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Tricia and Matt were found in a car at the bottom of a ravine. Matt, with his dying breaths, told Nick that he had raped Sharon. Matt pulled his breathing tube from his neck, and the police found Nick holding the breathing tube in his hands. Phyllis moved in with Jack.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 7, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, May 7, 2001

After Carter revealed himself as Matt Clarke in the cabin, he proceeded to attempt to attack Sharon. He let her know that he had drugged her the night when they had been alone, having margaritas together. When he started to tear her clothes off, Sharon had a flashback to the first time that Matt had raped her. He heard a car drive up and tried to take Sharon with him. Sharon tried to fight him away then he ran out the back door of the cabin. Victor burst in and found a shaken Sharon crying on the floor.

Carter ran out of the cabin to try to get to his car, but Victor's car blocked his. He ran down the road and found Tricia sitting in her car. He told Tricia that they had to leave at once. Tricia appeared to be in a daze as Carter saw the police drive up to the cabin. They tried to get away but got a flat tire. As he was changing the flat, he confessed to killing Jordan then Tricia attacked him.

Carter told Tricia that she was in as much trouble as he was -- if he went down, so would she. Carter accused Tricia of leading Victor to him, and she denied it. He told her that he had spent years on his plan, including having plastic surgery, as he heard police sirens approaching. He made Tricia get back in the car and drive. After a while, he felt he was in the clear. Tricia sped up and crashed the car through a barricade.

Victoria and Ryan arrived at Sharon's to wait for word on Sharon. Victoria told Ryan that he shouldn't feel any remorse about Tricia. She stormed out and went up to the main house. Nikki told Victoria that Carter Mills was Matt Clarke. Victoria was stunned to hear it, as Victor arrived with Sharon.

Nikki asked Sharon if Matt had raped her, and she said that Victor had gotten there at just the right moment. After Miguel saw to her wounds, Sharon wanted to get back home to be with her children. Victoria offered to stay with Sharon for the night. Paul called Victor to tell him that the police had found footprints and tire tracks. Victor told Nikki that they needed to find Matt, or Nick would be in jail for a very long time.

Billy and Mac were spending time together at the Chancellor estate, talking about Raul and how close they had once been. Mac asked Billy if he and Brittany were as connected as they were. The doorbell rang, and J.T. was at the door, to Billy's dismay. Billy left, and J.T. asked Mac if they had a chance to be more than friends. Mac told him that she liked things just the way they were with them. J.T. told Mac that he was just kidding as he left feeling dejected.

Billy went to the coffeehouse and found Brittany there. Brittany talked about how their spring break had been ruined. Billy told Brittany that when things settled down, they needed to have a serious talk. Billy left, and J.T. showed up. J.T. told Brittany that Billy had been with Mac and about their conversation. Brittany tried to convince him that it was the perfect time to spread nasty rumors about Mac.

Jack and Phyllis were in bed in Phyllis' hotel room when Michael arrived unexpectedly. Phyllis was beaming about getting back together with Jack. Phyllis questioned Michael about his plans with Christine. Michael got a call from a client and left. Jack emerged from the bedroom, and they picked up where they had left off.

Mary Williams stopped by Paul's apartment to see Paul, and Isabella answered the door. Mary questioned why Isabella was at her son's apartment. Mary was not happy to see that woman, who was her son's client, at his home.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

At Nick and Sharon's, Sharon woke Victoria, who was sleeping on the couch. Sharon hadn't slept well after her ordeal with Matt Clark but couldn't make herself talk about it. The most frightening part was when she had looked into his eyes and realized who he really was. Nikki and Victor arrived. There was no news on Matt Clark yet.

Sharon couldn't believe Matt had gotten away again. She was thankful that at least Nick would be returning home. Victor and Nikki weren't so sure, as there wasn't enough evidence linking Matt to Nick's arrest. Sharon cried that it wasn't fair. Cassie awoke and was overjoyed to see her mom. She asked about the bruise on Sharon's face, and Sharon covered. Noah was also happy to see Sharon.

Victor reported that the cops had found a car in the ravine. The two occupants had been rushed to the hospital but had not yet been identified. Victor said he would head over and report back to Sharon. Cassie prayed for Nick's safe return.

At the jail, Nick called out for the guard, who had nothing new to tell Nick about what his parents were up to or how his wife was doing. Later, Nick was going stir-crazy, to Warton's annoyance. Nick wanted to know how long Larry had known that Matt was gunning after Sharon. Later, Victor arrived and told Nick that Sharon was all right and that Nick was free on bail. Matt hadn't confessed yet and wasn't expected to live. Nick needed to get the truth from him before it was too late. Warton wondered if Nick had already forgotten how Larry had helped him. Nick said he had something else to do first.

Mac joined J.T., who had bought a new CD, at Crimson Lights. Mac thought the music was a little depressing, but J.T. was in the mood for something sad. She asked him to go with her to the hospital to see Raul but wondered about his mood. Before he could get into it, Rianna showed up, updating them on Raul's improved condition. Raul's parents had also returned. Mac and Rianna wondered if Billy and Raul would finally become friends again. J.T. sarcastically told Mac to call him, as she was dying to tell him, and he would love to hear it from her.

Brittany delivered breakfast for Billy at the Abbott home, but he was on his way to the hospital. She insisted he stay for a bite. She knew he had been at Mac's the night before and wondered if he was meeting her again. He figured that she had spoken with J.T. She told Billy to cut J.T. some slack after what Mac was putting him through.

Billy couldn't believe Brittany still thought there was something going on between Mac and J.T. Brittany kept hinting that Mac was either having sex with J.T. or that she soon would be. She told him J.T. hadn't said anything, which only proved to her that he was having sex with Mac, since he'd have no reason to brag. She told him to just keep his eyes open where J.T. and Mac were concerned.

John and Jack talked about Raul's improving condition. They wondered about the summer campaign. Jack needed to head out, but John asked about where Jack had stayed the night before. There was a knock on the door, and it was Phyllis, who had all of her belongings. She was moving in.

Jack and Phyllis enjoyed a romantic breakfast together. He had to head to the office. Before he left, Phyllis had something to ask him. She wanted them to move in together into an apartment. He was hesitant, wanting to take things slowly. She thought that his family would never get used to it, so there was no reason to wait. He asked her to trust him to do it his way. That was the best way to win over his family.

Paul returned home and found Isabella asleep on the couch. She had been waiting up for him and had eventually passed out. She wanted to make him breakfast. Lynn entered and asked about the Newman case. When Lynn realized that Isabella was still there, she offered to stay and help him, letting Marissa cover the office, but he told her to go. Isabella told Paul that Mary had stopped by and might have misconstrued the living arrangement. Paul said he would straighten it out with Mary and thanked Isabella for breakfast.

Victor met with John Silva at the hospital. He reported that Cody had been taken in to identify the victims. They were Carter Mills and Tricia McNeil. The D.A. reported that the fingerprint match they had done on Carter Mills matched Matt Clark, who was in critical condition. Victor wanted to know why they hadn't freed Nick. The D.A. didn't see how Matt tied into Nick's case, which enraged Victor. He filled in the D.A. that Matt had been working at Crimson Lights for almost a year, which had provided him access to set up Nick. The D.A. said he would speak with both Larry Warton and Matt, if he recovered, but there was still no evidence connecting him with the drug setup.

Mary stopped by Williams Investigations and grilled Lynn about Isabella. She assumed that they were shacking up, but Lynn told her the whole story, including that Lynn was staying there too. Lynn found it interesting that Isabella hadn't mentioned anything about Lynn to Mary. They both smelled something amiss about Miss Brana.

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Richards tried to get Matt to confess. Matt was willing to talk, but only to Nick. Although Nick was nowhere near off the hook, Nikki and the kids were happy he was out on bail. Sharon rushed to Nick's side. Nick became livid when he saw the bruises on her, and he asked if Matt was responsible for them.

Ryan was in disbelief and saddened by the direction Tricia's life had taken. He wished he could have helped her. Victoria assured him that he had tried, as they heard that her condition had worsened.

Mary asked Lynne what she suspected Isabella was up to with Paul. Paul argued with Christine about meeting in Hawaii. Christine called Paul back, and Isabella answered the phone. Isabella said she was staying there, and Christine hung up.

Much to Jack's surprise, Phyllis arrived at the Abbott house with her belongings, expecting to move in.

J.T. decided not to help Brittany with spreading rumors and advised her to quit before it backfired. Mac saw Billy online and went to a terminal to log on into his chat room as "CleanQueen." He asked her for advice on something.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

by Ruth

Ashley told Brad that her baby was growing up -- she had been losing weight and should start taking a bottle instead of breast-feeding. She was sad about that, and they discussed possibly having another baby.

Mac chatted with Billy in the coffeehouse without him knowing that it was her right across the table. CleanQueen encouraged Billy to talk to Mac about his concerns. Before they finished the conversation, Brittany noticed what was going on while looking over Mac's shoulder. Billy almost starting talking to Mac, but Brittany insisted that they speak out on the patio. She hinted that she knew what he was planning and admitted that she had been watching him chat online. He became angry at her snooping, then she dropped the bombshell -- CleanQueen had been in the room, and it was Mackenzie.

Paul told his mother about his call from Christine. She was supportive of him and didn't nag like usual. She didn't even mention her meeting with Ms. Brana -- when he mentioned it, she said that she trusted him and invited them all to dinner sometime.

Christine and Michael talked about the case going into June and her week off in May. He offered to help anytime, and she confided in him about her problems with Paul. She even asked him for advice, which he had none to give. He didn't tell her that he was planning the Fiji trip, but he told his secretary to pay for it in full. The prospect of a week in Fiji with Christine was very appealing to him at that point.

Later at school, Rianna and Mackenzie talked about going to visit Raul after school and about the relationships among their group of friends. Mac told her that she was suspicious of Brittany and that she had a feeling that Billy didn't believe that she had been honest about her relationship with J.T. Rianna kept trying to get information out of her about what the real issues were, but Mackenzie just said that it was time to be honest with Billy about everything -- that it did no one any good to keep secrets.

Victor made sure that Nick could handle talking to Matt Clark without losing control in the hospital room. The D.A. allowed him to go in with a recording device hidden inside his shirt. He also insisted on a guard, under Matt's disapproval.

While waiting for Nick to leave the room, Sharon became lightheaded and dizzy. She sat down, and the doctor looked her over. He told Victor to take her outside for fresh air and make sure that she had something to eat. She insisted on waiting for Nick to leave before she went anywhere.

The first thing that Matt did was tell Nick to take off his shirt. Nick disposed of the wire per Matt's request. Matt wouldn't reveal any of his methods or admit to anything, even though he was about to die and breathing through a ventilator tube. He wanted to talk about Sharon. He said that she had been even better the second time, telling Nick that he had taught her well. Nick thought that he meant in the cabin and knew that there had been no rape there.

Matt made it clear that it had been another time, with the Mexican food and margaritas at their home. Nick still didn't believe him and refused to play his games. Nick demanded that Matt stop his games because they had all been for nothing, Matt was dying, and Nick was free. Nick said that he had won, and Matt had lost.

Finally, Matt began gasping for air, and Nick sent the guard for help. He asked what he could do for Matt, and got close to his bedside. Matt grabbed the ventilator tubes from his own throat and put them into Nick's hand. His final words were, "No, I won!" and the heart monitor went flat. Nick stood there with the tubes in his hand as the guard returned to the room.

Friday, May 11, 2001

The ventilator dropped from Nick's hand as the guard pulled him from Matt Clark. The doctors and nurses rushed in and tried to save him, to no avail. Matt Clark was dead.

The D.A. asked the guard what had happened, and the guard reported that he had seen Nick holding Matt's breathing tube in his hand. Sharon and Victor couldn't believe it. Victor tried to tell the D.A. that Nick would not have done that, but the guard told it differently. Nick had wanted to throttle Matt at one point and had later been found holding the breathing tube. When Victor asked why the guard had left the room, the guard told him that Matt had been having trouble breathing and that Nick was the one who had asked him to leave.

Victor pressed for more details, but the guard's story didn't waver. Victor theorized that the tube had fallen out accidentally, and Nick had been trying to reinsert it, but Dr. Walker couldn't speculate. The D.A. reminded Victor how on the edge and angry Nick had been just prior. The D.A. refused to pin everything on Matt just because he was a bad person. The evidence pointed to Nick in both Matt's death and the drugs, and added that Matt made a nice scapegoat for the Newman family.

Victor told the D.A. point-blank that he didn't like him. The D.A. asked for Nick, but he had disappeared. Victor was sure he was on his way home, but the D.A. warned that if Nick had fled, there would be hell to pay.

In Crimson Lights, Billy couldn't believe that Mac was CleanQueen, but Britt told him she had seen Mac chatting on the website with Billy moments before.

Brad and Ashley discussed having a new child together. He was happy to see she was seriously thinking about it. They discussed a good time, and Ashley said her doctor had said to wait a year, which made sense to both. The three Carltons happily looked forward to the future.

In Victoria's office, Ryan updated Victoria on Tricia's condition. She was out of surgery and recuperating, but no more details were available. He had also called and told Keith Dennison, who was on his way back to Genoa City. Victoria pledged to stand by Ryan. Phyllis burst in with good news: the numbers on the spring campaign were great. They had left Jabot in the dust.

Phyllis wanted to plan summer right away, but Victoria couldn't think about it right then, which Phyllis understood. Phyllis then sprang on them the news that she and Jack were living together. The news surprised both Ryan and Victoria, who told her she couldn't trust Jack. Phyllis insisted she could keep her personal and professional lives separate, and if Victoria had a problem with it, she could fire Phyllis.

At Jabot, John and Jill went over ideas for the summer campaign. He was very impressed with her work lately as well as her positive attitude toward the teen line. She was even going to trim her men's line budget as per Ashley's suggestion. When she asked when Jack would be in, John hesitated, which only worried Jill. Jack arrived and told Jill he had been delayed helping Phyllis move in. Jill was flabbergasted.

Jack asked to see Jill's ideas and was impressed by her streamlining her own budget. She couldn't keep quiet for long, though, and asked how he could do that. It was his family home. Jack changed the subject to Sean and promised to end any relationship between them if she interfered with him and Phyllis. Jill looked forward to seeing Ashley's reaction. Phyllis overheard Jill badmouthing her and stepped up to the plate.

At Walnut Grove, Rianna and Mac talked about Mac's growing closeness with Billy. She wanted to tell Billy the truth. Rianna warned her not to ever let her guard down where Brittany was concerned. Mac wasn't worried about Brittany with the ammunition she had on her. She couldn't explain right then but would once Billy knew everything.

Just then, Billy showed up. Before she could admit to it, Billy asked her if she really was CleanQueen. She admitted it, and he was crushed. She told him how it had all happened, starting with Esther and the winter campaign. He couldn't believe she would do that to him. She tried to apologize and focus on the positives, but he couldn't get over her lies.

Mac left, and Brittany swooped in to "comfort" Billy. Mac told Rianna how it had all blown up in her face. She didn't understand how Billy had found out. Rianna offered to tell Billy that Mac had been planning on telling him the truth. Brittany wasted no time in painting Mac as the villain and asked what they had chatted about. She got annoyed when Billy wouldn't talk about it with her.

Katherine stopped by the ranch to see Nikki, wondering how she was doing. Nikki said she was much better since Nick was out on bail. Soon the nightmare would be out of their lives. Katherine couldn't believe that it had been Matt Clark behind the whole scheme. Victor then called, asking if Nick and Sharon were there. Nikki was surprised Nick hadn't rushed home to see the kids. Katherine theorized that they were alone together for some private time. Nikki agreed that they were probably blissfully together.

In the hospital chapel, Sharon pleaded to Nick to leave the country. She told him to take the car and head to Canada. They would meet him there later. He asked if she thought he had killed Matt Clark. Matt had deserved it, she told him. He swore that he had kept his cool and told her how Matt had done it to himself.

Sharon couldn't believe Matt could do it, but Nick knew that Matt had hated him too much and had known he was dying, so he'd had nothing to lose. If Sharon could think that it was true then the police had to surely think it too. They wondered how they could exonerate him. Sharon thought the only solution was to run.

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