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Hope bashed through Bill's terrace doors to confront him about his misdeeds in Italy. When Liam confronted Bill about it, Bill stabbed himself in the chest with Liam's discarded sword necklace. Before leaving for Paris, Steffy got a positive reading on a pregnancy test.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 7, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, January 7, 2013

At the outdoor café, Marcus and Justin discussed Caroline's fall. Marcus guessed it was interesting working for a protective man who didn't play fair. Justin said he could be just as protective as Bill could be, but Marcus replied that Justin didn't do the messed up stuff Bill did to get his way.

Marcus' mind trailed into deep thought about the time his father had "butt-dialed" him, and he'd overheard Bill scheming to sabotage Hope's wedding. Marcus then mentioned that his father had never said what had happened to Hope's wedding as a result of the sabotage mentioned on that call.

Justin asked if Marcus had told anyone about the call, and Marcus claimed he hadn't. Justin said it had been a personal and private conversation that he wouldn't want others knowing about.

In the Forrester's CEO office, Hope and Dayzee discussed Hope's talks with Bill, Liam, and Steffy. Hope felt as if her relationship with Liam had been sabotaged from the beginning. "Sabotaged," Dayzee thoughtfully repeated and flashed back to her and Marcus' past suspicions about what Bill might do in Italy. Hope figured she was being paranoid, but Dayzee said Hope might be onto something.

Dayzee wasn't sure she should tell Hope what was on Dayzee's mind, but then Dayzee decided that Hope needed to know. Dayzee explained to Hope about Marcus' past worries after overhearing Bill and Justin using the word "sabotage" while discussing Hope's Italy wedding. Hope didn't think that made any sense because Bill had been very supportive at the wedding.

Hope recalled that she'd had a string of weird coincidences that day. Flashbacks played as Hope gave Dayzee a rundown of all the delays Hope had experienced in Italy that day -- from seeing Deacon, to the car leaving her, to the roadblock. Hope then realized that there hadn't been any coincidences; she really had been sabotaged -- and Bill had been behind all of it.

Hope didn't know what Bill had done, but she said his fingerprints had been all over it. She was furious that he'd had the nerve to pretend to accept her at the wedding. Hope recalled the gondola incident and Steffy's blood clot, and Dayzee asked what Hope was going to do about it. "Get even," Hope vowed, grabbing her keys. Dayzee advised Hope to think about it before confronting Bill; however, Hope was determined to make sure Bill knew that he hadn't succeeded in his plan.

Hope left, and later, Marcus arrived. As he kissed Dayzee, he could tell that she was distracted. She admitted that she'd just told Hope about what he'd overheard on that accidental phone call from his father. Marcus informed Dayzee that he'd just talked to his father about that very subject, and Justin had made it clear that he hadn't wanted anyone to know about that call.

Dayzee was sorry to have gotten Marcus in trouble, but she felt that Hope had needed to know. Dayzee relayed that Hope was on her way to confront Bill about what he'd done. Sighing, Marcus murmured that Bill would rip Hope apart. Dayzee didn't think so because Hope was on a mission.

In the Spencers' living room, a circle of women closed in on Bill. He said he'd love to hear how they'd arrived at the conclusion that his drinking had precipitated Caroline's accident. Dani added that it was also his temper. Bill exclaimed that was ridiculous, and they were wasting his time.

Bill insisted that Caroline's fall hadn't resulted from his drinking. "So she just toppled over?" Dani quipped. Bill looked to Brooke for her opinion. Brooke said everyone knew Bill loved his family, and Caroline's fall had been an accident. Taylor added that the accident had been the catalyst, but no one had gathered there to accuse him of hurting Caroline. "Thank you, Taylor," Bill snickered.

Bill figured that Taylor's words had confirmed that there was no need for the meeting, and he suggested that they focus all their energy on Caroline's recovery. He tried to exit, but Katie coaxed him to sit on the sofa. Everyone else took seats, and Taylor suggested they start with the incident on the tennis court, where things had gotten heated.

Bill stated that Caroline had done something that she shouldn't have done, but Karen and Dani suspected the true issue was that Bill didn't want Liam with Hope. Bill asked to talk to his wife alone, but Karen disagreed with dividing the group. Brooke said the couple should be able to talk alone, but Taylor interjected that it was only if Katie wanted to do it, too.

Katie agreed with it, and she and Bill went to the foyer. He asked why she was subjecting him to that meeting. Katie explained that she was doing it for them to make up for her mistakes during her bout of depression. Bill understood her feelings, but he didn't want to continue the meeting. Katie asserted that the family loved Bill, and it was time to get a handle on his control issues.

Bill said he could handle anything, but he told Katie not to speak about Deacon. Bill admitted that he'd had a huge lapse in judgment with Deacon, and he claimed he wasn't that person anymore. Katie agreed, but he added that if Hope found out about it, he could go to prison. Katie grimly nodded.

Bill and Katie rejoined the group, and Karen and Dani implored Bill to stop bullying people and trying to control his family. Everyone thought Liam was a good example to demonstrate that, and Taylor asked Brooke to say what she thought of Bill trying to control Liam. Brooke scoffed at being put on the spot, but she claimed that all of them had been too involved in Liam, Hope, and Steffy's issues.

Bill said it wasn't about Hope, but Karen asserted that it was about Bill's interference in Liam, Hope, and Steffy's relationships. Bill got a call, but Katie told him that it had to wait. He answered the phone anyway. It was Hope, who was standing outside the front gate of the estate. She demanded that Bill open the gate because they needed to talk. "Not now," he said and clicked off the line.

Still at the entrance, Hope punched numbers into the security box but failed to guess the code. Then she pressed the dollar symbol four times, and the gates swung open for her.

Back in Bill's living room, Bill told all the women that they'd won, and he'd become well aware of his shortcomings. Karen replied that his words weren't good enough. He claimed that he appreciated everyone's concerns, but he and Katie were having ongoing discussions about his control issues. As far as the drinking, he reasoned that a controlling person like him wouldn't let scotch be in control.

The women stared at Bill in disbelief. He admitted that he liked to have a few drinks, but he didn't get drunk. Everyone kept staring at him, and he asked Katie if she'd seen him drunk. Katie shook her head, and Bill said the time for him to drink had been during Katie's postpartum depression absence. He asked Brooke to vouch for him, and Brooke readily said he hadn't been drinking during that time. Taylor looked at Brooke as if Brooke were crazy for her constant defense of Bill.

The doorbell rang, and Bill went to answer it. Upon seeing Hope standing on the stoop beside his golf bag, he stepped outside, closed the door behind him, and hustled her onto the driveway. He demanded that she get off his property, and he returned inside the house.

Hope looked into the golf bag and contemplated which club was best. "Driver...Better go with the 3-iron," she decided and snatched it out of the bag.

Back inside the house, Bill returned to the meeting and again apologized to the ladies for his temper. He claimed he'd do everything within his power to make it up to Caroline. Karen looked disgusted, but Bill grinned, asking, "We all good?"

Just then, glass shattered from the terrace doors, and everyone shrieked and ducked. From outside, Hope unlocked the broken door and entered the living room with the 3-iron in hand. Panicked, Brooke asked what Hope was doing. As if it were a sword, Hope pointed the club at Bill and declared that she was about to tee off on him.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

by Pam

At Bill and Katie's house, Hope confronted Bill in the presence of Katie, Brooke, Dani, and Karen. Hope shouted that she wanted the truth about how Bill had sabotaged her wedding in Italy. She recalled how Bill had orchestrated a grand scheme that had landed Steffy in bed with Liam, Deacon's arrival at Hope's hotel to delay the wedding, Hope's limousine taking off without her, roadblocks in the city to prevent Hope from getting to the church, and more.

Bill picked up the golf club that Hope had and calmly taunted that Hope should have yelled "fore" in order to clear the room and let everyone get out of the way before Hope had crashed into the house. Bill told Taylor that Hope -- not Bill -- had some anger issues. He recalled that Hope had painted graffiti on the beach house and broken the window at his home. Bill suggested that Hope was fortunate that Bill hadn't had her arrested.

Hope stood up to Bill, and agreed he could have her arrested. She added that the police might be interested in all the random events that Bill had orchestrated -- including getting Deacon out of jail. Hope warned that she would not leave until Bill had admitted what he had done.

Bill calmly relived what had happened -- and avoided the truth. Bill recalled that he had accepted Hope and Liam's marriage in Italy. He had publicly welcomed her into the family and apologized to her in front of all the townspeople of Puglia. He said that he had been sincere.

Hope scoffed that Bill had destroyed her wedding day. Hope admitted that at the time, Bill's words of acceptance had meant a lot to her -- to be welcomed into the Spencer family. Hope explained that she knew all about what he had done to ruin her marriage. Bill focused on the fact that Hope had been too young for a marriage in Italy and too young and immature to complete her countless wedding attempts in Los Angeles. Bill said that Hope and Liam were clearly not meant to be together. He reminded Hope and everyone that Liam and Hope had been married in spite of Hope's claims that Bill had sabotaged the wedding.

Hope mocked Bill's sincerity. She said that no one believed him or his lies. She insisted that he admit what he had done in Italy. Hope asked Katie if she knew what Bill had done to ruin her wedding. Katie said that she knew. Hope was surprised. Katie and Karen agreed that Bill had to tell Hope the truth.

Hope wondered what Bill had done to get Deacon out of jail. Bill admitted that Deacon had visited Hope in exchange for his freedom. Hope emotionally told everyone how she had been thrilled that her father had shown up for her wedding day. She thought it had all been a dream come true. Instead, it had all been a cruel scheme.

Bill dismissed Hope's accusations. He said that Liam and Hope had still gotten married, but Hope's immaturity had destroyed the marriage.

Hope recounted all the lies that Bill had orchestrated in order to keep Hope and Liam apart. She recalled that Deacon had tried to stop Hope from getting to the wedding and had then left a note that had led Liam to believe that Hope had left him at the altar. Hope said that she had believed the note had been for her from Deacon, but it had all been Bill's doing. Brooke tried to stop Hope's attack on Bill, but Hope continued. Hope asked if Brooke could believe what Bill had done. Brooke sheepishly looked away, and Hope suddenly realized that Brooke knew all about it.

Hope turned to the roomful of people and asked who else knew. Taylor admitted that she and Donna knew. Dani and Karen said they had known nothing. Brooke tried to explain that Liam had already returned to Steffy when they had found out what had happened. Brooke used the excuse that Steffy and Liam had already hurt Hope so many times that Brooke had thought it best for Hope to move on. Hope was incredulous.

Bill warned Hope not to tell Liam her newfound information if she truly cared about Liam. Hope seethed that Bill had taken everything from her -- her passion, conviction, and self-confidence. She added that Bill had made a fool of Hope. Bill advised that Hope was insane to share the information with Liam.

Hope countered that Bill thought he was the king of the world, but he would soon understand how it felt to have everything ripped away from him. Hope sneered as she said, "Get ready. Your throne is about to crumble." Hope left. Brooke looked tearfully at Bill.

Later, everyone had left, and Bill sat alone in the living room. Katie entered, and Bill told Katie that Hope had been out of control. He added that they had to get the door repaired. Katie suggested that Bill lay off the booze for a while for their family. Bill wondered if Katie had ever seen him drunk. Katie agreed that she had not, but he needed to stop his interference in the lives of others and stay away from booze.

Bill worried that Liam would be angry. Bill recalled that he had promised not to interfere in Liam's life before. Katie concurred that Liam would be furious with Bill for breaking his promise, but Liam would get over it and forgive Bill. Katie said that she had forgiven Bill. She and Bill kissed and hugged. Bill looked concerned.

At the beach house, Steffy and Liam made out. Steffy asked Liam how his talk had gone with Hope, and Liam was surprised that Steffy knew about the conversation. Steffy and Liam discussed that Caroline had encouraged Rick to tell Hope the truth about what had happened the night before Hope and Liam's wedding. Liam admitted that he had punched Rick, and Steffy warned that Liam had better not have the same temper that his father had.

Steffy reminded Liam that Hope wanted him back, but Steffy did not intend to allow that to happen. Later, Hope visited Liam alone at his house. She dished that all the strange coincidences in Italy had not been coincidences. "Your father was behind all of it," she accused. "He sabotaged everything." She recounted that Bill had gotten Deacon out of prison and thwarted all of her attempts to get to the church on time.

Liam argued that Bill had promised he would never interfere. Hope confessed that she had already confronted Bill at his home in the presence of Katie, Taylor, Brooke, Dani, and Karen. Hope said that Bill had admitted his involvement. Hope accused Bill of deliberately destroying Liam's life. She reminded Liam of how happy they had been together, but said Bill had poured every ounce of his energy into keeping them apart.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

by Pam

At the beach house, Hope detailed for Liam how Bill had controlled events in order to sabotage their wedding. Hope recalled how Bill had gotten Deacon out of prison and used Deacon to sabotage the wedding. She reminded Liam of all her attempts to get to the church on time.

Liam argued that Bill had promised he would never interfere in Liam's life. Liam couldn't believe that Bill would have been so conniving. Hope dished that she had already confronted Bill at his home in the presence of Katie, Taylor, Brooke, Dani, and Karen. Hope said that Bill had admitted his involvement, and they'd all overheard him. Hope accused Bill of deliberately destroying Liam's life.

Liam admitted that when Hope had been late at the church, Liam had returned to the hotel to look for Hope. After Liam had arrived, he had seen the note, and his dad had called him to grab Steffy and get on the Spencer jet to get away from Italy. Liam realized that it had all been a setup -- including the note, Hope added.

Liam agreed they had lost everything because of Bill's controlling nature and Rick's lies. Liam recalled that Hope had carved out a niche in the fashion world with her ethics, and she had become a role model. Liam angrily said that Bill had ruined that for her. Liam and Hope flashed back to memories of all the plans they had made when they toured Italy together and met with the priest.

Hope said that she didn't want to ruin Liam's relationship with Bill, but Hope wanted Liam to know how his father had used people to destroy their marriage. Liam angrily said that he would confront his father. "You are more of a man than your father ever will be," Hope said, adding, "Your father cannot control you anymore." Liam left. Liam flashed back to all the times that Bill had told Liam to man up and learn to be a Spencer.

At Bill and Katie's house, Brooke had returned, and she saw Bill. Brooke said that she had felt that an intervention had seemed unnecessary and extreme. Bill called Brooke the voice of reason. Bill agreed there was no reason for Katie to be so concerned, but he planned to stop drinking to make Katie happy.

Bill symbolically poured booze down the sink drain but insisted that he didn't have a problem. He complained that Katie had been overly tired and sensitive since she had starting the medication that Taylor had prescribed. Bill worried that Liam would be furious. Brooke insisted that everything would work out. Brooke asked if Bill wanted her to stay around to be a buffer between Bill and Liam. Bill refused her offer.

At Forrester, Steffy and Thomas discussed their designs and plans to win the contest. Steffy mentioned that Caroline's fall could benefit Team Taylor because Caroline had a concussion and would get behind on Team Brooke's designs. Thomas said that Bill's hot headedness might have had something to do with Caroline's fall.

The discussion turned to Steffy and Liam. Steffy claimed that Liam would never return to Hope. Steffy said that she and Liam had already talked about having kids someday. Steffy reveled in confidence and said that she and Liam were at a place that Hope couldn't touch.

Later, Steffy returned to the beach house, and Hope was still there. Hope informed Steffy that she had told Liam all about what Bill had done in Italy. Steffy admitted that she had suspected that Bill had been responsible for everything, but she never said anything because she hadn't wanted to damage Liam and Bill's relationship. Hope said Bill's control issues had ruined her relationship with Liam, but Hope believed Liam and Hope would be together one day. Hope warned that she was on a mission to become strong and assertive.

Liam entered the Spencer home. Bill begged Liam to listen before he started yelling. Liam shouted that Bill had betrayed and lied to him. Liam fumed that Bill hadn't even tried to keep his promise not to interfere.

Bill tried to draw attention to some of the positive qualities he had discovered during the wedding. Liam refused to fall for it. Liam discovered that Bill had been so out of control that he hadn't even been able to admit his mistakes. Liam warned that they would no longer have anything but a professional relationship because Liam refused to be a pawn.

Liam removed the sword necklace and accused Bill of using Liam as a puppet. Bill begged Liam to understand that Bill couldn't improve as a father if Liam pushed him away. Liam refused. Liam recalled all the instances where Bill had tried to control Liam and force him to man up. Liam wondered how many laws Bill had broken when he had gotten Deacon out of prison. Bill called it a huge lapse in judgment, and he apologized.

Bill begged Liam not to remove his sword necklace because it represented an important and unbreakable bond between father and son. Liam refused. Liam left the necklace on a table and walked toward the door. Bill called to Liam to stop, and Bill picked up the sword and stabbed himself in the chest with it. Liam turned to see the small sword stuck in Bill's chest. Liam panicked and called out to Bill as Bill stumbled in pain.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

At Bill's house, Liam panicked and called Bill crazy for stabbing himself. Bill removed the tiny sword from the wound beneath his black shirt and asserted that the pain was nothing compared to hearing Liam say that he was done with his father. Though the paternal bond had meant nothing to Bill's father, it meant everything to Bill, and he believed that he was only guilty of loving Liam too much.

Liam exclaimed that Bill had looked as if he was about to have a heart attack. Bill said he'd had to get his son's attention. Liam replied that Bill couldn't stab himself every time he wanted to prove a point, but Bill claimed that it was just his chest muscle.

Bill admitted that he'd made a mistake, but he said Liam couldn't throw everything away based on that. Liam asked who'd been instrumental in putting himself and Bill together. Bill said it had been Katie. "And Hope, Dad," Liam added. Liam relayed that Bill had chosen to repay Hope for that by destroying her life because she wouldn't live it the way Bill wanted her to.

Holding his hand over his apparent chest wound, Bill stated that Hope had her beliefs; however, he had his, and he believed that Steffy was right for Liam. Liam said Bill was immune to any viewpoint other than his own. Liam no longer cared what Bill thought because it was Liam's life, not Bill's.

Liam said Bill had affected Steffy, too, because Liam had made a commitment to her based on manipulated events. Bill claimed that months had passed since then, and Liam needed to weigh the good against the bad. Bill asserted that Liam couldn't deny that Liam's life had gotten better. Rolling his eyes, Liam stated that Bill could rationalize anything.

Bill claimed that he wasn't doing that. He said that after his plan had failed, he'd sincerely embraced Hope because he'd wanted what was best for Liam. Liam contended that he made his own choices, and Bill didn't make them for him. Deciding that he needed to respect their differences, Bill stated that his father had been a control freak. Liam smirked knowingly, and Bill raged, "I don't need that face! I don't need that."

Bill already knew that he had a lot of his father inside himself. He'd been hearing that from everyone, including Katie, and he was ready to dial it down. Liam was still smirking, but Bill said that he needed Liam to be himself. Bill claimed to no longer want to turn Liam into Bill. Liam was glad because it wasn't within himself to be like Bill or to treat people the way Bill did.

Bill agreed with Liam's statements and offered the necklace back. Liam snatched it back but warned Bill to never do anything crazy like stabbing himself again. Bill conveyed that he needed Liam to make him a better man and to add balance to his life. Bill added that Will needed his big brother. Replacing the necklace around his neck, Liam said that Will and Bill had him.

Bill stated that he wasn't trying to run Liam's life, "but Steffy..." Liam gave Bill a warning stare. Bill insisted that he wasn't telling Liam what to do, "but please don't go back to Hope." Liam sighed, but Bill claimed that he was finished talking. They hugged, and Liam said he would talk to Steffy. Before Liam left, Bill had his son look at him. They locked eyes, and Liam said, "I know," and then left.

Later, Bill's jeweler arrived with a case of diamond necklaces. Bill claimed he needed something special for his wife to make up for his behavior. He selected a 23 carat necklace, and Phil, the jeweler, assumed he should contact Bill's assistant to get the cash due on the purchase. Bill said he had the money right there. Opening his shirt, he revealed a pouch full of money that was strapped to his chest in the very spot where he'd stabbed himself earlier.

At the cliff house, Steffy didn't see why Hope had wanted to upset Liam with the news. Hope felt that Liam had needed to know. Hope declared that she'd no longer be an easy target, and she wanted everything back that had been taken from her. Steffy was glad that Liam knew the truth. She asserted that she could hold her own with Liam even in light of it. Hope stated that they'd certainly see.

Hope conveyed that Liam had gone to confront his father, and Steffy asked if Hope had encouraged that. Hope said that it had been Liam's choice, but Steffy stated that the men really cared about each other. Hope figured Bill should have thought of that before he'd treated "us" this way. While acknowledging that Hope had gotten shafted, Steffy stated that the past was the past, and Hope couldn't get between what Steffy and Liam had built.

Hope relayed that Steffy and Liam wouldn't have been together had it not been for the manipulations. Steffy replied that Hope shouldn't have let others pull her and Liam apart. Hope claimed that she was looking forward, not back. She wanted to be the best person she could be and see what would happen. Steffy asked what would happen the next time Liam couldn't live up to Hope's standards.

Hope said she'd realized that she'd made mistakes, and moving in and out hadn't been the way to a healthy relationship. Steffy stated that she'd also made mistakes, but she'd grown a lot since then. Hope admired Steffy's confidence but insisted that things had changed.

Steffy admitted that there was something between Hope and Liam; however, Steffy felt that Hope had never gotten it right, and since Liam was enjoying his life with Steffy, Hope needed to stop wasting her time. Hope rolled her eyes and left.

Later, Steffy was on a phone call with her father, and she told him that she'd be there right away. The call ended, and Liam entered the house. Steffy said Hope had been there and had relayed that he'd gone to confront Bill about Italy. To Liam, it sounded as if Steffy had known about Italy.

Steffy said she'd had her suspicions, and she'd called Bill out on them. Liam asked why she hadn't told him about it. She stated that Liam had still gotten married despite Bill, and she hadn't wanted to ruin Liam's relationship with his father. Liam said he understood her reasoning.

Frustrated, Liam explained to Steffy that Bill had promised no more manipulations -- as if Bill could actually help himself, Liam added. Still unable to believe what had happened earlier, Liam explained that Bill had stabbed himself in the chest with the sword necklace. Shocked, Steffy asked why it had happened. Liam said it had been to show how much Liam meant to Bill. Liam understood that his father cared about him, but to him, that had been a weird way to show it.

Liam made a fire, and Steffy claimed that her blanketed feet were frostbitten. Liam rubbed them, and Steffy stated that Hope believed that things had changed. Steffy figured that Hope and Liam might have been married had it not been for the manipulations, but it didn't erase what Steffy and Liam shared. He claimed that nothing could erase it.

Steffy pouted because she didn't want to leave Liam to go to Paris. Liam was surprised to hear about the trip, and Steffy explained that Ridge wanted to see her. She thought that it was important to go, and she promised that she wouldn't be gone long. She claimed that she didn't need Liam to say that he loved her or that he'd miss her. He asked what she needed, and they made love on the couch.

At Forrester, Hope flashed back to her and Liam's vacation and wedding in Italy. She smiled and uttered, "We'll be together again."

Friday, January 11, 2013

At Forrester, Rick and Hope discussed Caroline's mothers taking Caroline home from the hospital earlier that morning. According to Rick, Caroline had been worried about the design competition happening that day, and she hadn't put her final touches on the designs. Hope didn't even think that was necessary because Caroline's designs were flawless already.

Before taking off to the competition, Rick relayed that he understood that Hope hadn't completely forgiven him. Hope conveyed that Rick hadn't done anything more damaging than Bill had. Hope had also realized that she'd mistrusted Liam, which had drawn him even closer to Steffy.

Hope had learned from the situation, and though she knew what and whom she wanted, she wasn't sure that she and Liam could recapture what they'd had. Rick really wanted that to happen for his sister, but Hope replied that Steffy wasn't planning on going anywhere.

Thomas approached and joked that he'd text-messaged everyone that Rick had forfeited the competition. Turning serious, Thomas said it was a shame that Hope and Rick's designer was laid up in bed. Rick asked what Steffy's excuse for being late was, and Thomas informed them that Ridge had asked Steffy to fly to Paris that day.

Thomas kept talking, but Hope had stopped listening as her mind seemed to churn in thought. Thomas and Rick agreed to work together after Eric rendered his decision. Hope told Rick there was something she had to do before the competition. "So don't wait on me," she said and strode off.

In the CEO's office, Donna, Pam, and Thorne worked with Dayzee and Marcus to prepare Eric to choose between two competing visions for the company's future. By the window, workers had set up a makeshift runway, and Pam wondered where Thomas and Rick were. Donna quipped that Thomas might have thrown her nephew out of another window.

Donna and Pam bickered about whether Thomas had pushed Rick out the window; however, Eric stated that it didn't matter anymore because they were forging ahead into the future. He said he'd be CEO for a long time, and his priority that day would be to name a new president. Thorne asserted that it would all boil down to who wanted it more – Rick or Thomas.

Eric instructed Marcus to keep the press at bay until the decision was settled. Aside with Thorne, Eric remarked that Rick and Thomas weren't the only ones who could be the president. Eric asked Thorne to just say the word if he wanted the job. Chuckling, Thorne claimed that his days of wanting to run the place were over, but Rick and Thomas wanted to be the men in control.

While waiting for the competition to kick off, Pam notified Donna that Pam was making pot roast for Eric that evening -- just in case Donna had thought of stopping by Eric's house. Donna hadn't thought of doing that, but she accepted the dinner invitation. Pam promptly responded that it hadn't been an invitation, and Donna guessed that Pam wanted Eric all to herself.

Pam claimed that she wanted to be there for Eric because he was lonely without Stephanie. Donna said she got it, but Pam wasn't the only person who cared about Eric.

Rick and Thomas arrived, and Eric reminded them that it was a professional challenge. He didn't want the result to negatively impact the family because Thomas and Rick were each very important to him. Eric said that he was the CEO, and no matter what, they still answered to him. Pam announced that the models were ready to begin.

At the cliff house, Steffy wished Liam a good morning, and he wished she really didn't have to go see her father in Paris. He knew that her father needed her, but he said he needed her, too. Steffy had set up a list of phone numbers to his favorite eateries and also a list of rules. "See that you follow them," she said, and Liam pretended to be shocked that he couldn't have a house party.

Liam was wondering when Steffy would get back, and she guessed he didn't want her to go. He asked if there was a way to convince her to stay. Steffy, however, thought it would be good for her and Ridge to see each other. Liam said he'd miss her laugh, and she hoped that wasn't all he'd miss. He replied that he'd miss everything about her, because she filled up the place.

Steffy insecurely asked if Liam really meant that, and Liam got a nagging feeling about her. She said she just didn't like being away from him. He claimed that something else was going on, and he knew what it was. Steffy joked that Liam was a mind reader, and Liam wondered when she'd be back. She thought it depended upon how long Ridge needed her.

Steffy figured she'd be back before Liam could miss her -- but not before Hope would make a move. Liam stated that he was loyal to Steffy. Steffy said she didn't want to prohibit Liam from talking to Hope because the pair had things to work out. Steffy stated that she was looking forward to returning and moving onto whatever their future held for them. They kissed, and Steffy took off.

Later, Hope arrived at Liam's house through the side door with a bag of his favorite bagels. Liam was surprised to see her. He'd been working, but as she closed his laptop, Hope announced that he wasn't anymore. She asked about his talk with Bill, and Liam called it a strange encounter. He said that Bill had been determined to prove his love in a very bizarre way, but Bill was his own worst enemy around his family.

Liam guessed that Hope knew that Steffy had gone to Paris. Hope said it was the reason that she was there, and he remarked that she didn't waste any time. Hope felt that they'd lost too much time already, and she wanted the life that they'd been robbed of. "I'm taking you back. Consider yourself warned," Hope said.

At Forrester later, Steffy strode into her office with a shopping bag. From it, she pulled a pregnancy test, and she grinned. After performing the test, she sat at her desk, staring at the stick. She flashed back to talking about having children with Liam. The test results appeared, and the shocked Steffy gasped that she was pregnant. She stared at Liam's picture and grinned. She then looked amazed and shocked, and tears fell from her eyes.

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