura nodded and said that she'd let them off the hook.

However, Jack said he'd hold on to the soda can... just in case. After the three girls left the room, Bianca and Laura thanked Jack for his help. Jack also informed Laura that her suspension had been lifted. When asked how he'd managed to get the suspension lifted, Jack smiled and stated that when he'd talked to the principal, the principal had been drinking a can of soda.

At Wildwind, Alex and Edmund were discussing the doll Alex and Anna had found in the trunk and how for a moment, she had thought she was Anna. She told Edmund that she couldn't go through that again. She had no control over her thoughts. Edmund suggested that seeing the doll for a moment had made her think about Robin. Edmund told her not to worry; he would be there to make sure she didn't "slip" again.

The phone rang, and someone on the other end said that there was a fire in the tack room. Edmund and Alex rushed out. As they exited, Gabriel walked in. He looked around and found the doll. He held the doll and then heard a voice saying, "Get to Anna Devane. You will know what to do."

At the tack room Edmund was questioning the security guard as to how the fire had started and if he had seen anyone around. The guard explained that it had been a wastebasket that had been overturned near the space heater. He hadn't noticed if anyone had been around as he had simply run over to put out the fire. Edmund thanked the guard, and he left. Alex asked Edmund if he thought someone had started the fire. They mulled the possible ways the fire had started, but neither was vocal about the fire being intentionally started.

Back at the lodge, Gabriel picked up the doll that Alex had left behind and stared icily into the distance. Gabriel ducked into hiding when he heard Alex and Edmund's voices approaching. Upon entering, Alex picked up Robin's doll and told Edmund that she was very mad that Charlotte could control her thoughts through the doll, and she wondered what else Charlotte had planted in the trunk. She wasn't sure what belonged to her or what belonged to Anna. She was scared. She didn't know what would happen next or when Charlotte would take over her thoughts again.

Anna, who had overheard Edmund and Alex's conversation, walked in, kicked the trunk, and told them she wished she had never opened it. Alex told her that she'd had to open the trunk; their main concern was getting Anna's memory back. Anna told Alex that she felt responsible for everything Alex was going through. Anna felt that Charlotte had a hold on Alex because she was after Anna. Anna's solution was that she should leave Wildwind.

The sisters argued, and Anna proceeded to leave. Alex grabbed her arm. Dimitri suddenly stormed into the lodge and announced that the pilot who had flown him and Edmund to Bart's Canadian hideout had been located. As it turned out, he'd been arrested. Dimitri had been able to speak to him and learn a little more about the goons that had been sent after Anna. According to the pilot, Charlotte had arranged for a hired gun to track down -- and presumably kill -- Anna. The hit man, he stated, was supposedly someone who no one would suspect as a danger. In his hiding place, Gabriel suddenly scowled.

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

JR walked down the Pine Valley High School hallway to his locker. As he opened it and got his books, Philomena Lacy watched from across the hall. She worked up the nerve and finally crossed the hall to speak to JR. She told him she had finished his report for him and had tried to do it using his voice. JR was appreciative and thanked her for her work. Phil was just thankful that she could help him, since his music was much more important.

"Music comes from the soul, and you're an artist," she told JR. He wanted to pay Phil for writing his paper for him, but she refused, saying it was her privilege to "support the arts." He insisted and handed her a wad of cash. Unfortunately, Principal St. Clair walked up and saw the transaction. He demanded to know what was going on. JR tried to cover for himself and Phil, and he told the principal he was repaying a loan.

Mr. St. Clair saw the report behind JR's back and asked what the going rate for a term paper was. As he told them how disappointed he was in them, Dixie walked up behind JR and asked what was happening. Mr. St. Clair said he had found JR cheating, which upset Dixie greatly. JR got mad and asked if his mother was following him around school. She said of course not, she had just been going to the teachers' lounge. JR demanded to have his father, "You know, Adam Chandler," in attendance and threw his mother a very dirty look. They all went to an empty classroom to wait for Adam to arrive.

The principal left Dixie and JR alone to talk, but JR refused to say a word. He said he'd tell his father what had happened, but Dixie said he was stuck with her for the moment. She wondered if her working at the school was such a problem for him. JR, showing typical teenage angst, went on about how she might as well pack him "a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in [his] Muppets lunchbox and wait for [him] after school." Dixie was disappointed and told him she'd always expected the best from him. He told his mother he'd always expected the best from her, too, but then she had lowered the bar by being with David Hayward.

Adam strolled in, followed by the principal. Mr. St. Clair told Adam that he had caught JR cheating. Adam, of course, couldn't believe his son would do such a thing, insisting, "JR is getting all A's!" Adam was told that JR had given Phil $100 to write a paper for him. Adam still didn't believe it, so the principal took in Phil Lacy. JR tried to explain that he'd paid Phil $10 a page to type the paper, not write it. But poor Phil couldn't make herself lie and admitted that she had indeed written the paper for JR. She ran out of the room, crying, after her confession.

The class bell rang, and JR tried to make his exit, saying he was going to class. The principal stopped him and told him he was suspended. He took JR with him to his office, which left Adam and Dixie alone to discuss their son's behavior. As the principal left, Adam exclaimed, "Pompous windbag!" at his back, then turned to Dixie saying, "If you can't do, teach. If you can't teach, administrate." Dixie glared at Adam and replied, "Do you really have to work at being this stupid?" He responded with, "Name calling, now that's mature!"

Dixie told Adam that JR had been caught cheating, had lied about it, and would be suspended, and she observed that Adam thought it was funny. Adam said JR had just found out that there was more than one way to get what he wanted. Dixie was appalled at Adam's cavalier attitude about the incident and asked if he was unable to see what was happening with their son. "JR called you to pay off the principal!" she screamed at Adam. Adam snapped back that the only reason Dixie wanted JR to behave was so she could rendezvous with her heart doctor. Dixie explained that she and David were over and then demanded that JR move back in with her. Adam said no; JR would live where he wanted to live.

JR walked back into the room, saying it was official; he was suspended. Dixie told him that it wouldn't look good on his transcripts, but JR didn't care a bit. Dixie asked her son to move back in with her, but he flat-out refused, saying, "No frickin' way!" She told him that David wouldn't be around anymore, but that didn't matter to JR. "It's your home," Dixie told him, but JR said it wasn't to him.

JR turned to Adam and said he was ready to leave. Adam sent him on out to the car, and Dixie turned on Adam. She told him he got what he wanted, JR staying with him, but that she "won't let you ruin my son." She then said they had to make sure JR was first for them. Adam said JR needed a stable home life, and Dixie laughed at the thought of a home with Adam being stable. She said she'd always given JR a stable home and could still do it. Adam sniped, "You did until you hit the sheets with David Hayward."

Adam told Dixie he wanted to make JR's living arrangements permanent, much to her dismay. Tad showed up, and Adam made snide comments about him arriving after the fact. As Adam walked out the door, he told Dixie she'd be hearing from his lawyer. Tad asked what was going on.

Lying in her hospital bed, Laura slowly woke up and found Leo watching her sleep. He said he hoped it wasn't too late and that he'd broken things off with Greenlee. Leo told Laura he had realized how much he cared for her and that she was the only woman he could ever love. He asked, "Do you have room in your heart for me?" She said, "It's always been you for me, Leo." Laura told him she'd never been happier in her life, and he told her they were starting over, starting immediately, and he leaned down to kiss her.

Bianca entered the room and woke Laura from her dream. Laura told Bianca about the dream and wondered if, deep down, Leo really did love her. Laura admitted then that she knew Leo and Greenlee wouldn't "self-destruct" and that she would survive Leo DuPres. She admitted they did have a lot in common, that Leo had "a lot of street in him," and he had survived it.

Laura said Leo had dared her to be herself. She went on to say that at first he had just been someone to hang out with, and Bianca said, "Then you woke up and found yourself falling in love with your best friend." Bianca told Laura that her grandmother, Mona, had told her falling in love with a friend was "friendship set aflame." Laura said that was a perfect description.

A nurse walked in to check Laura's chart, and when she left, Laura quipped that she thought they were just playing "tic-tac-toe" in her chart. Bianca told her friend that she looked much better, and Laura said she really wanted to get back to school. Laura promised Bianca that she would never do drugs again because "no guy is worth dying for." She did admit, though, that while she could forget about Leo, she would never get him out of her heart. Bianca had to leave, and Laura was left sitting in her bed, looking sad.

On the yacht, David's attorney joined Leo. He had the prenuptial agreement Leo had requested. As Leo skimmed the document, Greenlee showed up and listened to the discussion between the two men. Leo wanted to make sure "there's no wiggle room" in the pre-nup. The attorney said there wasn't but then asked if Leo really knew what he was doing. Leo said the pre-nup was a gift to Greenlee because he wanted everyone to know he was marrying her for love, not money.

Greenlee walked over to her fiancé and said they didn't need the pre-nup. She told the attorney to talk Leo out of it. Leo insisted that he wanted to sign it and told O'Neil to get it ready for him. The attorney agreed and left the yacht. Greenlee said Leo just had premarital jitters and that it was a symbolic act of rejection. He said absolutely not.

Greenlee wanted to know who he was protecting her from, asking, "Why settle for coach when we can have first class?" She went on to say they shared everything: a bed, the shower, and all their secrets. She wondered why they could not share the checkbook. "What secrets do you want to share, Leo?" asked Roger, who just happened to board the yacht at that time. Greenlee wondered why her father was there. He claimed to have the engagement party guest list for her to check, telling her he had been lucky enough to get the Valley Inn dining room that evening for her party.

Leo stepped in and reminded him that they'd said no thanks to the party. Greenlee told her father that they were going to throw their own engagement party at the loft. Leo told Roger he hadn't made the cut; he was not invited to the party. He suggested that Roger pack his bags and go back to California. Roger started to get snippy with Leo, but Greenlee stopped the quarrel, saying, "Daddy, don't make a scene. It's so déclassé!" Finally, Roger left but did tell the couple he had a wedding gift for them.

After Roger was gone, Leo thanked Greenlee for going along with him and asked if she was serious about having a party. He wondered if "Dr. Killjoy" would go along with it. She said they should go tell Jake right away, and they went to the hospital. Greenlee was sure she could charm Jake into letting them use the loft and went to hunt him down. Leo went in to see Laura, but she was asleep, so he quietly backed out of her room. She woke up and called him back into the room. He asked how she was feeling, and she said, "Better now," with double meaning.

Meanwhile, Greenlee asked a male nurse if Dr. Jake Martin was around. He said Jake was on 24-hour rotation so was somewhere in the hospital. The wheels were spinning in Greenlee's head, and she asked if that meant Jake had to stay at the hospital for 24 hours straight. When told yes, that was the case, she grinned and started to walk away. She saw Laura lying in bed and made a big show of stopping the male nurse and inviting him to the engagement party.

Greenlee walked into Laura's room, saying, "I so didn't mean for you to hear that. I don't want to rub your face in my happiness!" Laura didn't believe her at all. Greenlee invited Laura to her party that night, if she was feeling up to it. Laura said, "Yeah, right," not believing for a minute that Greenlee really wanted her at the party. But she finally agreed to attend the party if she could.

At the Valley Inn bar, Vanessa was seated at a table, reading a newspaper. Roger walked over and commented on her eating alone. He sat down, but Vanessa suggested he try dining at a restaurant in Paris, since she'd given him $500,000. Roger claimed that wouldn't keep him in coffee and croissants. He told Vanessa about the pre-nup agreement between Leo and Greenlee, telling her that Greenlee's fortune would be out of reach for both of them.

Vanessa was stunned, and Roger told her to "scoop [her] jaw off the floor." She didn't believe Roger, and he told her Leo was meeting with a lawyer at that moment. Vanessa wondered if Roger was trying to get back at her for not giving him the whole million dollars he wanted. He told Vanessa to call Leo to confirm his story, so she did. Leo was in Laura's room when his cell phone rang. He excused himself to take the call and, out in the hallway, wondered what his mother wanted. She told him she was heading over to see him and to stay there.

When Vanessa arrived, she asked Leo if he was really signing a prenuptial agreement. Leo wanted to know how she had found out, and she said Roger had told her. Leo wanted to know why she had even spoken to Roger. Vanessa admitted that she'd given Roger money to leave town. They both worried that Roger would spill what he knew about their activities in Verona. Greenlee walked up and wanted to know what was in Verona. Mother and son looked at each other with guilt written all over their faces.

At the boathouse JR met up with the guys from school who were cutting class. He told them he had gotten suspended from class. Bianca walked up, and one of the boys yelled, "Narc attack!" They saw who it was, and another kid commented, "She only busts chicks." The guys laughed and walked away to let Bianca and JR talk.

Bianca told JR that she had spoken with Phil and knew what had happened. JR asked if he could ask her a question, and Bianca agreed. JR wondered if she had ever felt guilty when she had lived with her dad. Bianca said yes, "that's the emotion of choice." Even though her dad had had custody, Bianca told JR, she had felt like she had abandoned her mom.

Bianca asked if JR still lived with his dad. He said yes and that it was up to him to make it permanent. Bianca said his mom probably just wanted him to be happy. JR replied, "What I want means nothing to my mom." He walked back over to his friends but turned to look forlornly at Bianca.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

Ryan and Gillian were alone on the yacht when Edmund and Anna interrupted them. Believing her to be Alex, Gillian asked the pair if they wanted to stay for tea and left to make it. Alone, Edmund revealed to Ryan that he'd had to take Anna out of Wildwind because a hit man had been hired to kill her. He explained that Dimitri had found the pilot who had flown them to Canada and that he had been imprisoned for smuggling. Dimitri had agreed to post his bail in exchange for information, and it had been revealed that Charlotte had hired him and another man to place a hit on Anna at Wildwind.

Edmund asked Ryan if Anna could hide out on the yacht for a few hours, but Ryan was hesitant. He didn't want Gillian in any danger and didn't want her to find out that he had lied to her. Edmund told him that the decision was ultimately his, but before he could answer, Gillian returned with the tea. She noticed the tension in the room and asked what was happening, but Ryan didn't answer. Instead, he suggested that they attend Leo and Greenlee's engagement party. Confused, Gillian asked him what had made him change his mind.

Ryan cautiously told Gillian that he wanted to "be there" for Leo and to "show [her] off." He said that Anna and Edmund could "enjoy" the yacht while they were gone. Gillian agreed to and left to get ready. Alone, Ryan informed the pair that he would tell the captain to take the yacht out for a few hours, but they had to have "other arrangements" once he and Gillian returned. Outside, a stowaway lurked on the deck.

Edmund and Anna poured drinks, and Anna confessed that she didn't feel comfortable on the yacht. Edmund agreed that he'd rather be on land, too, and the pair toasted to "terra firma." The yacht began to move, and Anna suddenly jumped up. She became hysterical and cried that the light was blinding her. As she raised her hands to shield her eyes, the wine glass broke in her hands. Edmund rushed to her side and asked her what she was remembering.

Confused, Anna recounted her fragmented memories of being in the tanker and almost dying. Edmund put his arms around her and assured her she was safe and that there would not be any explosions. Anna calmed down and asked Edmund how long "this [was] going to last." Edmund promised her that she would get better and stated that they were safe at sea. He suggested that they take advantage of the yacht, and the pair rose to leave. On another part of the yacht, the stowaway searched a room and found a bow and arrow.

At Pine Valley High, Tad asked Dixie what she had meant when she'd told him that Adam's lawyer would "be in touch." Quietly, Dixie revealed that she didn't want to drag him into the situation with JR but Tad assured her that "as long as there is breath in [his] body, [he's] involved." Dixie confided that JR had been suspended and that he had probably gone back to Adam's. Tad continued to press her for information, but Dixie was cautious and told him that she didn't want to bother him. Tad replied that he was offering his help and asked her again why JR had been suspended.

Dixie confessed that JR had paid a student to write his term paper then had shown no remorse once he had been caught. She explained that Adam had been called in and threatened to go for custody of JR if she interfered. Surprised, Tad told her he wasn't going to let that happen. He stated that they had lost too much already and that he wasn't going to "lose that boy to Adam." JR's teacher interrupted and delivered JR's suspension papers to Dixie.

The teacher apologized for what had happened and suggested that "family upheaval" might be the root of JR's problems. Once she left, Tad asked Dixie if she thought JR had gone straight to Adam's, but Dixie didn't know. She confided that she knew where he hung out, and the pair went to find him.

JR and his friends were hanging out at the boathouse when the conversation suddenly turned to Bianca. His friends debated on if it was possible to "bring her over to [their] side" but decided that she preferred "mascara and lipstick" over guys. JR became agitated and asked them to "lay off," but his friends continued to tease her and asked if he thought he could be the one to turn her straight. JR angrily retorted that she wouldn't be interested in them, anyway, but they only replied that he could have her to himself. JR informed them that they had been friends since childhood, and their relationship did not extend further than that.

A police officer interrupted the boys' conversation when he asked what they were doing. Uncomfortable, JR's friend, Sweeney, replied that they were studying. The officer picked up his knapsack and questioned whether he would find books in it, but Sweeney nervously said he couldn't search the bag. The officer facetiously asked why he couldn't, and JR quipped that he didn't have a search warrant. Angrily, the officer handed the knapsack back to Sweeney and asked JR to repeat himself, which JR did.

The officer told the teens that they had "smart mouths," and JR asked if he was taking away JR's freedom of speech. Fed up, the officer asked to see some identification and wondered if JR thought he was F. Lee Bailey, Jr. "Nope, I'm Adam Chandler, Jr.," JR quipped, as he whipped out a $100 bill from his pocket, asking, "Remember me now?" The officer wasn't impressed as JR explained that the cash was an "incentive to leave [them] alone." The officer said he knew JR, and JR replied that "of course [he did]" because he was Adam Chandler, Junior.

The officer corrected JR and said he was the "prima donna" on his son's soccer team and that JR couldn't buy him. JR continued to hold up the bill and informed the officer that "Ben doesn't like flapping in the wind." The officer told him to put it away, and JR did so, but commented that it was a "shame" because he could have "bought [his] son soccer lessons." Enraged, the police officer grabbed JR by the scruff of his neck and hauled him down the stairs to take him to the station.

Dixie and Tad suddenly arrived and frantically asked what was going on. As the officer replied that he was taking a "punk" to the station, JR knocked him down and began punching him. Tad tried to calm JR down, but he only told Tad and Dixie to leave him alone. The officer informed the trio that JR was under arrest for assaulting a police officer and roughly led him away.

At the hospital, Leo and Vanessa warned Greenlee that she shouldn't jump to conclusions over what she thought they were doing. Greenlee told him that she knew when he was lying and admitted that she thought the idea of them going to Verona for their honeymoon was "fantastic." As she excitedly hugged and thanked Vanessa and Leo, Roger lurked in the background. He called the airport and confirmed that the flight from Verona had landed.

Greenlee began planning where they would visit, but Leo reminded her that he couldn't miss work and that they would only be able to go for a week. Greenlee persisted in asking for a month-long excursion, but Leo informed her that Vanessa was paying for the honeymoon as her gift for them and that they couldn't "take advantage of her generosity." When Greenlee offered to chip in, Leo reminded her of their "deal," where he had to pay or they didn't go. Greenlee gave in and excitedly left to call the caterers.

Alone, Leo apologized for "sticking" Vanessa with the trip to Verona, but Vanessa shrugged it off. Nervously, she told him to skip the party that night and leave Pine Valley to elope with Greenlee. Leo replied that he wasn't going to marry her until they signed the prenuptial agreement, but Vanessa persisted. She handed Leo her car keys and instructed him to find the nearest justice of the peace. Leo told her that she was only interested in the money, but Vanessa replied that she cared more for him.

Leo told Vanessa that he would marry Greenlee after he signed the prenuptial agreement the next morning. "Then everything will be happily ever after," he stated. As he eavesdropped in the background, Roger whispered that it definitely wouldn't. Greenlee suddenly walked up behind them and told them the caterers would meet them at the loft. Leo gave Vanessa her keys back, and Greenlee asked if she needed a lift and if she was attending their party. Vanessa assured Greenlee that she wouldn't miss it for the world. Happily, Greenlee kissed her on the cheek, and Greenlee and Leo left.

In her hospital room, Laura instructed Bianca to take over three dresses for the party that night. Brooke walked in as Laura hung up and told Laura that she was getting "pinker" in the face. Laura apologized for what Brooke had been going through for the past few days and told her that she felt better. She picked up the phone and asked Brooke if she would call Joe and ask if she could get released that night. Brooke refused, but Laura told her that she had to go to Leo and Greenlee's engagement party.

"You can't go anywhere! Your heart..." Brooke trailed, as Laura jumped up to pack. Confused, Laura asked what her mother meant. Brooke quickly replied that she didn't want her heart to be broken, but Laura insisted on going. She explained to Brooke that she had to go in order to prove to Greenlee that Greenlee couldn't faze her. Brooke told her that she hadn't been released yet and that the safest place for her was the hospital. Laura settled back into her bed and reluctantly agreed.

Brooke told Laura to get well soon and left. Alone, Laura jumped out of bed and became dizzy. She shrugged the feeling off and began undoing her I.V. Bianca suddenly entered with the dresses and asked Laura what was going on. Laura explained that they were going to a party and that Bianca had to help her escape from the hospital. She began to pull dresses out of the bag, but Bianca informed her that she was staying in the hospital and wearing her pajamas.

Bianca told Laura that Greenlee wasn't worth her time, but Laura disagreed. She explained that she had to show Leo that he was making a mistake and asked Bianca if she hadn't felt like doing the same thing when Sarah had been getting married. Laura said that she had to be "more gracious than Greenlee could ever be" so that she could prove to Leo that she was worth it. She stated that she was going to the party and asked if Bianca was going with her.

Greenlee and Leo arrived at Jake's. Greenlee assured her fiancé that Jake was working and wouldn't mind if they had their engagement party there. Suddenly, she heard a sound and became scared. Leo grabbed a bat, and the pair hid as they screamed for the intruder to emerge. Jake suddenly emerged from his bedroom, dressed only in a pair of briefs. He asked the pair what they were doing, but before they could answer, Patricia walked out covered in bed sheets.

Leo was embarrassed and apologized, but Greenlee found the situation entertaining. Patricia retreated back into the bedroom, and Leo asked Jake if he had forgotten about the party that evening. When he realized that Jake had never been told about it, he scolded Greenlee. The doorbell rang, and Greenlee informed the men that it could be the "caterer, the florist, or a party guest." Leo asked Jake if he was going to invite their guests in, wearing only his skivvies, and Jake went to change.

Brooke returned to Laura's hospital room with some magazines and was confused to find it empty. She gasped as she looked to the ground and picked up Laura's abandoned pajamas. Laura and Bianca arrived at Jake's, and he commented on how much better Laura looked. Confused, he asked if she had been released, but the pair didn't respond and left to talk to Ryan and Gillian.

Alone, Bianca told Laura that they were only making an appearance and that they were going back to the hospital after. Opal arrived at the party with a housewarming gift for Jake and was confused as to what was going on. Jake informed her that Leo and Greenlee were getting married, and as Opal scanned the room, her eyes landed on Palmer. She hurriedly went to leave, but Roger stopped her and insisted that she stay as his guest.

Leo took Greenlee to the roof for a quiet moment alone. He asked her to look at the sky and told her it wasn't "big enough to hold all the love" he felt for her. He whispered that he couldn't buy her anything and that all he could give her was his love. Greenlee smiled as Leo confided that he couldn't wait to sign the prenuptial agreement so he could make her his wife. Greenlee agreed, and the pair kissed.

Vanessa spotted Opal and Roger and went over to talk to them. Jake left the trio, and Vanessa asked Roger what he was doing there. Roger admitted that he and Greenlee had never been close but assured her that Greenlee would be able to rely on him for anything after that night.

Thursday, May 11, 2001

Brooke worried when she found Laura's hospital room empty. Erica and Jack arrived with news that David's hand surgery had been a success, and Brooke told them Laura had disappeared. Brooke guessed that Laura had gone to the engagement party and went to retrieve her. Erica visited David in jail and told him she was going to break him out.

Meanwhile, Leo asked Greenlee to elope in the morning, after they picked up the prenup. Greenlee was tempted but wanted to do things right and have a real wedding. Later, the engagement party was interrupted by the arrival of Leo's ex-wife, Katerina. Greenlee accused Roger of arranging the charade to get back at Leo, but Roger said Katerina was real.

Leo admitted that he had been married to Katerina, and she recounted how she had been a wealthy heiress until Leo had stolen her money after they had wed. Leo verified Katerina's story but emphasized that he had changed and that he loved Greenlee. After the guests left, Leo reminded Greenlee he had asked for the pre-nup, but Katerina countered that he had insisted they draft one, too, but had never signed it. Roger then embraced Greenlee and ordered Leo to leave, but Leo replied that he was not going anywhere.

At the police station, Dixie tried to speak to the officer on JR's behalf, but JR said he did not want her there and called Barry. The policeman told Dixie that JR would be spending the night in juvenile hall, but JR said his father would not let that happen. Tad reassured Dixie when she feared that JR was turning into Adam and worried what he would be like if Adam got custody.

Adam and Liza arrived at the station, and Barry explained the charges against JR. A forceful Dixie told Adam that JR was moving back with her, but Adam responded that JR should decide where he lived. Later, the officer announced that he was releasing JR into Adam's care. JR then walked out of the station without a word to Dixie.

Anna was frustrated over the slow return of her memory. Edmund suggested she let go and do the opposite of remembering, suggesting a dip in the Jacuzzi fit the bill. After their dip, Edmund and Anna danced in the salon as the mystery man peered in through the window. Later, while Anna was out on deck, the young man emerged from his hiding place and pointed the spear gun at her just as Edmund and Ryan walked out.



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