The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 31, 2012 on Y&R

Chelsea reunited with Adam, and they agreed to move away from Genoa City and Sharon. Noah confided in Nick about Adriana and why Alex was after him. Chloe and Kevin stole the drug money stash from Noah's place and decided to keep it. After a call girl died in Jack's house, Adam covered up the crime, and Jack agreed to get rehab.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 31, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, December 31, 2012

At the Chancellor estate, Tucker fussed over his mother after learning from Jill that Katherine's most recent collapse had been caused by stress. Tucker attempted to wrap his mom up to her chin in a warm scarf just before they headed out to have dinner. Katherine warned Tucker that she'd opt to dine at home if he continued "pestering" her.

After Tucker and Katherine arrived at the Genoa City Athletic Club's dining room, Katherine spotted Victor across the room at the bar. Katherine reminded Tucker that he'd promised not to discuss certain topics during their evening soiree.

Tucker agreed not to aggravate his mother and explained that his only intention was to mend fences. Katherine told Tucker that if he was sincere, then he shouldn't mind if she invited Victor to dine with them. Tucker rolled his eyes as Katherine approached Victor and cheerily greeted her beloved friend.

Before Tucker, Katherine, and Victor ordered, Victor discussed Jack's pill-popping problem. Tucker explained that he'd offered to help, but Jack had instead turned to Adam. Victor offered to buy back Tucker's shares of Newman Enterprises when Tucker complained that he'd thought Jack would be at the helm when he invested in the company.

Katherine reminded her son that he'd manipulated Sharon and had schemed to keep Victor away. Accepting Victor's offer, Katherine added, would surely help mend fences. Tucker noted that he'd expected to share a family meal with his mother and didn't wish to discuss business.

Victor excused himself and said he had to leave. Before Victor walked away, Tucker explained that he knew how it felt to lose something that truly mattered and understood why one would do everything possible to set matters right. Victor nodded.

After Victor walked away, Tucker gazed into his mother's eyes and insisted that he'd meant every word he'd just said. Katherine surmised that what mattered most to Tucker was repairing their relationship.

Katherine told her son that Victor made his children prove their love by testing them, but she did not. Tucker explained that he only knew how to make deals, and he begged his mom to tell him how he could repair their relationship. Katherine replied, "Who says there's anything to be done?"

After Katherine and Tucker returned to the Chancellor estate, Tucker told Katherine that he'd enjoyed her company. Katherine replied, "It wasn't a complete disaster, was it?" Tucker quipped that it was the nicest compliment his mother had ever paid him.

Tucker tenderly kissed his mother's cheek before he turned to leave. Katherine said, "There is a way to make things better between us." Tucker leaned in to listen. Katherine asked Tucker to prove to Devon that he truly loved him.

Neil summoned Lily, Cane, Devon, Leslie, and her brother, Tyler, to Jabot. Neil announced that Jack had fired him. Neil noted that Jack had named Cane as the new CEO.

While Neil gathered papers on what had been his desk, Devon offered to silence the streaming music in the building and instruct workers to resume wearing business-appropriate attire. Tyler volunteered to develop a more mainstream marketing campaign.

Neil explained that Jack was facing a crisis that he refused to acknowledge. Neil avoided mentioning specifics, but he noted that when he, Billy, Phyllis, and Kyle had confronted Jack to express their concerns, Jack had fired them all on the spot.

Cane asked if the confrontation had been an intervention. Leslie recalled that she'd seen the press conference suggesting that Jack was abusing prescription narcotics. Neil replied, "All I'm saying is that Cane is now acting CEO." Tyler congratulated Cane.

Lily, flustered, said she was proud for her husband, but she suggested that they all quit their jobs to show solidarity with Neil. Devon said that he didn't want to stay if Neil left. Neil insisted that no one quit because Jabot needed them.

After Neil left, Cane said he'd meet with Jack and ask him to rehire Neil. After Cane and Devon left the office, Tyler told Lily that Cane wouldn't embrace his plan for a stylish, edgy Jabot. Lily told Tyler that he didn't yet know Cane. Tyler replied, "I know guys just like him." Tyler edged closer to Lily and added, "I'm sure I know you."

At Crimson Lights, Neil and Leslie discussed Jabot over coffee. Neil explained that Jack, headed for a great fall, was attacking friends and family because that was what addicts did. Leslie replied, "And you're an addict yourself, aren't you?" Neil was somewhat taken aback.

Leslie recalled that Neil had always ordered nonalcoholic drinks. She also noted that Neil's behavior had suddenly changed from flirtatious to serious. Neil capsulized his past and noted that he had previously drunk to excess. He explained that when he was sober, he wanted to be drinking; and when he was drinking, he wanted to be drunk. Neil added that when he was drunk, he wanted to believe that he was sober.

Neil explained to Leslie that he recognized Jack's problem because he had once been just like Jack. And just like Jack, Neil recalled, he had lied, bargained, and shamed himself just to get the next drink. Leslie told Neil that she respected him because he'd fought his way back and was thriving.

Devon stopped by Leslie and Neil's table at the coffeehouse and told Neil that Cane had gone to talk to Jack. Devon insisted that Jabot needed Neil. After Devon left to visit Roxanne, Neil said, "I've got great kids, don't I?" Leslie grinned and replied, "You're a great dad, even if you are unemployed."

At the Abbott mansion, Jack ranted like a madman when he told Adam that he'd fired Phyllis, Neil, and Kyle. When Adam asked why, Jack explained that he couldn't trust them, and he asked Adam if he could be trusted. Adam pointed out that Jack had reacted against his friend, his ex-wife, his brother, and also his son out of paranoia.

Jack railed against his former employees and family members for having staged an intervention. Adam warned that Victor would use Jack's addiction against him. Jack insisted that he could stop taking the pills any time he chose. Adam said that he'd told Victor he'd no longer carry out Victor's plan, but Adam warned that Victor would attack Jack another way.

In a harsh tone, Jack said, "I'm not worried about Victor, and I'm not giving up Newman." Adam told Jack that stockholders would become wary after learning about the changes in key staff members at Newman Enterprises and Jabot. Jack paced nervously about the room like a caged animal.

Growing increasingly agitated, Jack maintained that he'd spin a story about folding the two companies together under one umbrella, a change that had necessitated restructuring. Adam replied, "Ergo massive staffing changes, right? Everybody's fired!" Jack yelled, "I need to have people around me I can trust."

Adam told Jack that the pills had clouded his judgment. Adam warned, "There's a lot at stake here." Adam urged Jack to step back and allow Adam to handle the business while Jack was away. Jack's face reddened, and he grimaced in pain.

Jack glared at Adam and said, "Victor said you hadn't chosen a side yet. You just did, didn't you? And it wasn't mine." Adam sighed heavily and told Jack that there was no other way to handle the situation other than having Jack step down until he recovered. Jack hastily fired Adam.

Adam later met with Victor at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Adam apologized for his unpleasant behavior on Christmas Day, explaining that he'd reacted when Victor had pushed his buttons. Adam offered to get Newman Enterprises back if Victor agreed to leave Sharon alone.

Victor fixed his gaze on the screen of his cell phone as if his response was printed there for him to read. Victor replied, "It's too late, son. Our agreement is null and void." Adam insisted that Victor needed him. Victor explained that Adam had been offered an opportunity that he'd disregarded. Victor added that he would take matters into his own hands.

Victor advised Adam to collect his belongings from the office because neither Adam nor Jack would be at the helm of Newman Enterprises much longer. Victor refused to elaborate about his plan. After Victor rose from his seat and walked away, Adam grinned.

Cane stopped by to ask Jack about his sudden job promotion. Jack noted that he didn't approve of Tyler's campaign, which Neil had supported. Jack added that he'd surmised that Cane had agreed with him. Jack said he trusted Cane to put Jabot back on top. Cane assured Jack that he could handle the job. As Cane walked out the door, Jack said, "I'm giving you a shot here, Cane. Don't blow it."

After Jack closed the door, he walked to a desk, opened a drawer, and took out a bottle of pills. Jack's hands trembled as he shook several pills into his palm. Jack shoveled the pills into his mouth and swallowed them. Jack looked pale, and he scowled as he supported his aching back with his hand.

Later, Kyle overheard Jack phone Ashley. Jack left a message and pleaded with Ashley to return. Kyle informed Jack that no matter how many times he begged Ashley, she would never return. Jack's anger and frustration seemed to boil within his body.

Kyle explained that he'd spoken to every member of the family, and everyone had vowed not to rejoin the company unless Jack agreed to get help. Jack insisted that he was fine. Kyle warned that Jack's problem would cause more anguish for everyone unless he agreed to get help. Kyle announced that he was moving out because he didn't want to watch his father slowly kill himself.

Back at Jabot, Tyler told Lily that he felt he knew her because she was the type of person who knew what she liked and what she didn't like. He added, "I get you. You get me, too. I saw that during the first meeting." Lily noted that Cane would do what was best for Jabot. Tyler insisted that if Cane did what was best, he'd name Lily as CEO because she should be running the company.

Tyler frowned when Cane returned. Cane noticed that Devon had left, so Lily and Tyler had been alone together in the office. Lily asked about Cane's meeting with Jack. Cane replied, "He wouldn't reconsider hiring Neil, and he put me in charge." Cane turned to Tyler and said, "We won't be requiring your services any longer."

At Crimson Lights, Kevin happily welcomed Daniel back to Genoa City. Daniel told Kevin that he, Lucy, and Heather would be relocating to Savannah, Georgia. Daniel noted that a gallery owner in that city had agreed to showcase his art. Kevin was happy for his friend.

After Kevin mentioned that he and Chloe might lose their home, Daniel said he sensed that Kevin had "something going on." Kevin admitted that he'd hatched a plan to recover $500,000 that had been stolen during a drug deal. Kevin noted that a New York policeman was searching for the missing cash.

Daniel listened as Kevin explained that he intended to locate the money before the police did. Kevin said that a policeman had stopped by the coffeehouse and had asked questions about Noah and a woman named Adriana. Kevin added that he'd also overheard the policeman's phone calls and discovered that the missing money had been used in sting operation.

Kevin admitted to Daniel that he'd hacked into Noah's phone records and discovered that Noah had placed calls to a disposable cell phone twelve times. Daniel shook his head and advised Kevin to stay out of trouble. Kevin said he believed that Adriana had shipped the money to Noah because he'd received a package just before the policeman arrived.

Daniel scoffed and said, "Do I have to remind you that me, you, and Amber almost wound up in jail because we were trying to track down some dirty money?" Daniel warned Kevin that Chloe wouldn't approve of the plan. Kevin grinned and said that Chloe had agreed to help after she learned that a hefty reward was being offered to the person who found and returned the money.

Daniel warned Kevin that his plan could get Noah in trouble. Kevin reluctantly agreed that Daniel was right. Kevin explained that the plan "turned Chloe on." Kevin added, "We had the best sex in months." Daniel asked Kevin if he intended to risk Noah's life so he and Chloe could have sex. Kevin, disappointed, said he wouldn't.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In their penthouse, Victor and Nikki were dressed in formal wear for New Year's Eve, awaiting guests for dinner. Victor gazed out the window at the night sky and marveled at the universe. Victor said that when looking at the stars, his problems were insignificant by comparison. Nikki pointed out that Victor was still intent on regaining Newman Enterprises. Victor said that while he couldn't rearrange the universe, he could mend his world by getting back his company. When Nikki mentioned that she wished Victoria and Nicholas would join them for the party, Victor promised that he would find a way to draw the family back into the fold -- and regain Newman Enterprises, too -- in 2013.

Phyllis went to the tack house and invited Summer to spend New Year's Eve with her. Summer explained that she had plans to go to a party at Taylor's with Fen. Phyllis was glad that Summer had made up with Fen. Summer wondered why Phyllis was alone on New Year's Eve. Phyllis mentioned that Jack had fired her, but she didn't want to talk about it with Summer.

Phyllis asked if Nick was home, but Summer said that he'd gone out. Summer offered to cancel her plans to spend the night with her mother, but Phyllis said no. Phyllis lied and said that she'd be going to a grand party at the Athletic Club where she was sure to have a good time. Phyllis wished Summer a happy New Year.

Nick went to Avery's apartment to take her out for New Year's Eve. Avery wasn't dressed yet, but Nick wasn't surprised. Nick said that he'd suspected that Avery might have trouble deciding what to wear, so Nick had arranged for her to wear his choice of dress for the night. Nick presented her with a garment bag that contained a dress from Fenmore's that Lauren had helped him select. Avery wondered where they were going, but Nick declared that it was a surprise.

Nick urged Avery to hurry up and get ready. When Avery returned a short time later, Nick was speechless by how beautiful she looked. Nick threatened to rip the dress off her if they didn't leave immediately. Nick said he had a big night planned for Avery.

At the Underground, Avery saw all the progress Nick had made to get the club decorated and remodeled. Avery was very impressed. Nick said that he anticipated Avery spending a lot of time at the club in the future. Nick had even assigned a booth for Avery. Nick opened a bottle of champagne and poured them each a glass.

Nick asked if Avery would have enjoyed going to the party at the Athletic Club instead of being alone at the Underground. Avery said they had all they needed to celebrate together. Nick put on some music, and they danced together. Avery enjoyed being alone with Nick for the New Year's celebration.

At that Athletic Club, Chelsea walked into the party all alone. Chelsea sat at the bar besides Alex, the New York Police Department detective, and he introduced himself to her. Alex asked if Chelsea was alone for the evening and offered to buy her a drink. When Chelsea learned that Alex was in Wisconsin in the middle of winter on business, she thought he'd been given a bad assignment.

Alex claimed that he liked the people Genoa City because they actually said hello on the street. Alex asked Chelsea what sights he should visit in town, and Chelsea told him about a beautiful lake nearby. Alex asked if she would show it to him the next day, but the mention of the lake reminded Chelsea of Adam. Chelsea grew self-conscious and announced that she had to leave.

At home, Billy and Victoria were on the couch in comfy clothes, content to spend New Year's Eve alone together. Billy and Victoria discussed which movies to watch, and Billy's choices were all action and horror films. Victoria had her heart set on romances like The Great Gatsby and The Way We Were. They compromised on one romance movie followed by an action film. After they watched The Way We Were, Victoria was in tears, and Billy said the movie was pretty good.

Victoria asked if Billy were nostalgic. Billy recalled going to opening day baseball games with his father. Victoria said her favorite memory was a New Year's Eve when she was sick and Nikki had stayed home with her. Victoria recalled how Nikki had passed on a fancy party at the governor's mansion to make s'mores and watch a movie with Victoria. The movie they'd watched had been The Way We Were. Billy offered to take Victoria to see her mother, but Victoria said that she wanted to spend the night with him.

Michael was on the telephone with a judge and was frustrated that he couldn't convince the judge to let Jamie stay with the Baldwins. Lauren appeared, and Michael admired how hot she looked. Lauren hope Michael wasn't regretting their decision to go to Victor and Nikki's for New Year's Eve. Jamie opened the front door to the apartment just as Michael explained to Lauren that he wasn't upset about their New Year's plans. Michael was frustrated that they would have to send Jamie back to the group home because foster care services wouldn't let him remain any longer with them. Jamie heard the news and backed out of the apartment without letting Michael and Lauren know he'd heard.

As Michael and Lauren were ready to leave for Victor and Nikki's, Fen appeared and learned about Jamie being set back to the group home. Fen wasn't upset at all. Fen suggested that Jamie might be better off facing the bullies at the group home and learning to fight for himself. Lauren was stunned and asked if Fen would feel that way if it were happening to him. Fen claimed that he could stand up for himself. Fen accused his parents of babying Jamie.

After Fen left, Michael and Lauren worried that Fen had changed for the worse. Michael couldn't figure out why Fen was filled with the kind of anger Michael had felt as a young man. Lauren felt that there'd been reasons for Michael to be angry because of his upbringing. Michael believed they'd done all they could to give Fenmore a better life than Michael had had. Lauren proposed that they stick together as a family.

Jamie went to Summer's, and she saw that he'd been beaten. Jamie explained that he'd been staying with Michael and Lauren since he'd been attacked at the group home. Jamie told Summer that everything had changed because the foster care system would no longer allow Jamie to remain with the Baldwins. Summer asked what Jamie planned to do. Jamie announced that he was leaving town rather than return to the group home.

Summer tried to talk Jamie out of leaving, but Jamie showed Summer another harassing text message he'd received. Jamie said that he was fed up with being called a loser. Summer hugged Jamie in comfort, but then she saw Fen in the window and backed away.

Summer let Fen into the house and tried to explain that she had been trying to comfort Jamie. Fen didn't want to hear Summer's excuses. Jamie told Fen that he and Summer were just friends, but Fen blasted Jamie with the news that Summer had been Brittni, the girl who had started all the harassing texts on FacePlace. Fen said a girl like Summer would never really like a loser like Jamie.

Fen angrily marched out. Jamie asked Summer if Fen had been telling the truth. Summer said she could explain, but Jamie was devastated and walked out. Later, a distraught Summer tried to call Phyllis, but got her voicemail.

Jack was alone at home and wracked with self-pity. Jack called out for John, but his father's spirit didn't appear to him. Jack declared that he was better off alone anyway. Jack downed a shot of whiskey. Later, Jack walked into the Athletic Club bar and saw Phyllis. Jack ordered a drink and warned Phyllis not to try another intervention on him.

Phyllis informed Jack that he was in a lot of trouble, but Jack denied he had any problem at all. Jack roughly grabbed Phyllis by the arm to get her attention. Daniel appeared and asked what was going on with Jack and his mother. Phyllis was happy to see Daniel and asked him to take her out of there.

At the coffeehouse, Phyllis told Daniel that Jack had fired her -- and Neil and Kyle, too. Daniel was stunned. Phyllis hoped that since he was back in town, Daniel might be able to talk some sense into Jack. Phyllis was shocked to hear that Daniel had decided to move to Savannah with Lucy. Phyllis accused Daniel of ruining her life by moving so far away and taking Lucy with him.

Daniel offered to visit Phyllis often, but Phyllis was adamant that Daniel not leave. Phyllis was especially upset to learn that Heather was going with Daniel and would be caring for Lucy. Daniel suggested that Phyllis move to Savannah, too. Phyllis had no response for Daniel. Later, as the clock struck twelve, Phyllis hugged Daniel urgently.

Chelsea went back to Kevin and Chloe's house and found a table set for dinner. Adam appeared in a tuxedo and said he'd arranged to have the evening alone with Chelsea. Adam confessed that he loved Chelsea and wanted her back. Chelsea insisted that all she wanted from Adam was a divorce and a big settlement. Adam agreed to write her a big check if she would give him the rest of the night. Chelsea didn't think one night would make any difference.

Adam told Chelsea that he'd had a dream about the family they could have in the future. Chelsea doubted Adam's sincerity. Adam admitted that he still cared for Sharon, but he was only in love with Chelsea. Adam offered to forgive Chelsea for going to Nikki and Victor about the fire. Adam said Chelsea's love was the only thing he really wanted in life.

Chelsea asked Adam to prove his love by agreeing to leave Genoa City so they could start over somewhere else. Adam nodded yes. Later, Chelsea and Adam made love on the couch.

Lauren admired Nikki and Victor's new home. Victor asked Michael about Fen, and it was clear that Lauren and Michael were worried about their son. Nikki and Victor sympathized, confessing that it was impossible to stop worrying about one's children. Michael hoped they had done enough good things so Fen wouldn't get into trouble. Michael admired the view from the penthouse window.

Victor credited Nikki with having helped him find a sense of peace. Lauren noted that Victor seemed more at ease without the weight of the company on his shoulders. Victor said that he was intent on getting his company back. Michael said that if he had the chance to give it all up and be alone with Lauren, he'd take it.

Privately, Nikki called Victoria to wish her a happy New Year. They agreed to get together to discuss Nikki's wedding plans. Later, Billy was playing blackjack by himself. When Victoria returned to the room, Billy hid the cards so she wouldn't think he was gambling again. Billy cuddled with Victoria and asked her get out of her old pajamas so they could ring in the New Year properly.

Later, Billy and Victoria kissed and went into the bedroom. At the Underground, Nick clicked on the television at midnight, and he and Avery watched the revelers in Times Square. At midnight, Nick kissed Avery. A short time later, Nick and Avery found Summer in tears. Nick embraced his daughter.

Fen followed Jamie to the apartment. Fen told Jamie that he was a worthless waste of space. Fen said that Jamie didn't deserve to take up space in the world. Jamie retorted that Fen should "go to hell." Jamie walked out alone.

Later, Lauren and Michael returned home, and Fen explained that he'd changed his plans with Summer. Unable to understand Fen's anger, Michael simply hugged Fenmore and wished him a happy New Year. After Fen left the room, Lauren and Michael believed that Fenmore wasn't a concern for the rest of the night. Michael and Lauren could celebrate the New Year together.

Back at Athletic Club bar, Jack continued drinking. When a pretty woman sat beside him, Jack offered to buy the lady a drink. The redhead said her name was Stephanie, and she accepted Jack's offer. At midnight, Jack kissed Stephanie.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

After looking at the bank account online, Kevin told Chloe that since he'd returned the money to Tucker and with no money likely to be forthcoming from Katherine or Gloria, Kevin and Chloe were officially broke. Kevin looked up when Chloe walked into the room in a sexy one-piece jumpsuit, which she said was her stakeout outfit. Kevin liked the catsuit, but he informed Chloe that they were no longer on the hunt for the missing drug money.

Chloe was upset that Kevin had decided to drop the plan, but Kevin said they couldn't risk another chipmunk adventure. Chloe denied that they were heading into danger, and she was determined to find out what was in the package that Noah had received from New York. Chloe suspected that they'd find the drug money and then collect a big reward from the New York Police Department. Chloe believed that was the best plan to save their home.

Adam and Chelsea were home together and closer than ever. Adam was happy that they'd returned home the night before and slept in their own bed. Chelsea was enthusiastic about leaving Genoa City as they'd discussed. Adam asked whether Milan and Paris, two of the fashion capitals of the world, intrigued Chelsea as places she wanted to go to start a new life. Adam assured Chelsea that his home was wherever Chelsea was.

Chelsea reminded Adam that she and Chloe had agreed to start a fashion business, and Chelsea didn't want to disappoint Chloe. Chelsea knew that Chloe's financial troubles precluded her from moving overseas. Adam didn't think that Chelsea needed Chloe to make the fashion line work, but Chelsea was loyal to Chloe and believed in her as a business partner. Adam answered the phone and heard a desperate Jack on the line.

Later, Chelsea went to Chloe's home and said she was there just to pack her stuff because she was moving out. Chloe knew that Chelsea hadn't spent the night at the house and assumed that Chelsea had found a new man on New Year's Eve. Chelsea admitted that she'd reunited with Adam. Chloe was disappointed in Chelsea, feeling that she had backslid into a bad relationship. Chelsea told Chloe that things were different for the two of them because Adam had agreed to Chelsea's request that they leave Genoa City.

Chloe pointed out that if Chelsea could only save her marriage by moving away from Sharon, there was something wrong with the marriage. Chloe thought Chelsea was acting desperate. Chelsea believed that starting over in a new location would be a good thing. Chelsea asked if Chloe would move overseas, too, so they could do their fashion line together.

Chloe said that she couldn't leave Genoa City because of her family ties. Chloe also thought that Adam still had ties to Sharon that would not be broken by distance. Chelsea wished that Chloe would be more supportive, but Chloe felt that Chelsea was destined to have her heart broken by Adam.

Avery went to see Summer at the tack house and asked how she was doing. Summer pretended that she was fine, but Avery reminded Summer that the night before, she had been crying in her doorway at two o'clock in the morning. Summer wrote off her distress as just teen drama. Summer apologized for having ruined Avery's romantic evening with Nick.

Avery assured Summer that she would listen to Summer's problems and try to help. Summer felt her problems were stupid and juvenile. Avery asked if Summer's problems were about the two boys who liked her. Summer admitted that neither boy liked her anymore because of things Summer had done. Avery urged Summer to tell her what had happened.

Meeting at the Athletic Club, Phyllis told Daniel that she wanted to be excited about his decision to move to Savannah for a new gallery show, but she couldn't lie. Phyllis didn't want Daniel to take off that night as he planned. Daniel suggested that Phyllis fly off with him and Lucy. Daniel thought it would be a good thing for Phyllis to spend some time away from the craziness of Genoa City. Phyllis believed that she was needed in town, especially by people like Jack and Summer.

Phyllis defended Jack to Daniel, feeling that he was like family. Daniel reminded his mother that Lucy was family, too, and his daughter needed to spend time with Phyllis. Daniel told Phyllis about the wonderful art galleries in Savannah. Phyllis realized it was a good opportunity for Daniel, but she thought there were also opportunities in Genoa City, Chicago, and Milwaukee. Phyllis worried that Summer would think Phyllis had abandoned her if she took off for Savannah, even for a few weeks. Daniel explained that he was going to Crimson Lights to fill in for Kevin for the day. Phyllis admired Daniel for being such an amazing son.

After Phyllis left, Daniel stopped at the bar and said hello to Noah. Daniel mentioned that he would be flying to Savannah, where he was going to relocate for a while. Daniel wondered if Noah had plans to head back to New York. Noah said he had cut ties with everyone he knew in Manhattan. Daniel shook Noah's hand and said goodbye. Alex approached Noah and asked if Noah had been in touch with Adriana. Noah insisted that he had not spoken with Adriana, but Alex had checked the phone records and was suspicious of Noah.

Alex realized that Noah had been in love with Adriana, and she'd probably broken his heart. Noah wanted to know what Alex thought that Adriana had done. Alex was certain that Adriana had stolen half a million dollars from an NYPD drug sting and then sent the stash to Noah in Genoa City. Noah scoffed at the idea, but Alex declared that he wasn't wrong.

Noah declared that Adriana had always been broke when he knew her. Alex noted that Noah was a good kid and said that Noah should stay out of Adriana's trouble. Alex threatened to go after Noah if that was what it took to get Adriana and the money. Noah countered that Alex could talk to his lawyer in the future.

At the Abbott house, Jack awakened on the couch, still wearing his suit from the night before. He seemed hung over, and when he opened his eyes and tried to focus, he saw that the redhead from the night before, Stephanie, was splayed on the floor. Jack called Adam and said he needed help. Adam reminded Jack that he'd been fired, but Jack demanded that Adam get to his house immediately. A short time later, Adam entered through the back door, per Jack's instructions, and saw that there was a girl on the floor. Jack told Adam that he thought she was dead. Adam knelt over her body and confirmed that she was not alive.

Jack claimed that he had no idea how she'd died. Jack explained he'd met her the night before at the Athletic Club, where they'd partied and rung in New Year's Eve together. Adam asked if Jack had given her any of his pills. Jack couldn't recall, and he had no idea what he'd done with the woman. Adam said that they needed to cover up the crime.

Jack listened as Adam told Jack that he should call 9-1-1 and claim that he was having a heart attack. Adam calculated how to fix the problem, right down to arranging for a doctor to lie for Jack about having a heart attack and falsifying the tests. Jack was amazed that Adam could put together that kind of cover-up, but Adam knew that he had to save Jack's butt. Adam handed Jack the phone and said to make the 9-1-1 call.

Looking through Stephanie's purse, Adam found ecstasy pills and assumed the drugs had killed her. Adam believed that Jack was in a world of trouble because the press would have a field day with the story, especially after Jack had denied to the media that he had a problem with pain pills. Jack wanted to get rid of the body, but Adam explained to Jack that there was a television truck on the street, which was watching the house. Jack suddenly realized that he'd been set up. Adam speculated that Victor might have been the architect of the disaster.

Phyllis went to the tack house and was surprised to see that Avery was there. Avery announced that she was leaving. Phyllis asked Summer why she was upset. Summer said she'd had a fight Fen on New Year's Eve. Phyllis apologized for not having returned Summer's phone call, but she'd thought it was too late to call when she saw the message. Summer understood. Phyllis told Summer that Daniel was back in town, but he'd decided to move to Savannah for a big gallery show. Phyllis pretended to be happy about Daniel's move and mentioned to Summer that she was going to accompany Daniel and Lucy to Savannah to help get them settled.

Summer wished she could leave town, because she'd done something very wrong in her relationship with Fenmore. Phyllis asked Summer to confide in her, but Summer put it off until after Phyllis returned from Georgia. Phyllis was concerned for Summer and hoped her daughter knew how wonderful she was. Summer called Jamie's phone and left a message, urging him to call her back because she needed to explain the Brittni business to him.

Later, Noah entered the tack house and discovered that Adriana's duffel bag of money was no longer in the place where he'd hidden it. At home, Kevin played a bunch of scratch-off games in hopes of winning the state lottery. Chloe appeared in her catsuit and showed Kevin what she'd found. Chloe dropped the duffel bag filled with money at Kevin's feet. Chloe said it had been a cinch to find it at Noah's place. Kevin was stunned.

Daniel went to Crimson Lights and was relieved to hear from Kevin that he'd canceled the plan to stake out Noah's house to find the missing drug money. Daniel assured Kevin he'd made the right choice, but Kevin still faced the same problems with finances that he'd had before. Later, Phyllis went to the coffeehouse, and Kevin told her that Daniel had already left. When Avery appeared to order a coffee, Phyllis mockingly called her sister "Suzy Homemaker" and asked why Avery didn't make coffee at home. Avery preferred the Crimson Lights coffee.

Phyllis informed her sister that she was heading home to pack a bag so she could fly to Savannah with Daniel. Phyllis wanted to help him and Lucy get settled in Georgia. Avery asked about Newman Enterprises and was stunned to hear that Jack had fired Phyllis. Despite her reservations about Avery's goals with Nick, Phyllis asked Avery to keep an eye on Summer while Phyllis was out of town.

Phyllis admitted that Summer liked Avery, but Phyllis warned Avery not to dye her hair red or take clothes from Phyllis' closet in an attempt to steal Phyllis' life. Avery assured Phyllis that she like her own life and didn't care for Phyllis'. Avery answered her phone and learned that Jack had suffered a heart attack. Avery told Phyllis about Jack's news.

Outside the Abbott house, Adam spoke with the press to say that Jack had been rushed to the hospital with a heart attack. Adam said business would continue at Newman Enterprises while Jack recovered. Later, inside the house, Adam insisted that Jack accept a glass of water from him so Adam could tell the press that Jack was being cared for at home per the doctor's orders.

Adam informed Jack that while Jack had been taken to the hospital by ambulance, Adam had disposed of the corpse. Adam let Jack know that Stephanie had been a prostitute, probably hired to trap Jack in a scandal. Jack was stunned. Adam warned Jack that the stakes were higher than ever between them because Jack was truly in Adam's debt. Meanwhile, at home, Chelsea looked at homes in Italy and was excited about moving out of Genoa City.

Adam demanded that Jack discuss his pill problem with Adam. Jack said he didn't have a pill problem. Adam pointed out that the pills and the booze had damaged Jack, and it was time for Jack to check into a rehab facility and get the poison out of his system. Jack refused to leave, claiming he could kick the drugs on his own.

Adam told Jack that a woman had died because of Jack's failure to face his problems. Jack remained stubborn, but Adam threatened to tell the press all about the dead call girl in Jack's house if Jack refused to go away for treatment. Adam proposed that the press be told that Jack was recovering from the heart attack. Later, Phyllis went to Jack's house and asked him why he had been let out of the hospital. Jack told Phyllis that he was in a tremendous amount of trouble because of the drugs. Jack asked Phyllis to help him.

Adam returned home to Chelsea and told her about Jack's heart attack. Adam said he needed to remain in Genoa City to run Newman Enterprises for the foreseeable future because Jack was out of commission. Chelsea didn't believe that Adam had ever really wanted to leave with her. Adam told Chelsea that he could not have predicted that Jack was going to have a heart attack when he agreed to move away from Genoa City with Chelsea.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

After taking Reed to the airport so he could fly back to Washington, Victoria arrived home and told Billy how much she'd miss her son. Billy informed Victoria that Jack had suffered a heart attack, but Jack was already out of the hospital and back in the house. Billy hadn't learned about the heart attack until he read it online. Billy explained that he had to go see his brother immediately.

Later, Victor appeared at Victoria and Billy's to discuss Jack's heart attack. Victor told his daughter that Jack's ailment was an opportunity for them to seized Newman Enterprises. Victor asked Victoria to think about the fact that a Newman should be running the company. Victoria pointed out that Adam was a Newman, and he was acting CEO while Jack was out of commission. Victoria called Victor relentless in his pursuit of returning the business to the Newman family. Victor refused to apologize for who he was.

Victor determined that Adam was bound to assume control of Newman with Jack out of the picture. Victoria said that her priorities were Billy and her children, not Newman Enterprises. Victor pointed out that he and Victoria would have more time together as father and daughter if she'd work with him. Victoria wasn't ready to return to the corporate jungle. Victoria suggested that she and Victor go fly-fishing if they wanted to bond. Victor said that if Victoria wrote off Newman Enterprises, she should as well write off Victor, too.

Jack explained to Phyllis that he'd hit rock bottom and needed help to kick his addiction. Phyllis was surprised that Jack had finally reached a turning point, but she was glad. Jack asked Phyllis if she would help him. Phyllis offered to find a rehab center for Jack, but he refused to go to a facility. Jack wanted to work with a private counselor who'd give him one-on-one direction.

Phyllis told Jack that the public was already aware that Jack had a substance abuse problem. Jack feared that if he entered a rehab clinic, Jack would lose Newman Enterprises. Phyllis understood Jack's concern and said she'd help him. When Phyllis told him that she had to leave town with Daniel first, Jack was stunned. Phyllis asserted that Daniel was her son, and she couldn't disappoint him. Jack said that he needed Phyllis more than Daniel did.

Billy went to Jack's and was relieved that Jack had only had a minor heart attack. Billy was surprised that Jack hadn't needed to stay overnight at the hospital. Jack thanked Billy for being part of the intervention. Billy asked Jack if the pain pills had caused the heart attack. Jack couldn't continue lying. Jack confessed that he hadn't had a heart attack, but it was a cover story so that Jack could go out of town to get clean.

Jack asked Billy if he would take over at Newman Enterprises while Jack was away. Billy felt like he had whiplash from all the curves that Jack had thrown his way. Jack explained that Adam would be continuing at Newman Enterprises, and Billy had to find a way to work with Adam. Jack believed that since the kidnapping, Victoria had given up her interest in fighting for Newman. Jack knew he could trust Billy to be loyal to Jack as the CEO of Newman Enterprises.

Jack also asked Billy to keep an eye on Adam and Victor. Billy wasn't ready to say yes to Jack's request. Billy said that he needed to consult with Victoria. Billy told Jack that he was relieved that his brother had finally agreed to get help.

Billy returned home to Victoria and told her that Jack had not really had a heart attack, but Jack had created a cover story to explain that Jack was going to rehab. Victoria approved of Jack getting help. Billy revealed that Jack had asked Billy to take charge of Newman while he was gone. Victoria advised Billy to turn down the request because things were going to get very messy at Newman Enterprises. Billy was stunned to hear that Victor had been there to recruit Victoria back into the Newman family feud. Victoria characterized Victor's request as an attempt at father-daughter bonding.

Victoria predicted that Jack would eventually lose Newman Enterprises to Adam, unless Victoria helped Victor get the company back. Victoria preferred Victor running Newman to her brother. Billy declared that Jack needed a goal to get through rehab, like returning to Newman Enterprises. Victoria offered that Jack could return to Jabot, but Billy revealed that Jabot had been acquired as part of Newman Enterprises. That meant that if Victoria helped her father, Victor would have it all, including Jabot.

Billy reminded Victoria that she couldn't trust her father, and Billy didn't believe Victoria hated Adam so much that she cared if he ran Newman Enterprises. Victoria asserted that Billy was helping Jack because he loved his brother. Billy felt that Victor was trying to manipulate Victoria. Billy was afraid that Victor would hurt Victoria as well Jack. Billy hoped that Victoria would make sure that Victor returned Jabot to the Abbotts.

At home, Adam explained to Chelsea that while he agreed that they should leave town and start over, Adam had to make sure everything was stabilized at Newman Enterprises. Adam predicted that Victor would swoop in and seize the company unless Adam stopped him. Chelsea asked why Newman Enterprises was more important to Adam than their marriage. Adam told Chelsea that protecting Newman Enterprises was the right thing to do. Adam was confident that he could anticipate Victor's every move and make sure Jack didn't lose the business. Chelsea was ticked off that Adam would be committed to Newman for an indefinite period of time. Chelsea declared that she didn't trust Adam, but Adam asked for a chance to prove to her that he was sincere.

At the Athletic Club, Cane met with Sharon about the Jabot spokeswoman opportunity. Sharon learned that Neil was no longer in charge of Jabot and Cane had taken over. Sharon asked if Neil and Jack had had a falling out. Cane wasn't able to discuss Neil's departure.

Sharon hoped that Cane would want to re-hire the most successful Jabot spokeswoman of all time. Cane smiled, but Sharon sensed he was reluctant to give her the position. Cane admitted that he had reservations about Sharon being able to handle the responsibilities of the job. Sharon assured Cane that she was in tip-top shape and ready to return to work. Sharon agreed to give Cane some time to consider his decision.

After Cane left, Sharon saw Chelsea enter the dining room. Chelsea that Sharon didn't have to leave on Chelsea's account. Chelsea wanted to thank Sharon for encouraging Adam to reunite with Chelsea. Sharon listened as Chelsea explained that she and Adam were doing really well again. Sharon was glad that Chelsea and Adam were back on the right track. Sharon declared that Adam belonged with Chelsea, but when Chelsea said that she and Adam were moving away from Genoa City after he tied up some business matters, Sharon was stunned. Covering her feelings, Sharon wished Chelsea the best.

Neil and Leslie were in his apartment after having had sex. Neil offered to get breakfast for Leslie, but she declined because she needed to get to work. Leslie read the emails on her cell phone and seemed distracted. Neil asked if Leslie was having second thoughts about their hooking up the night before.

Later, Leslie cuddled with Neil on the couch and admired his tattoo. Neil explained that he'd had it a long time. Leslie realized that Neil was a man with many secrets. Leslie reluctantly pulled out of Neil's arms and said she had to go to work. Neil wanted to know when they'd be together again. Leslie predicted that Neil might be back at Jabot once Jack reconsidered his abrupt decision.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel told Lily about his plans to move to Savannah. Daniel was very excited about the new opportunity, and Lily wished him well. Lily agreed to keep in touch with Daniel and gave him a hug goodbye. Cane walked in and saw that Lily was in tears. Lily revealed Daniel's move to Savannah. Cane was happy for Daniel and pleased that Lily's ex would be out of the state.

Lily assured Cane that she'd chosen Cane, not Daniel. Cane acknowledged that Lily was an attractive woman, and other men would always hit on her. Lily confided in Cane that she was concerned about Neil leaving Jabot. While Cane took a phone call, Tyler approached Lily.

Tyler sensed that Lily was upset. Lily said if she was upset, she could turn to Cane for solace. A moment later, Cane returned, and Tyler left to order a coffee. Cane informed Lily that he had a way to help Neil.

After Leslie and Neil made love again, Leslie was resting in Neil's arms. There was suddenly a persistent knock on the door. Leslie went into the bedroom to dress. Neil put on his pants and opened the door to Lily and Cane. Lily was surprised to see her father was half-dressed. Neil said that they didn't need to be concerned about him.

Cane wanted to speak with Neil and explained that Jack had suffered a heart attack. Cane had been put in charge of Jabot, and Cane's first move as interim CEO was to ask Neil to return to the office. Cane wasn't able to name Neil as official CEO, but he wanted Neil to run Jabot. Neil reminded Cane that Cane was ceding his opportunity to get ahead. Cane explained that cared more about Jabot than about his ambition.

Lily told Neil that Jabot wasn't the same without him. Leslie emerged from the bedroom. Lily was surprised to see Leslie because she'd thought that Neil had been "depressed." Leslie wanted to know if Neil was really returning to Jabot.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Phyllis explained to Daniel that she wasn't able to fly with him to Savannah. Phyllis told her son that Jack truly needed her. Daniel was disappointed. Phyllis confided in Daniel that Jack had developed an addiction to pain pills. Phyllis said that Jack had hit rock bottom, and she couldn't turn her back on him.

Phyllis really wanted to go to Savannah and explore the city with Lucy and Daniel, but Phyllis knew that she'd be guilt-ridden if she abandoned Jack when he needed her most. Phyllis recalled all the times she'd broken Jack's heart. Phyllis believed that she had a chance to redeem herself. Daniel understood and was certain that Phyllis would join him in Georgia once Jack was back on his feet.

Phyllis enjoyed a goodbye visit with Lucy. Daniel arrived for his daughter, and Phyllis offered to meet Daniel at the airport later. Daniel knew that Phyllis wanted to check in with Jack. Phyllis told Daniel that she was very proud of Daniel. Daniel confessed to his mother that she'd been right about how important it was for Daniel to raise Lucy.

Daniel was amazed that Lucy had become his life and felt that she'd made him a better man. Daniel said that he finally understood why Phyllis had done all the crazy things she'd done for him through the years. Daniel thanked Phyllis and assured her that he was happier than he'd ever been before. Phyllis hugged Daniel.

Adam met with Jack to see how Jack was doing. Jack was haunted by the fact that Stephanie had died on the floor of his home the night before. Adam told Jack that it was counterproductive to obsess over who Stephanie had been or who might be missing her. Adam couldn't absolve Jack of the guilt of what had happened, but he urged Jack to get well and put the incident behind him. Jack said he would not be going to a rehab facility. Instead, Jack planned to hire a private counselor. Adam warned Jack that Victor was anticipating a scandal and would be ready to pounce on Newman Enterprises.

Jack assured Adam that Billy could handle Victor, and he'd arranged for Billy to return to Newman Enterprises while Jack was away. Later, Victor appeared at Jack's door. Jack smiled and told Victor that he was fine and didn't need Victor's sympathy. Jack explained that he'd be heading out of town for rest, per doctor's orders. Victor asked if that was rest or rehab. Jack warned Victor that Adam would be in charge while Jack was out of town, and Adam was onto all of Victor's tricks.

Later, Jack did an online search for Stephanie Gayle, the woman who'd died on his floor the night before. Phyllis walked into the house and demanded to know when Jack would be starting treatment and what his therapist's name was. Jack said he was still compiling a list of counselors. Phyllis asked if he'd taken any pills, then she saw his hand shaking. Jack confessed he hadn't taken a pill but that he wanted one. Phyllis took his hand and told him she would help him.

At the Athletic Club bar, Adam explained to Chelsea that he'd worked things out with Jack regarding his remaining at Newman Enterprises for just a few more days. Adam added that Jack was relieved that Adam wouldn't be staying in Genoa City to steal the company from Jack. Later, Adam went Newman Towers and discovered Sharon in his office. Sharon asked about Adam's decision to leave town. Adam admitted that it was a good move for him and Chelsea.

Adam was grateful to Sharon for pushing him to reunite with Chelsea. Adam asked about Sharon's plans for the future. Sharon didn't think she'd landed the Jabot spokeswoman position, and she assumed her chances of working for Newman Enterprises were dashed because of Adam leaving town.

At the penthouse, Victor met with his investigator and showed him a photograph of Stephanie Gayle. Victor said that he'd hired Stephanie to go after Jack, but she had not checked in after the date. Victor suspected that Stephanie might have told Jack that Victor had hired her, which could explain why Stephanie hadn't called Victor. The investigator agreed to start a search for Stephanie Gayle. Victor reminded the investigator to keep Victor's name out of all reports.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Michael reported to Fen that he hadn't received any communication from Jamie, who hadn't shown up at the group home. Michael demanded to know if Fen had heard from Jamie, and Fen scornfully pointed out that he and Jamie weren't exactly close. Fen speculated that Jamie had taken off to keep away from his abusive father, but Michael suspected that Jamie was still in town and in need of help. Fen got up to go to swim practice, and he flippantly said that he'd let Michael know if Jamie was swimming laps. Michael chased after Fen, but he found Paul waiting at the front door. Michael lamented that Fen seemed thrilled that Jamie was missing.

Michael informed Paul that Jamie had vanished on New Year's Eve and that Fen was hostile about the situation. Paul understood why Fen might be jealous, but Michael was troubled that Fen had shown no human compassion for Jamie. Michael compared his concerns with those Paul had voiced regarding Ricky being too much like Isabella. Michael worried that Fen would follow in his footsteps, but Paul insisted that Michael had paid his penance and had changed. Paul assured Michael that Ricky had been affected by Isabella's illness and Paul's neglect, and he was certain that Fen was nothing like Ricky.

Michael didn't know for sure, and he was afraid that Fen would make the same mistakes and cause the same pain that Michael or Kevin had. Paul confided that he had once thought differently about Michael and Kevin, but both brothers had chosen to change. Paul insisted that Fen wasn't a killer, and he chalked up Fen's behavior to simply being a teenager. Michael bemoaned that he wasn't the father he should be, but Paul encouraged Michael to pull himself together and be there for both Fen and Jamie.

Michael was aware that Paul hadn't taken a case since Ricky's death, and he asked Paul to look into Jamie's disappearance. Paul refused to take on any professional obligation, but he offered to help show Michael that both Jamie and Fen would be just fine, because Fen had a father who loved him. Paul hugged a tearful Michael.

At Crimson Lights, Nick gazed at a photo of Cassie on his cell phone. He called Sharon and suggested that they go to the cemetery together on Cassie's birthday and then do something special with Faith afterward. He planned to invite Noah, but he was certain that Summer wouldn't be joining them.

Summer left another message for Jamie, begging for the chance to explain and apologize. Noah stormed into the tack house and demanded to know where the money was. Summer had no idea what he meant, and he pleaded with her just to tell him. She guessed that someone had taken it, and he asked who else she'd told about the cash, but she swore that she'd kept mum. Noah glumly plopped down on the couch and put his head in his hands. Summer wondered how he had obtained the money and why he seemed so anxious.

Summer was shocked that Noah had yelled at her, and she offered to help him. He apologized and focused on finding the money. She said that he was scaring her, and he admitted that he was afraid. Summer whined that they could never just be normal family and that her life was ruined. Noah asserted that chaos was normal for them, but she complained that it wasn't. She started to talk about Fen, but Noah cut her off and stormed out to deal with his own problems.

At Crimson Lights, Summer intentionally walked past Fen without saying a word. He snidely inquired whether she was looking for her "little buddy." She reported that Jamie wouldn't answer her calls, thanks to Fen, but Fen argued that he'd only told the truth. Summer questioned what was wrong with Fen, and she asked whether Jamie had said anything to Fen. Fen relayed that Jamie had left, and she berated Fen for picking on Jamie. Fen accused Summer of playing Jamie to get back at Ronan and then pretending that she liked Jamie when she felt guilty about it.

Summer blurted that she truly liked Jamie, and Fen coldly reminded her that she'd once liked Fen, too. Fen surmised that Summer had kissed Fen to push him around, and he moved in ominously close. He informed her that it was a bad idea for her to think that he would be her lap dog. Summer blasted Fen for hurting other people, and Fen accused her of using her looks to get away with things. Michael spotted the confrontation and demanded to know what Fen had done.

Michael pulled Summer aside, and Paul kindly suggested that he and Fen have a man-to-man talk. Fen insisted that he didn't bully girls and that he'd had nothing to do with Jamie's departure. Paul sympathized with Fen, who felt that he had no choice but to deal with it. Paul said that Michael hated to see Fen hurting, and he explained that Michael was only trying to protect Fen. Paul added that it scared Michael not to know what Fen was thinking or where Fen was, but Michael's love for Fen would never change.

Paul told Fen that every grown male had done regretful things at Fen's age, and he encouraged Fen to talk about his transgressions. Fen scoffed at the idea that Paul expected him to break down and spill his guts, but Paul simply stated that he was there for Fen if Fen needed him. Paul asked where Jamie was, but Fen maintained that he didn't know, and he suggested that Paul ask "Brittni."

Across the coffeehouse, Summer wanted to leave, but Michael noted that her fight with Fen hadn't been like their childhood arguments over toys. Summer quipped that only one of them had matured since then. Michael questioned whether their disagreement had been about Jamie, and she confided that she was worried about Jamie. Michael also wanted to help Jamie, and he asked if Jamie had mentioned any hangouts outside of school, but Summer didn't know of any.

At home, Chloe and Kevin stared at the heaps of cash, and she called the money hypnotic. She fretted about what to do with it, and Kevin sarcastically proposed that they tell Delia that her mommy had stolen drug money. Chloe defended that she had nobly planned to turn it in for a reward. He flatly stated that she'd stolen the cash, but she clarified that she'd recovered it, and she chirped that the reward offer had specified "no questions asked."

Kevin worried that the reward was a setup and that they would become suspects if they turned in the money. Chloe tried to convince Kevin that the reward was their salvation, but Kevin wasn't willing to potentially face going to prison. Chloe suggested that she covertly return the money to the tack house, but Kevin didn't think it was worth the risk. Chloe admitted that she was freaked out.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Chloe rattled off ideas to Kevin about where they could hide the money. They bickered over whether or not it was safe to talk about it at the coffeehouse. Chloe admitted that she felt remorse for taking the cash, and Kevin suddenly ordered her to shut up when Alex appeared behind her. Alex approached the couple, and a flustered Chloe stammered that they hadn't been talking about anything important. Alex observed that she seemed nervous.

Kevin tried to make small talk to calm Chloe down, but Alex remarked that Chloe seemed scattered. Chloe asked if Alex had found the girl he was looking for, and Kevin quickly claimed that he'd mentioned Alex's inquiry to Chloe but that Chloe didn't know anything. Chloe called Noah a decent guy, and Alex suspected that Kevin had lied about not knowing Noah, but Chloe rambled that she knew a lot more people than Kevin did. Alex departed, and Kevin said that they needed to deal with the money immediately.

Kevin and Chloe were relieved to find the money safe at home. He cuddled the duffel bag and cooed that it was their "little bundle of money." She lamented that she had once been good at lying, but she had lost her skill. She called it a cruel twist of fate that they were stuck with the cash. Kevin felt otherwise, and he began to toss the bills into the air. They gleefully ran around in the falling money and eventually tumbled onto the couch, kissing.

Kevin and Chloe made love, and they agreed that money always made things better. She called it a cruel irony that they couldn't keep the money or turn it in, but he questioned why they couldn't keep it. Chloe proclaimed that it was tainted and illegal, but Kevin pointed out that it would allow them to keep their house, even though it would mean screwing Noah over. Chloe referred to Noah's rich parents and trust fund, and she and Kevin tried to convince themselves that they needed the money and wouldn't spend it frivolously. He assured her that they could do it.

At the Athletic Club bar, Nick stopped by to see Noah at work, and Noah suspected that Nick wanted to talk about Summer, but Nick simply wanted to find out Noah's availability to tend bar at the Underground. Noah offered to make as much time as possible, but Nick noted that Noah seemed tense. Noah claimed that he had been in a bad mood and had snapped at Summer earlier, and Nick suggested that they go to Jimmy's for burgers and beer. Nick sensed that something more was going on with Noah, who conceded that he needed to talk.

Nick offered to stick around until Noah had a break, but Noah observed that it was slow. Noah suddenly balked when Alex entered. Nick left, and Noah dryly asked Alex to help get him a restraining order against a guy who kept bugging him. Alex acknowledged that it was time for him to walk away. Noah wished that Alex had taken Noah's word from the beginning, but Alex claimed that he'd enjoyed his time in Wisconsin. Alex advised Noah to call him if he ever heard from Adriana, and Alex added that he could help.

Alex headed out, but Nick stopped him in the foyer and demanded to know what Alex wanted with Noah. Alex displayed his police badge and pointed out that Noah wasn't a minor, but he disclosed that he was working on a case involving a friend of Noah's. Alex cautioned that Noah might be caught in the fallout, and he urged Nick to convince Noah to trust the cops and not the girl.

Nick returned to the bar and wanted to know how deep Noah was in. Nick realized that Adriana was the girl who had broken Noah's heart. Noah explained that Adriana had stolen some money, and Alex had wanted to see if Adriana was in town, but Noah hadn't spoken to her in months. Noah was glad that Alex was returning to New York, but Nick didn't think that it was over.

Nick wondered if Noah would have ever confided in Nick if Nick hadn't confronted Alex, and Noah doubted that Nick would be proud to hear that he'd hooked up with the wrong girl, but Nick said that he would always be proud of Noah. Nick urged Noah to talk to someone, even if it wasn't him. Nick invited Noah to visit Cassie's grave with their family, but Noah wasn't sure. Nick encouraged Noah to at least go see Cassie on his own. Later, Adriana sent a text message to Noah to alert him that she was in town and that she would see him soon.

At the Athletic Club, Victor asked his investigator what he'd been able to find out about Stephanie. The investigator showed Victor an old picture of Stephanie, and he commented that the years had been hard on her. The investigator reported that Stephanie's full name was Stephanie Gayle Wheeler, and her father was a congressman to whose campaigns Victor had contributed. Victor was aghast that the congressman's daughter had become a call girl, and the investigator explained that Stephanie had suffered from drug dependency and daddy issues. Victor instructed the investigator to find out what had happened to Stephanie and to make sure that no one found out that Victor had hired her.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor cordially greeted Mason and asked to see Adam, who wasn't in yet. Victor inquired whether Mason was enjoying his job, and Mason mentioned that Jack had fired just about everyone before Jack's heart attack. Victor asked when Jack would be back, but Mason hadn't received word. Victor pushed for details about Jack's recuperation, but Mason was hesitant to divulge anything. Victor declared that the company was in trouble and that he fully expected to regain power once Jack proved himself unable to lead.

Victor insinuated that once he was back in charge, he would fire everyone who didn't put the company's interest above their own. He pointedly asked Mason where Jack was staying during his recovery. Mason looked around nervously, and Victor assured him that any exchange of information would remain private. Mason handed Victor a piece of paper with contact numbers during Jack's absence, but Mason didn't know who they were for. Victor thanked him and said that Mason's actions would benefit the company.

Victor presented the investigator with the phone numbers from Jack's office, and he hoped that the investigator had erased any proof linking Victor to Stephanie. The investigator revealed that Stephanie had been found dead in an alley from a drug overdose. Victor ordered him to find out what drugs were in her system.

Later, the investigator divulged that Stephanie had died from a lethal combination of ecstasy and alcohol. Victor told him to find out whether her body had been moved. The investigator suspected that Stephanie had died in Jack's house. Victor realized that Adam had orchestrated Jack's faux heart attack as a diversion to keep the press occupied. Victor called it the biggest mistake Adam had ever made. "Cheers," Victor toasted as he raised his glass.

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