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Monday, October 29

Chris shows Karen the startling results of her latest blood work. Lucy has another sighting of Christina and races after the child with a baffled Kevin in hot pursuit. Eve accuses Ian of hiring someone to kidnap Danny and then distracting her in the park to give his goon a golden opportunity to steal their son. Describing for Chris how strong her libido has become, Karen begins kissing the unnerved chief resident. When Lucy is once again unable to locate Christina, Kevin suggests that she's fallen prey to another hallucination. Hurt and angry, Lucy orders the shrink to leave her alone. Though Ian reminds his wife how someone has been spreading lies about him, Eve furiously declares that she's through putting up with all his deceit. Later, Eve shows up at the lighthouse with the baby in tow and tearfully complains to Kevin about Ian's treachery. Meanwhile, Ian explains to a sympathetic Lucy how he's been framed for his own son's abduction. Chris begins to entertain erotic fantasies about Karen. Ian offers to help Lucy search for her daughter. Eve decides to file for divorce.

Tuesday, October 30

Determined to prove that Jamal is Hope's father, Alison enlists Jack in her scheme to obtain a DNA sample from Valerie's daughter. Frank eagerly looks forward to a romantic getaway with Karen. Rafe is frustrated to realize that the humans in his midst are even further apart from one another than they were two weeks ago. Out of Frank's earshot, Karen gives Chris the green light to conduct further tests on her vampire-tainted blood. Alison entreats Hope's adoptive parents to give her a lock of the child's hair. Livvie encounters Rafe in the park and shakily confides how she's been losing track of time in recent days. Hope's dad explains to Jack and a relieved Alison why Jamal could not have fathered Valerie's premature baby. Caleb informs Rafe that Livvie's soul is already spoken for now that she's completely under his control. Fearful of losing their daughter, Hope's parents secretly agree to keep lying about the baby being premature. Rafe's "boss" abruptly pulls his errant angel out of commission after the heavenly messenger breaks one of the rules.

Wednesday, October 31

Rafe is furious with his boss for being pulled away before he could help Livvie. His boss reminds him that he is not allowed to interfere in that way. Rafe went on to vent his frustration that the night of dreams didn't seem to help. The boss tries to assure Rafe that at least he gave them hope. He was able to remind them of their love for each other. He went on to say that neither Rafe nor the others have failed...yet. He shows Rafe a vision of what would have happened if Rafe had been allowed to tell Livvie the truth. After hearing the terrible things she had done, Livvie would have thrown herself off of the bridge in the park. Rafe finally understands the hands-off policy his boss has been trying to get across to him and decides to play by the rules.

Caleb sits alone in his cave imagining Livvie in his arms professing her love for him while thanking him for giving her another chance. He sees Eve arriving with Daniel, telling Caleb she is bringing him what is rightfully his. She hands Daniel over while apologizing for choosing Michael over Caleb. Eve disappears and Caleb is left alone with Livvie and the baby. He fantasizes what it will be like once he has everything he wants.

Livvie is babysitting Daniel at the Lighthouse while Eve is at the courthouse. She flashes to a memory of holding Daniel in the park. It doesn't make sense to her since she never, consciously anyway, took Danny to the park. She grabs the baby and his things and rushes out the door.

Ian, Eve, Kevin and Lucy are at the courthouse. Ian told Eve she will not keep Danny away from him. Kevin pulls Lucy aside asking why she is there. Lucy explains she is there to testify for Ian. Kevin admits he is there to testify for Eve. Lucy argues that Ian was set up. She does not believe he played any role in Daniel's kidnapping. Kevin counters that the only reason Lucy feels empathy for Ian is because of the ordeal she went through with Christina.

Once again, Ian tries to explain to Eve that he played no role in Danny's kidnapping. He begs her to believe him saying they need to work together to figure out what is really going on. Ian pleads with her to call of the hearing, but Eve is unmoved.

Inside the courtroom, it is a he says, she says contest. Eve told the judge her side, while Ian defends himself. The judge wants to meet Anne Marie and hear her side, but is told Anne Marie is dead though there is no proof of her existence or death. After hearing both sides, the judge finds it difficult to decide who is telling the truth. He turns to Lucy, asking her opinion. Lucy calls Eve's behavior irrational and cites numerous incidents backing up this accusation. Eve becomes angry, finally shouting, "It was because a vampire was after my son!"

Despite the judge's shocked expression at Eve's outlandish statement, Ian backs up her story. The judge is horrified at what he has heard. He decides that neither Eve nor Ian should have custody. Daniel is made a temporary ward of the state.

Thursday, November 1

While working Val is served with court papers telling her that she no longer will have any visitation with her daughter. Devastated by the news, Jamal went to comfort her. Alison feels it is her fault because of her visit and begs Jack to help her make things right. Jack and Alison talk with the adoptive parents of Val's baby but get nowhere and are told to get out and never to return again. Jack feels they were rushed out of the house and there is more than meets the eye with the couple. Jamal calls his friend but is told that there is no way to help Val.

Ian and Eve plead with the judge to let them keep their son. The judge feeling there is too much violence and hatred in the household orders Ian and Eve to give up their son into protective services, and them to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Ian, Eve, Kevin and Lucy are all blaming one another for the situation. Livvie shows up with Daniel. The social worker takes Daniel away from Eve, beside herself, she turns to Kevin for comfort not Ian. Eve begs Kevin to help her get her son back. Kevin told her he will do all he can to help.

Lucy confesses to Livvie that she has seen Christina. Livvie told her this is great and asks how she feels. Lucy told her that Kevin tried to make her see that she is not seeing Christina just a figment from stress. Livvie offers to stay with Lucy to help her talk through what it going on. As Lucy sits waiting for Livvie to show up, Ian knocks at the door asking for help. Lucy offers him a place to stay for the night. Packing to stay at Lucy's, Livvie finds a red shirt and has a flash back making her realize that she is the one helping Caleb.

Friday, November 2

by JON

Livvie remembers all of the things that she did to help Caleb. She remembers how she called Lucy pretending to be Christina, how she locked Eve out of the apartment, how she changed Ian's message, and how she pretended to be Anne-Marie. Livvie went to the catacombs to confront Caleb, who wonders how she remembered. She swears that she will kill him for messing with her mind.

At the lighthouse, Eve breaks down and accuses Kevin of being responsible for everything. She says that she never should have listened to him, and he should have stayed out of it. She claims that he was the one to plant the doubts in her mind about her husband. Kevin defends himself by saying that the information about Ian fell in his lap and he couldn't just let him hurt her. Eve apoligizes and asks what she did to deserve this. Kevin assures her that she is not being punished for something she has done, and offers to prepare her for her psychiatric evaluation.

Lucy told Ian that she doesn't believe anything that Kevin said about him.. Ian wonders if he should just take Danny out of the country. Lucy asks what he would do about Eve. He says that he can't get through to her anyway. Lucy makes him see how irrational his plan is. He thanks her with a romantic kiss.

Rafe remembers the battle with Caleb in which he died. He almost had Caleb beaten when Rafe was called out to by Caleb's victim. Caleb then took Rafe's stake and plunged it through his back. Rafe now realizes that evil won because he got distracted and he won't make that mistake again.

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