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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on GL
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Monday, May 7, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Beth wakes to bells ringing loudly all over the island. She shakes Edmund and gets him up to hear it as well. She tells him that every bell in SC is ringing to celebrate his coronation. He tells her it is the second best day of his life, second only to the day she fell in love with him. He kisses her.

At Lydia's, Richard and Cassie are hearing the bells as well. He talks about the day of his coronation and how the bells rang then as well. Cassie reminds Richard that even if Edmund is crowned today, his reign will be short lived and it will be because of them that he is dethroned. They hug.

Holly and Phillip are in the sitting room talking about the "noise." Holly wishes she could do something to bring Edmund down. Phillip closes the door and gives her Noah's cell number telling her to tell him she is willing to help. She goes to call him and the aide that had been around earlier calls a guard telling him to get Edmund up and in there. Alan arrives for breakfast and Phillip talks about locking him and Beth in the dungeon. Phillip tells him that he knows Alan is dying to know what happened but he wont be telling him. Just then Beth and Edmund come in and Alan asks to speak to Beth. Holly excuses herself and Edmund motions for an aide to follow her. Edmund asks Phillip if he slept well and Phillip starts complaining about the racket with the bells. Phillip thinks every bell on the island is just a little over the top. Edmund tells Phillip to take an aspirin because it will happen every hour until his coronation. Phillip tells Edmund not to ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for him. Edmund doesn't like Phillip's comment but pretends to be pleasant. Alan takes Beth aside and asks her if she is angry. Beth tells him he made his intentions clear and what he did was manipulative and demeaning. However, it did give she and Phillip an opportunity to be alone and open and honest. Now because of Alan, she and Phillip have a new understanding. She believes they can both be strictly friends now and move on with their lives. Alan is disappointed. Beth thanks him and says if it wasn't for him, things may have turned out differently.

Holly walks into the café. She starts walking over towards Noah and two men are following her. Noah jumps up, walking past Holly, ignoring her. Noah goes straight to the two guys. Noah is wearing typical tourist clothing, Hawaiian shirt, camera, sunglasses and a hat. He tells the guys he needs there help. He says he can't figure out his camera. He and his wife would like a picture of themselves there in SC but no one knows how the thing works. The men are not friendly and Noah asks them if they are so straight laced because they work for the government. Noah says he bets they are and asks them to get he and his wife into the coronation thing. The guys are ticked that they have been busted and they leave. After they are gone, Noah goes to Holly, who is impressed that he pegged the guys as following her. Noah tells her, he knows what to look for. Noah asks if she is willing to help and wants her to follow the escape closely. She is ready to help. He tells her that Phillip will fill her in as to where and when to be.

In the Surveillance Van:

Harley and Gus are in the van but no one is talking inside the Bauer house. Harley gets off the phone and tells him that they got the court order to examine Carmen's ashes. Gus tells another cop to go to the mortuary and get the ashes then call Danny and tells him that they got the ashes with a court order to be examined. Harley tells Gus he is working all the angles. He tells her that he wants to catch Danny's reaction when they tell him they have the ashes. Harley tells him that is entrapment but Gus tells her he will do what he has to do to put the bad guys in jail. Gus tells her that he is sure a crime has been committed and he is just waiting to know what it was. He is going to wait and let Danny lead him to the answer. Harley doesn't like it. Gus wonders what is wrong with Harley and asks about her hormones. Harley doesn't like all the sneaky parts of his job. Gus hears Michelle and tells Harley to be quiet. They listen as Danny and Michelle rehash the argument they had the day before. Danny asks Michelle what will happen when everything she told Rick and Meta gets out. Michelle says she can trust her family and nothing will come out. Danny says she made them accessories after the fact. That is why he grew up with a code of silence. Gus is going out of his mind wanting to know what Rick and Meta are accessories of. Danny tells Michelle that he thought he heard the baby and she sees the baby monitor isn't on. She goes over the table and turns it on and Gus and Harley get loud screeching feedback in their ears. While they are trying to fix it so they can hear their conversation, Danny tells Michelle that he killed his mother and no one can find out that she didn't really die nine months ago. Michelle goes to get the phone and can't hear on it. Danny hears that Meta is in with the baby and he turns off the monitor. Now Gus and Harley can hear again. Danny answers the phone and learns the feds have Carmen's ashes. Danny tells Michelle they are in serious trouble. Danny wonders why the feds wanted them if they didn't know something. He tells her they were only talking about this last night and he had swept the house so there shouldn't be any bugs. Michelle tells Danny not to worry. Danny says if the feds test the ashes they will be in trouble. She calls Ross and tells Danny they have to go over there. Gus and Harley say if they are leaving, so will they. Gus and Harley leave the van.

At the Police Station:

Gus and Harley arrive at the lab and have a man looking at the ashes. The guy says he can do the DNA test if he gets a piece of bone that isn't charred. He looks at them and pulls out a small dog tag and tells Gus and Harley that the ashes aren't the remains of a human, they are dog ashes. Just then Ross, Danny and Michelle come in and Ross demands they stop what they are doing right then.

At the Lewis House:

Blake arrives at Reva's with a gift for Marah. Marah opens it and it is a red teddy. Reva is a little skeptical. Blake says if Marah wears it under her clothes it will make her feel like she has a secret and is in charge. Marah thinks that this will be a feminine bonding moment between her and Blake. Reva finally consents to let Marah keep it. Marah invites Blake and Ross to the party and asks Blake not to mention the gift to Josh. She is still holding the teddy in front of her as Tony enters. Blake tells Tony to put his eyes back in their sockets. Reva offers Blake coffee and they leave the room. Tony thinks the teddy is nice and Marah says it will be better when it is on her. Tony asks about the party tonight and is not happy that Sam is throwing the party. Tony tells her that he had planned dinner for two by the lake and Marah tells them they can do both. First the party and then the dinner and now that she is 18 maybe she will wear the teddy to a private party with him. Tony says that would sink him with her dad. Marah wonders why Tony has to bring her dad into everything. She says she is 18 and it doesn't matter. Tony says they have to be careful if they want to get where they want to be. Marah says maybe Tony is scared. Tony wonders why she keeps antagonizing her dad. He dreams about being with her but it's not right yet. He wants to make something out of himself and asks him how long she would stay interested in him if he doesn't make something of himself. He asks her to be patient. Tony says nothing will happen until it is right and she will just have to get used to it. He leaves and Marah storms upstairs.

Blake and Reva come back into the living room talking about Noah. Reva says he is helping Richard and Cassie escape in San Cristobel. Blake thinks that's great. Reva says Noah is great at that stuff but they have some trouble at home. Blake asks if it is because of Josh. Reva tells her about the conversation between Josh and Noah. Blake tells her it will all work out for her. Blake tells Reva she will be back for the party. Reva thanks her and says next time only bring lingerie for her. Blake says she likes Noah and hopes they get what they want.

At Harley's House:

Frank arrives to see Buzz struggling with a sofa. Buzz says he was rearranging her furniture but realizes later that she wouldn't like it so he is putting it all back now but he threw his back out. Frank goes over to help him. Buzz says he has been having back trouble since his beating last fall when Selena left. Frank wants him to see a doctor and asks Buzz if he has heard from Selena. He says not since that night she visited him in the hospital. He didn't report it to the police or even tell his kids but now that Buzz has read the book, he can't stop thinking about Selena and her son. Whenever his back goes out, he can't help but think of Miguel Santos. Frank doesn't want Buzz to go back to being bitter and not caring like he used to be. Buzz says the guy he was would have run long ago.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

At the Police Department:

Ross tells Gus that his court order is to stop them from examining Carmen's ashes. Gus tells him that the ashes they have aren't those of Carmen Santos, but that of a large dog named Wolfe. Gus tells Danny that he should be happy this means his mom could be alive but he wonders if Danny already knew that. Gus tells Ross that they also had a court order and that is how they took possession of the ashes. He goes on to tell Ross, Danny and Michelle that he believes Carmen faked her own death possible with the help of Danny to avoid federal prosecution. Michelle tells him that if Carmen is still alive why isn't he out looking for her. Gus tells her that he realizes it would take the heat off her and her husband if he would up and leave town to look for Carmen but it isn't happening. Harley asks them if they want to say anything but Ross steps in and says he will talk to his clients before they say anything to the police. Everyone leaves them to talk and Ross asks Michelle and Danny about the dog. Danny tells him they didn't know it was canine ashes and they didn't know it wasn't Carmen initially. Ross tells them that they could possibly be accessories to a crime after the fact and he needs to know everything. Danny wants to talk things over with Michelle first. Ross tells them to do that but when they call him, they need to be ready to tell him the entire truth. He walks out. Michelle starts asking Danny how the feds found out, but he thinks they need to wait and talk at home.

At the Bauer House:

Gus and Harley make it back in the van and Gus goes over his notes, telling Harley that they know Claire knows something and they will talk to her first. Michelle and Danny get home and Gus and Harley start listening again. Michelle asks why Gus thought to have Carmen's ashes tested. Danny asks who else knows. She tells him that the only one with any real knowledge is Claire and she is in SC for the coronation. Danny thinks they should tell her to stay out of the country for as long as she can. Meta comes in the room and tells them about her day with the baby and goes on to tell them that she is fixing duck in the microwave for dinner. She goes into the kitchen and turns on the microwave, which gives Gus and Harley another shrill feedback so they are unable to hear the conversations. Michelle calls Claire and tells her the situation. She tells Claire to stay out of the country until she calls her back. Claire tells her she will be in touch.

Danny asks Michelle who else would know what is going on. Michelle says Rick and Meta only know what she told them, which is all hearsay. Gus and Harley get the signal back and listen as Michelle and Danny talk. Michelle is wondering why Gus is investigating the ashes all of a sudden. They were just talking about it. Danny gets an understanding look on his face and starts looking in flowers and under the coffee table. Michelle asks him what he is doing and he holds his finger in front of his mouth to quiet her and tells her that he is just walking around because his back is hurting. He opens the door and tells her that he needs some fresh air. Michelle follows him.

In the van, Harley and Gus are discusses Claire and what she may know. Harley tells Gus that she hasn't heard Michelle and Danny talk in a while; they must have left the house. Gus is arguing with Harley about what they are doing. Danny opens the van door and jerks Gus out, throwing him up against the side of the van. He tells Gus, "Surprise." He curses Gus for bugging their home and asks him where the bug is. Danny tells him that wherever it is, he will find it. Gus tells him he will put two in for every one Danny finds. He tells Danny and Michelle that he has the law on his side, they can ask Harley. Harley tells them it was all legal. Michelle asks Harley if Frank betrayed them as well. Gus tells Danny they know his mother didn't die when everyone thought she did and he will find out what really happened. Michelle and Danny leaves. Harley feels terrible, she tells Gus not to ever question her commitment to her job.

In San Cristobel:

Everyone is in formal wear and the bells are still ringing. Beth is nervously rearranging flowers telling her mom what a special day this is and what a special man Edmund is. Lillian asks Beth about her period of confinement with Phillip in the dungeon. She tells her mom that she and Phillip sorted a lot out and Phillip knows her future is with Edmund and he will not fight her anymore about the children.

Edmund is in the throne room looking around in the dark when Dax comes in. Edmund orders him to increase security and find Richard and Cassie. He doesn't want them to ruin his day. Dax leaves. Susan comes in and Edmund apologizes for not spending more time with her. She tells him he has a lot to do for his big day and she understands. She hands Edmund a present and tells him that she wasn't sure what to get a Prince for a coronation but when she saw this, it was perfect for him. Edmund opens the box and it is a necklace with a tiny dragon on it. Susan tells him that it is for all the dragons he has fought and for all the ones he will fight. She tells him it should remind him of how brave and strong he is and she asks him to wear it today for good luck. Edmund tells her that he will wear it today and always, for good luck and will think of her each time he does. Susan puts it on his neck for him and hugs Edmund tight.

Phillip and Holly come in the room with Beth and Lillian. Holly tells them that the kids are ready and the Nanny will bring them down whenever Beth likes. Phillip asks Holly if she will sit next to him at the coronation to restrain him from shouting out expletives at the black knight. Holly asks him if the plan is still on. Phillip tells her that all systems are go.

At Lydia's, Richard is checking Cassie's foot and tells her it is almost healed. Richard asks if she will be able to run if need be and she thinks she can. Richard apologizes for endangering her. Cassie tells him she knows things will go okay but she wants to call the states to say goodbye just in case. Richard looks concerned but hands her the phone. He tells her that if calling home comforts her she should do it. Cassie says the kids are in school but she can call Reva. She calls and Reva answers. Cassie tells her that everything is on schedule. Reva asks her to be careful; she knows how dangerous Edmund is. Cassie says she wants her to promise if anything goes wrong Reva will take care of Tammy and RJ. Reva promises and says that goes without saying. Reva tells her that she knows things will be okay and when she gets back to Springfield they will put on heavy boots and kick Edmund's butt.

Richard writes a note to Lydia and signs it from both of them. Cassie wishes they could do more for her. Noah arrives through the window and hands both of them a wetsuit. He tells them to put it on and then they will get in his trunk and he will drive them to their rendezvous. Noah gives Richard a gun and tells him that he hopes they wont need it. They get ready to leave and hear the guards and dogs outside the house again. They jump back inside and Richard says, "Damn Edmund and his bloody paranoia."

Meanwhile, in the throne room, all the guests are seated when Lord Chancellor enters with two Bishops. They present Edmund Sebastian Winslow and Edmund kneels down in front of the archbishop. The archbishop prays over Edmund and afterwards the coronation begins. They give him a bible and tells Edmund to know that hear in are the only true laws. Edmund takes an oath to be merciful and govern the people of SC according to the laws and customs of San Cristobel . He should also abide by those save laws. Edmund promises mercy and justice. They anoint him with holy water and Edmund drinks from a cup and is handed a jeweled sword. The coronation robe is brought in and put it on Edmund's shoulders. The crown is brought in and Edmund grabs it and puts it on his head. Lord Chancellor presents Edmund as SC Prince and Sovereign and some of the guests applaud. Edmund addresses them pledging his devotion to San Cristobel . He tells them that his first act is to ask the woman he loves to marry him. He goes to Beth and waits for her answer. Phillip is disgusted.

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

At the Bauer House:

Michelle and Danny are tearing the living room apart looking for the bug. Rick comes in and asks them what is going on. They tell him that Harley bugged their house and has been sitting out in a surveillance van listening to all their private conversations trying to find something to put Michelle and Danny in jail. Rick asks what they know and Danny tells him that so far all they know is that Carmen didn't die outside the Bauer home last year and that the ashes are really that of a canine. Rick wants to know if they know what Danny had to do to protect Michelle but Danny doesn't think so and thinks they shouldn't discuss it there. Danny finds the bug and destroys it. Rick tells Danny that Michelle only told them because she needed someone to confide in and had to get the stress off her and the baby at the time. Danny tells Rick that they will probably be on him wanting information and Rick tells him that he can handle the feds. Danny tells him that anything Michelle told him will be hearsay but Gus will still try to pump him for information. Rick goes to answer the door, its Harley. She tells them she has a few things she would like to discuss. Rick tells her she has already done enough damage to her family. Danny tells her if she comes in not to leave any little packages for them. He tells Rick to watch her because he can't stand to be in the same room with her. Harley tells Rick and Michelle that she had to do her job. Rick thinks she could have tipped them off but she says she couldn't do that but now she is thinking about asking for a desk job. Michelle asks Harley if she used their friendship to gain access to their home so she could plant the bug. Harley admits she did. Michelle says that Danny has worked so hard to make a better life for them and now she is trying to ruin it all. Michelle is irate and tells Harley that they have nothing on her or her husband and all she got out of ruining their friendship was the ashes of a dog. Michelle walks away leaving Harley with Rick.

Harley tells Rick that she is getting hit from both sides and she just hopes she can salvage one friend. Rick tells her she has a hell of a way of showing friendship.

Harley tells Rick she wants him to be her friend and he tells her that he is her friend. She is glad he understands but he lets her know that he doesn't understand at all and he doesn't like what she did. Rick tells her that she has no idea what Danny has gone through to get make a good and decent life for his family. He shouts at Harley that she used him. Harley says that if her friends do something illegal and get caught it isn't her fault; someone would eventually catch them. Harley begs Rick to tell her that she still has him as a friend no matter what.

Rick calms down a bit and asks Harley to leave. He mentions something about her allergic reaction but she tells him it wasn't an allergy thing. It was a hormone thing. Rick turns to her and puts his hand on her tummy and she admits that she is pregnant. Rick asks if Phillip knows. She says no and asks him to keep it a secret. Rick says he did that the last time and it was a mistake and he will not keep this from his best friend. She tells Rick that he owes her this.

At the Lewis House:

Everyone is getting ready for the party. Josh and Sam are dragging in a mattress, Blake and Reva are hanging balloons and Catalina brings in food. Sam tells them all that he has brought incense and some relaxing sounds of the blue whale mating calls. He thinks it will help everyone get in touch with their senses. Tony comes in and he and Sam spar a little. Marah hugs Tony and he gives her his gift. Tony greets everyone and tells Josh that Billy told him about the time he blew up an oilrig and was hauled off to jail. Everyone is laughing and having a good time and Blake tells Reva it is because they are enjoying the company. Ross gives Marah his gift, a diamond necklace and she loves it. Tony gives her diamond earrings and she tells him they match perfectly. The doorbell rings and Sam tells her that is his present, Yves, a masseur for the evening.

Everyone takes their turn with Yves and Tony passes saying he doesn't like men rubbing on him. Marah goes next and is really getting into it until Tony blows up and tells the man to get his hands off his girl. Marah tells Tony she is just having a simple massage but Tony doesn't like the sounds she is making and the way she is smiling. Tony knocks the incense off and a blanket catches fire. Sam throws some punch on it and puts it out quickly. Sam asks Tony if he is happy now.

In San Cristobel:

Noah, Richard and Cassie are outside Lydia's house ready to go. Noah tells them the security is high right now but as soon as they get out a piece things will calm down. They leave.

After the coronation Edmund asks Beth to marry him. She tells him he is a complicated man asking her to be more than just his wife. She tells him she has no problem with that because she loves him but she is concerned about the responsibilities of being a Princess to a nation. He asks her what she thinks and she tells him that she will be honored to marry him and be his princess. Edmund announces Beth as the future Princess of San Cristobel . Phillip turns to Alan and begs him to tell him they are in a nightmare and will be waking soon. Edmund tells the guests that they are looking at the future princess Elizabeth Winslow. Half of the guests applaud, the other half (those from Springfield) are mortified. Edmund goes on and on talking about all of Beth's virtues and he invites everyone to a formal dinner and dancing that evening. The Chancellor says, "Long live Prince Edmund." Susan comes up and congratulates Edmund and he demands a hug. Susan tells Beth she is happy for them both. She wishes Jim were there but since he isn't she thinks Edmund is a good choice. Susan wishes them both the best. Edmund is happy for her blessing. Susan says she meant it but some people may not agree with her. They turn and notice the Spaulding's glaring at them.

Edmund whisks Beth off into the sitting room. Once the door is closed she grabs him and kisses him. He tells her he feels a little guilty about leaving their guests but he had to be alone with her. He tells Beth she has won his heart and he wants her to spend the rest of her life with him. She asks him what he would have done if she had said no in front of all those people. He said he didn't know. Beth says Phillip wasn't too happy. Edmund says he will do whatever he has to for accommodating Phillip and the children, even if that means she has to spend part of her time in Springfield for the sake of the children. Lillian knocks on the door and tells Edmund she wants to talk to Beth. She tells Edmund that he is a complicated man but she sees things. She knows what Beth sees in him but she isn't sure about him. Phillip comes in and demands to talk to Beth as well. Edmund tells Phillip not to ever try to dictate to him or his princess ever again. Phillip tells Edmund that Beth and he have a few matters to resolve. Edmund threatens Phillip and Lillian tells Edmund he has made his point. Edmund tells Lillian they should go look for Honore. They leave. Beth asks Phillip if he disapproves. Phillip tells Beth he has given up on her and is tired of trying. He doesn't want to deprive the kids of their mother but he will not allow Edmund to raise them. Beth says Phillip hasn't changed his position. Phillip says the Beth he loved would have seen through Edmund a long time ago but that girl is long gone. She made her bed and she has to lie in it. Phillip walks out.

Phillip's cell phone rings. It is the seaplane telling him the ETA is 20 minutes. He calls Richard and tells them. Noah, Richard and Cassie are ready and standing by. Noah tells Richard to shut off his phone for security reasons; he thinks Edmund may still be able to find them. Richard does.

An aide comes to Edmund and tells him that they have found a seaplane on radar and have traced a call to Phillip's phone and he made an immediate call right after but they have no information on it as of yet. Edmund wants the plane stopped and the aide goes to handle it. Edmund says Phillip's phone will lead him straight to Richard.

Phillip gets another call from the plane telling him that they are being redirected. Phillip tries to call Richard but there is no answer, he tries Noah but notices that his signal is down. Phillip tells Holly that the seaplane was intercepted and he can't get Richard or Noah to answer the phone. Phillip leaves to go help them and Holly follows.

In the throne room, Edmund is sharing champagne with Beth when he gets a call. He is happy and tells Beth that he has to leave the palace for a while and he may not make the reception. He is confident that she will be able to conduct the state dinner alone. She wants to know what happened and he tells her that he thinks tonight will be the end of his troubles with Richard. Edmund leaves and Beth walks over to the throne and seems to be praying.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Tony and Sam are arguing about the fire and how Tony ruined the party. Sam tells Tony that there was nothing wrong with a masseur touching Marah but Tony tells him that no one has a right to touch her like that. Reva is asking what is going on and Blake tells her there was a little fire but it is out and everything is fine. Sam and Tony are sparing and Josh breaks it up. Tony apologizes and tells Josh that he is trying. Josh tells him to try harder. Tony apologizes to Marah for messing up her party but she tells him he didn't. He tells her the only way to explain his actions is that he must be in love. Marah tells him that is the best present he could give her and they kiss. He tells her to change her clothes and they will go out to celebrate. She does and Tony invites everyone down to Millennium for dessert and dancing. The oldies decide to stay at the house, while Sam, Catalina, Tony and Marah leave. Reva and Josh talk about how great they both are as parents and how their little girl is now 18. Blake and Ross stay awhile and then head home. Reva wonders when Marah will get home. Josh says there comes a point when you have to let go and trust that you did a good job raising your kid. They chat awhile and Reva mentions that they are having trouble with their water heater. He tells her that it is still under warranty and he has the paperwork around the house somewhere. Reva tells him he is reliable and she hopes Olivia appreciates him. Josh asks about Noah. She says she hasn't heard from him lately but she expects him home soon. Josh says she must miss his help around the house. Reva says being blind isn't that bad. Josh says she will get her sight back. Reva says you can't fix everything no matter how hard you try. She tells him she doesn't understand why they couldn't fix things. Josh doesn't either. Reva starts to laugh and says she is tired. Josh offers to help her up the stairs but she says she will be okay. She gets up and trips over the mattresses on the floor. She laughs. She takes another step and falls flat on her face onto the mattress and laughs hysterically. Josh laughs too and goes to see if she is okay. Reva tells him that she thinks she may just stay downstairs and sleep on the mattress on the floor. He gets a blanket and covers her. Reva says this is good. She says it doesn't make any difference whether she closes her eyes or not. Josh realizes how she must feel and says darkness all the time must be scary. Reva says you get used to it. She laughs again and Josh lies down beside her and talks a bit. They both fall asleep and Reva curls up beside him.

At Millennium:

Marah and Tony are at a table and Sam says maybe he and Catalina should leave. Tony agrees but Marah wants everyone to stay. She asks Tony if they can change the music. He tells her the tuner is behind the bar and she can change it to whatever she wants. After she changes the station, she grabs a bottle of rum and pours it in to her glass. She says it is okay since it is her birthday.

Marah is happily drunk and dancing around Millennium. She is all over Tony asking him to dance with her. Sam makes a comment and Marah tells him that he will be next. Catalina tells Sam Marah likes him and she enjoys stringing him along. She says Marah was born to flirt with men. Sam asks Catalina if she isn't and she tells him that her mother was a professor and she never learned how to flirt with men. Sam asks if she likes Tony too. She tells him she doesn't want Tony to get hurt. Marah jumps up on the bar to dance and Tony tries to get her down. He tells her she is making a scene. Gus has come in and sees Marah and calls the station and tells them to send someone down to make an arrest for drunk and disorderly.

Marah is still on the bar when a cop comes in. Gus The police officer asks Marah if she has been drinking and arrests her. Gus tells Tony he is also under arrest for serving a minor. Tony tells him that he doesn't work upstairs so he wasn't serving anything. Gus tells Tony to call Danny to post his bail. Marah uses Tony's cell phone to call Ross. She tells him that she has joined the club and needs him to meet them downtown. Ross asks her if she is drunk and says he will be right there. Marah and Tony are escorted out. Catalina says her father will kill Marah. Sam says her father will kill Tony and he goes to make a call.

In San Cristobel:

Lillian comes in and tells Beth she saw Edmund leave. Beth tells her that he had official business and he may miss dinner. Lillian doesn't think Edmund's ego would miss his coronation dinner. Beth tells Lillian that Edmund is her future son in law and she should change her attitude. Lillian tells her that Edmund is manipulative and this just may be her last opportunity to tell her what she thinks. Beth and Lillian argue about Edmund. Lillian tells Beth it is too soon for her to get married after Jim's death even if Edmund was perfect. Beth says Jim isn't coming back and she refuses to wear widow's weeds forever. Beth is offended by Lillian's words and wonders if she waited five years would that be long enough for her. Lillian asks her why she has to marry Edmund. Beth says Edmund treats her like an equal and she matters to him. Lillian says Beth matters to a lot of people. Beth tells Lillian not to make her choose because she loves Edmund. Lillian wonders what Phillip thinks. Beth says Phillip has washed his hands of her. Beth wants Lillian to forget the past and be happy for her. Lillian says she is scared for Beth and leaves tearfully. Beth is visibly upset and throws a glass. Later, Olivia comes in and tells Beth the party is starting. She tells Beth to smile, she is about to become a princess and Edmund loves her. Olivia hugs her and congratulates her. Beth says she may be the first person to say that and mean it. Olivia asks what's wrong. Beth says Phillip and her mother don't approve. Olivia says you have to expect that. She tells her that no one in Josh's family approved of her marriage to Josh and she is the bad guy in the situation. Beth tells her that she knew there was a reason she liked her.

On the beach, Richard is trying to comfort Cassie. They hear a noise and Richard runs out with his gun. He runs into Holly and Phillip. Phillip tells them that Edmund found out about the seaplane and had it intercepted. Phillip says they have to get out of there before it is too late. Richard tells Phillip that Noah is waiting for some boats and is tracking them with night binoculars. They hear a car pulls up and start to run but are stopped by gunfire. Edmund and a bunch of guards confront them and Edmund tells Richard that he finally found him. Edmund tells them to stand up and holds a gun towards them. Holly tells him she is covering this for the press and he should watch what he says and does. Edmund tells her that he isn't worried because she will never leave the island to report on it. There are shots fired from behind them and Richard runs over and holds Edmund at gunpoint while everyone else runs. Edmund tells Richard if he kills him it will be regicide and Cassie will be imprisoned as well. Richard says Cassie will be safe from him and in SF in a few hours and he will make sure Edmund never goes near her again. The guards charge Richard and he and Edmund struggle and Richard ends up shooting Edmund in the chest. Edmund falls to the ground and Noah comes out and tells Richard he has to get out of here. Richard is stunned that he shot Edmund and Noah has to pull him away. Phillip and Holly are running and Phillip asks where Cassie is. Cassie is hiding in the woods in the dark calling for Richard.

Two guards are helping Edmund off with his bulletproof vest. He thanks the guard for his idea to wear it and tells them both that he is surprised that Richard actually shot him. Edmund gets up and calls over his radio orders to take the suspects dead or alive, just don't let them off the island. He tells them he can hear a speedboat off the north beach and he wants them stopped.

The first boat leaves and Richard and Noah assume Cassie is safe, thinking she left with Phillip and Holly. They both get on the second boat and leave. Cassie is still hiding in the woods and when she sees the boat leave, she runs onto the beach and falls. Edmund walks over to her and asks her if she missed her boat. She looks up at him.

On the Spaulding Jet:

Holly and Phillip are hoping Cassie caught up with Richard and Noah. Phil is upset that he had to leave his children there. Holly tells him that they are with their mother and will be fine. Noah comes in with Richard and tells Phil and Holly that Richard killed Edmund. Richard asks where Cassie is and he starts to go back for her. Noah and he argue. Richard tells Noah to get out of his way so Noah slugs him, knocking him out. Noah says "God help Cassie."

Friday, May 11, 2001

At the Police Department:

Ross calls a judge trying to get Marah out of her jam. He promises parental punishment in a severe form if they would drop the charges. While Ross is talking, Tony rubs Marah's head and tells her that Ross will help her. Gus and Harley come in and Harley asks Gus when the FBI decided to get involved in teenage drinking. Ross thanks the judge and hangs up. He tells Gus and Tony to play nice. Ross hands Gus a photo of him and the FBI director, Gus's boss, telling him that he is a personal friend of his who owes him and he will call in a favor and have Gus shipped back to Washington if he doesn't straighten up. Gus takes the photo and rips it in half. Ross tells Marah that it is time to go. Ross tells Gus that he liked him from the start but he will take him down for harassment if he doesn't stop. They leave. Gus asks Harley where you can get a dog cremated. He thinks if they get that information and they talk to Claire they can start to really build their case. She tells him where the veterinarian crematory is and he goes to check it out. Rick comes in and asks Harley how she is feeling. She tells him that she is a little nauseous. He tells her that Phillip will be home soon and he wonders what she wants them to do about the situation. Rick wants to tell Phillip but Harley doesn't want to. Rick tells her that he will know something is up soon enough. Rick asks if she is seeing Dr Sedgwick. She tells him she is and she will be fine. Rick tells her he is worried about her. He wonders when she can go on maternity leave and get away from all the stress. Harley tells him he sounds like a mother. Rick tells Harley that since she isn't accepting money from Phillip she should let him help her out so she doesn't have to work. He tells her that she needs to relax and not stress on things.

At the Spaulding Suite, Regency Hotel:

Richard is yelling at Noah for knocking him out and forcing him to return to the states without his wife. Noah tells him that he killed Edmund and he had to leave or face a firing squad. Richard tells him that he didn't care. Holly tells them that she will go and start the press about the escape. Holly calls the paper and tells Noah to turn on the television. He does and they all watch Edmund doing an interview. Noah tells them Edmund must have been wearing a bulletproof vest. On the tube, Edmund is talking about how loved Richard is and how his mental health is apparently declining since he felt like a prisoner on his own island. He states that Richard could come and go as he pleased and yet he risked many lives including his wife's to plan a daring escape that wasn't necessary. Edmund tells the reporter that there is no trace of Richard or Cassie and he only hopes they are safe. The reporter asks about the coronation and his new engagement. Edmund calls Beth and she comes in carrying James and Lizzie. Edmund holds and kisses James and the reporter tells them they are the perfect family. Noah turns off the tube and Phillip is fuming that Edmund has his children. Holly thinks it is a good thing that Edmund thinks Cassie got away but Richard tells her that he is lying; he knows exactly where Cassie is. Holly wonders where Cassie can be. She is worried. Dax calls and Richard asks him where Cassie is. Dax thought she was with Richard and he was calling to check on them and congratulate them on their escape. Richard tells him what happened and asks Dax to find out what he can. Dax says he will let him know something as soon as he can. Noah has left to tell Reva the news.

Dax calls Richard again and tells him that there is no word on Cassie but that Richard should know he has many supporters out combing the beach looking for her. He tells Richard that he checked the Santos villa personally and she is not there. Richard tells him to stay in touch and ends the call. Phillip tells Richard that Beth is the only one with any influence on Edmund and she may be the only one who can help them.

Phillip calls Beth and asks about the kids. He asks to speak to Lizzie and she refuses. She tells him that she will tell the kids he called. Beth tells him that Lizzie and James are where they belong and they will be staying in San Cristobel . Phillip asks when the kids will be coming home. She tells him the kids are staying there and as far as she is concerned he deserted them when he left. He is angry and Beth hangs up on him.

At the Lewis House:

Noah comes in and sees Josh and Reva lying together on the mattress. Josh gets up and tells him that it isn't what it looks like, Noah tells him to shut up and tells Reva she has to explain. Josh tells him the he and Reva just fell asleep after the birthday party. Noah tells Josh when someone has a long-winded explanation for something you shouldn't believe them. He tells Reva that he was off risking his life for her family and she was there falling asleep with Josh. Josh tells him that nothing happened but Noah doesn't believe him. He tells them both if they cant see that they have a bigger problem than he thought. Reva asks Noah why he is so angry. Noah asks her why she feels so guilty. Josh argues with Noah. Noah tells him that he is the smokescreen in the relationship. He knows she isn't having an affair with Josh but knows there are underlying things going on. He tells Reva that he is upset and hasn't slept for two days and goes on to tell her about Cassie. Josh yells at him for not telling her as soon as he came in instead of yelling at her about Josh. Just then, Marah walks in and hears Reva thinking they are going to throw Cassie is jail and throw away the key. Marah thinks they are talking about her.

Marah comes in the room with Ross and Reva asks where she has been. Ross explains what happened and tells them that he will get the charges dropped but he promised the judge they would not be so lenient with her. Noah tells them that he is going to get some sleep. Reva asks him to tell Richard something but he tells her to tell him herself. Then he tells her that he can see she has a family problem so he will leave her and Josh to handle things. He leaves. Reva calls out to him but he ignores her.

Josh asks Marah what she has to say for herself but she tells them that there is nothing she can say to make them feel better. She is sorry about Cassie and wonders if everything will be okay. Reva tells her they all will be fine.

In SC:

Edmund is talking to Lizzie and tells her that she is now Lady Elizabeth. She and James leave with the nanny. Beth is left with Edmund and they smile and kiss. Beth is worried that Cassie and Richard will try to cause trouble for him. Edmund tells her that he is holding all the cards. An aide comes in with the report of the escape and Edmund learns that the boat took them to the Spaulding Jet. The aide tells her that Richard shot Edmund and Beth is upset. The aide leaves and Beth looks at Edmund's chest and sees the bruise where the impact of the bullet hit him. Beth is crying and holding Edmund, she is worried about him. He tells her that he loves her and he has no intention of dying when he has so much to live for. He tells her that he always hated family portraits when he was younger but now he looks forward to the family times with her and her children.

Lillian comes in with her bags. She is leaving and taking the children home with her. Beth comes in and tells her the children are staying with her. Lillian doesn't understand but Beth is rude and tells her that she doesn't care what anyone says, the children stay with her. Beth tells her mom that the children are at home now and Phillip should have thought of that before he helped fugitives escape. Beth tells Lillian that her and her children live in a paradise. Lillian reminds her that even paradise has its snakes. Beth tells her that Springfield has a lot more snakes including Richard who is an attempted murderer. Beth tells Lillian that Phillip would never take her children away from her. Edmund tells Lillian that Phillip won't share but Beth will so it is best if the children stay there with them and Phillip can come visit anytime he wants. Lillian tells Beth she can't force her to let her take the children home. Beth tells her that the children are home, with their new family.

Phillip calls and Beth is nasty with him. He tells her that Edmund will not have his children or Cassie. After Phillip's call, Beth tells Edmund that she had the feeling they don't know where Cassie is. Edmund says that is strange.

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