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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 29, 2001 on GH
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Monday, October 29, 2001

Police Station:
Gia was still trying to convince Jax that Lucien Kane was Stavros Cassadine. She finally got through to him that the man was dangerous and Jax tried to call Alexis but she wasn't answering. He turned to leave and Mac stopped him. They put out a warrant for Angel's arrest he told Jax and they can hold him for forty-eight hours. He was taken down to a cell and Jax threatened to sue the department for violating his civil rights. He yelled for the guard and was threatening to bring down the department when Gia showed up. She caused a distraction and managed to get the keys away from the guard, then told him he was wanted upstairs. She managed to get Jax's cell unlocked just as her brother came and demanded to know what was going on.

The Quartermaine Mansion:
A woman, Janine, showed up calling Edward 'sweet cheeks', which amused AJ and Skye. Edward demanded to know who this person was, he had never seen her before. Janine was hurt that Edward didn't remember her from Atlantic City. She had a picture of Edward and herself which, of course, Skye used to her advantage to get Edward to accept her, Skye.

Laura's house:
Nikolas was trying to get Lucky to believe he was on his side and that Liz wasn't really dead, she was just faking. Lucky didn't believe him; he had seen Liz himself, so still and cold. Nikolas said he gave her a drug that made her heart rate slow down and made it seem like she was dead. Laura came in and said it was true, that Nikolas had been working with her and Luke all the time. He just pretended to be back as a Cassadine to get Helena to tell him how she programmed Lucky. Luke hitting him was all an act. He was in on it until he got sick. Nikolas and Lucky finally hugged, but then Lucky said he should stay away from them as he was dangerous. Laura and Nikolas convinced him to fight, with their help. They had a group hug.

Alexis' penthouse:
Sonny went to get Alexis' advice re the Angel and Carly switch to get Angel away. He was also asking about him and Carly. Alexis went off on one of her tangents where she hardly takes a breath. She said she found his wife grating a good percentage of time, and mildly psychotic the rest of the time. She almost slipped and said she was attracted to him, but covered well. She told him he had threee choices: he could stay with Carly; he could divorce Carly; he could find someone else altogether. Sonny finally left after that.

Carly's house:
Carly came home to find Lucien Kane in her living room. She wanted to know how he got in and he told her the nanny let him in, said he could wait. They bonded over talk about their children. He told her he lost a child; his child's mother and her family took him and brought him up to hate him. They talked for awhile and he said he wanted to take her and her son out somewhere. She said Michael likes going to the park but they ended up at an arcade gallery where Michael had fun playing. They were looking real cozy when Sonny walked in.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

by QT

Sonny was not thrilled to find Carly and Michael enjoying time with Stavros. You could tell that Sonny was jealous but his pride won't let him love Carly. Sonny insisted that he needed to talk to "his wife" (Carly added that she was only his wife when it was convenient). Stavros told Carly that if she had to leave don't worry about him. Carly was strong and told Sonny that she and Michael were not ready to leave. Sonny was angered further. He held back his normal forcefulness to reiterate that he only needed to have some private time with Carly and Michael. Stavros backed away and said he had to leave. Sonny then had Leticia take Michael for ice cream. Carly was upset with Sonny because he has been so wishy-washy of late. Sonny said fine lets end it right here and right now; we won't leave this place until we are 100% sure one way or the other. Then Carly, the quick thinker that she is, came up with a great plan. She told Sonny that she agreed, but they would have to end things as they began with no phone calls -- no nothing -- they need to go to Martinique. Sonny agreed. On the plane, both Carly and Sonny were cordial and amicable. They even teased each other and laughed about a chocolate ice cream sundae.

With Laura's help Nikolas finally convinced Lucky that they were all on the same side. Lucky realized he had no choice but to seek out Helena. Meanwhile Nikolas and Laura realized that one of them would have to confront Stavros and soon because it would be the only way to help cure Luke. Nikolas insisted on himself because he was sure that his father loved him and that he could use that to persuade him. Laura thought she might have the best connection. They continued to contemplate various scenarios of how to get out of this mess. Nikolas and Laura also realized that they had to get the people they loved out of danger, mainly Lucas, Lulu, and Leslie. Nikolas arranged the whole thing to get them out of harms way.

Gia was very resourceful and was able to lift the cell keys from the guard and get Jax out of his cell. Unfortunately they ran into Taggert on the way out. He stopped them both cold. Both Mac and Taggert did not really want to keep the two, but they had hoped for additional information from them for the Sorel case. Alexis soon entered to police office and was able to get both released. Taggert had his sister Gia escorted to her place and warned her to stay away from Nikolas and his bizarre family. Jax did indicate to Alexis that he knew that Stavros was alive and he will do everything to protect Kristina and Alexis without question. Alexis did not provide Jax with additional information, but pleaded with him to keep Kristina safe.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Edward meets with AJ at the Q mansion in a rather blatant attempt to schmooze his grandson into working with him against Skye. AJ quickly catches onto what Edward is trying to do and rebuffs him. Edward gets angry and says that if the two don't work together, then Jax will run ELQ. AJ is unconvinced and changes the subject. He begins to press his grandfather on what his relationship to Jeanine is. Edward refers to Jeanine as a "minor indiscretion" and says that he doesn't even remember how he met her. All he knows is that, while taking a trip to Atlantic City, he mixed his medication with alcohol. The next thing he remembers is waking up in his hotel bed with Jeanine next to him.

Jax and Skye are trapped in the elevator at the PC Hotel. Skye uses the opportunity to continue to push Jax to work with her to take over ELQ. When she begins to tell Jax about Jeanine, Jax stops her and says he has already met the woman. Skye demands to know if Jax already has a deal with her. Jax replies that as ruthless as he is, he won't set someone up so he can take his or her company.

At L&B, Ned catches Kristina harmonizing to one of Eddie Maine's songs. They share some lighthearted moments together until Alexis walks in. The look Alexis' face immediately lets the two know that something is wrong. Alexis rebuffs their inquiries and just says she needs to find Jax ASAP. Ned tells Alexis to stay with Kristina while he looks for Jax. Alone together, Kristina probes Alexis on two topics: her relationship with Ned and why her sister has been so upset. Alexis won't provide any information on either topic, which mildly annoys Kristina. She tells Alexis that the lawyer needs to get some rest and sends her home.

Stavros takes the blindfold off of Gia and she finds herself in an elaborately decorated room. He asks her to tell him if this can make a woman love him. When Gia looks confused, Stavros asks her to tell him why she loves Nikolas. She shares her thoughts on love with him. He appeals to Gia to help him win over both Nikolas and Laura. Though Gia doesn't answer directly, Stavros seems satisfied that she will help him. He thanks her for coming and says he is sending her back to Nikolas. Gia asks him if she or Nikolas faces any danger from him. He says they are do not. However, when she asks if Luke, Bobbie, and the others are going to be hurt, he just walks away. Alone in the room, Stavros fantasizes about Laura.

Laura is sitting with Luke in his hospital room when Nikolas walks in. Laura tells him that Luke's blood work shows some improvement; hopefully, the antidote is working. Nikolas offers to stay with Laura in the room. As she shares stories of her time on the run with Luke, he awakens. Luke asks Nikolas if he is there to make sure that Luke is dead. Nikolas says that he came to ask for Luke's help and wants to know if Luke has seen Stavros. Luke is puzzled and tells that two that he killed Stavros years ago. Both Nikolas and Laura tell him that Helena built a lab and found a way to bring the elder Cassadine back to life. Laura tells her ex-husband that she is sure Luke has been there in the past and pushes him to remember where the lab is. She shows him a map he had begun to draw when the two were hiding in the warehouse. Try as he may, Luke can't make sense of the map nor can he remember being in the lab. When he comments on Nikolas' resemblance to his father, both Nikolas and Laura prepare for another tirade from Luke. Mother and son are surprised when Luke says that inside Nikolas is nothing like Stavros and that Luke let his wrongful hatred for Nikolas affect his relationship with Laura. Luke then apologizes to Nikolas and says that instead of hating him, he should have been teaching him how to fight the Cassadines. Laura is impressed with her ex-husband's words. She asks Nikolas to leave so they can be alone. The two share a touching moment as he promises her they will get through this.

Skye tells Jax that she did not set Edward up, but feels she should be able to capitalize on his mistakes. Skye explains that when she went into hiding to stay safe from Sonny, she decided to go to Atlantic City where she subsequently ran into Edward. At that time Edward was already with Jeanine. She watched the two go into his bedroom and waited for Jeanine to leave...only she had to wait until the next morning. When the door opened that morning, she saw the two in a passionate liplock. While Skye is relating this information, Jax is still trying to get the elevator moving. He removed a ceiling panel and attempts to climb onto the roof of the elevator. Suddenly, the elevator lights flicker and Jax falls back onto the elevator floor unconscious. Skye frantically tries to wake him. She opens his shirt to attempt CPR but then tries mouth-to-mouth instead. As her lips touch his, Jax awakens and wants to know what she is doing to him. A rattling startles the two and they look up to see the elevator doors open and Ned standing over them. "Sorry to interrupt," he says. Jax demands to know where Kristina is and if she is safe. Ned and Jax rush off to L&B leaving a breathless Skye behind.

Edward tells AJ that he will give his grandson whatever he wants if he will take care of Skye and Jeanine. They agree on a transfer of three shares of ELQ stock. Edward pulls out the shares from his briefcase and, on the spot, transfers them to AJ Skye walks in. AJ tells his sis, "Look what grandfather gave me to turn against you...Now you and I have three more shares. An irked Edward realizes he has been double-crossed.

Alexis arrives back at the penthouse. She greets Johnny and heads into her place to rest. Just as she lies down, she hears a thud outside her door. She opens the door to check on Johnny...but is instead greeted by Helena.

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Scotty shows up in Luke's hospital room wanting to know where Laura is. Unfortunately, Luke is sleeping and not much help. Scotty makes cutting remarks while Luke's knocked out just as Bobbie arrives and overhears. She gets on Scotty about saying negative things to her brother especially while he's sick and sleeping. Scotty tells her that he wants Luke to get better so he can watch him take Laura out from underneath him fair and square. Luke wakes up just then and hears him. Scotty asks where Laura is and Luke tells him that she's probably out fighting the Cassadine's. Scotty is outraged and asks Luke if he tried to stop her. Luke informs him that he told her to go for it and Scotty can't believe what he's hearing. Again he asks where she is and Luke doesn't know. We then see Laura arriving home and finding a red rose and a card on the coffee table. She runs upstairs to a storage room and locks herself in. She's breaking down and getting teary eyed thinking she's not going to be able to save anyone, even herself. She starts hearing voices. They turn out to be Scotty's, Stefan's and Luke's. They are all telling her what to do. Then she hears Luke repeat that the answers lie in her past. She looks over and sees her duffle bag and starts going through it looking for clues. Scotty then appears before her as she holds a keychain he bought for her when she got her license. They reminisce about that time and then he tells her to trust him and let him help protect her. Laura says he can't and then she hears Stefan. He appears before her too and tells her to run. He says that he will protect her and help her get away from Stavros like he did before. She tells him that she can't run and then Luke appears and tells the other two to leave her alone. They disappear and a vision of Luke stands before her. He tells her how brave she is. Laura gets emotional and Luke tells her about the first time she came into his bar looking for a waitressing job at 17 years old. He tells her how much he loved her. Luke then tells her she has to save them and Laura gets angry. She tells Luke that why should she have too, he didn't save her and he wouldn't accept her son and thus breaking them apart. Luke realizes that she was right and offers to leave, that maybe he's what is stopping her from figuring out the clues. Laura then smiles and tells him not to go. That she's the problem. She figures out that the map Luke drew is similar to the one to Miko's cave and starts to decifer Luke's clues.

Jax, Ned and Kristina argue of what type of danger Alexis is in. Jax still won't divulge that Stavros is alive and that he could come after her. Kristina decides that Jax can go find Alexis and tell her to do whatever he says. Jax starts to leave just as Edward arrives and stops him. The two argue over Skye and how devious she is when Jax has had enough and has to get to Alexis. Edward starts in on Ned and then spots Kristina and asks her to leave because it's personal family business he needs to discuss with Ned. Ned laughs because he tells Kristina that means that its' something he has gotten himself into and wants Ned to bail him out. Kristina figures out that it has to do with a woman and Ned is disgusted. He tells Edward that he's done it this time and that grandmother should divorce him and take him for everything. Edward can't believe the way Ned is talking and denies that anything happened. He wants Ned's help in getting Skye out of the way and Ned refuses. Kristina then jumps in to Edward's defense and tells Ned that his grandfather is asking for his help and that Skye is an evil, mean person and he should help. Ned tells her that Edward is the one who accepted her with open arms and stock options to begin with. Edward gets frustrated and Kristina says that she will help him if Ned won't. Ned tells her that she doesn't know what she's getting herself into.

There's a knock on Alexis' door and when she opens it she finds her wicked stepmother standing in her doorway. Helena has gotten rid of Sonny's bodyguard and makes her way into Alexis' apartment. Alexis asks her what she's done with Stefan and Helena tells her that he's somewhere that fits his "dreary" personality. Alexis tells her that she better not have hurt him. Helena baits her and asks how long she's known about Stavros. She figures it was when she found her lurking outside the library door. Alexis says that she did hear her speaking to someone but would never have thought it was Stavros but wouldn't put anything past her. They argue back and forth and then Alexis sticks it to her. She starts telling Helena that she didn't know a side of Mikkos, the side that loved her mother and she says that she wasn't good enough for him. Helena warns her that she's on thin ice and one more dig and there's no going back. Helena tells Alexis that the only way to see if Stefan is ok is for her to visit him. Alexis asks how long this visit would last and Helena laughs. Alexis asks her what makes her think she'll let her leave (her apartment) and Helena asks what makes her think she came alone. Just then two of Helena's thugs enter the living room from the kitchen and Jax knocks on the door. He wants Alexis to open up and Helena tells her to get rid of him or she will. Alexis answers the door but won't let Jax in. Jax asks what happened to Sonny's bodyguard and Alexis tells him he's in the kitchen having a cup of coffee. Jax knows then something is wrong and says "No one drinks your coffee" and runs into the apartment. One of Helena's men jumps him from behind as Jax sees Helena and says "what a surprise..Mrs. Cassadine." Just then one of the men knocks him out on the floor. They then take Alexis by the arms and lead her out the door as she's yelling to Helena that she better not hurt him.

Stavros and Stefan are in the makeshift fantasy bedroom Stavros has set up for Laura. Stefan keeps telling him that Laura won't be impressed and has disdain for Stavros but Stavros won't hear it. Stefan tells him that Laura already knows he's alive and in town and doesn't want to see him; that she's afraid of him. Stavros accuses him of turning her against him and says that he will get her back. He says that if Stefan hadn't interfered, Nikolas would never have turned against him and Laura would never have left him. Stefan tells him that she's not the same as he knew her and that he knows nothing about her. Stavros insists that he tell her what she's like and how to make her his. Stefan won't do it and Stavros has his men take him back to his "cage." Stavros then takes a sip of his liquor and then throws it against the wall. He grits his teeth and says "I will have her!"

Friday, November 2, 2001

Skye finds Jax stretched out cold on the floor of Alexis' penthouse. Pleased to see the improvement in his friend's condition, Roy kids Luke about his uncanny ability to land on his feet no matter what life throws at him. As Laura arms herself with a pistol, Lucky arrives and insists that his mother not get in harm's way. Sonny brings Carly back to the very same room they shared during their island honeymoon. Stavros catches Gia phoning in a warning to Nikolas and realizes that the girl duped him. After Skye revives him for the second time that day, Jax explains why he fears Alexis is in grave danger. Meanwhile, Alexis and Stefan are reunited when Helena's goon locks the siblings up together. Carly and Sonny rehash the past as they discuss their impending divorce. Wiping away tears, Carly tells Sonny she will always love him. But she knows now she must let him go. Nikolas urges his brother to lay low while he and Laura face down the Cassadines. Jax appeals to Luke for help rescuing Alexis. Stavros, Laura and Nikolas have an unsettling family reunion.

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