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Monday, April 23

Stunned to find Cookie's note hidden behind the loose brick in front of Kelly's, Frank wonders if he's losing his grip. Alison, Jack and Livvie raise their cups of latte to toast the grand opening of "Muffins and Mufflers". Meanwhile, Zach shows an enraged Jamal photographic evidence of Alison removing his cash from a post office box. Eve is thrilled when Karen reveals that she is a nearly perfect match for Arianna. Eve's joy is diminished, however, when Karen insists that she cannot be a donor after all. Jamal warns his uninvited guest to keep his distance from Alison but Zach reminds him that payment is now due. Frank relates his amazing story to a friendly bartender. Karen explains to Eve why she fears the drugs administered during and after surgery would refuel her addiction and destroy her life. Jamal furiously accuses Jack of setting Alison up. After the bartender scoffs at his wild tale, Frank realizes what a hard sell Cookie's story will be. Admitting that he messed up big in letting Sam get close, Jack offers to put things right by helping Jamal fight off the threat from Zach. Frank returns to the garage and is astonished to see a message from "Nellie" herself on the computer's screen.

Tuesday, April 24

"Nellie" reminds Frank that he is the only friend Cookie has. Meanwhile, in 1973, Cookie heads back to Kelly's and is taunted by her classmates about her inability to find a date for the big dance. Karen walks into the Scanlons' garage and is astonished to find Frank hollering at the old computer. Eve reluctantly keeps mum as Ian, Chris and Joe argue about the chances of finding Arianna a liver donor in time. Frank's bizarre explanation about communicating with the past only serves to annoy Karen, who angrily assumes that her boyfriend is drunk. Eve and Ian work together to help a woman deliver her newborn son into the world. Karen rails at Frank for falling down on the job just when she needed him most. A miserable Cookie returns home and drowns her sorrows in several bottles of beer. Sitting alone in the hospital chapel, Ian has another conversation with his late sister. Later, Eve enters and told an elated Ian that she may have found a donor for his wife.

Wednesday, April 25

Lucy tries to make it up to Kevin for her premature phone call to the divorce lawyer but only succeeds in making matters worse. Chris commends Ian on a job well done in bringing their patient's baby safely into the world. Eve presses Karen to set aside her fears and agree to become Arianna's living donor. Sitting vigil beside his wife's bed in the ICU, Ian falls asleep and has a romantic dream about Eve. Karen admits to Frank how selfish and cruel she feels about refusing to save a dying woman. Apologizing for his behavior the night before, Frank asks Karen for another chance to be the kind of man she deserves. Eve kicks herself for getting Ian's hopes up about a possible donor for Arianna. Later, Eve lashes out at Lucy in an irrational rage and blames her nemesis for everything which has transpired in the last few months. After Kevin comes to Lucy's defense, Eve backs off and confesses that she alone is responsible for Arianna's crisis. Ian's dream turns into a nightmare as Eve is torn from him forever. Karen decides to make peace with Frank. Eve grows determined to save Arianna by giving her a piece of her own liver. Frank and Karen make love.

Thursday, April 26

As a blissfully ignorant Alison happily fusses over her cappuccino machine, Jamal told Jack he's considering calling the police for help with Zach. Basking in the afterglow, a beaming Karen declares her love to Frank. Chris reluctantly agrees to test Eve as a possible donor for Arianna. Garcia drops into the bike shop to warn Jamal and Jack that he'll be keeping an eye on their little enterprise. Realizing he can't turn to the cops for assistance after all, Jamal decides to entrap Zach by wearing a wire. Meanwhile, Livvie begins to feel badly neglected by Jack. In 1973, a depressed Cookie hits the bottle again. Karen reminds Frank that if he is somehow truly communicating with the past he runs the risk of changing the future. Jack promises Livvie he'll make it up to her for being so distracted of late. Ian and Eve argue about her becoming a liver donor. An inebriated Cookie told Frank how the object of her affections rejected her. Eve is crushed when Chris reveals that she cannot be a donor for Arianna. Frank attempts to dissuade Cookie from going to the dance alone.

Friday, April 27

Wearing a wire to entrap Zach, Jamal heads down to the docks for a meeting. Ignoring Frank's warnings, Cookie begins dressing for the dance. When she returns to the computer, however, she finds urgent messages from Frank declaring that she'll ruin her life if she went through with her plans for the evening. Touched to learn that Eve volunteered to be her donor, Arianna assures her she's ready to face the inevitable. Alison presses Jack to spill whatever secret he and Jamal have been keeping. Jamal told Zach he will race for him again on the provision that he'll leave Alison alone. Ian attempts to convince his ailing wife that a liver donor will appear in time to save her life, but Arianna insists she's prepared to die. Meanwhile, Karen heads to the hospital to give the Thornharts some good news. Frank finally persuades Cookie to stay home. Chris follows an agitated Eve into a bar and suggests that she cool down instead of drowning her sorrows. Unaware of the far-reaching consequences of his "good deed," Frank breathes a sigh of relief to think that he's saved Cookie from a lifetime of regret. Arianna asks Ian to take her home to die. Chris drops a bombshell on Eve when he informs her that she's pregnant. Frank is stunned to find no trace of Karen and no one who remembers her.

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