General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 15, 2013 on GH

Ava confirmed to Morgan that Silas was Kiki's father. Kiki was stunned when Morgan proposed marriage. Franco was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A shot rang out when Sam confronted Franco with a gun and demanded to know where Danny was.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 15, 2013 on GH
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Monday, July 15, 2013

At Sonny's place, Olivia was devastated by Connie's announcement that Connie wanted Sonny back. Olivia quickly offered to leave Sonny's home so that Sonny and Connie could talk. Sonny followed Olivia into the hallway and told Olivia that he had meant what he had said to her. Olivia took the high road and said that all she had ever wanted was for Sonny to be happy. When Sonny asked about Olivia's happiness, Olivia said that she would manage like she always did.

Olivia retrieved her bags and left hurriedly as Connie called after her, to no avail. Connie turned to Sonny and asked why she got the feeling that she had missed something. Sonny told Connie that he could not believe that she was there. Connie apologized for taking so long but said that she had to be sure that she was strong enough to handle being around Sonny.

Sonny said that he did not want to do anything that would contribute to a relapse, but Connie assured Sonny that both she and her therapist were on top of the situation and that she would "send up a flare" if a problem arose. Sonny laughed and told Connie that they would proceed with caution. He asked Connie what she needed from him.

Connie wanted to know if Sonny and Olivia had unfinished business. Sonny was honest and told Connie that he and Olivia had kissed, but that nothing had happened because Connie would always be in between Sonny and Olivia, and both knew that. Connie was delighted to learn that Sonny still loved her, especially when she had pushed him away. Connie told Sonny that he had given her the strength to heal, and she was sorry that she had made him suffer.

Sonny said that he loved Connie and would always love her. They kissed, and each said how much they had missed the other. Sonny vowed that they did not have to rush to make up for lost time. Sonny said that he would cook dinner, and they could spend the night talking. Connie said that nothing would make her happier.

At the loft, Dante opened the door to what he thought was a food delivery, but instead, Maxie was on the doorstep. She said that she had something urgent to tell Lulu and Dante. Maxie hemmed and hawed, but Lulu told her to spit it out. Maxie had just told Dante and Lulu how much she loved them, but before she could say more, Olivia burst in and said that she needed a place to stay.

Olivia was obviously distraught. Dante wanted to know what had happened with Sonny. Olivia said that Connie and Sonny had gotten back together. Olivia said that she and Sonny had bonded over stories about Dante's childhood and that Sonny had made her laugh. Olivia said that although Sonny was free, she had not intended to go after her cousin's ex, but she and Sonny had grown very close.

Maxie apologized and said it was her fault for encouraging Connie. Olivia told Maxie that nothing was her fault and that Maxie should not feel bad because she was giving Olivia the greatest gift of all, a granddaughter, who would be pure joy for all of them.

Lulu asked what Maxie had been about to tell them before Olivia had arrived. Maxie said her Lamaze classes were beginning, and she wanted to ask both Dante and Lulu to attend. Lulu thought that Maxie had seemed very worked up for such a simple request, but Olivia quickly blamed Maxie's attitude on hormones, and Maxie agreed with her. Before Lulu could question Maxie further, the food order arrived.

Spinelli dressed in a suit and went to Ava's art gallery to get information. Ava's perceptive assistant, Simone, quickly recognized Spinelli's affectation, "Millhouse," as either the name of a cartoon character or a disgraced president. Spinelli tried to bluff his way by telling Simone that he had been engaged by Dr. Silas Clay to purchase artwork, but Simone was too smart for Spinelli. Spinelli left the gallery with his questions about Ava and Silas unanswered after Simone told Spinelli to get out or she would call the police.

Silas told Ava that he had no interest in reminiscing with her and that she should quit skulking around General Hospital, trying to run into him. Ava called Silas a narcissist and said that she was not there because of Silas. Ava said that she was visiting a patient. When Silas found out that it was Franco, he wanted to know what interest Ava had in a psychopath. Ava replied that she was an art dealer, and Franco was a noted artist.

Ava admitted that she had known Franco in the past when he was a rising star and she was just starting her gallery business. Ava said that her interest in Franco was strictly mercenary, since he was back from the dead. Silas told Ava that she was lying and that he could see it in her eyes. He asked why she was really there. Then Silas added that he had a better chance of getting the truth out of the "whack job" than he did out of her.

Ava deflected and said that she found it interesting that Silas was very eager to find out about her relationship to Franco but froze up about his relationship to Ava. Silas told Ava that they did not have a relationship. Ava pointed out that they once had and Silas could not pretend that it had not happened. Silas said that they could try to pretend. He told Ava that they had nothing to talk about because they had destroyed what they'd had together, and if they went down that road again, it would ruin both of them

Silas walked away, and Ava answered a phone call from Simone, who described Spinelli in very unflattering terms. Simone said that she had not given out any information about Ava and Silas. Ava told Simone to keep it that way.

Sam, Alexis, and Danny waited in an exam room. Sam broached the subject of her father with Alexis. Sam apologized and said that if it were not for the fact that Danny's life depended on it, she would not ask Alexis to revisit such a painful subject. Sam noted that if no match could be found among the group being tested, siblings and children of Sam's biological father also needed to be tested.

Alexis told Sam that it was time for Sam to know the story of her birth. Alexis recounted that she had grown up on Cassadine Island, thinking that she was a poor relation, while in reality, she was an illegitimate child of Mikkos, whose wife, Helena, had murdered Alexis' mother as a traumatized Alexis had watched, but lost her memory of the event.

Alexis said that she had hated Cassadine Island, so at 16, she was glad when she had been sent off to boarding school. Alexis said that she had found the boarding school as repressive as she had the island and thought that she had merely traded one prison for another. Alexis told Sam that she had rebelled against the strictness. One night, Alexis had dressed up, applied makeup, and sneaked away from school to a bar where they did not ask for ID.

Alexis had had a drink and started exchanging eye contact with a good-looking bad boy who sat down beside her and bought her a few more drinks. When Alexis, who had never consumed alcohol before, needed fresh air, he had offered to walk with her. Alexis had been cold, and the boy had offered to "warm her up." That had led to kissing and eventually to the back seat of the boy's car, where Alexis had had sex with him. The boy had dropped Alexis off at school and she had never seen him again.

Alexis had been too na´ve to know what had happened to her and it had been months later that Alexis had gone to the school nurse and discovered that she was pregnant. The school had immediately notified Mikkos, who had returned Alexis to Cassadine Island and forced her to give up her baby girl for adoption. Alexis told Sam that she had never learned the name of Sam's father.

Molly told Rafe that she, Sam, and Kristina all had different fathers and that Alexis did not discuss Sam's father, and no one asked her about it. Sam had been given up for adoption, and although fate had eventually led Sam and Alexis to each other as adults, no one discussed the subject of Sam's birth.

Rafe said that he had wanted to know about his father, also, but that his mother had objected when he had tried to contact his dad with a Ouija board. When Molly asked if that was because his mother did not believe, Rafe said that his mother had stopped him because she did believe. Molly said that maybe there was a chance that Rafe could still contact his dad, and she got out her Ouija board.

Rafe asked to speak to Rafe Kovitch Sr. and got a positive response. The planchette spelled out, "I love you," and Rafe replied that he love Rafe Sr. also and that Rafe would always think of Rafe Sr. as his dad. Molly asked if Rafe Sr. knew who Sam's dad was. The planchette indicated, "Yes," and when Molly asked for a name, the planchette stopped on the letter "J."

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

At the hospital, Elizabeth's eyes were filled with sadness as she looked at a picture of her grandfather, Steve Hardy. She jumped when A.J. suddenly put his hand on her shoulder. A.J. apologized for startling Elizabeth and then explained that he had stopped by to check on her because he knew that it was the seventeenth anniversary of Steve Hardy's death.

Meanwhile, Nikolas stood on the other side of the door, listening to A.J. and Elizabeth talk. Elizabeth was surprised that A.J. had remembered the anniversary of her grandfather's passing. A.J. admitted that she meant a lot to him, so he had made it his mission to know everything that was important to her. Elizabeth was touched that he had taken time out of his busy day to check on her. A.J. kissed Elizabeth and then left. Elizabeth turned back to the portrait of Steve to ask her grandfather if he approved of A.J.

Moments later, Nikolas appeared in the doorway. Elizabeth tensed when she saw him, so she asked why he was there. Nikolas explained that he was there to support his family because Danny had been admitted to the hospital. Elizabeth felt terrible for Sam, so she asked Nikolas to let Sam know that she had been praying for Danny. Nikolas promised that he would, but Elizabeth remained tense because she feared that Nikolas intended to lecture her about A.J.

Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he wasn't there to cause a scene or to ask her to choose him over A.J. Nikolas conceded that she looked "sort of happy," so she promised him that she was happy. Nikolas admitted that was all that he had wanted for her. After a casual "I'll see you around" Nikolas left. Elizabeth had a thoughtful expression as she watched him leave .

Outside of Kelly's, Carly was frustrated when Spinelli admitted that the trip to New York City hadn't yielded any new information about Ava. Spinelli rushed to assure Carly that not all was lost because Ava's assistant's reaction had indicated that there was more to Ava than met the eye. Carly pointed out that was the reason that she had hired Spinelli to investigate Ava in the first place. Carly sarcastically suggested that she might have better luck by simply asking Ava what Ava's secret was.

Ava walked out of the diner in time to hear Carly's comment. "Well, isn't this your lucky day, Carly. Ask away," Ava invited. Carly tried to cover her surprise behind a polite smile, but Ava cut to the chase by asking if there was a particular secret that Carly was worried about.

Carly claimed that she had told Spinelli about how Ava had persuaded Carly to let Morgan stay at the Quartermaine mansion, despite Carly's reservations about Franco. Carly also knew that Morgan thought the world of Ava, so Carly was curious how Ava had managed to get through to Morgan. Ava promised not to let anything happen to Morgan under Ava's roof, so Carly pointed out that the mansion didn't belong to Ava. Ava amended that she would ensure Morgan's safety while they lived together, prompting Carly to flash a pleasant smile.

Ava started to leave, but stopped to tell Carly that the secret to getting through to Morgan was to listen. After Ava left, Spinelli confessed that Ava's presence was "discomforting." Carly agreed, but advised Spinelli to get used to it because Carly wanted him to follow Ava. Spinelli pointed out that it wouldn't be easy because Ava knew what he looked like. Carly insisted that she was concerned about the influence that Ava had over Morgan, so Carly was determined to safeguard Morgan by learning everything there was to know about Ava.

Carly reminded Spinelli that Ava had climbed into bed with a murdering "psycho" without a blink of an eye. Furthermore, Carly was certain that Franco was as afraid of Ava as they were of Franco, which terrified Carly.

After Spinelli left, Carly entered the diner to pick up a cup of coffee. A.J. was seated at the counter, so he offered to pay for it. Carly's eyes narrowed as she asked why, so A.J. bragged that things had never been better between him and Elizabeth. Carly laughed when she realized that Elizabeth had taken A.J. back. She was curious if A.J. had completely snowed Elizabeth or if Elizabeth was delusional.

Carly smiled when A.J. insisted that Elizabeth believed in him. "Delusional," Carly decided. A.J. made it clear that neither Carly nor Nikolas could do anything to ruin what A.J. and Elizabeth had.

At the hospital, Spinelli was sporting a pair of dark sunglasses and a bouquet of colorful balloons as he spied on Ava at the nurses' station. After Ava asked for Franco's room number, she turned to leave, but stopped when she heard Epiphany bump into Spinelli. Epiphany started to bark at Spinelli for blocking the way until she realized who he was. "Oh, it's you, The Jackal," Epiphany grumbled and then walked away.

Ava marched up to Spinelli and ripped off his sunglasses to confront him about following her. Spinelli started to deny it, but Ava cut him off. "Save it, Millhouse," Ava snapped. Ava revealed that Spinelli fit the description of the person who had badgered Ava's assistant at the gallery in New York City. "Pasty-skinned and odd. I believe the word 'amphibian' came up," Ava added. Spinelli was offended, but she didn't care. Ava didn't know what Spinelli and Carly were up to, but she warned Spinelli to back off.

Spinelli was stunned when Ava emphasized her point by snapping off the earpiece of his sunglasses and then using the broken end to pop several of his balloons. Ava handed the broken sunglasses back to him and then marched off. Moments later, Spinelli reported to Carly.

At Kelly's, Carly answered her cell phone when she saw that Spinelli was calling her. Spinelli revealed that Ava was at the hospital, visiting Franco. Carly was curious what had happened to Franco, so A.J., who had been listening to her end of the conversation, told her that Franco had had the "crap" kicked out of him. Carly quickly ended the call with Spinelli to question A.J. about Franco's assault.

A.J. admitted that he had assumed that Carly had been responsible for the attack, but Carly denied any involvement. Carly became upset when A.J. revealed that Franco had been attacked at the boathouse where Morgan was living. She began to mutter to herself about Morgan and Kiki, prompting A.J. to question why Carly disliked Kiki. Carly clarified that she didn't have a problem with Kiki, but she did have a problem Kiki's mother, Ava.

A.J. laughed because it was "classic" Carly to dislike a woman, so he was curious if it was because Ava was blonde or because Ava was attractive. Carly explained that she didn't trust Ava because Ava had hopped into bed with Franco after spending decades trying to keep his child away from him. "Who does that?" Carly asked. A.J. looked pointedly at Carly, so Carly held up her hand with a warning for him not to say anything.

A.J. explained that it was none of his business if Franco and Ava wanted to get "freaky." Carly suspected that A.J. enjoyed that Franco, Ava, and Kiki were a big, twisted, happy family because it made it easier for A.J. to get their shares of ELQ. A.J. reminded Carly that Ava didn't even have any voting power, but Carly doubted that would stop Ava. A.J. conceded that Ava had had dollar signs in her eyes when Ava had thought that Kiki's votes could tip the balance of power at ELQ, but Franco's shares held more sway than Kiki's. Carly suggested that perhaps Ava wanted to combine Franco and Kiki's votes.

A.J. realized that together Franco and Kiki had fifteen percent of the shares, which was enough to break up the existing coalitions and form a new one of their own. A.J. decided that he needed to find out what Ava was up to, prompting Carly to point out that A.J. and Carly were on the same side.

At the loft, Olivia handed Lulu a box of tissues. Lulu, who sat huddled under a blanket on the sofa, sneezed and then thanked her mother-in-law. Olivia urged Lulu to go back to bed, but Lulu insisted that she was fine. "Who gets a cold in the middle of summer?" Lulu asked forlornly. Lulu was upset because her cold had prevented her from attending the birthing class with Dante and Maxie, but Olivia reminded Lulu that it couldn't be helped. Lulu agreed, but she regretted that she had missed out on so much of the pregnancy already.

Lulu confided that she had wanted to know what to expect during the birthing process. Olivia explained that labor and delivery were intense, but Olivia was confident that Lulu and Dante would do fine. Olivia continued to fuss over Lulu, prompting Lulu to apologize because Lulu felt that she should be taking care of Olivia, who was still recovering from the gunshot wound. Olivia promised that she didn't mind and then went to answer a knock at the door.

Olivia was expecting a delivery of soup from Kelly's, so she was surprised when she saw Maxie standing on the doorstep. Olivia watched in confusion as Maxie entered the apartment without a word. Olivia's confusion turned to horror as Maxie marched up to Lulu in the kitchen and then began to violently stab Lulu in the back. Olivia cried out in terror, begging Maxie to stop, as Lulu crumbled to the ground.

"Excuse me?" A young man asked. Olivia opened her eyes and saw Lulu and a delivery boy standing in the kitchen. Lulu immediately sensed that Olivia had had a vision, so Lulu quickly paid the young man and hustled him out the door. Afterwards, Lulu asked Olivia about the vision. Shaken, Olivia tried to claim that she had seen the delivery boy spill the soup all over Lulu's sofa. Lulu appeared skeptical, but Olivia quickly changed the subject by suggesting that Lulu take a hot steamy shower while Olivia warmed up the soup.

At the hospital, Maxie looked at the couples arriving for the birthing class. She appeared overwhelmed, so she stepped into the hallway to collect herself. Maxie quietly wondered how she could have told Dante and Lulu that the baby was really Spinelli and Maxie's daughter. "I'm sorry, Georgie, I can't do it," Maxie said as Dante walked up. Dante assumed that Maxie had been apologizing to her sister for not naming Dante and Lulu's baby after Georgie. He admitted that he agreed with Lulu that Maxie should save the special name for her own daughter or son, since the name could be used for both.

Rather than correct Dante, Maxie suggested that Dante and Lulu knew Maxie better than Maxie knew herself. Maxie changed the subject by asking where Lulu was, so he told her that Lulu was sick.

Moments later, Olivia called Dante, imploring her son to return to the loft for an emergency. Dante asked what was wrong, but Olivia refused to tell him. He explained that he was about to go into the birthing class with Maxie, but Olivia was adamant that Dante needed to return home. After Dante ended the call, he explained that he had to leave because of an emergency. Maxie wondered who would attend the birthing class with her. Dante looked up as the elevator door opened to reveal Spinelli. "Him," Dante said.

Maxie immediately objected when Dante asked Spinelli to take Dante's place at the birthing class. Dante insisted that Spinelli was a family friend and could be trusted, so Dante wanted Spinelli to help Maxie and then fill Dante in on what Dante had missed. Spinelli readily agreed, so Dante thanked Spinelli and left.

Afterwards, Maxie insisted that it wasn't a good idea for Spinelli to attend the birthing class. Spinelli was curious why Maxie objected, so Maxie claimed that she had already caused enough trouble between Spinelli and Ellie. She reminded him of his argument with Ellie about Ellie's refusal to have children. Spinelli smiled as he confided that Ellie had changed her mind. Maxie quickly recovered from her shock to congratulate Spinelli, but he admitted that it wasn't necessary because he didn't intend to take Ellie up on the offer to have his child.

Spinelli explained that he couldn't ask Ellie to make the sacrifice simply because he wanted a child. Maxie pointed out that Spinelli and Ellie appeared to be back to square one, but Spinelli disagreed because at least Ellie was open to the idea of having a child. However, his point in mentioning Ellie's change of heart was to assure Maxie that Ellie wouldn't object. Maxie relaxed when Spinelli insisted that he wanted to help her out as a friend and then added that neither of them wanted to disappoint Dante and Lulu. Maxie agreed.

Dante arrived home, anxious to find out what had upset Olivia. He was frustrated when Olivia told him about her vision because he couldn't believe that she had pulled him away from the birthing class. Olivia argued that the vision had been deeply troubling, but Dante wondered why Maxie would ever want to hurt Lulu. "That's a good question," Lulu said as she emerged from the bathroom, freshly showered.

Lulu questioned Olivia about the vision, but Dante scoffed because he thought that the vision had been completely baseless. Olivia reminded her son that each of her visions had had a kernel of truth to them, so she refused to take any chances after what had happened at Metro Court. Dante argued that Olivia's vision had been wrong because she had seen Sonny covered in blood, even though Sonny hadn't been shot.

Olivia insisted that the vision of Maxie getting "stabby" with Lulu didn't bode well for anyone, so they needed to take the vision seriously. Lulu asked Dante to return to the birthing class because she didn't want Maxie to be upset about attending the class alone. Dante admitted that he had asked Spinelli to step in, so Maxie wasn't alone. Dante then reiterated that he refused to believe that Maxie would hurt Lulu. Olivia agreed to drop the matter because she conceded that Maxie was unlikely to stab Lulu in the back.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina wondered if Patrick was interested in taking an early lunch. Patrick was surprised because he had thought that he had mentioned that he had plans. Britt walked up during the exchange and quickly informed Sabrina that Patrick had agreed to attend birthing classes with Britt. Sabrina suddenly recalled Patrick telling her about it, so she apologized for the confusion.

Britt offered a saccharine smile as she thanked Sabrina for Sabrina's understanding because Britt insisted that it was important for Patrick to be prepared for their child's birth. Sabrina tried to hide how Britt's comment had hurt, but Patrick picked up on it, so he told Britt that he would catch up with Britt in a few minutes.

After Britt walked away, Patrick asked if Sabrina was okay. He assured her that she could be honest, so she admitted that she was having some difficulty dealing with Britt because there were times when Sabrina wanted to rip Britt's face off. Patrick appreciated Sabrina's honesty, so he promised that he and Sabrina would get through everything together, and he kissed her.

At the elevator, Britt bumped into Nikolas. Britt was curious why Nikolas was at the hospital, so he told her that he was there to support his family while they waited for the results of the bone marrow tests. Nikolas asked how Britt was doing, so she told him that she was okay. Nikolas had hoped that she had been faring better than that because she hadn't called him. Britt assured Nikolas that things were better and that the father of the baby had agreed to attend birthing classes with her. However, the baby's father's girlfriend hadn't been able to handle it, so Britt feared that the baby's father would be late to the class.

Nikolas admitted that the man sounded like a "jackass." Moments later, Patrick walked up and asked Britt if she was ready for the class. Nikolas realized that Patrick was the father of Britt's baby. Britt was surprised when Nikolas and Patrick exchanged greetings because she hadn't realized that Nikolas and Patrick knew each other.

In Franco's hospital room, Epiphany tried to swab Franco's mouth for a DNA test, but Franco refused to cooperate because he had seen Epiphany's "death glare" when she had realized who he was. Epiphany explained that she simply needed to swab his mouth, but Franco continued to fend off her efforts to get a DNA sample. Silas decided to step in to offer to do the swab test. Franco smiled as he greeted the doctor, who was the brother of a serial killer.

Silas countered by reminding Franco that Franco was an actual serial killer. Epiphany realized that Silas was the new doctor on staff, so she introduced herself to Silas and welcomed him to the hospital. Epiphany explained that "Mr. Freak Show" was being fussy about the DNA test, so Silas offered to take over. Epiphany handed Silas the swab and left.

Franco was curious if Silas was Danny's doctor because he wanted to know how Danny was doing. Silas revealed that Danny wasn't well, so the child needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. Franco quietly opened his mouth, so Silas could swab Franco's mouth. Afterwards, Silas suggested that he and Franco talk about Ava. Silas implied that he was interested in Ava, so he wanted to know the nature of Franco and Ava's relationship.

Moments later, Ava appeared in the doorway. She immediately ordered Silas to get away from Franco, but Silas refused. Silas reminded Ava that he worked at the hospital and then explained that he was there to collect Franco's DNA. Ava saw that Silas had the DNA sample, so she pointed out that Silas had what he needed. Silas admitted that Franco had been about to tell him about Ava, prompting Ava to warn Franco not to say a word.

Franco began to act oddly as a violent seizure hit him. Silas sprang into action as Ava watched in shock. Sabrina appeared in the doorway, so Silas handed her the DNA swab with instructions to get it to the lab. Silas also ordered Sabrina to return with medication and to find someone from the neurology department. After Sabrina left, Ava asked what was wrong with Franco. Silas explained that Franco was in the grips of a seizure that prohibited Franco from breathing, so Silas feared that Franco would end up in cardiac arrest. Ava wanted to know if Franco would die, but Silas didn't reply.

Meanwhile, Sabrina spotted Patrick standing at the elevator with Britt and Nikolas, so she grabbed Patrick. Britt was annoyed that Patrick had abandoned Britt, but Nikolas pointed out that Patrick had been called away to attend to an emergency. Britt complained that she would be the only woman in the class without a birthing coach, so Nikolas offered to step in for Patrick. Surprised, Britt insisted that it wasn't necessary, but Nikolas refused to let her attend the class alone.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina and Elizabeth watched as Nikolas and Britt walked away arm in arm. Elizabeth wondered what was going on between Nikolas and Britt. Sabrina didn't know, but she doubted that Nikolas and Britt were going anywhere, since Britt had been scheduled for a birthing class. Elizabeth feared that Nikolas was attending the class with Britt. "That's ridiculous," Sabrina replied. Elizabeth agreed, but she appeared troubled.

Meanwhile, Britt saw Maxie sitting with Spinelli in the birthing class. Maxie explained that Spinelli was sitting in for the father of the baby. "There's a lot of that going around," Britt commented as she and Nikolas made their way to a corner. Britt worried that Nikolas saw her in a different light because he was friends with Patrick, but Nikolas assured her that he only saw her as a woman who needed help.

Moments later, Epiphany entered the room to start the class. Nikolas quipped that if Britt could survive working with Epiphany then childbirth should be a breeze. Epiphany was not amused by the remark. Nearby, Maxie smiled up at Spinelli as the class began.

In Franco's hospital room, Silas had Franco stabilized when Patrick arrived. Patrick tried to dismiss Silas, but Silas refused to leave. Silas revealed that Franco was a potential bone marrow donor, so they needed Patrick's okay to proceed with the bone marrow transplant if Franco was a match.

Moments later, Franco slowly regained consciousness and asked what had happened. Patrick explained that Franco had suffered a seizure, so Patrick needed to ask some questions to determine if there had been any damage. Silas and Ava quietly watched as Patrick asked Franco where Franco was and what year it was. Franco answered both questions correctly, so Patrick asked what Franco's name was. "Jason Morgan," Franco answered.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At the boathouse, Morgan was looking online for a job when Kiki cried out in horror. Morgan looked up as Kiki pointed to a spot on the floor and asked him if it was blood. Morgan leaned forward on the bed to take a closer look and confirmed that it appeared to be blood. Kiki became upset when he wondered aloud if it was Franco's blood because her father could have died.

Morgan recalled Franco's visit to the boathouse, followed by Sonny's arrival. He snapped back to the present as Kiki wondered who could have attacked Franco. Morgan suddenly blurted out that he knew who the assailant had been, but then tensed when he realized what he had said. He quickly covered his slip by suggesting that the second shooter had returned to rough up Franco.

Kiki pointed out that the second shooter had been hired to kill her father, not to hurt him. Morgan admitted that she was right, but he was curious why she was so upset about her father. Kiki thought that she had good reason to be concerned because there had been a couple of attempts on Franco's life and an assault. Morgan confessed that he was confused because he had thought that Kiki had considered Franco to be a psycho, so Kiki explained that things had changed when Franco had told her that it had almost been worth getting beaten up to see Kiki's expression of concern.

Kiki had realized that there had been a shred of goodness deep inside Franco, so she was desperate to know who had hurt her father. Morgan tried to comfort her with a hug. After several heartbeats, Kiki pulled away and announced that she was headed to the hospital to visit Franco. Morgan offered to go with her, but Kiki didn't think that it was a good idea.

Connie stood outside of Dante and Lulu's loft as she spoke on the phone with Sonny. Sonny had been concerned when he woke up to find that she had left. Connie explained that she had sent him a text message to let him know that she had left to talk to her psychiatrist. She revealed that she had wanted to assure her doctor that everything was fine. Sonny was glad to hear it, so he asked her when she would return home. Connie admitted that she had something to take care of first.

Connie ended the call with Sonny as Olivia opened the door. Olivia tensed when she saw her cousin standing in the hallway, so Olivia quickly explained that it wasn't a good time for a visit because Lulu was sick. Connie insisted that it was important and concerned Sonny, prompting Olivia to conclude that Sonny and Connie had worked things out. Olivia congratulated Connie and then tried to enter the apartment, but Connie admitted that she knew that something had happened between Sonny and Olivia.

Olivia denied it, but Connie revealed that Sonny had told Connie everything. Olivia was curious what Sonny had told Connie, so Connie confessed that she knew that Sonny and Olivia had kissed a few times and that things might have gone further if Connie hadn't arrived. Connie had wanted to check on Olivia to make certain that Olivia was okay with everything, but Connie sensed that the opposite was true because of the way that Olivia was acting.

Olivia reminded her cousin that they had talked about where each of them had stood with Sonny when Sonny had invited Olivia to recuperate at his house. Olivia insisted that she had always put Connie first, even when Connie had turned up on Sonny's doorstep to stake her claim on Sonny, but Connie had never done the same for Olivia. Connie was shocked by Olivia's suggestion that Connie had decided to get back together with Sonny only because Olivia had shown an interest in him.

Olivia refused to apologize because she knew that Maxie had encouraged Connie to go after Sonny before Connie lost him to Olivia. Connie denied the accusation because she loved Sonny, so her decision to reconcile with Sonny had had nothing to do with Olivia. "Please, honey, you don't need to be psychic to know that that's kind of a crock," Olivia replied. Olivia was certain that Connie had only wanted Sonny back because Olivia had been getting close to him.

"Maybe," Connie conceded, but she insisted that she couldn't be expected to let the man that she had loved her entire life walk away without a fight. Olivia reminded her cousin of Connie's fear that Connie's alter personalities would emerge. Connie explained that she would always live with that fear, but she was confident in her recovery and felt stronger. Connie admitted that she had followed Maxie's advice but explained that she had been driven by her love for Sonny.

Connie wondered if Olivia had truly expected Connie to bow out, so Olivia reminded her cousin that Olivia had. "That was your choice," Connie reminded Olivia. "And you made yours," Olivia replied and then marched into loft, closing the door behind her.

At Greystone Manor, Dante accused Sonny of lying. Sonny assumed that Dante had been referring to Franco, so Sonny told Dante to talk to Sonny's attorney. Dante explained that he wasn't there to talk about the shooting at Metro Court, even though he knew that Sonny and Carly had been behind the botched hit. Dante was furious because Sonny had broken Olivia's heart after promising to take care of her.

Dante suspected that Sonny had used Olivia, so Sonny reminded his son that Dante had been opposed to Olivia becoming involved with Sonny. Dante assured Sonny that things hadn't changed, but Dante resented that Sonny had used Olivia out of fear of being alone. Sonny argued that he had been alone plenty of times, but Dante disagreed because Sonny always seemed to have someone in the wings.

Sonny reminded Dante that Olivia was an adult. According to Sonny, she had known what she was getting into because Sonny had never lied about his feelings for Connie. Sonny admitted that things had taken an unexpected turn when Connie had asked Sonny to take her back, but he assured Dante that he had never intended to hurt Olivia. Dante insisted that Connie had only become interested in reconciling with Sonny when Connie had realized that she might lose Sonny to Olivia. Sonny wondered how Dante could possibly know that.

"Maxie," Dante revealed. Dante told Sonny about Connie's talk with Maxie and Maxie's advice to fight for Sonny. Dante hoped that Connie was mentally stable enough to be involved with Sonny and that the whole thing didn't blow up in Sonny's face. Moments after Dante left, Morgan entered the living room. Morgan commented that Dante had seemed upset, prompting Morgan to wonder if it had anything to do with Franco. Sonny explained that Dante had been there about another matter and then changed the subject by asking why Morgan had dropped by for a visit.

Morgan admitted that he had wanted to return the one hundred dollars that Sonny had given him in the boathouse. Sonny refused to take the money, but Morgan insisted because Morgan considered it hush money for keeping quiet about Sonny's role in Franco's assault. Sonny pointed out that Morgan was his son, so Sonny didn't need to buy his own son's loyalty. Sonny insisted that the money had merely been a gift, but Morgan refused to accept it.

Morgan assured Sonny that he would keep quiet about the assault, but Morgan wasn't comfortable accepting money while lying to Kiki. Sonny let the matter drop, but he warned Morgan that Franco was dangerous and a threat to Sonny's family. Sonny made it clear that he would do anything to protect Morgan from harm.

Shortly after Morgan left, Connie arrived home. Sonny was curious how things had gone, prompting Connie to wonder if Sonny believed that they had done the right thing by getting back together. "Of course I do," Sonny promised. Connie smiled as she and Sonny hugged, but her expression turned pensive as she rested her chin on Sonny's shoulder.

Meanwhile, Dante arrived home and saw his mother sitting quietly on the sofa. Olivia warned Dante that Lulu was asleep. Dante noticed Olivia's watery eyes and the tissue clutched in her hand, so he softly asked if she had the sniffles. Olivia suggested that perhaps she had picked up Lulu's cold.

At Kelly's, A.J. told Michael that Kiki's mother, Ava, might be trying to make a play for ELQ. A.J. confessed that he had never bought Franco and Ava's reunion, so Michael admitted that neither had he. A.J. suspected that Franco and Ava had pretended to reconcile to win their daughter over in order to get Kiki's shares of ELQ.

Father and son discussed the ramifications of Franco and Kiki combining shares of ELQ. A.J. insisted that they needed to do something to break up Franco and Kiki's alliance, so he asked for Michael's help. Michael balked, prompting A.J. to recall Michael's problem with Kiki. Michael admitted that things had gotten more complicated because a lab technician had caught Michael and Kiki in a passionate kiss. A.J. was shocked and furious when Michael revealed that the lab tech had tried to blackmail Michael into having sex with the man.

Michael quickly assured his father that everything had been handled because Michael had overheard a private conversation between the lab tech and Dr. Westbourne. According to Michael, it had been clear that Brad and Dr. Westbourne had been hiding something, so Michael had threatened to tell Monica if Brad didn't back down. Satisfied, A.J. pointed out that Michael still had to deal with the attraction that Michael felt for Michael's cousin, Kiki. Michael was determined to stay away from Kiki as long as Franco remained Kiki's father, which Michael conceded would be forever.

In Franco's hospital room, Patrick asked Franco a series of questions to determine if there had been any neurological damage from the seizure. Franco answered all of the questions correctly until Patrick asked what Franco's name was. "Jason Morgan," Franco answered. Claiming to be Jason, Franco demanded to see his wife and son, Sam and Danny. Patrick didn't dispute Franco's claims as he carefully tested Franco's reflexes.

Ava wanted to know what was wrong with Franco, so Silas suggested that Franco was lying. Franco became enraged when Silas insisted that Franco was Franco. "Franco is dead," Franco shouted. Patrick ordered Silas and Ava to leave and then tried to calm Franco down. Franco wanted to know what was going on, so Patrick explained that they needed to run some tests.

In the hallway, Silas demanded to know if Ava had put Franco up to the ruse. Ava was curious why she would ask Franco to pretend to be someone else, so Silas accused her of trying to stop Franco from telling Silas about what she was really up to. Ava tried to deflect by accusing Silas of being narcissistic, but he refused to be sidetracked. Silas acknowledged that the seizure had been real, but he doubted Franco's claims about being Jason Morgan.

Ava insisted that Silas was paranoid, as she brushed past him to return to Franco's hospital room. Patrick had persuaded Franco to have tests and scans. Silas was eager to take a look at the CAT scan because he thought that Ava had gone to extraordinary lengths to keep something from Silas.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth spotted Nikolas and Britt walking to the elevator together. Britt thanked Nikolas for stepping in for Patrick at the last minute and attending the birthing class with her. "What?" Elizabeth whispered to herself as Britt hugged Nikolas. Nikolas offered to be available if Britt needed him again, but Britt doubted that she would attend another class, since she had delivered enough babies to know that she wanted an epidural when she went into labor.

After Nikolas walked away, Elizabeth approached Britt. "Dr. Westbourne," Elizabeth called out. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Elizabeth asked, referring to Nikolas. Britt was curious why it was Elizabeth's business, so Elizabeth admitted that Nikolas was a longtime friend. Britt smiled knowingly as she realized that Elizabeth was "the girl that screwed him over."

Elizabeth reiterated that she and Nikolas had been friends for a very long time, but Britt thought that Elizabeth had moved on with A.J. Elizabeth insisted that her relationship with A.J. was none of Britt's business, so Britt countered that the same applied to Elizabeth in regards to Britt's relationship with Nikolas. Britt pointed out that it wasn't Britt's fault that Elizabeth had blown a chance with Nikolas. Britt smiled with satisfaction when Elizabeth didn't reply. Britt suggested that Elizabeth had "buyer's remorse."

Brad pulled Britt aside when he spotted her at the nurses' station. He warned her that Michael Corinthos knew about their collaboration. Brad quickly filled Britt in on what had happened, but he assured her that Michael had agreed not to tell Monica in exchange for Brad keeping quiet about Michael's attraction to Michael's cousin. "Ew," Britt said. Britt was confident that they wouldn't have any more problems as long as Brad kept his mouth shut and didn't try to coerce the chief of staff's grandson into having sex.

Moments later, Patrick walked up, so Brad quickly fled. Patrick appeared to question Brad's nervous behavior, but Britt distracted Patrick by revealing that Nikolas had attended the birthing class with her. She made a point of letting Patrick know that Nikolas had been an excellent substitute for Patrick.

At the nurses' station, Franco called out to Elizabeth. Elizabeth stilled as she warily asked what Franco wanted. Franco was puzzled by Elizabeth's odd behavior. "It's me, Jason," Franco assured her. Puzzled, Elizabeth asked the orderly pushing Franco's wheelchair what was wrong with Franco, but the orderly didn't have any answers. Franco, believing that he was Jason, assured Elizabeth that he cared about her, so he warned her that Franco was alive and on the loose.

After the orderly wheeled Franco into the elevator, Elizabeth ran over to Patrick to find out what was going on with Franco. "Why? Did you catch him hugging Nikolas too?" Britt asked. Elizabeth ignored Britt and asked Patrick why Franco had claimed to be Jason. Patrick promised Elizabeth that they would get to the bottom of things when Patrick had a look at Franco's scans.

Alexis entered Danny's hospital room to check on Sam and Danny. Sam quietly greeted her mother, so Alexis remarked that Sam hadn't said much after their talk about Sam's father the previous evening. Sam explained that she had hoped that her father or his children, if he had others, could have helped save Danny. Alexis regretted that she hadn't known anything about Sam's father that could help them find him. However, Alexis was certain that they would find a match because a lot of people had been tested.

Sam confessed that she wished that her father had been tested. Molly entered the room in time to hear Sam's remark, so she asked if Sam had been talking about Sam's father. Alexis explained that it had been a private conversation, but Molly admitted that it was weird. Molly started to tell them about the previous evening when Rafe and Molly had consulted a Ouija board for answers, but Brad arrived to announce that he had the results from the bone marrow screenings.

Nikolas appeared in the doorway as Brad started to share the scientific findings. Frustrated, Sam ordered Brad to tell them if there had been a match. Brad admitted that no one had matched Danny, but Franco's DNA test hadn't been analyzed yet. Sam was crushed because she realized that Franco was their only hope. Molly pointed out that there was the national registry, but Sam explained that Silas had been checking daily for a match, to no avail. Sam picked up Danny and held him closely as she fought back tears.

Alexis suggested that perhaps they could find a Cassadine willing to help them, but Sam preferred to look for her father. Alexis quietly reminded Sam that Alexis couldn't even remember the man's name. Alexis decided to share her story with Nikolas and Molly by explaining that she had made some bad choices, including going to a bar at the age of sixteen and having sex with a stranger. Molly wondered if it was possible that Sam's father's name started with a "J."

Alexis and Sam were puzzled by the question, so Molly told them about what the Ouija board had revealed when Rafe and Molly had asked about Sam's father. Moments later, Silas entered the room to ask for a private word with Sam. Sam explained that they were in the middle of a family thing, so Silas told her that he had thought that she would want to know that Franco had suffered a seizure and had woken up claiming to be Jason. Furious, Sam stormed out of the room, determined to confront Franco.

Meanwhile, Alexis was upset because she couldn't help her grandson by remembering Sam's father's name. Nikolas suggested that they step out of the room, so they could talk without waking up Danny, who had fallen asleep in his crib.

Kiki entered Franco's hospital room, looking for Franco, so Ava explained that Franco was undergoing some tests. Ava invited Kiki to join her for coffee at Kelly's, but Kiki refused to leave without seeing her father. Moments later, Sam entered the room, demanding to know where Franco was. Silas caught up with Sam in time to tell her that Franco was having a CAT scan. Kiki wanted to know why her father needed a CAT scan, prompting Silas to wonder who Kiki was. "I'm her daughter," Kiki answered pointing to Ava.

Franco slipped into Danny's hospital room and approached Danny's crib. "Hello, you're my son," Franco quietly told Danny.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

At Kelly's, Scott sensed that something was troubling Laura, so she admitted that she was worried about Luke because she didn't know where Luke was. Scott reminded Laura that it wasn't unusual for Luke to take off and drop out of sight, but Laura argued that something had seemed different about Luke's latest trip. Scott regretted that he hadn't been able to glean any information about Luke from Tracy, but Tracy had been a "tough nut to crack."

Laura claimed that she feared that Luke wouldn't be home in time for the birth of Lulu's baby, but Scott sensed there was more to it. He questioned if Laura was concerned about Luke because she still cared for Luke. Laura denied it and reminded Scott that he had offered to help her, so she didn't understand why Scott had suddenly become upset about the whole thing. Scott insisted that he had simply tried to be a supportive husband, but he resented that Laura couldn't stop thinking about Luke.

Laura asked Scott to calm down, prompting Scott to remind Laura that he was running for district attorney and she was starting a business with Lucy, so they were moving on with their lives. Scott made it clear that he never wanted to talk about Luke again and then stormed out, brushing past Lesley, who was on her way in.

Lesley was curious what was wrong with Scott, so Laura confessed that it was about Luke. Laura opened up to her mother about Luke's odd behavior and Laura's suspicions that Luke, not Tracy, was sick. Laura explained that Luke was like a wild animal that crawled off to be alone when he was sick. Lesley knew of a way to find out what was really going on, so she asked Laura to leave it to her. Laura didn't know what Lesley could do, so Lesley reminded Laura that Lesley had once been a big deal at the hospital.

Laura smiled as she admitted that her mother had once been one of the most brilliant doctors at General Hospital. Lesley promised to get to the bottom of things, but she made it clear that she was doing it for Laura and Lulu, not for Luke. Lesley reminded her daughter that Laura was married to Scott, so Laura assured her mother that she knew that.

Shortly after Lesley left, Scott returned to apologize to Laura.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy reread Luke's letter explaining why he had left town without her and imploring her not to tell anyone about his illness. "Oh, Luke," Tracy cried. Moments later, Monica entered the study. Tracy quickly wiped away her tears as Monica asked why Tracy had been sitting in the dark. Tracy changed the subject by asking how Monica's grandson, Daniel Edward, was doing.

Monica was worried about Danny, but she was also concerned about Tracy because she knew that Tracy had been crying. Tracy attributed the tears to allergies, but Monica suspected that Tracy was hiding something. Tracy tried to laugh it off until Monica revealed that Monica knew about Tracy's medical tests. Monica explained that Alexis had mentioned the tests because Alexis had been concerned that Tracy might not be a viable bone marrow donor. Monica admitted that she had decided to take a look at Tracy's medical records to find out what was going on with Tracy.

Tracy was furious, but Monica reminded Tracy that they were family. Tracy argued that they were only family by marriage. Monica was disappointed that Alan and Emily's visit hadn't had a greater impact on Tracy. Monica defended Alexis by reminding Tracy that Danny's only hope for survival was through a bone marrow transplant. Tracy immediately calmed down because she appreciated that Monica and Alexis were going through a difficult time.

However, Tracy's temper quickly flared when Monica questioned why there hadn't been any records of Tracy's tests. Tracy claimed that it was because there had been nothing wrong with her, but Monica explained that there would have been a record of that. Tracy shrugged and insisted that she was fine.

Monica suspected that Tracy had expunged the records because Tracy didn't want anyone to find out that Tracy was sick. Monica was certain that Tracy feared that an illness would make Tracy appear weak and jeopardize Tracy's bid for control of ELQ. Monica was certain that Tracy had hired Spinelli to hack into the hospital's computer system to make the records disappear.

Tracy scoffed and suggested that perhaps it had been a clerical error at the hospital. Tracy promised that she was fine, so she urged Monica to focus on Danny. Monica let the matter drop and left. Afterwards, Tracy growled, "Damn you, Luke Spencer." Tracy was frustrated because Luke's secret had caused problems for her.

Later, Tracy reached Luke's voicemail. She was disappointed that he hadn't answered her call because she had been putting out fires "left and right" to keep people from finding out that he was sick. Tracy admitted that asking her to lie to his loved ones was worse than their fraudulent two-year marriage. She warned him that he had better not die without seeing her again.

At the nurses' station, Lesley, dressed as a doctor, introduced herself to an intern. The young lady recognized Dr. Lesley Webber's name, so Lesley seized the opportunity to ask the intern for help. Lesley claimed that she was there to consult on a case, but she had lost her temporary password for the computer. The intern offered to let Lesley use the computer that the intern had been working on, so Lesley thanked the young lady. After the intern left, Lesley typed in Luke's name to access his records. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Monica demanded.

Outside of Kelly's, Michael bumped into Morgan, so Michael suggested that he and Morgan have a talk about Kiki. Morgan advised Michael to get some help because Michael was fixated on Kiki, who was Michael's cousin. Michael ignored the remark as he explained that he wanted to repair their relationship because he missed how close they had once been. Morgan insisted that things were different because he no longer needed Michael to look out for him. Morgan also confessed that Michael had been getting on his nerves lately.

Michael wondered if he and Morgan could clear the air, so Morgan conceded that a part of him wanted to because he missed talking to Michael. However, Morgan needed Michael to be honest about what had been going on between Michael and Kiki. Michael was determined to fix his relationship with Morgan, so he decided to be honest.

Michael conceded that he hadn't liked Kiki in the beginning because he hadn't trusted her. Morgan wondered what had changed because Michael had trusted Kiki enough to tell her about the rape. Michael explained that tensions had been high when Franco had surfaced, so Michael hadn't felt comfortable talking to anyone about the rape except for Kiki. Michael had no idea what had changed, but he had started to see Kiki as a friend. Morgan was curious if Michael had ever considered how confiding to Kiki about the rape might cause problems between Morgan and Kiki. Morgan resented that he had been the last to know.

Michael apologized and forged ahead by conceding that he and Kiki had grown close after that. Michael told Morgan about the day that Kiki had returned looking for Morgan to take Morgan back to the Quartermaine mansion. Morgan was stunned when Michael confessed that Michael and Kiki had kissed. Michael rushed to explain that Michael and Kiki hadn't known that they were cousins at the time, but Morgan was furious because Kiki was Morgan's girlfriend and the woman that Morgan loved.

Michael agreed that the kiss had been a mistake, but Morgan wasn't satisfied because the kiss hadn't been one-sided. Michael assured Morgan that Kiki loved Morgan and promised that no one had meant to hurt Morgan. Morgan suddenly punched Michael, who fell to the ground. Morgan made it clear that he wasn't interested in fixing his relationship with Michael and then stormed off to find Kiki.

In Franco's hospital room, Sam marched in demanding to know where Franco was. Silas walked in before Ava or Kiki could answer Sam. He explained that Franco had been taken for a scan, so they would have to wait. Kiki wanted to know why a scan had been necessary, so Silas asked who Kiki was. He was stunned when Kiki revealed that she was Ava's daughter. Sam wondered what Kiki and Ava's relationship had to do with what was going on with Franco.

Silas told Kiki about Franco's claims. Sam insisted that Franco was only pretending to be Jason because Franco enjoyed torturing Sam. Silas promised Sam that they would have answers when the results of the scan were in. Sam decided to return to Danny's room, so she left.

Afterwards, Ava tried to hustle Kiki out of the room, but Silas interrupted by asking who Kiki's father was. Kiki was curious why Silas wanted to know, so Ava explained that Silas was Danny's doctor. Ava quickly added that Silas was only interested in knowing who Kiki's father was because Silas wanted to make certain that all of Danny's relatives had been tested. Ava assured Silas that Franco was Kiki's father and that Kiki had been tested. Ava then shifted gears by suggesting that Franco would not want Kiki to see Franco in his delusional state, so she urged Kiki to find Morgan.

Kiki thought that both Silas and Ava were acting strangely, so she decided to follow her mother's advice. After Kiki left, Ava closed the door and demanded to know what Silas' problem was. Silas countered by asking if Kiki was his daughter. Ava laughed at the suggestion, but Silas waited for an answer.

Meanwhile, Morgan walked up to the door but stopped when he heard Silas and Ava's raised voices. Ava accused Silas of being demented for jumping to the conclusion that Silas was Kiki's father. Silas reminded Ava of her claim that she and Franco had been strictly business partners. Ava admitted that she had lied, but she assured Silas that Franco was Kiki's father.

Silas was certain that Ava was lying and had tried to keep him from finding out that Kiki was his daughter. Ava denied it, so Silas dared Ava to prove him wrong. Ava insisted that her relationship with Silas had been long over when she had met Franco, so Silas' timing was completely off. Silas demanded to know how old Kiki was. "Nineteen," Ava lied. Ava suggested that Silas let it go before his prediction about how dredging up the past ruined lives proved to be true.

After Silas left, Morgan confronted Ava about the claim that Kiki was nineteen. "She's twenty-one. You lied, and I know why," Morgan said. "Kiki isn't Franco's daughter, is she?" Morgan asked.

Outside of Kelly's, Michael called out to Kiki as she passed by. Kiki refused to look at him as she made it clear that she couldn't be around him. She started to leave, but Michael explained that he had called her several times. Kiki reminded Michael that they had agreed to stay away from each other, so he shouldn't call her. Michael revealed that he had something important to tell her.

Kiki reluctantly turned to look at Michael, but became concerned when she saw his bruised face. She wanted to know what had happened, so Michael admitted that Morgan had punched him. Kiki was stunned when Michael filled her in on what had happened. Michael confessed that he had told his brother the truth. "You told him we committed incest and betrayal," Kiki clarified.

Michael assured her that he hadn't told Morgan about their kiss at the hospital, but Kiki argued that it didn't matter because their first kiss had been just as wrong. Michael apologized, but Kiki remained upset. She confided that her emotions were all over the place and that she couldn't trust her feelings about anything, especially Michael. Michael assured Kiki that he had never meant to hurt her; he just wanted her to be happy.

Kiki's eyes filled with tears as she admitted that she didn't know if she could be happy without Michael. She started to reach for Michael but then pulled away because she was determined to salvage things with Morgan. Michael assured Kiki that Morgan cared about her, prompting Kiki to remind him that Morgan had been by her side throughout all of the recent changes in her life. Kiki doubted that she would have gotten through it all if it hadn't been for Morgan. She insisted that she cared about Morgan and reiterated that she and Michael were cousins, which was never going to change.

At the nurses' station, Patrick talked to Elizabeth about Franco's brain scan, which Patrick hoped would give them some definitive answers about Franco's seizure and outrageous claims.

Later, Carly approached Elizabeth to get an update about Franco's injuries. Carly was shocked when Elizabeth told her about Franco's seizure and claims of being Jason. Carly was certain that it was another one of Franco's games, so Elizabeth assured Carly that they would know soon because Franco had undergone some tests including a scan. Carly insisted that they didn't need a scan to prove that Franco was lying.

Patrick walked up to announce that the results of the tests, including the scan, were in. Carly demanded to see the scan, but Patrick pointed out that the tests were for medical personnel only. Patrick invited Elizabeth to join him as he went to a nearby room with a computer. Elizabeth wondered if Patrick thought that it was possible that Franco had a brain tumor, so Patrick admitted that he wasn't sure. Elizabeth recalled that Jason had once had a brain tumor, prompting Patrick to remind her that he had been hired to treat Jason.

Patrick pulled up Franco's medical records to review the scan. The scan revealed that Franco had a large mass on his frontal lobe. Elizabeth realized that it was a lot like the one that Jason had. "Exactly like Jason's," Patrick told her. Carly barged into the room as Patrick confirmed that Franco had a brain tumor.

Patrick turned around when he heard Carly gasp. He warned her that she wasn't authorized to be in the room because she wasn't a family member. Carly argued that Franco was her son's uncle, so she was close enough to family. Elizabeth gently asked Carly to leave, but Patrick realized that it was pointless, so he agreed that Carly could stay. He told both women that Franco's tumor was in the area of the brain that was responsible for distinguishing good from evil and right from wrong.

According to Patrick, the tumor had been undiagnosed for quite some time. Carly wondered if it was possible that Franco had tampered with the medical records, but Patrick assured Carly that the scan was legitimate. He added that Franco's tumor explained the delusions and schizophrenic behavior.

Franco quietly entered Danny's hospital room. Danny cried, so Franco approached the crib and gently assured the little boy that everything was okay. "I'm your daddy," Franco softly said as he picked up Danny. Franco, believing that he was Jason, explained that Franco was on the loose. Franco vowed to protect Danny from harm, so he decided to leave the hospital.

A short time later, Sam entered her son's hospital room. "Oh, my God," Sam cried when she saw Danny's empty crib. She desperately searched the room and then ran into the hall to flag down a nurse. Sam explained that Danny was missing, so the nurse calmly suggested that perhaps someone had taken Danny for some tests. The nurse went to the check the computer. Sam's anxiety mounted when the nurse was unable to locate Danny. The nurse was certain that it was a clerical error, but Sam suddenly realized exactly what had happened.

Franco arrived at the penthouse with Danny safely nestled in his arms. Franco was confident that he and Danny would be safe at the penthouse, so he walked over to the fireplace. A framed photograph of Jason, Sam, and Danny was perched on the mantel. Franco smiled as he told Danny that the picture had captured the last happy moment of Danny with his parents. Franco confessed that he wished that he could have frozen that moment in time to make it last forever.

Later, Sam burst through the front door as she called out to Franco. Franco, dressed in Jason's clothes, appeared at the top of the stairs. He assured Sam that Franco wasn't there as he descended the stairs. "It's just you and me," Franco told Sam when he joined her in the living room.

Friday, July 19, 2013

At the hospital, Monica caught Lesley trying to access patient records on the computer, so she demanded to know what Lesley was doing. Lesley glared at Monica and made a snide remark, prompting Monica to refer to Lesley as "Lester." Lesley tried a different tact by complimenting Monica, but Monica warned Lesley that flattery wouldn't get Lesley out of trouble. Lesley claimed that she had been checking her email, but Monica pointed out that Lesley hadn't been on staff at the hospital for two decades.

Frustrated, Lesley told Monica that Lesley had been asked to consult on the case, so Monica asked Lesley who Lesley was working with. Lesley wondered why it concerned Monica, so Monica informed Lesley that Monica was the chief of staff, and therefore it was Monica's responsibility to know what her doctors were doing. Lesley sniped that the only doctors that Monica cared about were the ones that Monica could trick into bed.

Monica rolled her eyes in exasperation as she reminded Lesley that it had been thirty years since "it" had happened. Lesley was curious which "it" Monica had been referring to. "When you cheated on Jeff? When you blackmailed me? When you had an affair with my husband?" Lesley asked. Monica wondered if they would ever get past all of that, so Lesley reminded Monica that Lesley had once vouched for Monica when Monica's job had been on the line and that Lesley had delivered Monica's son, A.J.

Monica wanted to know what was really going on, so Lesley told her about Laura's concerns regarding Luke. Everything fell into place for Monica when Lesley revealed that Tracy had been covering for Luke by claiming that the tests had been for Tracy. Monica agreed to let Lesley look at the files, but made it clear that Lesley had to be quick about it. Grateful, Lesley thanked Monica and then went to work on the computer.

At the Floating Rib, Michael ordered a drink as Felix walked in. Felix greeted Michael, but quickly realized that Michael had girl trouble when Michael asked for a double shot. Felix advised Michael to be careful, so Michael promised that he didn't intend to get drunk. Felix was relieved because Felix had heard from his spies at the hotel that Michael had ended up in a model's hotel suite the last time that Michael had gotten drunk.

Michael quickly clarified that he had never slept with Brenda. Michael explained that Brenda had wanted to hurt Carly by allowing Carly to think that Brenda had slept with Carly's son. Felix thought it had been cold of Brenda to do that because a sexual encounter between Michael and his stepmother would have been a step away from incest. "At least you're not blood relatives," Felix added.

Michael dropped his head on the table in shame, so Felix changed the subject by grumbling about Brad. Felix was shocked when Michael revealed that Brad had tried to blackmail Michael into sleeping with Brad. Felix warned Michael that Brad was relentless, but Michael assured Felix that the situation with Brad had been handled because Michael had overheard a revealing conversation between Brad and Dr. Westbourne.

Felix was eager to know what Michael had heard, so Michael explained that Brad and Britt had been conspiring against someone, but the details had been vague. However, Michael had heard enough to force Brad to back off. Felix was certain that Brad and Britt had been scheming against Patrick, but Felix was more concerned about how Brad had treated Michael.

Felix assured Michael that Brad did not represent the gay community as a whole. Felix promised that most gay men knew better than to lust after a straight man. Michael felt obligated to talk to Felix about Milo because Michael was aware of Felix's attraction to Milo. Michael admitted that he had known Milo for a long time, so Michael was certain that Milo was straight. Felix conceded that he had admired Milo, but Felix stressed that there was a vast difference between admiring someone and coercing them into having sex.

Felix insisted that Brad had crossed the line by trying to blackmail Michael into having sex with Brad. Felix apologized on behalf of the gay community and then offered to make things up to Michael. Michael appreciated Felix's offer, but Michael only wanted to get over a girl. Felix wondered who the young lady was, but Michael refused to tell him. However, Michael was curious if Felix had ever fallen for someone that he couldn't have.

"Hello, have we met?" Felix asked. Michael apologized, but Felix assured Michael that it hadn't been necessary. Felix shifted gears by introducing Michael to two young women who were friends of Felix's.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kiki entered the study from the patio. She was curious if A.J. knew where everyone was, but A.J. had no idea. A.J. noticed that Kiki appeared upset, so he offered to help. Kiki declined, but A.J. reminded her that they were family.

Kiki explained that she needed to apologize to Morgan, so A.J. advised her to check the boathouse. Kiki admitted that she had gone to the boathouse first, but Morgan hadn't been there. Kiki was desperate to find Morgan, but she had no idea where to start because she didn't know any of his friends in town. A.J. doubted that Morgan had any friends left, since Morgan had left town years before, so A.J. suggested that Kiki check with Sonny or Carly in case Morgan was with one of his parents.

Kiki muttered that she couldn't talk to Morgan with his parents around and started to leave. However, A.J. called out to her because he wanted to talk to her about Michael. Kiki was horrified when A.J. revealed that Michael had told him about the kiss. A.J. rushed to assure Kiki that he simply wanted to help, so he was curious to hear Kiki's side of things.

Kiki conceded that she hadn't liked Michael in the beginning, but things had changed when she had gotten to know Michael. She had realized that Michael was a protective and caring person, who was kind and listened without judging. A.J. believed that all of the difficulties that Michael had endured had made Michael an accepting and empathetic person.

Kiki assured A.J. that she had never meant for the kiss to happen, but it had ended when she and Michael had learned that they were cousins. A.J. gently suggested that it sounded as if things were still going on between Michael and Kiki. Kiki was adamant that she and Michael had agreed to stay away from each other, so she needed to find Morgan because Michael had told Morgan about the kiss.

Kiki was stunned when A.J. worried that Michael and Kiki's incestuous kiss would end up as tabloid fodder. A.J. explained that Michael had spent a year trying to save ELQ, so it would hit Michael hard if the stocks were to tank because of the scandal. Kiki assured A.J. that it wouldn't get to that because Morgan was the only person who knew about the kiss. A.J. was curious if Kiki cared about Morgan enough to try to salvage the relationship.

Kiki was offended by the question, so A.J. pointed out that Kiki wouldn't have been drawn to Michael if Morgan had truly been that important to her. Kiki assured A.J. that she cared about Morgan. A.J. conceded that she didn't have a future with Michael, but she could have one with Morgan. However, A.J. urged her to make certain that Morgan was who she wanted.

A.J. hoped that he hadn't overstepped, so Kiki admitted that he had given her something to think about. A.J. decided to leave while he was ahead.

At the penthouse, Sam was shocked when Franco descended the staircase and assured her that they were alone. Sam demanded to know where her son was and referred to Franco by name. Confused, Franco asked if she was okay. "It's me, Jason," Franco assured her, but Sam refused to play along. Franco decided to prove that he was Sam's husband by kissing her.

Sam struggled in Franco's unexpected embrace until she managed to shove him away and then followed it up with a punch. Sam's phone rang, but Sam ignored it as she threatened to call the police if Franco didn't reveal where Danny was. Franco assured her that Danny was asleep in his crib, so Sam tried to brush past him to fetch her son. Franco blocked her path because he feared that she was a danger to Danny. Frustrated, Sam fetched the gun from the lockbox in the closet, loaded it, and then aimed it at Franco.

Franco smiled knowingly because he was certain that Sam would never shoot her husband. "Watch me," Sam growled as she cocked the gun. Franco sprang into action and tried to wrench the gun away from Sam. Franco and Sam struggled over the gun until a shot rang out.

In a hospital room, Patrick told Elizabeth and Carly that Franco had a brain tumor that could cause delusions and schizophrenia. Carly refused to accept that Franco had a brain tumor because she was certain that it was merely another of Franco's games. Carly insisted that Franco enjoyed manipulating people, so she suggested that Franco had paid off a lab technician to plant the results of the scan. Patrick assured Carly that the scan was legitimate and accurate, but Carly maintained that Franco had found a way to trick everyone into believing that Franco had a tumor when in reality Franco was fine.

Carly turned to Elizabeth for help by reminding Elizabeth how Franco had managed to hack into the hospital's computer system when he had kidnapped Aiden. Patrick decided to run additional scans to confirm the diagnosis, but Carly thought it was pointless because Jason's tumor had never made Jason behave the way that Franco acted. Patrick explained that Franco's tumor had been growing for a long time, but Carly was adamant that Franco had faked the tumor. She decided to track Franco down to choke the truth out of him.

After Carly stormed off, Patrick warned Elizabeth that Franco's surgery would be a marathon procedure. Elizabeth assured Patrick that she would clear his schedule, but Patrick was frustrated because he had already missed Britt's birthing class and Emma's soccer game because of Franco. Elizabeth assured Patrick that there would be another soccer game and then added that Britt had invited Nikolas to attend the birthing class. Patrick confided that he hadn't realized that Nikolas and Britt knew each other, so Elizabeth explained that Britt had met Nikolas on the Fourth of July.

Patrick was certain that Nikolas would soon discover that Britt was trouble. Elizabeth feared that it would be too late, so she asked Patrick to talk to Nikolas. Patrick was reluctant to get involved, prompting him to suggest that Elizabeth talk to Nikolas. Elizabeth feared that Nikolas would think that she had an ulterior motive. She was also concerned about how A.J. would react. Patrick relented and promised to think about it, so Elizabeth thanked him.

At the elevator, Patrick revealed that he was off to find Franco to give Franco the bad news. Elizabeth thought that it was ironic that after all the "hell" that Franco had put Jason through, Franco had ended up with a tumor just like Jason's. Patrick confided that Franco would die if they didn't operate.

In Danny's hospital room, Silas asked a nurse where Danny was. The nurse explained that she had thought that Silas had taken the little boy for tests. Silas was stunned when the nurse told him about Danny's disappearance. Silas demanded to know where Sam was, so the nurse revealed that Sam had left because Sam had figured out where Danny might be. Silas quickly called Sam, but Sam didn't answer her phone.

Moments later, Carly barged into the room, looking for Sam. Carly revealed that she needed help finding Franco, so Silas was curious why Carly wanted to talk to Franco. Carly admitted that she thought that Franco was faking a brain tumor. Silas confessed that he had thought the same thing, prompting Carly to rant about Franco's manipulative ways. She conceded that even if Franco's brain tumor was real, Franco's act as Jason was not.

Silas decided to make some calls to find out where Franco was. He was surprised when he was told that Franco had disappeared. Silas suddenly realized that Franco might have taken Danny, so he turned to Carly for help. Silas explained that Sam had figured out where Franco had taken Danny, so he was curious if Carly knew where Franco, believing that he was Jason, might go. Carly suddenly had an idea, so she instructed Silas to follow her.

A short time later, Silas and Carly arrived at the penthouse. Silas became alarmed when he noticed that the front door was open. Silas and Carly carefully entered the penthouse and saw Sam sprawled out on the living room floor. Silas rushed to Sam's side to check on Sam.

Outside of Franco's hospital room, Morgan confronted Ava about the lie that she had told Silas. Morgan wanted to know why she had told Silas that Kiki was nineteen when Kiki was really twenty-one. Ava tried to claim that she had misspoken, but Morgan saw through the lie and demanded to know if Silas was Kiki's father. Ava evaded the question by explaining that her relationship with Silas had ended when Silas had made outrageous accusations just like Morgan had.

Morgan refused to let the matter drop, so Ava reminded him that it was a family matter. Morgan argued that Kiki was his girlfriend, so he had a right to know. Ava resented Morgan's attitude because she had gone above and beyond for Morgan when he had gotten into trouble with the online bookies. Ava confessed that she thought that Morgan was a sweet young man, but she was seeing a side of him that she did not find attractive. According to Ava, Morgan was woefully ignorant of the situation, so he would hurt Kiki if he spoke out of turn.

Morgan argued that Kiki had grown to care for Franco, so Kiki deserved to know if Franco wasn't Kiki's father. "Even if it pushes her into the arms of your brother?" Ava asked. Morgan assured her that he and Kiki were "solid," but Ava didn't believe him because she recalled a recent conversation with Morgan when he had expressed concerns about Michael and Kiki's relationship.

Morgan insisted that Kiki was with him, not Michael. Ava was curious if Kiki was with Morgan because she wanted Morgan or because Michael and Kiki were cousins. Ava warned Morgan that as long as Michael and Kiki believed that they were related then Morgan wouldn't lose Kiki. Morgan realized that his suspicions were correct; Silas was Kiki's father. Ava continued to use Morgan's insecurities to manipulate him into keeping quiet about Silas.

Morgan warned Ava that Silas would continue to dig, but Ava assured Morgan that she could handle Silas. After Morgan left, Ava pulled out a snapshot of her and Kiki. She looked at the picture and then unfolded a piece of paper that she had kept hidden in her wallet. It was Kiki's birth certificate; it listed Silas as Kiki's father.

Morgan returned to the Quartermaine mansion. Kiki insisted that she and Morgan needed to talk because she knew that Michael had told Morgan about the kiss. Morgan confessed that he didn't want to talk about Michael. Kiki was shocked when Morgan suddenly knelt down on one knee and proposed marriage to her.

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