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Chloe showed up at Daniel's apartment with news that Parker was his biological son. Chloe seemed determined to win back Daniel. Sami and Rafe gave their relationship a second chance. Will and Nick had another strained encounter. As Gabi and Nick's wedding was about to conclude, Chad announced to shocked guests that Nick was not the father of Gabi's baby.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 7, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, January 7, 2013

by Mike

At the hospital, Sami chastised Brady for getting involved with Kristen. "Brady, you are acting like an idiot. Your father has to beat you up to get you to see sense -- that it's dangerous to sleep with the enemy? I'm glad you are here in the hospital, 'cause I'm gonna have them disinfect your mouth and throw you in the psych ward!" Sami shouted.

Brady tried to silence Sami, but she ignored him. Sami wondered if Brady had started using drugs again, or if he had simply failed to realize that he had been sleeping with Kristen DiMera. Kristen threatened to call the security guards, but Brady assured her that it wouldn't be necessary to do so.

Brady asked Kristen for some privacy so that he could make it clear that Sami would never be allowed to disrespect Kristen again. "Um, actually, Brady, this is the right way to talk to manipulative sluts," Sami dryly stated, and Kristen gasped with mock indignation. Kristen was reluctant to leave Sami alone with Brady, insisting that he had already been through enough recently, but he assured Kristen that he would be fine.

Kristen apologized for driving a wedge between Brady and the rest of his family, and she abruptly exited the room. Sami wondered if Brady was really stupid enough to believe that Kristen was being sincere. Sami made it clear that, while meaningless sex was one thing, she would never be able to support Brady's decision to have an actual relationship with Kristen.

"You know what? I'm fine -- I'm really fine if this is the last conversation that you and I ever have. I'm fine with that," Brady said with a shrug. Sami stressed that she didn't share Brady's sentiment. Sami warned that Kristen was simply using Brady as a way of getting revenge on John. Brady insisted that he was the person who had seduced Kristen, but Sami wasn't convinced.

"Brady, this woman goes around town convincing people she's human. Obviously, it wouldn't be that hard for her to convince you that you're the aggressor," Sami pointed out. Brady continued to defend Kristen, stressing that she had made numerous attempts to end the relationship, but Sami remained skeptical.

"Brady, if you were so sure that what you were doing wasn't terribly wrong, then you have to ask yourself why you didn't want anyone to know," Sami pointedly stated before exiting the room. Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Kristen sighed dramatically as she realized that she had chipped a nail earlier. Kristen quickly placed a call to someone and scheduled an appointment to fix the issue.

Sami approached Kristen and confidently stated that everyone in Salem would soon know that Kristen was evil. "This coming from the woman who tried to sell her baby sister?" Kristen countered. Sami smirked and told Kristen to imagine the things that Sami was capable of doing to someone whom she didn't like. Kristen sarcastically admitted that she was scared.

Kristen observed that Sami had never learned that it was foolish to underestimate a DiMera. Sami shrugged and defiantly pointed out that she was still standing, despite everything that the DiMeras had tried to do to her in the past. Kristen countered that things could quickly change, but after a brief pause, she smiled and clarified that her previous statement had been a joke.

Kristen pointed out that she was Johnny and Sydney's aunt, and she claimed that she didn't want to fight with Sami. Kristen suggested that she, Brady, Sami, and E.J. could have dinner together later, but Sami said that she would rather stick needles in her eyes.

"Look, I'm trying to help, okay? I don't want you to lose Brady. In fact, I'm gonna make sure that doesn't happen, because I'm gonna stick up for you to him. And you know why? Because we're family...and the way it's going, I might be more than just your children's aunt very soon, and I would hate for there to be any kind of awkward holiday dinners," Kristen said before walking away.

Kristen returned to Brady's room, and he admitted that Sami had refused to listen to him earlier. Kristen reiterated that she was feeling guilty about the tension that her relationship with Brady had caused, but he insisted that she needed to stop blaming herself. Changing the subject, Brady announced that he was ready to leave the hospital. Kristen assumed that Brady would want to check on John first, but Brady said that he wasn't interested in doing so.

In John's examination room, Marlena reluctantly admitted that she had known about Brady and Kristen's relationship for approximately one month. John struggled to process the information, muttering that he felt like his head was going to explode. John laughed as he bitterly recalled that he and Marlena had recently advised Gabi and Nick that honesty was the key to a successful marriage.

Marlena assured John that she had hated lying to him about Brady and Kristen's relationship. Marlena insisted that Brady was the person who should have told John the truth. John argued that, as a psychiatrist, Marlena should have shown better judgment than Brady had.

"Will you listen to yourself, please? The first time you ever called her a name was when you found out that she was sleeping with your son. What about all the times I tried to tell you that she was still the same lying, conniving sociopath she'd always been? You didn't believe me. Not only did you not believe me, you treated me like I was hormonal. You could clearly see how she had changed, but maybe I was overreacting. Do you know how thrilled she was to find out that everybody in Salem, including my husband, thought that I was crazy?" Marlena asked.

"Maybe I didn't tell you because I'd stopped trusting you...because you had believed Kristen over me ever since she came back into our lives. And maybe I didn't tell you because I didn't want Kristen turning everything inside out and upside down so you'd believe her and not me one more time. And maybe I didn't tell you because I was so tired of being the villain in the piece!" Marlena continued, clearly frustrated.

John conceded that Marlena had been right about Kristen all along, and he insisted that there was no way that Marlena could have been seen as the villain. Marlena wasn't convinced, and she theorized that John would not have believed her claims unless she had produced photographic evidence of Brady and Kristen's affair. Marlena suggested that John would have handled the situation similarly if he had been in her shoes.

John claimed that Marlena was wrong. "All right -- you may tell yourself that. I'm sorry you had to find out the way you did, and I'm so sorry you and Brady fought...but I'm not sure I'm sorry that I'm not the one who told you," Marlena admitted. John started to suggest that there was another reason that Marlena had decided to hide the truth about the affair from him, but before he could continue, Sami entered the room.

Sami revealed that she had talked to Kristen earlier. Sami informed John and Marlena that the situation was worse than they had originally suspected. Sami told Marlena and John that the family was going to have to stick together. John quietly listened as Sami talked about the two different sides of Kristen's personality that she had seen earlier.

Sami was certain that Kristen could be defeated if John, Marlena, and the rest of Brady's family presented a united front and continued to trust each other. "The two of you can't let her play you against each other. That can't happen again...for Brady's sake," Sami firmly stated. John admitted that Sami was right, and she breathed a sigh of relief as she gently hugged him.

Sami assured Marlena that Kristen wasn't going to win. After hugging Marlena, Sami excused herself. "Well, looks like all of Kristen's cards are on the table. Are all of ours?" John asked Marlena, reiterating that he suspected that there had been another reason that she had decided to hide the truth from him.

Marlena silently recalled an earlier encounter with Kristen, where Kristen had speculated that Marlena had been relieved to learn that Kristen had been sleeping with Brady, since that meant that Kristen wouldn't be sleeping with John. Marlena shook her head and assured John that she wasn't hiding anything else, but he wasn't entirely convinced.

Marlena reminded John that they couldn't let Kristen rip their family apart, and she offered to take him home so that they could try to forget about all of the horrible things that had happened that day. "I'm not gonna go home -- not tonight. I'm gonna get a hotel room. I need a little time alone. You heard Samantha, Doc -- we have to trust each other, and I'm not sure that I do trust you right now," John admitted.

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen carefully locked the door, but Brady pointed out that it was too late to worry about that. Kristen conceded Brady's point, predicting that Sami would soon inform half of Salem's population about their relationship. Brady winced in pain as he removed his jacket, and Kristen claimed that knowing the full extent of his injuries was making her feel even more guilty than she had before.

Kristen started to list the friends and family members whom Brady might lose as a result of his relationship with her, but he insisted that he only cared about her. Kristen warned that she wasn't good for Brady, but he disagreed. To stop Kristen's protests, Brady passionately kissed her.

"You are good for me. You couldn't be better for me, and I'm gonna say something to you right now -- it's probably too early, but I -- I'm falling in love with you," Brady admitted. Kristen kissed Brady, noncommittally stating that he had no idea how his declaration of love had made her feel. Brady wrapped his arms around Kristen, unaware of the sinister smile on her face.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla listened as Caroline complained about a recent memory lapse. Caroline had been unable to recall the name of an old friend that she had known for more than forty years. Caroline noted with frustration that it was easy for her to remember trivial things, like the price of the first roasting pan that she had ever purchased.

Kayla asked if Caroline had experienced any other memory lapses recently, and Caroline admitted that she had not. Caroline confirmed that she was still taking her medication, and Kayla optimistically stated that she believed that Caroline had nothing to worry about. Seemingly confused, Caroline wondered what Kayla was talking about. Before Kayla could respond, Caroline laughed and revealed that she had been joking.

Later, Kayla received a phone call from Stephanie, who was upset about something. Stephanie faxed some documents to Kayla, who promised to take care of everything. Kayla stressed that Stephanie had done the right thing, adding that she would call Stephanie the next day.

After Kayla ended the call, Caroline asked if everything was all right. Kayla handed the documents to Caroline, who inspected them and wondered what Kayla was going to do. Kayla sighed and said that she was going to have to talk to Daniel right away. Kayla retrieved the documents and quickly exited the pub.

At the Horton house, Abigail carried a magazine and a glass of wine into the living room. After taking a seat on the couch, Abigail started to prop her feet up on the coffee table, but she quickly changed her mind. "I'll be good. Have fun tonight, Mom. Take your time...and do not bother hurrying home," Abigail muttered before taking a sip of wine.

The front door slammed shut, and Abigail quickly stood, tossing the magazine aside and hiding the glass of wine behind her back. Jennifer entered the room and complained that something was wrong with her car. Abigail wasn't planning to use her car that night, so she offered to let Jennifer borrow it. Before Jennifer could respond, she realized that Abigail was hiding something.

Abigail reluctantly explained that she had been planning to relax with a magazine and a glass of wine. Jennifer assumed that Abigail was upset about something, but Abigail insisted that everything was fine. Abigail added that the only thing that she was upset about was the fact that Jennifer was treating Abigail like a child instead of spending time with Daniel.

Realizing that Abigail was right, Jennifer asked for Abigail's car keys. Abigail started to place the glass of wine on the coffee table so that she could retrieve the keys from her purse, but Jennifer, who wanted Abigail to use a coaster, reached out to grab the glass, spilling its contents in the process. Jennifer groaned and insisted that she didn't have time to change her clothes, but Abigail convinced her mother to reconsider.

Abigail rushed off to grab a different outfit for Jennifer to wear. Meanwhile, Jennifer sent a text message to Daniel to let him know that she was going to be late. Jennifer quickly changed her clothes, and Abigail declared that the new outfit was even better than the previous one that Jennifer had chosen. Jennifer complained that her shoes were uncomfortable, but Abigail insisted that Jennifer needed to get her priorities straight.

When Jennifer opened the front door, she was surprised to find Lucas standing outside. Lucas entered the house and explained that Kate, who had gone to visit Rex and Cassie, had somehow lost her hotel reservation. Lucas knowingly stated that Kate would cancel her trip and return to Salem if she was unable to find a suitable place to stay, adding that she wouldn't settle for anything less than a fancy hotel suite.

Lucas admitted that he had been looking forward to having a few days of peace and quiet, and he begged Jennifer to use her connections to help Kate. Lucas recalled that Jennifer had once written a glowing review for a hotel that would meet Kate's lofty standards, and he urged Jennifer to find out if the hotel had a vacant suite that Kate could stay in.

Jennifer placed a phone call to the hotel and quickly managed to secure a room for Kate. "Let's just hope this hotel can stand having Kate as a guest," Jennifer dryly stated after ending the call. Jennifer started to describe the hotel room, which overlooked a park, but Lucas interrupted her. Lucas reiterated that Kate needed a suite, adding that she hated parks.

Abigail chastised Lucas for criticizing Jennifer's attempt to help him. Abigail said that Jennifer had dropped everything to help Lucas, despite the fact that Jennifer had already been running late for her date. Abigail's announcement intrigued Lucas, who guessed that Jennifer had made plans to go on a date with Daniel.

Confirming Lucas' suspicion, Jennifer defiantly stated that he was going to have to learn how to accept her relationship with Daniel. Lucas couldn't believe that Jennifer had been stupid enough to get involved with Daniel again. Jennifer countered that she couldn't believe that she and Lucas were revisiting an argument that he had already apologized for starting once before.

Lucas admitted that he had hoped that Jennifer would regain her senses on her own, and he observed that he had obviously given her too much credit. Meanwhile, Abigail, who had made plans to hang out with one of her friends that night, received a text message to let her know that her friend was waiting outside. Relieved, Jennifer said that she didn't want Abigail to see what was about to happen to Lucas.

After reminding Jennifer that her date with Daniel was more important than fighting with Lucas, Abigail exited the house. Lucas dryly observed that Daniel had clearly managed to brainwash Abigail. Jennifer insisted that her relationship with Daniel was none of Lucas' business, adding that Lucas' tone was incredibly offensive. Lucas countered that Daniel's behavior toward women was offensive.

Jennifer said that Daniel would not have been able to ruin Lucas and Chloe's marriage if it had truly been a happy marriage. Lucas believed that Jennifer was just trying to make excuses for Daniel, but she disagreed, and she insisted that she was sick of arguing about the matter. "I have a date tonight with Daniel, and I am in love with him, and there is nothing that is going to get in the way of that," Jennifer firmly stated.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel wondered why Chloe had shown up unannounced. Chloe cryptically stated that she had something important that she needed to tell Daniel in person. "Daniel, do you remember what the last thing was you said to me before I left town? You said that our goodbye wasn't forever...and it wasn't. And I didn't know it back then, coming back now...was meant to be," Chloe added.

Chloe looked around the apartment and realized that Daniel had been expecting someone else. Daniel confirmed that he was planning to have dinner with Jennifer later that night. Chloe was surprised to learn that Jennifer had started dating someone else a few months after Jack's death, but she acknowledged that she was in no position to judge Jennifer.

Chloe quietly muttered that it seemed like Jennifer hated the idea of being alone. Daniel defended Jennifer, insisting that she was his friend. Chloe observed that Jennifer was obviously more than just Daniel's friend. Daniel insisted that his relationship with Jennifer was none of Chloe's business. Chloe sighed and apologized, admitting that returning to Daniel's apartment had been more difficult than she had originally expected it to be.

Before Daniel could respond, he received a text message from Jennifer. Daniel announced that Jennifer was going to be late, and he urged Chloe to relax and tell him what was going on. Chloe was pleased to hear that she was going to have some extra time to explain the situation, since it was both complicated and simple.

"When something goes wrong, once in a while -- once in a great while -- you have an opportunity to make it right -- to fix it. I've just been -- I've been thinking about us, and me, and how deeply I hurt you. When we were together, Daniel, it was special, and when all of that blew up, wasn't special really killed me, and I think it killed you, too. And...I don't know, I guess something that right, that strong -- can it really be erased? I don't think so, and that's why I'm here. That's why I had to talk to you," Chloe explained.

Chloe said that Brady had told her about the recent developments in Daniel's life. Chloe had been pleased to learn that Maggie was Daniel's biological mother, and that Daniel's hand tremors had been cured. Chloe theorized that great things had been happening to Daniel because he had deserved them, and she explained that she wanted to give him another piece of good news.

Completely confused, Daniel impatiently suggested that he and Chloe could continue their conversation the next day. Chloe refused to leave, insisting that Daniel needed to know that a miracle had occurred. Daniel demanded to know what Chloe was talking about, and she replied that she was referring to his son, Parker. Daniel reminded Chloe that Parker wasn't his son.

"But he is -- that's what I've been trying to tell you! Parker is your son -- our son," Chloe revealed.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In Daniel's apartment, Chloe informed him that Parker was his son. Confused, Daniel asked Chloe why she was behaving cruelly and telling him that Parker was his child. Chloe swore that she was not lying. Chloe explained that she and Philip had ordered a second paternity test and learned that Parker was not Philip's son. Chloe deduced that since Philip was not the father, then Daniel had to be the father.

Daniel reminded Chloe that Carly had done an amniocentesis, and Chloe countered that the test results had been tampered with by multiple people, including Caroline. In disbelief, Daniel said that he did not believe Chloe. When Chloe asked if Daniel believed she was crazy, he said no, but he wondered aloud if it was a ploy by Chloe to gain full custody of Parker. Chloe noted that she was telling the truth.

When there was a knock at the door, Daniel was surprised to find Kayla in the hallway. A fidgety Kayla informed Daniel that she had talked to Stephanie and had news. Kayla explained that she had proof that Parker was Daniel's son. Kayla explained that Stephanie had persuaded a friend, Ian Burton, to hack into the records and change the paternity test. Feeling guilty, Ian had testified that the test results had said that Daniel was the father and that he had changed the results to state that Philip was the father of Parker.

Kayla explained that Ian had failed to inform Stephanie of the real results because he had been hoping that Stephanie and Nathan would break up. Kayla added that Stephanie felt horrible about what had happened. Kayla stressed that Daniel was Parker's father. Daniel reviewed Ian's testimony and asked why Ian had admitted the truth so suddenly. Kayla explained that Ian was in recovery and had admitted the truth in order to make amends.

Chloe retrieved the paternity test from her car. When she returned to the apartment, Daniel asked Chloe why she had not told him about Ian's testimony when she had learned about it. Chloe explained that she had not wanted to get Daniel's hopes up until she had proof to back up Ian's statement. Chloe handed Daniel the new paternity test, which confirmed that Philip was not Parker's father. Daniel asked about Parker, and Chloe confirmed that Parker was at the Kiriakis mansion.

Daniel worried that his son would not recognize him. Chloe offered to accompany Daniel to Victor's house and introduce him to Parker. After donning his coat, Daniel called Jennifer's cell phone but did not leave a voicemail. Daniel worried that Jennifer was on her way to his apartment, so he asked Kayla to wait for Jennifer for him.

In the Horton living room, Jennifer warned Lucas that she was tired of his opposition to her relationship with Daniel. As Jennifer walked out of the house, she tripped over a box that was on her front porch, knocking herself unconscious. Lucas carried Jennifer inside the house and placed her on the couch. Billie walked into the house, carrying a box, and asked Lucas what had happened.

When Lucas explained that Jennifer had tripped over a box that had been left on the front porch, Billie confessed that she had left the box by the door. Frantic, Billie pleaded with Jennifer to wake up. When Jennifer awoke, she grumbled about the box on her front stoop, and Billie apologized. Jennifer asked for her car keys, but Lucas and Billie urged Jennifer to consider going to the hospital instead.

Lucas offered to take Jennifer to Daniel's house so that he could examine her head injury. With a groan, Jennifer noted that she did not want to give Lucas an opportunity to argue with Daniel. Lucas argued that he had every reason to be hostile to Daniel, but that he was more concerned about Jennifer's health. Billie interrupted and offered to drive Jennifer to the hospital.

After Lucas left, Jennifer received a text from Daniel asking her not to go over. Jennifer wondered aloud what she would have walked in on if she had gone over to Daniel's apartment as planned.

Billie escorted Jennifer to the hospital to undergo an exam. After getting an MRI, Jennifer complained about the wait for her test results. Jennifer laughed about the number of obstacles between her and Daniel in their relationship. Jennifer noted that she was impatient to reunite with Daniel.

Jennifer frantically looked for her cell phone and was annoyed to realize that she had left it at home. Jennifer asked Billie to take her to Daniel's apartment, but Billie refused and left to find Jennifer's doctor. Impatient, Jennifer left to find a taxi. When Jennifer arrived at Daniel's apartment, she was surprised to find Kayla.

In the town square, Nick and Maggie talked about his new job with Kate Roberts. Maggie was nervous about the prospect of Nick working for Kate, but she was pleased that the job would enable Nick to take care of Gabi and his child. Overhearing the conversation, Gabi walked over and agreed with Maggie that Nick would make an excellent father.

After Maggie left, Nick expressed his dismay that his parents would not be able to attend their wedding. Gabi asked Nick if his parents were not going to the wedding because they objected to her. Nick explained that his parents were happy about the baby and the wedding. Gabi lamented that she could not inform her family about her wedding. With a sigh, Gabi noted that if her family knew the truth about the baby, it would destroy them. Gabi confided that she wanted to call her mother and tell her about the wedding.

Nick stopped Gabi and counseled her to talk to Rafe instead. After talking to Rafe, Gabi confirmed to Nick that Rafe would inform their mother that Gabi was getting married. Nick kissed Gabi goodbye and left for his bachelor party.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie returned home and asked Victor if the car in the driveway was Philip's. When Victor somberly confirmed that the car belonged to Philip, Maggie asked if Philip had Parker with him. Noting Victor's dour countenance, Maggie asked why he was sad if his son and grandson were visiting. Victor informed Maggie that Philip had confirmed that Daniel was Parker's father. Maggie worried about Daniel, but Victor cautioned Maggie to give Daniel time to digest the news.

Victor admitted that he was disappointed that he was not Parker's grandfather, but he was more upset about the effect of the news on Philip. When Maggie asked what had happened, Victor responded that it was Chloe's fault. After Parker joined Maggie and Victor downstairs, Victor noted that Maggie would get to know her grandson. Maggie looked at Parker and gasped in comprehension.

"This has been such a shock, it didn't even occur to me," Maggie said. Maggie took Victor's arm in hers and noted that Victor was still Parker's grandfather. "Knowing that he is part of you makes me love him even more," Victor said. When Daniel arrived, Victor said how happy he was that Daniel was Parker's father. Victor escorted Daniel into the living room.

Maggie was playing with Parker on the floor when Victor walked in with Daniel and Chloe. Chloe picked up Parker and introduced him to Daniel. When Chloe set Parker down, he walked over and hugged Daniel.

At Sami's apartment, Will dressed in his tuxedo and Sonny helped him tie his bowtie. When Will went to the bedroom to change for the bachelor party, Sonny muttered to himself that he was glad that Gabi would not ruin the evening. After Will changed, he and Sonny went over to the coffeehouse for the bachelor party. When Cameron asked about the wedding, Sonny noted that Will was the best man. Furrowing his brow, Sonny asked Will if he needed to get the bride and groom a gift.

"No. I've given them enough," Will said. When Lucas arrived, he greeted everyone, and Chad informed Lucas that he and Cameron were not on the guest list for the bachelor party. Will added that Rafe was working and could not join the party. When Lucas noted that Nick did not have many friends, Chad joked that all Nick's friends were in prison. Lucas shrugged and added that Nick had not had much opportunity to make friends since his release after Labor Day.

Suspicious, Cameron asked Lucas if he was sure about Nick's release date. Chad chimed in that Nick's release date had been September 10th, the same day that Chad had asked Melanie to marry him. Nervous, Will attempted to change the subject. Cameron noted that he needed to return to work and left. When Sonny asked Will what had happened, Will shrugged and noted that he would call Nick to check on him.

Will stepped out of earshot and called Gabi to ask who her attending physician had been when she had learned that she was pregnant. When Gabi noted that Cameron had told her the news, Will explained that Cameron had figured out that Nick was not the father of Gabi's baby.

When Nick arrived at the coffeehouse, he went to the bar with Lucas. Sonny asked Will if he was okay because he seemed nervous. Will noted that he was fine. Sonny walked over to the bar and asked Nick if he was ready to get married. When Nick joked that he was marrying the girl of his dreams and expecting kids like every man dreamed of, Sonny noted that not every man dreamed of that. With a shrug, Nick countered that every guy he knew wanted marriage and kids.

Across the bar, Lucas asked Will if he was ready for the wedding. When Will responded flatly that he was ready, Lucas asked Will if he harbored resentment toward Nick. Will raised an eyebrow, and Lucas asked Will if he resented that Nick, a former inmate, could get married but that as a gay man, Will could not get married. Smiling, Will said that he was annoyed but that he was not ready to get married. Lucas noted that he was upset that Will could not get married if he wanted to do so.

At the hospital, Gabi cornered Cameron in a hospital room and asked him not to talk to anyone about the due date of her baby. Cameron asked Gabi if Nick knew that he could not be the father of her child. From the hallway, someone peeked through the crack of the door and watched Gabi and Cameron talk. Gabi confirmed to Cameron that Nick knew the child was not his but that he wanted to raise it as his own child.

When Cameron asked about the biological father, Gabi admitted that the father was out of the picture but that he knew that he was the father of Gabi's baby. Cameron reminded Gabi that a secret that big had a way of coming out eventually. "No one can ever know who this baby's father is," Gabi said.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rafe arrived at Sami's to pick her up for Nick and Gabi's wedding rehearsal. He spotted a heart-shaped piñata on the sofa, and Sami explained that it was for the reception -- then quickly realized with chagrin that she had reduced the whole wedding to an ethnic stereotype. Rafe teased her about it as he tossed the piñata aside but then said that he should be more careful with Sami's heart. He kissed her gently. Although she grinned in response, Sami managed to kiss him back.

Afterward, Sami reminded Rafe that they had to get ready to go the pub. Rafe reassured her that she could let her guard down with him, but she wondered why she hadn't heard from him since they'd kissed on New Year's Eve. Rafe explained that he had been giving Sami time to tell E.J. that she was back with Rafe. Sami hedged that it wasn't a good time to tell E.J., since he was keeping the kids so that she could help with the wedding.

Rafe noted that once the wedding was over, Sami could tell E.J. then. Rafe kissed her again, and Sami promised to tell E.J. soon. Rafe suggested that after they finished with Nick and Gabi, then Rafe and Sami could begin their own "happily ever after." Sami replied, "That sounds like a great idea."

When Nick met Gabi outside the Brady Pub, she informed him that Cameron had figured out that Nick couldn't be her baby's father. Meanwhile, someone spied on the young couple from behind a bush nearby. Gabi explained to Nick that Cameron had overheard someone say that Nick had gotten out of prison on September 10, and Cameron knew that by then, Gabi had already been pregnant. Nick started to fly off the handle, but Gabi calmed him down by telling him that she had gone to Cameron to verify that he legally couldn't tell anyone what he knew. A relieved Nick put his arms around his fiancée.

Inside, Abigail had a basket filled with favors for the rehearsal dinner, and instructed Will to put one favor at each place set at the table. Abigail observed that the wedding preparations seemed to be getting to Will and asked why, but just then, Nick and Gabi walked in. Abigail stepped away to take a phone call, so Will asked Gabi if things were all right with Cameron. Nick was peeved to learn that Will had informed Gabi about Cameron learning that Nick couldn't be the father -- and upset her the night before the wedding.

Will maintained that he hadn't been the one who had told Cameron when Nick had been released from prison. Nick grew even testier, so Will explained that while they had all been waiting for Nick to show up for the bachelor party, Lucas had wondered about Nick's release date, and Chad had volunteered the information -- which he knew well because it had been the same day he had proposed to Melanie. Cameron had simply done the math, and all that Will had done was to call Gabi to warn her. Nick apologized to Will for overreacting.

Rafe and Sami arrived just then. Rafe admonished his little sister to eat something so she didn't pass out during the wedding rehearsal. As the others went into the kitchen, Nick reiterated his apology to Will, but Will just shrugged it off.

After everyone had eaten, Sami clinked her glass and rose to speak. She explained that since Rafe and Gabi's mom couldn't be at the wedding, Sami wanted to try to do what she thought their mom would want to do. The room fell silent as Sami read a prayer for Gabi in Spanish called "A Prayer to my Daughter." Everyone applauded when Sami was finished. A deeply moved Gabi stood and hugged Sami with great affection and gratitude. Sami asked Gabi to think of her as a second mom and substitute grandma for the baby.

Rafe then pulled Gabi aside and told her that he'd spoken to their aunt. He and the aunt had decided to tell Rafe and Gabi's mom about the wedding first thing the next morning, since that was when their mother seemed to have the most energy.

While Will cleared away glasses, Abigail informed him that the call she'd gotten earlier had been from Chad -- with whom she'd spent New Year's Eve. "He asked me to give [Nick and Gabi] his best and said that he was sorry about everything... But do you think that I should do it?" Abigail asked. Will just wanted to know if Chad had sounded like he'd meant it. Sami interrupted to give Abigail and Will their coats so they could all walk over to the church. She proudly declared that Will was going to be the most handsome best man ever.

Eric sat alone in St. Luke's sanctuary leaving a message for his mom that he was worried about her and John. Nicole entered just as Eric hung up and asked what was going on. Eric tersely replied that he was worried about someone he knew. When Nicole pushed him not to shut her out, Eric declared in no uncertain terms that it was none of her business because it was about his family -- and it wasn't his secret to tell. Obviously hurt, Nicole promised not to bother Eric anymore, then turned on her heel and left.

Soon, everyone arrived at the church for the rehearsal, but Eric was not in the sanctuary. As Sami left to find her brother, she overheard Abigail congratulating Nick on his new job. "What new job?" Sami demanded. Acknowledging that he should have told Sami already, Nick admitted that he'd taken the job with Kate. Sami accused him of using his interview with her to get Kate to offer something higher. Rafe whispered that it wasn't the time to discuss such things. Nick stated that the reason he hadn't told Sami was because she had been so very helpful with the wedding, and he hadn't wanted her to think that he'd met with Kate just to drive his price up.

Sami produced a contract, which she said that she had planned to surprise Nick with at the reception, and asserted that Nick at least owed her an explanation. Nick and Sami went out into the vestibule to talk. After Nick had informed Sami about the details of Kate's job offer, he begged Sami not to hold it against him or Gabi. "I won't. But Nick, I advise you to cash those checks while you can, because I am going to hold it against Kate," Sami warned him.

Soon Eric had returned to the sanctuary, and the group sat in the pews and listened as the priest offered some words of wisdom about the meaning of marriage. He added that he hoped that everyone there would also make a commitment to Nick and Gabi's love and help them through any challenges they might face. Sami and Rafe both thought back to their own romantic wedding ceremony in the park, and exchanged a knowing smile.

Eric then walked Nick, Gabi, and their attendants through the marriage ceremony. When he had finished, Eric declared, "I think tomorrow is going to be a perfect day for the two of you." During the rehearsal, someone watched, unseen, from the vestibule.

When Jennifer showed up at Daniel's apartment for their date, Kayla answered the door instead. Kayla said that Daniel had tried to call Jennifer but had just gotten her voicemail. Jennifer explained that she'd accidentally left her phone at home, and added, "It has been the craziest night." Kayla warned Jennifer that it was about to get crazier. Jennifer pressed for more details, so Kayla suggested that she take Jennifer to Daniel so that he could give her the good news in person.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel embraced little Parker, while Chloe, Victor, and Maggie watched. Daniel told his son how much he'd missed him, and added, "I can't believe it." A beaming Chloe declared, "We're finally what we always should have been: a family." Chloe divulged that she had taken a leave of absence from her job and sublet her apartment so she and Parker could stay in Salem for as long as Daniel wanted.

Chloe then said that she was supposed to meet someone, so she excused herself so that Daniel and the Kiriakises could have some time with Parker. Victor reassured Chloe that he'd meant it when he'd said that she could stay there for a couple of nights. After Chloe had gone, Daniel asked how Philip was handling the news. Victor replied that Philip hadn't taken the news very well and had gone to spend some time with Kate.

As he stroked his son's hair, Daniel acknowledged that poor Parker had to be very confused. "I want to be here in the morning when Parker gets up," Daniel declared. Victor said that he would have Henderson set up a room for Daniel. Victor then took Parker to the kitchen for some milk and cookies.

As Chloe was headed out the front door, Jennifer was just about to ring the bell. Chloe's presence took Jennifer completely by surprise. Jennifer tried to find out why Daniel was there, but Chloe urged Jennifer to just go into the living room to see for herself.

Parker had returned with a cookie and was sitting close to Maggie when Jennifer entered the parlor. Jennifer announced her presence quietly, and Daniel rose to greet her. "Is that Parker? Are Philip and Chloe letting you visit?" Jennifer asked, grinning at the adorable tot. Out of earshot of Parker, Daniel explained, "We just found out I'm his father... It's hard to believe, but he really is my son." While Jennifer tried to absorb the news, Kayla entered, followed closely by Chloe.

As Victor returned, Chloe explained that she had wanted to make sure that Parker had his stuffed bunny, which he slept with every night. After handing off the toy and saying goodnight to her son, Chloe left. Kayla explained that she wanted to apologize to Maggie and Victor for Stephanie's part in the paternity test switch. Daniel placed the blame on the guy who'd had a crush on Stephanie for tampering with the test results, and promised to fill in the details for Jennifer later. He assured Kayla that he held no hard feelings toward Stephanie. Kayla declared that Parker was a lucky boy to have so many people who loved him.

After Kayla had gone, Maggie and Victor took Parker upstairs to put him to bed, leaving Jennifer and Daniel alone in the living room. "I guess I have a lot to tell you," Daniel began. A little while later, Parker appeared in the doorway, carrying his bunny. Daniel noticed that the stuffed animal had become ripped, and led Parker off to look for Henderson, who probably had a needle and thread so Daniel could repair the bunny.

Daniel returned shortly. Jennifer confirmed that Chloe and Parker were sticking around for a while, and then declared to Daniel, "You could not let that little guy go again." Parker then sat in Daniel's lap and watched as Daniel carefully stitched the bunny back together, while Jennifer retrieved a sippy cup of milk from the kitchen. Daniel introduced Jennifer to Parker, who just stared at Jennifer and her outstretched hand.

Maggie and Victor burst through the door just then and were relieved to find Parker with his dad. Maggie admitted that she had panicked when she'd gone into the boy's room to check on him but he hadn't been there. Maggie admired Daniel's handiwork in stitching up the bunny almost invisibly.

Privately, Jennifer expressed her sympathy to Victor about what he and Philip had lost. A proud Victor declared that he would still be in the boy's life -- and he hoped that Jennifer wouldn't let any of the new development change anything between her and Daniel, who Victor believed belonged together. Victor warned Jennifer that Chloe would try to work the situation to her advantage. Jennifer declared that she wasn't going to worry about that at the moment, not when Daniel was so thrilled to have gotten back something that he had wanted for so long.

Jennifer quietly stepped into the foyer and pulled on her coat. She was almost out the door when Daniel caught up to her. Jennifer explained that she thought she should go so that Daniel could have some time with his son. Daniel said, "There's something I need to say to you, and it can't wait." He explained that although his entire life had just changed, he was still crazy about Jennifer and wanted her -- and all of his and her offspring -- in his life. Jennifer agreed that she wanted the same thing, and a relieved Daniel gave her a passionate kiss goodbye.

Nicole had already gotten a table at Common Grounds when Chloe arrived. The women were clearly glad to see one another as they shared a warm hug. After exchanging pleasantries, a concerned Chloe expressed her sympathy and asked how Nicole had been doing since losing the baby. Nicole confessed that she had good days and bad days -- but she was grateful to have Chloe, a real friend, there. Nicole asked how Chloe was doing. Chloe confided that after the year before, when she'd felt like she'd hit rock bottom, it seemed as if her whole life had miraculously turned around.

After blathering on for a few minutes about how happy she was, Chloe suddenly realized that she was being insensitive to Nicole. Nicole insisted that she was fine and happy for her friend -- and for Parker, who would have an amazing dad in Daniel. "So, now that you know this, what's your plan?" Nicole asked. "My plan is to reclaim my life. I'm going to get everything back that was taken from me. I'm going to have everything that should have been mine," declared Chloe.

Nicole and Chloe laughed about how, in the days when Common Grounds had still been the Cheatin' Heart, they would have stayed until last call. Although she chuckled at the memories, Chloe admitted that she had only drunk in those days because she'd been so unhappy, and hinted that she might not have slept with Philip had she not been drinking.

Chloe then divulged that she had never stopped loving Daniel, even after she'd accepted that they were over. She blamed Stephanie and "her freak friend" for ruining everything. "I wouldn't have spent the last year hating myself and sucking up to Philip just to see my own son. Daniel would have never found out about Philip and me, and he and I and Parker would just be a happy family," Chloe maintained. She was determined to do whatever it took to make things right.

Nicole guessed that meant Chloe was going to try to get Daniel back. Nicole warned Chloe that Daniel had moved on and was in love with Jennifer Horton. "You won't get him back," Nicole cautioned. Chloe countered, "Watch me."

Thursday, January 10, 2013

by Mike

In Sami's apartment, Sami was talking to Rafe on the phone, worrying about the list of things that still needed to be done before Gabi and Nick's wedding ceremony later that day. Rafe suggestively stated that he was looking forward to what was going to happen after the ceremony.

Sami jokingly guessed that Rafe was looking forward to sleeping for fifteen hours, and he conceded that they might eventually be able to get some rest. Meanwhile, someone knocked on Sami's door, interrupting the phone conversation. After ending the call, Sami opened the door and found E.J. standing in the hallway.

E.J. urged Sami to listen to what he had to say before deciding if she wanted to slam the door in his face. E.J. claimed that he would have warned Sami if he had known about Kristen and Brady's relationship. Sami agreed that it would be best for her and E.J. to refrain from mentioning Kristen's name in the future. Sami noted with surprise that E.J. had seemed genuinely worried that she was going to slam the door in his face.

"Look, I -- I just don't like to see you upset -- especially when you might think that I had something to do with it. I want to be straight with you...because I think that's the only way that we're going to move forward," E.J. said without a hint of irony. Sami agreed that she and E.J. needed to be honest about their feelings for each other. Before Sami could continue, Johnny rushed into the room.

Johnny wondered what E.J. was doing at Sami's apartment, since it was early in the morning. E.J. spontaneously announced that he was going to take Johnny to school, and Johnny rushed off to finish getting ready. Sami thanked E.J. for the offer, admitting that she could use the extra time to prepare for the wedding.

"I'm just, you know, happy to help -- truly. And I'll be happier when you're not surprised that I'm so happy to help, if that makes sense. This is the way I'd like things to be, going forward. Look, Samantha, you don't, um -- you don't really think I took a job at Countess Wilhelmina because I love cosmetics, do you?" E.J. asked. Sami shrugged and pointed out that it was a growth industry.

E.J. laughed and said that he had taken the job so that he could spend more time with Sami and make her life easier. E.J. added that he was happier than he had been in a long time. Sami noncommittally agreed that she and E.J. were a great team. E.J. nodded and stated that he was in love with Sami -- again. Sami sighed and admitted that the conversation had just taken an unexpected turn.

E.J. apologized, assuming that he was simply moving too quickly for Sami, and he explained that he just didn't want to waste any more time. E.J. abruptly changed the subject, recalling that Sami had been trying to tell him something earlier. Before Sami could respond, Johnny returned and announced that he was ready to leave. Johnny impatiently tugged on E.J.'s arm, pulling E.J. toward the front door.

E.J. suggested that he and Sami could spend some time together after the wedding. Before Sami could respond, Johnny urged E.J. to hurry, and E.J. reluctantly followed Johnny out of the apartment. After E.J. and Johnny left, Sami sighed and muttered that she would definitely tell E.J. the truth later.

In Sonny's apartment, Will woke up and found a breakfast tray laying next to him on the bed. In the center of the tray, tucked between two muffins, was a small gift box. Sonny took a seat on the edge of the bed and urged Will to open the box, explaining that it contained a gift for the best man. Sonny reasoned that Nick and Gabi weren't the only two people who were allowed to have some fun on the wedding day.

After shaking the box curiously, Will lifted the lid and found a key tucked inside. Will smiled and wondered if the key meant that Sonny wanted him to move into the apartment. "Yes. I know it's not the Luxe or, you know, Standard, but I did clear out half the closet, you know, so there's space, and if there's not enough space, we could get one of those, like, wardrobe things -- you know, those wardrobe things? Unless you think this is, like, a bad idea. If this is not what you want, we can just forget this ever happened. You don't have to worry -- it's no big deal, we can just go back to the way things were," Sonny assured Will.

Will, who had been trying to interrupt Sonny, grinned as he asked if Sonny was finished talking. After considering the question for a moment, Sonny confirmed that he was done. "Did you honestly think for a second that I wouldn't want to live with you?" Will wondered. Sonny shrugged and explained that he had assumed that Will might think that it was too soon to be moving into Sonny's apartment.

Sonny started to acknowledge that Will might not even want to move into the apartment, but Will interrupted him. "This -- I want this," Will assured Sonny, holding the key in the air. Will kissed Sonny passionately and started to unbutton Sonny's shirt, but Sonny stopped him and wondered if he had bothered to look at the clock yet.

Will playfully shoved the clock off of the bedside table as he continued to kiss Sonny. Sonny laughed and wondered if Will wanted to be late for the wedding. "You know, if you could've just given this to me last night, we could've celebrated," Will said with a sigh, still clutching the key in his hand. Sonny guessed that if he had given the key to Will the previous night, Will definitely would have been late for the wedding.

Will kissed Sonny again, pointing out that they still had plenty of time to kill before the wedding was scheduled to begin. Sonny assumed that Will was going to be extremely busy all day, since Will was the best man. Will dismissively stated that as long as he showed up at the church with the rings, everything would be all right.

Will abruptly changed the subject, excitedly stating that he was going to start moving some of his stuff into Sonny's apartment right away. Will quickly stopped himself and wondered if he was being too eager and needy, but Sonny shook his head and jokingly stated that it was a good look on Will. Sonny assumed that Will wanted to pack some of his things while Sami wasn't around, but Will predicted that she would actually be happy for him.

Sonny suggested that Will might want to wait until after the wedding to move his stuff into the apartment, but Will hinted that he had other things planned for them to do after the wedding. After kissing Sonny again, Will jumped out of the bed and rushed off to take a shower. Meanwhile, Sonny grabbed his cell phone and placed a call to someone.

"Hi, this is Sonny Kiriakis. I, uh, placed a special order the other day, and I just wanted to make sure it's gonna be delivered on time. Yes, for Valentine's Day. And it'll definitely be delivered on time? Yeah, 'William Horton -- to our new beginning. I love you -- Sonny.' Perfect. Thank you so much," Sonny said. After ending the call, Sonny smiled and confidently stated that Will was going to love the gift.

At the Horton house, Chad invited Abigail to join him for breakfast, but before she could respond, Gabi entered the room and demanded to know what was going on. Ignoring Gabi's hostile tone, Chad congratulated her and hoped that she would have a great day. Gabi was skeptical, but Abigail assured her that Chad was being sincere.

Chad explained that he was sick of holding a grudge against Gabi. Chad assured Gabi that, while they would probably never be close friends again, he was ready to let go of his anger. Abigail grasped Chad's hand, and Gabi stared at them in disbelief. Chad excused himself so that Abigail and Gabi could finish getting ready for the wedding, smoothly adding that Gabi was going to have a beautiful maid of honor.

After Chad left, Abigail laughed as she looked at Gabi, who was still struggling to process what she had just seen and heard. Abigail explained that she and Chad weren't officially dating yet, but Gabi could tell that Chad and Abigail seemed happy together. Gabi pointed out that Abigail was going to need a date for the wedding, and she encouraged Abigail to invite Chad, stating that she wanted everyone to be happy on her wedding day.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe told Nick that they needed to talk about something. Nick guessed that he knew what Rafe was going to say, and he preemptively started to talk about a two-year financial plan that he had devised, boasting that it would allow him to fulfill all of Gabi's desires. After listening to Nick ramble for a while, Rafe interrupted and clarified that Nick had misinterpreted the situation.

Rafe retrieved an envelope from his jacket pocket and handed it to Nick. Inside the envelope, Nick found a travel brochure and two tickets to Cancun. Rafe guessed that Nick, who had not yet started working at Mad World, might need some help with the honeymoon. Later, Gabi entered the pub and thanked Rafe for the gift. Meanwhile, Nick excused himself so that he could make a phone call.

After Nick left, Rafe received a phone call from Mrs. Hernandez. After a slightly heated conversation, Rafe sighed as Mrs. Hernandez abruptly ended the call. Gabi could tell that the conversation hadn't gone well, and she guessed that someone had told her mother everything. Gabi assumed that her mother probably hated her, but Rafe predicted that Mrs. Hernandez would calm down after she held her grandchild for the first time.

At Common Grounds, Kate spotted Victor, who was carrying a cup of coffee and a newspaper over to an empty table. Kate started to criticize Victor's calm demeanor, but he interrupted and wondered why she had suddenly returned to Salem. Kate explained that she had changed her plans after she had talked to Philip earlier, and she demanded to know why Victor wasn't upset about the situation.

"Well, I like to pace myself -- save my yelling for the afternoon," Victor dryly stated, but Kate wasn't amused. Kate reminded Victor that they were going to lose Parker, and she angrily insisted that Chloe needed to be locked away in a dungeon somewhere. Victor took Kate to a secluded section of Horton Town Square, where she wondered if she had embarrassed him earlier.

Victor clarified that he had escorted Kate out of Common Grounds to stop her from embarrassing herself. Victor assured Kate that Parker was going to be fine, confidently adding that Daniel was going to be a good father. Kate countered that Philip had been a good father, and she insisted that Victor was missing the point. Kate found it hard to believe that Victor wasn't the least bit upset about the situation.

Victor matter-of-factly stated that the facts were the facts, adding that there was nothing that Kate could do to change the situation. "The hell there isn't," Kate defiantly replied. Victor speculated that Kate's mood had something to do with the fact that Chloe had returned to Salem. Victor's announcement surprised Kate, who demanded to know if he was certain that Chloe was back in town.

Victor explained that he had seen Chloe playing with Parker at the Kiriakis mansion earlier that day. Incredulous, Kate referred to Chloe as a slut and wondered why Victor had agreed to let Chloe stay at the mansion. "Maggie and I wanted Daniel to be able to spend time with the boy. The slut is part of the package," Victor dryly replied.

Kate started to question Maggie's involvement, but she quickly stopped herself and shook her head in disbelief. "Ah, Maggie -- of course, because Maggie is now Parker's grandmother, and you're still his grandfather by marriage. You -- you fraud! No wonder you're so philosophical and calm, because nothing changes for you!" Kate angrily stated.

Victor dispassionately denied Kate's accusation, assuring her that he was very upset, but she wasn't convinced. "I'm the only one who's left out in the cold here, and if you think that I'm going to take that lying down, then you are sadly, sadly mistaken," Kate warned before storming off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe told Daniel that she had accepted a job as a music teacher so that she and Parker could remain in Salem. Chloe said that the job would allow her to afford her own place, since she was certain that she wouldn't be able to stay at the mansion permanently. Later, after Daniel left, Chloe opened the front door and found Kate standing outside.

Kate demanded to see her grandson, and Chloe dryly replied that Will wasn't at the mansion. Kate warned that she wasn't in the mood to argue about semantics with Chloe. Chloe said that Kate couldn't possibly be referring to Parker, since he was no longer Kate's grandson. Kate said that Chloe was being cruel.

"You tried to kill me, Kate. You poisoned me, you sent a man to blackmail me, and you tried to take my son away from me. You're lucky I didn't spit in your face and slam the door," Chloe countered. Kate reiterated that she wanted to see her grandson, and Chloe encouraged Kate to learn to accept the fact that Parker was no longer Kate's grandson.

Kate speculated that Chloe might be the world's worst mother. "Oh, don't give up that crown so easily," Chloe countered. Ignoring Chloe's remark, Kate said that Chloe had to admit that it would be a bad idea for Parker to lose all contact with Kate, who had been a constant in Parker's life. Chloe happily stated that Kate's days of being a constant in Parker's life had ended.

Kate pointed out that Parker loved her, but Chloe coldly predicted that Parker, who was young, would eventually forget about Kate. Chloe added that Parker had gained a grandmother who had more love in her pinky finger than Kate's entire body possessed. As Kate started to say that Chloe was still the same selfish bitch that she had always been, Chloe slammed the door in Kate's face.

"Vicious little whore -- she is. She is, and Daniel still doesn't know that. I wonder how he would take the news...if he found out that she worked as a prostitute when Parker was a baby. Hmm. No, I don't think he'd be very understanding about that," Kate quietly muttered before walking away.

At the hospital, Daniel told Victor that Chloe had decided to stay in Salem permanently. Victor warned Daniel to be careful around Chloe. "She looks at you like a starving man looks at a pork chop, the way a liberal lawyer looks at a class-action settlement, the way --" Victor started to say, but Daniel interrupted and insisted that Victor was wrong. Daniel said that Chloe was aware that he and Jennifer were together.

Victor pointed out that being aware of something and accepting it were two entirely different things. Daniel said that he wanted to be a part of Parker's life, and he reminded Victor that Chloe was a part of that equation. Victor countered that Chloe didn't necessarily have to be a part of the equation, but Daniel ignored the comment. Victor sighed and shook his head as he watched Daniel walk away.

At Common Grounds, Abigail encouraged Sonny to have a housewarming party for him and Will. Sonny was glad that Abigail was happy for him and Will, and he admitted that he had been worried that some people might think that he and Will were moving too quickly. Abigail guessed that most of Sonny and Will's friends would probably wonder why Sonny hadn't asked Will to move into the apartment earlier.

Sonny noticed that Abigail seemed to be looking for someone, and he assured her that Chad wasn't hiding nearby. Abigail started to deny that she had been looking for Chad, but she quickly changed her mind and wondered what Chad had told Sonny. Sonny coyly stated that he wasn't going to reveal his business partner's secrets, and he encouraged Abigail to call Chad.

At the Horton Town Square, Chad ran into E.J. and Johnny, and he agreed to accompany them to Johnny's school. Later, Chad and E.J. returned to the town square. Chad received a phone call from Abigail, who asked him to join her at the wedding. Chad eagerly accepted the offer. After ending the call, Chad told E.J. about Abigail's invitation, and E.J. pointed out that Chad hated the bride and the groom.

Chad jokingly stated that he would be fine as long as he consumed a lot of alcohol at the wedding reception. Chad wondered if E.J. was upset about the fact that Sami had been helping Rafe and Gabi plan the wedding. E.J. shrugged and claimed that the things that were important to Sami were also important to him. E.J. added that he and Sami would be able to spend plenty of time with each other after the wedding.

In Sami's apartment, Will was packing some of his belongings into boxes so that he could take them to Sonny's apartment. Sami asked if Will was happy, and he confirmed that he was. Will wondered how Sami felt about the situation. Sami said that she simply wanted Will to be happy, but he could tell that she had something else that she wanted to say.

"Well, you're not old enough, you know! I mean, I'm not old enough for you to be...old enough to be moving in with a guy," Sami said, struggling to contain her emotions. Will smiled and wondered if Sami was having a moment. Sami playfully smacked Will's chest and told him to shut up. Sami hugged Will and tearfully asked him to promise that he was going to be happy.

After granting Sami's request, Will added that his departure would leave her with less stuff to deal with when she moved back in with Rafe. "I saw you guys last night, making the, uh -- the sexy eyes at each other. You're getting back together, right?" Will knowingly asked. Sami laughed and begged Will to refrain from revealing that information to anyone else, since nothing was set in stone yet.

Will agreed and assured Sami that he simply wanted her to be happy, and she returned the sentiment. Sami noted that it would be weird if she and Will were each happy at the same time. "Don't jinx it, though -- don't jinx it," Will warned Sami. Later, after Will left, someone knocked on Sami's door while she was frantically trying to get ready for the wedding.

Assuming that Will had returned, Sami quickly opened the door, and she was horrified to see Rafe standing in the hallway. Sami, who was wearing a bathrobe, protested that Rafe was early, adding that she wasn't ready yet. Rafe smiled and said that he was glad to hear that.

Rafe pulled Sami into his arms and assured her that he would leave if that was what she truly wanted him to do. Instead of asking Rafe to leave, Sami simply stated that she had assumed that they were going to wait until after the wedding to do what they were about to do. Before Sami could continue, Rafe leaned in and passionately kissed her.

At the Brady Pub, Will greeted Gabi and quickly realized that something was bothering her. Gabi sighed and wondered if Will believed that she was going to be a good mother. Will nodded and dryly assured Gabi that she was going to make a completely different set of mistakes than her mother had made. Gabi hoped that Will wasn't worried about the baby, who would always feel loved.

Will claimed that he wasn't worried, and he quickly changed the subject. Observing that Gabi was glowing, Will predicted that she was going to be a beautiful bride. Will's comment managed to cheer Gabi up, and she acknowledged that he was a great friend. Gabi insisted that she also wanted Will to be the baby's friend, but he wasn't sure that they would be able to make that work.

Gabi said that she had devised a plan that would allow Will to be in his baby's life. Gabi assured Will that she had given the matter a lot of thought, and she urged him to do the same. Gabi explained that she wanted Will to be the baby's godfather.

"No! No way in hell," Nick adamantly stated as he approached Gabi and Will.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Days of our Lives Episode #12,000

At the hospital, Chloe bumped into Daniel near the nurses' station. Chloe reminisced about when Daniel had talked her into volunteering there, but Daniel pointed out that it had been a long time since then. Chloe then explained that she was at the hospital to find a pediatrician for Parker, so Daniel offered some recommendations. Chloe suggested that she and Daniel get a cup of coffee to discuss the doctors, but Daniel informed her that he planned to spend his break with Parker after stopping by Jennifer's.

Daniel declared that his relationship with Jennifer was not just casual, but it would not interfere with his time with Parker -- nor would Parker's presence change things between Jennifer and Daniel. Chloe assured Daniel that she had no illusions about the two of them.

After Daniel had gone, Chloe overheard Anne gossiping with a nurse about how Jennifer had taken yet another day off to attend the wedding of that "pill-popping felon," Nick Fallon. Anne complained that although it couldn't be further from the truth, Jennifer wanted everyone to believe that she was "saintly." Chloe then greeted Anne and asked if she would like to go out for some decent coffee to catch up. Anne gladly accepted, and the two left together.

At the Horton house, Abigail arrived downstairs and asked Jennifer how her date had gone the previous night. Jennifer informed Abigail that Daniel had just learned that Parker was his son. After Jennifer filled Abigail in on all the details of the story, Abigail noted that Jennifer's phone was vibrating across the room. Jennifer read the text message, which said that Daniel wanted to meet her at the house before she went to the wedding. Abigail tried to reassure her mom that Daniel would never want to get back together with Chloe, but Jennifer didn't seem convinced. Abigail then had to leave for the church.

When Daniel arrived, Jennifer was just about to leave for the wedding, but he assured her that she wouldn't be late. Daniel declared his love for Jennifer, and vowed that his having Parker back would not change anything between the two of them. Jennifer disagreed because she knew that Daniel needed to spend time with his son. Daniel reminded Jennifer that he'd asked her to be a part of his life with his son, and he had meant it.

Jennifer reassured Daniel that she loved him, and she would never back away from him just because he had a child. She promised that she would always be there for him. Jennifer thanked Daniel for not giving her a hard time about going to the wedding, especially after what Nick had done to Melanie, but Daniel pointed out that Nick was Jennifer's family. Jennifer offered to help Daniel shop for everything he would need to set things up at his apartment for Parker. Daniel happily accepted and then kissed Jennifer goodbye.

Chloe was watching Parker sleep when Daniel arrived at the Kiriakis mansion. Daniel offered to stay with Parker if Chloe had things she needed to do. A grateful Chloe admitted, "There is something that I do need to get handled right away, and I could use your help." Chloe explained that her son's name -- Parker Daniel -- had been a bone of contention between her and Philip, who had wanted to change Parker's name. But Chloe had fought back, and eventually Philip had backed down.

"I guess that, deep down in my soul, I always felt like this child belonged to you. I always sensed that he was your son. Anyway, Parker Daniel was the name that he was born with, and I'd like to keep it that way -- and I'd like it to be Parker Daniel Jonas," Chloe said. A touched Daniel thanked her.

Chloe had left but was still standing in the foyer listening in as Daniel held Parker in his lap. Parker asked about Daniel's many bracelets, and Daniel explained where he'd gotten them all. "Parker Daniel Jonas, I promise to love you, protect you, and I will never let you go again," Daniel vowed. "Couldn't have said it better myself," Chloe said to herself.

Outside Horton Square, Lucas was startled to see his mom exit through the archway. Kate explained that she had flown back overnight due to an emergency: "The bitch is back." After Kate had told Lucas about Chloe returning with Parker, who had turned out to be Daniel's son, after all, Lucas was overjoyed. Billie arrived as Lucas was explaining for his confused mom that if Daniel became involved with Chloe again, it would mean that Daniel would stay far away from Jennifer. Billie asserted that Jennifer might be a good influence on Parker, and Kate cryptically agreed that they should be thinking about what was best for the lad.

At Common Grounds, Sonny asked a departing Chad where he was going. Chad revealed that Abigail had invited him to Nick and Gabi's wedding. Sonny was a bit taken aback. Chad explained that he had finally decided to move on from Melanie with Abigail, plus he was trying to be happy for Nick and Gabi on the happiest day of their lives.

At Sami's apartment, Rafe kissed Sami ardently, over her weak protests. He began to peel off his clothing, then carried her over to the couch. Before they could make love, there was an insistent knock at the door. Jumping up to answer it, Sami threw Rafe's clothes at him. Hope was on the doorstep with a necklace Sami had asked to borrow. Rafe pulled on his sport coat without putting his shirt on first, and asked if Hope would take Sami to the wedding. Hope agreed, so Rafe and Sami shook hands awkwardly in the doorway as he left.

"Oh, my gosh -- I'm really late!" Sami declared as she ran into the bedroom to get dressed, while Hope just grinned knowingly about the turn of events. After Sami finished getting ready, she looked in the mirror and admired how the necklace complemented her dress. Hope asked for details about what was going on with Sami and Rafe. Sami admitted that the two of them were trying again -- but it was still very new, and Hope couldn't say a word to anyone. Not bothering to hide her relief, Hope pulled Sami into a hug and promised that her lips were sealed. Hope declared that Rafe and Sami were meant to be.

At the Brady Pub, Nick overheard Gabi asking Will to be the baby's godfather. "No way in hell," Nick declared, scowling at Will. Although Gabi tried to keep the peace, Will became angry and defensive. Nick pointed out that as the baby's godfather, Will would be around the baby constantly -- and the child would surely feel the tension of Will never being able to tell the kid who he really was.

Nick worried what would happen if, years down the line, the child found out that they had been lying to him or her for all that time. "Believe it or not, Will, actually I'm worried about you, too, here... Don't you think it would be torture for you to be around this baby all the time and never be able to tell him the truth?" Nick asked. Gabi assured Will that the baby would have a great life. Will agreed, but he added that he just wanted to be a part of making sure that happened.

Gabi apologized for asking Will to be the godfather before she'd thought it through completely. Nick reassured her that it was all right, and Nick pointed out that as a Horton, Will would always be a part of the baby's life. Will glumly announced that he had to leave for the church, so Gabi hugged him goodbye. Gabi reiterated her apology to Nick, who forgave her, but suggested that the two of them talk about any major decisions in the future.

At the church, Abigail did a nervous Gabi's hair and makeup. Sami arrived with Gabi's veil, as well as a backup plan in case Gabi couldn't quite fit into her dress. Abigail left to check on Chad. Gabi became very emotional, and Sami assumed that she had done something wrong. Gabi explained that she was just very grateful for everything Sami had done to help with the wedding.

"I just thought, you know, since Arianna died, I just never thought that I'd have another friend or a real sister again," Gabi said. Sami assured Gabi that she would always be a sister to Gabi if that was what Gabi wanted. Sami added that she would always think of the two of them as family, and she hoped Gabi would think of Sami as the baby's "Auntie Sami."

Will, Nick, and Rafe were getting ready in Father Eric's office when Eric arrived. Eric admitted that he was a little nervous to be performing his first wedding. Nick asserted that he was actually not nervous. Rafe warned Nick that he would be nervous as soon as he was standing at the altar, but once he saw Gabi headed down the aisle, he would see nothing else. Rafe stepped outside to take a phone call, and Eric left to retrieve his notes. Once they were alone, Nick asked Will, "So we're okay, right?" Will assured him that they were.

Nick acknowledged, "What you're doing is incredible, Will. Maybe I haven't said that enough to you. But you were a big enough man to step up and put Gabi and the baby first. A lot of people would have been way too selfish to see that it was the right thing."

When Rafe knocked on the door to the bride's room, Sami answered. Rafe expressed his appreciation for how beautiful Sami looked, then showed Sami his cell phone and declared that what he needed couldn't wait. Sami let him in, and Rafe handed the phone to Gabi, who took it nervously when she saw that the call was from her mother. After she hung up, a tearful Gabi said that her mom was really excited about the baby. Rafe hugged his sister and kissed her on the forehead, but then Sami kicked him out so they could finish getting Gabi ready for the ceremony.

Victor and Maggie arrived at the church moments before Caroline. Maggie thanked Caroline for giving Nick a second chance, then stepped away to say hello to someone. To Victor, Caroline said that she was glad that Daniel was getting a second chance with Parker.

Abigail was in the back of the sanctuary when Chad arrived. He declared that Abigail looked beautiful in her maid-of-honor dress. Sonny showed up right after Chad, and Will met him in the doorway. "I just came from my place. You weren't kidding; you moved in fast!" Sonny teased, adding, "I love how you knew exactly where everything would fit." Sonny declared that he couldn't wait to dance at the reception with Will, who agreed, but had to leave to find Father Eric.

When Sami found Rafe in the foyer, he kissed her, and then asked if she thought Nick and Gabi were going to make it. Sami thought they would. "If they're half as happy as we're going to be this time around..." Rafe began, then started kissing Sami passionately. She pushed him away and reminded him that they were in a church -- plus she still had a lot to do. As she headed back for the bride's room, Rafe grabbed her and kissed her quickly. "I love you, Sami Brady," he declared. She kissed him sweetly in response before running off down the hallway.

Lucas arrived at the church with Kate and Billie. Allie, the flower girl, greeted them at the door and led Kate and Lucas away to take a look at Gabi in her dress. Lucas whispered instructions to Billie to make sure that Jennifer was all right.

Billie approached Hope and Jennifer, who were admiring the flowers in the vestibule and discussing Daniel. After they all exchanged pleasantries and talked about Daniel and Parker for a moment, Billie asked Jennifer, "You're not worried about Chloe, right?" Hope punched her lightly on the arm for being inappropriate. Jennifer asserted that Daniel had reassured her that Chloe wouldn't be an issue.

As everyone began to take their seats inside the church, Hope handed Caroline a handkerchief. "You always cry at weddings. We just pretend not to notice," Hope whispered as Caroline took the hanky. Jennifer took a seat next to Victor and Maggie. Maggie and Jennifer regretted that Jessica and Marie couldn't be there, but Jennifer vowed to take lots of pictures.

Will, Rafe, and Nick were back in Eric's office with the priest returned and announced that it was time. "Let's do it!" Nick declared enthusiastically as the men all walked out together.

Abigail had just finished touching up Gabi's makeup when Sami returned. Sami urged Gabi to soak it all in and remember every moment for the rest of her life.

Soon, the guests had all assembled, and Father Eric and Nick took their places at the altar, as Sami dashed in and sat in the front pew. As Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring began to play, Allie entered wearing a sleeveless white gown with matching veil, and dropped petals on her way down the aisle, while Sami and Lucas each beamed with pride. Will then escorted Abigail slowly down the aisle. Will took his place next to Nick, while Abigail waited on the other side of Father Eric and watched expectantly for Gabi to enter.

Attendants opened the doors at the back of the sanctuary as The Wedding March began to play. In a beautiful white dress with a lace bodice and sleeves, capped of by a veil covering her face, Gabi took Rafe's arm, and he led her down the aisle. Father Eric began the ceremony and then asked, "Who gives this woman into marriage?" Rafe answered proudly, "Her brother." He lifted Gabi's veil just long enough to kiss his glowing sister on the cheek, and then took a seat next to Sami. "Thank you for giving my sister the wedding of her dreams," Rafe whispered to Sami.

Father Eric declared that although a marriage was about more than a union of two people. As a community, they all promised to give their friendship, love, and support to Nick and Gabi. He asked the congregation if they would make that pledge, and everyone responded in unison, "We do." After Hope and Maggie each read passages from the Bible, Father Eric asked if anyone had any objections to Nick and Gabi being joined in marriage. The congregation was silent.

Father Eric then led Nick and Gabi through their vows. "I loved you the first moment I saw you," Nick declared to Gabi with a loving smile. "You are such a gift to me," replied a beaming Gabi. As they exchanged rings, Gabi and Nick repeated their vows after Father Eric. When they were finished, Father Eric declared, "Nicolas, Gabriella -- from this day you go forth as one. Let love and truth guide you through a long, happy, committed life. And now, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you --" Suddenly Chad stood up and interrupted, demanding, "Hold on. I'm just going to go ahead and say it: If this marriage is about love and truth, then shouldn't Gabi be marrying the real father of her baby?"

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