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Phyllis overheard Sharon admit that she had changed the DNA test results. Victoria threatened to spill the truth about Chelsea's baby. Chelsea paid off Jeffrey. Carmine posted the sex video online. Michael threatened Carmine at gunpoint.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 15, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, July 15, 2013

At the hospital, Gloria was livid when she learned that Fen had been hospitalized for a drug overdose. Both mother and grandmother had tears in their eyes as they sadly recalled that Fen's happy-go-lucky childhood years had slipped away so quickly. Gloria blamed Lauren for getting involved with a "lowlife who sometimes kidnapped people as a hobby." Lauren said she didn't want to discuss Carmine. Gloria reminded Lauren that Michael worshipped the ground Lauren walked on. Gloria said that when she claimed that Lauren was to blame, Michael had insisted that both he and Lauren were to blame for the breakup of their marriage.

Gloria insisted that no matter what Michael had said, Lauren was solely responsible for Fen's drug overdose. Lauren agreed that her reckless behavior was to blame. Lauren slumped onto Fen's empty bed and said that she and Michael had reconciled and hoped to work on their relationship with their son. Gloria didn't know that the couple had reconciled until that moment. Changing her tune, Gloria joyously said, "Good! I always knew you'd get back together."

Lauren told Gloria that she had been shocked when she learned that Carmine had tried to hurt her and Michael by using their son. Lauren cried that Fen could have died because Carmine had sold him drugs. Gloria said that she could phone Angelo and have him "fix the situation." Lauren said she'd rather pass on the "Tony Soprano route." Gloria urged Lauren to ensure that Carmine not continue to be a problem because guys like him never went to prison.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Avery's mind was occupied with Nick. Leslie discussed what she felt was a false accusation from Fen claiming that Carmine had supplied him with drugs. Avery asked Leslie if she believed Carmine's claim of innocence. Leslie said she did. She added that Fen had justified the matter because he felt he was doing the right thing. Avery replied, "Mitigating circumstances. Those can be tricky." Leslie said, "Are we still talking about my case?"

Avery noted that she'd been reminded how important it was to consider all the facts before proceeding. Leslie encouraged Avery to discuss her concerns. Avery explained that Nick had done something long before that would affect a number of people. She added, "I'm having a tough time justifying what he did." Leslie reminded Avery to use her heart instead of her analytical mind to determine how to proceed.

At the police station, Michael strongly urged Paul to press charges against Carmine for supplying Fen with drugs, which, Michael added, had led to severe medical complications. Paul reminded Michael that Christine couldn't press charges against Carmine Basco until she obtained more information about the case. Michael cried, "Carmine Basco has done everything possible to hurt me and my family. I want him punished!" An officer escorted Carmine into the booking area just as Michael concluded his mandate.

Handcuffed and grinning mockingly, Carmine replied, "Whether I'm guilty or not?" Michael turned to face Carmine and told him he was guilty. Carmine said, "Of taking care of your wife when you couldn't?" Michael barreled toward Carmine, but Paul quickly grabbed his friend and held him in place. Michael accused Carmine of stalking, calling, and exchanging text messages with Fen in order to get closer to Lauren. Carmine insisted that he'd just been Fen's good friend. Michael pointed his finger at Carmine and yelled, "Carmine Basco is nothing!"

Carmine taunted Michael by claiming he loved Geneva Pines because the whole place smelled like yummy, fresh strawberries. Michael again pointed his finger at Carmine and yelled, "I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you!" Paul pushed Michael against the wall and warned, "You can't say that. Stop it! You're going to be the one who ends up in jail." The police officer whisked Carmine to the far side of the room and made him sit. Carmine smiled at Michael. Michael warned that Carmine might not be smiling after he was convicted and faced twelve or so years in prison.

Leslie arrived and noted that Carmine should be released immediately. Michael and Leslie engaged in a shouting match. Michael mentioned Carmine's attempted kidnapping of his sister-in-law. Leslie shouted back that it wasn't relevant. Leslie noted that after Fen tried to purchase drugs from Carmine, Carmine had attempted to warn the Baldwins. Michael, citing the reason the call had been ignored, yelled, "He was harassing my wife!" Leslie added that when Carmine had found Fen after he'd overdosed, Carmine had again phoned the Baldwins and summoned an ambulance. Leslie, further defending her client, said, "If he really wanted to hurt the boy, why would he do that?"

Leslie gave Paul a log of Carmine's calls. She also noted that a witness had seen Fen ask Carmine for drugs and later walk away disappointed. Paul released Carmine. Paul strongly warned Carmine to stay away from the Baldwins. Carmine looked at Michael and said, "Tell your family I said, 'Hi.'" After Carmine left, Michael grunted and pushed stacks of file folders off the top of a desk. Michael glared at Paul.

Michael went to the hospital and joined Lauren in Fen's empty room. Michael told Lauren that Paul had released Carmine. Lauren looked shocked. Michael explained that Leslie had shown Paul a log of the calls Carmine had made to them and to summon help for Fen. Lauren said she was the reason Fen was in the hospital. Michael replied, "Carmine Basco is one-hundred percent responsible for Fen taking drugs. I'm going to make sure he never hurts our family ever again."

After Carmine was released from custody, he went to the coffeehouse. He sat alone at a table on the patio. Carmine gazed luridly at the screen on his laptop as he watched videos of himself and Lauren making love. Carmine puffed out his chest and swung his coffee mug like it was a beer stein as he reveled about his prowess in bed. Carmine ogled the video with pleasure as he watched himself kiss Lauren and pull the strap of her negligee off her shoulder.

At the tack house, Sharon played with Faith and tried to cheer the child. Sharon noted that Faith was feeling sad because her family couldn't all live together. Faith nodded in agreement. Sharon advised her child not to worry because everything would work out. Sharon added, "What Daddy needs right now is for us to make him smile and let him know that nobody loves him as much as we do."

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Courtney tried to console Summer, whose eyes were red from crying. Courtney thought that Kyle had hurt her friend's feelings, but Summer explained that Nick had done something to hurt her. Before Summer could elaborate, Sharon and Faith arrived. Faith rushed to meet Summer, extended her arm, and said, "Look! I'm wearing my 'magic sister' bracelet."

Summer stifled her tears and forced a smile. She told Faith that they'd always be sisters. When Faith asked why Summer was crying, Summer said she was crying happy tears. Summer claimed she had the best family in the world and was grateful that no one could take them away from her. Sharon seemed uneasy and quickly looked away.

In the main dining area of the coffeehouse, Sharon sent Faith to the counter to buy a cookie. Phyllis arrived. Sharon said, "Nick told me what was going on. He's really upset." Phyllis noted that Nick had wrecked a dozen lives. Phyllis said she needed to get a hold of her daughter and walked away. Sharon seemed edgy.

Phyllis stepped out to the patio, dialed Summer's number, and left a message. Phyllis pleaded with her daughter to call her back. Phyllis clutched her phone to her chest and said aloud to herself, "Please be okay." Sharon approached Phyllis and said that Noah and Faith needed to be told. Phyllis said that Noah would handle it fine. Sharon said that she and Nick would together break the news to Faith.

Faith, holding a bag of cookies, raced to her mother. Faith shook the bag and said, "I got one for Daddy, since you said we're going to be a family now." Sharon quickly added, "Sweetie, I said that you, Daddy, and I would always be a family even though we don't live together." Sharon looked at Phyllis and noted that kids drew their own conclusions. Phyllis rolled her eyes at Sharon, who seemed uncomfortable.

Nick stopped by Jack's house to talk. Nick said he was sorry, but Jack punched him in the face. Jack asked Nick if he'd thought about how much he'd hurt Summer, Phyllis, Noah, Sharon, and Kyle. Nick explained that he hadn't meant to hurt anyone. He added, "I did it to take away my pain and fill the hole left inside." Jack replied, "You owed it to all of us to find out the truth."

Nick said that he'd seen so much of himself while observing Summer. He said that Summer rested her finger aside her nose like he did. Though Summer was right-handed, Nick pointed out, she relied on her left side to swing a bat and kick a ball like he did. Jack cried that he'd missed many significant milestones during Summer's childhood. Jack said he hoped he might be able to help Summer through college, walk her down the aisle, and revel in her children. Jack walked closer to Nick. Jack leaned close to Nick's face and said, "You stole her past; her future is mine." Nick, emotionally fragile, explained that he'd tried his hardest to be a good dad to Summer and didn't regret a single moment she'd been in his life. Jack replied, "I regret all of them."

After Nick left, Jack dialed Kyle's number and left a message begging his son to call him back. Jack lifted a bottle of scotch, removed the lid, and contemplated pouring it into a glass. Instead, Jack replaced the lid and set down the bottle. Jack heard the front door opening and spotted Summer walking inside. Tears streamed down Summer's face. She and Jack interacted awkwardly. Jack told Summer to take her time. Summer said she didn't know how she felt.

Summer said she recalled the story of Jack delivering her in an elevator and said that it had taken on a new meaning. Tears welled in Jack's eyes as he stepped toward Summer. He said, "You were always easy to love, even back then. If you'll let me, I'd like to get to know you as my daughter." Summer, sobbing, told Jack that she liked him and that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her mom.

Summer broke down after she told Jack that Kyle knew he was her brother. She mentioned Noah and Faith and said she still had love for them but didn't know what to do with it. Jack tenderly wiped away Summer's tears and said that the love she felt for her family wouldn't change. Summer said she didn't know what to think anymore. Jack noted that certain facts had changed but that Summer and Nick's feelings hadn't. Jack embraced Summer and held her tightly. Phyllis arrived and seemed relieved when she saw her daughter.

Avery stopped by the tack house and called out to Nick, but he wasn't home. Avery glanced at a photo of Nick and Summer nestled close together and smiling. Avery walked to the kitchen and lifted the teakettle. She spotted a note from Sharon on the counter. Sharon had written that she was glad she'd been present for Nick to lean on and that she understood why he'd done what he had. Sharon claimed that she, more than anyone, knew what he was going through. Sharon added that Nick should feel free to call her any time.

Avery was sipping a cup of tea when Nick arrived. Avery showed Nick the note that Sharon had left, and he explained that he'd told Sharon everything. Nick added that Sharon had been very understanding and supportive. Avery turned away, but Nick followed her and said, "It's not Sharon's support I'm looking for, though. I need you, Avery."

Nick told Avery that he had always known in his heart that Summer was his and had he doubted it, he would have ordered a second test. Avery admitted that not ordering the test had hurt many people and that she was having a hard time reconciling Nick's actions with the man she knew and loved. Avery promised to help Nick because she loved him. Nick said, "You have no idea how much I needed to hear you say that, and I don't want anything to ever tear us apart again."

After Sharon went home, she stared at a photo of young Cassie propped on the mantle. Cassie's ghost appeared and said, "You look sad." Sharon said she hated seeing Nick in so much pain. Cassie replied, "He's losing his daughter." Sharon recalled the pain of losing Cassie and said she'd been unable to help herself, let alone Nick. Sharon added that no one knew Nick's sorrow better than she did and that she could help him if he'd let her. Cassie replied, "And if he doesn't?" Sharon said, "Then this will all have been for nothing."

Cassie asked Sharon if she was having second thoughts about what she'd done. Sharon said that it wouldn't matter because it was done. Sharon turned and walked the other way, but Cassie reappeared on the other side of the room. Cassie told Sharon that she could tell Nick the truth. Sharon replied, "He would never understand why I did it. You do, don't you?"

Sharon recalled the day she'd met with Dr. Watkins at the hospital, just after Adam had dumped her like she was a piece of trash. Sharon added that it had also been the anniversary of Cassie's death. Cassie reminded Sharon that she'd overheard Nick express his concern that Summer might not be his daughter.

In a flashback, Sharon recalled overhearing a lab technician phone Nick and report that the results were ready. Sharon said she recalled how happy her family had once been and just hadn't been thinking clearly when she entered the lab and changed the results. Sharon said she'd wanted to end her pain and feel love again. Cassie warned, "As long as no one finds out the truth." Sharon said she had to find a way to win Nick back, so no one could ever know that Nick was really Summer's father.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Jeffrey read a newspaper article about Adam, and he gasped in amazement at Adam's net worth. Jeffrey told himself that he couldn't let Chelsea pick the pauper instead of the prince. He pocketed a tip on a nearby table on his way out.

Chelsea woke up at the loft, and she saw Dylan standing across the room. She startled him when she touched his shoulder, and he asked if she'd slept okay. She assumed that he had been thinking about Afghanistan and Aura, and she apologized for pushing him to talk. Dylan pointed out that not talking hadn't helped, and Chelsea deserved to know exactly who the father of her child was. Chelsea remarked that maybe they'd have a little girl like Aura, and Dylan promised to protect the child with everything in him.

Dylan rubbed Chelsea's back, and she mentioned a particular sandwich at Crimson Lights. He headed out to get her one, and she started to sketch, but there was a knock at the door. She answered it to Jeffrey, who he said that he was there to save her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Jeffrey barged in, and Chelsea griped that she hadn't invited him, but he declared that they both knew that she was carrying Adam's kid. She claimed that he didn't know what he was talking about, and she asked if he and Anita had cooked something up.

Chelsea surmised that Jeffrey was going after Adam's money, but she refused to allow Jeffrey to use her to do it. Jeffrey said that it would take a miracle to turn the loft into anything other than a dump, and Dylan didn't have the cash. Chelsea defended that she had her own money, and she didn't need anyone to save her. Jeffrey asked who would save Adam, but Chelsea snapped that Adam wasn't her problem, and Dylan made her a better woman. Jeffrey retorted that she was still lying about the baby being Dylan's, and a man had a right to the truth. Chelsea suspected that Jeffrey wanted a payoff to keep his mouth shut.

At Crimson Lights, Avery asked Summer how she was doing, and Summer realized that Avery knew the truth. Avery explained that she'd only known that Nick had been hurting, but she had just found out the rest. Summer refused to have any sympathy for Nick, but Avery said that Summer loved him, and she hoped that Summer could forgive him. Summer tearfully declared that she'd been "punked" her whole life, but Avery contended that Summer had shared a wonderful life with a wonderful dad. Summer stated that Nick wasn't her dad, and she maintained that what he'd done had been awful. Avery agreed, and Summer couldn't fathom that Avery would be able to forgive him, either.

Avery said that the point was that she wanted to be there for Summer. Summer lamented that it was impossible to make things all right, and Avery agreed that Summer had a lot to be upset about. Avery said that she'd known something had been wrong, but Nick had been unwilling to tell her what it was. Summer asked if Avery had forgiven him, and Avery replied that she'd told Nick that they'd get through it. Summer wished that she could drink a magic potion and forget everything as if it had been a bad dream.

Avery advised Summer to pretend that it had just been a nightmare. Avery contended that Nick was the same loving man Summer had known, and he was still her father. Summer said that she couldn't pretend, because everyone knew the truth, and it wouldn't be fair to Jack. Summer said that Nick and Avery didn't have to be in a bad place, because Avery made him happy. Summer thought that Avery and Nick were good together, and she advised Avery not to give it up. Summer left, and Dylan approached and asked if Avery was okay.

Avery explained that some things had happened, but she and Nick were fine. Dylan understood that it might be strange for her to talk to Dylan, but he reminded her that they were friends. He urged her to talk to him, and she confided that Nick had kept a secret from her and a lot of other people for a long time. She added that she hadn't been able to get past it at first, and she'd eventually accepted it, but her voice trailed off. Dylan wondered if Avery really couldn't get past it, and Avery said that she considered herself to be honest, but she didn't understand why she got into relationships based on lies.

Dylan assured Avery that she was as honest as anyone, but she pointed out that she hadn't been honest with her husband. Dylan encouraged her not to beat herself up, because everyone had secrets. Dylan reminded Avery that he hadn't informed her that he was alive, but they had become friends. Dylan understood why Avery would question whether she really knew Nick after Nick had kept something from her, but Dylan thought that she knew whether or not she could handle it. Dylan asked if the lie had been so terrible that she couldn't forgive Nick.

Chelsea handed Jeffrey a check, and she said that being broke had caused him to make up crazy stories about her baby, but she hoped that the money would make him return to his senses. He called it a warm and loving gesture, and she warned him to stay away from Adam for good. Dylan entered and asked if there was a problem, and Jeffrey replied that he had just been making sure that there were no hard feelings. Jeffrey kissed Chelsea's cheek and wished her a good night, and he departed.

Chelsea dug into her sandwich, but Dylan asked why Chelsea had told Jeffrey to stay away from Adam. Chelsea claimed that Jeffrey was in love with Adam's bank account, and Jeffrey thought that he deserved a settlement like Chelsea had received in the divorce. Chelsea told Dylan to get used to her father's behavior, because she was surprised Jeffrey hadn't asked for a cut of her sandwich. Dylan mentioned that he'd gotten another one for later, and she called him the best.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Phyllis that he couldn't exactly hand out cigars. Phyllis said that Summer appreciated his restraint, but she was worried about both Summer and Nick. Jack was perturbed that Phyllis' mind was on Nick, but Phyllis clarified that her thoughts were with Nick's victims. Phyllis asserted that Nick had caused their pain, but Nick hadn't enjoyed doing so. Jack sarcastically stated that his heart bled for Nick, and he contended that Nick had had his chance when he'd received the inconclusive tests, but Nick had only wanted the truth if it served him.

Jack ranted that Nick had lied to the whole world, and they were all paying for it. Phyllis argued that Nick loved Summer, and Jack said that he would have loved Summer, too. Jack continued that he had loved Phyllis when she'd gotten pregnant, but he had thought that it had been Nick's baby, and the news had destroyed Jack and Phyllis' chance of reconciliation. Jack recalled that he had been there when Summer had taken her first breath, but then Phyllis and Nick had taken her home. Jack snarled that Nick had taken Jack's daughter and the family Jack should have had.

Phyllis said that neither she nor Jack could live with "what ifs," and she noted that they were still both there, even after everything they'd been through. Jack confessed that it still stung that she hadn't told him right away, and she recalled that Traci had said that Phyllis would hurt him, and Phyllis wished that Traci hadn't been right. Jack promised that he'd get over it, but he needed to go slowly, and Phyllis joked that she was famous for her patience. Jack smiled, and Phyllis stated that if they were going in the right direction, they could handle anything.

Summer went to the Abbott mansion, and she looked at photos of the Abbott family on the mantel. Kyle offered to help fill in the names, and she confided that she didn't know what to do or how to feel. Kyle agreed that everything had been turned upside down since he'd woken up that morning. Summer said that she'd told Avery that she wished could wake up from a bad dream, and Kyle compared it to how he'd felt after his mom had died. He found it hard to grasp that he and Summer had the same father, and Summer hated feeling uncomfortable being near Kyle.

Jack entered and asked if he could do anything, but Summer said that she just wanted to pick up some stuff and go to Phyllis' place. Jack offered to pack some things for her, but she preferred to do it herself, and she went upstairs. Jack asked how Kyle was holding up, and Jack regretted not being the one to tell Kyle. Kyle griped that Nick had put all of them in an awkward position, but he could handle it. Jack remarked that it was a lot to process, and Kyle expressed concern about Summer. Summer listened from the stairway.

Later, Phyllis burst into the mansion, worried because Summer hadn't been answering her phone. Jack reported that Summer was there, and Summer descended the stairs. Phyllis suggested that the three of them talk, and Jack agreed, if it was okay with Summer. Summer said that she had spoken with Jack already, and she wanted to go home. Summer apologetically requested that they not ask anything else from her. Summer returned to the penthouse, where she sat in the dark and cried.

Phyllis hoped that Jack's feelings weren't hurt, and he said that it wasn't important, but Phyllis disagreed, because they'd made Summer together. Phyllis thought that the three of them had to work things out, but Jack didn't think that Summer was ready, and he asked whether Phyllis was. Phyllis admitted that it was still tough for her to process, and her first instinct had been to simply push through it, but she had realized that she had to take a step back.

Jack said that he needed Phyllis, and she pledged to be by his side every step of way, not because of the pills, but because she needed him, too. He proclaimed that she had him, and they kissed. Phyllis pulled away when things became more passionate, and she asked for his forgiveness. Jack swore that there was nothing to forgive, because Nick had betrayed them both. Phyllis and Jack agreed to get through it together, and they kissed and hugged.

Sharon slept on the couch, and she dreamed of reading to Faith about the king and queen. Nick called their family the best in the world. Sharon and Nick kissed, and Faith happily clapped. Faith asked if both Sharon and Nick would be there when she woke up, and Nick promised that it would be that way every day. Sharon marveled that it was the way things were supposed to be, and Nick said that it felt like their time apart had been erased. He added that it was like they'd never really been apart, because Sharon was his life, and he'd always known that they'd find their road back to one another.

Sharon awakened when Faith joined her on the couch, and Sharon asked if Faith had dreamed about monsters. Sharon suggested that they sit in bed together for a while, but Faith asked for her daddy. Sharon inquired whether only Nick could scare the monsters away.

Nick went to leave the tack house, but he found Kyle at the door. "How the hell can you live with yourself?" Kyle growled. Nick understood that Kyle was angry and hurt, and Nick called himself a jerk. Nick urged Kyle to go home and make sure that Jack was all right, and Kyle scoffed at the idea that Nick cared about Jack's feelings. Nick swore that he hadn't meant for Summer to get hurt, and he vowed to help her through it.

Nick asked if Kyle had seen Summer, and Kyle said that she was torn up, like the rest of the people Nick had lied to. Nick explained that he'd known in his gut that Summer had been his after he'd lost Cassie. Kyle believed that Nick's actions had been greedy, because Nick had taken what he'd wanted without giving a thought to everyone else. Nick wondered if Kyle had ever loved someone enough to do anything to keep that person in his life, though he admitted that it had been a horrible mistake.

Nick asserted that he'd wanted to protect Summer and watch her grow up, and he'd done a good job. Nick knew that he had been selfish, but he would always love and take care of Summer. Kyle asked if Nick intended to stalk her and force her to be his little girl, and Nick ordered Kyle to stop talking about Nick's daughter like that, but he was glad that Summer had Kyle, because she needed friends. Kyle countered that he was her brother and part of her real family. Nick realized that Summer needed time to deal with having two families, but he believed that she had room in her heart for everyone.

At the Underground, Nick asked Noah for the receipts, and Noah suggested that they do more promotional things to draw people in. Nick seemed distracted, and Noah wondered what was going on. Nick revealed that he'd messed up badly, and he didn't know if he could fix it. Noah was shocked when Nick apprised him of the initial tainted paternity test. Nick contended that he'd known in his heart that he was Summer's father, but Noah asked what the new test had said, and Nick disclosed that it had confirmed that he wasn't Summer's father.

Noah chided Nick for telling him to be honest, when Nick had lied about something so huge. Nick said that it still felt like Summer was his daughter, but Noah flatly stated that she wasn't. Noah continued that Summer was Jack's daughter, and she wasn't Noah's sister. Noah worried about Faith, and he wondered if Nick had ever considered anyone but himself. Nick admitted that he hadn't, and Noah spat that he couldn't even look at Nick. Nick realized that Noah might shut him out, but he hoped that Noah would be there for Summer. Noah told him to get out.

Later, Kyle ordered some tequila at Underground, and Noah assumed that Kyle knew about Summer's paternity. Noah told Kyle that he had asked Nick to leave, because Noah couldn't stand to be in the same room with Nick. Kyle ranted about Nick's despicable actions, but Noah warned him not to talk about his father like that, because Nick was still Noah's family. Kyle questioned how Noah felt about Summer, and Noah vowed to always have Summer's back, because she was his sister. Noah realized that she was Kyle's sister, too, and Noah poured Kyle another drink.

Nick arrived at Sharon's house and comforted Faith. Sharon said that Faith wanted to sleep at his house, but Nick said that his powers worked at Sharon's house, too. Sharon added that she'd had nice dreams while she had dozed on the couch, but it was fine if Faith preferred to spend the night at Nick's. Sharon wondered if Nick had other plans, but Nick said that there was nothing he'd like more than having Faith with him. Sharon reiterated that she was there for him, too, and he kissed her cheek and left with Faith.

Nick returned to the tack house with Faith, and he found Avery there. He set a sleepy Faith on the couch, and he explained that he'd slain the monsters in Faith's nightmare. Avery commended him for always protecting both of his girls. She hugged him, while Sharon peered in at them through the window.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At On The Boulevard, Carmine looked at a video on his phone and hit "send." Billy took a folded piece of paper from a gambling type as Chloe observed.

Michael and Lauren escorted Fen home from the hospital. Lauren assured Fen that a therapist was on the way over to help get to the root of Fen's problem with drugs. Fen said that he did not need a therapist; he just needed for Carmine to be in jail. Fen was very unhappy to learn that, to lock Carmine up, the police needed more evidence than just Fen's word. The family discussion was interrupted when Fen received the video of Lauren and Carmine that had been sent from Carmine's phone.

Fen was devastated and went to his room. Lauren was incredulous and begged Michael to stop watching. Michael wanted to know why Lauren had made the video. Lauren assured Michael that it had been made without her knowledge or consent. Michael said that they were just finding out how low Carmine would go. Lauren said that she was very sorry for how the video was causing Fen and Michael to suffer.

Lauren said that she did not know how much more Fen could take, and then cried out when she realized that the video had been posted on the GC Buzz website. Lauren was heartbroken when she thought about the repercussions of such a posting. Michael was beyond furious as he rushed out of their home. Phyllis arrived as Lauren was about to follow Michael.

Phyllis stopped Lauren and got the story from her. Phyllis wanted to know why Carmine was not locked up. Lauren cited lack of evidence and vowed that Carmine had to stop going after Fen. Lauren was adamant that she "wanted the bastard dead." Phyllis left without telling about Summer's parentage.

Lauren called out to Fen and told him that she was leaving for a few minutes. Lauren said that Michael was out trying to stop the video. Fen said it was too late because he was getting texts from his friends that contained salacious remarks about Lauren. Lauren was distraught and apologized to Fen who stomped off to his room. Lauren phoned Michael but had to leave a third message begging Michael to get in touch and asking why the video was still up.

Chloe confronted Billy about the gambler type and was chagrinned to find out that the man was Billy's Gamblers Anonymous sponsor. Chloe was relieved because she had feared that kissing Billy had caused him to swerve from his intention to kick the gambling habit. Billy said that he had not given the kiss a second thought and he had to get back to work, but Chloe was not satisfied that the issue of the kiss was settled.

Billy said that Chloe was overthinking and that he was not "weirded" out, as Chloe had assumed. Chloe said that was good because she had only been trying to tell Billy that she believed in him and knew that underneath it all, he was a good person. Chloe said that her lips had gotten carried away. Chloe said that since her breakup with Kevin, her head had been all over the place, but she did not want to get back with Billy. Billy jokingly said that he was sad to find out that she was not irresistible. Chloe said that her offer to attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings with him still stood.

Billy thanked Chloe for her offer, but said that if he were going to win his wife back, he had to do the 12-step program by himself. Billy said that Victoria had given up Newman for him, and there was a big hole in her that he needed to fill.

At another table, Michael met with the editor, Buzz, of the GC Buzz. At first Michael was very polite when he asked Buzz to remove the video of Carmine and Lauren from the website. The editor refused, and as Michael increased his threat level, the editor increased his resistance. When Michael demanded that Buzz remove the smut, Buzz replied that the smut would stay until Michael got an injunction.

Michael sputtered another threat, but the editor was smug as he told Michael to bring it on. Buzz left the table, but a gloating Carmine walked over and asked if Michael had seen any good videos lately. Michael was livid. Chloe noticed, disparaged Carmine, and told Billy that he needed to intervene. Billy did. Carmine said that everything was okay and that he had just been doing his job.

Carmine said that he never forced anything on anyone and that he just gave people what they wanted. Michael jumped up in a threatening manner, but Billy got between them. Michael walked out of the restaurant. Carmine went back to work, and Chloe and Billy returned to their conversation about what he could do for Victoria.

Chloe suggested doing dishes for six months and being nice to Victor. Billy laughed but did not think he could do either. Billy said that he had to get his wife back, and he would find a way to do it. Chloe was glad that Billy was back on track for Billy's sake. Chloe said that she had to take care of some other things. Billy thanked her for stopping by, and Chloe left the restaurant.

Billy advised Carmine to leave his personal issues outside the restaurant. Carmine claimed that Michael was harassing him. Billy accepted Carmine's answer and asked Carmine to take out the trash. Carmine grabbed the garbage and headed to the dumpster. When Carmine turned after tossing the bag, Michael was pointing a pistol at Carmine.

At the ranch, Victor read an article on his tablet about the upcoming charity gala that he was sponsoring to aid a multiple sclerosis charity. After that, he made a phone call to Adam to go to the ranch to discuss the gala.

Adam was at Crimson Lights, getting coffee, and agreed. Adam noticed Phyllis looking at a gala invitation and asked her if they should put on fake smiles and pretend that they liked each other. Phyllis said that no one who knew Adam would do that. She added that she was going to an event that Adam was likely excluded from. Adam crowed that he had gotten an invitation and, unlike Phyllis, would be sitting at the family table.

Phyllis shot back that she had imagined that Victor and Adam would already be fighting over who got the biggest office. Adam said that a charity gala could be boring, so maybe one of his siblings would cause some excitement by going for his jugular. When Adam said that Nick would be a good choice, Phyllis became defensive. She told Adam that a big secret was about to be revealed, and all the Newmans needed to stick together and be on the same page.

When Phyllis revealed that Summer was Jack's daughter, Adam assumed that Phyllis was responsible for the deception and complimented her on the ruse. Adam became positively gleeful when Phyllis told Adam that it had been Nick who had lied. Adam was deliriously happy as he compared what he had done with Faith to what Nick had done with Summer. Phyllis defended Nick and said that Nick had not intentionally destroyed a family. Adam riposted with, "Tell that to Jack and Summer."

Phyllis told Adam that Nick would always be the better man and cautioned Adam to keep the information to himself. Adam promised to keep it in the family.

Victoria visited Nick at home. Victoria was temporarily speechless when Nick told her the details of Summer's paternity. She sympathized with Nick's predicament. Victoria said that she was so sorry for him and understood how he had to be hurting. Nick said that all that mattered was Jack and Summer, who was barely talking to Nick.

Victoria said that Summer needed time to process what had happened and to comprehend Nick's grief over Cassie's loss. Nick said they'd talked enough about him and asked about Victoria and Billy. Victoria filled Nick in on Billy's gambling and her fears that Billy was deep in the hole. Nick understood that was the reason that Victoria was living at the ranch with Victor and Nikki.

Nick offered to find Billy and knock some sense into him, but Victoria advised Nick to look after himself. She said that Billy had violated her trust, and she did not know if things would ever be the same between them again. Nick said that he knew how Billy felt because Avery felt the same way about him as Victoria felt about Billy.

Victoria assured Nick that Avery would eventually forgive him because Avery knew what was in Nick's heart. Nick asked if Victoria knew what was in Billy's heart. Victoria said that Billy's heart was overflowing with love for Victoria and Johnny, but that did not erase what Billy had done. Nick said that Avery had said the same thing to him. Victoria said that Avery was standing behind Nick and would eventually give Nick a second chance.

When Nick asked about a second chance for Billy, Victoria said that she had given Billy 100 second chances. Victoria queried Nick about whether or not she should forgive Billy. At first Nick did not want to express an opinion, but when Victoria urged him to be honest, Nick told Victoria to weigh and consider everything very carefully before making her final decision.

Nick and Victoria hugged and took their leave of each other just as Phyllis breezed in. Nick told Phyllis that he had been filling Victoria in on the Summer situation. Phyllis became defensive and jumped to the erroneous conclusion that Nick had told the story, casting Phyllis in the worst possible light. Victoria walked over to Phyllis and gave Phyllis a genuine hug of comfort. Phyllis was touched.

Victoria said that as a mother, she understood how hard it was for Phyllis to watch her child in pain and not be able to do anything about it. Phyllis asked why Victoria was not pointing a finger at Phyllis. Victoria said that it was because Phyllis was trying to do the best for her children, just like Nick. Victoria left Phyllis and Nick alone to talk.

Phyllis said that she and Nick needed to talk about legal matters. Nick jumped to the conclusions that Summer wanted to change her name to Abbot and her birth certificate to reflect that Jack was her father. Phyllis said that Summer had not decided anything, but she wanted Nick to be prepared. Phyllis told Nick that Summer thought of the Newmans as her family and needed their support. Nick asked how Summer felt about him. Phyllis replied that Summer loved Nick to infinity.

Adam arrived at the ranch to meet with Victor, who immediately wanted to know it Adam understood what "plus one" meant and if Adam was taking a guest. Adam wanted to know if that was code for "anyone but Sharon." Victor laughed and suggested "Miss Daniels" in legal. Adam said that Victor had fired her. Victor said that it was Adam's fault that Melanie Daniels had been fired because Adam had turned her against Victor.

Adam said that he had done it because Victor had not trusted him. Victor shot back that it had turned out that Adam was untrustworthy. Adam deflected and asked if Victor had talked to Nick lately. Victor replied that Nick regretted what he had done. Adam could not let it go. Adam said that he would bet Victor did not regret what Nick had achieved because Nick had done a first-class job of screwing Jack for 18 years. Adam taunted that it was epic because all that time the Newman golden boy had been walking on the dark side.

Victor rejoined that Nick had made an error in judgment. When Adam did not back off, Victor got very stern and told Adam that reveling and gloating over the misfortune of Adam's brother and Victor's granddaughter was insufferable. Victor told Adam that Adam clearly did not know what it meant to be a member of the Newman family. Adam retorted that Victor was the one who did not see family clearly. Victor responded that Adam was using the woes of his siblings to make himself look better.

Adam said that he had the Newman name and had Newman blood pumping through his veins, so he asked why he was the one who had to prove himself worthy. Victor asked if Adam believed himself to be worthy. When Adam said that he would like to believe that he was worthy, Victor told Adam that a name did not make family, nor did blood make family. Victor said that family made family and that until Adam understood that simple idea, Adam would never be part of the Newman family.

Instead of thinking about what Victor had said, Adam argued that he was the only one who ever had to prove himself. A frustrated Victor told Adam that he still was not getting what Victor was saying and had been trying to teach Adam since Adam had saved Victor's life. Adam suggested that they start fresh and try again. Adam offered complete trust along with his hand. Victor uncrossed his arms, shook Adam's hand, and then recrossed his arms.

As soon as Adam exited the front door, he made a phone call. He told the person on the other end of the line to proceed with the plan. Victor made a similar call. He told his spy to watch carefully because something was going on.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

At On the Boulevard, Adam ordered a drink from Billy, who jokingly wondered where he could find cyanide ice cubes. Adam surmised that Billy was moody because Victoria had moved in with her parents, and he mentioned that Victoria and Johnny seemed content at the ranch. Adam noted that Billy's gambling had taken a bite out of Billy and Victoria's marriage, and Billy retorted that it was just like Adam had hoped when he'd blackmailed Billy. Adam appreciated the credit, but he quipped that Billy's knack for self-destruction was legendary.

Adam said that he felt sorry that Billy's life was messed up, and Billy scoffed at the idea that Adam's wasn't. Billy suspected that it was killing Adam that Chelsea was having another man's baby, but Adam replied that he was handling it. Billy taunted Adam for burying himself in work and telling himself that Adam was the new favorite Newman child, but Victor would never trust Adam like he trusted his other kids. Adam told Billy not to worry, because one day, Billy might have no connection to the Newman family. Billy vowed to turn things around, because unlike Adam, it wasn't too late for Billy.

At the design studio, Chloe stated that Victoria would be a fool not to take Billy back. Victoria assumed that Billy had asked Chloe to plead his case, but Chloe advised Victoria to appreciate Billy for the incredible man he was. Victoria snapped that she didn't appreciate Chloe's interference in her marriage or Chloe's interest in Victoria's husband. Chloe swore that nothing was going on between her and Billy, and Victoria asked why Chloe was defending him.

Chloe pointed out that Victoria had thrown Billy out and that he needed help, and she wanted to be there for Billy like he had been there for Chloe when Delia had been sick. Chloe continued that Billy desperately needed support to get his life together, and Billy was afraid of losing Victoria and Johnny. Victoria huffed that Billy hadn't stopped gambling or lying, and she was tired of empty promises. Chloe reported that Billy had taken action by going to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, and Victoria wondered if he had actually mustered the courage to go on his own.

Chloe flashed back to the kiss she'd shared with Billy, but she composed herself and stated that he'd wanted to go to the meeting on his own. Victoria doubted whether he'd really attended the meeting, but Chloe was certain that he hadn't lied. Chloe asserted that Billy loved Victoria and that he wanted to get better, but Victoria was suspicious about why it mattered to Chloe. Chloe wished that she and Kevin could have worked things out, but they hadn't been able to, and there was still hope for Victoria and Billy. Chloe urged Victoria not to throw the chance away.

At the loft, Chelsea looked at the homemade cradle and touched her belly, and she flashed back to Dylan's proposal. Dylan returned home, and Chelsea announced that she had a surprise for him -- she was going to prepare him a home-cooked meal. Dylan seemed distracted, and Chelsea explained that she'd found a cookbook with hot plate recipes. She noticed that he wasn't paying attention, and she wondered what was wrong.

Dylan claimed that he'd forgotten an appointment with a supplier, and Chelsea complained that she'd thought that he was done working. She asked if it could wait until after dinner, but he kissed her and said that he'd be late. She voiced concern that something else was going on, but he insisted that he was fine, and he left. Chelsea called Jeffrey and said that she knew he'd cashed her check, and she warned him to keep his mouth shut, because Dylan had been acting differently since Jeffrey's visit.

At the police station, Alex discovered Kevin watching the video of Lauren and Carmine. Alex offered to set Kevin up on a date, and he teased Kevin for watching porn. Kevin explained that the video featured his sister-in-law, and he was trying to take it down. Alex stated that Kevin would need an injunction to do so, but Kevin wanted to do it himself, because he didn't want his family to be humiliated. Alex pretended not to be aware of what Kevin was doing.

Chloe stopped by the police station to see Kevin after she'd seen the video of Lauren and Carmine. Kevin revealed that he'd taken down the video, but Chloe worried that GC Buzz would just repost it, and Kevin vowed that he would take it down again. She mentioned that she'd witnessed Michael and Carmine face off at On the Boulevard, but it had been relatively calm. Chloe commended Kevin for protecting his family, and Kevin thanked her for caring, even though it wasn't her family anymore.

Chloe commented that she hadn't just stopped caring, and Kevin pointedly stated that he knew. She said that she had to get back to work, and she left. Alex handed Kevin the phone number of a nice girl, but Kevin said that it wouldn't make him feel better. Alex complimented Kevin on getting the video taken down, and Kevin wished that he'd gotten to it earlier. Kevin was surprised that Michael had been able to walk away, and Alex remarked that Michael knew the consequences of going after Carmine.

A frantic Lauren asked Paul if he'd seen Michael. She told Paul about the sex video, and she lamented that Fen had been the first one to see it. Lauren wanted Carmine arrested, and Paul agreed to question Carmine, but Lauren ranted that Carmine had sold her son drugs. Paul pointed out that Carmine had rights, but Lauren demanded that Carmine be locked up, because if Paul didn't do something, she would.

Lauren went to On the Boulevard, and Billy informed her that Michael had taken off after a tense conversation with Carmine. He added that Carmine had apparently gotten lost while taking out the garbage. As Lauren exited, Victoria arrived, and Adam reported that Newman Enterprises was doing great without her. He suggested that they discuss it at the MS fundraiser, since he assumed she'd be there solo. Billy interrupted and directed Adam to a table across the room.

Victoria and Billy discussed Summer's paternity, but Victoria didn't want to argue about their brothers, and she declared that she was there because of what was best for Johnny. Billy wondered if Johnny had asked about him, and Victoria acknowledged that Johnny missed him. She offered to arrange a visit, and she disclosed that Chloe had mentioned that Billy had gone to a meeting. Billy asked if he had a chance, and Victoria said that it would take more than one meeting. Billy promised to prove himself to Victoria.

Adam ran into Melanie, and he hoped that there were no hard feelings between them. She remarked that she was the one out of a job, and he replied that it had just been business. He inquired whether Victor had said anything else about the Broderick Group or Adam's financing sources. Melanie was stunned that Adam expected her to provide information, and he offered to give her a recommendation in return, but she declined. He suggested that he sleep with her in exchange for information, but she disgustedly called him "the worst." He wished her luck with her job search.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea surprised Dylan with the dinner she'd cooked, but the only part of it that he could identify was the aluminum foil. She presented him with takeout from the Athletic Club, because she wanted to spend the night with him. Dylan went to get some plates, and Victoria entered and observed that Chelsea's baby was getting big. Chelsea reported that the baby was doing great, and she announced that she and Dylan were getting married. Victoria reminded Chelsea of the huge favor Victoria had done by keeping Chelsea's secret, and she wanted a favor in return.

Victoria explained that she and Billy had hit a rough patch, and Chloe was presenting a problem by being his support system. Chelsea was sure that there was nothing to it, but Victoria ordered Chelsea to get Chloe to back off. Chelsea said that she couldn't control Chloe, but Victoria told her to find a way. Chelsea wondered if Victoria intended to tell everyone about the baby if Chelsea didn't agree, and Victoria ominously stated that Victoria didn't have much to lose. Victoria commanded Chelsea to help her, or Chelsea should consider their alliance over. Dylan returned and asked what was going on.

Chelsea claimed that Victoria had been giving her advice about newborns, and she excused herself to call Chloe. Dylan asked Victoria what the conversation had really been about, and Victoria told him to ask his fiancée. Adam approached Victoria and asked when she and Chelsea had become as thick as thieves, and Victoria vaguely remarked that there was a lot Adam didn't know. Meanwhile, Chelsea told Chloe to lay off Billy, or Victoria would ruin everything.

In the alley, Carmine incredulously asked if Michael planned to kill him, and Michael smiled wickedly. Carmine calmly stated that Michael didn't want to shoot the gun, but Michael nervously laughed and said that he wanted to shoot the man who had slept with Michael's wife and had given Fen drugs. He demanded that Carmine confess, but Carmine swore he hadn't hurt Fen. Michael growled that Carmine had hurt Fen when Carmine had hurt Lauren, and Michael was going to hurt Carmine in return.

Carmine said that it wasn't the first time someone had pointed a gun at him, and Michael hissed that it could be the last. Carmine reasoned that Michael would have fired already if he was going to, but Michael wasn't man enough to pull the trigger. Lauren suddenly yelled out, "Michael, no!" Lauren pleaded with Michael to put the gun down, but Michael argued that it didn't feel wrong.

Lauren said that revenge was Carmine's game, not Michael's, and she begged Michael not to let Carmine turn him into that sort of man. She added that Carmine wasn't worth going to jail for, and if Michael loved her and Fen, then he wouldn't do it. Carmine closed his eyes, but Michael lowered the gun and walked away. Carmine tried to hug Lauren, but she snarled at him to get away from her, and she followed Michael.

Billy reprimanded Carmine for taking a long break, and he said that Lauren had been there, looking for Michael, and she hadn't seemed happy. Carmine said that they'd dealt with it, and Billy advised Carmine not to let his personal problems result in scenes at the restaurant. Carmine swore that it wouldn't happen again.

Melanie confided to Billy that Adam had propositioned her before he'd slithered out. She glumly stated that Adam had used her and had gotten her fired, and Billy suggested that she use what had happened to her advantage.

Michael eventually returned home, and Lauren wanted to know where Michael had obtained the gun. Michael explained that he'd needed Carmine to stop, and he'd wanted to let Carmine know that Michael wouldn't tolerate the torture any longer. Lauren argued that hurting Carmine wasn't the answer, and Michael questioned what was. There was a knock at the door, and Paul informed Michael and Lauren that Carmine had called 9-1-1, so Paul had to arrest Michael for aggravated assault.

Paul escorted Michael to the police station, and Kevin told Michael that he'd taken the video down. Kevin inquired whether Michael intended to sue Carmine, but he noticed that Michael was in handcuffs. Kevin protested that no one could blame Michael for taking a swing at Carmine, but Alex revealed that Michael had pulled a gun and threatened Carmine's life. Paul led Michael to the interrogation room.

Lauren confronted Carmine about having Michael arrested. She accused Carmine of baiting Michael with the video, but Carmine claimed that he'd made it because he cared about her. He pointed out that she'd stopped Michael from pulling the trigger, but she spat that she'd done it for Michael, not Carmine. She asked what it would take to get Carmine to drop the charges, and Carmine asked for one more night with her.

An appalled Lauren maintained that her affair with Carmine had been a big mistake, and the last time he'd asked for a final night together, he'd taped them without her consent. He contended that the video looked like two people expressing love, and he called it hot. She told him not to touch her ever again, and she stormed off. "Never say never," Carmine said to himself with a smirk.

At the Underground, Abby concluded that Tyler liked a challenge, since he'd invited her to dinner even though she'd run out on his party. He said that he had been intrigued by their kiss, and she warned him not to expect anything to happen that evening. He respected that the "new Abby" wanted to take things slowly, but he admitted that it would have been nice to see the "old Abby." She spotted Cane and Lily, and she invited the Ashbys to join them. Lily balked, but Abby insisted.

Abby said that Lily had mentioned getting together outside of work, and Cane remarked that Lily loved working at Jabot. Cane asked Tyler about the job in New York, and Tyler mentioned that he'd be working remotely, but Cane gushed about how great it would be to work in Manhattan. Abby said that there were options in Genoa City, but Cane continued to plug opportunities in New York. Cane and Lily awkwardly left to get their own table, and Abby asked if she'd done something to cause a problem. Tyler replied that he was the one who had.

Tyler remarked that he and Cane weren't pals, and Abby asked what the problem was. Tyler explained that he had spent a lot of time with Lily. Abby understood that demanding jobs meant spending more time with work colleagues than a spouse, and she felt terrible for ruining the evening. Tyler asked her not to end their date early, and she pledged to have fun.

Tyler asked how Abby's cop boyfriend had been dumb enough to let her get away, and she replied that she and Alex hadn't had much in common. Tyler suggested that they go to a jazz club, but she needed to head home to prepare for an early morning. Tyler asked her out the next night, but she told him about the MS fundraiser, and she hesitated to thrust him into a family situation. She offered to call Tyler afterward, and she pecked him on the cheek. He planted a kiss on her lips and said that it was something for her to think about until the next day.

Cane and Lily had drinks, and she wished that they'd gone to another club. She scolded Cane for trying to push Tyler out of town, but Cane defended that he had just been making conversation. They argued, and Cane insisted that Tyler was still interested in Lily, but she thought that they had moved past it. Cane said that he'd watched her and Tyler, and he could tell that Lily didn't like the fact that Tyler was interested in someone else. Lily was offended, and Cane asked if they were really going to fight.

Friday, July 19, 2013

At On the Boulevard, Cane reminded Hilary to send Katherine's $500,000 donation to the MS fundraiser, and Hilary reported that the funds had already been transferred. He mentioned his upcoming trip to New York, and Hilary promised to send him a copy of his schedule. Hilary hesitantly questioned whether it was a bad time for him to leave, because she'd seen him and Lily having a disagreement at the Underground the night before. Lily approached and asked to talk to Cane alone.

Cane told Lily that he didn't have much time to talk. Hilary excused herself to finalize Cane's itinerary, and Cane coolly asked Lily what she wanted. Lily wondered if they were still going to the fundraiser, but Cane hesitated to put on their happy faces so the rest of the world wouldn't know they were mad at one another. Lily said that she was tired of fighting with him, and Cane agreed that he hated it, but he couldn't forget the way she'd reacted to Tyler and Abby being together.

Lily thought that Cane was being ridiculous, and she scolded him for suddenly going on a business trip instead of dealing with their problems. She wondered how things had gotten so out of hand, and Cane remarked that Tyler had pushed his buttons, especially since Cane knew that Tyler had feelings for Lily. Lily reminded him that she hadn't returned the sentiment, and she assured Cane that she had married him and that she loved him. She swore not to let anyone take away what they had, and she begged Cane to do the same thing. Hilary observed the entire conversation.

Cane apologized for the way he'd spoken to Lily, and she said that she was sorry, too. She pledged her love, and he said that he loved her more than she would ever know. They tenderly kissed, and she mentioned the fundraiser again. She amorously gushed about how he looked in a tux, and she liked him out of one even more. He suggested that they send a large donation with their regrets that they couldn't attend, because they had other plans. Hilary watched them leave together.

At the Underground, Phyllis answered Jack's phone call, and he asked when he should pick her up for the fundraiser. She replied that she hadn't gotten dressed yet, and she told him that she'd meet him there. Phyllis added that she understood that it was important for Jack to be there to support Nikki. He promised that it would be a memorable evening, and they hung up. Avery commended Phyllis for her acceptance of Jack's relationship with his ex, and Phyllis stated that Nikki had been a big part of Jack's life and always would be, just like Nick would always be part of Phyllis'.

Avery contended that a piece of paper hadn't erased what Summer meant to Nick, and Phyllis said that being a father was an enormous part of Nick's life. Avery admitted that she was still figuring things out after she'd learned that Nick had kept a huge secret from his family, and Phyllis suspected that Avery was wondering who Nick really was. Avery surmised that Phyllis had asked herself the same question, and Phyllis conceded that she hated Nick for what he'd done, but he had been an amazing father to Summer. Avery thought that Summer was struggling the most, and Phyllis joked that it would be easier if Nick were a deadbeat. Avery pointed out that if he had been, he wouldn't have claimed Summer as his own, and she thought that Nick's problem was caring too much.

Phyllis wondered if Avery was questioning her feelings for Nick, and Avery stated that she didn't think that Nick had wanted to hurt anyone. Phyllis realized that Nick had been devastated after Cassie had died, so he'd wanted to protect Summer in ways he hadn't been able to protect Cassie. An emotional Phyllis said that she'd always love Nick, but she wanted him to be happy, and Avery made him happy. Avery replied that he made her happy, too. Avery acknowledged that her relationship with Nick was hard for Phyllis, and she thanked Phyllis for saying that.

At Sharon's house, Summer and Faith had a tea party with Faith's dolls. Sharon answered the door to Nick, and Faith ran over to hug him, but Summer looked uncomfortable. Faith offered Nick some tea, but Summer sullenly said that he was busy. Sharon sent Faith to pretend to bake Nick a pretend scone in her play oven, and Summer asked what Nick was doing there. Sharon revealed that she'd called him, and Nick explained that it wasn't fair for Summer to have to tell Faith the truth on her own. Summer questioned when Nick had been fair, because he'd always done what had been best for him.

Sharon defended that Summer had only heard stories about Cassie, but living through Cassie's death had been a different experience, and they'd had to pick up the pieces of their family and move on. Sharon worried that Faith would be shattered by the news, and Nick mentioned that a counselor had suggested that they all tell Faith together. Summer argued that she still loved Faith, and she didn't see why anything had to change. Nick swore that nothing did, unless Summer wanted it to.

Summer said that nothing about her life would ever be the same, but it didn't have to be that way for Faith. Sharon explained that she didn't want Faith to one day resent the lack of honesty, but Summer refused to look Faith in the eye and say that she wasn't Faith's sister anymore. Faith presented Nick with a pretend scone, and Nick suggested that Faith get ready for her sleepover that night. A relieved Summer volunteered to help Faith get her stuff together.

Nick promised Sharon that they'd tell Faith soon, but Summer needed more time. Sharon said that she kept thinking about how it had felt when they'd lost Cassie, and she suggested that she and Nick stop by the cemetery that night. Nick said that he had to meet Avery at the fundraiser, and Sharon decided to visit Cassie's grave alone. Nick requested a hug from Faith before he left, and he told Faith that he loved her and would miss her. Faith told him not to worry, because they'd be a family soon.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy told Jack that he and Nick had tolerated one another for Victoria's sake, but Billy had always wondered what Nick had been hiding behind his sanctimonious attitude. Billy said that he didn't know what Jack was going through, and he asked how things were going. Jack explained that while he was thrilled that he had a daughter, he also wanted to put a fist through a wall. Jack surmised that Traci had informed Billy that Jack had been tempted to have a drink, and Billy asked if Jack had.

Jack credited Phyllis with being the reason he hadn't turned to alcohol, because she had made him realize that he had a future with Summer and Phyllis. Jack admitted that he had been furious with Phyllis for keeping truth from him, but he had eventually understood that Phyllis had been protecting Jack and Summer. Jack announced that by the end of the night, he might have a fiancée. Jack pulled out a ring and asked whether Billy thought that Phyllis would say yes.

Jack didn't want to spend any more time dwelling on the past, because he wanted to focus on his future with Phyllis and hopefully his daughter. Billy imagined that it would be easier to quit gambling if he could lean on Victoria, but he understood that Victoria was staying away for Johnny's sake. Jack promised to be there for Billy, but Billy wanted to do it on his own. Billy mentioned that he'd been to a meeting, and Jack called it a start. Jack urged Billy to prove himself to Victoria and get his family back.

Nikki made last-minute preparations at the gala, and Victor encouraged her to relax and enjoy it. She fretted that the cause was very personal to her, and it was important to her that the event was a success. Victor guaranteed that it would be. Victoria arrived and offered to help, and Victor asked Victoria to distract Nikki. Nikki implored Victoria to call Billy, who Nikki thought should be with Victoria. "The hell he should," Victor snarled.

Nikki asked Victor to consider Victoria's happiness, but he thought that Victoria deserved better than Billy. Victoria appreciated her parents' concern, but she stated that the night wasn't about her marriage, and she went to go fix some flower arrangements. Victor urged Nikki not to worry, because he'd ensure that everything went off without a hitch.

Victoria asked how Nikki's speech was shaping up, and Nikki bemoaned that she only had one sentence prepared. Nikki complained that Victor had sprung the gala on her, but it wasn't just an ordinary event, and she needed more time. Victoria implored Nikki to take it easy, because everything would be fine if Nikki spoke from the heart. Nikki suggested that Victoria take her own advice, and Victoria admitted that she'd love to forgive Billy, but she couldn't do it until she knew he'd stopped gambling.

Nikki pointed out that it was a lot easier to beat an addiction when surrounded by supportive people, but Victoria couldn't risk getting hurt again. Nikki said that sometimes pain was part of love, and she referred to Victor and Nikki as an example. Nikki pushed Victoria to reach out and help Billy. Victoria promised to think about it, but she refused to invite Billy that night, and she rushed off to take care of some decorations. Nikki left a message for Billy, asking him to attend the benefit that night.

Victoria told Nick and Avery that it should be a fun evening, and she thought that Nikki would be happy with the turnout. Nikki overheard, and she remarked that it was an important evening to raise money for a breakthrough. Nick asked who was on the guest list, and Avery reported that Jack planned to attend. Avery added that Phyllis had wanted to make sure that there wasn't a scene, and Victoria remarked that usually Phyllis was the person causing one.

Avery handed Nick a drink, and she assumed from his distant expression that he was thinking about Summer. He said that he'd thought for a moment that Summer would get past his lie, and Avery stated that anything was possible. Nick loved that Avery was there with him, but he understood if she couldn't get past what he'd done. She said that he wasn't getting rid of her no matter how many outs he gave her, and they kissed.

Billy stocked the bar at On the Boulevard, and Victor confronted him. Victor said that the gala was a family event, and Billy wasn't part of the family. Victor warned Billy against trying to see Victoria, but Billy wouldn't let Victor keep him from his wife. Victor countered that Victoria would cut Billy out of her life soon enough. Billy realized that Victor was scared, and he remarked that Victor wouldn't be there unless he thought Billy had a shot. Billy thanked Victor for giving him hope, and Victor ordered Billy to stay away from Victoria.

After Victor left, Billy called Melanie and asked what she was doing. He asked her to meet him at the restaurant, because he'd found a way for them to help one another.

At Crimson Lights, Abby informed Kyle that Lily hadn't shown up for a meeting. He assumed that Abby had heard the news about Jack and Summer, and Abby offered to lend an ear. He said that there wasn't much to say about dating his sister, and Abby inquired whether he'd talked to Summer. Kyle didn't know what to say, and Abby understood that it was a weird situation, but she advised him not to shut down on Summer, because Summer needed him.

Abby recounted that she had only been six years old when she'd found out that Victor was her biological father, and she'd grown up thinking of both Victor and Brad as her dads, but she realized that it wouldn't be as easy for Summer. Kyle recalled that Diane had intended for Victor to be Kyle's dad, so he was no stranger to paternity confusion, but he couldn't look at Summer without thinking about how close they'd become. He knew that Summer needed someone to talk to, but he might not be that person. Abby told him to do whatever it took to get Summer through it.

Later, Kyle caught Jack looking at the engagement ring, and Jack asked how Kyle felt about it. Kyle said that he was happy that Jack and Phyllis had gotten another chance, and Jack was happy to hear it. Kyle understood Phyllis' reason for kissing Kyle, and Jack noted that after that night, the only man she'd be kissing was Jack.

Nikki said that the venue looked beautiful, and she couldn't have done it without Victoria. Nikki hoped that Victoria would view what Nikki had done as help, and she revealed that she'd invited Billy to the gala. Victor interrupted, and he claimed that he'd been checking the audio. Victoria nervously looked at the door. Jack arrived at the gala, and he locked eyes with Nick. Victor stepped to the podium and asked for everyone's attention, because they were about to begin an exciting evening.

Summer returned to the penthouse, and Phyllis descended the stairs in a formal gown. Summer looked Phyllis over and called it an amazing dress. Phyllis said that she had been waiting for a special occasion to wear it, and she pranced around like a model. They both laughed, and Summer thanked Phyllis for making her feel normal again. Phyllis promised that things would get better, and they hugged.

Phyllis suggested that Summer join her at the fundraiser, but Summer balked. Summer stammered that she knew the Newmans loved her, but she couldn't pretend that everything hadn't changed. Summer continued that she'd been too chicken to answer Noah's calls, and Phyllis wondered why Summer was okay with spending time with Faith. Summer explained that she and Faith could just be themselves, and she disclosed that Sharon had wanted to tell Faith the truth, but Summer hadn't wanted any part of it.

Summer declared that Faith was still her little sister, and Phyllis agreed. Summer was worried that perhaps Faith had overheard the conversation, and she repeated Faith's comment about being a family soon. Phyllis nodded knowingly and asked if Sharon would be at the fundraiser, but Summer relayed that Sharon planned to go to the cemetery. Later, Summer changed into workout attire and started to head out, but she found Kyle at the door.

Sharon talked to Cassie at the cemetery, and she reported that Nick had made other plans with Avery. Cassie appeared and said that it was okay, but Sharon whimpered that it wasn't, because nothing was working out the way it was supposed to. Sharon complained that changing the DNA results should have pushed Nick and Sharon together, so she could have helped him through his loss. Sharon regretted that she and Nick hadn't been there for one another after Cassie's accident, but it was too late to fix their mistakes, because Nick had Avery to lean on. Cassie insisted that Avery didn't know Nick like Sharon did.

Cassie assured Sharon that everything would work out, and Sharon said that it had to, or everything she'd done had been for nothing. Sharon explained that she'd just wanted Nick to love her the way he had when Cassie had been alive, and it was the last time she remembered feeling truly happy. Sharon lamented that if it didn't work out, Nick would hate her for making him think that Summer wasn't his. Meanwhile, Phyllis lurked nearby.

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