General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 14, 2013 on GH

Trey passed away. Alexis reached out to Kevin Collins after Lucy was arrested for attacking John McBain, whom Lucy insisted was a vampire. Heather offered A.J. hope to seize control of ELQ. Maxie found out that she was pregnant.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 14, 2013 on GH
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Lucy arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, dragging a suitcase through the terrace door. When Monica confronted her about it, Lucy said that Tracy had invited her to move in, and the rest of her bags were at the front door. Lucy suggested that Monica give her the room overlooking Lila's rose garden. Monica responded that Lucy would move in over her dead body, but Lucy was not fazed. She said that Tracy had named her co-CEO, and Lucy would be helping to run ELQ.

Monica's first thoughts were for A.J., whom she realized would be devastated. Lucy replied that there were plenty of jobs for A.J., but Monica said that A.J. was planning for Michael's future as well as his own. Monica offered Lucy the room she wanted if Lucy would change her vote and back A.J. as CEO. Lucy refused, so Monica told her to be out of the mansion before Monica got back. As Monica left the room, Lucy mumbled, "Rude, rude."

Sam was talking with baby Danny at Kelly's and showing him pictures of Jason when John McBain walked in. She told him that she accepted Jason's death and wanted to plan a memorial. She said that she was waiting for Alexis to help her plan the service. John said that he was sorry for what Sam was going through. He told Sam about seeing Todd and about Todd's attempt to bribe him by helping John get Natalie and Liam back. When Sam asked if John had been tempted, John replied that throwing in with Todd was not an option no matter what the offer.

Monica walked in and was delighted to see Sam and Danny. She complimented Sam on what a good job Sam was doing with Danny. John prepared to leave, but Sam asked him to tell Monica what he had learned about Faison and the almost certainty of Jason's death. After hearing John's account, Monica wondered how Faison could still be breathing. John said that Faison would spend the rest of his life in prison.

Sam apologized for telling Monica about Jason so abruptly. Monica said that she had sensed that Jason was gone, but had held on to a sliver of hope because Sam had. Sam asked Monica to help with the memorial and Monica agreed. As they looked through pictures of Jason, Monica said that laying Jason to rest was a good idea. She added that Jason would want Sam to find peace and start living again.

Monica said that she had gotten through the days after Alan's death and that Sam would get through the days after Jason, too. Before Monica left, she told Sam that with the help of family and friends, they would find a way to work through their grief. After Monica was gone, John knelt beside Sam and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

At General Hospital, Tracy ran into Michael and Starr. She gloated about her victory over A.J. Michael wondered how Tracy had won Lucy's vote, but Tracy was not forthcoming. She said that all that mattered was that she had retained control. Michael said that he did not really care because he and Starr needed to return to Trey.

Tracy wanted to know what had happened. Michael told her about the car accident. Tracy was upset to hear the news that Trey was brain-dead. When Starr asked if Tracy had known Trey, Tracy said that she had been with Trey when Joe Jr. had passed away and that she had told Trey how much his father had loved him. She told Michael that she was very sorry about what had happened to Trey.

Once Tracy walked away, Starr told Michael that she was sorry about what had happened with ELQ. Michael said that it mattered more to A.J. than it did to him and that at least Carly would be relieved and not feel the need to rescue Michael from ELQ. Starr thought that Tracy's concern for Trey was out of character. Michael said that Tracy could be very mean, even to family, but could show surprising compassion.

Down the hall outside Trey's room, Steve told Alexis, Kristina, and Olivia that Trey was an organ donor and that an accident victim in Rochester needed a kidney. He said that time was running out. Kristina asked what they could do. She added that an organ donation would make Trey's death meaningful. Alexis said that she had applied for and received a court order to pull the plug on Trey.

Olivia said that although she was not defending Connie, Connie was Trey's mother and had to be part of the decision. Olivia wanted to give Sonny time to locate Connie and convince her to return to GH. Alexis said that the court was faxing over the order immediately.

Olivia sat with Trey and apologized for not getting to know him. She told him that Connie should have stuck around and made a home for him like Olivia had for Dante. She told him that the Falconeri clan would have loved him. Olivia said that she hoped that Trey could hear her and feel her love for him and know that she did not want him to suffer. Trey opened his eyes, looked at Olivia, and told her that everything would be okay.

Olivia realized that she was hallucinating because the machines still showed that Trey had no brain activity. She thanked Trey for the message. Kristina entered the room and asked how they could know that they were doing the right thing. Olivia assured her that they were.

At the Floating Rib, Carly wanted more drinks. She asked Coleman if he had property insurance, as she anticipated an explosion between Sonny and A.J. Coleman wanted to know what man Carly was trying to get over. Carly said it was actually two. She said one was a distraction, but she had trusted the other one, who had been lying to her the whole time.

Connie saw Sonny enter the Floating Rib and planted a big kiss on A.J., who kissed her back. Sonny rushed over and separated them. He told A.J. to keep his hands off Connie, who demanded to know what Sonny was doing there. Sonny said that Trey needed her at the hospital. He grabbed Connie, but A.J. interfered. Sonny told him to back off or end up in the hospital again.

A.J. asked Sonny if he wanted to take their dispute outside. Sonny said that he was there for Connie. A.J. said, "Too bad," because he and Connie were just getting to know each other. Connie agreed. Sonny asked Connie if she had told A.J. that her kid was dying and that she needed to sign papers.

Connie said that she had changed her mind. She said that she had seen her son dying and had not been able to do it. Sonny said that if it was his child that he would not want to make that decision either. Sonny added that Trey was going to die, anyway, because Alexis had gotten an order to take Trey off the ventilator. Connie said that she was his mother, and no one else could make that decision.

Sonny repeated that Alexis had gotten a court order, and it was a done deal. He asked Connie if she wanted her son to die and not have her there. Sonny begged Connie not to let Trey die alone. He said that it was her chance to be a mother and urged her to take it. Connie said okay and agreed to go to her son. As Sonny and Connie left, Sonny cautioned A.J. to stay away from Connie.

A very inebriated Carly sat down with A.J. and said that she had hoped to have a ringside seat while Sonny beat the crap out of him. A.J. asked why Carly was getting so wasted. She replied that she was sure that Connie would sleep with A.J. because Johnny had not had a problem sleeping with Connie. A.J. asked who Johnny was. Carly said he was a waste of space, just like A.J. Then Carly told A.J. that she hated him because he had risen from the ashes and tried to turn her son against her.

Carly said that A.J. painted himself as a victim and that Michael was buying it. She said that A.J. was trying to drag Michael into that hellhole, ELQ. A.J. said that Carly did not have to worry because Lucy had sided with Tracy, and he would not be taking over ELQ. Carly laughed and called A.J. a loser. She encouraged him to take a drink and keep drinking until he felt like a winner. She said that it was working for her.

A.J. said that he knew Carly would like that, because if he slipped, Michael would write A.J. off for good. A.J. told Carly that she would have to work harder than that. Carly stumbled to her feet and got out her car keys. A.J. refused to let her drive and said that he would take her home. Carly refused his offer and said that she would walk to the Metro Court and use the car service.

A.J. replied that she might slip and then freeze in the snow. Carly said that A.J. would love that. A.J. agreed, but said that it would hurt Michael. As they exited the bar, Carly could be heard screaming, "Put me down."

At GH, Connie and Sonny arrived and found, Michael, Starr, Olivia, Kristina, Alexis, and Steve gathered outside Trey's room. Connie wanted to know if Trey was gone and wondered how they could know if they were doing the right thing. Kristina assured Connie that she knew and loved Trey and was positive that he would want them to take him off life support. Connie cried as she told Kristina that they would take that step together. Connie asked Steve how long Trey would live after the ventilator was turned off. Steve said given the severity of the injuries, not long.

Connie and Kristina entered Trey's room for a last goodbye. Kristina said that he was not alone. She told him how much she loved him. Connie said that even though it had taken her a long time, she was there too. Connie kissed Trey on the forehead and told him that she loved him. She put her hand on his brow and told him that he could go because his mother was there.

Trey's family and friends gathered around his bed as Steve turned off the ventilator. Starr told Trey that everyone who loved him was there. Michael made a joke when he told Trey that he was the center of attention, just like he liked it. He added that no one was leaving Trey until Trey left them.

As Trey's monitor stopped beeping and went to a steady tone, Olivia saw Trey's spirit rise from the bed and leave the room. When Kristina asked what Olivia had seen, Olivia said that Trey was at peace. Michael held Starr, Alexis consoled Kristina, and Sonny stood by Connie.

Tracy found Lucy ensconced in a room at the Quartermaine mansion. When she inquired about Lucy's well-being, Lucy said that Monica was being testy. Tracy asked if Lucy needed anything, and Lucy said that she was hungry and wanted some of Cook's Salmon Florentine. Tracy informed Lucy that Cook had died. Lucy was momentarily nonplussed, but told Tracy to get cracking because the food would not fix itself.

Tracy was stunned but followed Lucy's orders and prepared a meal for Lucy, which she served downstairs. Lucy sat down, added some of the last Pickle Lila to the entrée, and complimented Tracy, who said that she had defrosted the first thing she had found. Lucy gagged when Tracy mentioned that it was "duck something." Lucy got very upset and asked Tracy how she could serve duck when Tracy was aware that Lucy had once had a very special relationship with a duck named Sigmund.

Lucy went back upstairs, got dressed, and prepared to leave the mansion. When Tracy asked where she was going, Lucy said that she was still famished and had to find food. Tracy wanted to know if what had happened would affect their deal. Lucy was noncommittal and merely said that they would see. After Lucy left, Tracy held the jar of Pickle Lila and petitioned her deceased mother, Lila, for help.

Monica returned to the mansion and asked about Lucy. When Tracy said that Lucy had left, Monica wanted to know where the bottom feeder had gone. Tracy begged Monica not to ruin her deal with Lucy and pleaded with Monica to grin and bear it with the rest of the household if she saw Lucy parading around the mansion in her tacky lingerie the next morning.

Lucy went to Kelly's for a snack but was startled to see John, whom she called "Caleb," playing with Danny.

Alone in his cell, Todd grabbed the bars and seemed to be trying to use will power to break through them when Johnny returned from his arraignment. Johnny asked the guard for another cell, but his request was denied. Todd wanted to know why Johnny was not in Pentonville. Johnny said that he had to wait until he was sentenced. Johnny told Todd that he would teach Todd how to cope with prison when Todd joined him there.

Todd said that he had been in prison and that he was not going back. Johnny was incredulous. He said that even if Todd got away with the baby switch, he would not beat the bribery charges that all the police officers upstairs were talking about. Johnny told Todd to start praying. Todd said that he would escape. Johnny asked Todd if he were kidding.

Todd said that he was not kidding and had already started when Johnny got back to the cell. Todd said that he intended to bang his head against the bars until he started bleeding, but that Johnny's return had given him a better idea. Johnny wanted to know what that was. Todd told Johnny that Johnny would do it for him. Johnny scoffed at the idea that Todd could goad Johnny into breaking Todd's nose.

Todd calmly asked Johnny what he would do if Todd said that he had been banging the hell out of Carly on New Year's Eve. Johnny went ballistic and started pummeling Todd, who did not fight back. Johnny spit out that Todd wanted it and he was going to get it as Johnny gave Todd a vicious beating. Johnny said that Todd would not escape because Johnny would kill him first.

Todd lay unconscious on the cell floor when guards finally arrived to break up the fight. As Todd was wheeled out of the cell, Johnny cautioned the guards that Todd would try to escape. A disgusted guard told Johnny that Todd was not in any condition to run anywhere.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

At the Zacchara penthouse, Connie thanked Sonny for taking her home. She told him that he was free to leave, but Sonny noticed that her hands shook as she tried to unlock the door. Sonny gently took the keys from her and opened the door. Connie marched into the living room and promptly poured two drinks. She handed a drink to Sonny and offered a toast. "To the Brooklyn girl who made good," Connie tearfully said as she held up the glass.

"Cheers," Sonny quietly replied as he watched Connie take a gulp. Connie's voice quivered with emotion as she bragged that she had everything, except her son. Sonny offered to make Connie's favorite childhood sandwich, so she angrily accused him of trying to draw Kate out. Sonny assured her that he just wanted to help because he had seen how much pain she had been in at the hospital when Trey had passed away. Connie didn't believe him because he knew that there was nothing left for Kate to hide from.

Sonny made it clear that he would be there for Connie regardless of whether Kate returned or not. "She's not coming back!" Connie shouted. Connie didn't have any reason to trust Sonny's sudden compassion because he had kept her a prisoner at the warehouse in an attempt to draw Kate out. Sonny explained that he had deep regret for not protecting her from Joe, so he was determined to make it up to her by taking care of her in her time of grief. Sonny appreciated that Connie needed her space, so he offered to leave.

However, Sonny assured her that he would be available if she needed someone to talk to or even yell at. Connie called out to him as he reached the door and quietly admitted that it would be okay with her if he stayed to simply sit, but not talk. Sonny smiled softly and sat down next to Connie on the sofa.

At the hospital, Shawn approached Alexis to find out if Trey had passed away. Alexis explained that she had obtained a court order to grant Kristina permission to take Trey off of life support, but Connie had finally stepped up and signed the paperwork to grant the doctors permission to disconnect Trey from the machines that had kept him alive.

Later, Michael, Kristina, and Starr joined Shawn and Alexis. Alexis decided to head to Shawn's place to pick up Molly, so Michael offered to take Kristina home. After Alexis and Shawn left, Steve walked up and asked if Connie was still at the hospital. Kristina explained that Connie had left, so Steve handed an envelope with Trey's personal effects to Kristina.

In lockup, Johnny demanded to make a phone call. Diane appeared because she had already heard about Todd's assault. She couldn't understand why Johnny was determined to destroy his own case, but Johnny insisted that Todd had provoked him. Diane was skeptical, but Johnny was adamant that Todd intended to use the trip to the hospital as an opportunity to escape, so it was up to Diane to stop Todd.

At the hospital, Felix apologized for being late. Sabrina became concerned when he explained that there had been an emergency at the gym. Sabrina's compassion turned to frustration when Felix clarified that a male model had needed a spotter at the weight bench. Felix noticed Sabrina's annoyance, so he changed the subject by asking if anything "fabulous" had happened at the hospital. Miffed, Sabrina informed Felix that a twenty-five-year-old patient had been taken off of life support in the Intensive Care Unit.

Felix admitted that he had been hoping for more cheerful news, so he asked about the Nurses Ball. Sabrina confessed that they had secured funding from Tracy Quartermaine, thanks to Lucy Coe. Felix was happy that the Nurses Ball had a sponsor, but he felt bad for A.J. Quartermaine because Felix knew how Lucy had managed to get the donation.

Moments later, Todd arrived on a stretcher. Felix and Sabrina rushed to his aid as a police officer explained that Todd had been beaten up by a prisoner. Todd jokingly mumbled, "You should see the other guy." Felix couldn't imagine who would want to mar a handsome "mug" like Todd's. Todd tried to smile as he suggested that Felix was a "pleaser." Todd hoped that Felix had someone at home who took as good care of Felix as Felix did the patients.

The cops quickly reminded Felix that Todd was a prisoner. Sabrina warned Felix that Todd wasn't just any bad guy; Todd was the man who had turned down Sabrina's request to underwrite the Nurses Ball. Felix was immediately disillusioned with Todd, so they moved Todd to an examination room and then Felix suggested that Sabrina fetch Dr. Webber. Todd claimed that he didn't recall Sabrina asking for money, but then made a callous remark about people with AIDS getting jobs to fund the research. Felix made it clear that he didn't suffer fools lightly, so he followed Sabrina out of the examination room.

Todd immediately went to work, picking the lock of the handcuffs that secured him to the gurney. However, Sabrina had spotted Starr, so she told Starr that Todd had been injured and had been taken to "cubicle one." Todd quickly pretended to be waiting for a doctor when he heard Starr approach. Moments later, Starr entered the exam room and demanded to know what had happened. Todd claimed that Johnny had assaulted him without provocation, but Starr saw through the lie.

Starr was furious that Todd had betrayed her trust yet again by keeping the truth from her about what had really happened to Hope and Cole. Todd assured his daughter that he loved her, but Starr marched out without looking back.

At the lake house, Kristina tearfully stared at the envelope that contained Trey's personal effects. Michael offered to hold it for her until she was ready to open it, but Kristina didn't want to delay the inevitable, so she emptied the contents onto the coffee table. Her eyes welled up with fresh tears as she looked at Trey's wallet, keys, and the necklace with the pendant that Trey's father had given to Trey. Kristina picked it up and remarked that Trey had valued the necklace and pendant despite everything that Joe had done.

Michael pointed out that a child didn't always stop loving their father, even when the father did something terrible. It just made the love for the father more complicated. Kristina insisted that Trey had been nothing like Joe, but she feared that she hadn't told Trey that enough, so Trey might not have believed it. Kristina dropped her head on her brother's shoulder and cried.

Later, Starr arrived. Michael explained that Kristina was in the shower, so he was curious how things had gone with Todd. Starr didn't want to discuss her father, but she wondered how A.J. was doing. Michael admitted that he had left A.J. a message, but A.J. hadn't returned his call. Michael was getting worried, but he was reluctant to leave Kristina. Starr was confident that A.J. was fine.

Moments later, Kristina stood in the doorway as Michael talked about how Kristina and Trey had planned a future together, so he was worried about what Kristina would do without Trey. Kristina looked thoughtful as she rubbed Trey's pendant, which she wore on Trey's chain around her neck.

At Kelly's, Lucy Coe stumbled backwards in shock when she saw John McBain sitting in the diner. She ordered John to stay away from her and then accused him of being "Caleb Morley, king of the vampires." John smiled indulgently as he tried to assure Lucy that she was mistaken, but Lucy grabbed a knife and advanced on John. John calmly tried to explain that there weren't any vampires, but Lucy warned him that his lies wouldn't work on her because she remained as impervious to his mind tricks as the day that he had arrived in town with his "stupid band." John's good humor fled when Lucy moved dangerously close to Danny with the knife.

Lucy feared that John intended to kill the baby, so she ordered him to stay away from Danny. John explained that he would never harm a child and assured Lucy that the baby's mother was in the diner. Lucy realized that she couldn't stop "Caleb" with a knife, so she quickly pulled a wooden crucifix out of her purse. Moments later, Sam returned from the bathroom and demanded to know what was going on. Lucy's anger turned to disbelief and then concern when she spotted Sam. Lucy believed that Sam was a woman named Livvie Locke.

John explained that he worked for the police department, but that seemed to agitate Lucy even more because she believed that "Caleb" had turned the police department into his own personal coven. John decided to get Sam and the baby out of the diner, so he quickly hustled them out, while Lucy frantically looked for something to stab a vampire with. In the courtyard, Sam was concerned about Lucy's reaction to John, but John assured Sam that he had plenty of experience with mentally ill people who were off their medications and with drug addicts, so he would be fine. They were startled when they heard a loud noise in the diner.

Seconds later, Lucy charged out, wielding a sharp wooden stake that she had made by smashing a chair. Lucy plunged the makeshift stake into John's shoulder as Sam cried out in shock. John collapsed to the ground, so Sam ran to his side, just as Alexis and Shawn walked up. Stunned, Alexis demanded to know what had happened. Lucy explained that John was actually an evil vampire named Caleb who intended to take over the town. Shawn quickly wrapped his arms around Lucy to prevent her from entering the diner to fetch another stake with which to kill John.

Alexis called 9-1-1, while Sam gently stroked John's face and begged him to fight because she couldn't lose him too. After John was taken to the hospital, Shawn wondered what Alexis had told Molly. Alexis explained that she had asked Molly to watch Danny because someone had assaulted John, but she had been careful not to mention anything about vampires. Moments later, Alexis marched to the courtyard to demand answers from Lucy. According to Lucy, Lucy had kept "Caleb" from killing the baby, so Alexis revealed that the baby was Alexis' grandson and that the baby's mother was Alexis' daughter, Sam.

Lucy insisted that Caleb had manipulated Alexis' mind because Sam's real name was Livvie Locke, the daughter of a woman named Grace Reese and Lucy's "Doc." Stunned, Alexis wondered if Lucy meant Kevin Collins, so Lucy nodded in confirmation. After Lucy was hauled away in handcuffs, Alexis returned to the diner to tell Shawn about Lucy. Alexis admitted that she was in Port Charles because of Lucy.

Alexis revealed that she had been hired to represent Kevin Collins, who had been charged with stalking and kidnapping Felicia. Alexis explained that Felicia had reluctantly dropped the charges because Kevin had not been responsible. However, Kevin Collins was another person from Port Charles who had had a break with reality. Shawn suggested that Lucy had caught the bug.

At the hospital, Todd managed to unlock the handcuffs when Steve approached the cubicle. Todd quickly draped the blanket over his wrist as Steve opened the curtain. Steve gave Todd a cursory glance as he assured Todd that the injuries were minor, so Todd would return to lockup after he was patched up. Todd thanked Steve, but referred to Steve as Dr. Drake. Steve's eyes narrowed as he asked Todd who the president was. "Dorian Lord Vickers Buchanan," Todd answered. Steve decided to order a CT scan to find out if Todd was disoriented or lying.

After Steve left, Todd was about to jump off of the gurney when Diane appeared. Diane confessed that Johnny had alerted her to Todd's plans, so she advised Todd to reconsider because he would ruin any chance he had of avoiding jail time. Todd was confident that he could make good on his escape, so Diane wondered if he was prepared to leave Carly and Starr behind. Todd appeared to waver, but then pointed out that he wouldn't get to see Carly or Starr if he were to go to Pentonville. Diane made it clear that Todd was on his own if he escaped.

Moments later, Todd, dressed as a doctor with a surgical mask, stepped into the hallway. Sabrina immediately grabbed him to examine John who had arrived moments earlier with a stake through the shoulder. Todd adopted a fake accent as he tried to pawn John off on another doctor, but Sabrina insisted that they didn't have time. Todd determined that it was an "average" stake wound that looked worse than it was. John quietly mumbled, "Manning," when he recognized Todd's voice. Sabrina didn't hear John, because Todd ordered her to fetch a shot of morphine for John's pain.

Sabrina questioned the wisdom of giving John pain medication, but ultimately followed the doctor's orders. Meanwhile, Sam, who had called Alexis to check on Kristina, noticed the strange doctor standing over John, so she quickly ended the call with Alexis. Moments later, Sam blocked the doctor's exit. Todd tried to dodge Sam, but Sam realized that it was Todd. She ripped his mask away and jumped on his back as she yelled for the police. The police quickly raced over and took Todd back into custody.

Sam decided that it was time for Todd to hear her out. Meanwhile, Steve ordered Sabrina to put the syringe down because the morphine could kill John. Steve asked John who had stabbed him, so John revealed that it had been Lucy Coe.

In lockup, Johnny was eager to know if Diane had stopped Todd from escaping. Diane cryptically revealed that Todd was resourceful, but she doubted that he would fool anyone. Moments later, Lucy was dragged to a cell, as she demanded to be released. Diane started to hand Lucy a business card until Lucy claimed that they were all in danger from a vampire named Caleb.

At the hotel, A.J. confessed that he was surprised that Carly lived in a hotel. Carly snidely informed him that she owned a house close to the Quartermaine mansion, so A.J. was curious why they were at the hotel suite. "Because Todd Manning lives here," Carly answered as she entered the suite and poured herself a drink. A.J. pointed out that it was wrong for her to be there, but Carly laughed at the suggestion that A.J. would be concerned about trespassing.

A.J. ignored the remark as he wondered if Carly intended to wait for Todd to return. Carly explained that Todd was in jail, so A.J. was curious why she was there. "Revenge," Carly answered and then picked up a pair of scissors. A.J. looked nervous until she began to cut Todd's clothes to shreds. According to A.J., the Carly that he had known would have made her victim watch.

Carly barked that A.J. didn't know her, but then she plopped down on the sofa and drunkenly confessed that cutting up the clothes hadn't felt as good as she had thought. A.J. reminded her that she had also thought that Sonny would make a good father, so she was zero for two. Carly angrily asked why he was still there, so A.J. admitted that he didn't want to miss the show. She jumped up and tried to throw him out, so A.J. yanked the scissors out of her hand and stood his ground.

Carly stepped close as she demanded to know what A.J. wanted. "I want the woman that I hate more than anything in the world," A.J. growled. "Now, what do you think I want?" he asked. Carly was curious if he intended to kill her, so A.J. confessed that it was tempting. Carly doubted that he had to guts to kill her unless she turned her back on him. A.J. flinched at the reminder that he had shot his father in the back, but he suspected that most people probably would consider killing Carly a justifiable homicide, given how many people she had messed with over the years.

Carly glared at A.J., and she invited him to take his best shot. A.J.'s anger flared and he reminded her that she could have pulled him up all those years before, instead of pushing him down. Carly pointed out that he could have his payback, but A.J. shoved her away and tossed the scissors on the table. He warned her that one day someone would take her up on the offer, but it wouldn't be him because he was having too much fun watching her suffer.

A.J. told Carly that she could bitch, moan, and call him names, but she was still responsible for her own predicament, not Johnny or Todd. "Honey, you did this all to yourself," A.J. informed her. Carly glared daggers at A.J. as he asked her how many times "those losers" had taken her for a ride. Carly resented A.J. acting like he knew anything about her relationships, but A.J. assured her that he knew exactly what had happened. He was certain that people had lined up to warn her to stay away from Todd and Johnny, but Carly had told them, "No, you don't know Johnny-slash-Todd the way that I do. No, they're really good guys," A.J. mocked.

Carly's fury mounted as A.J. asked if Johnny and Todd had declared their love for her. "Shut up," Carly snarled, but A.J. ignored her. He was curious when she had become such a soft-touch, because the woman he recalled had "skanked" her own mother's husband from under her. A.J. was certain that Tony Jones was "laughing his ass off" in his grave because the tables had turned on Carly, who had spent her entire life using people. A.J. wondered how that felt.

Carly admitted that she felt sick and couldn't stand the sight of herself. A.J. was startled when she suddenly grabbed the scissors and began to cut her hair as tears of self-loathing streamed down her face. Frustrated, A.J. complained that she took all the joy out of a revenge rant. He took the scissors away from her, held her until she calmed down, and then carried her to bed. Carly had passed out as he deposited her on the bed, so he covered her with a blanket, and then knelt down to brush the shorn strands of her hair out of her face.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

At the hospital, Sabrina and Felix were shocked when they read about Lucy's arrest. Felix suspected that the strain of CoeCoe Cosmetics legal troubles had taken a toll on Lucy. Sabrina feared that it was unlikely that Lucy would get out of jail soon, but Felix argued that it didn't matter because the check had been cashed, so the ball would go on. Sabrina insisted that there were a million things that had to be done, but she couldn't do them because she couldn't work alongside Patrick. Sabrina was afraid that it would be too uncomfortable for Patrick to be around her.

Felix accused Sabrina of overreacting and reminded her that the Nurses Ball was bigger than any problems that Sabrina and Patrick might have. Sabrina conceded that Felix had a point, so she decided that they needed to think like Lucy and get organized. Felix agreed, minus the vampire stuff, which they both agreed was creepy.

In John's hospital room, Sam welcomed John back to the land of the living. John was curious how long Sam had been in the room, so she confessed she'd been there since he had arrived. Sam opened the blinds to let some sunshine in, so John winced and joked that sunlight was bad for vampires. Sam chuckled when John admitted that he had hoped that the encounter with Lucy had been a dream. John was confused about the details of what had transpired, so Sam explained that Lucy had believed that John was a vampire named Caleb Morley and that Sam was a woman named Livvie.

Sam confessed that it had been scary, but Lucy's story might explain why John and Sam had felt as if they had known each other from the moment they had met. "You think this is it?" John asked with a heavy dose of skepticism. "It's possible," Sam suggested. She reminded him that in most vampire stories, two souls connected, but one soul was doomed to spend centuries waiting for the other soul to be reborn.

John pointed out that vampires combusted when they were staked. Sam assured him that she knew he wasn't Caleb, but it still didn't explain the connection that she and John had always felt. John was curious if she believed in reincarnation, vampires, or past lives. Sam admitted that if she had to pick one, it would be a past life connection. John realized that past life connections often suggested unfinished business, but the only unfinished business that John had involved Todd.

Sam assured John that Todd hadn't escaped, but John admitted that he would feel better if he knew for certain that Todd remained in police custody, so Sam agreed to check on Todd.

In Todd's hospital room, Todd demanded to know when Diane would get him out of his legal troubles. Diane thought he had her mistaken for a fairy godmother, so she informed him that she didn't have a magic wand to wave around and make the charges disappear. Todd complained that he could have made good on his escape if Diane had cooperated, but Diane clarified that she defended criminals; she had no intention of becoming one. Todd blamed John McBain "and his new squeeze, Sam," for his capture.

Diane agreed that it had been bad luck for Todd that someone had mistaken John for a vampire. Todd chuckled because it had almost been worth it to see John with a stake in his chest. Diane found it unsettling that people still believed in things like creatures of the night. Todd shifted gears by announcing that he would follow Diane's advice to fight the charges. Diane explained that the original charges wouldn't have been a problem because it would have been Todd's word against the word of two career criminals who were in the employ of a triple-murderer. However, Todd had tried to bribe a police officer and then had attempted to escape, which lent credence to the kidnapping charge.

Todd denied that he had kidnapped Sam's baby, but Diane informed him that the district attorney believed otherwise and considered Todd to be a flight risk, so Todd's arraignment had been moved up. Todd reminded Diane that she worked best under pressure. Diane agreed, but she warned Todd that his case was daunting. However, she was relieved that no one else knew that Todd had known the truth about Sam's baby's paternity for months and had covered it up.

Meanwhile, Sam checked on Danny and then ended the call when she reached Todd's room. She tensed when she overheard Diane's remark about Danny's paternity. "You son of a bitch," Sam growled as she entered the room. Diane warned Todd not to say anything, but then had to step out of the room to take a call from the court. Sam was livid that Todd had denied Jason the opportunity to know the truth about Danny, but Todd argued that it didn't matter because Carly had told him that Jason had loved Danny anyway. Sam was stunned that Todd had discussed it with Carly, but Todd quickly clarified that Carly hadn't known about the "alleged kidnapping."

Sam's temper flared. She grabbed a pillow from behind Todd, as he asked her if she intended to kill him. Sam hesitated a moment and then put the pillow down because she refused to risk being separated from her son. However, Sam was confident that Todd would soon lose everything, if he hadn't already, because everyone would know the truth about what he had done.

Later, Todd studied his battered face in a handheld mirror as Diane returned. Todd complained about Diane leaving him alone with Sam and then reminded Diane that he was paying her to defend him. Diane assured Todd that he was about to see her in action. She explained that two guards would escort him to his arraignment.

Anna and Duke entered her office. She explained that she just wanted to check in with the staff before taking Duke to Metro Court Hotel. Anna suspected that a lot had happened while she had been in Switzerland, plus her workload had suffered prior to that because she had been preoccupied with Faison. Duke was sympathetic, so Anna realized that it had to be difficult for him to be in Port Charles. Duke admitted that they both needed time to adjust.

Moments later, a police officer entered the office and welcomed Anna back. Anna asked to talk to Dante and John, so the police officer explained that Dante was in Turkey. Anna realized that Dante had gone in search of Luke, so she wondered where John was. The police officer revealed that John was in the hospital because a woman named Lucy Coe had attacked John. Anna was surprised that Lucy was back in town, so Duke confessed that he hadn't realized that Lucy had left. Anna decided to check on John, so she gave Duke some cash to call for a cab.

A short time later, Anna entered John's hospital room. He quickly filled her in about Johnny's accusation against Todd and then asked how Robert was doing. Anna confessed that Robert remained in a coma, but Robert's ex-wife, Holly, was with him. Anna revealed that she had also heard from Luke and that Dante and Lulu had gone to Turkey to get Luke out of jail. John wondered where Duke was, so Anna assured him that Duke had returned with her.

John sensed that Anna wasn't happy about that, so Anna confessed that she saw Faison whenever she looked at Duke. John thought that it was understandable, but Anna felt terrible. However, she was confident that she would eventually work through it. Anna ordered John to take time off to heal and then jokingly suggested that he avoid ordering steaks. John began to chuckle, but then grimaced in pain.

Sam returned after Anna left. She scolded John because he hadn't been resting. John wanted an update on Todd, so Sam confessed that she had reached the conclusion that Todd was a lower human being than she had realized.

At Kelly's, Mac and Felicia enjoyed a French toast breakfast. Felicia was delighted that she was finally well enough to get out of the house. Mac felt bad that Felicia had missed Lucy's "triumphant return." Mac assured Felicia that Lucy was the same; she wanted everyone to notice her. Felicia was eager to see her old friend and hoped that Lucy's money woes had been resolved.

Shawn overheard Mac and Felicia, so he wondered if they had been talking about Lucy Coe. Mac and Felicia nodded, so Shawn told them about the attack. Mac and Felicia were certain that Shawn was mistaken, but Alexis walked in and produced a newspaper with a front-page article about what Lucy had done. Alexis added that John had been seriously hurt and that Lucy might have killed John if Shawn hadn't stopped Lucy. Felicia decided to pay Lucy a visit to hear Lucy's side of the story.

After Felicia left, Alexis questioned Mac about Lucy. Mac admitted that Lucy had seemed fine when Lucy had met with Tracy at the Floating Rib. Shawn told Mac about Lucy's claim that John was a vampire king, so Mac and Alexis agreed that Lucy needed help. Alexis decided to call Lucy's husband, Kevin Collins, because Kevin was a psychiatrist. She reached Kevin's voicemail, so she left him a message explaining that Lucy was in trouble. Mac suggested that they reach out to Lucy's children, but Alexis had a more immediate plan in mind.

At the jailhouse, Lucy dreamed about an encounter with Caleb, the vampire king. Caleb pointed out that Lucy had tried to kill him twice, so it was time for him to return the favor. Lucy woke up with a gasp and frantically looked around. She immediately cried out for a guard because she wanted to know if Caleb Morley had been arrested. She insisted that Caleb was a homicidal maniac, but the guard argued that Lucy was the only maniac there. The guard walked away as Lucy cried that Caleb wouldn't rest until he had destroyed the whole town.

Lucy was still ranting about Caleb when Duke suddenly appeared. He explained that he had become concerned when he had heard Lucy's screaming. Lucy immediately recognized Duke, so she warmly greeted him. Duke assured Lucy that he wanted to help, so Lucy urged him to be careful because Caleb worked at the police station. Lucy suddenly tensed and backed away from Duke because she realized that Duke was supposed to be dead. Duke assured her that he was the real Duke, but Lucy accused Duke of being a man named Joshua Temple, who had been Caleb's assistant.

Duke promised Lucy that he was her friend, but Lucy didn't believe him. Moments later, Felicia arrived and greeted Duke. Felicia revealed that Anna had called to tell Mac about what had transpired in Switzerland with Faison. Lucy argued that the man in front of them was Joshua, not Duke, but Felicia assured Lucy that he really was Duke.

Felicia managed to convince Lucy of the truth about Duke, so Lucy explained that in her defense, Duke looked exactly like Joshua. However, Lucy didn't understand why she hadn't seen the eerie resemblance before. Felicia wanted to know why Lucy had attacked a police officer, so Lucy assured her friend that the man had been a vampire. Felicia was curious when Lucy had begun to believe in the existence of vampires, so Lucy explained that she had been reluctant to discuss it with Felicia because Lucy hadn't wanted to worry her friend.

Lucy revealed that ten years before, a rock band had arrived in town, except the singers had been vampires who had been determined to destroy the town. Felicia reminded Lucy that Mac had been the police commissioner for over a decade, so he would have noticed creatures roaming the night. Lucy insisted that Caleb had the ability to mesmerize people, except Lucy because Lucy was a vampire slayer. Lucy begged Felicia and Duke to believe her and then implored Felicia to finish the job for Lucy by killing Caleb.

Felicia made it clear that she didn't intend to kill anyone, but she promised to support Lucy when Lucy went to court. Duke pulled Felicia aside to suggest that he not go to court with Lucy because Lucy suspected that Duke was a vampire named Joshua. Felicia agreed that it would best for Duke to stay away. Moments later, the guard announced that Lucy would be taken to her arraignment. Lucy pointed out that she didn't even have an attorney, so Alexis stepped forward to announce, "You do now."

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica left A.J. a message asking him to return her call because she was worried about him. Monica ended the call as Tracy entered the parlor. Tracy suggested that A.J. was probably drinking himself blind after he had failed to unseat Tracy as ELQ's CEO. "It's a beautiful morning, isn't it?" Tracy asked with a cheerful smile. Tracy conceded that A.J. had put up a good fight, so he should be proud of how close he had been to succeeding. Monica promised to let A.J. know, but she questioned Tracy's decision to hire Lucy as Co-CEO.

Tracy insisted that Lucy was an intelligent woman and explained that it had been the only way to ensure that Tracy retained control of ELQ. Tracy bragged that nothing could stop her, so she picked up her iPad with the intention of announcing her triumph to the world. "Oh, flying monkeys aren't available?" Monica asked. Tracy insisted that social media was faster, then she typed out a message. Meanwhile, Monica picked up the newspaper and quietly read, while Tracy sent out her announcement about partnering with Lucy Coe.

Afterwards, Monica showed Tracy the newspaper with the front-page article about Lucy's breakdown. Tracy was livid that Monica hadn't told her sooner, so Tracy desperately tried to find the "recall" button to retract her announcement. Monica suggested that it might be right next to the "don't-count-your-chickens-before-they-hatch" button. Tracy was not amused. Tracy wondered what she should do, so Monica reminded her how Edward had said, "If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas." Tracy ordered Monica to put a sock in it and stormed out.

Later, Tracy showed up at the police station, determined to talk to Lucy, but the guard explained that Lucy had already had visitors. Tracy was about to march to the holding cell when Anna appeared. Anna ordered Tracy to take a seat and wait her turn, but Tracy insisted that it was a matter of life or death. Concerned, Anna wondered whose life was on the line. "Mine," Tracy answered. Tracy was certain that A.J. would use the situation with Lucy to his advantage at ELQ.

Carly woke up and slowly looked around until she realized that she was in Todd's bed. She groaned at the possibility that she had been stupid enough to sleep with Todd after he had been released from jail. "No, but you were stupid enough to sleep with me," A.J. replied with a grin as he stood in the doorway with a towel wrapped around his waist. Carly was horrified at the thought that she'd had sex with A.J., so A.J. was curious if she was afraid that they had made another baby. "Shut up," Carly growled, but A.J. ignored her as he sat down next to her on the bed.

Carly demanded to know what had happened, so A.J. wondered what she recalled. Carly remembered A.J. drinking vodka with Connie at the Floating Rib, but A.J. quickly clarified that he hadn't had any alcohol. Carly admitted that her next memory had been of talking to Coleman about Jason, and then Sonny arriving to fetch Connie. She also recalled pulling out her keys with the intention of leaving, but A.J. had objected. A.J. revealed that Carly had insisted on going to Todd's suite because she had wanted to get even with Todd. "By sleeping with you?" Carly asked in disgust.

A.J. realized that Carly didn't have any memory of what had happened, so he assured her that they hadn't had sex. He explained that she had passed out, so he had decided to tuck her into bed. Carly didn't understand why A.J. had stayed, so he admitted that it had been out of a sense of self-preservation because he didn't want to risk her taking a "header" off of the balcony after several people had seen them together. Carly scoffed at the idea that she would harm herself, so A.J. showed her the scissors and the damage that she had done to Todd's clothes.

Carly conceded that it had been childish of her to shred the clothes, but she hadn't done anything to herself. A.J. tried to warn her about her impromptu haircut, but Carly decided to take a shower and stomped off to the bathroom. "Oh, my God," Carly shouted seconds later when she finally noticed her shorn hair. Carly returned to the living room and promptly accused A.J. of cutting her hair. A.J. assured her that she had done it to herself in a weepy fit of self-loathing. Carly cringed as the memory of wanting to change herself resurfaced.

A.J. thought that Carly's haircut should serve as a reminder not to drink and snip. Carly glared at him, so he suggested that she should be grateful that he had been there for her. Carly argued that he had only done one thing in his life that she was grateful for, and that hadn't been intentional. "Michael," A.J. replied. According to A.J., Michael had been the best mistake that they had ever made. Carly ordered him to leave, so A.J. gathered his things, assured himself that she wouldn't do something stupid, and then left. Afterwards, Carly looked at a picture of Starr and Todd.

Later, Felix knocked on the suite's door, looking for Carly. Carly had showered, dressed, and donned a scarf, but her mood remained surly. Felix explained that one of the bellman had told him where to find Carly. Carly was not pleased, but Felix ignored her as he explained that he had wanted to discuss the possibility of hosting the Nurses Ball in the hotel's ballroom. Carly informed him that it wasn't a good time, so she turned away, but her scarf slipped. "Oh, good Lord, what happened to your hair, girlfriend?" Felix asked in shock.

Monica was relieved when A.J. arrived home. A.J. chuckled as he reminded his mother that he was a little old for a curfew. Monica simply smiled and hugged her son, but she stiffened when she smelled alcohol on him. A.J. explained that Carly had spilled a drink on him. Monica was stunned that A.J. had spent the night with Carly, so he quickly assured her that nothing had happened. Monica relaxed but confessed that she had been worried about A.J. because of what had happened with ELQ.

A.J. became distracted when he noticed the front page of the newspaper. Monica quickly filled him in on Lucy's apparent breakdown, which had led Lucy to accuse John McBain of being a vampire and then plunging a stake into his shoulder. A.J. realized that he could use the information to his advantage because Lucy's attack on John had been just a few short hours after Lucy had voted with Tracy.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

At the hospital, Britt was curious if Sabrina knew where to find Patrick, so Sabrina suggested that Britt check the locker room. Britt dashed off, hoping to catch Patrick in the shower. Sabrina shook off the memory of seeing Britt and Patrick in the shower together when Epiphany walked up to find out where Felix was. Sabrina claimed that he had gone to the general supply closet to fetch latex gloves. Epiphany had been there, but hadn't seen Felix, so she warned Sabrina that Felix had better not be skipping work.

In the locker room, Britt was disappointed when she saw Patrick getting dressed after a shower. Patrick admitted that the shower had been lonely without her, so Britt wondered if he thought that she had been too aggressive the other day. Patrick confessed that he had been over-thinking things, so he appreciated that she had taken the initiative by joining him in the shower. Britt smiled and asked when they could spend some time together in a big bed. Patrick reminded her that he had babysitter problems, so she revealed that she had taken the liberty of getting the name of a reputable babysitting agency.

Patrick thanked Britt as she handed him the slip of paper, but he explained that Sabrina would be hard to replace. Britt admitted that she wanted to spend more time with Emma, so that Emma could get used to her and not be surprised when Britt spent the night. Britt even offered to make pancakes. "Um, we need to talk about that," Patrick replied. He assured Britt that she was great, smart, and sexy, but he wanted to take things one day at a time because he was still trying to figure things out. Britt pasted on a brittle smile as she assured him that she understood.

Moments later, Sabrina entered the locker room. Patrick confessed that he had wanted to see her. Sabrina's surprise turned to embarrassment when Patrick handed her the eyeglass case that she had left behind at the house. Britt smiled and invited Patrick for coffee, so Patrick and Britt left.

In Todd's hotel suite, Felix was stunned when he noticed Carly's shorn locks. Carly made it clear that it was none of Felix's business, so Felix assured her that he empathized. Carly confessed that she had cut her own hair and insisted that it had been "symbolic." "Of what? Your desire to look like a hedgehog?" Felix asked. Carly admitted that it had been a drunken self-induced haircut, but it had been minor compared to some of the other self-destructive things that she had done to herself over the years.

Felix quickly figured out that Carly's haircut and vicious hangover were the result of man trouble. He called room service to order Carly breakfast and plenty of fluids to help rehydrate her. Carly opened up to Felix about her troubles with Todd Manning as they waited for the breakfast to arrive. "We like the bad boys, don't we?" Felix asked. Carly was surprised that Felix knew Todd, so Felix revealed that he had spent the night with Todd. "In a professional capacity," Felix clarified.

Carly became concerned when Felix told her that Todd had been admitted to the hospital after a jailhouse assault. He assured her that Todd was fine and that the incident had been part of failed escape plan. Carly thought that it was typical of Todd to make a mess, but not stick around to clean it up, so Felix suggested that the moral of the story was, "Don't be cutting your hair off for no man." Carly smiled, so Felix offered to fix her hair. He explained that he had apprenticed for a few weeks at a salon called Foxy Roxy's. Felix conceded that Roxy hadn't had much going on upstairs, but she had been skilled with a pair of scissors.

Carly appreciated Felix's offer, but she intended to stop off at the salon in the lobby because she didn't want to go near the scissors that she had used to shred Todd's clothes. Carly told Felix about how she had ended up at the Floating Rib, gotten drunk, and then recklessly let a man she had despised take her home, but she quickly clarified that they hadn't had sex. Carly smiled as they talked, so Felix confessed that her smile lit up a room.

Carly sadly recalled when Todd had said something similar to her. Later, Carly conceded that the breakfast had helped her, so she thanked Felix. She decided to go home so that she could take a step back and regroup. Felix urged Carly to get her hair done, put on her best dress, and find Todd to show him that he hadn't ruined her life. Carly appreciated the advice, so she offered to repay Felix.

Felix wondered if Carly would give him a discount on the ballroom for the Nurses Ball. Felix was delighted when she donated the use of the ballroom and agreed to put it in writing for the committee. Felix insisted that she was a goddess, while Todd was a fool. Carly agreed and left.

At the hospital, Todd grumbled because he had to go to court, so he instructed Diane to find a way for him to get out of it. Diane explained that it wasn't possible. Moments later, John appeared in the doorway and insisted on accompanying Todd to court to make certain that Todd didn't attempt another escape. Todd taunted John about being stabbed with a stake, but John ignored the remarks as he confessed that he had waited for the day he could see Todd put behind bars.

Diane pointed out that it was up to a jury to convict Todd, not John. They prepared to leave for court, but Epiphany suddenly blocked their path. Epiphany informed John that he had not been cleared to leave the hospital, so she ordered John to get back to his hospital room. Todd smiled and suggested that perhaps Epiphany could give John a sponge bath. Epiphany was not amused, but Todd simply smiled. Meanwhile, John made it clear that he intended to accompany Todd to court, so Epiphany asked Diane to explain to John what would happen if he left against doctor's orders.

Diane informed John that the hospital would not be responsible if John were to collapse. "Understood," John replied. Epiphany warned John that it was his funeral. "Wouldn't that be great?" Todd quipped as he was led to court.

Later, Epiphany spotted Sabrina, so she called out to the young nurse to find out where Felix was. Epiphany expected the truth, so Sabrina reluctantly admitted that Felix had gone to secure a venue for the Nurses Ball. Epiphany informed Sabrina that there wouldn't be a Nurses Ball. Sabrina assured Epiphany that Lucy's legal troubles wouldn't impact the ball because they had secured funding. Epiphany explained that it had nothing to do with Lucy's shenanigans or Tracy's money.

Epiphany asked Sabrina what Epiphany's title was. "Head nurse," Epiphany answered without waiting for a reply. Epiphany pointed out that no one had discussed the event with her, even though the committee had had meetings, raised money, and had picked a venue. Epiphany was curious why no one had bothered to talk to Epiphany about the Nurses Ball. Sabrina quietly confessed that Felix had suggested that it would be a bad idea because Epiphany didn't have any sense of fun. Offended, Epiphany insisted that she was a lot of fun, so she decided to show Felix how much fun she could be.

Mac was waiting when Alexis and Felicia accompanied Lucy to court for Lucy's arraignment. Alexis stressed that it was important for Lucy to follow Alexis' instructions. Lucy promised to cooperate, but begged Mac for a favor. Mac agreed until Lucy insisted that he find and kill Caleb before Caleb's evil spread. Lucy assured Mac that it was the perfect opportunity to strike because Caleb had been weakened by Lucy's attack. Alexis decided that Lucy should plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

Tracy suddenly appeared and objected to Lucy claiming insanity. Lucy agreed that she wasn't insane, but no one paid attention to her. Tracy explained to Alexis that it was imperative that Lucy's mental state not be put into question because it would hurt ELQ and give A.J. the opportunity to unseat Tracy as CEO. Alexis pointed out that Lucy had tried to kill a police officer, but Tracy was unmoved. Meanwhile, Lucy remained adamant that the man claiming to be John was in reality a vampire named Caleb who needed to be destroyed. Everyone agreed that it would be in Lucy's best interest if Lucy kept quiet about vampires.

Tracy suggested that Alexis tell the court that Lucy had been drunk when Lucy had attacked John. Lucy didn't care what people thought about her as long as Caleb was killed. Tracy threatened to pull the funding for the Nurses Ball if Lucy didn't cooperate. Lucy reluctantly agreed. After everyone took their seats, Felicia whispered to Mac that she hadn't realized how fragile Lucy had become. Mac knew that Lucy had been into psychics and the supernatural, but he hadn't realized that she had believed in vampires.

Felicia hoped that Lucy got the help that she clearly needed. Meanwhile, Alexis explained that Lucy simply had to plead not guilty and allow Alexis to do the rest. Lucy agreed, as long as she was released on bail so that she could hunt down Caleb.

In the hallway, Todd, John, and Diane arrived for court. They noticed that court was in session, so John instructed the guards to shoot if Todd should try to escape. John then made his way into the courtroom to take a seat and rest, as the prosecutor told the judge about the charges that Lucy faced. The prosecutor wanted special circumstances attached to the attempted murder charge and started to explain why, but Alexis insisted that it was an arraignment, not a trial. The judge asked Lucy for a plea, so Lucy pleaded not guilty.

Tracy's smile vanished when Lucy looked at John and added, "Because that man is not a human being." Lucy began ranting about John being a vampire, so John decided to leave. Lucy charged after John, so Mac and Felicia stepped forward to restrain Lucy. Alexis requested that the court order a psychiatric evaluation for Lucy and then changed Lucy's plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. "No, no, no," Tracy cried out in despair.

In the hallway, Todd wondered if Carly would ever forgive him. Diane admitted that Carly was difficult to predict, but she suspected that Carly would have forgiven him if he had told the truth. Todd was outraged because Diane had advised him not to tell Carly anything. Diane explained that she had needed to tell Todd that because Carly could have been called to testify against him. Diane was curious if Todd would have told Carly the truth if Diane had advised him to, but Todd's silence confirmed her suspicion that he wouldn't have.

Moments later, Lucy was dragged out of the courtroom ranting about vampires. Todd realized that Lucy had staked John, so he yelled out, "Nice job," and gave Lucy two thumbs-up. Diane scolded Todd and told him to stop it. Tracy followed Alexis out of the courtroom, demanding to know why Alexis had used the insanity plea. Alexis explained that she hadn't had any choice in the matter, but at least Lucy wouldn't go to jail. Todd appeared to consider Alexis' words as he entered the courtroom.

Todd tried to dismiss John, but John didn't want to miss all of the fun. Todd advised John not to suck any blood during the arraignment, so Diane ordered both men to play nice. Todd became distracted when Carly suddenly appeared, wearing a sexy red dress and sporting a new hairdo. Todd smiled until Carly revealed that she was there to make certain that Todd was charged. Diane pulled Todd aside to give him last-minute instructions. Moments later, Todd stunned everyone when he pleaded not guilty "because the person who did those things wasn't me."

At Ferncliff, Lucy demanded to know why she hadn't been released on bail. Alexis explained that Lucy was way past that point. Mac and Felicia tried to calm Lucy down, but Lucy insisted that she needed to find and kill Caleb. After Mac and Felicia left, Alexis decided to fetch a doctor to talk to Lucy. Frustrated, Lucy wondered why no one would believe her. "I believe you," Heather said from the doorway.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. was reading the newspaper about Lucy's breakdown when Michael walked in. Michael apologized for not being in touch sooner, but A.J. assured him that it was okay. A.J. was curious how Michael's friend was doing, so Michael revealed that Trey had been removed from life support, but he had saved lives through organ donation. Michael wondered how A.J. was holding up after the fiasco with Tracy. A.J. showed Michael the newspaper and explained that Lucy's stunt might work to their advantage.

Michael confessed that he had been afraid that A.J. would go crazy after Tracy had secured Lucy's vote, so A.J. admitted that he had. Michael feared that A.J. had broken the law, so he offered to call Diane. A.J. realized that Michael really had been conditioned to think the worst of him, but he assured Michael that everything was fine. A.J. conceded that he had gone to the Floating Rib and had been tempted, but he promised Michael that he hadn't taken a drink. "Even though your mother tried to get me to," A.J. added.

A.J. immediately regretted the remark because he didn't want to talk badly about Carly. Michael demanded to know what had happened, so A.J. reluctantly revealed that Carly had shown up while A.J. had been struggling with the urge. Carly had offered to buy A.J. a drink in the hopes that A.J. would relapse and wreck any chance he had at a relationship with Michael. Michael had a difficult time believing that Carly would do something like that, but A.J. reminded him that it hadn't been the first time. However, A.J. admitted that Carly had been drunk and upset, so he doubted that she had known what she had been doing.

Michael was relieved that A.J. hadn't succumbed to the temptation of drinking. "No, but I did spend the night with your mother," A.J. confessed. Michael was furious that A.J. would take advantage of Carly when she had been drinking, but A.J. insisted that they hadn't had sex. Michael relaxed as A.J. explained that he had followed Carly to Todd's hotel suite and then had watched her cut up all of Todd's clothes in a drunken rage. Michael wondered why A.J. hadn't called him, so A.J. explained that he hadn't wanted Michael to see Carly like that.

A.J. revealed that he had stayed with Carly to make certain that she was safe. "After everything she's done to you?" Michael asked in disbelief. "She's your mother," A.J. answered. Michael thanked his father, but A.J. was grateful that he'd had the opportunity to prove himself to Michael. Michael realized that Carly was hurting, but he insisted that it had been wrong of her to try to get A.J. to drink. A.J. argued that Carly hadn't been herself, so A.J. wanted to forget about it and focus on ELQ.

Michael was certain that Tracy would find a way to distance herself from Lucy, but A.J. was confident that the scandal might sway some of the shareholders who had voted with Tracy to support A.J.'s bid to replace Tracy as CEO. Michael didn't want A.J. to get his hopes up, so A.J. assured his son that he hadn't and wouldn't. Moments later, they heard Tracy in the foyer, on the phone with Ned. Tracy complained that she was stuck with Lucy, "that infernal vampire woman" who was certifiable, which would give A.J. "and his mini-me" exactly what they needed. Tracy froze in her tracks when she saw A.J. and Michael standing in the parlor.

"Don't stop on our account," a smiling A.J. told his stunned aunt.

Friday, January 18, 2013

At court, Todd pleaded not guilty because the person who had done the things that he'd been accused of had not been him. Carly and John were certain that Todd intended to put all the blame on Heather Webber. Meanwhile, Diane warned Todd to be quiet and to allow her to do her job. The prosecutor suspected that Todd intended to blame Heather, so he pointed out that Heather hadn't been the one to force Todd to bribe a police officer or to attempt to escape from the hospital. Todd assured the judge that he hadn't intended to blame Heather, although it had been her fault.

Todd explained that Heather was crazy because only a crazy person would have done the things that she had. Judge Horowitz ordered Todd to get to the point, so Todd revealed that he was not guilty by reason of insanity. Carly and John shook their heads in disbelief, while Diane implored the judge to give Todd an opportunity to talk. The prosecutor pointed out that Todd had had a chance to tell his story to Dante and John, but Diane argued that the police hadn't been interested in hearing the truth. Judge Horowitz granted Diane's request, so Todd took the stand.

Diane revealed that Todd had a well-documented history of posttraumatic stress disorder, which had led to a not guilty verdict in the trial of his brother's murder. Diane explained that Todd had PTSD because his mother had held Todd captive in a cell for eight years. Todd conceded that he had killed his mother and brother, but pointed out that they weren't in court because of that. Todd admitted that whenever he did something terrible, he never felt like he was actually doing those things. Todd confessed that he often heard a voice inside his head, which he believed was the definition of insanity.

Todd then began to talk about the events on the night of the baby switch. He explained that he had known immediately that something was wrong with Téa's baby, the son of the brother that he had killed, and that the newborn had died in his arms. Todd was genuinely upset at the reminder of the tragedy, so Diane insisted that the trauma of the infant's death had triggered a PTSD episode. Diane claimed that the baby switch had been unintentional because Téa had found Todd in the woods with a healthy baby shortly after Todd had left to get help, so Téa had assumed that the baby had been her newborn son.

Diane assured the judge that there hadn't been any malice on Todd's part and that Heather had taken advantage of Todd's fragile mental condition by manipulating him in her pursuit of a malicious agenda against Sam Morgan. The prosecutor pointed out that Heather wasn't being charged, so the judge ordered Diane to move it along. Diane explained that Todd had snapped at the prospect of spending time in jail, so he had desperately tried to bribe John and then had attempted to escape. Diane claimed that Todd was in the grips of a severe PTSD episode, so he was in need of psychiatric help. Carly objected, so the judge wondered if she was a psychiatrist. Carly explained that she wasn't, but she had spent a lot of time with Todd, so she was certain that he wasn't insane.

Carly appealed to Todd to take responsibility for his actions and to trust that she would stand by him. Todd appeared to waver, but he ultimately decided to stick with his plea. The judge ordered Todd to step down, but Todd approached Carly rather than return to the defendant's table. "I'm sorry," Todd sincerely told her. Carly was sorry, too, because Todd was not the man that she had thought he was. After Carly left, John gloated and pointed out that Todd only had himself to blame.

John followed Carly out of the courtroom, so Todd joined Diane at the defendant's table. The judge decided to remand Todd to Ferncliff for a psychiatric evaluation. After the judge and prosecutor left, Diane congratulated Todd and asked if he had gotten what he had wanted. "Not really," Todd replied. Diane warned Todd that Ferncliff was not exactly a picnic in the park.

In the hallway, John handed Carly the purse that she had left behind in the courtroom. Carly congratulated him on the win, but John assured her that no one won in those things. Carly admitted that she had lied in court before, so she was curious if John thought that Todd would prevail. John explained that it didn't matter because, regardless of what happened in the courtroom, Todd had lost Carly, so it was Todd's turn to suffer.

At Ferncliff, Lucy was frustrated that no one had believed her. "I believe you," Heather said from the doorway. "You do?" Lucy asked with hope in her voice. Heather assured Lucy that Lucy was as sane as Heather was. Heather suggested that it had been a misunderstanding, so Lucy recounted her last battle with Caleb years before when he had simply vanished. Lucy had spent years searching for him, so she had been stunned when she had spotted him at Kelly's.

Heather confessed she missed Kelly's BLTs. Lucy agreed that the sandwiches were good, and then filled Heather in on what had happened at Kelly's. Heather was surprised when she realized that Lucy had staked John. Heather insisted that it made perfect sense that John was a vampire because she had always thought him to be very cold and remote. Lucy was relieved that Heather really seemed to believe her.

Heather claimed that Lucy had honest eyes, so Lucy credited the CoeCoe Cosmetics eye makeup line. Heather confessed that she loved CoeCoe Cosmetics, especially a particular blush. Heather was delighted when Lucy promised to get Heather some blush at cost and then bragged that she was Lucy Coe. Heather gushed that Lucy was her hero because Lucy had saved Alan Quartermaine from "that harpy" Monica. Lucy was curious who Heather was, so Heather revealed that she was Heather Webber. "Ew," Lucy replied with disgust.

Lucy knew about Heather's plot to take advantage of Edward Quartermaine after Lila had died. Offended, Heather pointed out that she had at least had the decency to wait until Edward's wife had died, while Lucy had gone after Alan while Monica still had a pulse. Lucy insisted that she had loved Alan and that they had remained friends after their divorce. Lucy accused Heather of being psycho, so Heather warned Lucy to be careful, since Lucy would need a friend -- because it was unlikely that Lucy would get out of Ferncliff anytime soon.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy promised to call Ned back then disconnected the call. A.J. was curious if Tracy had mentioned to Ned that her new Co-CEO was "cuckoo." A.J. pointed out that Lucy's psychotic break made Lucy's vote null and void, but Tracy argued that there was an insanity clause that would permit her to remove Lucy from the company without compromising the vote. A.J. insisted that they could have another vote, but Tracy made it clear that A.J. didn't have the authority to call for it.

Michael was curious why Tracy had been willing to let Lucy be a Co-CEO, but not A.J. Tracy claimed that A.J. was incompetent and admitted that she wanted to run the company by herself. Tracy decided to call the attorneys to get things rolling on removing Lucy as Co-CEO, but A.J. reminded her that Lucy's mental evaluation was still pending. Tracy assured A.J. that there was no question that Lucy would be deemed insane because a lot of people had witnessed Lucy's second attempt to kill John -- including a judge. After Tracy left, A.J. decided to go to Ferncliff to talk to Lucy in the hopes of getting her to switch her vote before a psychiatrist determined that Lucy was mentally incompetent.

Michael was disappointed that A.J. essentially planned to cheat Lucy out of what was rightfully hers, just like Tracy. A.J. assured Michael that he would treat Lucy fairly once she was declared sane, so he asked Michael to cover for him with Tracy. Michael insisted that he was the world's worst liar, but A.J. argued that it was in Michael's DNA to lie because his parents were A.J. and Carly. After A.J. left, Tracy returned to the parlor and immediately noticed that A.J. was gone. She demanded to know where A.J. was, so Michael claimed that he had gone to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Tracy thought that Michael was an appalling liar for a Quartermaine. She wished that Edward were alive to explain to Michael that A.J. was fundamentally incompetent. Tracy claimed that it was the reason that Edward had never promoted A.J. beyond "Vice President of paperclips." Michael suggested that A.J. might have been able to prove himself if someone had believed in him. Tracy admitted that Michael sounded a lot like Jason had before the car accident.

Tracy was confident that nothing would happen even if A.J. managed to get to Lucy because Lucy was seeing vampires. Michael was disgusted that Tracy would cheat Lucy out of everything, so Tracy warned him that A.J. would do the same. Tracy insisted that Lucy was too far gone, so no one in "that madhouse" could help A.J.

At Ferncliff, A.J., dressed as an orderly, made his way to Lucy. Heather hovered in the back of the waiting room as A.J. explained to Lucy that Tracy had contacted a team of attorneys to remove Lucy as Co-CEO of ELQ because Tracy didn't believe in vampires. "And you do?" Lucy asked skeptically. "Yeah. Yeah, I do," A.J. answered. A.J. told her about the insanity clause, so he promised to help Lucy in any way that he could -- if she agreed to change her vote.

A.J. produced the paperwork for Lucy to sign, but a nurse arrived to fetch Lucy before Lucy could sign the papers. Frustrated, A.J. grumbled that Lucy had been his last hope for ELQ. "Not necessarily," Heather said as she stepped forward.

From the Turkish prison, Lulu called to check on Maxie and the baby. Maxie assured Lulu that everything was okay and then changed the subject by asking how the search for Luke had gone. Lulu confessed that they hadn't found Luke, but Lulu and Dante hadn't given up hope. Maxie quickly ended the call by claiming that Felicia had arrived. Moments later, Dante returned from the warden's office. Lulu was eager for news about her father.

Dante explained that there had been an uprising, but everything was under control. However, the warden didn't have any information about Luke, so Dante was ready to go to the embassy to put some pressure on the prison officials. Dante insisted that Luke was indestructible, so he promised Lulu that that they would find Luke. Lulu confessed that she was worried about Luke and Maxie.

Lulu sensed that Maxie was keeping something important from Lulu and Dante because Maxie had been desperate to talk to them before Luke had called. Dante reminded Lulu that Maxie had assured them that it could wait. Lulu wandered around the room in an effort to get a signal so that she could text Maxie. Dante warned Lulu that she was going to drive herself crazy, but Lulu admitted that it helped to keep her mind off of Luke. Lulu froze in her tracks when she spotted some blood on the wall in the room where Luke had last been seen.

Moments later, a prison official entered the room. The official apologized for the delay, but he revealed that he had information about Luke. Lulu and Dante were stunned when the prison official confirmed Lulu and Dante's suspicion that Luke had been shot.

At the hospital, Maxie ended the call with Lulu as Britt entered the exam room. Britt was curious if Maxie had told Lulu and Dante about the miscarriage, so Maxie admitted that she had tried, but fate had kept intervening. Maxie had decided that it was a sign from the cosmos not to say anything. Britt warned Maxie that Lulu and Dante had a right to know, so Maxie revealed that she had a plan.

Maxie knew that that there were two embryos that hadn't been implanted, so Maxie hoped that Britt would consider implanting one in Maxie before Lulu and Dante returned. Britt explained that it was unethical, but Maxie insisted that Lulu and Dante desperately wanted to have a child, so they wouldn't mind. Maxie feared that she would lose her friendship with Lulu because Lulu would blame her for the miscarriage. Britt reminded Maxie that there was no way to know for certain why the pregnancy hadn't progressed, but Britt suspected that the embryo hadn't been viable.

Maxie was certain that she had caused the miscarriage by chasing after a dog and tripping. Britt thought that it was unlikely, but Maxie remained unconvinced. Maxie implored Britt to consider implanting one of the embryos, so Britt agreed to check Maxie's hormone levels to see if it was even possible for her to get pregnant. However, Britt made it clear that it wasn't in any way a promise that she would implant the embryo.

In Ellie's hospital room, Ellie and Spinelli were playing on the laptop when Patrick entered. Ellie confessed that she was a little concerned because she recalled that Patrick had told her that it would be a good sign if Ellie felt sensation or movement in her legs within seven days of the accident. "It's been six-and-a-half days," Ellie pointed out nervously. Patrick instructed Ellie to close her eyes as he moved to the bottom of her feet and ran a pen under them. Patrick looked concerned when Ellie didn't react.

Ellie suddenly announced that she had felt something, but Patrick gently explained that he hadn't done anything at that moment. Ellie realized that it had been her imagination, but Patrick assured her that there was still hope because some patients needed more time. After Patrick left, Spinelli assured Ellie that Patrick was a great surgeon and that he wouldn't have given her false hope. Ellie refused to feel sorry for herself, but her eyes filled with tears as Spinelli wrapped his arms around her.

Spinelli decided to cheer Ellie up by fetching the surprise that he had picked up for her. Spinelli explained that it was in the trunk of his car, so he left to get it. In the hallway, Spinelli bumped into Maxie. He was concerned that there was something wrong with the baby, but Maxie assured him that the baby was fine. Maxie was curious how Ellie was doing, so Spinelli revealed that Ellie remained paralyzed.

Maxie wanted to visit Ellie, but she thought that it might be awkward because Maxie and Spinelli had slept together. Maxie broached the subject of where they stood, so Spinelli explained that he had slept with her because he had thought that Ellie had given up on him. However, Ellie hadn't shown up on New Year's Eve because she had been injured in an accident. Maxie assumed that Spinelli intended to stay with Ellie until she recovered.

Spinelli assured Maxie that he would always love her, but Ellie was the woman that he wanted to be with. Spinelli promised that he hadn't meant to hurt Maxie, but Maxie wanted Spinelli to leave. After Spinelli walked away, Britt asked Maxie to meet her in the exam room because Britt was on her way to pick up the results of the blood work.

Spinelli entered Ellie's hospital room with his surprise gift. Ellie wondered if it was champagne. Spinelli revealed that it was a special collector's edition of Ellie's favorite movie but asked why she wanted champagne. Ellie smiled excitedly as she pulled up the covers to show Spinelli that she could wiggle her toes.

In the exam room, Britt revealed that they couldn't implant the embryo because Maxie was already pregnant.

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