The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 7, 2013 on Y&R

Phyllis escorted Jack to his family cabin for his rehab. Victor plotted to expose Jack and Adam's involvement in Stephanie's death. Adam called off his and Chelsea's move to Paris. Neil and Cane clashed over leadership of Jabot.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 7, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, January 7, 2013

At Adam's estate, Victor ambled in and slammed the morning newspaper on a bureau. The folded paper featured a headline about an unknown deceased woman that had been dumped in an alley. Victor informed Adam that the woman had been seen with Jack Abbott on New Year's Eve.

Victor told Adam that he'd heard about Jack being whisked away to parts unknown to recover from a heart attack. Adam's expression remained quizzical, and he asked, "What's your point?" Victor suggested that Jack had left town as part of a cover-up linked to the deceased woman.

Adam strongly suggested that Victor was responsible for the media encampment that had waited to capture scandalous photos of Jack's guest's "walk of shame." Victor claimed he hadn't been involved. Adam sighed and said he knew that his father had planned to use blackmail to get Newman Enterprises back.

Adam didn't react when Victor said, "You covered up evidence in a woman's death, which means you are an accessory to a potential crime." Adam maintained that Victor couldn't prove that the woman had been in Jack Abbott's home. Victor replied, "You want to bet?"

After Victor left, Chelsea asked Adam why Victor had seemed so certain that Adam would betray Jack, especially after he'd suffered a heart attack. Adam, busily typing on his laptop, nonchalantly replied, "Doesn't matter because it ain't gonna happen. Dad can't touch me." Chelsea reminded Adam that he had a constant need to prove Victor wrong, and she begged Adam to leave town with her as soon as possible.

Adam, finalizing head replacements at Newman Enterprises, told Chelsea that he hoped to appoint Sharon to a chief position. Chelsea said she understood and would support Adam's choice as long as she and Adam were living on the other side of the planet. Chelsea suggested that both she and Adam visit Sharon together and offer her the position.

At Billy and Victoria's house, Billy wasn't pleased when Victoria reminded him that her dad wouldn't hesitate to grab Jabot while Jack was away. Billy said, "That'll leave my brother with nothing, and that's unacceptable. Jack's counting on me." Victoria warned that Adam's involvement changed everything.

Victoria insisted that she was the perfect choice to monitor Adam and her father to ensure that Jabot remained separate from Newman Enterprises. Billy smiled and said, "You're not just pretty; you're smart. You can't let your brother win, and I refuse to let my brother lose." Billy added, "Either we're in this together, or we're not doing it at all. Once I'm co-CEO, I can watch Adam and see everything he does."

At Sharon's house, Nick asked questions about a New York detective named Alex Chavez. Sharon explained that she'd met the detective briefly when she'd stopped by the tack house recently to visit Noah. Sharon told Nick that the detective was interested in a woman named Adriana. Nick told Sharon that the woman had broken Noah's heart, so he'd wanted nothing more to do with her. Sharon noted that the look in their son's eyes had convinced her that Noah was still in love with Adriana.

Nick looked concerned when he recalled that even Summer had noticed Noah's odd behavior recently. Sharon replied, "Noah still cares about Adriana. I know what it's like when you're involved with someone who's in trouble. Their problems become yours."

At the tack house, Noah called out to his dad and Summer as he walked in the front door and removed his coat and scarf. Adriana emerged from a corner of the room and said, "What about me?" Noah was shocked to see Adriana and asked her what she would've done had his family suddenly returned. Adriana glibly said that she would've loved to meet them all.

Noah gently reminded his ex-girlfriend that she'd dumped him for a guy from Brooklyn. Adriana held Noah's face and tried to kiss him. Noah backed away and reminded Adriana that she'd not returned any of his messages. Adriana shrugged. Noah cried, "You sent me a bag full of money, and there was a cop here from New York, looking for you. You're in a boatload of trouble!"

Noah demanded to know what was going on, but Adriana began kissing him. Adriana asked about the money. Noah asked where the money was from. Adriana claimed that she'd found it behind a panel in her apartment and that a drug dealer had left it behind. Noah informed his friend that Detective Chavez knew that the money had been shipped to Genoa City from New York.

Adriana again asked about the money. Noah admitted that it was gone. Adriana became livid. Noah said, "Your first mistake was taking the money, and your second was sending it to me." Adriana begged Noah to help her find a place to stay. Noah agreed to help her for one night.

Adam knocked on Sharon's door. Sharon smiled when she saw Adam standing on her front stoop. Chelsea suddenly lunged forward and said, "Hi, Sharon. I hope it's not a bad time." Adam added that he had a proposition for Sharon.

Once inside, Adam offered Sharon the head position in research and development at Newman Enterprises. Chelsea, smiling, added that she supported Adam's choice. Adam told Sharon that she'd be a perfect fit for the position.

Sharon seemed taken aback and asked who she'd be working under because she knew that Jack was sick and that Adam would soon be gone, opening the way for Victor to resume control. Sharon added, "If so, I'd be walking right into a buzz saw."

Sharon later visited with Nick at the tack house to discuss her job offer. She told Nick that Adam's move would be permanent. Nick remained doubtful and said he'd believe it when he saw it. Sharon explained that Adam was tying up loose ends and filling positions at Newman Enterprises. Nick maintained that it was all part of a plot.

Sharon told Nick that she needed the job to keep herself occupied, especially because it was almost Cassie's birthday. Nick said he feared that Newman Enterprises was about to become a bloodbath, and he didn't want Sharon near the battle. Sounding strong and confident, Sharon said, "I'm a lot stronger than you think, Nick, and I'm taking the job."

At Neil's condo, Neil was disappointed when Leslie announced that their interactions would remain strictly professional as long as they were working together. Neil studied Leslie's demeanor and guessed that she was speaking from past experience. Leslie admitted that she'd once overstepped a forbidden boundary but would never make the same mistake again. Leslie explained that she'd dated a former client named James Conrad. She recalled that soon afterward, the man had become a control freak and tenaciously monitored her every move.

Leslie encouraged Neil to return to his position at Jabot and just forget about pursuing a romantic relationship. Neil replied, "After what we shared last night, you're going to be able to see me every day at the office in a strictly business relationship?" Leslie said she wasn't made of stone, but she assured Neil that she wouldn't cave in.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler stopped by Lily's table and said he was disappointed about losing the job at Jabot because his work would have been the freshest of concepts for Jabot. Lily smiled and said she'd told Cane the same thing. Tyler added that Cane, like Jack and Neil, failed to recognize that real beauty came from inside.

Cane stepped just inside the door of the coffeehouse and overheard Tyler when he told Lily that she should be in charge. Lily giggled nervously. Cane grimaced. Cane joined the conversation. Lily told Cane that Tyler would be an asset to Jabot. Cane offered Tyler another shot, and Tyler accepted the job.

Later, Cane told Lily that he welcomed an opportunity to work alongside Neil. Lily remarked that Tyler had been wrong to describe Cane as a rigid, old-school guy. Cane replied, "He called me a rigid, old-school guy?" Lily smiled, and Cane kissed her.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack carried his luggage downstairs. He jolted with fear when he recalled a vision of the dead woman lying on the floor near the coffee table. Phyllis joined Jack and said she'd researched information about opiate addiction, so she'd be equipped to help.

Phyllis noted that only she, Jack, and the "addiction therapist" would be together at the cabin. Jack, trembling, cried that he felt like crawling out of his own skin only a few hours since his last pill. Phyllis attempted to calm Jack's frayed nerves and explained that whatever he'd done was due to his addiction. Jack reflected on Phyllis' words and said aloud to himself, "Whatever I've done."

Jack clawed at his bare arms with his fingernails and cried that it would be best for him to depart immediately. Phyllis replied, "Why are you saying that? Did something else happen?" Jack avoided responding to Phyllis' probing question.

Kyle, worried about his father's health, rushed home. Jack explained that the false report of him having suffered a heart attack was a cover story. Jack added, "I'm going away so I can put these pills behind me for good." A relieved smile replaced the look of concern on Kyle's face.

Kyle cried, "That's the best present I could have gotten." Jack berated himself for having forgotten his son's birthday. Jack opened a drawer and took out an antique compass given to him by his father.

Jack presented the compass to Kyle and explained that his son had forced him to face his demons when no one else could. Jack added that Kyle had helped him find his own true north. Kyle hugged Jack and said, "I love you, Dad."

Billy arrived and told Jack that he planned to return to Newman Enterprises to keep an eye on Adam and protect Jack's interests. Jack thanked Billy and said it would be a huge weight off his mind. Phyllis carried Jack's luggage as they headed to the car. Phyllis assured Jack that she would not let him fail.

Jack was shaking when he and Phyllis entered the cabin. Jack, desperate, called out to Dr. Lee and noted that the therapist was supposed to administer a medication to help treat withdrawal symptoms. Phyllis phoned the doctor and learned that due to an emergency, the doctor wouldn't arrive until the following day.

Jack began shivering uncontrollably and fighting Phyllis' attempts to calm him. Jack demanded to have his phone to call his dealer. Phyllis tightly clasped Jack's trembling hands and told him that he had to make up his mind to kick his addiction to the pills. Jack, sweaty and pale, acted as if Phyllis' words made no sense.

Adam and Chelsea returned home. Adam said he was pleased that Chelsea could include Sharon in a conversation and still smile. Chelsea was eager to move away from Genoa City. Billy barged in and informed Adam that he would be Adam's new partner at Newman Enterprises. Adam said that Jack had already warned him.

Victoria met her mom for coffee at the Genoa City Athletic Club's dining room and explained that she wouldn't allow Adam, an outsider, to dismantle Newman Enterprises or destroy the company completely out of spite. Nikki pointed out that Victoria had refused to step up when Jack, also an outsider, had taken the company away from Victor. Victoria noted that Jack was her dad's enemy, but Adam was everyone's enemy and had to be stopped.

Victor later joined his wife and daughter. Nikki told Victor that she'd already shared her opinion about the offer he'd made to Victoria. Victor was pleased when Victoria said, "We're in this together, Dad." Victor embraced his daughter and replied, "I love you for that. You will not regret it." Nikki seemed to have mixed feelings.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Victoria informed Billy that she'd told Victor she was on board in the fight for Newman Enterprises. Billy said he'd also told Jack that he would return for Newman in Jack's stead. Billy noted that when he told Adam, Victoria's sibling had taken the news in stride. Victoria was driven to succeed in order to see that Adam received his comeuppance. Billy doubted that Victoria really cared about Jack's welfare. Victoria assured her husband that she wanted Jack to get better, but also hoped Victor regained control of the company. Victoria agreed with Billy that they keep secret from Victor that they were working together.

Billy wanted to know Victoria's plan for Newman Enterprises. Victoria explained that she was still working out the details. Billy worried that Victoria was vulnerable to Victor's tactics, and her father would be able to get Victoria to do things Victor's way. Victoria protested but wondered if Billy was playing games with her. Billy assured Victoria that he'd always have her back.

Victoria contemplated taking over Newman Enterprises by buying stock. Billy believed Adam and Victor had already tried that angle. Billy proposed they play a game of poker with their adversaries instead. Victoria reminded Billy that they could lose everything by gambling. When Billy reached for a deck of cards, Victoria discouraged him from playing.

Billy explained that playing poker was simply a tool for him to illustrate his strategy to Victoria. Billy dealt the cards, and Victoria picked up her hand. After a moment, Victoria thought she caught Billy tipping his hand, but it had been a bluff. Billy instructed Victoria about how to read an opponent. Billy warned Victoria not to fall for any of Victor's subtle tricks.

Billy explained that they needed to be ready to take risks. Showing her the joker, Billy declared that it was Adam's card because he was a wildcard. Billy and Victoria's game turned romantic as Billy leaned in to kiss Victoria. After the couple made love, Billy was curious about Victor's reaction to Billy being co-CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victoria finally admitted that she hadn't told her father.

Billy accused Victoria of having chickened out. Victoria said she was simply waiting for the right moment to inform her father. Victoria zoned out for a moment and told Billy that she was worried about their scheme. Victoria feared they might only succeed if they were dealt a good hand. Billy was confident that together they would prevail. Billy asked Victoria to trust him and nobody else.

Adam complained to Chelsea about Billy being named co-CEO of Newman Enterprises and shoving it in Adam's face. In Adam's opinion, Billy had been put on the job to babysit Adam and make sure he didn't do anything Jack wouldn't like. Adam had no respect for Billy's business experience and considered him unworthy of the job.

Chelsea told Adam that as long as Jack trusted his brother, that was all that mattered. Adam was unconvinced and started to plan on how to keep Billy out of his way. Seeing the way Adam was acting, Chelsea was disturbed. Chelsea accused Adam of enjoying all the corporate intrigue and said that he got off on playing games. Adam explained that he was simply fulfilling his debt to Jack by running Newman Enterprises.

Chelsea believed that Adam liked being a corporate big shot and wouldn't want to give up that lifestyle. Adam distracted Chelsea by suggesting they choose a destination for their move. Chelsea said that her top three choices were New York, Milan, and Paris. Adam had good things to say about New York, but Chelsea's heart was set on Paris. Adam agreed that they would make Paris their new home. Chelsea was overjoyed.

Using the iPad, Adam and Chelsea tried to brush up on speaking French. Chelsea thought Adam had a great accent. Their conversation drifted to Chelsea's fashion business, as she talked about how much money she'd charge for her designs. Adam was impressed with Chelsea's self-confidence. Sitting close together on the couch, Adam and Chelsea grew playful.

Adam and Chelsea proposed a striptease game; for every phrase that Adam said correctly, Chelsea would remove a piece of clothing. If Adam said the line incorrectly, he'd take off an article of clothing. A short time later, Chelsea was down to her underwear as Adam continued to master the French phrases. Chelsea wondered if her husband had been conning her.

Adam confessed that he'd taken a few years of high school French. Chelsea protested that Adam had cheated, but Adam took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Chelsea sighed and cuddled in his embrace. Later, Adam proved how sincere he was about moving to France by booking a flight and a hotel suite in the finest Paris hotel. Chelsea was dazzled by Adam's commitment. Adam promised Chelsea that their lives would be "magnifique."

Later on, Adam was alone in the living room. Adam looked at his cell phone and wondered if Sharon had accepted the job at Newman Enterprises. Dying of curiosity, Adam placed a call to Sharon and left her a message. Adam asked if she'd decided to become the new head of Newman Enterprises R&D. Chelsea stood in the doorway and overheard Adam on the phone.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms, including shivering and having hallucinations. Phyllis did her best to deal with Jack's symptoms, but Jack declared that he was leaving. Phyllis stopped Jack and pulled him back onto the couch. Looking at Phyllis, Jack thought he saw Stephanie's face. Jack asked Stephanie why she'd had to die. Phyllis tried to make sense of Jack's words. Phyllis told Jack that Stephanie was not there.

Jack recognized Phyllis again, and she asked him who Stephanie had been. Jack explained that Stephanie had appeared in his life and then had died. Jack believed that he'd killed Stephanie. Phyllis assured Jack that he hadn't killed anybody, assuming that Jack was simply hallucinating. Jack looked around and asked what they were doing at the cabin.

Jack became paranoid, accusing Ashley and Billy of turning on him. Phyllis said Jack's sister and brother loved him. Phyllis told Jack that she loved him, too. Jack lashed out at Phyllis viciously, declaring that she'd broken his heart when she left him for Nick. Phyllis took it as Jack blasted her for all the pain she'd caused him. Jack's anger was intense.

A short time later, Phyllis called Jack's physician, Dr. Lee, to say that Jack was hallucinating and expressing a lot of rage, especially at her. Dr. Lee told Phyllis to continue monitoring Jack. Phyllis shook Jack to awaken him from a troublesome dream. Jack said he'd been dreaming about the two of them. Jack said that he and Phyllis had been very good together.

Phyllis informed Jack that he'd recently said just the opposite about their relationship. Phyllis asked Jack about Stephanie again, telling Jack that he'd been rambling. Jack covered up the truth about Stephanie's death by spinning wild stories about his work with President Theodore Roosevelt. Jack regretted that he'd allowed himself to get hooked on pain pills.

Phyllis defended Jack's dependency on pills, reminding him that that he'd been paralyzed and had fought back to walk again. Phyllis assured Jack that he was a great man, even if he had succumbed to an addiction. Thinking about their marriage, Jack recalled that he'd asked Phyllis to spy on Victor. Phyllis said that she'd forgiven Jack for that a long time before.

Jack had the shakes, and Phyllis held him tightly until they passed. Jack commented that Phyllis would make a wonderful nurse. Phyllis contradicted Jack because most people considered Phyllis a wrecking ball. Jack declared that he admired that part of Phyllis, her power and strength. Jack wondered why they hadn't been able to make their marriage work out.

As the symptoms grew more extreme, Jack was embarrassed that Phyllis had to see him that way. Jack wanted Phyllis to leave and not be subjected to his humiliation. Phyllis refused to go and promised Jack that she would stay with him all night long. Jack clung to Phyllis as he continued to show signs of withdrawal.

At the Underground, an electrician informed Nick that there was a problem with the wiring. The workman said he'd need more time to fix the problem. Nick was frustrated because he didn't want to delay the club's opening. Avery appeared and tried to calm the tense atmosphere by offering cupcakes to Nick and the workmen.

Avery suggested that everyone take a time out and invited the guys to take a cupcake. Nick didn't think that cupcakes would fix the problems with the construction of the club. Nick was very uptight about possibly missing the opening. Avery urged Nick to do whatever it took to make the deadline, like paying the men overtime or hiring additional workers to get the job done.

Avery noticed that Nick seemed very concerned about the club. Avery asked if Nick was afraid of failing. Nick explained that he had a lot on the line with the Underground, more than if he'd returned to Newman Enterprises. Avery listened as Nick asserted that his fate was tied into the opening of the Underground. Avery had faith in Nick and believed in the success of the Underground.

Later, Avery and Nick went to her apartment and made love. A short time later, Nick walked into the kitchen and discovered that Avery had left him a note saying that she'd gone out. Avery returned to the Underground and told a workman that she was leaving a surprise for Nick. Avery put the surprise behind the bar.

Back at the apartment, Nick opened the kitchen drawer and found the jar with Dylan McAvoy's dog tags. Nick was intrigued and decided to look up the name Dylan McAvoy online. When Avery returned, she saw that Nick had the dog tags in his hands. Avery said that she hadn't thought that Nick was the kind of person who'd go through her things. Nick said he had been curious and had looked up Dylan McAvoy online.

Nick said that he'd learned that Dylan had been a soldier and had died in Afghanistan. Avery confessed that she'd had an affair with Dylan, but assured Nick that she'd moved on from that relationship. Avery told Nick that she didn't want any secrets between them, encouraging him to confront her with any questions he had of her.

In a barracks in Bethesda, Maryland, Dylan McAvoy packed a duffel bag with his clothes. Dylan looked at his airline ticket. The destination was Genoa City, Wisconsin.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Avery noticed that Nick was upset and asked if he was concerned about opening the nightclub. Nick told Avery that it was Cassie's birthday. Nick confessed that he still missed his daughter who'd died in a car accident years before. Nick said that he and Sharon planned to spend the day with Noah and Faith to remember Cassie.

Avery believed it was lovely that the family honored Cassie's memory each year on her birthday. Nick mentioned that Summer wasn't able to join them. Avery asked Nick what would make him happy. Nick said it would really please him if Cassie was never forgotten.

Meanwhile at Sharon's house, Sharon looked at a family photo album, focusing on pictures of Cassie. Sharon wiped tears from her eyes. Sharon asked herself what Cassie's life might be like if she'd lived. Nick went to Sharon's and asked if she was all right. Sharon confessed that she missed Cassie, but Sharon also felt very close to their daughter on Cassie's birthday. Nick asked if Sharon was ready to go to Cassie's graveside. Sharon proposed a new tradition to honor Cassie's birthday instead of going the cemetery.

As Lauren entered the Athletic Club, she received a text message from Michael saying that he'd been delayed. Feeling disappointed, Lauren went to the bar. Carmine stepped up and offered Lauren a glass of champagne. Lauren was surprised to see Carmine because he'd been working at On the Boulevard. Carmine said he needed as many shifts as he could get.

Lauren declined the champagne because she thought it was too early for a drink. Carmine added some orange juice and urged Lauren to enjoy it. Lauren stopped at one mimosa because she hadn't eaten yet. Lauren said that Michael had texted her that he was running late. Carmine thought Michael needed to appreciate Lauren more.

As they chatted, Carmine admitted to Lauren that he'd been a juvenile delinquent. Carmine offered Lauren some advice about how she might treat her son, Fenmore. Carmine told Lauren that tough love didn't work with teenagers; it just alienated them. Carmine suggested that Lauren let Fen know that she had his back.

Chloe and Kevin entered Crimson Lights, and she wondered why Kevin had closed the coffeehouse. Chloe was stunned when Kevin pulled out the duffel bag with the stolen money. Kevin said that he suspected the money had been marked and needed to be laundered before they could use any of the bills. Chloe admitted that she'd had second thoughts about keeping the money. The idea of hiring a cleaner -- a money launderer -- and paying him off, frightened her.

Chloe didn't want to think that she and Kevin were turning into criminals. After a moment's hesitation, Chloe decided that keeping the money was the only way to make sure they kept the house. Kevin understood Chloe's fears and assured her that if she changed her mind, he'd dump the money and report it to the police. Chloe decided that she could handle the stress and admitted to Kevin that she was turned on by the danger.

There was a knock at the door, and Michael let himself into the coffeehouse. Michael asked why Kevin had closed the place. Kevin and Chloe made an excuse, but Michael noticed that they were both acting strangely. Michael wondered whether Kevin was still worried about losing the house.

Kevin said that he and Chloe would work things out with the bank, and changed the subject to why Michael was there. Michael was looking for information about where Jamie had gone. Kevin and Chloe knew nothing about Jamie's whereabouts. They'd only seen Jamie when he hung out with Fen and Summer.

Before leaving, Michael noticed that there was a stack of cash on the floor. Michael picked up the bills and saw that it was a substantial amount of money. Michael wondered how Kevin and Chloe had so much cash laying around when they were in such financial straits. Chloe took the money and said she'd withdrawn the five thousand dollars from the bank, leaving her account with only forty-six dollars. Chloe had hoped to use the money save the house, but it wasn't enough to satisfy the bank.

Michael wanted to help Kevin and Chloe, but Kevin turned him down. Michael understood how Kevin felt, but Michael was afraid that Kevin might be tempted to do something illegal again. Michael warned Kevin not to do anything foolish because Michael was fed up with prosecuting people close to him. Michael left the coffeehouse. Chloe was worried that they'd roused Michael's suspicions.

At the tack house, Noah was upset that when he called Adriana's phone, it went directly to voicemail. Noah urged Adriana to call him immediately because he was worried about the missing money. Noah added that he could only help Adriana if she called him back. A short time later, Adriana called from the Athletic Club dining room.

Adriana told Noah that everything was fine, and she explained that she'd been enjoying the amenities at the Athletic Club, like the spa. Noah reminded Adriana that he'd warned her to keep a low profile. Adriana suggested that Noah chill because Alex wasn't around to bother them. Noah told Adriana to stay put because he was on his way there to put her on a bus out of town.

Sharon and Nick arrived at the tack house with Faith. Noah was surprised to see them. Nick reminded Noah that it was Cassie's birthday, and they were going to spend the day together. Noah explained that he had something else to do. Nick told Noah to change his plans because it was important to Sharon that they honor Cassie as a family.

Nick and Sharon were adamant that Noah help them share memories of Cassie so Faith could learn about her big sister. Nick and Sharon proposed that they bake Cassie's favorite cookies and give them to paramedics at the firehouse. Noah liked that idea, since those firefighters had tried to save Cassie's life after the car accident.

A little while later, alone with Faith, Noah asked his little sister if she'd seen the duffel bag with the money. Faith said no. After the cookies were done, Faith asked her parents if Cassie would have liked her. Sharon told Faith that Cassie had predicted that Sharon and Nick would have another baby, and Faith was that child. Nick, Sharon, and Noah agreed that Faith was Cassie's gift from Heaven.

A short time later, Noah said he had to leave. Nick wanted Noah to go with him to the club to pick out the right artwork before the opening. Noah put off Nick until later. Sharon and Nick asked if Noah was keeping something from them.

Noah finally admitted that Adriana had shown up the night before. Noah thought that he was in over his head. Sharon and Nick asked where Adriana had gone, and Noah revealed that he'd gotten her a room at the Athletic Club for one night. Sharon and Nick disapproved of Noah being involved with Adriana because the cops were after her.

Noah told them that he'd ended things with Adriana when she cheated on him. Noah assured his parents that he'd told them everything about his relationship with Adriana. Meanwhile, at the Athletic Club, Adriana was stunned when Alex confronted her. Alex said that he knew that Adriana had sent the stolen money to Noah.

Alex threatened to have Adriana arrested if she didn't tell him where she'd stashed the money. Adriana denied that she'd done anything wrong. At the door to the Athletic Club, Noah saw Alex and Adriana in the dining room. Adriana let it slip that she was hanging out in Genoa City because she didn't have the money. Alex warned Adriana that he was watching her.

In her apartment, Avery looked at Dylan McAvoy's dog tags for a moment before leaving. A while later, Sharon and Nick bundled up Faith to go to the firehouse with the cookies. Avery appeared at the door and apologized for interrupting their "Cassie" day. Sharon said she was just leaving with Faith.

After Sharon and Faith walked out, Nick asked Avery why she was there. Avery said she needed to speak with Summer. Nick worried that Summer was in trouble again. Nick asked Avery what his daughter had done. Avery explained that Summer had spent some time snooping in Avery's storage unit.

Nick was upset, but Avery said she and Summer had cleared the air, and Summer had promised to stop going there. However, Avery had discovered that someone had broken into the unit again even after she changed the locks. Nick offered to give Summer a good talking to, but Avery wanted to handle the situation herself.

Nick was really upset about Summer acting up again, but Avery wasn't sure that Summer had been the culprit. Avery explained that Summer had promised her that she'd keep out of Avery's stuff. Nick and Avery wondered why someone would break the lock to get into the storage unit but not take anything of value.

Michael finally arrived at the Athletic Club, and Lauren was glad to see him. Carmine let Lauren know that the champagne had been on the house. Over brunch, Michael and Lauren agreed to stop worrying about Fen and Jamie and just concentrate on each other. Lauren asked Michael if they could go to Chicago for the weekend. Michael said he didn't need anything more than to look into Lauren's eyes to feel romantic.

After they were done with brunch, Michael said he had to leave. He was following up on a lead to Jamie's whereabouts. Michael mentioned that he'd gone to the coffeehouse to speak with Kevin and Chloe about Jamie, but they hadn't seen him in weeks. Michael mentioned that Kevin and Chloe had acted suspiciously.

At the coffeehouse, Alex walked in and told Kevin and Chloe he had some questions for them. Back at the Athletic Club, Noah confronted Adriana about her meeting with Alex. Adriana claimed that Alex had been harassing her. She also said that Alex was a dirty cop. Adriana threw her arms around Noah and asked him to protect her.

At the Underground, Nick was stunned to find that the electricians weren't there. Nick was furious because the opening was just a few days away. Avery suggested they have a drink. Behind the bar, Nick discovered the gift that Avery had left for him. Avery explained that she had wanted him to find it on opening night.

Avery agreed to let Nick unwrap the gift. Inside, Nick found a framed one-dollar bill. Avery was certain that it would be the first of many more because she believed in Nick. Avery had faith in Nick's new club being a big success.

After dropping Faith back at the tack house, Sharon went home. Sharon ate one of the cookies and thought about Cassie. Sharon glanced at the photo album again and touched the pictures of Cassie and Noah. Sharon recalled that Cassie had always said to look to the future. With that in mind, Sharon pulled out her phone and called Adam. Sharon told him that she'd take the job at Newman Enterprises.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

At the cabin, Jack shivered uncontrollably, and Phyllis covered him with a blanket. He violently struggled against her, and she assured him that the doctor would be there soon. Phyllis offered Jack a bottle of water, but he knocked it out of her hand. Phyllis realized that Jack was in pain, but she felt powerless to help.

Jack called out meekly to Phyllis, and she hesitated to go near him, but his cries became more insistent. She crossed the room to him, and he croaked that he'd thought she'd left, but she assured him that she wasn't going anywhere. The doctor arrived at the cabin and gave Jack a drug that would help manage the effects of withdrawal. Jack collapsed on the couch, and the doctor apologized to Phyllis for being late.

The doctor warned that while the medication would take edge off, withdrawal would still be rough. A shaken Phyllis hoped it would get better. The doctor advised her to closely follow the treatment plan, and he noticed that she seemed frazzled. Phyllis nearly broke down in tears, and the doctor was surprised that she didn't have help tending to Jack. She insisted that she was fine and that she could take care of herself once Jack was healthy.

Phyllis made a schedule of times that she would administer decreasing doses of the withdrawal medication, and she assured Jack that going cold turkey had been the worst part. She urged him to stop listening to the voices in his head that told him that he couldn't do it. She recalled the nightmare he'd had the prior night, and Jack looked at her in horror. Phyllis informed him that he'd called her Stephanie and had asked, "Why did you have to die?"

Phyllis assumed that Stephanie had been Jack's drug dealer, and he asked what else Phyllis had put together. Phyllis asserted that his addiction was making him believe that he couldn't live without the pills, but she believed that he was strong enough to overcome it. She prepared to pick up some healthy food at the grocery store, and after she left, Jack hissed Stephanie's name.

Victor told his investigator to leak a story to the press about how Adam and an intoxicated Jack had conspired to cover up the death of a prostitute in Jack's home. Victor also wanted to expose that Stephanie had been the daughter of Congressman Wheeler, and the investigator assured Victor that there was no way for anyone to link Victor to Stephanie. Victor instructed the investigator to wait to leak the story until the investigator found Jack.

The investigator reported that he'd checked out the phone numbers Mason had provided, and one was for a remote cabin. Victor realized that it was John's cabin, and he told the investigator to confirm that Jack was there and to inform Victor when Jack returned home. Victor plotted to let the world know about Jack's secrets. Nikki overheard as she descended the stairs. The investigator said that he would be in touch, and he left.

Victor greeted Nikki, who cautiously asked what secrets Victor was planning to expose. Victor disclosed that Jack was hooked on painkillers, but Nikki referred to the press conference Jack had held to deny his addiction. Victor revealed that it had been a hoax and that Jack had faked a heart attack to hide entering rehab. She called it a private matter, and she was incredulous that Victor intended to take back Newman Enterprises by telling the world that Jack was suffering from the same disease she had battled. Victor argued that Nikki's situation was entirely different from Jack's.

Nikki reminded Victor how difficult rehab had been, and she wondered if Victor would have handled the situation any differently if Jack had cancer. Victor ranted that Jack was ruining Victor's life's work by running off the rails, and he insisted that Nikki had misunderstood his conversation with the investigator. She concurred that she didn't like Jack running Victor's company, but she hoped that Victor wouldn't take advantage of Jack's illness. Victor promised that he wouldn't disappoint her.

Chelsea listened to Adam speaking with someone on the phone. Adam suspected that Victor would make a move, and he wanted to figure out what approach Victor planned to use, so Adam could manage the situation. After he hung up, Chelsea reminded Adam that they had a lot to do before they left for Paris, but Adam thought that it would only take him a few minutes to pack. She mentioned putting the house on the market, but he hadn't anticipated selling it. Chelsea asserted that the point of leaving was to sever all ties to Genoa City.

Chelsea thought that it was silly to hold on to the house, since they wouldn't ever return, and she questioned whether Adam really wanted to start over. He assured her that they would leave for good, but the house was simply an investment. Chelsea worried that it was a tie to Victor that would interfere with their clean break. Adam commented that the house was just a building, and all that mattered was that they would be together.

Adam found Victor at the Athletic Club bar, and he admitted that Victor had been right about Jack's pill problem. Adam revealed that he had agreed to cover for Jack at Newman Enterprises, but there was new information about a dead prostitute who Jack had spent the night with on New Year's Eve. Victor asked Adam whether Jack was connected to the hooker's death, and Adam said that it looked bad. Victor expressed concern that the scandal could be disastrous for the company, but Adam vowed that it wouldn't happen on his watch.

Victor questioned whether Adam was willing to turn his back on Jack, and Adam declared his commitment to save Newman Enterprises. Adam reasoned that if he remained loyal to Jack, he wouldn't be able to avoid the fallout. Victor was skeptical, and he challenged Adam to tell the press everything Adam knew about Jack. Adam half-heartedly said that he could do it, but Victor noticed his hesitation. Adam wanted the truth regarding whether Victor had hired the hooker to create a different kind of scandal. Adam claimed that his intention was to protect Victor, who implored Adam to go to the press first, and then they would talk.

Jack looked out the cabin window. He flashed back to finding Stephanie's corpse on the floor and contacting Adam for help. Jack found Phyllis' phone and called Adam, who reported that Jack's cover was intact. Adam mentioned that he'd tried to get Victor to admit that he'd hired Stephanie. Jack was certain that Victor had set Jack up, and Adam voiced his suspicion that Victor was gathering ammunition against Jack. Jack ordered Adam to stay away from Victor, but Adam stated that Victor would have already used damaging information if Victor had it. Phyllis returned and demanded that Jack put the phone down.

Phyllis assumed that Jack had been trying to score drugs, and she ranted that she hadn't put her life on hold to watch over him just so he could blow his recovery. He swore that it had been a business call to Adam, and he invited her to check her call log. She scolded that Jack's recovery wouldn't work unless he gave it all he had, and she commanded him to put work out of his mind.

Jack lamented that he'd put Phyllis through the ringer, and she sobbed that there had been times when she had thought he had been about to die. Jack swore that he would never forget that she'd stood by him, and he felt lucky to have her there with him. Phyllis said that he'd done the hardest part, and she offered moral support. He grabbed her hand and proclaimed that she'd saved his life, even if he doubted whether it was worth saving.

Nikki discovered that Victor had set up a romantic dinner at the penthouse. She suspected that it was a distraction from his plot to use Jack's addiction to win back the company, but Victor wanted her to think about them instead. He swore that he had nothing to atone for and that he just wanted to be together. They kissed.

Adam made a call and divulged that he had allowed Victor to think that Adam was playing Victor's game, at least until he had enough evidence against Victor. Adam declared his determination to nail Victor before Victor exposed Jack. Adam vowed that his father would never get Newman Enterprises back.

At Crimson Lights, Alex approached Kevin and Chloe with a few more questions. Kevin tried to brush Alex off by stating that they had an appointment, but Alex already knew that it was with "the cleaner." Kevin quipped that he and Chloe couldn't afford to do laundry, much less pay for dry cleaning. Alex revealed that he'd listened in on the call between Kevin and a guy who laundered money, but Kevin claimed that it had simply been a wrong number. Alex advised Kevin and Chloe to think about what they were getting into.

After Alex left, Chloe freaked out that Alex knew about the money, but Kevin was certain that Alex had no proof. Chloe couldn't believe that they'd resorted to contacting someone to launder money. Kevin reminded her of what it had been like to make love on the piles of cash, but Chloe was perplexed by the possibility of going to jail. Kevin promised that he wouldn't let that happen.

Chloe stopped by to see Chelsea and inquired about Chelsea and Adam's moving plans. Chelsea doubted whether it would happen, since Adam had no desire to sell the house. Chloe joked that perhaps Adam planned to have Sharon burn the house down. Chelsea worried that Adam wasn't ready to move on, but she realized that Chloe was distracted.

Chelsea inquired whether Chloe had changed her mind about going into business together, but Chloe reaffirmed their partnership. Chloe suggested that she also move to Paris to launch Chelsea's clothing line, and Chelsea was surprised by Chloe's about-face. Chelsea noted that Chloe looked terrified, and she pressed Chloe to tell her the truth. Chloe asked if she could trust Chelsea with a secret.

Chloe explained the situation to Chelsea, who pointed out that Kevin and Chloe would be in lockup if Alex had any proof against them. Chloe anticipated that Chelsea was about to tell her to give the money back, but Chelsea countered that was the worst thing Chloe could do. Chelsea said that she was in a position to help, and she counseled Chloe to never admit to a crime and to never turn back once knee-deep in one. Chloe asked how she and Kevin could save their house, and Chelsea advised her to keep it simple.

Chloe returned to Crimson Lights, and Kevin griped that the money launderer had been spooked. She proposed that they use the coffeehouse as collateral to take out a legitimate business loan, put the funds toward the balloon payment on the house, and then pay back the loan using the stolen money. Kevin gushed that they would improve their credit at the same time, and he called her plan genius. They kissed, and Alex watched them through the window as he reached for his phone.

At the Athletic Club, Noah told Adriana that it wouldn't work between them. He blasted her for playing him and then involving him as an accessory to her crime. He demanded to know why she'd shown up, and she pleaded for forgiveness, but he scoffed at the idea that he was desperate enough to get back together with her. Adriana swore that Noah was the only one she could trust.

Noah clarified that Adriana thought that he was the biggest sucker she knew, and he insisted that she leave town. She whined that Alex was a dirty cop who would stop at nothing to find her. Noah pointed out that since she didn't have the money, the police couldn't pin anything on her. She couldn't believe that Noah would turn his back on her. Noah suggested that she forget about Noah and the money and go somewhere Alex wouldn't look. Adriana cried that couldn't forget about the money or about Noah.

Noah remarked that the money hadn't been Adriana's to begin with, and he said that it had passed in and out of her life just like her many men had. Adriana argued that she'd never been with a nice guy until she'd met Noah, and it had been better than money. He reminded her that she'd cheated on him, and she claimed that anything amazing that had happened in her life had been a lie, so she hadn't believed that Noah had been for real. Adriana admitted that she had ruined the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she walked off.

Noah chased after Adriana, who compared him to all the other men who had walked out on her, including her father. Noah denied that he was anything like her dad. Adriana commented that Noah reminded her of her brother, who she had trusted until he had pimped her out to one of his friends. Adriana refused to let any man help her, and she declared that the money was hers to start over with.

Adriana complained that Noah was throwing her away, but he contended that he was only trying to protect her. He pledged that no matter how angry he was with her, he didn't want anything bad to happen to her, and he wouldn't abandon her. "I knew it. You can't quit me," she purred, plastering him with kisses. As Adriana hugged Noah, she checked her phone and saw a text message from an unknown caller, asking where the money was.

Friday, January 11, 2013

At the Underground, Nick made last-minute arrangements for the club's opening. Avery entered and asked if everything was ready, and Nick happily reported that the wiring had been fixed. He started to announce that he was officially open for business, but he received a text message, and he instead stated that he was "officially screwed."

Nick informed Avery that the framer had lost the club's liquor license, and he proposed that he cancel the opening and sell the club. She suggested that he get another copy from the clerk's office, and she offered to use her connections to bypass the red tape. Nick jokingly wished that he'd hooked up with an attorney earlier. She asked for a flyer to take to the clerk's office, and she noticed that the address had been printed incorrectly. She instructed Nick to go to the address on the flyer and explain the mix-up, while she took care of the liquor license.

Later, Avery posted the liquor license, and she reported to Nick that she'd had to promise the clerk a dance at the club in exchange for the quick turnaround. Nick disclosed that the address on the flyer was for an Indian restaurant, and he'd had to make a reservation every week for the next month to ensure the restaurant directed club patrons to the right place. Avery turned on some music, and she praised Nick for making the opening happen. She asked if it had been worth the trouble, and he reached out his hand and pulled her into a dance.

Nick and Avery finished their dance, and he thanked her for saving his butt that day. She said that she had a vested interest as his first paying customer with her own private booth. He thought of the ways he could keep his best customer happy, and they playfully retreated to the upstairs office so he could show her.

Leslie arrived at work, and Neil presented her with breakfast from Crimson Lights. She accepted the pastry, but she clarified that it didn't change her mind about dating in the workplace. He asked about dating outside of it, and they chuckled.

Neil handed Leslie a cup of coffee, made just the way she liked it. She groaned that he was making it tough for her, but he claimed that he always tended to people's coffee needs. She countered that those were the only needs she would allow him to tend to during business hours. He seductively told her to enjoy her "sexy, hot, steamy coffee." He watched in amusement as a speechless Leslie walked away.

Cane, Lily, Devon, and Tyler finished up a business meeting. Cane and Lily left separately to take care of other duties, and Tyler asked Devon if all the meetings at the company were that dull. Tyler expressed concern about Lily, and he mentioned seeing an upset Lily hugging another guy. Devon realized that Lily had been saying goodbye to Daniel. Devon revealed that Lily and Daniel had been married, but Cane had since become the only man for her.

Tyler asked for Lily's opinion on some of his ideas, but she thought there were more qualified people than her to help him. He flirtatiously pointed out that no one knew the art of looking good better than she did. Lily thought that Tyler gave her too much credit, but he noted that she had good energy and ideas, and he wanted to tap into them. Leslie approached, and after Lily left, Leslie ordered Tyler to keep his personal and professional lives separate. Tyler noted that Leslie was having problems following her own advice.

In the CEO's office, Cane offered to get out of Neil's way, and Neil wondered if Cane had second thoughts about being CEO in name only. Cane maintained that Neil was the right person for the job, and he wanted to do the right thing. The phone rang, and the men looked at one another nervously. Cane stated that it was Neil's phone. Neil answered, but the call was for Cane.

Later, Neil requested the tracks for a moisturizer spot from Devon, but Devon had been working on other projects under Cane's direction. Neil asked Lily to generate a proposal for the body wash line, but she mentioned that Cane had assigned her to work on summer lipsticks. Cane and Neil argued over which project took priority. Lily told them to let her know once they figured it out, and Neil glared at Cane.

Lily asked Cane whether he had reached an agreement with Neil, and Devon remarked that the men had agreed to disagree. Devon presented passes to Nick's club opening, but Tyler declined, and he thought Leslie would, too, because she was trying too hard to keep things professional. Meanwhile, Leslie entered Neil's office and imagined him shirtless. Neil innocently asked what she needed, and she snapped out of her daydream, clearly flustered.

Cane told Lily that he hadn't intended to override Neil, and Lily pointed out that Cane had set the terms with Neil. Meanwhile, Neil complained to Leslie that Jack had hired him to run the show, but then Jack and Cane had contradicted Neil's every move. Leslie remarked that Cane had made a big sacrifice, and he needed time to adjust. Cane called Neil with an apology for giving Neil attitude. Neil acknowledged that he'd overreacted, and the men agreed that things were good between them.

Lily called out to suggest that Neil ask Leslie to the club opening. After he hung up, Neil relayed to Leslie that Lily wanted Leslie to go to the party at the Underground, but Leslie reminded him that they weren't dating. He suggested that they go as co-workers and friends to share a dance, but she worried that it wouldn't stop there. He amorously asked whether that would be so bad, and she jokingly said that it would be "the absolute worst."

Devon learned of a problem at the factory in Kenosha, and he told Tyler that Cane would have to go to the factory that night. Tyler eyed a pass to the Underground.

Billy prepared to go to the office, and Victoria straightened his tie. She remarked that people needed to take him seriously if he expected to keep Newman Enterprises from swallowing Jabot. They agreed that Jack belonged at Jabot and that Victor belonged at Newman. The doorbell rang, and Billy invited Victor in. Victor noticed Billy's suit, and he inquired whether Billy had managed to scrounge up a job somewhere. Billy crowed that he'd taken over Victor's former position.

Victoria clarified that Billy was helming the company as co-CEO with Adam. Billy declared that it was a moot point, since Adam planned to leave town. Victoria explained that Billy was working with the Newmans to get the company back. Victor didn't believe that Billy would side with Victor over Jack, but Billy asserted that he was on his wife's side. Victoria said that Billy was the only chance for them to regain control of the company, but Victor contended that he always had options, and he walked out.

Victoria worried that Victor knew that there was more to the story, and Billy hoped that Victor didn't find out about the merger. Victoria wondered if Adam would approve the merger before he left, and Billy proclaimed that he was off to save their family's companies for future generations. Victoria told Billy to give Adam an extra kick out the door for her, but Billy was more concerned that Adam had changed his mind about leaving town.

Victor thanked Congressman Marcus Wheeler for stopping by the penthouse, and he offered his condolences about Stephanie's death. Marcus was surprised, because his staff had kept a lid on the press, but Victor assured Marcus that no one else would find out that Stephanie had been an escort. Victor revealed that Jack and Adam had conspired together to cover up Stephanie's death. Marcus questioned how Victor knew, and Victor explained that he had been concerned about the welfare of his company, so he'd had an investigator shadow Jack.

Victor disclosed that the investigator had seen Jack leave the Athletic Club with Stephanie on New Year's Eve. Victor admitted that he only had suspicions, not proof, but he found it odd that Jack had been taken to the hospital after allegedly having a heart attack, and Adam had held a press conference shortly thereafter. Marcus bitterly recounted that his daughter had been dumped in an alley. Victor promised that if Marcus wanted justice, Victor would make sure it happened.

Marcus left as Victoria arrived, and Victor said that he would be in touch. Victor fibbed that he and Marcus had discussed a political contribution. Victoria noticed a flyer for the club opening, but Victor stated that he wasn't going. Victoria contended that Victor's presence would mean a lot to Nick, but Victor refused. Victoria suspected that Victor was angry because Nick wouldn't do what Victor wanted. Victor defended that he always supported his family, no matter how absurd their ventures.

Victor condemned Billy for taunting Victor about Billy's role as CEO, but Victoria insisted that Billy was serious about helping them. Victor contended that he didn't need any help, and she asked if Victor had a better way to get rid of Jack and Adam. Victor admitted that his plan was already in motion. Victoria wondered if it had to do with Marcus, and she wondered if Victor was holding something over the congressman. Victor divulged that Marcus had recently found his daughter dead in an alley, and Victor vowed that the crime wouldn't go unpunished.

Adam told Mason to hold his calls, and he found Sharon waiting in his office. Adam hadn't expected her to start yet, but she was eager to make a better impression than the last one she'd made. Adam assured her that she had nothing to prove to anyone, but she was determined to prove something to herself. Adam informed Sharon that he would only be her boss for a few more hours, because he and Chelsea planned to leave that night.

Adam was reluctant to leave "galactically inexperienced" Billy in charge, but he had promised Chelsea that they would catch their flight. Sharon commented that nothing was more important than his marriage, but she sympathized that walking away wasn't easy. Adam thought that Sharon was the only person who understood. Sharon said that the company and the town were part of Adam, and she promised to do her best to keep her eye on Billy.

Sharon presented ideas to Adam about cross-promoting products, and an unseen Chelsea spied their collaboration. Adam supported all of Sharon's ideas, and Sharon noticed Chelsea standing in the doorway. Sharon awkwardly wished Chelsea luck in Paris, and Adam said that he would stop by Sharon's office on his way out. Sharon departed, and Chelsea said that she needed Adam's signature on the documents to return her car. Billy entered and officially released Adam from his duties.

Adam sarcastically thanked Billy for his offer, but he refused to leave until he was ready. Billy wished Chelsea the best, and he earnestly told her that she'd made a huge difference in his life. She urged Billy to take good care of Victoria and Johnny. Chelsea kissed Adam goodbye, and a look of dismay crossed her face as she left the office. Adam asked if Billy was clear about where to take Newman Enterprises, and Billy thought the best course was to take no action. Adam inquired about the Jabot merger, and Billy asserted that it was Billy's call to make after Adam left for Paris.

Later, Sharon burst in to share another idea with Adam, but Billy informed her that he had taken over the office. She explained that Adam had hired her for the research and development position, and she declared her determination to make up for the past damage she'd done. Billy warned that Adam wouldn't be there to advocate for her, but she wanted to prove to Jack that she was up for the job. Billy conceded that she was talented, but he questioned why he should give her a chance. Sharon argued that she was the reason why Jack had been able to amass a majority interest, and she vowed that the stock would never drop so low again. Billy agreed to let Sharon keep her job.

Adam entered the elevator, where another man was already on board. After the doors closed, Adam asked what the man had learned. The man reported that Stephanie had been the daughter of Congressman Wheeler and that the congressman had met with Victor that day. Adam exited the elevator and left an urgent message for Jack.

Adam returned home, and Chelsea chirped that she had already checked them in for their flight. Adam said that he couldn't go, because he had to take care of a crisis that Billy couldn't handle. Adam recalled his promise to look out for Jack's interests, and Chelsea angrily inquired about the promises Adam had made to her. Adam said that he needed two weeks, but Chelsea realized that Adam would never be able to walk away from Genoa City. She dejectedly hauled her suitcase upstairs.

Billy reported to Victoria that Adam had left, and Victoria couldn't believe that they were finally rid of him. Victoria informed Victor that they no longer needed to worry about Adam. Victor firmly believed that Adam would never leave Newman Enterprises. Victor called Adam a threat that Victor intended to deal with himself.

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