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Upon witnessing Liam and Hope making out on the bed, Steffy took off for Paris. The design challenge got underway, and Eric chose the new president of Forrester. Pam and Eric had a frank talk about using each other as crutches instead of grieving. Brooke scheduled a play date for Bill and Katie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 14, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, January 14, 2013

In the CEO's office, Brooke arrived late for the competition, and Eric stated that Taylor wouldn't make it due to an emergency with a client. Brooke wondered if they should postpone. Thomas asserted that he was ready for Eric to decide things, and Rick agreed.

Eric permitted Dayzee to watch the showing because he was interested in her reactions to the designs. Marcus joked that it was too bad that they'd see nothing from the lingerie line that day. Brooke asked where Steffy was, and Donna seemed reluctant to tell Brooke that Steffy had gone to Paris to see her father. With a thin smile, Brooke said that Ridge would be happy to see Steffy.

Beginning the presentation, Eric remarked upon the changes that had taken place with Ridge no longer wanting to be there. Retirement without Stephanie seemed pointless to Eric, and he needed an heir to Forrester Creations by his side. He appreciated how hard Thomas and Rick had worked up to that point. Eric said he'd only choose one president, and the winner would run Forrester with him.

First, Thomas made his case for working alongside Eric. Thomas positioned himself as a creative designer, capable of putting his ideas on paper. Though he respected his grandparents' legacy, Thomas believed the company had to push boundaries. He believed he was the only one to help them stay ahead of the trends and build upon the founding traditions with the technology available to them.

Pam cued the music, and Thomas' designs hit the runway. There were outfits from three categories of clothes: a casual dress, a pantsuit, and a formal gown. The models showed off their outfits, and everyone applauded.

Up next, Rick took the stage and reminded everyone that, contrary to what Thomas thought, Forrester had always done the very things that Thomas had spoken about, and it would always do those things. Rick said that he and Caroline had collaborated on the delicate balance of what was new and what was timeless. Rick claimed he'd continue to raise the bar, and he and Caroline understood that they had to do more than follow trends. "We need to transcend them," Rick concluded.

Pam started the music, and Caroline and Rick's designs hit the runway to Juliana Joya's song, "Crazy Good." Three models showed off outfits in the same categories as Thomas' models had, and everyone applauded.

Thomas' models reappeared, and Thomas rolled his eyes at Rick, who stood confidently with his models on the opposite side of the runway. Thorne congratulated his brother and nephew on their work, and Brooke said the company would flourish no matter whom Eric chose. Eric then announced that he'd made his decision.

In Steffy's office, Steffy was astonished to see that her pregnancy test was positive. She picked up her phone and thought of how she'd tell Liam the news. Shaking her head, she decided to go home. As she exited, Steffy left her purse and the test box in her office. While driving, Steffy flashed back to everything that she and Liam had done together after the Italy trip, and she grinned.

At the cliff house, Hope explained that she'd been too busy micromanaging how life should be, and she hadn't been able to enjoy it or Liam. Hope had figured out that she could live her life and promote her values without being a drag. She was sorry that she'd believed her brother over Liam, and she wanted another chance.

Hope explained that they couldn't change the past, but they could make things right for the future. Liam said she made it sound so easy. Smiling, Hope asserted that they could do anything as long as they believed in each other. She asked where they'd be if others hadn't interfered. Liam guessed they'd be married. "I was gonna say in bed, but that works, too," Hope replied with a sultry grin.

Hope felt that she and Liam owed it to themselves to pick up where they'd left off before Steffy, Rick, and Bill had interfered. Hope realized that Steffy had turned over a new leaf, but Hope didn't think that changed everything Steffy had done. Glad that Steffy had gone to Paris, Hope declared that it was her and Liam's time.

Liam reminded Hope that he was living with Steffy, and he couldn't just ship out all of her things. Hope said not to worry because she'd donate the stuff to a nice charity for out-of-work biker chicks. They laughed, and she said being nice had never gotten them anywhere. She refused to give up the battle for the life that they deserved, and she wondered what had happened that couldn't be undone.

Liam still seemed unsure, and Hope said she understood that he had feelings for Steffy. Hope didn't know why, though, after all of Steffy's lies and manipulations; however, Hope said he wasn't married to Steffy or otherwise tied to her, and it was Hope and Liam's time.

Hope found Steffy's jacket in a chair and then decided that she needed a suitcase or trash bag. Gasping, Liam followed Hope into the bedroom, where she was clearing Steffy's stuff from a drawer. Dumping the clothes on the bed, Hope declared, "I'm through being nice. I'm coming home."

Hope threw more clothes from the drawers on the bed, and she insisted that she and Liam were returning to who they'd been before Bill had totally screwed them. Hope cited that Steffy had suspected Bill, but she'd said nothing. Hope asserted that Steffy only told the truth when it benefited herself.

Liam asked what Hope wanted him to do because he was in a committed relationship with Steffy. Hope huffed that he'd been committed to her first, and Liam shot back that he'd begged and begged her.

At that point, Hope and Liam were arguing in each other's faces. Hope yelled that it should be her bedroom, he should be her husband, and she'd never stopped loving Liam. "You know what? I love you, too!" Liam yelled back. Suddenly, they grabbed each other and passionately kissed.

Outside the house, Steffy stood at the front door, where she realized she didn't have her key. She strode around to the bedroom patio door, but before she could open it, she saw Liam and Hope making out on the bed.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

by Pam

At Liam's beach house, Steffy had arrived to tell Liam that she was pregnant. When she realized that she had forgotten her key, she ran around to the back entrance. She looked in the window to the bedroom and saw Liam making out with Hope on the bed -- on top of Steffy's clothes that Hope had removed from the drawers.

Steffy left and recalled a few of her adventures and passionate times with Liam. Steffy flashed back to how Liam had declared his loyalty after he had found out what Bill had done to keep Liam away from Hope. Then, tears streamed down her face as she recalled seeing her pregnancy test results. She cried when visions of Liam and Hope making out on the bed resurfaced.

Inside the beach house, Liam stopped himself before he and Hope had started to remove their clothes. Hope kissed Liam and said they had already waited too long. She had grown tired of worrying about what was right. She reasoned nothing was impossible if they believed in one another. Liam agreed, but he didn't want to make an instant decision. Liam lamented that he could not be disrespectful of Steffy.

Later, Hope sat in the living room, and Liam joined her. He felt that they had gotten out of control in the bedroom. Hope remembered that Liam had said that too much had happened between them, and too much had gotten in the way. Hope noted that everything had finally fallen into place.

Hope pointed out that everything that had been in their way had not been their fault. Bill, Rick, and Othello had tricked them. She promised that nothing else would get in their way.

Liam hugged Hope. He wondered how they could be together. Hope knew they didn't want to wreck other people's lives, but she added that they had been victims. She said that outside forces had kept them apart. She said they had learned the truth, and they deserved the chance they had missed. "We were robbed, Liam," Hope said, insisting, "Let's make it right."

Liam said that his head was spinning, and passion was burning inside him. "I love you; I always have," Liam said. He agreed they had been cheated, but he needed time to figure out what to do, and he wanted to show Steffy the respect she had deserved. He didn't want to hurt anyone.

At Forrester, Eric complimented Thomas and Rick on their presentations. He said it had been a difficult decision. Donna begged Eric to stop being a diplomat and announce the winner. Before Eric announced the president, he insisted that they were all on the same team.

Rick and Thomas sniped that there could only be one president, and Eric interrupted that he was still the CEO. He reiterated that Forrester was a family business and they needed to work together, trust each other, and depend on each other.

Eric announced that Thomas was going to become the co-head designer to fuel the renaissance of the company. Eric named Rick as the new company president. Eric apologized to Thomas but added that Rick had a lot of tenure at the company and international experience. Eric wanted Thomas to work with Eric on designs, and it was the job of the president to move the company forward and convince the buyers, employees, customers, and shareholders that they were moving in the right direction. Rick had the experience to do that, Eric noted.

Eric reminded Thomas that Ridge and Eric had been one of the best design teams in the world for many years. Eric wanted to do the same thing with Thomas, but Thomas was angry.

Thomas said that he should be the owner of Forrester because Stephanie had given him her shares before she had changed her mind. Thomas was not satisfied as co-head designer. He admitted that he should have been grateful, but he was not. He left. Brooke told Eric that they all trusted Eric's decision.

Thorne, Donna, Marcus, Brooke, Pam, and Caroline congratulated Rick, who later met alone with his father. Rick emotionally thanked Eric for the opportunity. Eric noted that Rick's presentation had been excellent. "I couldn't be more proud," Eric told Rick.

Eric left the office, and Rick sat in the president's chair. Caroline joined him and sat on his lap. Caroline said Rick was running the entire company -- it was his legacy. Rick noted that he had to answer every day to clients, employees, and stockholders. Rick teased that he would be working a lot of overtime, and Caroline would to. Caroline said she looked forward to it. They made out.

Taylor entered Steffy's office and prepared to write her a note. Thomas sulked into the room and moaned that his granddad had chosen his son Rick to run the company. Taylor sympathized. Thomas whined that he had grown tired of Brooke's family always ending up on top. Taylor agreed, but she warned Thomas not to give up. Thomas left.

Taylor turned to Steffy's desk, where she saw the pregnancy test box sticking out of Steffy's purse. Taylor was shocked. Steffy interrupted and told Taylor that she had to catch a flight but had forgotten her purse. Taylor quizzed Steffy about what was wrong.

Steffy hurriedly grabbed her stuff. Taylor inquired why Ridge wanted to see Steffy, but Steffy ignored her and headed toward the door. Taylor asked why Steffy had missed the announcement about the fashion challenge. Steffy stopped in her tracks.

Taylor announced that Eric had named Rick as the new company president. Taylor asked about the pregnancy test. Steffy dismissed Taylor's concerns and warned that Taylor was to say nothing to anyone about the test. Steffy said the timing was all wrong.

Steffy made Taylor promise to keep her mouth shut, and Steffy left. Taylor stared at a picture of Liam and Steffy on Steffy's desk. Taylor recalled everything that Steffy had said. "A baby," Taylor said.

At the airport, Steffy sat in her seat on the plane. She cried and recalled her conversation with Taylor. She remembered Liam kissing Hope. A man sat down next to Steffy and asked if she was all right. Steffy rudely said that she was fine, and she told him to leave her alone. She cried and looked out the window.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

by Pam

In Steffy's office at Forrester, Taylor thought about Steffy's pregnancy. Taylor called Steffy, but Steffy insisted that Taylor remain quiet about the news and hung up on her. Taylor murmured about her first grandchild, and Taylor decided that she should tell Liam and Hope about the baby.

At Forrester, Hope congratulated Rick on his new title as president at Forrester. Rick worried that Hope was still mad at him. Hope promised that she would get beyond the damage that Rick had done. Rick left to meet with Eric.

Brooke entered, and she and Hope discussed that Hope was still upset with Rick. Hope promised that she would get over it, but Rick, Bill, and Othello were all responsible for the lies that had kept Liam and Hope apart. Hope announced that she had told Liam everything, and they were working on getting back together.

Brooke warned that Liam and Steffy had been living together. Hope confidently stated that they had details to work out, but she and Liam wanted each other. Brooke worried that Liam had hurt Hope before. Hope reminded Brooke that Liam had settled for Steffy because Hope had rejected him.

Brooke warned that Liam and Steffy had made significant commitments to each other. Hope insisted that nothing would keep Liam and Hope apart. Brooke left, and Hope stared at her wedding photos with Liam.

At Liam's house, Liam remembered his argument with Hope that had ended with them in each other's arms in a passionate clinch. Katie and Bill arrived and interrupted Liam's thoughts. Bill pretended that nothing had transpired and asked about Steffy. Liam said that she had gone to Europe to visit Ridge. Bill wondered why Liam hadn't gone with her. Liam explained that Steffy had wanted to go alone.

Bill thanked Liam for wearing the sword necklace, and Liam filled Katie in on Bill's dramatic stabbing display. Katie was shocked to hear about Bill's craziness then asked about Hope. Katie thought that Bill would welcome Hope back into Liam's life. Bill insisted that Liam had been living with Steffy and was committed to Steffy. Bill worried that Hope would be sniffing around Liam while Steffy was gone.

At Eric's house, Pam offered to make lunch, but Eric insisted that he didn't want to become a "rotund old fogey." Rick arrived. Rick thanked Eric, and they embraced. Rick thanked Pam for looking after Eric. She returned to the kitchen.

Eric told Rick that Pam had been keeping him company. Eric admitted that he made two martinis and talked to Stephanie every night. Eric said that he missed Stephanie, but he added that Stephanie had spoken to him and said, "No more tears. Get on with your life."

At home, Bill and Katie played with Will. Bill presented Katie with the stunning diamond necklace. She wondered why he had given her such an extraordinary gift. Katie teasingly accused Bill of offering the gift to apologize for going to extremes -- like stabbing himself. Bill reminded Katie that he had never been a wallflower and had always been passionate about his beliefs and his love for Katie, Liam, and the baby. They kissed.

In Steffy's office, Taylor called Liam, but she suddenly thought better of calling him, and she hung up. At Liam's, Liam's phone rang, and Taylor's name came up on his caller ID, but Liam heard nothing when he answered. Brooke suddenly appeared at Liam's back door. Brooke entered and wondered if Hope had any reason to believe that Hope and Liam had a future.

Liam said that Hope had been very clear about her feelings for him. Brooke wondered if Liam could rip Steffy's heart out to start a future with Hope. Liam looked confused. Brooke warned that Liam shouldn't be rushing to the altar, and Liam vowed that he had some loyalty to Steffy. Brooke understood.

Brooke reminded Liam that she had been in love with a man who had been in the same predicament at one time. Brooke ordered Liam to make a decision -- one that he could stick to for the rest of his life. She added that Hope believed that Hope and Liam were meant to be together for the rest of their lives, but Brooke wasn't sure that was true. Brooke encouraged Liam to think before he hurt anyone. Liam looked conflicted.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

At the mansion, Eric was surprised to see two martinis already on the bar. Pam conveyed that she'd made them because she'd seen him make two every night. Eric said Stephanie rarely trusted him to make the drinks, either. Pam asked if she'd done something wrong. "No, I have," he replied.

Eric said it was time for Pam to leave. Pam promised that she'd never make the drinks again. Eric stated that he was the one who needed to stop, and he offered "Stephanie's" drink to Pam. Pam, however, didn't feel right about drinking it, and Eric said for that same reason, he couldn't accept Pam's kindness any longer.

Pam said she didn't mind cooking, cleaning, and running errands for Eric. Eric, however, stated that he could pay people to do that. He'd begun to realize that he and Pam had a fictitious relationship; they were the left behind halves of relationships with a person who wasn't there anymore.

Pam stated that Stephanie hadn't allowed Pam to take care of her, and taking care of Eric made Pam feel useful. Eric responded that he and Pam were using each other as stand-ins for Stephanie, and they weren't moving forward. Pam felt that it was better than being alone.

Eric explained that he needed to stop filling his days with pointless errands and useless activities that made him avoid missing his wife. Pam said she'd seen him miss his wife. The heartbroken Eric explained that Stephanie was still in every room of the house, and he could hear her voice in their bedroom every night before he'd go to bed.

Eric recalled that he'd left Stephanie many times, but she'd never left him. He'd grown to believe that she'd always be with him, just as sure as people believed in gravity and God. He said women were supposed to live longer than men, and he didn't know what he was supposed to do with himself.

Pam tried to tell Eric that he had his work and his children, but Eric knowingly stated that he had his office, he had Big Bear, he had his club, and he had Florida with Kristen and Tony. "I just don't know how not to look for her!" he exclaimed.

Pam opened up to Eric about seeing the little blue bird. She said that Stephanie had promised to be "that little blue bird" just for Pam, and when that blue bird had been staring at Pam on Christmas Eve, it had been amazing. Pam reasoned that Stephanie hadn't left them at all. Pam thought that Stephanie had become a part of everything, and that might be how dying was.

Eric stubbornly stated that he wanted his miracle. He wanted his girl back, and he promised he'd do things differently. Pam tried to console him, but he said not to feel sorry for him. "She's dead, Pam. She's dead! Oh, God, she dead..." Eric sobbed. Pam held him as he cried with his head on her lap.

At Bill's house, Katie admired her necklace, even though she knew it had to be a bribe. Bill stated that a woman had to get something out of putting up with him. He went to the bar for a drink, but his single-malt scotch was missing. "Oh, it's taking a vacation," Katie gleefully informed him.

Katie said Bill had agreed to lay off the booze for a while, but Bill corrected that it had been that "female posse's" idea, not his. She reminded him that he wanted to change, and she said that as lovely as her necklace was, it wasn't a substitute for a better him. She insisted upon seeing his progress, and he asked if she wanted him to shave his head and join a monastery.

Bill complained about Katie dumping out his finest collection of wines and spirits. Katie stated that he was being overly dramatic, and she'd stored them in a temperature-controlled location. He deridingly suggested that if he were a good boy, she could let him have a toddy before bed.

Katie, however, couldn't care less if Bill belittled her because she felt she was standing up for his sons. She asserted that someone had to stop Bill from being so tyrannical. She reminded him that he'd agreed to stop controlling everyone's lives, yet that was exactly what he'd continued to do. Bill quipped that he'd do that whether he was drinking or not.

Bill declared that he wasn't an alcoholic. He said Katie had been drunk the day they'd met, but she'd never seen him that way. Katie revealed that she didn't think he had a drinking problem, either, but the drinking caused him to withdraw from his family and to forget that his family members were real people with real feelings. Will began to cry, and Katie left to check on him. Bill scowled to himself.

At the cliff house, Liam guessed Brooke was laying it all on him. Brooke replied that he was the man in the middle, and she couldn't get behind him and Hope until he broke past that. Brooke, who'd had experience with that type of thing, didn't think Liam could do it. He said she was asking a lot of him, and in reply, Brooke wondered if he were saying it was too big of a commitment for him to make.

Liam tried to be respectful as he told Brooke that he didn't see that he had a whole lot in common with Ridge, and Liam didn't think he fit the mold that others tried to cast him in. In his mind, he wasn't confused, and he had no trouble making decisions when essential information hadn't been withheld from him. He claimed that he struggled -- just like others did -- with knowing what he wanted versus what he could actually have.

Brooke was sorry for Liam's "struggles," but she said her daughter kept getting caught up in them. She wondered if he could honestly tell her that he wouldn't hurt Hope again. Liam hoped that Brooke understood that it was a whole new world for him and Hope, because they finally had the missing pieces that their loved ones had tried to keep from them.

Brooke apologized for her part in the deception, but she wondered what the missing pieces had changed. Brooke noted that he was living with Steffy, who'd been there even before the manipulations had occurred. Brooke felt that no one had pushed him toward Steffy. Brooke stated that he could love both women, but he couldn't be with both women. "Yeah, don't I know it?" Liam replied.

Liam said he didn't want to be without either amazing woman. Liam said Steffy was true-blue and never needed him to be more than he was. Brooke said it sounded like love. "But maybe I need me to be more than I am," he stated. He asked if being a rich guy's son meant there was nothing left to hope for or dream for.

In thinking about his life, Liam knew that there had to be something sacred in it, but he couldn't grab a hold of it. "But when I look at Hope -- when I just feel her in the's there. But will I ever hurt your daughter again? I don't know, Brooke. I can't see the future," Liam said.

A call on Brooke's phone interrupted the conversation. Bill was on the line, and he said he needed to see her immediately.

Later, Brooke was in her cabin with Bill, who was complaining about Katie taking his scotch away. He thought it was as juvenile as sending him to bed without dessert, and he asserted that he didn't have a drinking problem. Brooke reasoned that perhaps problems occurred whenever he drank.

Brooke wondered if Bill had ever regretted anything that he'd said or done while he'd been drinking. "Never," Bill responded. She hoped that he regretted ruining Hope's Italy wedding. He claimed that the incident hadn't had anything to do with drinking. Bill felt that Brooke was the only person who seemed to know that he wouldn't be a total monster, and he felt that Katie no longer trusted him.

Bill noticed a bottle of 25-year-old single malt scotch on the bar, and he readily poured himself a glass. "Well, that derailed the conversation," Brooke decided. Bill wondered why he'd even poured the drink because he hadn't really wanted it.

Bill blamed the impulse on Katie, who'd made him feel as if he'd had to pour a drink to prove that he was still a man. Bill called it pathetic. He decided that it wasn't the drinking that Katie was opposed to -- it was actually who he was. Doubting that was the case, Brooke offered to talk to her sister for him. Bill insisted that it was how he felt, and he didn't like it.

Friday, January 18, 2013

At Katie's house, Brooke told Will that one day she'd teach him to ride a horse. Katie commented that growing pains never stopped, not even for her husband. Brooke asked if Katie really thought Bill had a drinking problem. Katie replied that they were making a lifestyle change to prevent it from becoming a problem.

Brooke thought Bill was a good man, and she expressed worry that Katie was forcing him to change. Brooke suggested that he might need support from his wife, and the drinking might be a symptom of something else. "A man who isn't being accepted for who he is," Brooke stated.

Katie was surprised that Brooke would defend Bill. Brooke said Bill had been wrong, and his actions against Hope had been bizarre; however, Hope had become stronger for it. Katie surmised that Brooke had forgiven Bill. Brooke said she and Bill had discussed it, and he'd agreed not to interfere with Hope and Liam. Brooke thought Bill was a fine man; however, he wasn't perfect, and they should just accept him the way that he was.

Katie noted that Brooke understood Bill pretty well. Brooke responded that she and Bill had helped each other through a difficult time. Katie still regretted pushing Brooke and Bill together. Brooke said that Katie was doing better, but Katie should probably back off a little bit. Brooke also thought Katie and Bill should spend more time in the bedroom.

Looking away, Katie murmured that she'd been so tired. "Oh, my God!" Brooke exclaimed, realizing that Katie and Bill hadn't slept together since Katie had returned. Brooke immediately began concocting a romantic evening for the couple at the little cabin; however, Katie said she was a mother, and Will was her first priority. Brooke agreed with Katie but said Katie was also a wife.

Katie decided she could handle her own love life. Brooke disagreed and went on to suggest that Bill and Katie recapture their romance in Aspen. Brooke recalled that she'd gotten to know Bill there, and he was an extraordinary man. Katie remarked that Aspen was far away from the baby. Brooke reintroduced the idea of going to her little cabin for a romantic night.

Brooke also suggested that Katie not push Bill. "Let him have a drink," Brooke said. Katie stood as she stated that when Bill drank, he wasn't in the moment with her and Will. Brooke was worried that Bill would feel alienated, and she explained that Bill was missing intimacy and tenderness.

Bill arrived just as Brooke was explaining that he needed those things from his wife. Bill thanked Brooke, and Brooke insisted that he and Katie would have a night at the cabin. Katie wondered what they'd do with Will, and Bill claimed that the nurse would take care of Will. Brooke stated that it was what the Spencers needed. Katie and Bill hugged, and he looked thankfully at Brooke.

In the CEO's office, Rick had thrown together a press conference really quickly because he thought he owed it to Hope to help her get herself and her line back on track after his lie had derailed things. Rick greeted the press in the corridor, and when Thomas arrived, Rick said he was glad that Thomas had made it. The snide Thomas snarled that he was sure Rick was.

Rick convened the press conference by announcing that he was the new president of the company. He introduced Hope as one of their most successful innovators, and everyone applauded as she arrived at the podium.

In Paris, Steffy was watching the conference on a tablet. On the screen, Steffy saw Hope hail Rick as the company's president. Rick waved, and beside Rick, Thomas sneered.

At home, Liam grinned as he viewed the press conference on his tablet. Hope admitted that scandal had surrounded her last campaign, but she was back. Liam's grin disappeared when he heard his father enter the house. Bill glared at the tablet displaying Hope's press conference.

On the screen, Hope explained that her line had matured and grown, and it would be timeless and trendsetting. She planned for it to be Forrester's finest at a reasonable price, and it would remain environmentally conscious. She stated that her clients would be beautiful and feel beautiful. "That is my Hope for the Future," she concluded. Liam continued to grin at the screen, and Bill brooded.

Back at Forrester, a reporter asked Thomas to describe how Rick had become the president. When Rick tried to give a vague answer, Thomas insisted on taking the question. Thomas said Eric had chosen his son over his grandson, but Thomas claimed that he wished Rick the best.

Jarrett turned the topic to Liam Spencer, who was living with Steffy. Hope refused to answer questions about her personal life, but one reporter insinuated that the revived line might signify a reunion for Liam and Hope. Rick ended the conference without allowing an answer to the question.

Back at Liam's house, Liam called Hope impressive. He thought it was incredible how far Hope had taken herself. Guessing that Liam had been spending time with Hope, Bill suddenly got agitated. Liam quickly reminded Bill of his promise to respect Liam and not cross any lines. Bill agreed to do that -- as long as Liam didn't let Hope worm her way back in.

Liam said he was trying to figure things out, and he didn't want or need Bill's input. Liam said Bill had no choice but to back off, and then Liam hugged the unhappy Bill.

Back in Paris, Steffy clicked off the conference. She uttered that there was a commitment, and though Liam didn't know about it yet, he soon would. Steffy video-phoned Liam, and he asked if she'd gotten his messages. Steffy seemed subdued as she replied that she had. She asked how Liam was doing, and he replied that he was hanging in there and missing her.

Steffy guessed that Liam had watched Hope's press conference, and she also assumed that Hope had been there, making her case to him. Agreeing, Liam tried to explain Hope's viewpoint, but Steffy replied that she didn't want to hear it. Steffy acknowledged that Hope and Liam had been kept apart by deceit, but they'd also been kept apart by his feelings for Steffy and Hope's complications.

Hugging her belly, Steffy claimed that she and Liam shared something that he and Hope didn't. Liam said he loved Steffy. She explained that she was going to give him that time with Hope, because he needed to sort it out and get it out of his system. Steffy said that when she returned, they'd go on with their lives. Liam tried to say something, but she cut him off, stating that there was too much at stake.

Steffy stated that she should have told Liam about her suspicions of Bill in Italy, but she'd had her reasons. She gave Liam permission to have his time with Hope, but she warned him not to cross any lines. Liam tried to tell her not to get worked up, but she cut in to say that things were very different. She said they shared something very special, and it needed to be protected.

Steffy said that she loved Liam. She clicked off the screen, hugged herself, and flashed back to the times she'd spent with Liam.

Back at Liam's house, Hope arrived, feeling empowered after her press conference. Liam called her a force to be reckoned with. Hope was excited because it was her and Liam's time to reconnect and grow with each other. She saw absolutely no reason why they couldn't take advantage of it.

Liam stated that it wasn't quite that simple. Hope said that he and Steffy had a relationship; however, so did he and Hope. Hope added that she and Liam had never gotten the chance to explore theirs. Hope saw no reason that they couldn't spend that time together while Steffy was gone. "You're not married. You're not engaged...And when she returns, you can decide," Hope said.

Liam's gaze softened, and he smiled. Hope said he was looking at her just like he'd looked at her when they'd exchanged vows. She believed there was hope for them, and she refused to just let it go.

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