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A.J. died. Carly agreed to keep Sonny's secret. Madeline was ensnared in a trap meant for Ava. Luke revealed that he intended to open a drug trade in Port Charles. Britt turned against Liesl.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 31, 2014 on GH
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Dr. Obrecht made plans with an unknown someone on the phone while Elizabeth held Ben. Dr. Obrecht was holding Elizabeth hostage at gunpoint in Elizabeth's home. When the doorbell rang, Dr. Obrecht warned Elizabeth not to answer it, but Nikolas pounded relentlessly on the door until Dr. Obrecht was forced to allow Elizabeth to open it. Dr. Obrecht took Ben upstairs.

Elizabeth partially opened the door but stood in the entryway, blocking Nikolas' view of the interior. Nikolas tried to apologize, but Elizabeth brushed him off. Elizabeth acted surprised when Nikolas told her that Ben had been kidnapped. Dr. Obrecht slithered back downstairs and out of sight. Nikolas was persistent, and Elizabeth was forced to let him in. Nikolas offered another heartfelt apology for his behavior. Elizabeth accepted quickly and ushered him to the front door.

As Nikolas turned to leave, Dr. Obrecht kicked a toy and made a noise. Nikolas jumped to the conclusion that Ric had spent the night and that was why Elizabeth had been so jumpy. Nikolas turned to leave, but Elizabeth grabbed his hand and told Nikolas to tell Lulu that Elizabeth knew that Ben would be okay. After Nikolas was gone, Dr. Obrecht wanted to know about Ric.

Sam was talking to Silas in the lobby at General Hospital when Nathan, who was beginning to believe that Silas might be innocent and that Ava might be the guilty party in Nina's murder, joined them and joined forces with them. Sam revealed her plan to trap Nathan, and then left to put the plan in motion.

Tracy confronted Kiki in the chapel. Tracy accused Kiki of trying to seduce Luke. After a few rounds of verbal sparring, Kiki finally told Tracy that Luke was the one who was lying, because he had tried to seduce Kiki, not the other way around.

Silas arrived just in time to stop Tracy from hurling more epithets at Kiki. Tracy stormed away, and Silas comforted Kiki. She left to find Michael. Silas lit candles for Nina and apologized for not being a good husband to her. Silas promised Nina that he would find the person responsible for her death.

Luke met Julian at the gallery. He told Julian that he had a new plan to run drugs through Port Charles because Sonny did not. Julian was reluctant, but Luke pulled out a large brick of white powder, took some out, rolled a one hundred dollar bill into a straw and offered it to Julian, who seemed revolted and passed. Luke did not. He insisted that Julian take a whiff also, but Sam interrupted, and Luke, who was sitting with his back towards Sam, quickly scooped everything back into his bag before Sam noticed.

Luke explained that he was in the gallery, looking for a birthday present for Tracy. Sam said that she needed to talk to Julian privately. Luke left, but not before making suggestive comments to Sam, who noted to Julian that Luke's behavior was strange, even for Luke. Sam asked Julian if he had meant what he had said when he had agreed to help Sam proved that Ava had framed Silas. Julian said that he had. Sam told Julian her plan, and he agreed to help her.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Nathan met with Madeline, who, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, tried to get Nathan to persist in a vendetta against Silas. Nathan comforted his mother and told her that he understood that she wanted vengeance, but he asked if that vengeance should be directed against the person who had actually killed Nina, not the one Madeline wanted to be guilty.

Luke met Tracy at GH. When Tracy relayed Kiki's accusations, Luke said that Kiki was lying, and Tracy believed him, especially after Luke explained his absence by saying that he had been looking for a birthday present for Tracy. Tracy was momentarily taken aback when Luke referred to Kiki as a "little bitch."

Monica called for a crash cart and then, with Michael and Carly watching, tried to revive A.J. Other doctors soon took over, but they were unable to save A.J. Both Monica and Michael were devastated. Carly was heartbroken for Michael.

Monica collapsed on a bench outside the room. Michael asked what A.J. had said to Carly while A.J. was holding her arm. Carly told Michael that A.J.'s last words had been that A.J. loved Michael. Carly comforted Michael and told him how much he had been loved and that Michael could not blame himself for anything that had happened.

Carly had tears and something hard in her eyes as she hugged Michael and told him how sorry she was. Michael went back to sit with A.J. Michael told A.J. that he would not rest until Michael found out who had taken A.J.'s life. Kiki found Monica weeping. Kiki hugged Monica, and they grieved together.

Sonny and Ava paced and talked as they awaited word on A.J.'s condition. Neither would go back to A.J.'s room, Sonny because Monica had thrown him out and Ava because Carly had tossed her. Ava encouraged Sonny to find a way to end A.J., but Sonny felt very guilty about betraying his honor and breaking his word to Michael when he had shot A.J. Ava did everything she could to help Sonny get over his guilty conscience, but it didn't help.

Carly stormed up to the twosome and told them that A.J. was dead. Carly sent Ava packing after Ava offered a few insincere sympathies. As soon as Ava had gone, Carly got down to business. She told Sonny that A.J.'s last words had been that Sonny had shot him.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The episode opened with a black and white view of a memorial wall filled with photographs of special people who had made a lasting contribution to the hospital over the years. The camera panned over the portraits of Steve Hardy, Edward and Lila Quartermaine -- as well as their son, Alan, Amy Vining, Jesse Brewer, Rick Webber, and Tony Jones. Meanwhile, intercom pages from the hospital's past called each of the people pictured to report to various places in the hospital. Other illustrious doctors such as Lesley Webber, Noah Drake, and Jeff Webber were also paged, but the nurses' station and corridors were empty and silent as the camera slowly turned toward the elevator and then stopped.

The black and white scene slowly gained hues of color as Monica exited the elevator while she thought about her years as a doctor. The nurses' station quickly became abuzz with activity as staff members bustled about their work, but Monica remained oblivious as she conceded to herself that as a doctor she had been forced to deal with death on a daily basis. She admitted that it had taught her to distance herself from forming close emotional attachments to her patients, yet despite that, it hadn't prepared her to deal with the death of a loved one. Monica's eyes misted with tears as she entered her son's hospital room, took his cold hand, and then rested her head on his shoulder and wept.

Moments later, Monica sat down and quietly admitted that she'd had to say goodbye to too many loved ones, so she couldn't find the strength to do it again. She was startled when she felt a hand gently settle on her shoulder. It was Emily, smiling down at her mother to assure Monica that Monica was not alone.

At the Floating Rib, Kevin, Felicia, and Mac carried a pitcher of frozen margaritas and festive glasses to a table as they talked about the Port Charles Bridge, which had been closed for the first time in 51 years because someone on Mayor Lomax's staff had acted out of spite. They agreed that the mayor was unfit to hold the job whether Lomax had known of the underling's actions or not because it had been the mayor's job to control her staff. The friends sat down at a table with Lucy as Mac suggested that Felicia consider running for mayor.

Kevin promised that Felicia would have Kevin's vote and then asked if Lucy would vote for Felicia. Lucy was lost in thoughts about her last encounter with Scott when Scott had insisted that Lucy choose between Scott and Kevin, so it took Kevin several attempts to get Lucy's attention. Lucy claimed that she had been preoccupied with thoughts about the Nurses Ball, so Kevin quickly assured Lucy that he would help her with the work. The conversation then briefly drifted to the performances and Mac's offer to dust off Mr. Marbles.

After the men excused themselves to fetch more drinks, Felicia immediately asked what was troubling her friend. She was disappointed when Lucy confessed that Lucy hadn't stopped seeing Scott and that Scott had given Lucy an ultimatum. Lucy confessed that she didn't know what to do because she cared about both Kevin and Scott. Felicia started to reply, but Kevin and Mac returned and asked what Felicia and Lucy had been talking about.

Felicia covered for Lucy, but Lucy suddenly announced that she didn't feel well and excused herself. Kevin offered to go home with Lucy, but Lucy insisted that Kevin stay and have fun with their friends.

At Kelly's, Scott was relieved when he saw Bobbie because she had been an hour late. His relief turned to concern when he noticed that Bobbie had been crying. Bobbie tearfully revealed that she and Noah Drake had broken up because Noah had rekindled an affair with someone from Noah's past. Scott was shocked when Bobbie explained that Noah had become involved with Nurse Annie Logan. "The virgin?" Scott asked.

Bobbie assured Scott that Annie was no longer virginal. Scott gently pointed out that it wasn't always easy to ignore the pull of a past love, but Bobbie scoffed because Noah and Annie had never been in love, since they'd only gone out a few times before reconnecting in Seattle. Scott continued to stick up for Annie prompting Bobbie to wonder why he would defend a "home wrecker." Frustrated, Scott reluctantly confessed that he was one.

Scott opened up to Bobbie about his affair without naming any names, but Bobbie managed to put the pieces together and realized that Scott had been involved with Lucy. Bobbie was shocked because Lucy and Kevin had seemed happy and in love. Scott grimaced, but assured Bobbie that it hadn't been a mere fling, which was why Scott had demanded that Lucy make a choice. As if on cue, Lucy entered the diner.

Scott and Lucy stepped outside for privacy. Lucy admitted that she had thought long and hard about his ultimatum and had made a decision.

Later, Scott returned to the diner, prompting Bobbie to ask what had happened with Lucy. Scott recalled Lucy explaining that she would always love Scott because he was Serena's father, but Lucy was determined to make her marriage to Kevin work. Lucy had assured Scott that it hadn't been an easy decision, but she loved Kevin, and Kevin was her husband. Scott became defensive as he had stood up and promised Lucy that everything was fine, but Lucy hadn't believed him and had asked him to stay because she had wanted to talk things out.

Scott had argued that there wasn't anything left to say, but Lucy had disagreed because Scott was her best friend, so it would kill her if he were not a part of her life. Scott had explained that it would never work because eventually they would both want more than friendship. Scott had assured Lucy that he would have made her happy if she had picked him. Lucy's eyes had filled with tears because she would have picked him if things had been different.

At the Floating Rib, Felicia, Mac, and Kevin were startled when Lucy suddenly returned. She explained that she had made a few decisions, which had made her feel better and had given her a second wind. Lucy insisted that she had wanted to return to the bar because she belonged with her good friends and husband. Lucy hugged Kevin as Felicia and Max exchanged a happy smile.

At the hospital, Carly confirmed that A.J. was dead, but A.J. hadn't died before revealing that Sonny had shot A.J. Sonny's eyes rounded with surprise as he pretended that had had no idea what Carly was talking about, but Carly saw through the lie because she noticed that Sonny hadn't denied the allegation. Sonny quickly ushered Carly to the hospital's chapel for privacy, which further confirmed Carly's suspicion that A.J. had told the truth about Sonny.

Sonny admitted that he had killed the "son of a bitch," but he demanded to know if Carly intended to tell Michael. Carly explained that she couldn't make that promise to Sonny because she needed time to process everything. Sonny insisted that A.J. had been a cancer from the very beginning and that A.J. had been responsible for the death of their unborn child. Sonny thought about the horror of watching as Carly had tumbled down the Quartermaine staircase during an argument between Carly and a drunken A.J. at the top of the stairs.

Sonny recalled the heartbreak of having to tell Carly about the miscarriage and how she had refused to believe that child had died. Sonny returned to the present as he asked if Carly recalled how difficult the loss of the baby had been. Carly (special guest star Sarah J. Brown) was shocked that he would ask her that because losing their son had been one of the worst things to ever happen to her. Sonny conceded that the pregnancy had been a result of a torrid one-night stand.

Carly recalled that she had thought that she had hated Sonny when she had slept with him, so Sonny admitted that he had felt the same, but he had later realized that he and Carly had needed each other. Carly credited Sonny with stopping her from killing A.J. and admitted that she wouldn't have gotten past the miscarriage if it hadn't been for Sonny. Carly claimed that she had married Sonny because of the way that he had helped her, but Sonny knew that she had really married him because she hadn't wanted to testify against him. Carly smiled, but assured him that to her own surprise, she had loved Sonny.

Sonny confessed that he had no idea how or why it had happened, but he had fallen in love with Carly too. Sonny and Carly recalled their second wedding when they had married for the right reasons, but their happiness hadn't lasted very long because Sonny had been shot on Christmas and had nearly died. Carly remembered her reaction when Sonny's heart had stopped and how she had gone "ballistic." Carly admitted that the scare had been the moment that she had realized how much she had loved Sonny. Sonny reminded Carly that his reward for returning to her had been her betrayal when she had gone to the FBI.

Carly (special guest star Tamara Braun) reminded Sonny that she had done what she had thought had been necessary to save Sonny and to force him out of the mob. She explained that she had convinced herself that she could have saved Sonny by getting him out of the criminal lifestyle and admitted that she would do it again if she thought that it would work. "In a heartbeat," Carly added. Sonny didn't believe her, so she conceded that working with the FBI hadn't guaranteed Sonny safety.

However, Carly had been desperate because Sonny had been shot and his enemies had managed to get a bomb into their home. Carly realized that Sonny would never understand what had driven her, which had ultimately led to their divorce. Sonny and Carly reminisced about the breakdown of their marriage as she lit a candle and confessed that despite everything, she hadn't been able to get Sonny out of her heart. Sonny assured Carly that none of the women in his life had compared to her because no one could slap him with the truth the way that she could or hold him up when he was at the end of his rope.

Carly assured Sonny that they would always be there to catch each other. Their thoughts then drifted to when Sonny had been forced to break the news to Carly that Michael had been killed. Carly had demanded proof by seeing the picture of her dead son, but Sonny had refused. He reminded Carly that A.J. had been responsible for the grief and pain that they had suffered.

Carly (portrayed by Laura Wright) talked about her breakdown after Michael's "murder." She admitted that she had hated every moment in the sanitarium, but she had gotten through it because she had known that Sonny would be waiting. Carly and Sonny reminisced about their fourth wedding and the tense moments during the Metro Hostage Crisis when Sonny had told Carly that he would always love her because she was the mother of his children, his wife, and his partner. Sonny confessed that nothing had changed.

Carly promised that she would always have Sonny's back as she thought about Michael's shooting and his coma when she and Sonny had been forced to transfer Michael to a long-term care facility. Sonny and Carly recalled making love in the limousine after they had dropped Michael off. Sonny insisted that they would always put their children first and then asked if she intended to tell Michael about A.J.'s accusation. Carly explained that it wasn't quite that simple, but Sonny begged Carly not to let the secret go any further than the chapel. Before Carly could reply, a nurse popped her head into the chapel to let Carly know that Michael had been looking for his mother.

In A.J.'s hospital room, Monica smiled sadly as she admitted that A.J. looked peaceful, which seemed wrong considering how A.J. had died. Monica's voice cracked as the truth of the situation sank in. "My son is dead," Monica wept. "And so is my husband, and so is Jason, and so is Dawn, and so are you," Monica added as she looked at Emily. Monica reminded Emily that a mother wasn't supposed to bury her children.

Monica was heartbroken that everyone that she had loved was dead, so she wondered why she should go on living when she preferred to be with her husband and children. Emily assured Monica that Monica was not alone, but Monica was tired of living without her family and admitted the fight had left her. Emily disagreed and reminded her mother that Monica was a Quartermaine who had given Emily the will to live when Emily had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Emily was determined to repay the favor, but Monica argued that each child that Monica had had a hand in raising had died a violent death.

Emily countered that she had been happy with Nikolas and had experienced true love. Monica wondered what A.J. had experienced other than turmoil. A.J. suddenly appeared to assure Monica that he was at peace. Monica's eyes filled with fresh tears as she approached her son and then lovingly stroked the side of his face. Monica tearfully revealed that she had wanted so much more for him, including happiness.

A.J. insisted that it had never been Monica's responsibility to ensure his happiness, but he assured her that she had done more for him than anyone, and she had given him a second chance. A.J. realized that terrible things had happened to him, but he promised Monica that good things had happened, as well, because he had gotten a chance to have a relationship with his son and hear his son refer to him as "Dad" several times. A.J. promised that he would forever be grateful to Monica for that. Monica hugged her son tightly until he pulled away and asked his sister for help with the afterlife.

Emily assured A.J. that everything would be fine, so Monica asked to go with them because she didn't want to be alone. A.J. and Emily explained that Monica had to stop Tracy from taking possession of the mansion and that both Michael and Danny would need their grandmother. The siblings began to bicker, but then quickly apologized because they didn't think that Monica needed to hear them argue. Monica tearfully disagreed because the silence at home had been deafening. However, Monica agreed to respect their wishes and not follow them provided A.J. agreed to reveal who had killed him.

A.J. explained that it was a long and complicated story, but he promised Monica that the truth would prevail and assured her that she would be proud of him. Emily and A.J. asked their mother to remain strong. "Until we meet again," Monica said, so A.J. assured Monica that it wouldn't be for a long time. Monica asked A.J. to let Alan know to "look out" when it was Monica's time. A.J. agreed as his eyes filled with tears. "Goodbye, my sweet boy," Monica quietly said and then hugged him for a final time.

Later, Sonny kneeled at the chapel's altar and then made the sign of the cross before he began to pray.

A.J. and Emily stood in front of the wall of remembrance. He reached out to touch his father's portrait, but Emily guided A.J. away. A.J. was taken aback and moved to tears when he saw his grandparents, Edward and Lila, waiting for him. A.J.'s heart filled with joy as Alan walked up, and Emily explained that A.J.'s loved ones were there to show him the way. Edward and Lila ascended the stairs near the nurses' station, followed by Alan and Emily.

A.J. paused partway up the staircase for one final look. Emily reached out her hand, so A.J. took it. Light shined down on A.J. and Emily as they continued their journey together.

The episode ended with the message: "Happy Anniversary, General Hospital" and included the song, "The Lovely Years," by Fisher

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nathan stood in the hallway outside of his apartment, on the phone, as he reported to Dante that a trip to Corinth to check out the Alden mansion hadn't yielded any results. Dante was disappointed that there hadn't been a sign of Liesl or his son at Liesl's old hideout, but he had appreciated Nathan's help.

A short time later, Silas and Sam paid Nathan a visit. Sam questioned Nathan's penchant for answering the door without a shirt on, but Silas quickly changed the subject by informing Nathan that they were there to discuss Ava. Sam showed Nathan the article that her father, Julian, had printed in the Port Charles Press that had claimed that Mr. Nakamura had survived the near-fatal overdose and had agreed to reveal all of his secrets to Detective West. The article went on to report that Mr. Nakamura would arrive in Port Charles later that day under police guard.

Nathan was impressed because the article had sounded convincing. Sam was certain that it would force Ava into action, so she quickly checked in with Julian to find out if Ava had seen the article. Julian explained that Ava had been about to read the article when someone had arrived. However, he promised to make certain that Ava saw the article and promised to keep Sam posted. After the call, Sam gave Silas and Nathan an update, but Nathan shrugged because Silas remained Nathan's prime suspect.

Sam couldn't understand why it was so difficult for Nathan to admit that he was wrong, but Nathan insisted that he was determined to get justice for Nina. Silas assured Nathan that no one wanted Nina's killer caught more than Silas, but Nathan appeared unconvinced. Moments later, Sam received a text message from her father to let her know that Ava had taken the bait.

At Kelly's, Jordan read the newspaper and was saddened by the announcement that Alan James Quartermaine Jr. had died. "Everyone called him A.J.," T.J. clarified. Jordan smiled sadly as she realized that A.J. had been named after his father like T.J. had been. Shawn remained silent as Jordan talked about A.J.'s tragic death because A.J. had been a man killed in the prime of his life and had left behind a son.

Moments later, Sonny entered the diner and asked to speak to Shawn privately. After Shawn followed Sonny into the kitchen, Jordan realized that Sonny was Shawn's boss. "Mr. Corinthos," T.J. confirmed. Jordan was not pleased with the company that Shawn kept because she wanted her son to have strong positive influences. She instructed T.J. to stay away from Sonny, so T.J. agreed, but he was startled when Jordan suddenly announced her intention to get a job. T.J. realized that his mother had been serious about staying in Port Charles.

Jordan insisted that T.J. was everything to her and that she had deep regrets for failing him as a mother. She assured T.J. that she'd had her reasons for what she had done, but she wasn't ready to discuss them. However, she promised that she was determined to be the mother that she should have been when T.J.'s father had been killed. Moments later, her interest was piqued when she saw a job in the newspaper that sounded perfect for her.

In the kitchen, Shawn assured Sonny that things would finally settle down, since A.J. had died. Sonny disagreed and revealed that A.J. had told Carly about the shooting before A.J. had died. Shawn tensed as he asked if Carly would keep Sonny's secret, so Sonny admitted that he didn't know.

After Shawn walked Sonny out, he returned to the table and learned that Jordan had left for a job interview. T.J. admitted that he hadn't been crazy about the idea of his mother moving to Port Charles, but T.J. had changed his mind. Shawn assured T.J. that Jordan meant well, but he cautioned T.J. to take Jordan's promises with a grain of salt.

At the hotel, Carly had a nightmare about A.J.'s deathbed confession that Sonny had shot him because of Ava. She woke up with a start, prompting Franco to ask if Carly was okay. Carly confided that she had been with A.J. when A.J. had died, but she confessed that hard part had been what had happened before A.J. had died.

Later, Carly offered to order breakfast, but Franco wanted to know what had given her nightmares and had happened before A.J. had died. Carly was reluctant to get into it before coffee, but Franco was determined to know what had been troubling Carly. He reminded her of how bad things had gotten when he had tried to keep an important secret from her and then reminded her that they had promised to trust each other.

Carly agreed to share her secret with Franco, but she made him promise that it would remain between the two of them and that he couldn't even discuss it with the people involved. Franco promised to be quiet, but Carly wasn't satisfied until Franco had solemnly promised to take the secret to his grave. Carly was about to tell Franco about Sonny when Sonny suddenly knocked on the door, demanding to talk to Carly. Carly reluctantly answered the door, so Sonny reminded her that they needed to finish their conversation.

Carly explained that it wasn't a good time, but Sonny brushed past her as he entered the room and then saw Franco. Sonny asked Carly to send Franco away, but Franco objected to Sonny trying to throw Franco out of Franco's own suite. Sonny snidely reminded Franco that Carly had been covering Franco's expenses, but Franco refused to back down and accused Sonny of being the cause for Carly's nightmares. Concerned, Sonny asked if it was true that Carly had been having bad dreams.

Carly looked uncomfortable, so Sonny demanded that they speak in private. Franco bristled when Carly quietly asked Franco to leave, but he left. Sonny immediately asked if Carly had told Franco about the shooting. Carly assured Sonny that she hadn't said anything, but Sonny wondered if she had intended to reveal to Franco that Sonny had killed A.J. Sonny insisted that he needed to know if she would keep his secret.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava arrived for work in a chipper mood. Julian questioned his sister's rare good mood and wondered if it had had anything to do with A.J.'s passing. Ava glanced at the newspaper that her brother showed her featuring an article about A.J.'s passing and conceded that she had heard about A.J.'s demise, but it had nothing to do with her mood. She claimed that she was simply happy because it was spring. Julian doubted that Ava's "bliss fest" had anything to do with dandelions and dogwoods, so Ava admitted that she hadn't been particularly fond of A.J, but she assured Julian that she hadn't wished the man dead.

Julian pointed out that the person who had shot A.J. was still out there. "Or should I say she's in here?" Julian amended. Annoyed, Ava wondered why Julian was so certain that she had killed A.J., so Julian pointed out that the shooting had taken place in her apartment. Ava argued that she had been in New York City at the time of the shooting, prompting Julian to mention the investigation into Nakamura's overdose. Julian was about to show his sister the article about Nakamura sudden return from the dead when Jordan Ashford walked in and asked about the job opening.

Julian excused himself to take a call from his daughter as Ava looked over Jordan's résumé. Ava wasn't impressed with Jordan's spotty work history and lack of experience beyond majoring in art in school. Jordan asked for a chance and promised that she was a quick learner, but Ava was unmoved. Jordan admitted that she had moved to town because Jordan had wanted an opportunity to get closer to her son. Ava glanced at a picture of Kiki as Jordan opened up about her rocky relationship with T.J. Ava relented and offered Jordan a job.

Ava instructed Jordan to report to work the following day at ten in the morning. After a grateful Jordan left, Julian asked why Ava had hired Jordan, who was likely going to report everything back to Shawn Butler, Sonny's right-hand man. Julian suddenly realized that perhaps Ava hoped that Julian's activities would get back to Sonny, but Ava scoffed at the suggestion and accused Julian of being paranoid. Ava then shifted gears to ask Julian about the article that he had wanted to show her before Jordan had arrived, so Julian handed his sister the newspaper folded open to the story about Nakamura.

Meanwhile, Jordan returned to Kelly's to announce that she had a job. Shawn wasn't pleased when she revealed that Ava Jerome had hired Jordan to work at the gallery.

In the squad room, Lulu tearfully asked Dante if Nathan had found any sign of the baby. Dante admitted that the trip to Corinth hadn't panned out. Upset, Lulu was desperate to find the monster who had taken their baby. Dante hugged his wife and promised her that they would find their son. He pointed out that it would help them to zero in on Liesl if they could rule out the obvious places. Dante insisted that they had people watching all of the train stations, roads leading out of town, and every airstrip.

Lulu wasn't comforted when Dante revealed that the World Security Bureau had joined the search. She reminded Dante that the WSB had set Liesl free, but Dante argued that the WSB would not allow a sociopath to kidnap an infant. Dante and Lulu were shocked when they saw a police officer escort Britt into the squad room. Dante demanded to know what was going on, so Diane Miller stepped forward to reveal that she had been hired to represent Britt. Britt smiled with hope as she asked if Nikolas had retained Diane's services, but Diane explained that Liesl had left Diane a message the previous day.

Dante and Lulu were outraged that Diane would help Britt after what Britt had done to them, but Diane had no idea what Dante and Lulu were talking about because Diane had just returned on the red-eye from vacationing with Max in Sporades. Lulu handed Diane the newspaper. Diane scanned the article and then pointed out that nothing in the article had tied Britt to the baby's kidnapping. Dante explained that Britt had been arrested for stealing the embryos, not kidnapping.

Dante and Lulu quickly filled Diane in about the theft of Dante and Lulu's frozen embryos, which Britt had implanted into herself. Diane explained that unfortunately, the law had not caught up with science, so Britt hadn't violated any laws. Dante and Lulu were outraged at the suggestion that there weren't any legal ramifications to stealing embryos when one had turned out to be Dante and Lulu's son. Diane conceded that at best, it had been larceny, but Britt should be released from custody. Dante refused, so he invited Diane to get a court order because Dante welcomed the opportunity to have a court record of everything that Britt had done.

After Diane left with a promise to have Britt out of jail by noon, Britt apologized to Lulu. Lulu shouted that Britt had treated the embryos as if they had been worthless and hadn't shown them any respect. Britt denied the accusation and insisted that Ben had been Britt's life and son. "No, he's my son," Lulu yelled. Britt agreed, but explained that it was difficult for Britt to get used to that idea.

A short time later, Diane returned with a court order. Disgusted, Lulu stormed out of the squad room because she couldn't stand to watch as Britt was allowed to walk out a free woman after everything that Britt had done.

At the Webber residence, Liesl criticized Elizabeth for serving fruit-flavored cereal to Elizabeth's sons for breakfast. Elizabeth pointed out that Liesl was on her second bowl of cereal, so Liesl conceded that the cereal had been surprisingly delicious, sweet, and crunchy. However, Liesl thought that Elizabeth should know better than to serve children the unhealthy breakfast.

Liesl and Elizabeth's conversation then drifted to Elizabeth's sons. Liesl was pleased that Audrey had agreed to watch Cam and Aiden, but Elizabeth warned Liesl that it wasn't a permanent solution because people had started to ask questions. Liesl assured Elizabeth that people had already lost interest in Ben's kidnapping and then showed Elizabeth the newspaper. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears when she saw the front-page announcement about A.J.'s passing.

Elizabeth explained that A.J. had badly wanted to change his life, but hadn't been able to. Liesl had little compassion for A.J. or Elizabeth and pointed out that at least A.J.'s family had saved a small fortune in legal and medical fees. Elizabeth was furious that she hadn't been able to be with A.J. during his final moments, but Liesl thought that Liesl had spared A.J. because Elizabeth's presence would have eroded A.J.'s dwindling sense of self-worth and hastened his demise.

Liesl knew about Elizabeth's failed relationship with A.J., when Elizabeth had dropped A.J. like a "hot potato" after A.J. had been accused of murdering Connie. Liesl suggested that Elizabeth save the crocodile tears because Elizabeth had refused to go back to A.J. even after A.J. had been acquitted of the murder. Elizabeth argued that it didn't mean that she hadn't cared about A.J. or that it didn't make Elizabeth sick to her stomach to think that someone had shot A.J. in cold blood.

Elizabeth also felt bad for Michael because Michael had never turned his back on his father. Liesl's lack of compassion continued to grate on Elizabeth's nerves, so Liesl admitted that Liesl knew about the loss of Elizabeth's child to Luke Spencer. Liesl confessed that she had respected Elizabeth's resilience, but Elizabeth refused to discuss Jake's death with Liesl. Their conversation then drifted back to Britt and Liesl's plan to reunite Britt with Ben. Elizabeth insisted that the baby was Dante and Lulu's son, not Britt's child, so Britt would never be allowed to keep the baby.

Liesl suggested that Elizabeth better hope that Britt was released from jail, or Liesl would be forced to kill Elizabeth and then flee with Ben. Liesl explained that Britt loved Ben as her own because Britt had carried Ben inside of Britt for nine months, so Liesl intended to reunite mother and son and then send them to an exotic location with pristine medical facilities, minimal regulations, and no extradition. Elizabeth warned Liesl that Liesl would never be able to stay on at the hospital as chief of staff, but Liesl was confident that her life in Port Charles was far from over.

Moments later, Lulu knocked on Elizabeth's front door.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

At Kelly's, Shawn was surprised when Jordan announced that she would report the following day to her new boss, Ava Jerome, at the art gallery. Shawn and T.J. explained that Ava's brother, Julian, was a rival mobster and that the gallery was the Jerome organization's base of operations. Jordan suddenly realized that her son had been in danger from Julian when Shawn had considered sending T.J. to her, so she demanded to know what had happened in December.

Shawn reluctantly revealed that T.J. had been caught in the crossfire of a mob shootout and that T.J. had been used as a human shield at one point during the incident. T.J. rushed to assure his mother that Shawn had not been to blame for T.J. being in the warehouse as Shawn reiterated that Julian was bad news. Shawn offered to drive Jordan to the art gallery to quit, but Jordan refused because Jordan insisted that she needed the job to support her son and to put T.J. through college. Shawn was shocked, but Jordan pointed out that she would be in the perfect position to keep an eye on the Jeromes to make certain that the Jeromes didn't go after T.J.

T.J. excused himself and left to meet Molly. Shawn waited until they were alone to confront Jordan about the real reason that Jordan had taken the job with Shawn's enemy.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava was stunned when she read the news article about Mr. Nakamura being alive. She immediately demanded to know if it was true and asked who Julian's sources had been. Julian smiled knowingly as he refused to give Ava any information. Moments later, an infuriated Detective West entered the gallery and demanded to talk to Julian about the newspaper article. Nathan pointedly glared at Ava and clarified "privately."

Ava bristled with indignation, but left to go to her office. Julian quietly warned the detective that Ava would circle back within thirty seconds to eavesdrop, so Nathan suggested that they make it sound good. Seconds later, Ava appeared around the corner to listen in on the conversation.

Nathan feigned fury that Julian had endangered the life of Nakamura, who was scheduled to spill all of his secrets to Detective West. Nathan wondered if perhaps Julian had written the article to help his sister, Ava, who was considered a prime suspect in the investigation along with Silas Clay. Julian admitted that he didn't trust his sister, so it would be to Julian's benefit if Ava was implicated in the crimes that the pharmacist intended to discuss. Surprised, Nathan asked for Julian's help by running an article claiming that pharmacist would be kept at a brownstone on Elm Street to send anyone who wished Nakamura harm in the wrong direction.

Julian refused to knowingly print a lie in the newspaper, so Nathan agreed to give Julian an exclusive with Nakamura in exchange for Julian's cooperation. Julian agreed provided that Nathan told him Nakamura's true location. Nathan reluctantly revealed that Nakamura was at Metro Court in Room 617.

After Nathan left, Julian called out to Ava. Ava quietly hovered in the corner a few seconds and then rounded the corner pretending that she had walked all the way from her office. She asked about the detective's visit, but Julian explained that he had to take care of some newspaper business and then left with the promise that they would finish their earlier discussion soon.

At Kelly's, Sam and Silas sat in a corner as they discussed Julian's article. Sam was relieved that her father had kept his word, but Silas was apprehensive because he realized that a lot could still go wrong. Sam preferred to focus on the positive and hoped that Detective West would finally know that Silas was innocent. Silas and Sam talked about how they hoped things would unfold at the art gallery, but Silas worried that Julian might decide that blood was thicker than water and protect Ava. Sam reminded Silas that Sam was Julian's daughter and that her father knew how important it was for Sam to clear Silas' name.

A short time later, Nathan entered the diner to reveal that everything had gone according to plan at the art gallery. Relieved, Sam was satisfied that they would be ready and waiting when Ava made the next move.

At the hotel, Sonny asked if Carly had intended to tell Franco that Sonny had shot A.J. Carly explained that she still needed time to figure things out and decide what was best for their son and for her relationship with Michael. Sonny reminded Carly that Michael had already lost one father, but Carly resented him trying to make her feel guilty. She also reminded Sonny that neither of them had ever considered A.J. to be Michael's father. Carly conceded that she wasn't upset about A.J.'s death because she had hated how A.J. had manipulated and wormed his way into Michael's life.

However, Carly refused a decision until Sonny explained what Ava had to do with A.J.'s shooting. Stunned, Sonny tried to deny that Ava had been there, but Carly explained that A.J. had claimed that Sonny had shot A.J. because of Ava. Sonny reluctantly confided to Carly everything that had transpired in Ava's apartment when Sonny had walked in to find A.J. chocking Ava. Carly explained that Sonny hadn't done anything wrong because Sonny had shot A.J. in defense of Ava, but Sonny confessed that he had shot A.J. after A.J. had no longer been a threat to Ava.

"I didn't shoot him because I had to, I shot him because I wanted to," Sonny admitted. Carly wasn't surprised that Ava's alibi had been a sham, but Sonny defended Ava and revealed that Ava had helped him cover everything up. Carly was skeptical and questioned why A.J. had been in Ava's apartment, so Sonny explained that Shawn had been watching Ava's place and had reported seeing A.J. heading to the apartment..

Sonny confided that he had gone to investigate and that Ava had claimed that A.J. had been upset because Julian had refused to hire A.J. to help take down Sonny. Carly questioned the story because she knew that A.J. had hated everything related to the mob. Sonny reminded Carly that A.J. had once hired Faith Roscoe to kidnap their children, but Carly insisted that had been her point; A.J. had hired someone to avoid getting his hands dirty. Sonny argued that perhaps A.J. had been smarter than they had given him credit for since A.J. had managed to manipulate Michael into loving A.J.

Carly explained that Michael had a big heart, so Sonny continued to paint A.J. as a vile and treacherous man who had wanted to kill the woman that Sonny had wanted and take everything else from Sonny. Carly assured Sonny that A.J. hadn't succeeded, but Sonny disagreed because he realized that he could lose Michael if Michael learned the truth. Carly promised to keep Sonny's secret, in part because she couldn't pretend to be sorry that A.J. had died.

Sonny agreed that A.J. had been a miserable human being, so Carly confessed that she had been determined to keep A.J. away from Michael from the onset because she had seen A.J. for who A.J. truly was. Carly insisted that she would always choose Sonny over A.J., even if she had things to do over because Michael loved Sonny and had never lost faith in him. Carly appreciated that Michael needed Sonny, so she refused to allow A.J. to take that away from her son by revealing the truth.

Sonny was relieved, but Carly warned him that they would have to take the secret to their graves. "God help us if Michael finds out the truth," Carly said.

In the squad room, Dante approached Britt as she was about to be released from police custody. He conceded that she had gotten a great attorney, but he advised Britt to remain in town. "And go where?" Britt sullenly wondered. Dante had no idea what Britt had cooked up with her mother, but Britt cut him off to reiterate that she had not plotted for her mother to take Ben. Dante ignored her cries of innocence and advised her to contact the police immediately if she heard from her mother otherwise Britt would be charged with obstruction of justice.

Britt turned to leave, but stopped short when Nikolas entered the squad room. Nikolas was outraged when he realized that Britt had been let go. Dante explained that it hadn't been a crime to steal the embryos because there hadn't been a monetary value on the frozen embryos. Nikolas was infuriated that Britt had been allowed to make off with the live of a child and walk. Britt insisted that she had given birth to Ben, but Nikolas was unmoved because the boy had never belonged to Britt.

Britt assured Nikolas that she didn't want to defend her actions, but she promised him that she hadn't acted out of malice. Disgusted, Nikolas suggested that Britt do them all a favor and stop playing the victim card "and get the hell out of our lives." Hurt, Britt promised Nikolas that her love for him had been real, but Nikolas informed her that their conversation was over and then turned his back on her.

After Britt left, Nikolas asked if there had been any word about Ben. Dante shook his head and then told his brother-in-law about Lulu's reaction to learning that Britt would be released. Dante admitted that he was concerned about Lulu. Nikolas was desperate to help find his nephew, so Dante put him to work on the phones.

At the hospital, Brad was startled when he saw Britt because he hadn't realized that she had been released from jail. Britt reminded him that she worked there, so Brad gently suggested that she go home. Britt conceded that she could catch the launch to Wyndemere, but she doubted that Nikolas would want her there. Britt then tearfully confessed that she had nowhere else to go.

Brad took pity on Britt and led her to an examination room. He couldn't believe that Nikolas would object to Britt staying at the castle for a few days until she could get her life in order, but Britt pointed out that she had stolen Nikolas' sister's son, so there wasn't any way to return from that. Britt then shifted gears and imagined that the hospital's staff would take great delight in Britt's downfall. Her eyes filled with sadness as she realized that she'd had everything that she had ever wanted in the palm of her hand.

Brad confessed that Lucas had dumped him because of Brad's role in everything that had happened to Lucas' cousin. Britt felt bad for Brad, but he insisted that he was to blame for his own choices. Britt was curious why Brad hadn't turned down her proposition to steal the embryos, so he confessed that it had been partly because of the job promotion and partly because Britt had been the only friend that he'd had. Britt confessed that he had been her only friend as well. Brad decided to invite Britt to stay at his place, but Britt declined because she didn't want to get him in more trouble than he already was in.

Brad didn't think that things could get any worse, but Britt reminded him that his mother was still out there with Ben. Brad and Britt talked about Ben and how much Britt had loved the little boy as her own. Brad was curious what Britt planned to do when Liesl called to reunite Britt with the baby. He wondered if Britt intended to alert the police or runaway with the baby. Before Britt could reply, nurse popped her head into the exam room to let Britt know that Britt had a call waiting.

At the Webber residence, Lulu pounded on the door and asked to speak to Elizabeth. Lulu refused to leave because Lulu had seen Elizabeth's car in the driveway and knew that Elizabeth was home. Elizabeth warned Liesl that Lulu wouldn't leave until Elizabeth invited Lulu inside, so Liesl reluctantly agreed to let Lulu in, but made it clear that they would move Elizabeth's car to the garage at the first opportunity.

After Liesl slipped out of sight with a gun, Elizabeth opened the door and apologized for not responding the sooner because she had been blow drying her hair. Elizabeth quickly changed the subject by asking about the search for Ben. Lulu was visibly upset as she sat down and opened up to Elizabeth about Lulu's fears for Ben's safety and Liesl's latest scheme to help Britt.

Liesl was pleased when she overheard that Britt had been released from police custody. Elizabeth pointedly commented that the police would monitor Britt's calls, but Lulu confessed that she wouldn't be surprised if Liesl found a way around that and then began to cry for Ben. Elizabeth assured Lulu that Ben was fine because Liesl wouldn't harm the baby if the plan was to reunite Britt and Ben. Lulu admitted that she couldn't shake the feeling that Liesl would lose her patience with the baby.

Elizabeth reminded Lulu that Lulu's instincts had told Lulu that Ben was Lulu's son, so those same instincts would let Lulu know if something bad had happened to Ben. Lulu realized that Elizabeth spoke from experience because of Jake, so Elizabeth confessed that she had felt her bottom drop out when Jake had died. Elizabeth urged Lulu to trust her gut, so Lulu thanked Elizabeth and confessed that Nikolas shouldn't have blown up at Elizabeth the way that he had.

Elizabeth assured Lulu that it was fine and that Nikolas had stopped by to apologize. However, Elizabeth admitted that the visit hadn't gone well because Nikolas had heard a noise that had led Nikolas to mistakenly believe that Ric had spent the night. Elizabeth then apologized for dumping her problems on Lulu when Lulu had more important matters to deal with. Lulu decided to head to the police station to check for an update, so she hugged Elizabeth goodbye and then left.

Liesl stepped out from around the corner and warned Elizabeth that Elizabeth had been playing with fire. However, Liesl was pleased because the visit had yielded useful information. Liesl picked up the phone and then called the hospital to talk to Britt.

At the police station, Dante was relieved when he saw his wife. He scolded her for leaving because he had been worried, so Lulu apologized and admitted that she had paid Elizabeth a visit. Nikolas perked up when Lulu confessed that talking to Elizabeth had helped.

Friday, April 4, 2014

At Kelly's, Shawn barked at Jordan to get out because she was not permitted in the kitchen, but Jordan refused to budge because Shawn couldn't make an outrageous accusation against her and then simply walk away. Shawn refused to apologize because he had noticed that Jordan hadn't denied anything that he had said. Jordan explained that she had taken the job at the Jerome Gallery because she needed the money, and then she tried to turn the focus on Shawn's association with Sonny.

Shawn refused to be sidetracked and suggested that Jordan was up to her old tricks. Jordan seemed taken aback, but Shawn didn't buy it and accused her of pretending to be as pure as the driven snow. However, both he and Jordan knew better because of what she had done in Maryland. Shawn wondered if Jordan had hoped that the Jeromes would put her back in business, but Jordan insisted that that part of her life was over and behind her.

Outside of Kelly's, Lucas called out to Felix when he spotted Felix approach the diner. Felix wasn't in the mood to hear about Lucas and Brad's happy little life together, so Lucas revealed that Lucas and Brad had ended things because Brad had helped Britt and Liesl steal Lulu's frozen embryos. Felix was stunned but then recalled his conversation with Brad on Valentine's Day. Felix realized that Brad had been on the verge of confessing all to him when Felix had confronted Brad with the picture and text messages from Lucas.

Lucas pointed out that even if Brad had confessed, it wouldn't have negated what Brad had done. Lucas conceded that Brad could have believed that taking the embryos had been harmless, but that had changed when Brad had learned the truth about Lulu's situation and that Ben would be the only child that Lulu could have. Lucas insisted that regardless of the reason, nothing could take away the pain that Dante and Lulu had gone through. Felix agreed, but he added that Brad could still have felt guilty about what had happened.

Later, Lucas listened to a voicemail message from Brad. Brad confessed that he had thought that he and Lucas had shared something real and that he missed Lucas.

In the squad room, Nikolas listened as Lulu told Dante about her visit with Elizabeth and Elizabeth's gut feeling that Ben was fine and unharmed. Lulu admitted that Elizabeth had been convincing, even though Lulu couldn't understand how Elizabeth could have been so certain. Nikolas assured his sister that Elizabeth tended to have good instincts and then reminded Lulu that Elizabeth had been right about Britt.

Dante was relieved that Elizabeth had given Lulu hope and then announced that he was headed to the courthouse to have a judge sign off on a surveillance team for Britt because Dante was certain that Liesl would reach out to her daughter. Dante promised that as soon as Liesl contacted Britt, they would get their son back.

After Dante left, Nikolas offered his sister more words of encouragement, but Lulu feared that everyone was just telling her what she had desperately wanted to hear. Nikolas made it clear that he refused to accept anything less than Ben's safe return and then added that it was clear that Elizabeth was equally convinced that Ben was fine. Lulu agreed that Elizabeth had made her feel better about Ben's safety and then confessed that it had felt good to talk to Elizabeth because Elizabeth was like family.

Lulu decided to broach the subject of Nikolas' recent visit with Elizabeth and his apology. Nikolas admitted that he had been completely out of line when he had lashed out at Elizabeth at the party because Britt had been the only to betray everyone. He felt terrible especially since he had driven Elizabeth into Ric's arms. "No, you didn't," Lulu replied, but Nikolas disagreed because he knew that Ric had always been obsessed with Elizabeth.

Nikolas explained that he had heard a noise during his visit with Elizabeth that had indicated that someone had been in the next room. Lulu insisted that Elizabeth had assured Lulu that Ric had dropped Elizabeth off and then had left. "Then who was it that I heard?" Nikolas asked. Lulu reiterated that Elizabeth had insisted that Ric had gone home. Confused, Nikolas couldn't understand why Elizabeth hadn't simply told him the truth, so Lulu suggested that perhaps Elizabeth had wanted to hurt Nikolas the way that Nikolas had hurt Elizabeth.

Nikolas denied that Elizabeth was like that, but Lulu pointed out that Nikolas and Elizabeth had a lot of history together and that they hadn't always treated each other well. Nikolas agreed, but he insisted that something about the noise that he had heard at Elizabeth's house hadn't added up.

Later, Lulu was relieved when Dante returned with a signed warrant authorizing the police to monitor Britt's activity. Dante and Lulu were confident that they would soon be reunited with their son.

At the hospital, Britt was stunned when she answered the phone at the nurses' desk and heard her mother's greeting. Liesl explained that she had called to reunite Britt with Ben. Britt reminded her mother that the police might be watching, but Liesl assured Britt that Liesl had taken care of everything, including calling Britt at work, because Liesl was a criminal mastermind.

Liesl wondered if Britt still loved Ben, so Britt assured her mother that she did, but Britt explained that Ben belonged to Dante and Lulu. Liesl disagreed because Britt had carried the baby for nine months, had given birth to the baby, and had loved him as her own. Liesl added that if Britt wanted the child then Britt would have to take Ben because the strong took from the weak. Britt argued that she would end up a fugitive, which wasn't a life for a child.

Liesl was disappointed in Britt's lack of faith in her mother because Liesl had made travel arrangements and had money as well as passports for Britt and Ben, so mother and son could start a new life. Liesl conceded that she hadn't always made Britt's life easy, but Liesl saw how much Britt had loved Ben, which was why Liesl was determined to give Britt a new life with Ben. Britt questioned if that was even possible, but Liesl assured her daughter that everything had already been put into motion.

Britt relented and asked where her mother and Ben were. Britt was stunned when Liesl confided to hiding out at Elizabeth's house. According to Liesl, Elizabeth had ruined Britt's party and Britt's life, so it had been fitting that Liesl use Elizabeth's home as a hideout where Elizabeth could help take care of Ben. Liesl instructed Britt to get packed quickly and then ended the call.

Brad approached the nurses' station as Britt ended the call. He quickly surmised that she had been on the phone with her mother, so he and Britt quickly ducked into the conference room to talk in private. Britt revealed that her mother had given Britt an opportunity to flee with Ben. Brad was curious what Britt intended to do. He appreciated that Britt loved Ben and then pointed out that there was nothing left for Britt in Port Charles. "God, help me. I want my son," Britt quietly admitted.

Britt wondered if Brad would think less of her if she took Ben and left town. Brad surprised her by admitting that he understood that she loved the baby and that she wanted to hold on to him. Britt thanked Brad for always being there for her and being someone that she could depend on. She conceded that she hadn't always given him a choice, but she did appreciate the friendship that they had developed. Brad felt the same about Britt and admitted that he hoped she got what she needed.

After Britt left, Brad spotted Felix exiting the elevator. Felix held up a bag of food as he explained that he had been at Kelly's and had bumped into Lucas. Brad was surprised when Felix revealed that Lucas had told Felix about the breakup and why Lucas had ended things with Brad. Felix was certain that Brad had intended to tell Felix the truth about Ben on Valentine's Day, so Brad confessed that it was true. Felix quietly suggested that sometimes relationships didn't work even with the best of intentions.

At Metro Court, Silas and Sam were anxious for Ava to show up. Nathan assured Silas and Sam that Ava had eavesdropped on Nathan and Julian's conversation, so Nathan was confident that Ava would make an appearance if she had been responsible for Nakamura's overdose. Silas admitted that Ava's ego was her biggest weakness, which they had played into by allowing her to overhear what she believed was a private discussion between Nathan and Julian.

A few minutes later, the plan hit a snag when Nathan received a call that a fellow police officer could not help out by posing as Nakamura during the sting operation. Nathan explained that everyone was needed to help find Dante's son, so Sam offered to take the police officer's place in the bed. Silas objected because he felt that it would be too dangerous. Sam argued that she had done far more dangerous things as a private investigator and then reminded Silas that both Silas and Nathan would be nearby and that the entire room was under surveillance. Silas didn't like the idea, but Nathan insisted that it was necessary for someone to pose as Nakamura because they needed to catch Ava in the act of trying to kill the pharmacist rather than simply sneaking into the room.

Silas decided that he would be the one to wait in the bed for Ava's arrival, but no sooner did the words leave his lips than Silas' cell phone rang. Silas had been called to the hospital for an emergency, so Sam assured him that she and Nathan could handle the situation. Silas reluctantly agreed leave and let Sam pose as Nakamura, but Silas warned Nathan that Nathan would be held accountable if anything to happen to Sam.

After Silas left, Nathan and Sam reviewed their plans. Nathan explained that he would hide out of sight in the next room, but he would be watching closely if Ava made a move. Sam climbed into the bed as her phone rang. It was Silas checking in to let her know that his patient had been stabilized. Sam revealed that she was snuggled in the bed, wishing that he was there with her, and waiting for Ava to show. Moments later, Nathan signaled Sam to get off of the phone, so she ended the call with a promise to call Silas back with an update.

Outside of the Jerome Gallery, Ava was startled when Morgan called out to her. He explained that he wanted to talk to her, but Ava nervously explained that it wasn't a good time because she had been on her way out. Morgan became concerned when he noticed that she was shaking. Ava claimed that she was simply cold and then began to ramble about spring. Morgan cut her off with a reminder that she tended to over-explain things when she was hiding something.

Morgan suggested that they go inside to talk, so Ava could warm up, but Ava insisted that it wasn't a good idea for them to be seen together, especially by Julian. Morgan revealed that he had seen Julian leave as Morgan had pulled up.

After Morgan and Ava had entered the gallery, Morgan asked what was troubling Ava. Morgan reminded Ava that they were partners in more ways than one and then showered her with compliments. Ava began to relax, but she refused to tell him where she had been headed. Morgan spotted the newspaper on the floor and saw the article about Nakamura, so he questioned if her errand had anything to do with Nakamura.

Ava insisted that she had been in New York City on gallery business and then claimed that Silas had been the one to try to kill Nakamura. Morgan seemed skeptical, but he let it drop because he wanted to know where Ava had been headed. Ava conceded that her behavior was odd, but she begged Morgan to trust her and to let the matter drop. Morgan assured Ava that he loved her, but he wanted a relationship based on trust. He agreed to stop asking questions, but he warned her that it wouldn't happen again or their relationship would be over.

After Ava left, Morgan looked at a picture that he had saved of him and Ava during happier times and then looked at the newspaper article about Nakamura.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth shook her head in disgust as Liesl talked to Britt about reuniting with Ben. Elizabeth snorted when Liesl mentioned that it had been Elizabeth's fault that Britt's life had been ruined, so Liesl threatened to dock Elizabeth's pay if Elizabeth failed to control herself.

After the phone call, Liesl happily called out to Ben that he would soon be reunited with his mother. Elizabeth was stunned that Liesl actually intended to go through with the plan to hand Dante and Lulu's son over to Britt. Liesl argued that Elizabeth's comments were tedious and then insisted that Britt was Ben's mother in every way that mattered. Elizabeth countered that Liesl had to see how crazy Liesl's plan was because Ben belonged to Dante and Lulu.

Liesl bragged that genius was often mistaken for madness, but Elizabeth argued that mad women were often mistaken for geniuses. Elizabeth confessed that she was surprised that Britt had agreed to go along with Liesl's plan because Elizabeth hadn't expected Britt to sink that low. Liesl insisted that Britt had seen the light, but Elizabeth had hoped that Britt would have had a pang of conscience and had turned Liesl in. Liesl grew tired of Elizabeth's "half-baked" comments, so Elizabeth apologized for planting a seed of doubt that Liesl's "demented scheme" would work.

Liesl insisted that Britt had been a loving mother to Ben and then threatened Elizabeth's life. However, a knock at the door sent Liesl dashing around the corner while Elizabeth got rid of whoever was at the door. It was Nikolas. Nikolas explained that he had talked to Lulu and that Lulu had mentioned that Ric hadn't spent the night at Elizabeth's house. Nikolas' eyes darted around the inside of Elizabeth's house from his vantage point on the porch as he asked who had been at Elizabeth's house earlier. "That would be me," Liesl answered as she stepped behind Elizabeth with the gun in clear view.

At the police station, Dante and Lulu were surprised when they saw Britt walk in.

At the hospital, Silas waited to hear from Sam, but was he startled when Ava walked up and told him that she needed to speak with him on an urgent matter.

In the suite, Sam was tucked under the blankets as someone used a key card to gain access to the room. The woman pulled a syringe from a purse and then slowly approached the bed. Sam sensed that the person was about to strike, so Sam jumped up and grabbed the woman's wrist with the deadly syringe. Meanwhile, Nathan flipped on the light and burst in the room with his gun raised. "Freeze," Nathan ordered as his mother, Madeline, turned to look at him.

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