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Monday, May 7

A steaming Alison angrily confronted Jamal at the motocross track. Eve was caught off guard by a sudden marriage proposal from Chris, who promised he'd be a good father to her unborn child. Ian admitted to Frank that he was having a hard time believing Frank's wild tale about accidentally altering the past. When Frank continued to insist that his story was all too true, Ian decided to take him to the chief.

Stunned when Jamal explained how Zach had set her up, Alison was upset to realize how her blunder had almost endangered the man she loved. Though Eve balked at his suggestion, Chris urged her to carefully consider all the advantages of a union with him. After Frank revealed how he had tampered with the past, the chief proposed that he travel back through time to put things right. When Zach ordered him to race again, Jamal threatened to turn a certain incriminating tape over to the cops unless he backed off.

Tuesday, May 8

Eve fantasized about marrying Chris and raising her child with him. In every fantasy, she was happy and so was Chris, but Ian kept popping up and ruining things. The dreams made her realize that she needed more time to sort out her feelings. She left a message for Chris, telling him that she was still thinking about his proposal and was leaving town to do so.

Ian was torn between wanting to believe in Frank and not understanding how the situation could be possible. As he drank a dram of whiskey, he had a vision of his sister, Granya. Granya advised Ian to have faith in what was in his heart and trust himself. She also told him that there was no shame in wanting Arianna to be saved so that he and Eve could be together.

Frank and Ian convinced the chief to give Frank the morca root that would allow him to travel back in time and fix the things he had messed up. The chief told Frank that the herb would allow his spirit to travel, but to the outside observer, he would appear to be in a coma-like state. Knowing that his family and Joe in particular would flip out if they saw him like that, Frank decided to take the herb at Ian's house. He went to see his family to tell them that he no longer believed that Karen existed, and he was going away to get some much-needed rest.

Everyone but Lucy and Kevin bought Frank's story. Lucy urged Frank to give her the picture that Kevin had drawn of Karen, but Frank lied and said he had thrown it away. Lucy and Kevin privately agreed that they knew Frank wasn't telling the truth. Frank said a special goodbye to Mary and then wrote a letter for Neil in case he didn't return from his travels.

Wednesday, May 9

by Jill

Kevin spent the entire night in his office, trying to recreate the picture of Karen as he assessed the whole situation. He then went to Frank's house to talk with him. Frank told Kevin that he was on his way to the airport. Kevin began to question him about the trip, even asking if he could go along, hoping that Frank would tell him where he was really going.

Kevin finally showed Frank the second picture of Karen, and Frank was surprised that Kevin could recreate another. He said that he had been able because Frank's description had been so deep and sincere that it had stuck with him. Frank confided that he was going to search for Karen, but didn't reveal how. Kevin wished him luck and made him promise that he would call Kevin first if he needed anything.

As Eve prepared to leave town, Chris called to question her trip. She assured him that she was considering his proposal but just needed some time alone to think everything over. She didn't get very far before a flat tire stopped her. She started to change it herself but was afraid to take a chance and called for assistance.

On his way to the airport to pick up the herbs for Frank, Ian saw Eve and stopped. Surprised that she wasn't changing the tire herself, Ian offered to help her. As he tightened the last bolt, the wrench slipped and cuts his hand. Eve took a look at his hand, and they began to embrace, but she quickly pulled away, telling him that she had to go. She begged him to go with her and almost slipped about the baby. Upset, Eve got in her car, and Ian watched her drive away.

Chris found the perfect one-of-a-kind engagement ring for Eve.

Thursday, May 10

Joe cornered Kevin to ask if he thought that Frank was really stable enough to be alone in Alaska. Kevin assured Joe that Frank would be fine and convinced him to just give his brother time and space. Lucy told Kevin that she had found out that Frank had never boarded the plane to Alaska. She was stunned and elated when Kevin revealed that he believed Frank and had encouraged him to look for Karen. Kevin showed Lucy the picture he had drawn of Karen, and Lucy noted that Karen seemed very familiar to her. Sketch in hand, Kevin went to see Rhonda in her hospital room.

Eve arrived at the cabin where she and Ian had first realized their love for each other. She was determined to use the time to think about Chris's proposal and the life she wanted to make for her baby.

Alison and Jamal entered their apartment and found the place ransacked. Jamal and Jack immediately figured out that Zach and his gang had been looking for the tape of Zach's confession. Jamal found the tape and told his friends of his plan to use it against Zach. Alison wanted Jamal to take the tape directly to the police or at least his cousin Dara.

Jamal didn't have enough faith that the police would help him, but he agreed to talk to Dara. They listened to the tape to make sure the confession was good enough. Initially, they heard Zach talking, but then, music started playing. At the same time that they were listening to the tape, Zach was listening to a copy he had made, and he smirked when the music played instead of his confession.

A weakened Arianna confessed to Ian that she felt her time of death was near. Ian urged her to fight for her life and not give up. He told her that Frank was trying to find someone who was a perfect donor and asked Arianna to try to hold on until Frank returned.

As the chief prepared the morca root for Frank, he had a few strong warnings. He told Frank not to tamper with anything other than getting Karen back. He knew that Frank would be tempted to change many other things, but if Frank did that, it could have dire consequences. Frank promised to only make certain that Karen was born and do nothing else.

As Frank took the morca root and focused on Karen, he opened his eyes and found himself in a park. A newspaper on a bench revealed the date as being 1973. Frank had successfully traveled through time.

Friday, May 11

As Jamal played the tape that was supposed to have Zach's confession on it, music started playing instead. Livvie realized that she had accidentally taped over Zach while taping some music. Jamal lamented that he didn't have proof of Zach's corruption. Zach and Sam met to talk to Jamal and gloat that he had nothing on them. He forced Jamal into agreeing to race for him, much to Alison's dismay.

Eve settled into the cabin and tried to relax enough to think. When memories of her time with Ian overwhelmed her, she went for a walk in the woods. She got lost and tried not to panic when she heard a strange noise. She discovered that the noise was from a handsome stranger chopping wood.

Kevin visited Rhonda in her hospital room to ask her more questions about Frank and Karen. Rhonda refused to talk about it and especially didn't want to talk about the computer. Kevin's suspicions grew when she said the computer had caused her nothing but trouble. Kevin stopped her from leaving the room, and the picture she was holding of herself and Carolyn fell to the floor. Kevin picked it up and compared it to the sketch he had drawn of Karen. He looked up at Rhonda in shock.

Frank safely arrived in 1973 and read the paper in the park to get caught up on what was going on. As he sat on the bench, a little boy ran up to him. Frank stared at him in stunned recognition as he realized he was looking at himself as a child. Soon, the boy's mother appeared to retrieve her son, and Frank looked into the eyes of his mother.

Mary was pregnant with Joe and obviously didn't recognize Frank, but she was very friendly toward him. He initially asked her to have coffee with him, but he rescinded the offer when she said she was on her way to apply for a job at General Hospital. He was afraid that he might accidentally change something in the future if he detained her. She directed him to the Wexler household, and Frank watched as Carolyn, who was the spitting image of Karen, walked out of the house.

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