The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 14, 2013 on Y&R

Jack turned himself in for his role in Stephanie's death. Victor threatened to expose Jack's secrets unless Jack reinstated him. Fen set it up to appear as if Jamie had stolen from the Baldwins. Paul found an unconscious Jamie.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 14, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, January 14, 2013

At the Abbotts' house, Billy and Victoria each simultaneously fielded business phone calls. After the matters were handled and the calls ended, Billy suggested that he and Victoria take a break to preserve their sanity. Victoria donned a red dress, and Billy changed into a suit. Victoria told Billy that she hoped they'd stick to their promise not to discuss business during their evening out at Nick's club opening at the Underground.

Devon phoned Roxanne from his office at Jabot and explained that work would delay him from picking her up. Devon suggested that Roxanne hitch a ride to the Underground with Lily.

Tucker arrived and asked Devon what he liked best about the corporate world. Devon explained that he'd learned quite a bit about marketing. Tucker aggravated Devon when he pointed out that Jabot didn't seem to be the best fit for his son.

Tucker offered Devon an executive position at McCall, Unlimited's music division handling media and public relations. Devon scoffed and reminded Tucker that he was working with his real family. Tucker replied, "If things ever change for you, you know where to find me." Devon realized that his punitive words had stung his father. Devon sighed after Tucker walked away.

Devon joined Katherine at the Genoa City Athletic Club to discuss his encounter with Tucker. Devon explained to Katherine that he'd made it clear to Tucker that his affection couldn't be bought with a flashy job offer. Katherine said she understood why Devon would question Tucker's motives.

Devon said he feared his dad was trying to use him. Devon asked Katherine why she'd given Tucker numerous chances to prove his loyalty. Katherine replied, "I just would like to know that he is capable of change."

Katherine explained that both she and Devon would have to give Tucker a chance to prove his sincerity. Devon said he feared Tucker might hurt him and Katherine again. Katherine replied, "Like it or not, Tucker is family, and you always back up your family, no matter what."

After Devon left, Katherine approached Tucker at the bar and explained that Devon felt as if his dad was trying to buy his son's affection. Tucker explained that he could only try to be a father and couldn't control how Devon felt. Katherine reminded Tucker about the deal they'd made.

Tucker recalled Katherine's ultimatum and replied, "I have to mend fences with Devon before you'll let me do the same with you." Katherine berated Tucker for drowning his sorrows at the bar. Katherine reminded Tucker that he'd betrayed his family too often, so it was very difficult for them to trust him. Katherine added, "You haven't hurt us half as much as you've hurt yourself."

At Nick's club, the Underground, Avery arrived wearing a sexy dress. Nick was wowed by his newfound love. During a casual conversation, Nick told Avery that he'd been too busy lately to pay much attention to her. Avery insisted that she'd fared quite well because Phyllis, away in Savannah with Daniel, hadn't been around much.

The lights in the club sparked and flickered. Nick worried that his opening night might be a disaster, but Avery assured him that everything would be all right. Avery reminded Nick that he'd successfully stepped away from Newman Enterprises and out of his father's shadow to create a new venture of his own. Avery kissed Nick and told him she was proud of him.

At the tack house, Noah was shocked when Adriana, dressed in a sexy, black ensemble, showed up. Adriana drew back her leather jacket to reveal a sheer, lacy top and announced that she was set for Noah to escort her to Nick's club opening. Noah tersely reminded Adriana that he'd arranged for her to stay at the Genoa City Athletic Club, so she could remain out of sight and away from Detective Chavez. Noah added that he wouldn't be able to protect her from Chavez while he was working at Nick's club.

Adriana looped her arms around Noah's neck and said, "You're rich. You don't have to work." Noah insisted that he liked working. Nick phoned and summoned Noah to the Underground. Noah sent Adriana back to her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club and insisted that she not to show up at the Underground.

After Noah joined his dad at the Underground, he assured Nick that the opening would run smoothly. Avery joined Nick and Noah and announced that it was time to open the doors.

Victoria arrived and congratulated Nick. She apologized for their father's absence and happily noted that Adam was on a jet to Paris. Nick replied, "I'll believe it when I see it." Nick maintained that Adam would never walk away from Newman Enterprises.

Billy joined Victoria and Nick and explained that he had a plan to return Newman Enterprises to the family. Victoria reminded Billy that they'd agreed not to discuss business. Billy goaded Nick about walking away from Newman Enterprises. Victoria told Nick that she was thrilled to have Billy running Newman Enterprises.

Nick, unconvinced that Billy was the right choice, reminded Victoria that Billy would be responsible for whatever happened to the company. Billy tried to explain that he and Victoria had a plan, but Nick refused to listen. Nick offered free drinks to his sister, but he suggested that Billy could buy his own. Victoria sighed and escorted Billy to a table.

Lily and Roxanne mingled near the bar. Lily said she couldn't believe that Cane had to attend to business out of town. Roxanne said she hoped Devon would be able to make it after being detained at work.

Tyler arrived and made a beeline to Lily and Roxanne. After introductions were made, Tyler noted that Devon had good taste in women. After Lily explained that Cane was handling business in Kenosha, Tyler said, "It's his loss and my gain." Tyler took Lily and Roxanne's drink orders and headed to the bar. After Tyler walked away, Roxanne scoffed at Tyler's boldness. Lily said, "I know."

While Tyler ordered drinks from Noah, Noah became distracted when Adriana entered the bar and brushed past Nick and Avery. The lights flickered again. Nick worried that his opening night, already not as successful as he'd hoped, might be cut short by an electrical malfunction.

After the room went dark, Nick apologized to patrons and invited them to return at a later date. Devon arrived and agreed to escort Lily and Roxanne home. Tyler intercepted Lily on her way to retrieve her coat. Tyler tried to convince Lily to stay, but Lily made it clear that her husband was the only company she wanted or needed.

Tyler approached Nick and Avery and suggested that Nick needed better marketing. Nick asked Tyler to introduce himself. Tyler replied, "I'm Tyler Michaelson, the guy who's going to fix your problems." Tyler promised that he could make Nick's club the premier hot spot. Avery told Nick that she still had confidence in him.

After everyone left the Underground, Adriana emerged from a back room. Noah reminded Adriana that she could have caused him a lot of trouble. Adriana began kissing Noah. Noah led Adriana upstairs after she lifted his shirttail and began to undress him.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack, hunched over and wincing in pain, demanded that Phyllis contact the doctor and request another of dose of Suboxone, a medication used to wean addicts off of opiate narcotics. Phyllis warned Jack that he'd be trading one addiction for another.

After a heated argument, Phyllis yelled that she'd wanted to leave about a hundred times. Her words seemed to shock Jack, and he calmly replied, "What kept you here?" Phyllis said that she'd stayed because she wanted to help Jack conquer his addiction.

Phyllis asked Jack what had prompted him to seek help. Jack said only that he'd hit rock bottom on New Year's Eve. Jack, sobbing, cried, "I couldn't do this without you, Red." Jack admitted that he'd abused his pain pills because he feared his business associates and competitors might suspect he wasn't in total control.

Jack mentioned Victor, but Phyllis assured Jack that Victor would never know about Jack's addiction and struggle to recover. Phyllis added, "That's why we're up here. We're away from prying eyes."

Phyllis advised Jack to question himself about why he was at Newman Enterprises, because he truly belonged at Jabot. Phyllis noted that Jack always shut her down whenever she mentioned Stephanie's name. Phyllis asked if Stephanie might be connected to New Year's Eve.

Phyllis backed off when she noticed that Jack seemed crushed by his physical and emotional turmoil. She tenderly reminded Jack that he was a good man. Jack replied, "No I'm not. I'm not a good man at all. I've done something terrible that I can't forgive myself for."

Nick phoned. Phyllis told Jack that something had to be wrong for Nick to contact her. Phyllis took the call and learned that Summer was quite ill with the flu. Jack insisted that Phyllis return to Genoa City to check on Summer.

As Phyllis prepared to leave Jack alone, he assured Phyllis that he'd be fine until she returned. Phyllis hugged Jack before she exited through the front door. Someone standing outside a window on the back side of the cabin covertly spied on Jack and Phyllis.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mason greeted Billy when he arrived at Newman Enterprises. Billy was ready to work, but as he entered the CEO's office, Billy was stunned to see Adam sitting at his desk. Billy asked Adam why he flown to France. Adam said his move had been delayed. Billy assured Adam that his services were no longer needed at Newman Enterprises.

Adam wondered why Billy didn't want Adam's help in handling the company in Jack's stead. Defiantly, Adam claimed that he would determine when it was his time to leave the job. Billy countered that he'd be making all decisions about staff. Just then, Sharon walked into the office and was surprised to that Adam was still on the job.

Adam explained that he'd be staying a week longer to facilitate the transition. Billy informed Sharon that her position as head of R&D was probationary. Adam defended Sharon's ability, but Billy handed Sharon a bunch of files that represented ongoing projects. Billy wanted her input immediately. Adam spoke privately to Billy and said that Sharon needed a chance. Billy said he'd keep Sharon on the job if Adam left for Paris.

Sharon reviewed the files and was ready to report to Billy. Sharon told Billy that she'd already gone over those files before starting the job. Sharon shared her thoughts with Billy. She agreed with Adam about one project, but recommended caution for the other two. Billy appreciated Sharon's analysis. Sharon told Billy that she was determined to do a good job, and Adam was very impressed by Sharon's work. Sharon walked out the office to return to work.

At the Athletic Club, Victor met with Victoria to discuss Newman Enterprises. Victor mentioned that he'd heard that the opening of Nick's club had been a disaster. Victoria minimized her brother's disappointing event. Victoria told Victor to speak directly with Nick if he wanted to know about the club. Victoria knew that Victor disapproved of Nick's decision to start the Underground instead of returning to Newman.

Victoria was confident that they would get Newman Enterprises back without Nick's help. Victoria had faith in Billy, but Victor reiterated that he believed Billy was useless. Victor was concerned about how they would deal with Adam, but Victoria assumed that Adam had moved to Paris. When Chelsea walked into the Athletic Club, Victor pointed out that if Chelsea was there, Adam was still in Genoa City.

Chelsea joined Victoria and Victor's at their table in the dining room. Chelsea said that she and Adam were still moving to Paris, but Adam had been delayed by work. Victor pointed out that if Adam really wanted to move to Paris with Chelsea, nothing would keep him in Genoa City. Chelsea asked Victor why Adam mattered to him at all since he disapproved of his son. Chelsea believed that Adam was proving his loyalty to Jack by staying on the job.

When Chelsea mentioned that Sharon had been hired to work at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Victor were shocked. Victor reminded Chelsea that Sharon had been responsible for the Newman family losing the business. Chelsea was disgusted that every conversation revolved around Newman Enterprises. Fed up with the talk, Chelsea left for the gym. Victor stung Victoria was asking her why Billy hadn't told her about Sharon's hire. Victoria defended Billy, saying he probably didn't know about it.

In the CEO's office, Adam and Victor faced off over Sharon. Adam said he'd hired Sharon to run R&D because he thought she was qualified. Adam said his decision had been good business. Without knocking, Victor walked in and heard Billy agreeing that Adam had done well reviewing the project files.

Victor asked Billy if Victoria was aware that Billy was working with Sharon. Victor blamed Sharon for the ruination of the company. As Victor walked to the elevator, Mason asked if they could speak. Victor told Mason to meet him at the club for a drink.

At the tack house, Avery opened the door to Phyllis. Nick walked into the room and announced that Summer was still running a fever. Nick was surprised that Phyllis had flown home from Savannah for Summer's sake. Phyllis said that as long as Summer was sick, Phyllis needed to be by her side. Phyllis was grateful Avery and Nick had cared for Summer, especially since they'd had the club opening the night before. Nick explained that the club opening had been cut short because of electrical issues.

While Phyllis went upstairs to check on Summer, Avery told Nick she had to go. Nick asked Avery to meet him at the club later in the day. Avery held out her hand, and Nick gave her the keys. Phyllis returned and saw Nick kissing Avery's hands. Alone together, Nick and Phyllis later reminisced about Summer. Nick credited Phyllis with saving Summer's life when she'd been in a coma. Phyllis recalled that their family had seemed whole back then.

Nick informed Phyllis that their divorce had been finalized. Phyllis accepted that their love was over, but in her eyes, she still yearned for Nick. Phyllis acknowledged that Avery had made Nick happy. Nick wanted Phyllis to find someone, too. Phyllis wasn't ready for a new romance and became upset when Nick spoke about how he and Avery had carefully built their relationship. Phyllis didn't want to hear about that.

Phyllis admitted that she'd felt that she and Nick had really had a shot with their last marriage, and that they had been destined to succeed. Phyllis took responsibility for the lies she had told and for having cheated. Phyllis said that Nick deserved better than he had gotten from Phyllis. Nick was gratified that they were finally communicating. Phyllis hoped she'd reach a good place soon, like Nick had. Nick thanked Phyllis for apologizing to him.

Paul went to Michael and Lauren's apartment. Paul reported that he hadn't had any luck tracking down Jamie. Lauren was sure that Jamie would turn up soon. Fen entered the room, having heard Lauren's comment, and assumed that his parents blamed him for Jamie's disappearance. Michael resented that Fen was trying to put them on the defensive, and Michael also disapproved of Fen's treatment of Summer. Fen said that he would never hurt a girl.

Fen wanted to go, but Michael stopped him. Fen declared that Jamie had been the bad boy with a juvenile record, not Fen. Despite Lauren's plea, Fen walked out. Michael didn't understand why Fen had turned into such an uncaring human being. Paul informed the Baldwins that when he questioned Fen, Fen had suggested that Paul ask questions about Brittni.

In an alley, Jamie tried to call Fen. The call had been blocked and the text message referred to Jamie as a loser. Later, Jamie went to Michael and Lauren's apartment. The Baldwins were thrilled to see Jamie and pulled him into the house. Jamie admitted that he had nowhere else to go. Later, Michael got off the phone with the judge, who'd agreed to let Jamie stay in their home. Lauren suggested that he get settled in his room.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack looked through the newspaper for information about Stephanie's death. Jack wasn't able to find anything. The spirit of Jack's father, John, appeared and said that he was proud that Jack was trying to clean up his addiction. However, John was concerned about Jack not taking responsibility in Stephanie's death. John asked Jack why he hadn't done anything to save Stephanie.

Jack said that there had been nothing to do. Jack also declared that he hadn't given Stephanie the drugs that had killed her. John asked why Jack had involved Adam in the crime and made Adam an accessory. John was upset because Jack was in Adam's debt. John advised Jack to do the right thing and fix the situation. Jack thought he heard someone outside the cabin.

Jack walked out of the cabin, leaving the back door unlocked. While Jack was gone, Victor's investigator entered through the door and went directly to Jack's laptop. Jack returned and asked the man if he wanted the password for the PC. Jack asked who he was, and the man claimed that he was a reporter. Jack questioned him about his last big story and determined that he was lying. Jack accused the man of working for Victor.

The man said nothing, but when Jack offered to pay Victor's investigator more than Victor, he spoke up. Jack pointed out that Victor would be upset that Jack had caught the investigator so easily. The investigator conceded that Victor was a tough employer. The man told Jack that Victor had hired Stephanie to discredit Jack, not knowing she was Congressman Wheeler's daughter.

Kevin called the bank to ask about applying for a short-term business loan. Fen entered the coffeehouse, and Kevin hung up the phone. Fen assumed that Kevin had been speaking with Michael. Fen fumed that Michael was more loyal to Jamie than he was to Fen.

Kevin told his nephew that he knew all about what it was like to have crappy parents. In Kevin's view, Michael and Lauren did not qualify. Kevin advised Fen that coming off like an angry young man wasn't working. Kevin advised Fen that it was tough being sixteen years old.

Jamie told Michael and Lauren that he needed to retrieve his belongings. Paul offered to go with Jamie, and so did Michael. Lauren and Michael were worried about Jamie disappearing again. Jamie asked them to trust him. Lauren gave Jamie the key to the apartment.

Jamie stepped onto the elevator, unaware that Fen was watching him. Fen watched Jamie go to a rooftop for his knapsack. Later, Fen returned home, and Lauren and Michael told Fen about Jamie's return. They explained that a judge had agreed to let Jamie stay with them instead of going back to the group home. Fen said that he was willing to make it work. Lauren and Michael were grateful that Fen was being reasonable.

Jamie unlocked the door and entered the apartment. Fen and Jamie glared at each other, but then Fen said he was cool with the arrangement. When Lauren and Michael left the room, Fen said he wouldn't cause Jamie any trouble. Jamie asked Fen to stop harassing Jamie with the text messages. Fen agreed, but when Jamie left the room, Fen took a small jewel box from the mantel and planted it in Jamie's knapsack.

At the Underground, Avery met with Tyler to discuss his ideas for a marketing plan. Tyler didn't believe that Nick was interested. Avery said she was handling that part of the business for Nick. Tyler shared his initial thoughts with Avery, mentioning branding and social media. Avery wanted to hire Tyler, and he agreed to begin the campaign immediately.

In the lobby at the Athletic Club, Victoria stopped Chelsea as she left the gym. Victoria apologized to Chelsea for the business talk, but Victoria was worried about the future. Chelsea believed that the Newman family was cruel and intolerant to Adam. Victoria warned Chelsea that the fight for the company was going to get messy. Victoria advised Chelsea to convince Adam to move to Paris as soon as possible.

Dylan McAvoy arrived in Genoa City and checked into a motel.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

At Jabot, Leslie reported to Neil about the status of the latest patent applications. Neil and Leslie were standing very close to one another, and they both could feel the heat. Leslie backed off, and Neil wondered if she'd retreated because of his new cologne. Leslie said that she admired Neil's new scent.

Leslie suggested that they finish their work over the phone, but Neil preferred the more personal connection. Neil was glad that Leslie liked the cologne, since it was a Jabot product. Cane walked in unexpectedly and asked if he'd interrupted them. Neil assured Cane he and Leslie were just finishing up.

Neil wanted to hear about Cane's business trip to Kenosha. Leslie left the office hurriedly, saying she'd be in her office. Cane told Neil that the Kenosha factory was going to need a major overhaul, and it would be an expensive project. Neil and Cane agreed to confer later about the details.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Victor asked Mason why he wanted to meet. Mason was concerned about his future, but Victor was more interested in the information that Mason could give Victor about Jack. Victor offered to pay Mason handsomely to spy on Jack, but Mason said that he was not interested in money. Mason felt he was wasting his time, answering phones at Newman Enterprises.

Victor wondered what Mason thought Victor could do for him. Mason explained that he had his MBA and wanted to get ahead. Mason believed that Victor could teach him the business better than anyone else. Mason noted that Victor was a self-made man who'd earned his success, unlike Jack who had been given everything because of his name. Mason declared that he wanted to be on the winning side when the fight for Newman Enterprises was over.

Mason believed that Victor would ultimately win Newman back. Mason wanted assurances that when Victor was back in charge, Mason would get an opportunity to prove himself. Victor agreed to give Mason a position in the business as long and Mason continued to work as Victor's mole. Sarge entered the lobby and saw Mason sitting with Victor. Victor said goodbye to Mason and headed out. Sarge approached Mason and asked why he was meeting with Victor Newman when Mason worked for Jack.

Mason informed his uncle that a lot had happened since Sarge had gone out of town. Jack had stepped down from Newman and left Adam and Billy to run the business. Sarge was surprised to also hear that Jack had suffered a heart attack. Sarge had always worried that Jack pushed himself too hard after the back operation.

Sarge believed that Jack was a good man, unlike Victor. Sarge disapproved of Mason betraying Jack's trust. Sarge reminded his nephew that Jack had hired Mason as a favor to Sarge. Mason declared that he was out for himself, not Jack or Victor.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack called Adam and wondered why Adam had not been in touch. Jack left a message on Adam's phone, saying that Victor had been sniffing around the cabin. Jack told Adam that Victor knew about Stephanie Gayle. Just then, Phyllis walked into the cabin and heard Jack mention Stephanie again.

Phyllis asked Jack what there was to know about Stephanie. Jack didn't want to answer questions about Stephanie, but Phyllis pressed him for information. Jack explained that there was nothing to say, but Phyllis was unyielding. Phyllis threatened to track down Stephanie on her own if Jack didn't tell her what he knew.

Jack admitted that Phyllis couldn't speak with Stephanie because Stephanie was dead. Jack explained that he'd found Stephanie dead on his living room floor. Phyllis asked Jack to tell him everything he knew about her death. Jack told Phyllis that he'd met Stephanie at the Athletic Club bar on New Year's Eve. Jack claimed that he had been immediately attracted to Stephanie because she had reminded Jack of Phyllis. Jack later learned that Victor had chosen Stephanie to entice Jack into a tryst and had known Jack would be attracted to a woman like Phyllis.

Phyllis asked Jack what had happened that night. Jack recalled that he'd danced with Stephanie and at midnight, they'd kissed. The rest of the night was a blank to Jack. He remembered waking the next morning on his couch. Stephanie had been dead on the floor. Phyllis asked how Stephanie had died, and Jack explained she'd overdosed on vodka and ecstasy. Phyllis asked Jack what had happened next, and Jack revealed that with Adam's help, Jack had suffered a fake heart attack.

Phyllis was horrified to realize that Jack had turned to Adam for help covering up Stephanie's death. Jack said it had been Adam's plan to distract the press by having them follow Jack to the hospital, so Adam had been able to move the body. Phyllis knew too well what a mistake that was and asked Jack why he had allowed it. Jack explained he had still been on drugs himself and hadn't been thinking clearly.

Phyllis announced that covering up Stephanie's death was worse than a press scandal. Phyllis was freaking out about the news. Jack told Phyllis there was something more he had to tell her. Phyllis listened as Jack said that Stephanie was Congressman Wheeler's daughter. Jack was disgusted with himself for not having done anything to save Stephanie.

Jack knew that Victor was also responsible for Stephanie's death because he'd put the plan into motion. Phyllis asked how he was sure of Victor's involvement. Jack explained that he'd caught Victor's private investigator outside the cabin, snooping around. Phyllis feared that she might be implicated in the crime, even though she was only there to help Jack kick the pills. Phyllis told Jack that she couldn't be involved with a felony.

Jack understood how Phyllis felt. Jack said that he'd known Marcus Wheeler from his days at the state house. Jack hated himself for being involved in Stephanie's death. Phyllis pointed out the Stephanie had chosen to take drugs and had pushed herself over the edge. Phyllis advised Jack to remember that. Phyllis added that Jack couldn't help Stephanie any longer, but he had to help himself. Jack believed that he could beat the pills, but he might never get over Stephanie's death.

In the lobby of the Athletic Club, Victor's private detective gave him a status report about Jack's stay at the cabin. The man assured Victor that Jack had been by himself the entire time, and from what he could tell, Jack was very calm. Victor asked if Jack was still taking pills. The PI said there were no drugs in the cabin. Victor let the PI know that he planned to go public about Stephanie having been Wheeler's daughter. The investigator assured Victor that nobody would be able to link Victor to Stephanie.

At the Athletic Club, Noah was behind the bar when Adriana approached him. Noah told her that they could not be seen together in public. Noah urged Adriana to return to her room. Adriana held Noah's hand and reminded him that they'd made love the night before. Noah said it had been a mistake for the two of them to hook up again. Noah gave Adriana a drink and asked her to go away. Adriana refused to leave, much to Noah's displeasure.

At the coffeehouse, Tyler overheard Lily making a reservation at the Athletic Club for the honeymoon suite. Lily also ordered champagne, caviar, strawberries and whipped cream. Tyler realized that Lily had been arranging a tryst with Cane.

Tyler thought it was hot that a married couple still cared about romance. Lily could tell that Tyler was being snarky. Tyler asked if Lily was worried about skipping work. Lily said she was willing to risk Neil's wrath to have a special date with Cane.

A short time later, Lily received a call from Cane. He said that he really missed her and wanted to know if they could get together. Cane was sorry that work had taken him out of town for the night. Lily admitted that she'd missed Cane, too.

Lily admitted that she planned to make up for lost time. Lily gave Cane a hint about her plans for him by asking him to quench his thirst. Cane found an envelope on the conference table under the water pitcher. In the envelope was a clue from Lily.

At the Athletic Club bar, Cane asked Noah if Lily had left Cane a gift. Noah handed Cane a box. When he ripped it open, Cane found a bunch of red Christmas lights. Cane figured out the clue and left the bar.

Adriana watched Cane and asked Noah what she'd just seen. Noah explained that Cane and Lily were very romantic. Adriana wanted that kind of relationship with Noah. Adriana told Noah that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Adriana wanted to see Noah later on.

Cane found Lily at coffeehouse, realizing the Christmas lights were Crimson Lights. Cane hoped Lily had more in mind than a cup of coffee. A short time later, Lily delivered on her romantic adventure when she and Cane were in bed. Lily told Cane that he owned her heart.

Later, Lily and Cane agreed to spend more days, making love in the afternoon. When Lily mentioned that she'd spent the night at the opening of the Underground talking with Tyler, Cane was jealous. Lily was tickled by Cane's reaction.

In the hallway at Jabot, Leslie was on the phone, doing business. Tyler overheard his sister and thought that Leslie was a tough operator, like Neil. Tyler thought Leslie and Neil were good together. Leslie said that she could not get involved with any man, not even Neil. Leslie was afraid that if anyone did a background check on either him or her, Tyler and Leslie's pasts would be exposed. Neil emerged from the office just as Leslie declared she would not allow herself to get involved with Neil.

Later, Leslie was in Neil's office. Neil apologized to Leslie for upsetting her earlier in the day by pushing too hard. Neil promised to respect Leslie's boundaries. Leslie explained that she couldn't control her feelings for Neil. They kissed passionately.

Without knocking, Tyler walked into the office and saw Leslie and Neil in each other's arms. Tyler apologized for interrupting and backed out. Leslie told Neil that the next time they wanted to get intimate, they needed to do it outside the office.

Cane and Lily returned to Jabot after their afternoon at the Athletic Club. Tyler ran into them and was aware of why they were late. Tyler smugly wondered if they'd enjoyed their lunch. Cane bristled and asked Tyler if he'd done his work. Tyler informed Cane that the files had been delivered, and Tyler was all caught up. Tyler walked away. Cane was ticked off by Tyler's attitude, but Lily just laughed it off and suggested that Cane not take Tyler seriously.

Adriana went to the tack house, and Noah was upset to see her, since they'd just been together at the Athletic Club. Adriana said that she wanted to spend time with Noah, but he realized that she was there to look around for the stolen drug money. Noah assured Adriana that it was not in the house. Adriana denied that she was plotting and urged Noah to relax. Adriana put on a song that she and Noah both loved. Adriana asked Noah to relax as she began to kiss him seductively.

Later, after Noah and Adriana had made love in his bedroom, Noah went downstairs and noticed a piece of paper sticking out of Adriana's purse. His curiosity piqued, Noah looked at it and was stunned by what he read. Adriana walked into the room and asked Noah what he was doing. Noah asked why Adriana had a bank statement in the amount of $10,000 in the name of another woman.

Adriana started to lie, but Noah was fed up. Noah pushed Adriana out of the house and said to leave him alone. On the doorstep, Adriana received a text message that said, "Time's up."

Phyllis asked Jack what she could do for him. Jack said that he wished he could go back in time and fix things. Phyllis couldn't grant him that wish. Phyllis told Jack that he had to get on with his life and put Stephanie behind him. Jack was still determined to do something to right the Stephanie situation.

At Newman Enterprises, Mason received a call from the lobby that the media had arrived. Victor appeared and informed Mason that he'd called the press conference.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Victor arranged for a press conference at Newman Enterprises. He announced that as the company's founder, he was interested in the welfare of its employees and shareholders. He revealed that he had disturbing information regarding Jack's leave of absence and that there was much more to the story than a heart attack. Nikki interrupted, and she claimed that she needed Victor's immediate attention due to a family emergency.

Victor told the reporters that he wouldn't be long, and Nikki pulled him into his former office. She was livid that he had been about to break his promise not to expose Jack's addiction. Victor bellowed that Jack had committed fraud, but Nikki argued that it had been to cover up his addiction. Nikki warned Victor to keep his commitment, or she would break the commitment she'd made to him.

Victor implored Nikki to calm down, and she retorted that the press conference was beneath him, but he refused to stand by and let Jack ruin the company. Victor contended that she didn't understand that it was just business and that he was at war. Nikki thought that there was a way for Victor to resume control of Newman Enterprises other than by humiliating Jack. Victor declared that he didn't care about Jack's feelings, and she asked about hers. "What about them?" Victor growled.

Nikki reminded Victor that he'd seen her struggle with addiction, and she wondered how he could be so cruel. Victor maintained that Jack was in no condition to run the company. Nikki suggested that Victor go to the board of directors instead of going public, but Victor said that he needed public pressure to turn things around. Nikki declared that Jack's family and friends would rally around Jack, and she questioned who would rally around Victor if he chose greed and power over human decency. "Since when do I give a damn who stands by me or who doesn't?" he roared.

Victoria and Billy lamented that Adam had postponed his move to Paris. Victoria recalled Chelsea's determination to leave town, and she hoped that the delay was only temporary. Billy wished that he'd figured out that something had been off when Adam had hired Sharon. Victoria questioned when Billy had found out about Sharon's return to Newman Enterprises.

Victoria was shocked that Billy hadn't fired Sharon immediately, but he said that unlike Victor, he didn't live to crush people's dreams. Victoria warned that Victor had lost control of Newman Enterprises because Victor had underestimated Sharon. Billy argued that Victor's problems had stemmed from marrying Sharon. Billy suggested that they strategize, but Victoria suddenly recognized that Sharon might be the best weapon they had to get rid of Adam.

Billy was skeptical that Sharon would help them, but Victoria suspected that Chelsea was nervous about Adam and Sharon working together. Billy surmised that Victoria thought Chelsea would pressure Adam to move to Paris, but he wasn't sure that Adam would choose Chelsea over Sharon and the company. Billy received a text message, and he learned about Victor's press conference. Victoria assumed that it was about Jack, and she wondered if Victor had found out that Jack had faked his heart attack. Billy hurried off to the office.

Nikki cautioned that Victor's choice would have consequences for him as well as Jack. Billy entered and asked what Victor was doing. Nikki reported that Victor had been about to tell the world about Jack's addiction. Billy wasn't surprised by the move, and he revealed that he had anticipated it. Billy announced that he had assembled offers from buyers who were willing to purchase Newman Enterprises' top assets, and he threatened to sell off the company in pieces before Victor had time to call the board to order. Victor huffed that Billy's marriage wouldn't survive, but Victoria appeared in the doorway and declared that she would be proud of Billy if he rendered the company worthless.

Victoria said that Victor had options, and she pledged to help him get the company back. Victor crowed that the pills and the heart attack were the least of Jack's problems, and he would destroy Jack for good if he revealed the truth. There was a knock at the door, and Victor returned to the podium. He said that he had every intention of revealing what he'd learned, but he had to do some further investigating first.

Nikki was relieved that Victor had changed his mind. Victoria needed to get home to Johnny, and Nikki suggested that they walk out together. Victoria hesitated to leave Billy and Victor alone, but Billy assured her that they would be fine. Once alone, Billy pointed out that it wasn't like Victor to back down from a fight. Victor instructed Billy to tell Jack everything that had transpired and to advise Jack that Victor knew all of Jack's secrets. Victor threatened to tell the media everything unless Jack reinstated Victor immediately.

Murphy and Katherine dined at the Athletic Club, and he inquired about a vice president who had given her lip. She joked that she had grounded the executive and had taken away his allowance. Murphy noted that they hadn't had much time to talk because she had been working so many hours, and she promised that the heavy workload wouldn't last forever. Tucker approached, and Murphy ordered him to go away.

Murphy griped that Tucker had taken enough of his and Katherine's time lately, and he held Tucker responsible for Katherine's recent health issues. Katherine told Tucker that it wasn't the best time, but Tucker pushed to ask a question. Murphy stood up to confront Tucker, but he suddenly gasped for breath. Katherine yelled for someone to call 9-1-1, but Tucker jumped into action and performed the Heimlich maneuver on Murphy.

Katherine wanted to take Murphy to the hospital, but he insisted that he was fine. Murphy curtly told Tucker not to hurt his arm patting himself on the back, but Tucker just remarked that he had been at the right place at the right time. Katherine thanked Tucker, who started to leave, but Katherine called after him. She sincerely repeated her thanks, and she pulled him into a hug. Tucker departed, and Katherine insisted that she and Murphy have dessert at home.

Tucker sat at the bar, and Katherine returned to retrieve her phone. He said that he would have dropped it off, but she replied that he'd done enough for the day. She expressed her gratitude again, but he was offended that she had expected him to let Murphy choke to death. She started to defend herself, but he said that he forgave her, and he remarked how easy it had been to apologize. He suggested that she try it sometime.

At Crimson Lights, Fen pulled out a wad of cash and offered a generous tip to the barista. Paul approached Fen's table and asked how he had doing since the argument with Michael. Fen chalked it up to his own bad mood, and he mentioned that he had talked to Kevin about dealing with Michael. Fen reasoned that the situation was only temporary, and he coolly stated that he didn't want Jamie to freeze to death in the little rooftop house where Jamie had been camping out. Fen added that there were better ways to handle the situation than talking back to his parents.

Paul inquired whether Fen intended to make peace with Jamie, but Fen just smiled and that Jamie would be gone soon. Fen got up to leave, and Paul asked if he'd seen Summer lately. Fen answered vaguely, and Paul asked whether Summer had been hanging out with "Brittni." Fen nervously said that Summer had been sick, and he ran off.

Michael phoned in a takeout order, and Lauren told him to get cash from her purse. He found her wallet empty, and she stated that there had been 200 dollars in it. She reluctantly disclosed that something else was missing, too, and she asked whether Michael had moved a glass box from the mantel. He guessed that the housekeeper had moved it while dusting, but Lauren said that she'd seen it since the housekeeper had last been there. Michael wondered whether Lauren had simply misplaced her cash, but she suspected that Jamie had taken it.

Lauren struggled to find an innocent explanation, but Michael was perplexed by the missing items. She wanted to check her office, but Michael eyed Jamie's backpack, and he thought they at least needed to ask Jamie. Jamie arrived home, and Michael said that he had to ask Jamie something. Michael mentioned the missing money, and Lauren insisted that they weren't accusing Jamie of anything.

Michael wondered if Jamie was concerned about being on his own again, but Jamie swore that he hadn't taken the cash. Lauren mentioned the glass box, and Jamie realized that they believed that he had stolen it. Jamie asked if the Baldwins had any other suspects, and when they remained silent, he grabbed his bag and stalked out the door. In the hallway, Fen watched Jamie board the elevator, and he smirked. Michael remarked that Fen could have set Jamie up, but Lauren found the idea preposterous.

Later, Michael explained the situation to Paul. Paul realized that Michael thought that Fen might have set Jamie up, and Michael expected Paul to tell him not to jump to conclusions, but Paul thought that Michael's suspicions were valid. Paul relayed Fen's remarks about Jamie not staying much longer and how Fen had found a better way to deal with things.

Jamie returned to his rooftop hideout. He found the glass box inside his bag, and Fen snapped a picture of Jamie holding it. Fen snarled that Jamie could stay in juvenile hall. Jamie accused Fen of setting him up, but Fen taunted that no one would believe Jamie. The boys scuffled.

Later, Paul arrived on the rooftop and called out for Jamie and Fen. He looked down and spotted Jamie's backpack. Paul looked over a ledge, and he saw Jamie's motionless body lying in the snow below.

Lauren fretted that she and Michael might not see Jamie again, and Michael hugged her. Michael answered a call, and he told the caller that he was on his way. He told Lauren to stay put in case Fen returned home, and he said that he would call her later.

Adam arrived at the Abbott home, and he asked Phyllis why she and Jack had returned. She replied that Jack had insisted, and Adam worried that Jack was pushing himself too hard. Jack said that he was committed to getting well, but he wouldn't use his addiction to hide from the things he'd done wrong. Adam pointed out that Jack couldn't do anything for Stephanie, but Jack contemplated turning himself in.

Phyllis urged Jack to think through his plan and not to confess on impulse, but Jack argued that Stephanie's death was all he could think about. Adam said that Jack's judgment was impaired because of withdrawal, but Jack wanted Stephanie's family to know how she had died. Adam contended that Stephanie's overdose hadn't been Jack's fault and that her family wouldn't want the story leaked. Jack fretted that it would get out one way or another.

Jack revealed that Victor knew about Jack's secret, but Adam clarified that Victor only had suspicions. Phyllis groused that Adam was only worried about his own involvement in the situation. Jack asserted that Victor could plant a story or start rumors, but the story wouldn't die. Adam thought that they could deal with rumors, and he pointed out that Jack was an accomplished liar. Jack regretted that he had spent the past few months lying about his addiction, and ultimately, someone had died. Jack proclaimed that he was done with lies.

Adam told Jack to think about what he was risking, but Jack was adamant that Stephanie's life had mattered. Adam suggested that Jack make a donation in her name, but Jack wouldn't buy his way out of his guilt. Adam cautioned that Jack would permanently lose control of Newman Enterprises, and Jack pointed out that Adam stood to lose a lot, as well.

Adam recalled everything that he had done to help Jack, and he resented that Jack preferred to show loyalty to a woman Jack had barely known. Jack wanted to get his life back and to be the person he had been before he'd started using drugs. Jack spat that he hated that he'd turned into a coward. Phyllis suspected that Jack was punishing himself, but Jack thought that continuing to keep the secret would kill him.

Phyllis sympathized that she and Adam had also done many things that they wished they could undo. She was concerned that the pills had been a quick fix for Jack, and she was afraid that he was looking at a confession the same way, but it wouldn't make the bad things disappear. She warned that an investigation would put even more stress on Jack, and she thought he would be tempted to go back to the pills. Jack vowed that he wouldn't, but Adam said that Jack couldn't be certain.

Phyllis pleaded with Jack to wait until he made a full recovery to confess, but he noted that part of recovery was making amends. Adam urged Jack to consider Kyle's feelings, and he questioned how John would have reacted to Jack tarnishing their family name. Jack retorted that if Adam had known John, Adam would know that Jack was doing exactly what John would have wanted him to do.

Later, Michael arrived, and Jack thanked him for his quick response. Michael asked if Jack had information about a case. Adam and Phyllis nervously watched as Jack admitted to being responsible for Stephanie's death.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Victor told Billy that Jack had gotten himself into a bad situation, and Victor expected that Jack would meet Victor's demands. Billy was bitter about being blackmailed, but Victor said that Billy would simply be skipping a few steps in his plan to return the company to Victor. Billy clarified that part of the deal was that Jack would keep Jabot, and Victor pointed out that was even more reason to ensure Victor's silence. Billy wondered if he could trust Victor not to go to the press even if Jack accepted Victor's terms.

Victor insisted that he had no motive to renege on the deal. Billy thought Victor would take pleasure in sticking it to the Abbotts, but Victor swore that he wouldn't do that to Victoria. Billy believed that Victor would risk every relationship he had to get Newman Enterprises back, but Billy refused to sacrifice Jack. Victor said it was a chance for Jack to save himself, and he warned that his offer wouldn't be on the table much longer.

Lauren arrived at the hospital, and Paul informed her that Jamie was still unconscious. She asked why Jamie hadn't woken up, and Paul said that the doctor was running tests. She wondered where Michael was.

Michael was stunned by Jack's confession, but Adam argued that Jack hadn't killed Stephanie. Jack explained that Stephanie had overdosed, but he had done nothing to help her, so he was guilty. Jack offered to answer Michael's questions, and Adam advised Jack to have a lawyer present, but Jack didn't want one. Michael asked why Stephanie's body had been found in an alley, and Jack claimed that he had left Stephanie's corpse in a remote area. Michael recommended that Jack call an attorney, but Jack contended that his story wouldn't change.

Jack explained that he had met Stephanie and had taken her home, but he had been unaware that she had been an escort. Michael asked if Jack had witnessed Stephanie taking drugs, but Jack couldn't remember. Phyllis pointed out that since Jack didn't know what had happened on the night in question, perhaps he had tried to save Stephanie. Jack confessed that he hadn't been in his right mind because he had been drinking and had taken drugs of his own. He admitted his addiction and declared that he was ready to take responsibility for what he had failed to do for Stephanie, even if it meant going to prison.

Phyllis told Jack not to say another word, but Jack insisted that he wanted to own up to what he'd done. Michael asked why Jack hadn't called the police, and Jack stated that he had panicked that the news would go public. Phyllis mentioned how guilty Jack had felt, and Michael angrily assumed that Phyllis had helped cover up Stephanie's death. Jack fibbed that neither Phyllis nor Adam had known about it until that day and that they had only covered up Jack's drug problem. Phyllis scolded Jack for confessing to a death he hadn't caused.

Michael answered his phone, and Lauren told him about Jamie's fall. Michael explained the situation to Jack, and he advised Jack not to talk to the police while Michael had time to figure things out. Michael left, and Phyllis vowed to fight for Jack if he wouldn't fight for himself. Jack wanted to proceed on his own, and he said that no more lives had to be ruined. She contended that his didn't, either. Billy entered and passed along Victor's threat.

Billy reported that Victor had almost exposed Jack's addiction to the press. Jack revealed that Victor knew about Jack's involvement in Stephanie's death, and Phyllis ranted that Stephanie had been a junkie who had overdosed while Jack had been asleep. Jack disclosed that Victor had set him up to be caught in a solicitation scandal, and he wanted to handle the fallout on his own. Adam insisted that Jack turning himself in wasn't a solution, and Billy was shocked that Jack had even considered it. Phyllis disapprovingly stated that Jack seemed determined to spend his life behind bars.

Jack said that he had already confessed to Michael, but Adam argued that Jack's statement hadn't been official. Phyllis offered to try to convince Michael not to prosecute the case, but Jack didn't care, as long as justice was served. Billy suggested that Jack serve justice by doing good things for the community rather than throwing his life away. Phyllis pleaded with Jack not to force Kyle to lose another parent, and Billy added that he would lose a brother. Phyllis tried to convince Jack that his incarceration wouldn't change anything except for the people who loved him, and she begged him not to put them through that much pain.

Jack said that the last thing he wanted was to hurt Phyllis after all he'd put her through, but he hadn't changed his mind about turning himself in. He said that Stephanie had been someone's daughter and that her family deserved to know what had happened. Jack refused to hide the truth, and he called his confession to Michael a relief. Adam didn't think Jack would feel the same way after six months in prison, and Phyllis pushed Jack to fight for himself. Jack wanted to fight for the right things, and he asserted that he hadn't fought his addiction only to revert back to being the same person he had been. Jack vowed to leave the blackmail and lies up to Victor.

Phyllis said that she didn't want a "better" version of Jack if it cost him his freedom. Phyllis warned that Billy would destroy Jack's company if Jack weren't there to oversee things. Jack said that he had taken over Newman Enterprises for the wrong reasons, and his life had deteriorated ever since. Jack faced the fact that he wasn't a man who John could have been proud of, and he wasn't the man he himself wanted to be. Jack announced that he was walking away from Newman Enterprises for good.

Michael rushed over to the hospital, but Paul informed him that they had no update about Jamie's condition. Paul explained that he'd followed a hunch based on what Fen had said about a freezing rooftop, and he'd found an unconscious Jamie there. Michael asked where Fen was, and Lauren reported that he hadn't answered his phone. Michael inquired whether Paul suspected that Fen had been on the rooftop, but Lauren jumped to Fen's defense, and she refused to believe that Fen had had anything to do with it.

Michael said that he wasn't accusing Fen of anything, but he theorized that perhaps Fen had seen what had happened to Jamie, and Fen could be upset. Lauren regretted confronting Jamie about the missing items, and she pledged to fix things. She was determined to find Fen and make sure that he was okay. Meanwhile, Fen arrived home in a panic, and he flashed back to fighting with Jamie on the rooftop. He grabbed his phone and sent a text message requesting to talk with someone as soon as possible.

Lauren and Michael contacted Fen's friends, but they were unable to find their son. Michael said that he'd mulled over what Fen had said, and he asked Paul how certain Fen had been that Jamie wouldn't be with them for long. Lauren chided Michael for thinking the worst of Fen, but Michael became even more suspicious that Fen had planted the missing items to implicate Jamie. Lauren defended that Fen wouldn't cause Jamie to be sent back to the group home. Paul referred to Fen's statement that Fen had found a way to handle the situation. Michael was determined to get to the truth.

Lauren devised a plan to find Fen, but he suddenly showed up. He said that he had received his parents' messages, and he fibbed that he had turned off his phone to watch a movie. Fen asked about Jamie, and Paul said that Jamie had been lucky to survive the fall. Fen claimed that he had learned of Jamie's accident from their voicemails, but Michael looked doubtful. Michael noticed that Fen seemed frazzled, and Fen blamed his anxiety on memories of Summer being in the hospital. Michael looked directly into Fen's eyes and inquired whether Fen was all right.

Fen said that he was fine, but he felt bad for Jamie. Lauren commented that at least Jamie had the Baldwins, even though she felt guilty that they had interrogated him about the missing money. Michael lamented that Jamie had run out feeling like a criminal, and Lauren surmised that Jamie had fallen because he hadn't been looking where he had been going. Fen said that it wasn't Lauren's fault, and Michael asked whose fault it was. Fen snapped that Jamie had gotten what he had deserved for stealing. Michael demanded to know whether Fen had set Jamie up. Fen blasted Michael for always blaming him for everything.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker escorted Katherine to a table. He knew that she was still upset about Murphy, and he wouldn't let her drive until she calmed down. She agreed to wait for five minutes, and Tucker said that he wouldn't think less of her if she had been scared. Katherine downplayed the choking incident, because it had been nothing compared to seeing Murphy through a heart attack and stroke. She remembered having to make the choice of whether or not to remove Murphy from life support, and she admitted that she had been terrified that she could have lost Murphy because he had choked on a piece of food. Tucker took her hand.

Katherine tried to cover her emotions, but Tucker remarked that the whole town knew that she was a softie regarding Murphy. She said that it wasn't a secret that family meant a great deal to her, and he was grateful to have another chance with her. Tucker supposed that Murphy probably wouldn't have choked if Tucker hadn't been there, and Katherine acknowledged that Murphy had reasons to dislike Tucker. Tucker insisted that he'd stopped trying to punish her for giving him up, and he swore that he wanted to make their relationship work. She was open to it, but she warned that it might take time for Tucker to convince her of his sincerity. Tucker said he had something in mind that might help.

Tucker called Victor over to their table and insisted that he join them. Tucker and Victor discussed French cathedrals, and Victor was impressed by Tucker's knowledge. Victor surmised that Tucker was trying to ingratiate himself with Katherine, and Tucker asked how he was doing. Victor noted that Katherine wasn't a pushover, and Tucker said that he'd taken Katherine's words about demonstrating goodwill seriously. Tucker offered to turn over some of his shares of Newman Enterprises to Victor.

Katherine believed that Tucker's peacemaking efforts were genuine, but Victor was skeptical because Tucker had burned them before. Tucker decided to let his actions speak for themselves, and he said that it was up to Victor whether or not to take the chance. Victor asked how much stock Tucker was willing to part with, and Tucker offered half his shares. Tucker continued that he was still a businessman, and he expected to profit on his remaining shares if Victor regained control.

Tucker admitted that he had been wrong to conspire with Jack and Adam. Victor asked if Tucker was seeking forgiveness, and Tucker said that would be a start, but eventually he wanted to work with Victor. Tucker went to get another drink, and Katherine urged Victor to give Tucker another chance for her sake as well as Devon's. Katherine received a call, and Victor approached Tucker at the bar and accepted Tucker's offer. Victor warned that he expected Tucker to double-cross him, but if Tucker hurt Katherine, there would be "hell to pay."

Katherine asked Tucker how he felt after his grand gesture, and he anticipated that she doubted the reason for his change of heart. He explained that he was tired of going through the holidays, feeling like he'd crashed the party, and he no longer wanted to feel alone when he was surrounded by people he knew. He had never dreamed that he would have a chance to meet his birth mother, and he vowed to keep trying to get to know his son. Katherine encouraged Tucker to never stop trying, and she left to check on Murphy. Tucker left a message for Jack to find out what was going on with Newman Enterprises.

At the penthouse, Victor told Marcus that they could speak freely. Marcus had heard about Victor's press conference, but Victor said that he had canceled it. Marcus inquired whether Victor had intended to reveal Jack's connection to Stephanie. Victor reiterated his promise that Jack would pay for her death, and Marcus expressed his gratitude, as long as Stephanie's name stayed out of the press.

Marcus believed that his career couldn't survive a hit like Stephanie's career choice, and it would become public if Victor implicated Jack in her death. Victor asked whether Marcus preferred that Jack go unpunished, but Marcus ordered Victor to find a way to nail Jack that didn't create a public scandal. Victor anticipated that Jack was no more interested in making it public than Marcus, and he swore to make good on his word to take Jack down.

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