General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on GH

Carly and Roy worked to have Sonny arrested by the FBI. Lucky asked Elizabeth to marry him. Helena and her minions accosted Tony and took him to an underground room. Felicia waffled between Luke, who admitted that he did not love her, and Mac, who declared his undying love for her. Edward revealed that he knew Rae's baby had been taken from her. Monica demanded that Skye take a paternity test.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on GH
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Monday, May 7, 2001

Sonny was taken in to the police station again, this time by the FBI. Agent Ford listed all the charges against him but told him that he would make a deal. Sonny would give him names and information, and he would be free forever. Sonny didn't cooperate. He said he knew nothing and wouldn't give Agent Ford anything until he found out who had set him up. Carly went to see him, and he asked how she had known he was there. He told her to go home to Michael, but she stayed. Roy showed up and said he could say who had set Sonny up.

Carly met up with Roy on the fourth floor staircase of the hospital and asked how things had gone. Roy told her they had not gone the way they were supposed to. After she left, he punched the wall in frustration. Melissa saw and was looking at his hand. He was feeling guilty, just like with her brother. They were deep in conversation and didn't see Bobbie watching them.

In Bobbie's room, Felicia was trying to get Bobbie to rest, but Bobbie was too wound up. Felicia suggested she give Bobbie a manicure and was looking in her purse for a suitable color nail polish. Bobbie said she had one in her purse, which was in her locker downstairs. She went to get it and saw Roy and Melissa. Later, she told Felicia she was going to trust Roy no matter what Melissa was up to. Felicia was polishing Bobbie's nails and talking to her when she noticed Bobbie had fallen asleep.

Emily had caught up to Zander on the footbridge into Canada and told him she had always believed him that he hadn't beaten up her grandfather. He had blackmailed her into giving up Zander. He was mad that she had lied; he said even when he had kidnapped her, he hadn't lied. She couldn't get him to understand she had only been doing it so Edward would drop the charges. He wasn't impressed but stopped when she said she loved him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward and Alan argued about what Edward had done with Skye. Alan yelled at Edward that instead of making Alan do the responsible thing with Rae and Skye, he had sold Skye to the highest bidder. Edward said Skye wasn't supposed to have been sold; she was supposed to have been adopted. That was a mistake. "You knew -- you knew my daughter was alive?" Alan asked. Skye was listening at the door, unknown to the two men.

Edward informed Alan they had both been too young to be parents, and Rae's parents had agreed. Rae was listening by that time and stormed into the room, calling Edward a lousy, lying son of a bitch. She told them of her torment, thinking her child had died. Edward was trying to defend himself, but there was no defense for making Rae think her child had died.

After Edward left the room, at Alan's demand, Alan was hugging Rae in comfort, and Monica walked in. She overreacted. Monica and Rae had had a showdown earlier where Rae had told Monica she didn't want Alan; she had someone back in Llanview and had shown John's picture to Monica. Monica had scoffed and asked if Rae was robbing the cradle.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Things were not going as planned with Sonny. Carly and Roy's plan had really backfired. Sonny was furious that the FBI had caught him and because he knew that someone had sold him out. Needless to say, he didn't know it was his own wife -- and another one of her plans to help him. Roy covered for Carly the best way he could. Carly put herself in jeopardy because she went to the station before anyone called her. Sonny questioned her about it, and she lied and said one of his men had called her.

Roy confessed that he had brokered the deal for Sonny's freedom with the FBI by saying that Sonny would give up names. Sonny replied never. They took him off to the cell. Carly was erratic. She kept telling Roy that that was not supposed to happen. She asked if Sonny could really go to prison. Roy replied that he could. The FBI had him on serious charges, and the only way out was to give up names. Roy also stressed that Carly needed to tread lightly when she spoke to Sonny because if he ever discovered her betrayal, their marriage and any relationship would be over.

At the hospital, Felicia overheard Luke asking Laura for help in the Helena situation and became really sad and jealous. Felicia did not understand where Luke was going and why it was drawing him closer to Laura. She quietly walked away to the break room, where she ran into Mac. He was wearing a Groucho Marx disguise and made her laugh for a moment. He knew she was down and out about Luke, yet he played it cool and talked about other things and the children.

Mac offered to take Felicia out to dinner and just take her mind off her problems. Felicia, however, was still concerned about Bobbie and Lucas and wasn't really gung-ho about the dinner idea. Mac offered to go check on Bobbie and let her know if there was any change. Meanwhile Felicia got up to leave the room, and Luke walked up to her.

Emily was having a rough time with Zander. It seemed that Zander had relinquished all his newfound qualities and was going back to just being an unintelligent jerk. Emily explained the whole Edward ordeal and how her grandfather had blackmailed her. Yet, Zander was unfazed by the news. He was disappointed that she had lied to him and that she did not trust him at all. He told her that if that was love, he really wanted no part of it.

Emily was crushed and asked if their relationship was over. Zander basically agreed. He told her he was tired of people telling him what to do and how to live his life. Emily told him to be careful how hard he pushed because she would go. She said, "Baby, please don't push me away," but it was already too late. His scary friend approached the two and asked why she was there. Zander told the man to meet him later, and all was cool.

Emily was stunned. She was in disbelief that Zander was returning to selling drugs. Zander said that since he had lost her, his life really didn't matter at all. Emily went on the defensive and began to yell at him. "What are you doing? Is this what you want to do, sell drugs? You went through the whole jail time and Sorel to come back and sell drugs?" she asked.

Zander said, "I can do what I want with my life now." Emily challenged, "And you want to sell drugs? I guess I meant nothing to you. What, did you just want to get me into bed?" Zander was offended at that moment and told Emily she just didn't know him at all. She said that maybe her grandfather had done them a favor. They both went their separate ways, but they both looked back regretfully.

Lucky was in serious peril. Every day, he seemed to be losing more of his normal state, and the mind control was taking over. Lucky, Liz, Gia, and Nikolas were at an arcade, trying to cheer Nikolas up about losing his family and signing away the Cassadine name. Lucky was playing a shooting game and kept seeing the face of Helena. He derived pleasure in just shooting her repeatedly. No one really noticed that he was in a trance.

Later, Lucky, Liz, Nikolas, and Gia got together as a group, and Liz was telling Nikolas that they were there for him and hoped it was helping to get his mind off his family woes. Lucky stood there in a trance, said the weirdest thing, and walked off to game again. Everyone else just looked puzzled at what he had said. Liz went over to help him. Nikolas thanked Gia for working together with Liz so they all could enjoy an outing together.

Lucky started to fall deeper into a trance, seeing Luke and Laura's faces in the game. He did stop shooting, but it was obvious that he was fighting the programming. Liz started to notice his faraway look and drew him back to the living. Lucky professed his love for her and got down on his knees and proposed marriage.

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Carly went to visit Sonny in jail and saw him scared and trying hard to breathe. She started to yell for the guard when Sonny calmed her down and explained to her that if anyone found out he was claustrophobic, they would try to use it against him. He was determined to figure out who had set him up, and while Carly tried to convince him to focus on the deal that the FBI had offered him, he was adamant about uncovering the snitch. Sonny told her that he didn't think Roy was just a mediator, and Roy wasn't in a position to give the FBI any concrete evidence on Sonny's dealings.

Taggert interrupted Carly and Sonny and agitated Carly when he suggested that the best thing Sonny could do was to become an informant for the FBI. Carly told Taggert that Sonny was very loyal and would never betray those close to him. After Taggert left, Carly told Sonny that it could be Taggert who had gotten the evidence on him, but Sonny disagreed. He told Carly that when he had received the call regarding the bomber, she had been the only other person in the room. Carly said she'd had no idea and professed her love and loyalty to him, telling him she would stand by him no matter what happened.

Luke found Felicia in the waiting room, where she told him that she had decided to have dinner with Mac but wanted Luke to tell her not to go. Luke once again reiterated that he didn't think he could give her the kind of love she wanted, and he didn't think he could ever love anyone again. He declared that he wanted to continue their relationship but could "give her a safe harbor." Felicia shared with him Mac's promise to wait for her and informed him that she wanted to go to dinner with Mac because she needed to be in a relationship in which she was an equal partner and not just "riding on the fringes of someone else's life." A crying Felicia then left the waiting room.

While at the arcade, Lucky confessed the depth of his love and proposed to Liz. Surprised and confused by the proposal, she didn't know what to say. Gia encouraged Liz to say yes. Liz and Lucky left for the park so that they could talk in private. Liz told him that she was never going to leave him and was puzzled by the desperation she sensed in his words. Lucky saw Helena watching them from a nearby bush and continued to tell Liz that he feared he would lose himself if she ever left him. He encouraged her to ignore all the practicalities about money and family and agree to marry him. She finally said yes.

Meanwhile, Helena went back to her yacht, where her disks had been deciphered for her. Holding the Ice Princess, she confidently declared that not even love was a match for what she had in store for Lucky.

Nikolas and Gia left the arcade and went back to the cottage, where Nikolas informed Gia of his suspicions regarding Lucky's strange behavior. He wanted to find out what was going on and was convinced that Helena had something to do with it. Gia, who was unaware of what Helena had done to Lucky, told Nikolas that she would help him with any battle he wanted to fight. Touched and impressed by her bravado, Nikolas told her he loved her. Surprised, Gia said she was scared of being hurt, but Nikolas assured her that he had no intention of ever hurting her.

Scotty took Laura out to the arcade for an evening of fun and taught her how to play pinball. He told her that he thought about her all the time and wanted to pursue a relationship and a future with her. Laura hesitated, saying that she had made a lot of mistakes in the past and didn't want to make another one with him. She asked if she could have some time to think it over, and Scotty agreed -- on the condition that she tell him when she was ready.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

by M.A.

Alan tried to get closer to Monica in light of all the turmoil in the family. Monica rebuffed him because she was furious over his connection to Rae. She believed that he was hoping for a reconciliation with his teenage love. Alan said everything he could to convince her otherwise, but Monica refused to hear him.

Rae interrupted a conversation between Edward and Skye when it sounded as though Skye was being sucked into her grandfather's manipulations. Rae warned Skye not to trust Edward because of his past and current misdeeds. When Skye berated Rae for interfering, Alan walked in and commanded Skye to be kinder to her mother. Skye decided to leave the Quartermaine mansion, but Alan begged her to stay. As Monica eavesdropped, he told Skye that he was committed to getting to know her better and being a real father to her.

Bobbie and Tony struggled to find a cure for Lucas' life-threatening condition. When Lucas' fever kept spiking no matter what they did, Bobbie grew increasingly frustrated by their inability to help their son. Lucas started having seizures, and Bobbie curled up in the bed with him to try to calm him down.

Helena attempted to wheedle information out of Melissa about Lucas' condition. Roy saw them talking and asked Melissa what Helena wanted. His suspicions were raised when Melissa told him what Helena had asked for.

Carly gave Sonny the bad news that bail had been denied unless Sonny intended to take the FBI's deal. As they argued about it, A.J. and Scott entered and served Carly custody papers. A.J. intended to sue for custody of Michael. Sonny lunged at A.J. through the bars and promised to exact retribution if A.J. went near Michael.

When Scott and A.J. left, Carly told Sonny that the only way he could protect Michael was if he took the deal. Roy showed up and echoed Carly's statement. Sonny told them that he would take the deal if Roy found out who the snitch was. Carly pleaded with him to relent, and finally, Sonny told Roy to have bail arranged. He was willing to deal with the FBI.

Friday, May 11, 2001

At the hospital, Liz told Audrey that Lucky had proposed marriage. Audrey expressed her concern that Liz and Lucky were not ready to take such an enormous step in their relationship.

At a jewelry store, Lucky took Nikolas with him to look for an engagement ring for Liz, but Lucky seemed to go into a trace and became agitated when he saw the diamonds.

Somewhere in the hospital basement, Helena stated that it was the day she had waited for.

Roy arrived at the hospital just as Lucas began having a seizure. Bobbie became hysterical, and Roy took her out of the room so Tony could try to help Lucas. Roy tried to comfort Bobbie.

Carly took Sonny home from the police station. Sonny asked Carly who she thought would turn him in to the FBI and how she thought Roy had gotten mixed up in the situation. Carly tried to take Sonny's mind off the ordeal and went upstairs to run him a bath. When she had gone upstairs, Sonny went into her handbag, took out her cell phone, and pressed redial. Roy answered the call, confirming Sonny's suspicion of Carly. Mike arrived to check on Sonny. Sonny relived memories of his mother waiting for Mike to return when he was a little boy and asked Mike why and how he had been able to leave them without looking back.

Felicia and Mac had dinner together at a restaurant. They decided to go for homemade ice cream, but Felicia received a call regarding Lucas' condition. Felicia and Mac immediately headed for the hospital.

At the hospital, Roy and Luke tried to comfort Bobbie. Tony walked out to tell Bobbie that Lucas was not doing well. Roy told Luke that Helena had been asking Melissa about Lucas' condition earlier in the day. Tony visited with Lucas and tried to get him to open his eyes. Luke spoke to Tony and asked if he had checked to see if Lucas had been poisoned. Tony called the lab, and Luke went to find Helena.

In the meantime, Lucas slipped into a coma. Luke found Helena in the hospital corridor, and they did their little "cat and mouse" game, trying to get information from each other. Luke threatened to kill Helena if she didn't tell him what she had done to Lucas. Mac arrived and pulled Luke off Helena before he could get the information. After Mac went to check on Lucas, Luke told Felicia that he thought Helena had poisoned Lucas.

In the waiting room, Nikolas told Liz that Lucky had freaked out in the jewelry store. When Liz downplayed the situation, Nikolas told her that he was concerned, and they both wondered where Lucky could be. They parted ways to look for him in the hospital. Meanwhile, Lucky entered the rooftop of the hospital building. Nikolas found Lucky ready to jump from the rooftop and tried to talk him down.

At the penthouse, Mike continued to explain to Sonny that he thought he had done the right thing by leaving Sonny and his mother because Mike had known he could not take care of them. Mike stated he had wanted them to be free so they could find a life they had both deserved. Mike said he could never have been the man that he had seen in Sonny's mother's eyes. After Mike left, Carly went downstairs and told Sonny that his bath was ready.

Carly and Sonny shared what they each wanted from their lives. They reaffirmed their love for one another; however, Sonny was clearly still troubled and fighting with the fact that he knew Carly had betrayed him. Carly began to talk to Sonny about taking the deal that the FBI had offered him. Sonny told Carly that he knew that she was the one that had betrayed him.

Two gunmen approached Tony in the hospital corridor and took him to an unknown part of the hospital, where Helena told him that she was going to show him something "very interesting."

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