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Brenda was furious when she realized that Sonny had framed Jax to secure custody of Josslyn for Carly. Brenda refused to raise her son in an environment where violence and crime were okay, so she decided to leave Sonny. Jax was devastated when the judge awarded Carly sole custody of Josslyn. Jax decided to leave town to clear his head, so he invited Brenda and Alec to join him. Sonny took off after he learned that Brenda and Jax had left town together. Jason arranged a romantic dinner on the rooftop of an apartment building, so that he could propose marriage to Sam. Maxie helped Jason to pick out an engagement ring, but she later lost the ring when she modeled it for Jason. Sam happily accepted Jason's proposal of marriage, despite the unusual engagement ring that he gave her. Siobhan accused Elizabeth of trading on Jake's tragedy to get what she wanted. Elizabeth threw Siobhan out of her home. Lucky was assigned a new case investigating missing narcotics from the hospital. Siobhan was furious when Elizabeth was reinstated at the hospital. Lulu and Dante's search for Luke led them to Greece, where Dante attempted to get a job working for Helena.
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Jason arranged a romantic rooftop dinner so he could propose to Sam.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Michael went to the Port Charles Police Station to pay parking tickets and was surprised to find Jax handcuffed and under arrest. Jax said that he was innocent. Jax said that Sonny had framed him. Jax said that Sonny had bribed a mediator and planted drugs in Jax's hotel suite. When Michael asked Jax why Sonny had done those things, Jax said Sonny had framed Jax so that Carly could win custody of Josslyn. Michael said that he could not help against Sonny but asked if he could do anything else for Jax. Jax told Michael to go to Carly and tell Carly that if she paid Jax's bail, it would convince Jax that Carly had not known about the frame, and Jax would not seek revenge against her.

Carly and Jason paced Carly's living room, trying to figure out where Molly and Morgan had taken Josslyn. They were relieved to know that Josslyn was with Morgan and Molly, but Carly was fearful that Jax would find out and use that information to further destroy Carly's chance for custody of Josslyn. Jason told Carly to concentrate on finding Morgan and Molly, who, unbeknownst to Jason and Carly, were hunched over a laptop computer in an abandoned pizza stand. Molly worried because Carly had not emailed back a reply to their ransom demand. Morgan told Molly that he had learned from Sonny that sometimes it was better to wait than to act too fast.

Molly agreed and said that she was sure that their plan to get Jax and Carly to reconcile by creating the false impression that Josslyn had been kidnapped would do the trick. Both thought that the only reason that Jax wanted full custody of Josslyn was because Jax was still in love with Carly and was using the custody battle as a way to punish Carly for divorcing Jax. Molly was convinced that Jax and Carly would bond while looking for Josslyn. When Morgan asked how Molly knew, Molly said that she had read lots of books and seen three movies that ended that way. Morgan believed her, and they decided to write a marriage contract for Carly and Jax.

Ethan and Kristina conversed at one of Kelly's outdoor tables. Kristina spooked Ethan when she told him that she wanted to plan their Las Vegas trip for the last week in July. Kristina said that Sonny would be away, and she would only have to fool her mother. Ethan sputtered and made excuses about why that week would not work for him. Kristina quickly punched holes in his arguments and continued discussing their trip. Ethan was relieved when Carly and Jason joined them. Carly and Jason told Ethan and Kristina about Morgan, Molly, and Josslyn.

Carly asked Kristina and Ethan to aid in the search but to keep it quiet from Jax. Carly and Jason continued searching for the missing children. Ethan and Kristina talked about the custody battle. Kristina said that Jax was her godfather, but she also really liked Carly. Kristina said that she believed that Jax was using Josslyn to get back at Carly. Ethan responded, "Love makes asses of us all." Kristina was impressed with Ethan's insight, then suddenly jumped up and told Ethan that he had helped her figure out where Molly and Morgan had taken Josslyn.

Jason and Carly found Michael waiting when they got back to Carly's place. Carly showed the kidnapper's text message to Michael and told him that it was not from Anthony, but Morgan and Molly. She shared her fears that Jax would find out, and it would be further ammunition for him. Michael told Carly that Jax had plenty of troubles of his own. Michael told Carly the story of Jax's arrest on charges of drug possession and attempted rape. Michael also gave Jax's message to Carly, that if Carly bailed Jax out, it would prove to Jax that Carly was not part of the plot against him. Otherwise, Jax threatened that he would take revenge on Carly.

Jason and Carly realized that Sonny was responsible. Carly wanted to cave in to Jax, but Jason said that they had to focus first on finding Molly and Morgan, who were putting the finishing touches on the marriage contract they were drafting for Carly and Jax. Kristina and Ethan interrupted Molly and Morgan, who were surprised and glad to be found. Kristina told them the down side of pretending to kidnap Josslyn and convinced Molly and Morgan to take Josslyn home.

Carly and Jason were relieved when Ethan and Kristina arrived with Josslyn, Morgan, and Molly in tow. Carly thanked Kristina and Ethan, but pointed out the very real dangers that Molly and Morgan had not considered when they took Josslyn. Molly tried to take the blame for Morgan, but Carly said that both children were responsible. Before Carly could say more, her phone rang. It was the court clerk, who told her that the judge had reached a decision in Josslyn's custody case.

Jax made bail, and Ronnie removed the handcuffs from Jax's wrists. Ronnie told Jax that a media frenzy awaited. Ronnie also told Jax that the judge in Josslyn's custody hearing had requested the paperwork on Jax's arrest. Jax proclaimed his innocence, but Ronnie remained skeptical. As Jax left the police station, he got a call from the court clerk with a message that the judge had reached a decision in Josslyn's custody case.

Jason and Carly were alone when someone frantically rang Carly's doorbell. Jason opened the door, and Jax burst in. Jax rushed to Carly and congratulated her on a game well played. Carly protested that she had not been involved in the plot against Jax, but Jax refused to believe Carly. Jax vowed that he would find out the truth and take revenge on Carly. Jax stormed out of Carly's home before either Carly or Jason could respond.

Kristina and Ethan went back to Kelly's. Kristina gloated that someone beside herself was restricted to home, now that Molly was being punished for her latest escapade. Michael walked up to the table and thanked Kristina for finding Molly, Morgan, and Josslyn. Michael said that he owed Kristina one. Kristina said that Michael could repay her by running interference with Alexis while Kristina went to Las Vegas with Ethan. Michael looked over at Ethan, who appeared shocked and was frantically signaling "no" with his eyes.

Steve and Olivia met at Jake's. While they shared a beer, Olivia shared her dilemma. Olivia told Steve that she had seen the custody mediator at Sonny's office shortly before Olivia had seen the same woman at Jax's hotel room. Olivia said that she was sure that Sonny had framed Jax, but Olivia did not want to be disloyal to either Sonny or Jax. When Olivia asked for Steve's opinion, Steve told her that the physicians' motto was, "First do no harm."

Steve said that Jax and Carly were grown-ups with access to a lot of resources. Steve said that while Olivia's testimony would definitely cast doubt, seeing the mediator at Sonny's office was not proof of Sonny's guilt or Jax's innocence. Olivia said that the physician's motto was sort of like saying, "Mind your own business." Olivia thought that was good advice and decided to let events play out. Olivia and Steve shared a decidedly lightened mood as they joined hands and left the bar.

At Sonny's home, Brenda said that she was moving to a hotel. Sonny wanted to know why. Brenda said that she was leaving Sonny. Brenda asked Sonny if Sonny had thought about what Sonny was doing to Jax. Brenda asked how taking Josslyn's father out of Josslyn's life was any different that taking Josslyn's mother out of Josslyn's life. Sonny told Brenda that it was not fair to convict him when there was no evidence. Brenda was livid and accused Sonny of lying to her face. Brenda said that Sonny had been lying for 20 years.

Brenda said that Jax did not do drugs. Brenda told Sonny to stop treating her like a stupid ex-wife. Brenda said that she had lived with Jax and almost married him, and in all that time, she had never seen Jax do any drugs. Sonny shrugged and said that people could change. Sonny said that maybe Jax had changed. Brenda said that Sonny was the one who had changed. Then Brenda said that maybe the problem was that Sonny had not changed. Sonny said that he loved Brenda, and he had always loved her.

Brenda said that in the past, Sonny had had boundaries. Brenda said that after Stone died (because Stone had contracted AIDS after having unprotected sex with a former drug addict), Sonny had promised Brenda that he would never get involved with drugs. Brenda said that Sonny had once stood for something, but not any more. Brenda said that the truth was that Sonny had given up everything for "that bitch." Angrily, Brenda said that she was never going to listen to Sonny defend Carly again.

Brenda said that Carly was a woman who had no qualms about saying that she hated Brenda. Brenda wondered why Sonny let Carly barge in whenever Carly felt like it. Sonny said it was because Carly was the mother of his children. Brenda said that it was because Brenda was second choice to Carly. Brenda said that Sonny did not care that he was ruining another man's life as long as Carly was happy. Sonny told Brenda that he loved her. Sonny said he was committed to Brenda, and nothing had changed. Sonny wanted to know what he could do to fix the situation with Brenda.

Brenda said that Sonny's relationship with Carly was completely inappropriate. Brenda said that Jax had tried to warn her, but Brenda had not listened. Sonny said that he felt the same way about Brenda's relationship with Jax. Brenda said that Brenda's relationship with Jax was not the same thing as Sonny's relationship to Carly.

Brenda said that that bottom line was that she did not want her son around Sonny. Brenda said that she did not want her little boy to grow up thinking it was all right to hurt people or to kill people. Brenda said that Sonny wanted Brenda to be silent and accepting. Brenda said that she could not do that. Sonny tried to reach out, but a tearful Brenda told Sonny not to touch her and ran upstairs.

Brenda walked downstairs with a bag. She told Sonny that Alec and his nanny were already in the car. Sonny asked Brenda to stay and work out their problems. Brenda said that staying would not solve anything. Brenda told Sonny that she could never forgive Sonny for what Sonny had done to Jax.

Brenda said that she did not like Sonny anymore. Sonny guessed that Brenda was going to the Metro Court. Sonny asked Brenda not to run to Jax. Brenda said that she was not running to Jax, but walking away from Sonny. Brenda kissed Sonny on the cheek and then left the room without looking back.

Lulu broke the kiss and pushed Javier away. Lulu told Javier that nothing would happen until Javier told Lulu where Luke could be found. Javier glowered and looked threatening while Lulu looked expectantly at the closet where she believed Dante was hiding to watch. When Javier showed her the empty closet and said that Dante was tied up downstairs, Lulu tried to escape, but Javier grabbed her before she could get to the door.

Downstairs, Dante pretended to be unconscious, which prompted his guard to kick Dante's foot and rip off the gag. Dante started talking to the guard about the consequences of killing a cop. Upstairs, Lulu told Javier that Luke would hunt Javier down and kill him if Javier hurt Lulu. Lulu told Javier that if he stopped, Lulu would walk away and pretend that nothing had happened.

Javier said that Lulu had caused too much trouble for Javier to just walk away. Lulu continued to fight against Javier, who told Lulu that he liked women who fought. Javier pulled a knife and held it against Lulu's throat. Javier pushed Lulu down on the bed and jumped on top of her. Javier held the knife to her cheek and told Lulu that they could do it nice or rough.

Dante managed to convince the guard to cut Dante loose and run away before the thug was arrested and sent to prison. Dante ran to Lulu and pulled Javier off her. Dante hit Javier in the face and knocked Javier to the floor. Dante pulled a gun on Javier as he lay flat on his back, and Dante reminded Javier that Dante had said he would kill Javier if Javier touched Lulu. Javier said that he had something that Lulu wanted. When prodded, Javier said that Luke was meeting a woman. Further question revealed that Luke was doing a deal with Helena Cassadine. Lulu was shocked.

Lulu was crying when Dante escorted Javier downstairs. When Dante returned, Lulu said that Dante had arrived just in time. Lulu said that Javier had not raped her, but it had been close. Lulu apologized to Dante. Lulu said that she had been stupid and stubborn and had ignored the danger. Lulu said that she did not know why Dante was there for her. Dante laughed when he said that he did not expect Lulu to change anytime soon. When Lulu asked about Javier, Dante said that Javier was handcuffed for the local police.

Lulu looked around the bordello and said that it was hard to imagine what a terrible life her father had had there. Lulu flicked a lighter and said that Lucky had had the right idea about burning a house down, but had chosen the wrong house.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At the apartment, Lucky surprised Siobhan with a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Siobhan invited Lucky to join her, but he explained that he had to leave. Siobhan was curious why, so Lucky revealed that he and Liz had hoped to get back to having a weekly family meal with the boys if it were okay with Siobhan. Siobhan reminded him that she was his wife, not his jailor. She encouraged Lucky to spend time with his sons.

Siobhan admitted that she had never imagined herself settling down with someone, but her immigration problems had forced the issue. Lucky argued that their marriage was about more than a green card, but Siobhan insisted that he had not been ready to get married because he had still been carrying around baggage from his past relationship with Liz. Lucky reminded Siobhan that Liz would always be a part of his life because they shared children. However, he conceded that things were complicated because of the way that Siobhan felt about Liz. Siobhan claimed that Liz had tried to kill her, so she believed that she had the right to feel as she did. Siobhan resented that Lucky continued to defend Liz, even though Siobhan had dropped the lawsuit.

Lucky was stunned that Siobhan believed that Liz had intentionally administered the wrong medication. Siobhan reminded Lucky of Liz's affair with Nikolas and then accused Liz of expecting Lucky to ride to her rescue. According to Siobhan, their marriage was proof that Lucky liked to save people. Siobhan insisted that Lucky didn't need her because Liz was more than willing to play the part of a damsel in distress. Siobhan begged Lucky to be honest with her if he intended to work things out with Liz. Lucky promised Siobhan that he had no plans to reconcile with Liz, but Siobhan argued that Lucky and Liz shared a son.

Siobhan worried that Lucky tried to reassure her about Liz, so that she wouldn't reinstate the malpractice lawsuit. Lucky insisted that Liz wasn't an evil person, but Siobhan wasn't swayed. She admitted that she was concerned about Lucky for all the reasons that they had discussed. Lucky realized that Siobhan feared that he might do something destructive again, so he assured her that he had no intention of burning down another house. Siobhan believed him, so she gave him her blessing to spend time with his sons.

At the Webber residence, Liz explained to Cam that he couldn't go to his friend Cole's house for pizza because she planned to have a family dinner with her sons. "Why can't daddy come?" Cam wondered. Liz explained that Siobhan was recovering from an injury, so Lucky had to stay home to take care of her. Later, Liz was startled when Lucky entered the house. She admitted that she hadn't expected him to join them for dinner. Lucky explained that Siobhan was tired of Lucky hovering, so she had kicked him out.

Lucky changed the subject by asking where the boys were. Liz revealed that Aiden was taking a nap and that she had taken Cam next door to his friend's house because he had been asking her some uncomfortable questions. Lucky was curious what kind of questions Cam had been asking, so Liz told him that Cam had been curious why Jake couldn't join them for the family dinner. Lucky wondered if Liz were okay, so she confided that she had managed to keep it together until she had dropped Cam off at William's house. Her eyes filled with tears as she admitted that she missed Jake.

Liz explained that she had been numb after Jake's death, which had led to several mistakes, one of which had nearly cost Siobhan's life. Lucky argued that it had been an accident. Liz agreed, but she confessed that it had forced her to open her eyes as to how she had been coping with her grief. Lucky assured Liz that she was a wonderful mother, who had been doing a great job with the children. Liz appreciated the support, but she revealed that she didn't want the boys to think that Jake was more important than they were.

Lucky assured Liz that the boys would always be his first priority. Liz smiled as she admitted that she couldn't have asked for a better father. Lucky confessed that he hoped the Webber genes offset Aiden's Spencer genes because he didn't want Aiden to struggle with addiction. Liz was curious if Lucky had heard from Luke. Lucky revealed that he hadn't, but he admitted that he wished that Lulu would give up the search, and accept that Luke didn't want to be a part of their lives. Liz wondered if Lucky had accepted that painful realization.

Lucky insisted that he hadn't been given a choice. He wanted to do everything that he could to be a good father to Cam and Aiden, so that history wouldn't repeat itself. Later, Liz served brownies for dessert. Lucky and Liz decided to teach Cam how to make brownie wishes, as Emily had once done. They explained that the wishes had to be for someone else, so Liz suggested that they make some wishes for Aiden.

Cam wished that Aiden would grow up, so that he and his brother could ride bikes together. Liz wished a happy, healthy, and long life for her son, while Lucky wished that Aiden learned to take things in stride, and always remember how much he was loved. Cam, Liz, and Lucky grabbed brownies off of the plate just as someone knocked on the door. Liz was surprised to find Siobhan standing on her doorstep. Liz invited Siobhan inside as Siobhan thanked Liz for the invitation to join them for the family dinner.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam was reading a newspaper when Jason entered the living room. Sam revealed that Jax's arrest had made the front page, so she suspected that the judge would not grant Jax visitation rights. Jason reminded Sam that Carly had tried to work things out with Jax, but Jax had refused. According to Jason, Jax had turned it into a fight. Sam argued that Sonny had taken things too far, but Jason insisted that Jax had been willing to do whatever was necessary to get his way.

Sam thought that it was unfair that Josslyn had been stuck in the middle. Sam and Jason discussed the impact Sonny's actions would have on his marriage. Jason conceded that Sonny was ruthless, but was reluctant to let Brenda or the children see that side of him. Sam suspected that it would be difficult to hide when Jax was facing drug charges just before the judge was expected to render a verdict. Jason claimed that Jax had gone too far by trying to force Michael and Morgan to testify against their parents. Sam agreed, but she doubted that Jax had been prepared for how hard Sonny would strike back.

"Neither did Carly," Jason replied. Jason was certain that Carly wouldn't be okay with what Sonny had done. Moments later, Molly knocked. Sam was surprised to see her sister after what had happened with Josslyn. Molly explained that Alexis had taken away her computer privileges indefinitely, but nothing beyond that. Molly then admitted that she was downcast because she had hoped that Jax and Carly would work things out.

Jason warned Molly that it wouldn't happen. Molly revealed that she had seen the newspapers regarding Jax's arrest, so she was curious if Sonny had been behind it. Jason was reluctant to comment on it, but Molly argued that Sonny had the means, the motive, and the opportunity. Jason explained that everyone wanted what was best for Josslyn, but sometimes people lost sight of what was important. Sam admitted that Jax and Carly should have found a way to compromise, but things were complicated between them. Molly believed that Jax and Carly's situation was proof that love was a lie.

Sam reminded Molly of Romeo and Juliet, and Lancelot and Guienevere, but Molly countered with Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, and Odysseus and Penelope. Sam assured Molly that the latter couples had loved each other, but Molly claimed that love was just a fantasy. Molly reminded Sam that none of Alexis' relationships had lasted. Molly had previously believed that it was because Alexis had picked the wrong men, but Molly realized that it was because love didn't last. Sam promised Molly that it lasted for some people. Molly conceded that Sam and Jason were proof that love existed, but Molly didn't want to jinx them by talking about it.

Sam assured her sister that nothing would happen, but she cautioned Molly that real love didn't happen like it did in books. Sam admitted that she and Jason had had their share of problems, but they had never given up on love, which had allowed them to find their way back to each other. Sam promised her sister that love would find Molly one day. After Molly left, Jason held Sam in his arms while Sam complained about Spinelli's antics as the Jackal. Jason offered to help her, but Sam assured him that she could handle it.

Jason changed the subject by asking if Sam had plans for the evening. Jason wanted to take Sam out for a private dinner. He suggested that they meet on the rooftop of an apartment building that he and Sonny owned. Sam smiled as she asked Jason what he was up to.

Jax was on the phone when Brenda entered his office. Jax instructed the person on the other end of the phone to find a way to prove that Sonny had been responsible for the incident in Jax's hotel room. After Jax ended the call, Brenda urged Jax not to pay attention to the newspapers, but Jax worried that the judge would be influenced by the arrest. Brenda was certain that no one who knew Jax would believe the allegations. Jax feared that the charges would haunt him for the rest of his life. Jax was certain that Sonny had set him up as payback for all the years that Jax had accused Sonny of being a bad father.

Brenda advised Jax to focus on Josslyn, but Jax insisted that he needed Brenda's help. Jax wanted Brenda to tell the judge that Sonny had framed him. Brenda pointed out that her suspicions about Sonny weren't proof of any wrongdoing. Jax was confident that Brenda's testimony would carry weight because Brenda was married to Sonny.

At Carly's house, Carly admitted that she didn't appreciate what Sonny had done to Jax. She reminded Sonny that Jax could go to jail because of the drugs, but Sonny was confident that Jax's attorney could plead the charges down to a misdemeanor. Carly argued that the charges could hurt Jax's career, so Sonny pointed out that Jerry's crimes hadn't hurt Jax's business. According to Sonny, Jax was a liar who had thrown down the gauntlet by playing dirty. He reminded Carly that she had her daughter back, so it had been worth it.

"Is it going to be worth it if you lose Brenda over this?" Carly wondered. Carly admitted that she knew that Sonny and Brenda were having problems because she had heard that Brenda and Alec had checked into Metro Court for an indefinite stay. Sonny doubted that Carly was worried about his marriage to Brenda because he knew that Carly disliked Brenda. Carly didn't deny it, but she insisted that she didn't want to see Sonny hurt. Sonny assured Carly that he would be able to work things out with Brenda.

Later, Sonny and Carly arrived at the courthouse. Carly confided that she was nervous about seeing Jax because of what had happened. Sonny argued that Jax had started it by trying to take Josslyn away from Carly. Carly clarified that Jax hadn't been trying to keep her from seeing Josslyn, but Sonny argued that Carly would have had to gain Jax's permission whenever she wanted to visit her daughter. Sonny insisted that little girls needed their mothers, which was why he had taken a step back when Alexis had decided to raise Kristina on her own. Sonny believed that Jax should have respected Carly's role in Josslyn's life.

As if on cue, Jax and Brenda arrived. Jax wasn't surprised to see Sonny and Carly together, so he snidely wondered if they were congratulating themselves on a job well done. Brenda was equally accusatory as she asked if Carly thought it was okay to ask Sonny to destroy Jax's life. Sonny was curious why Brenda was taking Jax's word for everything. Brenda argued that Jax didn't do drugs, so Sonny informed her that Jax had paid off the mediator, and had used Josslyn to get at Sonny.

Jax demanded to know why Sonny hadn't faced him like a "real man," instead of hiding behind the "skirt-hem" of the mediator. Jax accused Sonny of bribing the mediator, and having the drugs planted. According to Jax, he had always known that Sonny was a coward. Jax smiled as he suggested, "Now everyone knows." Sonny theorized that Jax had decided to get high to celebrate his victory in court, and then made an unwanted pass at the mediator, which had gotten out of hand. Sonny claimed that Jax was trying to deflect attention by blaming Sonny for everything that had gone wrong.

Jax insisted that Sonny was a thug. Jax claimed that Carly had overplayed her hand because he was confident that the judge would see through her desperate attempt to frame him. Moments later, the judge emerged from his chambers to announce that he was ready to see Jax and Carly. Everyone followed the judge into his office, but the judge objected. According to the judge, it was a closed hearing, so only Jax and Carly were permitted to stay.

Jax explained that Brenda wanted to make a statement about what had happened in Jax's room with the mediator, but the judge informed Jax that he had already made his decision, so Brenda's testimony wasn't necessary. Sonny and Brenda left the judge's chambers. Sonny was curious what Brenda had intended to tell the judge, so she admitted that she had planned to explain that Jax had been set up. Sonny reminded Brenda that she didn't have any proof of that. "Wow, you'll do anything for that girl won't you?" Brenda wondered.

In the judge's chambers, the judge explained that they considered a case "high conflict" when one or both parties refused to compromise. "In this case, the conflict came from you, Mr. Jacks," the judge clarified. Jax immediately defended his decision to seek sole custody of Josslyn, but the judge pointed out that he had already heard Jax's arguments. The judge revealed that the courts were predisposed towards shared custody, but there were other factors to consider in Josslyn's case. The judge commended Carly for cooperating fully with the court, and for trying to find some common ground with Jax.

Carly appreciated the praise, but she assured the judge that she thought that it was in Josslyn's best interest for Jax and Carly to share custody. "Not if it could get her killed," Jax snapped. The judge blasted Jax for being out of order. According to the judge, Jax had made several unsubstantiated claims about Carly being a danger to Josslyn throughout the proceedings. The judge insisted that they dealt in facts, and that the fact was that Jax had been intoxicated the previous evening when he had physically threatened a court-appointed mediator. The judge also knew about the drugs that had been found in Jax's suite, so the judge had determined that Jax was a danger to Josslyn.

Later, Carly left the judge's chambers. Sonny was curious what had happened, so Carly revealed that the judge had granted her sole custody of Josslyn and then had ordered Jax to undergo drug testing before he could have contact with Josslyn. Carly was saddened because she hadn't wanted things to turn out like that. Sonny reminded Carly that she would be in a position of power with Jax, so she should be happy. Carly suspected that Brenda would be furious when she learned that Jax had lost custody of Josslyn because of Sonny.

Sonny went to see Brenda at the hotel. Brenda asked Sonny to keep his voice down because Alec was sleeping. Sonny wanted to talk, but Brenda insisted that Sonny needed to hear her out. She blamed Carly for Jax's trouble, so Sonny assured Brenda that Carly didn't want to exclude Jax from Josslyn's life. Sonny was confident that Jax would eventually realize that it had been for the best that Carly had been granted custody of Josslyn. Sonny then explained that Carly would no longer need his help because Carly would be able to call all of the shots with Josslyn.

Sonny asked Brenda to go home with him, but Brenda tearfully admitted that she no longer had a home with him because he had taken it away from her.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

At the penthouse, Jason and Sam gazed out over the city from the balcony. Jason invited Sam to join him for a romantic dinner on the rooftop of an apartment building that he and Sonny owned. Sam sensed that Jason was up to something because of his secretive smile, so she hesitated to give him an answer. She wanted to know what was going on, but Jason made it clear that he wouldn't tell her. He urged to her agree because the longer she delayed, the less time that he would have to prepare. Sam felt vindicated by the admission because it proved that she had been right to suspect that Jason was planning something; however, she realized that she wouldn't get any answers unless she agreed to meet Jason for dinner.

After Sam left to change into something dressier, Jason called Maxie. Maxie arrived at the penthouse a short time later. Jason explained that he had a special evening planned for Sam. Maxie squealed with delight when she realized that he intended to propose to Sam. Maxie immediately insisted on making all of the arrangements, so that Sam would have a memorable evening. Maxie was horrified when she discovered that Jason didn't have an engagement ring for Sam, so she quickly called a jeweler.

Later, the jeweler arrived with an array of rings, so Maxie modeled the rings for Jason. Jason selected a flawless diamond ring from the private reserve, which impressed Maxie. After the jeweler left, Maxie slipped on the engagement ring. She led Jason outside, so that he could see the cut of the diamond. Maxie advised Jason to have the ring resized, because it was too big. Jason was furious when the ring suddenly flew off of Maxie's finger, while she waved her hand around, and then sailed over the balcony.

Sam decided to pay her mother a visit at the lake house. Alexis was startled when Sam admitted that Alexis was an amazing mother who had done a great job raising Kristina and Molly. Alexis appreciated the praise, but she acknowledged that she had made mistakes. Sam was curious if Alexis had ever wished that she hadn't raised her daughters alone. Alexis suspected that Sam's questions were a roundabout way of digging for information about Mac, so Alexis explained that she and Mac tended to play phone tag.

Sam wondered if Alexis missed being in love. Alexis realized that Sam had something else on her mind. Sam confessed that she had to tell her mother something that Alexis probably wouldn't be okay with. However, Sam admitted that she wanted her mother's support. Sam then began to talk about Molly's recent disillusionment with love.

Alexis confessed that it was welcome news because she had needed a break from Molly's "romantic soliloquies." Sam reminded her mother that if they stopped believing in love then a part of them would die. Therefore, Sam explained, she had told Molly that love could sustain people and that sometimes, when love had been lost, it could turn around. Sam adopted a dreamy expression as she talked about finding love again, and how it could be better than it had ever been. Alexis realized where their conversation was headed, so she decided to save Sam some time by admitting that it was clear that Sam and Jason had been talking about getting married.

At Liz's house, Liz revealed that she had decided to use the time off from work to focus on her sons. Lucky confessed that Cam had been talking about going to see the sailboat races. Liz recalled that Cam had mentioned wanting to go with Lucky, so Siobhan suggested that she and Lucky take Cam to see the races. Liz smiled while Lucky quickly changed the subject by asking where Cam was. Liz offered to check Cam's room, but Lucky seized the opportunity to do it himself.

After Lucky left the room, Liz asked if Siobhan wanted anything from the kitchen. Siobhan snidely suggested that Liz cut the act. Siobhan resented Liz's "sweetness and smiles" when she was well aware that Liz didn't like her. Siobhan assured Liz that it wasn't necessary to perform for "my husband's benefit." Liz insisted that the incident in the operating room had been a terrible accident, but Siobhan didn't believe her. Liz suggested that Siobhan would have died if Liz had meant to kill her.

Siobhan wondered if that were a threat. Liz clarified that she had been attempting to illustrate that it truly had been an accident. Liz insisted that she had a clear conscience about what had transpired in the operating room because she hadn't meant to harm Siobhan in any way. Siobhan didn't believe Liz, so Liz admitted that she would welcome the lawsuit because it would show Lucky who Siobhan really was. Siobhan suggested that Liz would like to paint Siobhan the villain because it would make Liz look like the "poor, suffering mother of his children."

Liz pointed out that she had lost one of those children, so she doubted that Siobhan could understand the depth of that grief. Siobhan was unrepentant as she questioned why Liz had been in the operating room if Liz had been so "rattled" by the experience. Siobhan suggested that perhaps Liz had intended to use the grief as an excuse. Liz was stunned when Siobhan coldly accused Liz of trading on Jake's death to get what she wanted.

Liz ordered Siobhan to leave. Siobhan snatched up her things and then marched to the door, which Liz held open. Siobhan invited Liz to cry on Lucky's shoulder, but she warned Liz that Lucky would soon stop being a slave to Liz's manipulations. After Siobhan left, Lucky returned to the living room. He was curious where Siobhan was, so Liz confessed that she shouldn't have invited Siobhan to dinner. Lucky realized that Liz and Siobhan had argued.

Liz accused Siobhan of playing some kind of "martyr act," that she was certain would end with Siobhan forcing Lucky to choose between his wife, and Liz and the boys. Liz hoped that Siobhan did exactly that because she believed that Lucky was better off without Siobhan. Lucky disagreed. He admitted that keeping Siobhan in the country had been part of the reason that he had married Siobhan. Lucky explained that he and Siobhan had wanted to explore their relationship further.

Liz understood that Siobhan was his wife, but she made it clear that it didn't give Siobhan the right to trash Liz at every turn. Liz hated that Lucky was caught in the middle. Lucky thought that everyone needed some time to adjust to things, but he promised Liz that nothing would stop him from spending time with the boys. Liz reminded him that it also meant that he would be running into her, which Siobhan might not like. Lucky wasn't concerned because he and Liz knew where they really stood with each other, but Liz confessed that she wasn't so certain. Lucky seemed at a loss for words, so he thanked for dinner and then left.

In Brenda's hotel room, Sonny tried to persuade Brenda to go home with him, but Brenda argued that her home was no longer with Sonny. Brenda resented what Sonny had done to Jax, so she didn't want Alec to grow up in a world where that was acceptable. Sonny warned Brenda not to make a rash decision about their marriage, but Brenda assured him that she knew what she was doing for the first time in her life. Sonny suggested that they both knew where things would end; Brenda would forgive him and then they would work things out. Brenda reminded Sonny that in the past, he had always left her. However, this time would be different because she had decided to walk out on Sonny.

Brenda began to cry as she explained that she was leaving Sonny for the right reasons. Sonny's strong veneer cracked as he confessed that he loved her more than anything in the world. Sonny had never intended to hurt her, so he hated knowing that he had caused her so much pain that she'd want to leave him. Brenda assured Sonny that she didn't want to end their marriage, but she had to do it for her son's sake. Brenda was furious that Sonny had taken a man's family, career, and reputation from him. Sonny insisted that he and Jax had history, but Brenda argued that Sonny had destroyed Jax's life for Carly.

Brenda reminded him that Carly also wanted to "hurt your wife." "So this is about you and Carly?" Sonny wondered. Brenda smiled bitterly as she clarified that it was about Sonny and Carly because Sonny continued to allow Carly to be a part of their lives. Sonny argued that he and Carly shared children and then demanded to know what Brenda's excuse was for keeping Jax around. Brenda claimed that she had barely seen Jax, but he was a decent human being.

Sonny didn't want to argue about Carly and Jax because he wanted to focus on his relationship with Brenda. Sonny insisted that he didn't want to give up on their marriage, but Brenda warned him that he would have to. Sonny refused to let Brenda go because she had always accepted him for who he was. Brenda reminded him that she had to think about her son. Sonny promised her that he could keep Brenda and Alec safe, but Brenda didn't believe him because he hadn't been able to keep Lily safe.

Brenda explained that Sonny had to be willing to change to keep them safe, but she knew that he would never leave the mob, even for her. She also accepted that he would never leave Port Charles. Sonny pointed out that his children were in Port Charles, so he couldn't leave. Brenda explained that she felt the same love for her Alec that he felt for his children, so she had to put her son first. Sonny refused to give up hope that Brenda would forgive him, but Brenda assured him that she had learned her lesson. Sonny didn't want it to end like that for them, so he pulled her close and then hugged her.

Brenda wept in his arms until he pulled away. Sonny told her that he would see her the following day and then left. Brenda watched the door close and then fell to the floor sobbing.

In Jax's suite, Carly explained that she wanted what was best for Josslyn. Jax was devastated that he had lost custody of his daughter, but Carly assured him that they could work out a schedule. Jax argued that Josslyn would continue to be in danger because of Sonny and Jason and then angrily wondered if he would have to pass a drug test before he could see his daughter. Jax then began to rant about the arrest. Carly promised him that she'd had nothing to do with what had happened, but Jax disagreed.

Jax reminded her that she had gone to Sonny for help and that she hadn't stopped Sonny when it was clear that Sonny intended to make a move against Jax. Jax insisted that Sonny and Carly were perfect for each other because they had left a trail of "misery and dead people" in their wake. Carly cried that she hadn't wanted their family to end up in a shambles, but Jax disagreed. He accused her of not fighting to save their marriage. According to Jax, Carly had been looking for a guy who would take her "crap" and go along with everything that she said.

"That's not true," Carly cried. "It is," Jax argued. Jax bemoaned losing Josslyn, but Carly assured him that he could have generous visitation with their daughter because she wanted Jax to be a part of Josslyn's life. Jax insisted that Carly couldn't give Josslyn what she needed when she put their daughter at risk. He wondered if she had learned anything from what had happened to Michael. Carly promised Jax that she loved Josslyn.

Jax screamed that he hoped that Carly remembered that when she was putting flowers on their daughter's early grave. Alexis knocked on the door and then warned them that everyone could hear their argument. Jax threw open the door and then informed Alexis that he didn't care because he was desperate for someone to help him save Josslyn. Alexis entered the room and then closed the door. Alexis advised Jax to get a grip on himself and then urged Carly to leave because it was doubtful that anything would be settled. Jax warned Alexis that he was a man who had nothing left to lose.

Carly assured Alexis that she wanted to work out a visitation schedule with Jax, so she begged Alexis to talk some sense into Jax. After Carly left, Jax admitted that he hated Carly. He also hated that she had allowed Sonny to take Josslyn from him. According to Jax, Sonny and Carly hadn't left him any choice. Alexis warned him that his hatred wasn't good for anyone, but Jax refused to let the bad guys win again. Alexis suggested that not everything was black and white, and that victory seldom ended without "a little defeat."

Carly went to Brenda's room, but Brenda refused to open the door. Carly decided to let herself in with a master key. Brenda was furious, but Carly didn't care. Carly explained that she was there to do something "unselfish." Carly offered to give Brenda a window of opportunity to go back to Sonny, or Carly would take Sonny for herself. Brenda chuckled and then informed Carly that Carly could have Sonny because Brenda was through with him.

Carly admitted that she had heard that before, so she didn't believe that Brenda was ready to walk out on her marriage. Brenda explained that she was doing it for Alec. Carly was curious what had happened to the woman who had claimed that she was the only person who could understand Sonny and that what Carly had with Sonny couldn't compare to the deep connection that Brenda and Sonny had shared. Brenda didn't answer, so Carly accused Brenda of being pathetic. Carly insisted that Sonny needed a real woman. Brenda argued that Sonny didn't want Carly, so Carly suggested that Sonny was better off without Brenda and then left.

Later, Carly was waiting when Sonny arrived home. Sonny told her that Brenda had walked out on him, but Carly assured him that Brenda would be back. Carly was grateful that Sonny had helped her keep Josslyn, so she had decided to return the favor. Sonny was stunned when Carly told him about her talk with Brenda. Carly quickly assured Sonny that she hadn't meant the threat because she believed that she and Sonny were better off as exes, but she confided that Brenda didn't need to know that. Sonny smiled and then admitted that Brenda would always have a piece of his heart.

Sonny confessed that his heart had told him that he had lost Brenda forever, but Carly argued that hearts lied. She encouraged Sonny to have faith that Brenda would be back. Moments later, Brenda walked in. Brenda stopped short when she saw Carly and Sonny together.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

At the penthouse, Maxie scanned the sidewalk in a desperate attempt to spot the engagement ring that had sailed over the balcony just moments before. Jason wasn't surprised when Maxie confessed that she couldn't see it, since they were on the sixteenth floor. Maxie and Jason raced to the sidewalk and then searched through the bushes for the missing engagement ring, but it was nowhere to be found. Jason decided to propose without the ring, but Maxie insisted that every woman expected an engagement ring when a man proposed. She urged Jason to delay the proposal until he had a replacement for the missing engagement ring.

At the lake house, Sam confided that she suspected that Jason intended to propose to her over the romantic dinner that he had planned for later that evening. Alexis was curious what Sam would say, so Sam admitted that she would accept the proposal. However, Sam wanted her mother's approval. Alexis admitted that she wanted Sam to be happy and loved. Sam assured Alexis that she had both with Jason.

Alexis confessed that Jason's lifestyle wasn't ideal, but she appreciated that Sam liked to take risks. Sam acknowledged that she had spent her whole life living on the edge, but she promised Alexis that she felt safe, emotionally, with Jason. Alexis confessed that she couldn't ask for more, so she gave Sam her blessing to marry Jason. Sam hugged her mother just as Kristina arrived home. Kristina wondered what was going on, so Alexis told her about the engagement. Kristina squealed with joy and then hugged Sam.

Later, Sam stepped out onto the rooftop where Jason was waiting. She immediately recognized Maxie's handiwork as she took in the romantic setting and Jason's blue shirt. Jason complimented Sam on looking perfect and then admitted that he appreciated having her in his life. Jason confessed that he had never understood the importance of things like parties to mark certain days or rings to symbolize a promise. He had never seen the connection between something that a person knew in their heart and a piece of jewelry. Sam commended Jason for his wisdom.

Jason realized that people needed markers in life to keep them from taking things for granted. He admitted that he had been guilty of that. Jason revealed that there had been things that he had wanted to say to Jake, but he had never said them. He vowed that he would never take time or love for granted again. Jason held Sam's hands as he told her how much he loved her and how honored he would be if she agreed to spend the rest of her life with him. Sam's eyes filled with tears as Jason asked her to marry him.

Sam assured Jason that she loved him. She admitted that the last time that they had been engaged, she hadn't known who she was, so she had fallen apart when their relationship had ended. Sam explained that all of that had changed, so she no longer needed Jason to marry her to make her happy. She assured him that she was content with their life as it was because she was secure with his love for her. Sam insisted that all she needed was Jason.

Jason promised Sam that she had him, but he wanted to get married. Sam reminded Jason that weddings were complicated and then revealed that Kristina had already begun making plans. Jason was surprised that she had told Kristina that they were getting married. Sam sheepishly confessed that she had told Alexis, who had told Kristina. Jason jokingly wondered if perhaps he should consult Alexis and Kristina for Sam's answer to his proposal. Sam smiled as she assured Jason that she would marry him.

Jason kissed Sam and then told her about the engagement ring that he had lost. He explained that Maxie had insisted that he give Sam a ring when he proposed, so he had been forced to find a last-minute substitute. Sam grinned as Jason produced an automotive nut. Sam's eyes swam with tears as Jason slid the nut onto her finger and then promised to buy her a real engagement ring. Sam insisted that she had everything that she had ever wanted and then confessed that she couldn't believe that they were getting married. Jason smiled and then kissed her.

Jax went to Carly's house to see Josslyn. Michael explained that Carly wasn't home, but Jax asked to see Josslyn because he planned to leave town, so he wanted to say goodbye to his daughter. Michael went to fetch Josslyn, so Jax sat down to talk to Morgan. Jax apologized for his failed marriage, and not keeping the promises that he had made to Morgan. Jax assured Morgan that he had enjoyed watching Morgan grow up, and being a part of Morgan's life.

Jax conceded that he had made a lot of mistakes, but he insisted that he would miss Morgan. Morgan confessed that he would miss Jax too. Moments later, Michael returned with Josslyn in his arms. Jax took his daughter from Michael and then told her that he had to leave town for a while, but he assured her that he would return. Jax asked Michael and Morgan to watch over Josslyn and then kissed his daughter goodbye.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda started to leave, but Carly insisted that Brenda stay to work things out with Sonny. Sonny appreciated Carly's support, but he explained that it was pointless because it was clear that Brenda was there to say goodbye to him. Sonny wanted to be alone with Brenda, so Carly left. Brenda reminded Sonny that she had warned him a long time before that Carly would destroy him. "And she has," Brenda added. Brenda wanted to know if Sonny were sorry for what he had done to Jax.

Sonny argued that it wasn't about Carly or Jax; it was about Brenda seeing who he was for the first time. Sonny realized that it had scared Brenda. Brenda demanded that Sonny apologize for hurting Jax. Sonny wondered if she would stay if he did. He was curious if turning over the business to Jason and then moving with her and Alec to California would make Brenda change her mind about leaving him. Brenda's eyes swam with unshed tears as she asked him if he meant it.

Sonny confessed that he had regretted selling the house in the woods because it would have been the perfect home for them. He admitted that he could have commuted from the house in the woods to Port Charles. Brenda thought that would have been perfect. Sonny's eyes filled with tears as he told her that the house would have been real, but the rest would have been a lie because his power base was in Port Charles. Sonny explained that she had never understood that he craved power so much that it scared him. He admitted that he wanted power more than he wanted clean hands or a clear conscience.

"More than love?" Brenda wondered. Sonny insisted that love didn't last; it was taken, or it died, or it left. Sonny claimed that power was something that he could understand, keep, and hold onto. He refused to give it up for anyone. "Not even me," Brenda realized. Sonny admitted that he was too selfish to give her the kind of love that she needed. However, he promised her that on their wedding day, he had let himself believe that their love could last.

Brenda wondered if he would let her leave. Sonny confessed that she had never changed; she wanted him to fight for her, and love her enough not to let her go. Brenda didn't deny it; she wanted Sonny to be the man that she had carried in her heart her entire life. Sonny revealed that man had never existed. According to Sonny, it had been a role that Sonny had played, so that he could have Brenda. Sonny apologized, but Brenda was glad that he had showed her who he really was.

Brenda was relieved that she would get out in time to protect her son. Sonny assured her that she had made the right choice. Brenda took off her three wedding rings and then handed them to Sonny. "Diamonds at the at the end," she tearfully reminded him. Sonny hoped that Brenda and Alec would be happy, and that Brenda would meet a man who could give her what she needed. Sonny's voice cracked with emotion as he confessed that he would always love her, no matter where she was in the world.

After Brenda left, Sonny sat down in a chair and then wept. Carly returned shortly afterwards. She was stunned when Sonny explained that Brenda had ended their marriage. Carly couldn't believe that Brenda would leave Sonny because of what had happened to Jax. Sonny revealed that the incident with Jax had only been a part of it. He admitted that Brenda had resented Carly being a part of their lives, but mostly Brenda had felt that Sonny's lifestyle was too dangerous for Alec.

Carly wondered if Brenda would have stayed if it hadn't been for Alec. Sonny confessed that he wanted to believe that she would have, but he wasn't certain because he had seen the disillusionment in Brenda's eyes when she had realized that he wasn't the man that she had thought he was. Carly argued that it didn't make sense because Brenda had known Sonny for years. Sonny explained that he hadn't been able to make the promises that Brenda had needed. Carly felt bad that Sonny's marriage had fallen apart, but Sonny reminded her that she had never liked Brenda. Carly didn't deny it, but she insisted that Sonny had deserved some happiness.

Carly was reluctant to leave Sonny alone, so she invited him to her house. She offered to call Alexis and the girls to join them, but Sonny wasn't ready to tell the family that Brenda had left him. Carly complained that it was unfair that Sonny had lost Brenda simply because he had helped Carly. Sonny assured Carly that it had only been a matter of time before Brenda had walked out on him. Sonny explained that Brenda had changed when she had been reunited with Alec, but he had been proud of the kind of mother that she was.

Carly hated Brenda for hurting Sonny. Sonny revealed that he loved Brenda, but he didn't regret helping Carly.

Later, Carly went home. Michael was curious if she had talked to Jax. Carly admitted that she had, but it was clear to Michael that she hadn't heard about Jax's decision to leave town. Carly was stunned when she heard the news. She explained that she hadn't wanted Jax to leave. Carly, Michael, and Morgan discussed the impact Jax's decision would have on Josslyn. Carly insisted that Josslyn would need her brothers.

Michael and Morgan assured her that they would be there for Josslyn, but Michael was concerned about Carly. Carly admitted that she still loved Jax, but she assured her sons that she would be fine as long as she had her children.

In Brenda's suite, Brenda told Robin that she intended to go to Rome with Alec. Robin was curious if Sonny would be joining them, so Brenda revealed that she had left Sonny. Brenda explained that she didn't want Alec to be raised in an environment where violence and crime were okay. Robin conceded that Sonny justified every single thing that he did, so she understood Brenda's concerns. Brenda begged Robin to promise to visit, so Robin promised that she would. Brenda and Robin hugged and then Brenda handed Robin an envelope addressed to Sonny.

Brenda explained that she wanted Robin to give it to Sonny when Robin felt that the time was right. Shortly after Robin left, Jax stopped by to say goodbye to Brenda. Jax explained that he needed to get away for a while to clear his head. Brenda revealed that she had also decided to leave town. Jax realized that Brenda had left Sonny, so he admitted that he was happy for her.

Jax was curious if she had made any travel arrangements. Brenda confessed that she hadn't, so Jax offered to be her "white knight" one last time. Later, Brenda, Alec, and Jax were seated on Jax's private jet bound for Rome. Brenda and Jax promised Alec that he would love Rome. Alec smiled when his mother offered to teach him some Italian and then started talking about all the places that she wanted to show him.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny looked at Brenda's wedding rings and then placed a call to someone. He was furious when he was told that Brenda and Alec had left on Jax's private jet with Jax. Sonny ordered that his jet be prepared for flight and then ended the call.

Friday, July 22, 2011

In Greece, Lulu and Dante camped out near a cave on an island owned by the Cassadines. Lulu confessed that spending the night outdoors reminded her of going ice fishing with Luke. Dante admitted that the closest that he had been to nature, while growing up in Bensonhurst, had been a vacant lot overgrown with weeds. Lulu chuckled and then revealed that she was pleased with how things had worked out for them in Greece. She was happy that they had been able to sneak onto the island without being detected, so everything had gone according to plan. Dante was surprised. "You have a plan? That's fantastic; what is it?" he wondered.

Lulu quickly changed the subject by reminding Dante that they had caught a major break when they had learned that Helena had spent a little time in Port Charles, even though it appeared that she had been focused on Nikolas. Dante clarified that Helena had been busy switching Aiden's paternity tests. Lulu confessed that it had been difficult to hear the news about Aiden's true paternity over the phone because she couldn't be there for her brothers. Dante reminded Lulu about her plan and then asked her for details. Lulu explained that Helena had never met Dante, so Lulu was confident that Dante would be able to apply for a job as part of Helena's security team without arousing suspicion.

Dante thought that Lulu's plan sounded as risky as working at the bordello had been, but he was more concerned about why Lulu was setting herself up for heartache when Luke had made it clear that he didn't want to be found. Dante tried to persuade Lulu to give up her quest to find Luke, and instead spend a month backpacking across Europe with him. Lulu explained that she needed to hear from Luke that he didn't want to return to Port Charles before she could do that. Dante reluctantly agreed to go along with Lulu's plan, so a short time later, he entered the Cassadine castle. Helena greeted her visitor.

Lulu eavesdropped on their conversation, via her cell phone, as Dante explained that he had been sent by a mutual acquaintance, Luke Spencer. Helena appreciated that Luke had been thinking of her, but she confessed that she never knew which way Luke was leaning. She was curious if Dante was a prospective security guard or spy. Dante assured her that he wasn't interested in any complications. Dante claimed that he had been caught up in the middle of a mob war, so Luke had sent him to Helena for a job.

Helena smiled pleasantly as she admitted that she was interested, especially if Dante had any information about Luke and his family. Dante revealed that he hadn't seen Luke in weeks, but he had been given the impression that Luke had been headed to Greece. Dante casually wondered if Helena had talked to Luke recently, but Helena made it clear that she would ask the questions. Helena proceeded to interview Dante for the job by asking about his criminal past. Dante admitted that he'd had some troubles with the law, but he assured her that he was an expert marksman and was discreet.

Helena explained that she would also require additional services, but didn't elaborate. Dante was surprised when Helena suddenly instructed him to take off his shirt and then pulled a knife from a display on the wall.

At ELQ, Anthony presented Abby with a bouquet of red roses, but she refused to accept them. Michael stepped out of his office and then stopped short when he saw Anthony standing by Abby's desk. Anthony was delighted to see Michael because he thought that Michael was the perfect person to make his proposal to. Anthony explained that he wanted to invest in ELQ. Tracy and Asher walked up in time to hear Anthony's offer.

Tracy ordered Anthony to leave because she didn't want his money. Anthony assured Tracy that he could make it worth her while, and then revealed that he knew that she was interested in acquiring Drakon Securities. Anthony was confident that his investment would allow ELQ to make a preemptive bid. Tracy ordered Michael to throw Anthony out, but Anthony assured her that he knew the way. Anthony suggested that she could thank him for his help later and then sauntered out. Asher followed Anthony.

After Anthony left, Tracy blamed Michael for the "gangsters showing up." Abby insisted that it wasn't Michael's fault that Anthony wanted to invest in ELQ, but Tracy argued that Michael was a "mob magnet." Abby defended Michael by reminding her that Michael had given Edward sound business advice regarding the Asguard deal. Tracy was curious how Anthony had known about Drakon Securities when it was supposed to have been confidential. Tracy was certain that Abby had said something, so Michael immediately defended Abby.

Michael knew that Tracy wanted him to quit ELQ, but he warned her that he was more inclined to stay when he saw how badly Tracy treated Abby. Michael suggested that the best way to get rid of him would be to treat Abby with respect. Tracy warned Michael that she intended to give Abby exactly what Abby deserved. Tracy urged Michael to leave the company before he ran it into the ground, and broke Edward's heart. After Tracy stormed out, Abby admitted that Tracy had been right about one thing: the Drakon deal had been a secret, so someone had to have talked.

On the sidewalk, Asher feared that Anthony had said too much by revealing that he knew about the Drakon deal. Anthony explained, "It's called stirring the pot." Asher was concerned that the leak might be traced back to him, but Anthony pointed out that Tracy wanted to believe that Michael had been responsible. Anthony explained that Asher was in the perfect position to play the hero and gain Tracy's trust, which would put Asher in a better position to set up ELQ for the "big fall." Asher argued that it had been a big risk.

"With a big reward," Anthony replied. Anthony promised Asher that as long as Asher did as Anthony instructed then Anthony would put Asher in charge of the company once Anthony secured ELQ as a mob front.

At the nurses' station, Robin informed Matt that his inventory list of medications was missing from his post-op report. Matt reminded her that the nurses were expected to provide that information, but Robin revealed that she had changed that policy. Robin advised Matt to check his email because she had sent him a memo about it. Matt grumbled, but Patrick didn't have any sympathy for his brother because Matt hadn't been banned from the operating room. According to Patrick, he had been relegated to "neuro-exams and consults."

Patrick quickly assured Robin that he wasn't complaining, but moments later, Patrick and Robin began to argue about the policy changes that Robin had instituted. Patrick thought that they were counterproductive, but Robin argued that the doctors' "diva days" were over. Steve confessed that the emergency room was running smoothly. Steve's smile disappeared when Robin revealed that she intended to institute the same policy changes in the emergency room. After Robin walked away, Matt accused Robin of being a nightmare.

Later, Robin handed Patrick a new schedule. Patrick was pleased to see that he had been added to the surgical rotation, but he wasn't thrilled with the color-coded procedures that Robin had set up. Patrick suspected that Robin wanted to teach him a lesson for thinking that he would have made a better chief of staff. Robin assured Patrick that she was simply trying to do her job to the best of her abilities. She urged him to get busy, and memorize the new guidelines.

At Sam and Spinelli's office, Jackal was pecking at an old-fashioned typewriter when Maxie walked in. Maxie was curious if Sam and Jason had made an important announcement. Jackal had no idea what she was talking about because he had been on a stakeout all night. Maxie spotted a box of cupcakes, but Jackal stopped her before she could reach for one. Jackal explained that they were evidence from the bakery that he had been spying on.

Maxie tried to draw out Spinelli's personality by asking about the people that Jackal had seen entering and leaving the bakery. She suggested that he give them nicknames to help remember who they were. Jackal tried, but with disappointing results. Jackal then complained about having been issued a citation for loitering, so Maxie suggested that he find another way to monitor the bakery. She proposed that he set something up on the computer, hoping to spark his memory, but Jackal seemed lost.

Maxie was startled when Jackal suddenly tried to kiss her. She reminded him that she was in a committed relationship. As if on cue, Matt entered the office, looking for Maxie. Matt explained that he desperately needed Maxie's help because Robin was driving everyone crazy at the hospital. Matt hoped that Maxie could talk some sense into Robin. Jackal offered to dig up some dirt on Robin, so that Matt could blackmail Robin into "submission," but Maxie objected.

Maxie defended her cousin's actions and then made it clear that she refused to undercut Robin's authority. Matt was disappointed, but he respected Maxie's decision. Moments later, Matt noticed the box of cupcakes on the desk, so he started to grab one, but Maxie and Jackal both ordered him not to touch the cupcakes because they were evidence.

Mac was surprised when he saw Lucky enter the police station. Lucky explained that Siobhan was recovering nicely, so he was ready to return to work. Mac had reservations about Lucky reporting for duty because Lucky had suffered a lot of personal tragedy, including Jake's death and Luke being named the prime suspect in the arson on Charles Street. Lucky assured Mac that he wouldn't let his family problems compromise his work. Mac revealed that he had a case with links to organized crime, but he was reluctant to assign Lucky to it because of Lucky's history with substance abuse. Mac explained that large quantities of narcotics had disappeared from the hospital, and that the medication had been Lucky's drug of choice.

Lucky speculated that it was an inside job. Mac agreed, but he confessed that he wanted Dante to handle the case. Lucky pointed out that Dante wasn't around, so he persuaded Mac to give him the case. Mac reluctantly agreed, but on the condition that Lucky keep him informed every step of the way. Later, Lucky arranged to meet Liz on the piers.

Liz assumed that Lucky intended to tell her that Siobhan had decided to resurrect the malpractice suit. Liz assured Lucky that she was prepared to defend herself in court, and then admitted that it would be worth it to get Siobhan out of Lucky's life. Lucky surprised her by revealing that he and Siobhan were in a good place and that Siobhan didn't have any plans to sue Liz for malpractice. Lucky explained that he had called her to tell her that he was investigating a prescription drug ring. He was curious if she had seen or heard anything that might help him.

Liz feared that Lucky was trying to find a way to self-destruct, and follow in Luke's footsteps. She was curious about Siobhan's reaction to Lucky's new case. Lucky admitted that he hadn't told his wife, but he was confident that she would be fine with it. Lucky assured Liz that he had discussed it with Mac, but he realized that he probably should have discussed it with Liz first. Liz disagreed; he should have talked to his wife first.

Lucky argued that Liz had lived through his addiction with him, but Liz reminded him that she couldn't keep him sober. Lucky agreed, but he insisted that he needed to do something constructive with his time. Liz warned Lucky that she had thought the same thing, which had nearly led to her making a fatal mistake in the operating room. Liz cautioned Lucky not to ignore the signs if he became overwhelmed with the case. She also made Lucky promise to seek her out if he needed someone to talk to.

Liz agreed to help Lucky with the case, but she explained that she needed to make certain that she was reinstated first. Lucky thanked her and then returned to the police station. A short time later, Maxie entered the squad room, looking for Mac. Lucky revealed that Mac wasn't around, so Maxie decided to file a complaint with Lucky. Maxie told Lucky about Spinelli's change in personality and Jason's decision to keep Spinelli out of trouble by hiring him for a bogus job. Maxie was upset because an "overzealous meathead" had given Jackal a citation for loitering while Spinelli had been staking out the bakery.

Lucky promised to take care of it, so Maxie wondered if Lucky could also arrange for the police officer to convince Spinelli that Spinelli was working a big crime. Lucky warned her that it wouldn't be a good idea, and then revealed that he wouldn't have the time because he had a new case, so he had to get to the hospital to interview people. Maxie was curious if one of those people was Liz. Lucky reminded her that he was a married man. Maxie realized that Lucky was too nice to dump Siobhan after she had suffered a serious accident, but Maxie insisted that it was obvious to everyone, including Siobhan, that he and Liz were destined to be together.

Later, Maxie returned to Spinelli's office. She enjoyed a cupcake while Jackal examined his. He was certain that the contraband was being smuggled in the cupcakes, even though the cupcakes that he had bought appeared to be clean. Jackal decided to return to the bakery for more cupcakes, but Maxie tried to stop him. Jackal managed to divert her attention by asking her to take a call and then slipping out of the office while she was on the phone.

At the hospital, Liz bumped into her brother. Steve hugged Liz and then asked her how everything was going. Liz explained that things seemed better since Aiden's paternity had been revealed. Moments later, Robin approached them and then asked to have a private word with Liz. After Steve walked away, Robin confessed that she had intended to call Liz to ask her to return to work. Robin admitted that they were short-handed, so she needed someone to work at the nurses' station.

Liz eagerly agreed to return to work, so Robin wondered if she could start immediately. Liz called Audrey to ask her to watch the boys and then changed into scrubs. Later, Steve pulled Robin aside to warn her that it had been a bad idea to ask Liz to return to work. Steve feared that it was too soon, but Robin insisted that Liz would only be working at the nurses' station, so no one would be at risk. "No one but Liz," Steve complained.

Nearby, Matt gave Siobhan a clean bill of health after an examination. Siobhan's smile quickly disappeared when she spotted Liz at the nurses' station. After Matt walked away, Siobhan angrily demanded to know what Liz was doing back at work. Liz explained that the chief of staff had asked her to return. Siobhan snapped that it hadn't been a smart decision and then stormed off.

Elsewhere, Matt complained to Patrick about the changes that Robin had instituted. Matt begged Patrick to do something because Robin was driving everyone crazy. Patrick decided to buy his wife a bouquet of flowers and then invite her out for a romantic picnic. Robin appreciated the flowers, but she warned Patrick that he would still be expected to follow her new operating room regulations. Patrick quoted her the new policy to prove that he had memorized the rules and then tried to cajole her to leave. In the background, Matt gave his brother the thumbs-up.

In the hallway, Steve called out to his sister. Liz saw the concern on Steve's face, so she realized that he didn't intend to welcome her back to work. Steve confessed that he thought it was too soon for her to return to work. He implored to her go home.

At the police station, Lucky pulled out a piece of paper, unfolded it, and then called his old drug dealer. Lucky explained that he wanted to buy some drugs, but before he could make arrangements, Siobhan walked up to his desk. Lucky promised to call the drug dealer back and then ended the call. Siobhan was furious because Liz had been allowed to return to work. She felt like no one cared about what had happened to her, so she wondered if she would lose Lucky if she reinstated the malpractice suit.

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