The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on B&B

Deacon began wooing Bridget to exact revenge on the Forresters. Stephanie discovered Morgan at the party, and the two women fought. Stephanie left Morgan to drown in the pool, but when the police arrived, Morgan wasn't there. Morgan attacked Stephanie inside the house, and Eric saved Stephanie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, May 7, 2001

The party was still going on at the Forrester mansion at the poolside. Morgan, dressed as a clown, was entertaining the kids. Everyone seemed to think that she was doing a really good job. Meanwhile, Tim was in the van and was worried that Morgan had not returned to him.

Bridget could barely concentrate on the festivities because she was expecting a call from her mystery man. Ridge and Thorne pretended that they needed to use her cell phone, but she made excuses about the battery being weak. She then told them that she was expecting a very important phone call. Rick approached her and told her that she had it bad. He told her that he couldn't wait to meet her new guy.

Tim had decided to go after Morgan, so he also dressed as a clown. He told Morgan that they needed to leave. She told him that she was not leaving just yet. He knew that she wanted to hurt Stephanie. They entertained the kids together. Steffy was riding on Tim's back and said, "Giddy-up, Tim." He told Morgan that Steffy had recognized him. She told him to go to the van and that she would be out soon.

Brooke, Stephanie, Eric, and Taylor discussed how well Steffy had bounced back from her harrowing experience. Brooke told Taylor that it was probably easier for Steffy to handle, since she had been with her. Morgan was eavesdropping. Taylor couldn't decide if Morgan was mentally ill or truly evil. Stephanie thought that she was evil. Ridge admitted that she had once been a sweet girl with a heart, but he didn't know what had happened to her. Morgan said to herself that Stephanie had done it to her when she had forced Morgan to have an abortion.

At the Lair, Deacon told Alex about his plans to make the Forresters pay for everything that they had done to him. He said that they had taken his woman, child, and money and that they had treated him like dirt. He said that they would know what it was like to suffer. He called Bridget and told her to meet him right away at the Lair. She explained that they were having a party for the children, but he wanted her to go immediately, and she agreed.

Alex told Deacon that she couldn't believe that he was interested in "that kid." He explained that he hadn't been interested until he'd learned who she was. He told Alex that she was Bridget Forrester. He said that he would love to see the look on their faces when he walked in with Bridget on his arm. Alex wanted to know what his plans ware for Bridget -- just as Bridget walked in. He told Alex to set up his special table, and he would fill her in on everything later.

The party was over, and everyone had left. Taylor had offered to stay and help Stephanie clean up, but Stephanie had told her to go on home. Stephanie was on the phone with Taylor. When she turned around, she saw the clown. Stephanie asked if the clown had been paid and then told her that she would take care of it. Morgan, without makeup, turned around and faced Stephanie.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Stephanie asked Morgan what she wanted. Morgan said that she had exactly what she wanted -- Stephanie, alone. Stephanie saw a small bat in Morgan's hand and asked if Morgan intended to use that on her. Morgan asked Stephanie if she felt any remorse for forcing Morgan to have an abortion and could hardly believe it when she saw that Stephanie did.

Stephanie admitted that it was not a time in her life she was proud of. Morgan suggested they help each other get over their torment. Morgan was thrilled that they were communicating so openly. When Morgan caught Stephanie trying to phone Lieutenant Baker, she angrily snatched the phone from Stephanie's hand.

Eric told Rick abut the night he, Brooke, Stephanie, and Thorne had paid Deacon a visit and warned him not to bother Rick and Amber. When Amber heard Eric say that Deacon just cared about the money and not his son, Amber stood up for Deacon and insisted that all he cared about was Little Eric. She asked them to stop trying to protect her from Deacon. Fuming, she added that she hoped they didn't make Deacon angry because he could retaliate.

Meanwhile, Bridget was stunned when Deacon admitted that ever since the other night when he had seen her at the Lair, he hadn't been able to get her out of his mind. She happily admitted that she felt the same way. Feigning sincerity, Deacon told Bridget that he thought he was falling for her. He admitted that she might walk away if she knew certain things about him. Deacon was kissing Bridget when he spotted Amber entering. Amber wanted to talk to him but realized he had someone at his table.

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Morgan was livid over Stephanie's betrayal and wondered if Stephanie saw what she had driven Morgan to do. Morgan insisted that she couldn't let Stephanie call the police. She threw the phone aside, and Stephanie saw Morgan heading back to pick up the club. They struggled, and Morgan fell into the pool, hitting her head. As Morgan lay facedown in the pool, Stephanie went to pull her out but stopped, realizing it could all be over.

Deacon didn't want to reveal to Amber who he was having dinner with. Amber assumed he was doing okay, but he denied it and told Amber that he never should have let her go. Deacon confessed that he lived for Amber, his son, and the day they'd all be together again. Amber denied Deacon's assertion that she was only marrying Rick to give Little Eric a good life. He knew that Amber had really stopped by to see him, not to apologize for the Forresters. Deacon kissed her.

While Deacon talked to Amber, Bridget called her friend Betsy to talk about her dinner date with her mystery man. Bridget was sure he wouldn't be a mystery after that night, and he'd tell her everything. Deacon told himself that Bridget was his ticket to getting Amber and his son back, and he was going to have to use her.

Taylor and Ridge were shocked when Steffy mentioned that the boy clown had been named Tim -- and he was Morgan's friend. They realized in horror that the clowns had been Morgan and Tim. Tim waited nervously for Morgan to finish the deed so they could take off.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

At the Forresters' swimming pool after the party, Morgan lay facedown in the water. Stephanie stood by and told Morgan she was sorry for what she had done. However, Stephanie did not try to rescue her. Ridge and Taylor arrived at Stephanie's side. They had figured out that one of the clowns at the party had been Tim and the other had been Morgan.

Stephanie admitted to them that she and Morgan had fought and that Morgan had fallen into the pool during their fight. She also admitted that she hadn't attempted to help or rescue Morgan for everyone's safety. Ridge lied to Lieutenant Baker about what had happened to Morgan. He told the police officer that Stephanie had gone down to the pool after the party to check on things and had discovered Morgan's body lying in the pool. Taylor covered for Stephanie not calling 9-1-1.

When Lt. Baker went down to the pool, Morgan had vanished. Taylor and Ridge saw Tim pulling Morgan to their van. When Lt. Baker cornered Tim, Morgan was not in the van.

When Amber arrived home from Deacon's, Rick questioned her about where she had been. Rick wasn't thrilled that Amber had been at Deacon's. She warned Rick that as a consequence of the Forresters not paying Deacon the one million dollars and them humiliating him, he had decided he wanted Eric back. She advised that Deacon felt the Forrester family would try to keep him away from his son. Deacon had warned Amber that he had a plan to get his son back.

Meanwhile, at the Lair, Deacon revealed his identity to a shocked Bridget. Deacon was able to continue conning Bridget by turning on the charm by dancing with her.

Morgan, who had eluded capture by the police, showed up without warning at the Forrester home. There, she found a terrified and shocked Stephanie -- and Stephanie was all alone.

Friday, May 11, 2001

After they realized that Morgan was not in the van and Stephanie was not answering the telephone, the police, Taylor, and Ridge took off for the Forrester estate. Morgan continued to taunt Stephanie in the bathroom by ranting on and waving a pipe wrench around. When Morgan heard the sirens, she attacked Stephanie and shoved her face-first into the filled bathtub.

Eric stormed into the bathroom and pulled Morgan off of Stephanie. Morgan tried to escape, but Eric pulled her back into the room and restrained her. The police entered the bathroom and cuffed Morgan as Eric, Taylor, and Ridge comforted Stephanie. Morgan told Ridge that all she had ever wanted was for him to love her. As the police escorted Morgan away, Eric reassured everyone that they would never have to see Morgan again.

In Eric's office at Forrester creations, Rick was trying to clear his workload for his upcoming honeymoon when Brooke walked in. Rick reminded Brooke that her family had always been by her side to support her in all her decisions, no matter how wrong they had been. Rick suggested that Brooke do the same for him and support him in his upcoming marriage to Amber. He pleaded with her to help him protect his family. With tears streaming down her face, Brooke pledged her support to Rick, Amber, and Little Eric.

At the Lair, Deacon and Bridget shared their "last dance." Deacon wrestled with feelings of guilt over his plans for Bridget and his determination to pay back the Forresters. Deacon continually made Bridget defend her feelings for him by insisting that they had no future together because of the way her family felt about him. Bridget admitted to Deacon that she was in love with him and hadn't realized that he really wanted a relationship with Little Eric. Brooke then called Bridget and asked that she return home so they could work on wedding plans for Rick and Amber. After sharing a goodbye kiss with Bridget, Deacon decided that getting Brooke on his side might be a better choice.

Brooke was surprised when Deacon walked into the offices at Forrester Creations, and she accused him of trying to sabotage the wedding. Deacon warned Brooke that she should stop the wedding herself to prevent her child from being the one who paid the price. Rick arrived and insisted that Deacon leave. As he was leaving, Deacon reminded Brooke that she should consider his warning. Amber ran into Deacon in the hallway with Little Eric and accused him of teaming up with Brooke to ruin her wedding.

Deacon vowed that he would not lose Amber and Little Eric. Deacon then phoned Bridget and told her that he could not stop thinking about her. Amber questioned Brooke about being Deacon's date at the Lair. Brooke reassured Amber that she would be supportive and that Deacon would not crash her wedding.

As Deacon listened to their conversation, he reminded himself that he would not have to crash the wedding because he would be there as Bridget's date and was very pleased with the knowledge that the Forresters would be put in a position where they would have to choose to save Amber or Bridget from him. Deacon assured himself that they would choose Bridget, and Amber would return to him.

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