General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 14, 2014 on GH

Rafe was taken off life support. Levi took steps to make it appear that Nathan had reported Levi to Immigration. Tracy agreed to help Alice in exchange for a promise. Spencer resorted to extreme measures to push Britt and Nikolas together.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 14, 2014 on GH
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Nathan entered his apartment, and Maxie immediately accused him of calling Immigration on Levi. Nathan was confused, but Levi reminded Nathan that outside of the three roommates, only Diane had known about Levi's expired visa. Maxie wondered why Nathan would have kept quiet even though it would have been Nathan's duty to report Levi. "Because you asked me to," he answered.

Levi's phone rang. It was Diane, so he walked away to take the call. Maxie asked if Nathan had told anyone about Levi. He admitted that he'd told Dante, but Dante wouldn't have said anything, given his partnership with Nathan and his friendship with Maxie. Nathan mentioned that Dante, in addition to Mac, wouldn't mind seeing Levi deported.

Maxie flew into a frenzy that Mac had said something about getting Levi deported. Nathan admitted that he'd told Mac about his suspicions that Levi had been the one to ruin Maxie's custody hearing, but he assured Maxie that Mac would never hurt Maxie by getting Levi in trouble. Nathan urged Maxie to "think with your own head."

Nathan continued that he'd met the "old Maxie" a few times, and he'd liked her because she'd been "real." He assumed that it was exhausting for Maxie to keep eating up everything Levi said and pretending to be someone she was not. She vowed to find out who had reported Levi, grabbed her purse, and stormed out of the apartment.

A few minutes later, Nathan left Mac a voicemail warning him that Maxie was on the warpath. Levi returned to the living room and wondered if Nathan had been leaving "another anonymous tip. Haven't you caused enough trouble for me?" he added.

Dante and Olivia sat at the Floating Rib with beers, while Lulu had a club soda. Referring to Lulu's virgin drink, Olivia wondered how soon the two would consider giving her another grandchild. As Olivia cuddled with Rocco at the table, Lulu related that she and Dante hadn't yet discussed it, but they were in no rush.

A while later, Dante, Lulu, and Olivia got their food. Olivia told the two about how she'd found Ava's mother breaking into Sonny's office for a flash drive. She didn't care what was on the flash drive and, trying to distract herself from Sonny, asked Dante to get her another beer.

Olivia remarked to Lulu about how much Rocco looked like Sonny when he smiled. Lulu suggested that Olivia still had feelings for Sonny. She cited the fact that Olivia could have let Ava's mother take the flash drive from Sonny's office, but she hadn't. Olivia instructed Lulu not to overthink things because things between Sonny and Olivia were over for good.

Dante got Olivia's beer but got caught up talking to Mac at the bar. Mac related how excited he and Felicia were to be grandparents, but they just wanted Maxie happy. However, Mac thought that Maxie needed to find the right guy first. "Not a Levi fan?" Dante asked. "Is anyone?" Mac shot back. Dante told Mac about Levi's night in jail. Mac was only disappointed that Dante couldn't have trumped up the charges so Levi could have stayed locked up.

Just then, Maxie entered the Floating Rib. She announced to Dante and Mac that she was there for answers. She demanded to know which of the men was responsible for having Levi deported.

Carly talked to Franco on the phone after his first day of work at the hospital. Just then, Sonny arrived at Carly's. She was glad Franco enjoyed his new job and let him go with a half-hearted "I love you." Carly got Sonny a drink and expressed her sympathy for what he'd been going through with Ava. He updated her on Ava's plot to use Delia to get the flash drive from Sonny's office. "You owe Olivia big," Carly said.

Sonny continued that Shawn had taken Delia back to New York, and Sonny had hidden the flash drive "where Ava will never think of looking." He told Carly that he had another issue -- Franco. She insisted that there was no issue with Franco, but Sonny didn't trust Carly's boyfriend. Carly remembered finding Franco at Michael's office. Sonny could tell that Carly was hiding something. After hounding her to talk, she finally admitted that Franco had almost told Michael that Sonny had killed A.J.

Carly insisted that Franco had been caught up in his jealousy, and he hadn't been thinking. She had gotten a promise from Franco not to spill any secrets. Sonny said that, as long as Franco was alive, things would never be all right.

Franco ran into Obrecht and thanked her again for the job. She happily told him that, thanks to the funding from the arts council for an art therapist, Franco was getting the hospital more publicity. He felt good about being able to contribute to society. Since the children he'd worked with had loved him so much, she offered for him to work in the orthopedic department. He jumped on the elevator to find the department.

Silas told Kiki that there were a lot of hoops to jump through before a transplant could be performed. She asked for Rafe's blood type but immediately regretted asking. Silas answered that Rafe was B-positive, which Kiki knew was Alice's blood type as well. She wanted to give him time to consider the decision to donate Rafe's heart, so she started to walk away. Silas stopped her and invited himself along to talk to "Alice's people."

Tracy informed Monica that she'd found a donor heart for Alice, and that Kiki was talking to Silas about it. Monica reminded Tracy how many factors needed to line up in order to perform a transplant. Tracy was worried about Alice, and Monica wondered, "Where did this newfound devotion come from?" Aptly timed, Kiki and Silas entered. Tracy expressed her sympathy to Silas and wondered if he were willing to donate Rafe's heart. "Yes I am," Silas stated.

Just then, Franco passed through. He expressed his sympathy to the Quartermaines about Alice. None of the family wanted him and demanded that he leave, but he informed them that he was an employee at the hospital. He turned to Kiki, said, "It's lucky we found out we're not Quartermaines. They're so rude," and left.

Silas continued where he'd left off. He knew that Rafe would want to help someone else if he could. He thought that Rafe had had a good heart, and that Alice was lucky to be getting it. Monica invited Silas along to check Alice's and Rafe's medical records, and they left. Morgan embraced Kiki in happiness. "Your brother and his ex seem to be getting along," Tracy muttered to Michael, who looked on at the two.

Tracy went into Alice's room, and Michael walked over to Morgan and Kiki, putting his arm around the latter. Kiki hoped that donating Rafe's heart to save a life would give Silas some comfort. Michael hoped the transplant would work. Morgan hoped there was nothing wrong with Rafe's heart.

Monica and Silas looked at X-rays of Alice's and Rafe's hearts, comparing the sizes. Obrecht entered the room and wondered what was going on. Monica filled Obrecht in on the situation and told her that, except for the size, everything else looked good. "Let's do this," Obrecht told them. Silas reluctantly informed Monica and Obrecht that Rafe had apparently been doing cocaine, though he hadn't been high at the time of the crash. Monica had done transplants with hearts from drug users but said she would have to see Rafe's toxicology screening first. Monica asked for Obrecht's permission to perform the transplant if the screening was all right.

Tracy exited Alice's room and told the group that Alice was thrilled to have a donor. Michael chided her for possibly getting Alice's hopes up for nothing. Monica and Silas returned, and Monica revealed that everything was in order for the transplant. Silas walked away to see Rafe. Kiki told him she would be there soon.

Tracy wanted an apology from Michael for being so negative. Just then, Obrecht appeared and cited a problem with the transplant. She revealed that Rafe had tested positive for heroin, and the hospital had a strict policy about not using organs that had been exposed to heroin.

Nina told Rafe that he was helping her drive a wedge between Silas and his "trailer trash girlfriend," and he wouldn't be able to tell anyone. She thanked him and promised to make sure he had a "great funeral." Suddenly, Rafe grabbed her hand and opened his eyes. Nina looked away and told herself that it was just a reflex. She took a deep breath and looked back at Rafe. He ripped the tubes out of his mouth. "Still think it's a reflex, bitch?" he spat.

"You thought you were off the hook. Well I'm not going gently," Rafe told Nina. He warned her that he was going to tell Silas of Nina's plans and pressed the call button for the nurses' station. She tried to justify her actions and offered to make another deal with him. He insisted that she couldn't buy him off again, and that he was going to do the right thing. She told him to keep his mouth shut or she would make him wish he were dead. He just stared at her as she screamed over and over again for him to say something.

Hearing the commotion, Franco entered Rafe's hospital room. He looked at Rafe, who was once again lying in bed with all of his tubes connected. Franco wondered if Nina was all right. She confided that she had seen and heard the "brain-dead boy" moving and talking, and decided that she was going crazy. He confessed that things like that had happened to him as well. He'd heard voices in his head telling him to hurt people, which he regretted doing.

Franco concluded that Nina was just under a lot of stress because, from the looks of things, she'd had a rough day. The two introduced themselves. He offered his art therapy services for the next day. Silas returned to the room and demanded to know why Franco was there, but Franco left. Nina covered that he'd "wandered into the wrong room." Silas told Nina that Rafe's heart was going to save someone's life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

At the apartment, Nathan wrapped up a phone call as Levi entered the living room. Levi snidely asked if Nathan had been phoning in another anonymous tip, so Nathan denied alerting Immigration about Levi's expired visa. Levi was curious who else could have done it, but Nathan claimed that he had no idea. However, Nathan suspected that Levi might know, since Levi was the resident expert on anonymous phone calls. "Oh, God, not this again," Levi muttered at the reminder that Nathan believed that Levi had sabotaged Maxie's custody hearing.

Nathan admitted that he didn't expect Levi to make a confession, but Levi argued that there wasn't any proof to Nathan's allegations. Disgusted, Nathan decided to leave, but Levi demanded to know where Maxie was. Nathan claimed not to know, but Levi didn't believe Nathan because Levi suspected that Maxie had stormed out after another one of Nathan and Maxie's arguments. Nathan reluctantly conceded that he and Maxie had discussed other possible candidates that might have contacted Immigration about Levi. Levi was stunned when Nathan added that Maxie might have left to confront Mac or Dante.

Levi was curious why Mac or Dante would report Levi to Immigration, so Nathan explained that Dante and Nathan were friends, while Mac disliked Levi. "Go to hell," Levi snapped at Nathan and then ran out of the apartment to find Maxie. Nathan hesitated a moment then followed Levi.

At the Floating Rib, Mac and Dante bonded over their dislike of Levi until Maxie marched in to demand who had reported Levi to Immigration. Mac smiled as he confessed that he would like to know the answer, too, because Mac wanted to buy the person a drink. Maxie was not amused, so she explained that she had it on good authority that the person who had reported Levi was either Mac or Dante. She waited for Mac or Dante to be man enough to fess up the truth, but both Mac and Dante denied making the call. Maxie didn't believe them, so she reminded them that Levi could be sent back to Australia.

Mac was certain that Levi wouldn't mind returning to the Outback, but Maxie wasn't appeased. Dante was curious why Maxie believed that either Mac or Dante had reported Levi to immigration. "Nathan," Maxie answered. She revealed that she had initially suspected Nathan of the deed because Nathan had an irrational and unfounded dislike of Levi. Mac admitted that he wouldn't call Nathan's dislike of Levi irrational, so Dante added that he wouldn't consider Nathan's low opinion of Levi unfounded either. Offended, Maxie insisted that Levi had been nothing except friendly toward Nathan.

Dante disagreed because Levi had recently punched Nathan. Maxie was surprised that Dante had known about the altercation in the park, so Dante explained that Nathan had shown up at work with a bandage over the cut. Dante added that it begged the question what an off-duty police officer should do when an idiot punched a police officer in the face. Maxie denied that Levi was an idiot, but she conceded that Levi had been swept up in the moment.

Nearby, Olivia and Lulu noticed that Maxie seemed upset, so Lulu decided to find out what was going on. Olivia kept an eye on Rocco, while Lulu approached Maxie, Mac, and Dante. Maxie quickly filled Lulu in on Levi's visa troubles and the possibility of deportation because of an anonymous tipster. Lulu confessed that she couldn't imagine Nathan accusing Mac or Dante of doing the deed, so Lulu suggested that perhaps Maxie had misinterpreted what Nathan had said.

Moments later, Nathan and Levi ran into the bar, so Maxie immediately confronted Nathan about suggesting that Mac or Dante had made the call to Immigration. Nathan quickly clarified that he had merely told Maxie about his conversation with Dante in the locker room and Mac's remarks following the judge's decision to bar Maxie from seeing Georgie. Dante admitted that Nathan had told the truth about their conversation, so Mac added that Mac had been tempted to report Levi to Immigration. However, Mac had ultimately decided against it. Nathan apologized to both Mac and Dante for causing them trouble, but neither Mac nor Dante was offended.

Mac offered to buy a round of drinks, but Levi pointed out that nothing had been resolved because someone had reported him to Immigration. Mac reminded Levi that Australia was lovely at that time of year, so Levi conceded that he enjoyed the indigenous flora and fauna of his homeland, but Levi loved Maxie more. Levi suggested that Nathan could easily clear things up by handing over Nathan's cell phone. Nathan refused until Levi commented that perhaps Nathan had something to hide. After Nathan handed his phone to Maxie, Maxie quickly scrolled through the call log.

Nathan was surprised when Maxie saw an 800 number because he didn't recall making any calls to an 800 number. Levi urged Maxie to call the number, so she did. She was stunned when an agent from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement greeted her. Levi smiled smugly as a shocked Nathan denied making the call. Dante and Lulu immediately sided with Nathan, but Maxie insisted that the call was proof of Nathan's guilt. Nathan argued that it didn't make sense for him to call Immigration and not delete the number, but Maxie was tired of Nathan's lies and vowed not to let him get away with it.

At the hospital, Felix was on the phone with Sabrina. He confessed that she sounded like things had been going well, so her trip to Puerto Rico had been the right decision. Felix tensed when Sabrina asked if there had been anything new to report. He glanced at Rafe's medical file, but decided not to tell Sabrina about Rafe's role in Gabriel's death or the accident that had left Rafe brain-dead.

Moments later, Brad tapped Felix on the shoulder and angrily thanked Felix for ruining things between Brad and Lucas. Felix ended his call with Sabrina and asked Brad to repeat himself. Brad insisted that Felix's stunt in the locker room had messed everything up for Brad and Lucas, but Felix reminded Brad that Brad had kissed Felix. Brad insisted that he had merely been trying to make a point to Felix that Brad and Lucas had passion, but Felix pointed out that Lucas had seen things differently.

Brad blamed Felix for Lucas' getting the wrong impression of what had transpired in the locker room because Felix hadn't disabused Lucas' misconception. Felix refused to take responsibility for Brad's actions, so Brad reminded Felix that Lucas had been at the hospital to reveal who Lucas wanted to pursue a relationship with. Brad was certain that Lucas had intended to pick Brad, but Felix was equally certain that Lucas had decided on Felix, since Brad had proven to be completely untrustworthy. "Trust is overrated," Brad countered.

According to Brad, Lucas and Brad had more passion together than they knew what to do with, but Felix wasn't impressed because eventually passion faded. Felix warned Brad that Brad didn't have what it took to build a real relationship, but Brad countered that Felix wouldn't fare any better, since Felix had never been in a relationship. The two men continued to argue until Felix pointed out that Lucas had walked away from both of them. The anger leeched out of Brad as he confessed that he needed a drink. Felix wanted a drink too, so Brad invited Felix to join him. Felix agreed, provided that Brad would pay.

Outside the Floating Rib, Julian thanked Lucas for agreeing to meet him for dinner. Julian confessed that he had been concerned about Lucas' safety following the shooting at the gallery, but Lucas insisted that he was fully recovered and had moved past the violent incident. Lucas added that there wasn't anything to worry about any longer since Julian was out of the mob and Ric, who had ordered the hit, was dead. Julian's smile was strained as he followed Lucas into the bar.

Lucas stopped to greet his cousin, Lulu. Lulu asked if Lucas had made a choice, but Lucas didn't have an opportunity to reply because Olivia pounced on the opportunity to point out that a table had just opened up. Olivia urged Julian to claim the table before anyone else could, so Lucas followed his father to the table. After Julian and Lucas sat down, Julian asked what Lulu had been talking about. Lucas warned his father that it was about Lucas' love life, but Julian didn't care.

Lucas revealed that it had all started when he had walked in on Brad and Felix in the locker room during a heated kiss, while Felix had been naked. Julian choked on a sip of beer, so Lucas asked if Julian was okay. Julian promised to let Lucas know once the shock had worn off, but Julian insisted that Lucas continue. Lucas opened up to Julian about Lucas' dilemma and what had transpired at the hospital when Lucas had walked in on Brad and Felix in the locker room. Lucas concluded his tale by revealing that he had gone to the hospital to tell both men that Lucas had made a decision about who Lucas wanted to explore a relationship with.

Julian was eager to know who the lucky man was, so Lucas confessed that it hadn't been easy because Lucas had been drawn to each man for different reasons. Lucas opened up about the passion that he and Brad had shared, so Julian confessed that he had felt a similar pull to Alexis. Lucas cringed when Julian began to talk about his attraction to Alexis, but Julian was unapologetic, since Lucas could appreciate how Julian had felt earlier.

"Touché," Lucas conceded with a good-natured grin. Julian cut to the chase by asking which man Lucas had chosen. Lucas was about to tell his father when Lucas glanced up and spotted Brad and Felix. Brad and Felix approached Lucas and Julian's table to greet Lucas. Brad was curious why Lucas was there, but Lucas turned the question around on Brad and Felix.

It quickly became clear that Lucas assumed that Brad and Felix were on a date. Brad insisted that Lucas had the wrong idea, but Lucas wasn't interested in hearing Brad's explanation. Brad and Felix appeared somber as they watched Lucas and Julian leave.

At Carly's residence, Sonny was furious when Carly revealed that Franco had gone to Michael's office to tell Michael that Sonny had killed A.J. Carly quickly added that she had arrived in the nick of time to stop Franco, but Sonny wasn't satisfied. Carly assured Sonny that it wouldn't happen again because Franco appreciated how important it was to her that Michael never learn Sonny's secret. She promised Sonny that everything would be okay. "Not as long as Franco is alive," Sonny argued.

Sonny insisted that he couldn't risk Michael learning the truth about A.J.'s death, so Carly demanded to know if Sonny intended to kill Franco. Sonny explained that it was the only way to guarantee that Franco would stay quiet, but Carly argued that Sonny couldn't simply snuff out Franco. She reminded Sonny that she loved Franco, but Sonny accused Carly of lying to herself to justify her relationship with a "freak" that she had no business being involved with.

Carly refused to defend her choices to Sonny but she warned Sonny that he couldn't kill Franco. Moments later, Franco arrived home and immediately picked up the tension between Sonny and Carly. Franco asked what was going on, so Carly explained that Sonny had been about to leave. Instead of leaving, Sonny confronted Franco about going to see Michael to tell Michael the truth about A.J.'s death. Franco assured Sonny that Sonny's secret was safe because Franco knew that it would hurt Carly.

Sonny explained that he couldn't trust Franco, so Franco jokingly pointed out that nothing short of killing Franco could ensure Franco's silence. Franco realized that Sonny had already made the threat when Franco noticed the nervous glance that Carly cast in Sonny's direction. Carly quickly assured Franco that Sonny wouldn't kill Franco, but Franco didn't believe her.

Franco invited Sonny to shoot him, but Sonny refused to implicate Carly or subject Josslyn to a bloody crime scene by killing Franco in Carly's home. Sonny also confessed that he didn't like to get his hands dirty with scum like Franco. However, Sonny decided to take a page out of Carly's book by trusting Franco to know the consequences if Franco shared Sonny's secret with Michael. Sonny warned Franco to stay away from Michael and then left.

"How could you?" Franco asked Carly. Franco acknowledged that he had acted on a bad impulse when he had paid Michael a visit at ELQ, but he had ultimately kept Sonny's secret. Carly assured Franco that she appreciated why he had gone to Michael's office and that she had forgiven Franco, but she reminded Franco that only her timely arrival had stopped Franco from telling Michael the truth about how A.J. had died.

Franco explained that he had made a promise to Carly because he valued their relationship. However, he was hurt that she had told Sonny. Carly insisted that she hadn't been able to keep the truth from Sonny because Sonny had known that she had been hiding something. Franco questioned if he had ever known Carly at all, but Carly resented the comment. She admitted that she had once been a "selfish, screwed up, disaster of a human being" but Michael's birth had changed everything.

Carly admitted that she hadn't changed overnight but Michael had given her something to fight for. She added that she had three children to fight for, so Franco couldn't expect her to choose between him and her children. She warned him that she would always choose her children above all others. Franco explained that he just wanted to know if Sonny was part of that deal. "Yes," Carly answered then quickly added that Jax was as well because she shared a child with Jax too.

Franco argued that the difference was that Jax wasn't a constant presence in their relationship like Sonny was. Franco was curious if she was really okay with Sonny threatening to kill Franco, so Carly assured Franco that she was not. However, Carly explained that Franco had threatened Michael, which had made Sonny feel justified in responding with violence. She added that Sonny wouldn't make a move against Franco because Sonny knew how much she loved Franco. Carly promised Franco that he was safe, but she warned him that Sonny hadn't held onto Sonny's territory for decades by turning the other cheek when threatened.

Carly confessed that Sonny would always be a part of her life. She hoped that Franco could accept her life and everything that accompanied it because she loved him. Franco assured her that he could, so Carly hugged and kissed him.

Later, Carly and Franco sat in the living room, enjoying pizza. Franco told Carly about his day and admitted that he couldn't understand why people disliked Liesl. Carly reminded Franco that Liesl had stolen Lulu's frozen embryos then had used those same embryos to wiggle out of felony charges. Franco argued that Liesl hadn't been as bad as Heather, but Carly didn't want to talk about Franco's mother. She insisted that she and Franco were in a good place, but Franco warned her that they might not be if Sonny decided to kill Franco for knowing too much.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jordan spoke to Anna on the phone to let Anna know that Jordan had a dinner date with Mickey Diamond. Jordan revealed that she intended to use Mickey's interest in her to her advantage. Jordan confided that she expected a few curve balls, but she promised to be careful. After Jordan ended the call, Shawn walked up.

Shawn and Jordan exchanged pleasantries then Shawn complimented Jordan's dress. Jordan was surprised when Shawn began to reminisce about a special night that they had spent together long before because she hadn't expected him to remember. Shawn admitted that he had never forgotten it, but the close moment was shattered when Mickey Diamond walked up. Shawn tensed as Mickey talked about how much he had looked forward to spending the evening with Jordan.

Jordan introduced Mickey to Shawn. Shawn thought he recognized Mickey's name, but Mickey insisted that it was a common occurrence that went with the territory of having a flashy name. Mickey then appeared to dismiss Shawn by ushering Jordan to a nearby table.

Moments later, Sonny joined Shawn at the bar. Sonny apologized for being late then began to grumble about Carly. Shawn and Sonny each ordered a drink, but Shawn's eyes kept straying to Jordan.

At the table, Mickey reached for Jordan's hand as he asked her to tell him about herself. Jordan was curious what Mickey's search into her background had yielded, so Mickey confessed that he knew little beyond her two-year stint in jail. Jordan cryptically revealed that the experience had transformed her into the woman that he saw. The conversation then drifted to the topic of their boss. Jordan was eager to know about the person they answered to, but Mickey returned the focus back to Jordan by asking about her time behind bars.

Jordan explained that she had made a lot of connections in jail that had eventually led her to the Jerome Gallery. Mickey turned on the charm by showering Jordan with compliments, but his easy smile vanished when Shawn suddenly walked up to order Mickey to let go of Jordan's hand. Things quickly escalated when Mickey stood up to let Shawn see the gun holstered to Mickey's hip.

Jordan calmly advised Mickey to close his jacket and asked Shawn to leave. Shawn refused to budge, so Mickey threatened to take Shawn out. "Try it," Shawn growled. Jordan tried to defuse the situation, but Shawn and Mickey continued to issue threats to each other. Eventually, Sonny intervened and dragged Shawn back to the bar.

After Sonny and Shawn walked away, Mickey asked if Jordan was involved with Shawn. Jordan insisted that she and Shawn were just friends, so Mickey invited her to his hotel room for dessert. Jordan admitted that she wanted to keep things professional, but Mickey made it clear that the only way for her to move up in the organization was by making him happy.

At the bar, Sonny asked if Shawn and Jordan were involved. Shawn denied it, so Sonny changed the subject by revealing that he needed help with a problem. Sonny confided that Franco knew too much, but Sonny had promised Carly not to make a move against Franco. However, Sonny admitted that Franco's death was not completely off the table.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

At the hospital, Tracy realized that it wasn't fair to allow Alice to continue to cling to false hope. Michael blamed Tracy for creating the situation by not waiting until the doctors had approved everything. Tracy refused to apologize for caring for Alice, but she conceded that it was her responsibility to tell Alice about the complication. "Not so fast," Michael said as Tracy started to walk away. Michael questioned Tracy's reasons for wanting to talk to Alice alone because he hadn't forgotten about Alice's phone call warning him about Tracy.

Tracy tried to dismiss Alice's comments as ramblings induced by a heart attack, but Michael saw through the ploy. However, he agreed to drop the matter until Alice was out of the woods. Tracy pretended to be indifferent to the threat, but her mask quickly slipped after Michael walked away.

A short time later, Tracy entered Alice's hospital room to present Alice with a stack of magazines featuring Alice's favorite celebrity. Alice was touched by the gift, especially since Tracy had already given Alice the best gift of all -- a new heart. Tracy's smile faded as she gently broke the news to Alice that Rafe's heart could not be used for a transplant, but she rushed to assure Alice that Alice remained at the top of the hospital's transplant list. Tracy also promised to continue to use ELQ's considerable resources to aid in the search for a new heart -- under one condition.

Alice was stunned when Tracy explained that it might not be in Alice's best interest to tell anyone about Tracy's plans at ELQ. Alice demanded to know if that had been a threat, so Tracy assured Alice that she cared about Alice and only wanted the best for her.

At the brownstone, Kiki sighed with relief when she realized that Morgan had made coffee. She grabbed a cup then quietly assured Morgan that Alice would be okay, but Morgan was skeptical because he knew that Alice couldn't survive long without a heart transplant. His temper flared as he thought about Tracy because Tracy had made the situation worse by raising Alice's hopes. Kiki confessed that she couldn't believe that Rafe had been using heroin, and no one in her family had noticed.

Morgan felt bad for talking about Alice while Kiki had been dealing with her own grief, but Kiki assured Morgan that it was fine. She admitted that she didn't know how she would get through watching Rafe take his last breath when Silas turned off Rafe's life support later that day, but she was determined to be by her father's side. Morgan was certain that Silas would understand if Kiki opted not to be there for Rafe's final moments, but Kiki refused to abandon her father when he needed his loved ones the most. Morgan sensed Kiki's desire to appear strong, so he assured her that it wasn't necessary to put on a brave front for his sake.

Kiki was startled when Morgan suddenly threw an object into the fireplace and it shattered. He explained that breaking things was cathartic and invited Kiki to follow his example. Kiki hesitated, but Morgan pointed out that she couldn't ruin anything because the brownstone was under construction. Kiki picked up an object and threw it into the fireplace. Morgan smiled with satisfaction as he walked up behind her to rub her shoulders. He was curious how she felt, so she admitted that she felt better.

Moments later, Michael arrived. Kiki ran to greet Michael with a kiss as Morgan watched. Michael explained that he had stopped by to see if Morgan and Kiki wanted a lift to the hospital, so Morgan asked how Alice had reacted to the news about Rafe's heart. Michael revealed that he had left as Tracy had gone to give Alice the news.

A short time later, Morgan returned to the foyer to join his brother as they waited for Kiki to finish getting ready. Michael looked around as he carefully asked Morgan how things had been working out with Morgan and Kiki living under the same roof. Morgan sensed that there had been an underlying question about Morgan and Kiki's relationship, but Kiki joined the brothers before Morgan could ask Michael about it.

Later, Michael and Morgan entered Alice's hospital room as Tracy asked if Tracy and Alice had an agreement. "Agreement about what?" Michael asked. Alice quickly covered for Tracy by explaining that Tracy had told her about Rafe's heart. Morgan promised Alice that everything would work out, so Alice assured Morgan that Tracy would do whatever it took to make certain that Alice received a new heart and that Alice would do the same. Tracy relaxed as she realized that it had been Alice's way of agreeing to Tracy's terms.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Silas and Nina exited the elevator. Nina assured Silas that she was perfectly capable of maneuvering her wheelchair without assistance, but Silas insisted on pushing it. He admitted that he knew that she'd had a bad night because he had heard her calling out Rafe's name repeatedly throughout the night when he had checked on her. Nina apologized, but Silas assured her that it was a common for people to suffer night terrors shortly after waking up from an extended coma, so Nina confessed that Rafe's situation had hit a close to home for her.

Nina felt bad for Rafe, especially since the tragedy had been made worse by the realization that the surgeon had intentionally nicked Rafe's blood vessel during surgery. Nina couldn't imagine how difficult it was for Silas to know that Sam was on Patrick's side. Nina offered to stay with Silas, but he refused to let her compromise her recovery by skipping a physical therapy session. Nina hid her disappointment by reluctantly agreeing to go.

After Silas left, Rosalie stepped forward to remark about Nina's progress with him. Nina scolded Rosalie for startling her because Nina had nearly jumped up out of the wheelchair as she had done when Rafe had spoken to her. Rosalie frowned because she knew that Rafe was brain-dead and incapable of communicating.

Moments later, Rosalie and Nina entered a nearby examination room. Nina quickly filled Rosalie in about what had transpired in Rafe's hospital room the previous day. She credited Franco for helping her to calm down but confessed that Rafe's condition had left her shaken because Nina realized that she was responsible for the tragedy. Rosalie disagreed, but Nina insisted that Rafe wouldn't have crashed if Nina hadn't given him money to flee town. Nina reminded Rosalie that she and Rosalie had been the adults and that they had both known that Rafe had been on drugs and upset.

Rosalie argued that Rafe had been on the run because he had caused a child's death. She was curious where Nina's remorse stemmed from because Nina hadn't had any regrets about going after Silas and the people close to him. Nina explained that the names on Nina's list were people who had wronged Nina, but Rafe had not been one of them. Rosalie wondered if Nina intended to confess everything to Silas. She was shocked when Nina revealed that was exactly what she intended to do.

Nina admitted that Rafe haunted her, and she feared that she would continue to see his face and hear his taunts until she cleared her conscience. Rosalie warned Nina not to expect Silas to forgive Nina and then live happily ever after as husband and wife because Nina would only end up alone with nothing except a bottomless bank account.

In Rafe's hospital room, Elizabeth checked the monitors then stopped to quietly tell Rafe how sorry she was for what had happened to him. Moments later, Sam entered the room. Elizabeth asked about Molly, so Sam revealed that Molly was resting comfortably and hadn't suffered any complications from the concussion. Relieved, Elizabeth shifted gears to extend her condolences to Sam. Sam thanked Elizabeth, so Elizabeth offered to stay with Sam and find another doctor to turn off Rafe's life support because it might be too difficult for Silas to do.

Sam admitted that she didn't know what Silas needed because she hadn't seen Silas since shortly after Rafe's surgery. However, Sam suspected that Nina might have an idea. Sam became upset at the thought of what needed to be done for Rafe. She was certain that he would want to be laid to rest next to his mother, so she needed to talk to Silas. Elizabeth assured Sam that there wasn't a rush.

Sam fought back tears as she confided that things had been crazy even before the accident. Elizabeth admitted that she had heard about Silas' wife moving in with him, so Sam filled her in about Silas' certainty that Patrick had intentionally harmed Rafe during surgery. Elizabeth immediately defended Patrick. Sam assured Elizabeth that she agreed that Patrick would never harm a patient, but Silas was angry and determined to blame someone for Rafe dying. Elizabeth recalled how angry she had been when Jason had approached Elizabeth about donating Jake's kidney after their son had died.

Sam explained that she needed to find a way to make Silas see that Patrick hadn't murdered Rafe, but she knew that it wasn't the right time to get into it. "Right time to get into what?" Silas asked as he appeared in the doorway. Elizabeth slipped out of the room to give Silas and Sam privacy.

Later, Elizabeth and Felix finished changing out of their scrubs after their shift had ended. Felix noticed Elizabeth's somber mood, so she explained that it had been difficult for her to see Rafe because Rafe's situation reminded her of her Jake. Felix filled with compassion as Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't had enough time with her son. He asked if she was going to be okay, so she explained that she had to be because she couldn't risk Liesl firing her again.

Felix admitted that he had been surprised that Liesl had rehired Elizabeth, but Elizabeth revealed that Britt had gone to bat for her. Felix was certain that Britt had done it to make herself look good to Nikolas rather than out of the goodness of Britt's heart. Elizabeth agreed, prompting Felix to wonder how Elizabeth would feel if Britt were to actually make a play for Nikolas.

In the park, Nikolas tied Spencer's shoe as they talked about Alice. Nikolas assured his son that General Hospital was an excellent hospital and promised to take Spencer to visit Alice when she was better -- provided that Spencer was nice to the substitute counselor. Spencer promised to behave, so Nikolas wondered who the new counselor was. As if on cue, Britt blew a whistle to corral the children together.

Later, the children scampered off to enjoy activities as Nikolas helped Britt organize things. He was curious what she was doing there, so Britt claimed that she volunteered when she had heard about Alice. Nearby, Spencer waited until Nikolas had stepped away to take a phone call before approaching Britt. Britt immediately thanked Spencer for giving her a heads-up about Alice.

"If I survive these brats, I'm going to come out smelling like roses," Britt added with a big smile. Spencer promised to keep the kids in line while Britt worked on reeling in Nikolas, so Britt assured her co-conspirator that she had it covered. Spencer decided that Britt needed another ace up her sleeve, but Josslyn overheard Spencer's remark and asked what they had been discussing. Spencer resented Josslyn's interference, but Josslyn refused to back down.

Spencer saw his father approach, so he quickly dragged Josslyn away. Britt smiled nervously as she confessed to Nikolas that she might have bitten off more than she could chew with the children. As expected, Nikolas offered to help her out. Britt made a show of not wanting to impose, but Nikolas promised her that it wouldn't be an inconvenience.

A short time later, Britt thanked Nikolas for including her in his Fourth of July celebrations. She admitted that she knew that Spencer had forced Nikolas' hand, but Nikolas assured Britt that he'd had fun. Britt smiled as she confessed that she hoped they could one day be friends, but the moment was ruined when Josslyn threw a water balloon at Britt, hitting Britt in the back. Spencer ran over to demand that Josslyn put down the other water balloon and apologize.

Josslyn defiantly held out the balloon then dropped it. Josslyn smirked as water splashed on both Spencer and Britt, but dutifully apologized. After Spencer and Josslyn walked away, Britt pulled off the wet t-shirt to let it dry. Nikolas quickly offered Britt his t-shirt so she wouldn't have to stand around in her sports bra, and Britt thanked him. Nearby, Spencer handed Josslyn a candy bar in exchange for her help.

Later, Nikolas and Britt handed out the children's lunches. Nikolas warned Josslyn not to throw any more water balloons, but Josslyn argued that in her family, the whole point of having water balloons was to ambush people when they weren't expecting it. Spencer informed Josslyn that the rules were different at camp, so Josslyn apologized. Spencer decided to follow his father's example by forgiving Josslyn the way Nikolas had forgiven Britt.

After lunch, Nikolas apologized as he and Britt cleaned up. Nikolas acknowledged that his son could be relentless when he wanted something, but Britt insisted that Nikolas had nothing to be sorry about because Spencer's tenacity was one of his best qualities. However, she admitted that she owed Nikolas an apology because she knew that Spencer's antics were an attempt to get Nikolas and Britt back together. She offered to set Spencer straight by explaining that it wouldn't happen because Nikolas didn't want it to.

Nearby, Elizabeth stopped short when she saw Nikolas and Britt together.

At the hospital, Molly was startled awake after dreaming about Rafe's confession that someone had forced him to drive Patrick off the road. Alexis and T.J. rushed to Molly's side to assure her that everything was okay and that she had just been dreaming, but Molly insisted that she had dreamed about something that Rafe had told her. Molly started to share details of the dream, but the memory quickly vanished. Alexis urged Molly to rest, while T.J. promised Molly that the memory would return if it were important.

Molly explained that she could simply ask Rafe about the dream, but Molly became concerned when she noticed Alexis and T.J. exchange a worried glance. Molly demanded to know what they weren't telling her, so Alexis gently broke the news that Rafe was gone. Alexis explained that Rafe had suffered a head injury that had required surgery, but complications during the operation had left Rafe brain-dead. Molly's grief turned to shock when Alexis revealed that Rafe's family intended to take Rafe off life support later that day.

Molly argued that Rafe might get better, but Alexis clarified that Rafe's condition was irreversible. Molly became distraught and reached for a tissue, but she tensed when she spotted her copy of A Streetcar Named Desire. Alexis was startled when Molly announced that she wanted to be with Rafe when Rafe was taken off life support. Molly wanted to say goodbye to Rafe, in part because she hadn't been able to say goodbye to her father when Ric had died.

In Rafe's hospital room, Sam explained to Silas that Rafe's heart couldn't be used for a transplant because Rafe's toxicology report showed that Rafe had been exposed to heroin. Shocked, Silas stumbled to his nephew's bedside to reach for Rafe's hand. Sam and Silas confessed that they each regretted that they hadn't paid closer attention to Rafe. Silas admitted that it had been somewhat of a comfort, knowing that Rafe's death would save lives, but that had been snatched away. Sam and Silas held each other as they wept for Rafe.

Later, Silas, Sam, and Kiki stood near Rafe's bed as Molly, Alexis, and T.J. entered the room. Molly tearfully extended her condolences to Silas then thanked him for letting her be there for Rafe during Rafe's final moments. Silas appreciated that Molly had cared for his nephew, so he thanked her for being Rafe's friend. Sam, Kiki, and Silas each shared final words with Rafe then stepped aside for Molly.

Molly placed her copy of A Streetcar Named Desire in Rafe's hands and told him that she was sorry for everything that had gone wrong. She hoped that Rafe knew how much he had meant to her. Moments later, Silas told Rafe that he hoped Rafe could finally find peace, and he turned off Rafe's life support. Everyone silently wept and comforted each other as they stayed with Rafe until the heart monitor flat-lined.

Later, Alexis helped Molly back into the hospital bed and told her daughter to rest. Molly was upset because both Rafe and her father, Ric, had died in an instant without any warning. However, Molly was certain that she might get some closure if she could remember what Rafe had told her in the car prior to the accident. Alexis urged Molly to focus on the good times with Rafe rather than trying to force herself to remember something.

Meanwhile, Rosalie guided Nina's wheelchair to Rafe's hospital room. Nina promised to keep Rosalie's name out of her confession to Silas, but Nina's mood quickly shifted when Nina saw Silas and Sam comforting each other in Rafe's hospital room. Moments later, Silas and Sam walked out. Silas saw Nina, so he asked what she was doing there.

Today's show featured the original song "Reaching" by Daena Jay.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Due to ABC News coverage of the crash of a Malaysia Airlines passenger in a disputed region between Ukraine and Russia.

Because of this developing story, General Hospital did not air today. The episode originally scheduled to air today will now air tomorrow, Friday, July 18, 2014. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nathan arrived home from his morning run but stopped to investigate the garbage bags littering the hallway outside the apartment. He was stunned when he realized that they had been filled with his belongings. Moments later, Maxie opened the door and glared at Nathan as he demanded to know what was going on. Maxie tossed an armful of clothes at him as she informed Nathan that he was lucky that she hadn't burned his things. "You rat," she added as she slammed the door closed.

Nathan realized that Maxie still believed that he had been responsible for alerting Immigration about Levi's visa troubles. He tried to use his key to open the door but quickly discovered that the locks had been changed, so he yelled through the door to assure Maxie that he hadn't called Immigration. Maxie insisted that she wanted him to leave, but Nathan accused her of being unfair because he didn't have anywhere to go. Maxie suggested that Nathan look for a place on the waterfront, since he supported the revitalization project, but Nathan argued that he had paid his rent until the end of the month.

Maxie advised Nathan to get an attorney but warned him not to call Diane because she had already retained Diane's legal services to help Levi. Nathan and Maxie continued to bicker through the door until finally Maxie opened the door to allow Nathan to collect the rest of his belongings. Nathan immediately seized the opportunity to try to clear the air, but Maxie was furious and insisted that he had falsely accused Mac and Dante of tipping off Immigration. Nathan clarified that he had merely admitted that he had told Dante about Levi's visa troubles and that Mac had mentioned months earlier that Mac had been tempted to call Immigration on Levi.

Nathan insisted that Maxie had jumped to the wrong conclusion. He also added that he resented how she seemed determined to believe the worst about him. Maxie pointed out that the incriminating phone call had been made from Nathan's cell phone, but Nathan argued that it didn't prove that he had made the call. Maxie wondered who else it could have been, so Nathan carefully explained that it had to have been someone who had had access to his phone and incentive to make him look bad. As if on cue, Levi arrived home.

"What about him?" Nathan suggested as he pointed to Levi. Stunned, Maxie sputtered with outrage. Levi demanded to know what Nathan was doing in the apartment and why the locks hadn't been changed, prompting Nathan to realize that it had been Levi's idea to evict Nathan. Maxie insisted that it had been her idea, but then shifted gears to tell Levi about Nathan's theory that Levi had called Immigration. Levi recalled making the phone call on Nathan's cell phone, but insisted that it would have been "suicide" for him to report himself.

Nathan didn't believe Levi's denials because Levi was the only one who had stood to gain by discrediting Nathan. Levi accused Nathan of being a narcissist, so Maxie reiterated that Nathan had to leave. She explained that things had been too stressful between the three of them from the beginning because Nathan had taken an instant disliking to Levi. Nathan agreed to leave, but he made it clear that he intended to prove that Levi was up to no good. In the hallway, Nathan collected his things as his thoughts drifted to the Fourth of July celebration in the park when he had told Maxie that she had beautiful eyes.

Meanwhile, Maxie apologized to Levi for letting Nathan into the apartment. Levi assured her that it was okay, but she was hurt that Nathan had betrayed them by contacting Immigration. Levi admitted that it killed him that he and Maxie might be torn apart, but Maxie reminded him that she could return to Australia with him.

In the park, Felix noticed the expression on Elizabeth's face as she watched Nikolas and Britt. "Heaven help me if I'm ever the object of that look," Felix remarked. Elizabeth conceded that sometimes she showed her feelings without meaning to. She also realized that it might be unfair to glare at Britt after Britt had helped get Elizabeth rehired at the hospital. Felix argued that it wasn't enough of a reason for Elizabeth to stand by while Britt cozied up to Nikolas.

Moments later, Felix and Elizabeth approached Nikolas and Britt. Felix snatched the day camp's itinerary out of Britt's hand as he asked when she had lost her aversion to children. Britt admitted that she'd had a change of heart after she'd had a child of her own, but Felix reminded Britt that Ben hadn't been her child. Nikolas quickly intervened by explaining that Britt had offered to step in for Alice when Britt had heard about Alice's heart attack. Britt's smile quickly faded when Felix and Elizabeth explained that they would like to volunteer too.

Britt tried to discourage Felix and Elizabeth by threatening to assign Felix the task of cleaning latrines, but Nikolas assured Felix and Elizabeth that their help would be appreciated. After Britt walked away, Felix surprised Elizabeth by announcing that he had to return to the hospital for another shift. Elizabeth followed Felix to try to get him to stay, but Felix insisted that she needed time alone with Nikolas.

Nearby, Britt called her mother to beg Liesl to call Elizabeth in for another shift. Liesl explained that it was impossible because Elizabeth had just finished a double shift, but Britt wasn't satisfied because she needed help. Liesl advised her daughter to pull out the big guns and then ended the call.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Elizabeth talked about her heavy work schedule. She confessed that she had gone from persona non grata to Liesl's favorite person because Liesl had been giving Elizabeth plenty of extra shifts. Elizabeth was grateful that she had her job back, but she felt a bit overwhelmed because she didn't have time for anything except work and sleep.

On a nearby park bench, Spencer watched Emma and Cameron play together as Josslyn walked up to ask if Spencer wanted a friendship bracelet or if he intended to stare at Emma all day. Spencer tensed when he saw Cam throw his arm over Emma's shoulders and then kiss her on the cheek, so Spencer did the same to Josslyn. Josslyn was disgusted by the peck on the cheek, prompting Cam and Emma to turn to find out why Josslyn had cried out. Spencer smugly informed Cam and Emma that he had moved on and that Josslyn was his girl, but Josslyn quickly clarified that Spencer had not moved on nor was Josslyn his girl.

Britt rescued Spencer from the awkward moment by asking to have a private word with him. Moments later, Britt spelled out her dilemma to Spencer. Spencer was horrified at the thought that Nikolas and Elizabeth would end up falling in love and getting married because Spencer would be stuck with Cam as a brother and having to watch Cam and Emma together all of the time. Britt assured Spencer that she didn't want that either, so Spencer assured her that he had an idea.

Moments later, Spencer blew a whistle to get everyone's attention then announced that it was time for the annual camp competition games with the counselors. According to Spencer it was a time-honored tradition, but Cam questioned how Spencer would know that, since it was Spencer's first year at camp. Spencer glared at Cam and conceded that it would be the start of a new tradition. Britt worried that Spencer's plan wouldn't work, but he quietly assured her that it was foolproof.

Later, Elizabeth and Britt each led a team of campers as Nikolas refereed the games. During the sack races, Britt knocked Elizabeth over to gain the lead, but Elizabeth repaid Britt by tagging Britt during the dodgeball game. Meanwhile, Spencer's efforts to trip Cam during the egg race backfired when Spencer ended up stumbling to the ground and crushing his egg. The winning team was determined when Britt's team beat Elizabeth's team in the tug-of-war contest. However, Britt's victory was hollow because Nikolas rushed to Elizabeth's side when he realized that Elizabeth had injured her shoulder.

Spencer was frustrated that Nikolas hadn't been in impressed with Britt's physical prowess, so Britt advised Spencer to never underestimate the power of frailty. Spencer apologized for failing Britt, but he assured her that he had another plan. He quickly filled Britt in on what he intended to do, but she had reservations about Spencer's latest scheme. Spencer pointed out that she didn't have any other suggestions, so it was their only option.

Later, Britt approached Nikolas and Elizabeth to ask if they had seen Spencer because Britt hadn't been able to find him. Nikolas shook his head, glanced around the immediate area, and then asked the other campers if anyone had seen Spencer. The children shook their heads, so Nikolas and Elizabeth decided to search the park. Moments later, Spencer texted Britt to let her know that he had put the plan into motion. With a grin, Spencer slipped from behind a bush and darted away.

At the hospital, Anna approached Patrick at the nurses' station to apologize to him for failing to properly investigate his accident. She felt bad that her police department had dropped the ball and that it had taken Sam's investigation to identify Rafe as the driver who had forced Patrick off the road. Patrick appreciated that Anna was understaffed and that everyone had done their best, so he suggested that they chalk it up to teamwork. Anna warned him that they might never know if Rafe had been under the influence at the time of the crash, if it had been an accident, or if the crash had been a desperate attempt to commit suicide.

Patrick assumed that Anna blamed him for making it impossible to question Rafe about the accident, but she rushed to assure him that she didn't have any doubt that Patrick had done everything possible to save Rafe's life. Patrick admitted that he had needed to hear that because the past few days had been difficult. He opened up to Anna about how he had been forced to operate on Rafe and about Silas' accusation that Patrick had intentionally harmed Rafe during the surgery. Anna was outraged on Patrick's behalf because she loved Patrick like a son and knew him to be an honorable man. Her voice gentled as she asked if he had talked to Robin.

Patrick revealed that Robin called Emma, but he hadn't spoken to his wife since his son had died. Anna's eyes filled with tears when Patrick broke the news that he had asked Alexis to draw up divorce papers. Anna urged Patrick to reconsider, but Patrick explained that it was the only way that he could move forward. Anna suggested that perhaps Robin had suffered from posttraumatic stress because of the kidnapping and two years of torture, but Patrick argued that Robin hadn't put her family first. Anna sensed that Patrick was hiding something, so she asked him if there was something that he wasn't telling her.

In Rafe's hospital room, Silas reluctantly turned to the door, but Sam assured him that they didn't have to leave if he wasn't ready. Silas confessed that if he could have things his way, he'd never leave Rafe's side again. "But what good would that do now?" he asked as his eyes filled with fresh tears. Sam hugged Silas tight until the wave of grief had passed.

In the hallway, Nina assured Rosalie that she would keep Rosalie's name out of the confession to Silas. Nina tensed when she suddenly spotted Silas and Sam hugging in Rafe's hospital room. Moments later, Silas saw Nina as he and Sam entered the hallway. Silas was surprised that Nina wasn't at physical therapy, so she revealed that she had a confession to make. Sam gently explained that it wasn't the right time because Sam and Silas had just said goodbye to Rafe.

Silas became distracted when he heard Liesl call out to a nurse, so he excused himself. Nina objected, but Silas ignored her as he approached Liesl. Rosalie glared at Silas as she confided to Nina that he was the most self-absorbed individual Rosalie had ever met. "Considering who I work for, that's saying something," Rosalie added. Before Nina could reply, Rosalie warned Nina that Nina would never be Silas' top priority, especially after Nina confessed.

Nina and Rosalie watched Silas, Sam, and Liesl. Rosalie observed that Sam followed Silas around like a puppy that constantly propped and defended Silas. Rosalie kept talking about Silas and Sam, careful to push Nina's buttons, until Nina snapped at Rosalie to stop "yapping."

Meanwhile, Liesl extended her condolences to Silas, but Silas growled that Rafe would be alive if it hadn't been for Liesl and Patrick. Silas regretted that he hadn't waited for another surgeon to operate on Rafe, but Liesl argued that Rafe would have certainly died if they hadn't operated right away. Silas wasn't satisfied because Patrick had been vocal about wanting Rafe dead. He warned Liesl that he would not allow her to sweep Rafe's death under the rug then threatened to let the press know that Liesl and Patrick had blood on their hands.

Liesl was certain that Silas was bluffing. She cautioned him that things would not go as he expected because Rafe had driven a family off the road and killed a child, and his toxicology report would reveal that Rafe had used both heroin and cocaine. Liesl warned Silas that it would only cause additional grief and shame for Silas' family, but Silas was willing to take the risk it if it meant that the hospital's board finally saw that Liesl had been mismanaging the hospital from the beginning. Liesl assured Silas that she respected him as a doctor, so she urged him to take as much time as he needed to grieve and recover. Furious, Silas stormed off.

Liesl advised Sam to go after Silas to talk sense into him before Silas ruined the hospital's reputation and Patrick's career. Sam went after Silas as Nina and Rosalie lurked around a corner, eavesdropping. After Liesl left, Rosalie asked if Nina intended to tell Silas the truth. "No," Nina admitted then added that the impulse had been the result of a bout of temporary insanity. Nina promised that she was back on track, so she asked where Silas and Sam had been headed.

Rosalie revealed that Silas and Sam had entered the stairwell to the rooftop, but she warned Nina that Nina couldn't be caught snooping. Nina ignored Rosalie but instructed her to keep watch and not allow anyone to enter the stairwell until Nina had returned. Rosalie reluctantly complied. A short time later, Felix stopped to retrieve the wheelchair, since it was blocking the stairwell, but Rosalie insisted that she was using it. She sat down in the wheelchair to make her point then suggested that Felix catch up with an old lady who had been on the hunt for medications.

On the rooftop, Sam caught up to Silas. She warned him that it would be a mistake to go public with his accusations. Sam appreciated that it was a fight that Silas could handle, but she feared that it could make things worse for both him and Kiki. Silas wondered if Sam was worried about him or if she was afraid that he would be making trouble for Patrick. Silas immediately regretted the question, but Sam decided to answer it. She explained that she had talked to Patrick and had asked Patrick if he had done anything to harm Rafe during the surgery.

Sam admitted that she had believed Patrick's assurance that he had tried to save Rafe. Silas remained skeptical because he doubted that Patrick would admit to killing Rafe, but Sam explained that Patrick had confessed that the thought had crossed Patrick's mind. Sam cautioned Silas to think carefully before proceeding with his plan because he might end up losing and smearing Rafe's name in the process, which would only result in more pain. "Haven't we been through enough already?" Sam asked.

In the stairwell, Nina eavesdropped on the revealing conversation then scampered down the stairs before she was caught. Nina confided to Rosalie that Nina had overheard something that had provided Nina with the perfect ammunition to destroy Silas and Sam's relationship. However, Nina needed to figure out how best to use the information for maximum "bloodletting."

Nearby, Liesl approached Anna and Patrick to ask to speak to Patrick about an urgent matter. Anna resented the interruption, so Liesl explained that Silas had threatened to go public with his accusation that Patrick had intentionally harmed Rafe during surgery. Liesl insisted that she and Patrick needed to band together and issue a joint public statement before Silas followed through on the threat.

Nina perked up when she overheard Liesl and Patrick discuss holding a press conference. Nina realized that the press conference was the perfect place to drop her bombshell.

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