One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 15, 2013 on OLTL

Matthew and Michelle made love. David moved out of La Boulaie. Viki decided to keep the money that Clint had given her. Todd and Blair kissed. Cutter and Natalie spent some time together.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 15, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, July 15, 2013

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Episode 39

The sun rose on a new day in Llanview. Jeffrey blended a drink as Matthew and Dani argued over the events of the previous evening. Matthew accused Dani of disappearing, but Dani declared that Matthew and Michelle had "ditched" her at the club. Matthew reminded Dani that she had wanted to tell him about being in Briana's hotel room, but Dani refused to discuss it.

As Matthew readied himself to spend the day with Michelle, Jeffrey suggested that Dani stay out of Matthew's business. Dani replied that she wasn't fond of Matthew dating a maid who had a habit of telling lies, and Jeffrey wondered if Dani wanted Matthew for herself. She quickly assured him that she and Matthew were best friends. Jeffrey suggested that she get dressed, as he had a plan for her to work off her angst.

Dorian poured water on David's head as he slept on the sofa at La Boulaie. "Forgive me, for crying out loud," he shouted as he jumped up and realized he was going to be late for a meeting. "What you did last night spoke volumes," Dorian yelled. "How long have you been boffing this bimbo?" she demanded to know.

David assured her that he hadn't slept with Rama, but he had no time to talk about it. He needed to get to a meeting about his reality show. He promised that the show wasn't more important than their marriage; however, he had waited a long time to meet with the particular producer.

"Maybe it stinks," Dorian said, referring to David's show. "You cut me. You cut me deep," David replied as he ran out of the house.

Todd sat in a chair in his room at the Palace Hotel and watched Blair sleeping on the sofa. She slowly awoke and glanced around. She jumped up in a panic, worried about the kids being alone. Todd assured her that he had arranged for extra security. Téa arrived and looked at the two, noting that she hadn't been able to get Blair on the phone.

Todd replied that Blair's phone had been off, and Téa sighed after hearing that Blair had spent the night. "Tell me you're not going there again," she admonished Blair. The trio argued over who should take care of business, but Todd declared loudly that he was capable of tattooing a dead body and tossing it into the river by himself.

Téa headed out the door, and Todd stopped Blair. He wanted to confirm that she had really enjoyed being with him. Blair assured him that it had been the furthest thing from her mind, but she wanted him to be careful. She noted that she couldn't parent alone, and Todd was sorry for how often she'd done just that. She leaned over to kiss him. "I'm counting on you," she said.

Angrily, Clint advised Viki that he was tired of looking like the bad guy, and he was finished with her. He added that he'd done nothing wrong, was tired of being judged, and had only tried to help her because he loved her. Viki replied that she viewed his monetary help as him trying to manipulate her.

Clint informed Viki that she made it impossible for a man to love her, and they didn't belong together if he couldn't help her. Perturbed, Viki retorted that she refused to allow herself to look like the guilty party. Clint announced that he was leaving. "I am done repenting," he declared.

Later, Nigel stopped by to say goodbye to Viki. They admitted that they would miss each other. Viki announced that she'd be leaving, also, as she was "close to broke" and had already taken out a second mortgage to save her paper. Nigel closed the door and apologized several times for overstepping his bounds, but he had some things to say.

Nigel noted that Clint was "richer than God," and he wondered why Viki couldn't accept Clint's help. Viki responded that she wasn't a charity, but Nigel insisted that it was proper in his country for the rich to take care of those who had less. He thought she owed it to her employees to get over her personal problems with Clint.

Needing to work off her frustration and anxiety, Téa chose to work out in fitness class. Natalie was already there, along with Rama and Nikki. Téa chatted with Dean, an acquaintance, prior to class. The others thought they'd seen him at the club, and Natalie thought that he might be a drug dealer. Jeffrey and Dani arrived to join in the class.

As the class progressed, Téa suddenly gasped and stayed down on the floor. She was having difficulty breathing. As there were shouts for medical help, Dean assisted her in calming down and breathing slowly. Téa had apparently had a panic attack. The ambulance was on the way, and Dani insisted that her mother go to the hospital.

The meeting between David and producer Michael Green was awkward. The man was nothing like David had expected, and he was rude and crude. "Okay, Dave, wow me," the man uttered. David mentioned his new assistant at Shelter excitedly. "You doing her?" Green asked. He was disappointed to hear that that wasn't the case.

As David continued to talk about his show, Green appeared to be sleeping. David woke him up. "Your show didn't pass the snooze test," Green announced. He told David that his ideas were both "flat and boring." A dejected David left the man's office.

David returned to La Boulaie and angrily shouted at Dorian. He informed her that the producer had fallen asleep, and David blamed it on his wife. He accused her of destroying him and sending him "out to the lions." He added that the kiss had only been something stupid, but she reminded him that it had been in public.

Dorian thought that her foolish husband had been living within his reality show instead of in actual reality. David retorted that he hated being Mr. Dorian Lord and accepting everything from her. He accused her of sabotaging him, and he added that she wouldn't even notice if he were gone.

Viki swallowed her pride and paid a visit to Clint's office. She agreed that he had been correct in stating that she had difficulty accepting help. She would keep his money because her paper needed it.

"Remind me to give you a raise," Clint told Nigel after Viki left. Nigel wished that Viki would take Clint back, too, but Clint didn't foresee that happening.

While working at the Palace, Michelle left a message for Matthew and told him she'd be finished shortly; she had one last room to look after. Knocking on the door, she entered with towels and found Matthew instead. The room was strewn with rose petals. He informed her that he had booked the room for the two of them.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. Each week's new episodes are made available on Mondays. In an effort to keep the recaps as consistent as possible, we will continue to post the recaps under Tuesday and Thursday, as they had originally been posted.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dani rummaged through every cabinet in the kitchen, looking for the salt. When Jeffrey got sick of her slamming every door, he picked up the salt from the counter and handed it to her. Sensing why she was really upset, he assured her that Téa had only had a panic attack and that she would be fine. Dani changed the subject by asking for limes. Jeffrey offered to go out and get some, but Dani replied that she really only needed the tequila.

When Dani went off to her room to get her bottle of tequila, there was a knock on the door. "Thank God," Jeffrey said when he opened the door to Destiny. He informed her that Dani was "in a mood" and that he couldn't deal with it. Dani returned with an empty tequila bottle. Jeffrey suggested that they listen to Nora's radio show. Dani refused because she was angry at Nora's son.

Jeffrey got Destiny up to speed and told her that Dani didn't like the girl Matthew was dating. Dani countered that Michelle was a liar and that Matthew making a huge mistake by falling for it. Getting angry, Destiny wondered if Dani was angry just because she was losing her "workout buddy," because Matthew had been out running with Dani when he was supposed to have been watching Drew. Dani replied that it had been a "one-time thing." Destiny demanded to know if Dani had slept with Matthew.

Dani insisted that she hadn't, but Destiny didn't believe her. She believed that Dani had seen her chance to "move in" on Matthew and that Dani probably "pranced around naked." They screamed at each other about what had and hadn't happened between Dani and Matthew. Destiny still didn't understand why Dani was so angry about Michelle and Matthew until Dani finally screamed out, "Because I'm so lonely I could kill myself!"

As a stunned Jeffrey watched, Dani sat down on the couch, crying with her head in her hands. Destiny hugged Dani and told her not to say anything like that ever again. The two apologized to each other. Dani swore that nothing had happened between her and Matthew, and Destiny believed her. Destiny promised that she hadn't meant anything she'd said, and the two held on to each other.

"Honey, I'm home," Bo called out to Nora when he walked into their apartment. He'd had a rough day, so Nora gave him a backrub and offered him food. He pulled her onto his lap and told her that he didn't want anything but her.

Nora turned on some music and told Bo that she was about to start the "Woodstock Tribute" episode of her radio show. Bo wanted to be her special guest, but Nora didn't think it was a good idea. They reminisced about their experiences at Woodstock and about how a very young Nora had ended up in one of Bo's pictures from the festival. He asked again if he could be on the show. "Absolutely not," she responded.

As a lava lamp flowed next to Nora's computer, she started her show. She answered her first call and recognized Bo's voice. She announced that, before the caller shared his memories of Woodstock, she would play a song. After she turned the song on, she looked around the apartment for Bo. He entered the living room and asked if he was still on the air. He ran back into their bedroom and closed the door as Nora pounded on the door saying that she was going to "throttle" Bo.

Later, the radio show over for the night, Nora thought it was time for them to turn in. Bo wanted her to play one more song, so she turned one on. The two happily danced to it.

"I hope you have change for a fifty," Natalie said, thinking it was the pizza deliveryman at her door. Seeing that it was Cutter, she immediately closed the door and told him that she was a mess. She cleaned up the living room a little bit and let her hair down. She reopened the door and invited Cutter in. She remarked that a phone call would have been nice, but he liked to be spontaneous.

A short while later, Natalie and Cutter shared the pizza she'd ordered. While eating, she revealed that she had a test for him. "What comes after dinner?" she asked him. "Dessert," he responded, and then changed his answer to "cleaning dishes." "That's not what I had in mind," Natalie replied and kissed him. "I like this test," he added. The two ended up on the floor, and Natalie began to undress Cutter.

Michelle couldn't believe that she and Matthew had finished an entire bottle of champagne. Matthew related that he wanted their "first time" to be special. "What's a guy gotta do to get lucky?" he joked. Michelle accused him of being sweet only to "get in my pants." He swore that he'd really only wanted some alone time with her to get to know her better.

Matthew continued that their first time didn't have to be right then and there. Michelle revealed that it would be her first time: "I'm a virgin." She thought that he would "run for the hills" like every other guy had once they'd found out. Matthew promised not to make Michelle do anything she didn't want to, and that they could take it slowly. "Let's not," she responded suddenly, and he kissed her. They began to undress each other.

Later, Matthew and Michelle lay in bed, remarking on how "incredible" their first time had been. "I can't believe I finally found you," Michelle told him. She continued that there were a lot of jerks in the world. Matthew joked that a lot of girls put him on that list. Michelle called those girls idiots but called their loss her gain and kissed Matthew.

Later, Matthew was asleep, and a smiling Michelle watched him.

David, overnight bag in hand, walked toward the front door. Dorian wondered what he was doing. He replied that he was moving out of the house because it was what Dorian wanted. She didn't want him to leave. Instead, she wanted an apology and wanted him to swear that he would never kiss anyone else ever again. "Then you'll forgive me?" he asked. Dorian responded that she wouldn't forgive him and asked what he was willing to do to save their marriage.

David's ringing phone interrupted his conversation with Dorian. A man from the network office told David that he was to meet someone named Joe Sullivan at Shelter. After giving the man a hard time, David agreed and hung up. "There's been a change of plans. I gotta go," David said and left the house.

A short while later, David arrived at Shelter. Rama asked him how his meeting with the network had gone. "My show is as dead as my marriage," he answered. Rama told him not to give up on either one. He told her that he was supposed to meet someone from the network, and Rama asked what he looked like. David assumed the man would have lots of hair product, jewelry, and a spray tan. "You would be right," a woman said as she walked up to David.

The woman, Jo Sullivan, wanted to catch David before he took his show elsewhere. She revealed that Michael, the man David had pitched his show to, no longer worked for the network. She told him that her lawyers would drop off a contract, but she wanted to start working with him immediately. David got down on one knee, kissed the woman's hand, and said, "You just turned the worst day of my life into the best day of all time." "I get that a lot," she said and walked away.

A short while later, David returned to La Boulaie. He grabbed his suitcase, and informed Dorian that he'd gotten a suite at the Palace Hotel. He would return the next day for the rest of his things. Dorian replied that she'd known David would eventually leave her for a younger woman. "You looked at her the way you used to look at me," she said. "She looked at me the way you used to look at me," David shot back.

David thought that he and Dorian needed time apart, but Dorian maintained that she didn't believe in that. She thought that, if David wanted to save their marriage, he would stay and fight. She called him a quitter. He wanted to focus his energy on his show, since the network had picked it up. "I hope it's everything you want," Dorian said, and David left.

Blair waited for Todd outside of his hotel room. Drenched, he stormed down the hall and opened his door. He poured himself a drink. Blair saw that he was shivering. She attempted to help him take off his wet clothes so that he could dry off and warm up. They got closer and shared a kiss. They began to undress each other.

Friday, July 19, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. Each week's new episodes are made available on Mondays. In an effort to keep the recaps as consistent as possible, we will continue to post the recaps under Tuesday and Thursday, as they had originally been posted.

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