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Nikki presented Michael with a journal she'd kept during her New World days. Hilary and Devon started to make love, but Cane interrupted them. Kelly confessed to Jack that Stitch was a murderer. Someone unlocked the front door as Billy and Chelsea were about to make love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 14, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, July 14, 2014

In his office at Jabot, Jack contemplated a drastic measure to halt Summer's plan to formally marry Austin at the chapel. Kelly pleaded with Jack to change his mind about having Summer arrested. Kelly urged Jack to support his daughter on what the young woman viewed as a special day in her life. Kelly added that if Jack alienated Summer, then she wouldn't have her father to lean on if the ill-fated union later faltered. Jack seemed torn about how to proceed.

Detective Harding entered Jack's office and informed him that the district attorney had decided to press charges of fraud against Summer. Detective Harding added that the district attorney was dismayed with Austin's plan to dodge the law by arranging to marry Summer. Kelly noted her objections by sighing heavily. Jack seemed shocked to discover that a warrant for Summer's arrest had already been issued. Detective Harding said he regarded Jack as a hero for having agreed to take a stand against Summer. Kelly caught Jack's attention and said, "It's not too late to change your mind."

In the parlor at the chapel, Sharon helped Summer prepare for the wedding. Inside a bag of cosmetics, Summer discovered a tube of Sharon's favorite shade of lipstick called "creamy nude." Summer recalled that a tube of the same shade of lipstick had been discovered near Phyllis the day she had tumbled down a flight of stairs.

Sharon's suppressed memories seemed to resurface when she experienced a troubling flashback. Sharon recalled fleeting memories of a tube of lipstick rolling down a flight of stairs. Summer noted that Sharon seemed unwell. Sharon insisted that she was fine and told Summer to continue getting ready. When Summer turned her back, Sharon seemed distressed.

In the chapel, Austin thanked Noah and Courtney for showing up for the wedding. Austin was surprised when Nick and Faith arrived. Faith clutched a bouquet of flowers. Nick glared at Austin. Nick made it clear that he was there only to support Summer. Noah approached his dad after Austin walked away. Noah asked if Victor and Nikki knew about the ceremony. Nick explained that it would be best if Nikki and Victor learned about the wedding later.

Nick stepped out into the chapel's narthex and found Sharon and Summer waiting for the ceremony to commence. Sharon entered the chapel so Nick could have private time with Summer. Nick, with tears in his eyes, said, "You're my girl." Summer, also teary-eyed, replied, "Your supergirl." Nick said that though he'd long dreamed of walking with Summer down the aisle, he realized that it wouldn't be the same as having Jack perform the fatherly role. Summer warmly embraced Nick and said she'd be happy for him to have the honor.

Nick and Summer heard their musical cue to enter the chapel. Austin smiled at Summer when she and Nick walked through the doorway. Faith gave Summer the bouquet of flowers, and Summer asked Faith to be a flower girl. As Summer and Nick walked toward Austin and the officiant, Austin paused and said, "Mr. Abbott?" Summer turned and saw Jack and Kelly enter the chapel. Summer angrily demanded to know if Jack had arranged for the police to arrest her. Jack said, "No. I asked them not to arrest you. I didn't want to be that kind of father."

Summer happily agreed when Jack said he wanted to help walk her down the aisle. Nick took his place on Summer's right side. Jack stood on the left, and all three smiled as Noah recorded the moment by snapping a photo. The officiant began the ceremony and praised the already-married couple for repeating their vows in a church-sanctioned ceremony. The couple was instructed to recite the vows they'd written.

Austin said that Summer was his ray of sunlight, and he professed his love for her no matter what the future held for them. Summer praised Austin for loving her the way she was. Summer said the being with Austin made her feel like she was home, no matter where they were.

As the ceremony progressed, Summer professed her love to Austin and said she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Summer and Austin exchanged rings. The officiant pronounced them husband and wife. The couple kissed. Nick and Jack seemed uneasy. While the newlyweds posed for photos, Jack and Nick agreed that they'd done the right thing by supporting Summer. Jack stepped away.

Sharon approached Nick and asked him if he was all right. Nick said he was, though he noted his apprehension. Nick asked Sharon why her hands had been trembling. Sharon noted that she'd recalled some fleeting memories. Sharon said she would discuss her vague recollections during her next session with Dr. Mead. Nick urged Sharon to follow through with her plan to seek counseling and talk about the flashbacks.

Kelly comforted Jack and noted that it couldn't have been easy for him to support Summer's decision. Jack said that he couldn't have made it through the ceremony had Kelly not been by his side. Jack added, "You were right about me needing to be here for my daughter." Summer and Austin thanked their guests and family members for attending the wedding. The bride hugged members of her family.

Detective Harding and a uniformed police officer entered the chapel. Summer was horrified. Jack was surprised. Detective Harding announced that Austin was about to be arrested for violating the terms of his release by committing a crime. Austin, shocked, stood frozen in place. Summer seemed overcome with sorrow.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Devon, sharing a meal with Lily and Cane, said that he might move far away from Genoa City. Lily didn't support her brother's plans, but Cane did. Abby joined the group and announced that Summer planned to formally marry Austin, even though the couple had already eloped. Lily said, "A lot of people are making bad choices in mates these days." Devon added, "The heart wants what it wants, even if it's the wrong person for you."

Lily, Cane, and Abby laughed as they recalled the day Devon had thrown money off the roof of the Genoa City Athletic Club. Cane secretly noted that Hilary, standing behind a divider, was watching Devon. Hilary stopped by and said that the hotel had notified her to collect her laundered clothes. Abby was surprised to learn that Lily had pushed Hilary into the pool. Lily feigned a desire to be helpful and went to get Hilary's clothes.

Both Devon and Hilary agreed that Lily was up to something sinister. Devon offered to check on Lily. Cane requested that Lily be given a chance to make things right. Hilary noted that if Lily cared about Neil's feelings, she wouldn't have attacked her father's wife. Hilary added that she could have pressed assault charges against Lily. Cane was called away. Lily returned and announced that the hotel's laundry staff had misplaced Hilary's clothing. Devon rose from his seat and went to find the clothes. Hilary left with Devon.

Lily and Abby continued to chat about their shared disdain for Hilary. Abby harshly labeled Hilary as a troublemaker. Lily changed the subject by suggesting that Abby and Devon plan a date night together. Abby nixed the idea and noted that she and Tyler had recently ended their engagement. Abby said that when she decided to date again, she would consider a relationship with Devon because he was a great guy. Lily smiled.

Near the swimming pool atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil met with his real estate agent. Using his electronic tablet, Neil showed his agent a property with beach frontage on a lake. The agent noted that the home on the property would need major repairs. Neil explained that the both the home and property appeared to perfectly match the dream home his new bride had described. Before the agent left, he agreed to contact the seller's agent. Neil seemed lost in thought as he planned his future with Hilary in their new home.

Cane joined Neil. Excitedly, Neil described the dream property he hoped to purchase for Hilary as a wedding gift. Neil explained that the property was exactly what Hilary wanted. Cane said, "Are you sure this is what you want?" Neil noted that he was indeed ready to move out of his condo because he deserved an upgrade.

Cane nodded and said, "As long as you're doing this for the right reasons." Neil replied, "This house is a fresh start for Hilary and me, and I'm a little offended that you would suggest otherwise." Cane explained that Neil and Hilary needed time to adjust to married life. Neil said, "I'm getting the feeling that there's more to this. What are you really trying to tell me?"

In the stuffy laundry room, Devon searched one rack of hanging clothes, and Hilary searched another. Hilary claimed that Lily had likely torn off the identification tags and hung the clothing in a hidden place. Devon moved close to Hilary and said, "Let's keep looking." Devon's hand touched Hilary's, and the couple locked eyes. Hilary pulled her hand away and reminded Devon that they should keep their distance from each other. Devon explained that he would soon be leaving town for good. Hilary asked Devon not to leave town.

In the vacant conference room at Newman-Chancellor, Nikki stood near a well-stocked liquor cart. Nikki sobbed softly as she struggled with her desire to drown her sorrows with a drink. She placed her hand near the neck of a decanter of whiskey. Distraught, Nikki managed to withdraw her hand as she took a deep breath. Seemingly troubled by her near breach of sobriety, Nikki grabbed her handbag and ran out of the room.

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Nikki stood near the plaque honoring Katherine and talked aloud to her deceased friend. Tears rolled down Nikki's cheeks as she recalled that a year had passed since she'd last enjoyed Katherine's company. Nikki pressed her hand against the bronze plaque and cried, "I really need you, Katherine. I need you so much." Nikki recalled that Katherine had often said, "Feelings aren't facts, Nikki."

Pouring out her heart, Nikki explained that nothing had been the same since she'd embarked on the search for her son. Nikki shook her head and berated herself for having assumed that Dylan was Ian's child. Nikki added that because she'd been na´ve and gullible, she'd never even considered that Paul was her baby's father. Nikki cried that her irresponsible decisions had adversely affected Paul, Dylan, and Victor. Nikki admitted that she'd almost taken a drink, and she prayed to God for help. Nikki gingerly rubbed her fingers along the raised letters that spelled out Katherine's name. Nikki let out a cathartic sigh and offered assurance that she would be all right.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

At the church, Detective Harding arrived to arrest Austin, but Summer protested that Austin was out on bail. Harding spat that Austin had violated the terms of his bail by committing fraud, and he revealed that Jack had been the one who had tipped off the D.A. about the bogus wedding. Jack argued that he'd talked to Christine again, and Harding confirmed that there would be no charges filed against Summer, but he declared that it was Jack's lucky day, since he'd get his wish to have Austin away from Summer.

Harding handcuffed Austin, and Jack asserted that the marriage wasn't fraudulent and that the couple had wed out of love, but Harding surmised that Jack would say anything to get back on Summer's good side. Nick said that he'd been a witness to the ceremony, and Kelly, Sharon, and Faith all confirmed that they'd seen Summer and Austin pledge their love. Jack warned that the detective would end up with egg on his face because no fraud had occurred, and he anticipated that Christine would tell Harding that there was no cause for arrest. Nick threatened to get the D.A.'s office on the phone, and Jack advised Harding to walk away so they could finish blessing the marriage.

Harding begrudgingly removed the handcuffs and agreed not to take Austin in, and Summer rushed into Austin's arms. Harding left, and Summer thanked everyone for speaking up. Austin privately thanked Jack for intervening and for being there for Summer, and Jack replied that he loved Summer and that he wanted her to know that he'd always be there for her, especially once Austin broke her heart. Kelly urged Jack to go, and Faith asked if there would be wedding cake. Summer apologetically stated that there wasn't any, and Nick offered to pick up some cake on the way home. Summer said that she'd felt lucky to walk down the aisle with two men who meant a great deal to her.

Later, Austin walked in as Summer was praying in the church, and they lovingly greeted one another as husband and wife. He said that Leslie had confirmed that his bail couldn't be revoked, but he recognized that he was out on borrowed time. Summer revealed that she'd been praying that he'd stay free and that the judge would understand that Austin could do better in society rather than behind bars, but Austin thought that it would take a miracle. She remarked that they were in the right place, and she acknowledged that it had been amazing that Jack and Nick had shown up to watch them exchange vows, but someone had been missing.

Summer thought that Austin was missing people, too, since he hadn't had any family at the wedding. He replied that he'd had her, and she'd become his family. Summer said that she felt like her mom had been watching over her, and she couldn't stop hoping and believing that Phyllis would wake up. Austin asked if Phyllis would be okay with Summer marrying someone like him, and Summer thought her mom would be glad that she'd found someone special to love. They kissed.

Mariah discovered that she was alone in the house, and she examined the items on the mantel. She snooped in the trinket box on the desk, and she found some cash inside, but she replaced it and pulled out Sharon's traffic citation. There was a knock at the door, and she opened it to Victor, who wasn't surprised to see her. He announced that he was there to talk to his son, and he prepared to wait until Nick returned. Mariah started to leave the room, but Victor insisted upon discussing a few things.

Mariah explained that the circumstances had changed at the place where she'd been staying, and Sharon had taken an interest in her. Victor asked if Nick approved of Mariah living there, and Mariah said that Nick didn't hate the idea. She remarked that it was funny how things had worked out, since Mariah had gotten a sweet setup, and Sharon had Nick, but Victor had never learned the secret he'd been looking for. Victor reminded Mariah that he'd paid her money to find out what it was, and she referred to the last time they'd run into one another, when he'd mentioned continuing to pay her if she could still be useful. She bragged that she was getting closer to Sharon, and she suggested that she might be in the position to finish the job he'd hired her for.

Victor said that he didn't want to be in cahoots with Mariah, since it had nearly cost him his relationship with his son. Mariah huffed that she hadn't wanted to work for Victor anyway, since she had a good thing going, and Victor would have to wait for Phyllis to awaken from her coma if he wanted to unearth Sharon's secret. Victor called Mariah a smart girl, and he wondered what Ian thought of her living arrangements. Mariah argued that Victor didn't know Ian the way she did, and she considered Ian to be a good man who had convinced her to stay in town.

Nick, Sharon, and Faith returned home, and Faith declared that Victor had missed seeing her as a flower girl. Nick sent Faith to change her clothes upstairs, and Victor asked whose wedding they'd attended. Nick suggested that they go outside to talk, and after the men stepped out, Sharon asked if Mariah was okay. Mariah assured Sharon that she wasn't scared of Victor, but she cautioned that Victor was still interested in Sharon's secret. Sharon revealed that something had happened that had made her feel like she was getting closer to uncovering it.

Sharon explained that she'd had some confusing thoughts and images, and she'd experienced some vague feelings of guilt when she'd pulled out a certain shade of lipstick and again when she'd seen Jack and Nick with Summer at the wedding. Mariah wondered why Sharon would feel guilty, and Sharon intended to have her psychiatrist help analyze what had happened. Sharon theorized that she'd felt guilty watching Phyllis' daughter get married when Phyllis hadn't been able to be there.

On the porch, Victor was flabbergasted that neither Jack nor Nick had stopped the ceremony, but Nick refused to control the lives of his loved ones, and he asked why Victor was there. Victor inquired whether Nick had learned anything from Mariah about Ian, and Nick said that it was obvious Mariah had a close relationship with Ian. Victor relayed that Mariah had said Ian was happy about the living arrangements, and he imagined that Ian had a vested interest in Mariah getting close to Sharon. Victor mentioned that Ian had claimed to have information that was important to the Newman family, and he had thought it had been about Dylan's paternity, but Ian could have meant something else. Victor promised that he'd let Nick know as soon as he found out what it was.

Later, Sharon flashed back to the contents of her purse falling down the stairs and then to Summer walking down the aisle. Mariah said that she'd meet Nick in the car, and she headed out. Sharon realized that Nick was giving Mariah a ride to work, and Nick asked if Sharon was okay, since she'd seemed unsettled earlier. Sharon insisted that she was fine, and she kissed him goodbye. Once alone, Sharon spotted the traffic ticket, and she shook her head. She sat down at her laptop and looked at the article about Phyllis' tragedy on the night of the benefit. "Stairwell," Sharon mumbled.

In his office, Victor looked through some paperwork, and he asked his assistant to find a phone number for a certain doctor. Victor perused an article about "awakening hope for coma patients."

Jack and Kelly returned to Jabot, and he said that he was sick with worry about Summer, but Kelly commended him for giving the marriage his blessing in spite of his misgivings. Kelly declared that she was proud of him, and Jack wondered which one of his bonehead moves had made her swell with pride. She pointed out that he'd given his daughter what she'd needed the most -- his unconditional love. They kissed, and Jack praised Kelly for giving great advice and for standing by him when he'd needed it the most. He realized that it had been little more than a year since he'd found out that he was Summer's father.

Kelly sniffed a bottle of perfume, and Jack returned with cookies from the vending machine in lieu of wedding cake. He noticed the smell of perfume, and she mentioned that she knew it had been named after Phyllis. Kelly was sure that Jack had been thinking about Phyllis more than usual that day, and Jack suspected that there wouldn't have been a wedding if Phyllis had been present, since Phyllis had gone to great extremes to ensure that Summer had stayed away from the wrong guys in the past. Kelly replied that Summer was an adult, and adults had to learn from their mistakes.

Jack offered to find some milk to go with the cookies, but Kelly said she didn't need it. He realized that he didn't have a good picture of her, and he took one on his phone as she munched on a cookie. He said that it would remind him of her when she wasn't around, but he assured her that there wasn't a chance he'd forget her. Jack mused that he loved getting to know Kelly, and she said that the sentiment went both ways. She added that they still had a lot to learn about one another, and Jack wanted to take the time to do it, since the more he knew, the more he liked. They kissed.

At the Dive Bar, Neil asked Cane why he kept dancing around the issue, and Cane feigned ignorance. Neil accused Cane of vacillating between supporting Neil's choices and questioning them, and he implored Cane just to say whatever he wanted to say. Cane hesitantly asked if Neil was sure about what Hilary really wanted, and Neil countered that it was Hilary's dream to have a house. Cane replied that he hadn't been talking about the house.

Cane worried that Neil and Hilary were getting settled too fast, but Neil argued that they wouldn't have gotten married if that had been the case. Cane questioned whether Hilary was ready for the responsibility of maintaining a home, since she had always wanted a career. Neil scoffed at the idea that he was locking her up and throwing away the key, but Cane wondered why Neil wanted to move that fast. Neil suspected that Cane thought Neil was overcompensating because Hilary was significantly younger, but he insisted that the house was about Hilary's longing for stability, and he envisioned it as a place that could be theirs together.

Cane was skeptical about why Neil hadn't included Hilary in the house-hunting process, and Neil contended that the home Hilary had never had before would be his gift to her. Cane pointed out that Neil hadn't even discussed the idea with her, and Neil snapped that he hadn't asked for advice, and he knew exactly what he was doing by planning for his future with his wife. Lily approached and grumbled that there was no escaping Hilary, and Neil asked if she'd seen Hilary. Lily replied that she'd seen Hilary and Devon leave together.

Lily claimed that the laundry room had misplaced Hilary's clothes after Hilary had slipped into the pool, but Neil questioned the accuracy of the terms Lily was using. Lily said that Hilary and Devon had gone to look for the clothes, and Neil commented that Devon had been helpful, since Neil hadn't wanted his surprise to be ruined by Hilary seeing the house. Cane left to deal with some things, and Lily asked what Neil had meant about a house, but he lectured that Lily's resentment had cast a dark cloud over their lives. He wished that things hadn't turned out that way, and he said that he missed his daughter. She agreed that she wished things were different, but her opinion about Hilary wouldn't change.

In the laundry room, Hilary urged Devon not to leave town, since Genoa City was his home, and he belonged there. He turned the topic back to finding her clothes, but she questioned why he wanted to leave. He vaguely stated that there was more to life, and there was nothing and no one tying him down. She pushed him to be honest about whether she had anything to do with why he was making such a huge decision, and he admitted that it had everything to do with her. She turned away, but he asked her to be honest about why she wanted him to stay.

Hilary argued that a lot of people depended on Devon, but he was confident that the club would thrive under Lily and Cane's management. Hilary clarified that she had been talking about Devon's family, and she rattled off all the members of the Winters clan who would miss him. Devon noted that someone was missing from the list, and Hilary reiterated that there was a long list of people who loved Devon. He replied that he wouldn't be gone forever, but he had to stay away until he was over her.

Devon ranted that it was killing him that Hilary had chosen his dad and that Devon felt like he did about his father's wife. Devon added that he knew that Hilary had feelings for him, too, and he couldn't fathom staying and torturing himself when nothing would change. He started to walk off, but she called after him and suggested that maybe it would. Devon asked if Hilary was ready to admit that she'd made a mistake, but she denied it. She predicted that his infatuation would wear off, especially since there was really nothing to get over.

Hilary started to leave, but Devon chased after her and recalled that she'd admitted she'd had feelings for him. She stressed that she'd said it in the past tense and that she was married to his father. Devon stepped in close, and he softly asked if she had feelings for him or not. She awkwardly replied that she had to get out of there, but he kissed her, and she kissed him back. She began to take off his jacket, and they began to give in to their passion.

Devon and Hilary started to disrobe, and Cane walked into the laundry room and bumped into a cart when he spotted them. Cane quickly ducked out, and Devon turned toward the door as Hilary hurriedly put back on her shirt. Devon apologized for starting it, and she fretted that what had happened between them had been wrong. She added that she'd been wrong to tell him not to leave town. Devon wished that things didn't have to be that way, but Hilary replied that they couldn't be any other way, and he walked out.

Cane reentered, and Hilary claimed that she was there to find her clothes. Cane asked if she'd found them or if she'd found something else, and he announced that he knew there was something going on between her and Devon. Hilary protested, but she ultimately admitted that she and Devon had needed to get something out of their systems, and they had. Cane said that he only wanted her honesty, and he encouraged her to let Neil go if she had romantic feelings for Devon. She swore that she loved Neil and that Devon would go away, but Cane warned that she wouldn't be happy with Neil if her heart belonged to his son.

Hilary recognized that Cane cared about Neil and Devon, and she imagined that Cane thought she was a horrible person, especially after everything she'd done to Cane and Lily. He advised that it was unavoidable that someone would get hurt, but she could limit the damage. Hilary maintained that she loved her husband, and Cane believed her, but he pointed out that there were many kinds of love. Cane mentioned the kind of love that had passion and fire, and he wondered whether she felt that kind of love for Neil or for Devon.

Meanwhile, Neil said that he couldn't listen to Lily bash the person he loved, and Lily suggested that they try to have a nice conversation without mentioning Hilary. Neil griped that it wasn't ideal to not talk about a big part of his life, but he agreed to try. They made small talk about the twins' day camp, and Neil said that there was another family issue he needed to discuss with her, since he was concerned about Devon. Neil informed Lily that Devon had shown up drunk at the party Jack had thrown and that Devon had been overly emotional.

Neil wondered whether Devon's breakup with Esmerelda had been harder on Devon than Neil had thought, and he mentioned that Cane had said that Devon had been acting different lately. Neil contemplated what to do, and Lily referred to her idea of playing matchmaker for Devon and Abby. Devon overheard and told her to forget it because he wouldn't be around long enough to enjoy it, and he was very serious about leaving town as soon as possible. Neil said he knew what was going on, and he thought that leaving town would be a bad idea.

Neil recounted that Devon had been in a similar situation when Tucker had left town, and he thought it was a classic case of "pulling a geographic," as it was called in his program. Neil explained that it meant physically moving somewhere else to make a fresh start, but it was really just running away from problems and obligations, and it wouldn't work. Devon mumbled that sometimes facing problems didn't fix them, either, but Lily argued that moving away would make Devon and his loved ones unhappy. Neil was certain that Devon could and would get through whatever he was facing, but Devon countered that it wouldn't be that easy.

Neil asked if Devon had unfinished business there, and Devon confessed that he did. Neil urged Devon to be a man and face it, or Devon might make a decision he regretted. Devon agreed that he needed to see through that particular unfinished business.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Michael imagined what Phyllis' reaction to Summer's wedding would have been, and Lauren commented that Austin should hope that Phyllis never woke up. Lauren was happy that Fen's drama was over so they could concentrate on their family, but her phone rang, and she wondered if she'd been taking on too much. Michael assured her that she could do anything she set her mind to, and she hugged him goodbye. Lauren greeted Nikki and Victor on her way out, and the Newmans and Michael discussed Ian's refusal to take money to settle the lawsuit. Victor wondered what Ian was after.

Michael mentioned that he'd told Nikki that he suspected Ian's motive was to publicly humiliate Nikki and her loved ones, but Victor thought there was more to it. Victor promised that Ian wouldn't hurt Nikki, and Michael said that the case hinged on the exact nature of Nikki and Ian's relationship. She spat that there had been no relationship, since he had been the predator, and she had been his victim, but Michael cautioned that it was her word against Ian's. Michael wondered if she had any proof that Ian had forced her into an intimate relationship, and she exclaimed, "My God, I do!"

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill asked what she and Colin should drink to, and he replied that he could think of a million things. She showed off her necklace, and he toasted to her brilliant plan that had enabled them to have both the necklace and a fortune. They sipped champagne, and Colin said he'd had his doubts about their ability to pull off the insurance scam, but Jill crowed that it had gone off without a hitch. Colin regretted that Jill could never wear the necklace in public again, but she imagined that the dirty little secret could be a turn-on between them.

Colin suggested that he and Jill use their windfall to sail off into the sunset on a fabulous boat, but she wasn't interested. She reminded him that they'd made a deal to split the proceeds evenly, including any penalty for insurance fraud, so no one could know she still had the necklace. Esther walked in, and Jill scrambled to cover the jewels with a scarf. Colin called Esther the worst maid he'd ever known, while Jill hid the necklace in a drawer. Esther suspected that the couple was up to something, but Jill claimed that they were simply trying to maintain some semblance of a marriage, despite Esther wandering in and out.

Lauren entered and asked if they'd ever get the doorbell fixed, and she said she was there to discuss business. She was surprised that Jill wasn't wearing the necklace, since she'd thought Jill wouldn't let it out of her sight after it had almost been stolen. Jill fibbed that the thief had returned, and Colin lamented that Katherine's wonderful gift was gone. A suspicious Esther asked why she was just hearing about the theft, and Colin replied that it hadn't concerned her. Esther pointed out that she could have put the necklace someplace for safekeeping, but she admitted that she hadn't.

Lauren was skeptical that the police had no leads or evidence, and Esther contended that the necklace was unique and that it shouldn't be hard to track down. Jill claimed that she had felt the same way at first, but after she'd reflected on it, she'd realized that the true value of the necklace had been that it had been dear to Katherine's heart, and the thief could never take away the fact that Katherine had left it to Jill. Esther cried that Katherine would have been touched, and Lauren was amazed that Jill could find a silver lining in the situation. Lauren surmised that the insurance settlement had something to do with Jill's outlook.

Lauren reported that the new boutique was exceeding expectations, and she wanted to open another one. Jill suggested that they look into it the following year, but Lauren mentioned that a luxury hotel was looking for retailers and that the Forresters and Jack were willing to showcase Chelsea's designs. Jill thought it sounded risky, but Colin liked the idea. Jill questioned where they'd get the capital, and Lauren said that she'd put up the cash for the boutique at the Athletic Club. Jill realized that Lauren wanted her to front the money, and she protested that she didn't have that kind of cash. Colin suggested that they use the insurance settlement, and Jill offered to think about it. Lauren left, and Colin crowed that he and Jill would be business partners.

Colin reported that the bank had said the insurance check would clear in a few days, but Jill hesitated to make a decision about going into business together. He asserted that they already had, but she clarified that it would be a real business. He questioned what could go wrong, and she worried that without certain ground rules, everything would.

Ian arrived at Sharon's home with flowers, and she informed him that Mariah wasn't there. Ian said he was there to see Sharon, since they'd gotten off on the wrong foot, and he wanted to change that, but Sharon questioned what he really wanted. Ian swore that he wasn't there to cause trouble, and Sharon reluctantly invited him in. He recognized that she was wary after everything she'd heard about him, since Victor had painted an unflattering picture, but he had tried to find solace in the truth and the people who believed in him, like Mariah.

Sharon acknowledged that Ian had been like a father to Mariah, and he wished he could do more, but Victor had all but destroyed his livelihood. He suddenly gasped when he glanced at the mantel, and he blurted out that he was sorry. Ian surmised that a photo on the mantel was of Cassie, and he'd had no idea how much Mariah resembled her. Ian thought that it was no wonder Sharon had reacted the way she had when she'd thought that Cassie had returned, and he blasted Victor for being cruel. Ian added that Mariah felt guilty for being part of the scheme, but Sharon said Mariah had been Victor's victim, too.

Ian said he'd seen how coldhearted Victor could be by inflicting pain on others, and Sharon asked about the pain Ian had inflicted on Nikki. Ian argued that Sharon had only heard Nikki's side of the story, and Sharon curtly replied that she didn't have time to hear his, since she had an appointment. He thanked her for helping Mariah, but he noted that the women seemed to be helping one another, and he said that Victor had underestimated Sharon.

At Avery's apartment, Dylan dreamed about Austin holding a gun on Avery, Dylan tackling him, and Paul yelling for Austin to drop the weapon. Dylan thrashed in his sleep as he recounted the gunshot, and he flashed back to Detective Harding blaming Dylan for the shooting. Dylan yelled out in his sleep, and Avery shook him awake and tried to calm him down, but he ranted that none of it would have happened if it hadn't been for Austin. Dylan urged Avery to remember that during her deposition that day, but she pledged to tell Christine the truth, and she pointed out that Austin hadn't explicitly threatened to kill her. Dylan barked that Austin should be locked up, and he demanded to know if Avery had forgotten what Austin was capable of.

Avery offered Dylan some coffee, but he declined, since he couldn't pretend that he was fine with her helping Austin. She argued that she had been partly responsible for what had happened, but Dylan insisted that she hadn't been to blame for anything, and Austin hadn't had any right to take the law into his own hands. Avery contended that she wasn't defending Austin, but she wanted the law to treat him fairly. Dylan growled that the law wasn't fair, since Austin could be set free, while Ian was suing an innocent Nikki. Avery comforted him with a hug.

At the police station, officers burst into applause when Paul stepped off the elevator with Christine. Paul explained that he was just visiting to make sure that no one was slacking off, and Detective Harding said there was a stack of reports on Paul's desk. Paul greeted his fellow cops, and Harding pulled Christine aside and wished she had let him throw Austin back in jail. She swore that Austin would be in prison as soon as she got a guilty verdict, and she vowed that Austin would pay for what he'd done to Paul and everyone else.

Michael asked Harding where Kevin was, but Harding informed him that Kevin hadn't bothered to show up for work that day. Meanwhile, Victor asked Nikki why she'd wanted to stop by the ranch and then rush to the police station, and she said that she wanted to give Michael proof about what had happened between her and Ian. She promised that she would explain everything later. Ian arrived to see Harding, who had a possible lead on the assault on Ian a few weeks back. Ian noticed that Nikki looked shaky, but Michael advised her not to speak to Ian, and he led her into the interrogation room.

Nikki told Michael that she was trying to stay strong, but it wasn't easy to dig up old memories, although she hoped she had something that would get Ian out of her life once and for all. She presented Michael with a journal she'd kept during her New World days, and she explained that it contained every disgusting, painful detail. Michael asked if she was sure she wanted him to read it, and she admitted that there were things in it she didn't want anyone to read. Michael promised not to judge her, but as she spotted Paul and Christine emerge from his office, she remarked that Ian wasn't the only one she was worried about.

Michael assured Nikki that they didn't have to use the journal if she didn't want to, but she replied that Ian was still forcing her to do things she didn't want to do. Michael pointed out that she was fighting back, but she said that she was terrified of people knowing what was in the journal. Michael promised to handle it with discretion, and she hoped that her detailed accounting of what had happened would provide insight into why she'd believed Ian was Dylan's father, since Ian had had total control of her mind and body. Michael cautioned that the other side would have access to it if it was submitted into evidence, and she dreaded the thought.

Michael said that he didn't need the journal in order to defend Nikki, and Paul entered and asked what Ian was suing her for. Michael mentioned that it was for emotional distress, and Paul hissed that Ian wouldn't get away with it, since everyone would be on Nikki's side. Michael revealed that the prosecution had managed to call one witness on Ian's behalf -- Dylan. Nikki freaked out because Dylan would be forced to relive learning the truth, but Paul was sure Ian couldn't twist it to his advantage. Nikki handed Michael the journal and instructed him to use it.

In the hallway, Victor approached Ian, who declared that their paths had been destined to cross, just like fate had led Ian to Sharon earlier that day. Ian remarked that it was a pity about her emotional problems, but he was sure that Victor would disagree, since Victor had been responsible for them. Victor countered that Sharon had created her own problems, and Ian commented that denial was a coping mechanism. Victor asked if Ian ever got tired of his own psychobabble, and he pointed out that Ian had groomed Mariah. Ian contended that he'd taken care of Mariah when her own parents hadn't, and Victor contemplated how Ian had taken an interest in the one woman who most resembled Victor's granddaughter.

Ian said that it didn't matter how their lives had become entwined, but Victor revealed that he'd done his research. Victor imagined that Ian considered himself to be an expert on human behavior, and he'd seen the primal emotion of fear in Ian's eyes. Ian asked what he had to be afraid of, and Victor smiled and said that Ian wasn't as good at reading people as Ian thought. Victor ominously stated that he could read Ian's weaknesses, and he would use them to crush Ian when he least expected it.

In Paul's office, Christine asked Paul why Nikki was there, and he disclosed that Ian had filed a civil lawsuit against Nikki. Christine found it odd that Nikki would meet Michael at the police station, and Paul reasoned that Michael had been on his way to court. Paul called the lawsuit unbelievable, but Christine countered that Ian was within his rights. Paul asked her to encourage the judge to dismiss the case, but she argued that it would be inappropriate for her to get involved in a civil case against the mother of his child. Paul griped that it wasn't fair to put an innocent person through a trial, but Christine snarled that she was tired of hearing about "poor Saint Nikki," who wasn't an innocent victim.

Paul closed the door, and Christine complained that she was tired of everyone making excuses for Nikki and that Nikki was the only thing Paul was focused on. Paul wondered if Christine wanted him to be focused on the baby they were supposed to be having, and she countered that it hadn't been easy for her to decide to have a baby, but they'd both been really excited about it. Paul admitted that he didn't know what the future held because of his health, but she begged him to be completely honest, and she suspected that finding out he had a son with Nikki had changed everything.

Paul swore that he was doing the best he could, and he didn't think Christine could understand what he was going through. She testily asked if it was because she wasn't a parent, and she surmised that Paul and Nikki shared a bond that Christine and Paul didn't have. Paul argued that he hadn't planned it, but Christine huffed that it hadn't been an accident, since Nikki had made bad choices, yet everyone was making excuses for Nikki when she'd caused just as much emotional distress as Ian had. Avery knocked on the door and said that she was there for her deposition, and Christine suggested that they go to her office. Christine snapped that she'd see Paul at home.

Nikki stopped by to see Dylan about his testimony, and he said that Ian was an idiot if he thought Dylan would say anything to help Ian's case. Nikki said that Dylan would have to tell the truth -- that she'd led Ian to believe that Dylan was his son -- but Dylan argued that she'd truly believed it had been true. Nikki considered that things might have been different if she'd realized that Paul could have been Dylan's father, but Dylan assured her that he knew she'd never meant to hurt anyone. She cried that Dylan and Paul had nearly died because of her deception, and she contemplated whether the lawsuit was her punishment for the things she'd done.

Dylan raged that Ian had terrorized Nikki into running away when she'd been scared and pregnant, and Ian had let them believe that he was Dylan's father. Dylan continued that Ian had extorted money, and he angrily questioned what kind of legal system allowed Ian to keep screwing with her. Dylan picked up a dish and smashed it against the wall. Dylan cleaned up the mess and apologized, and he explained that the feeling that everything was out of his control had been building inside of him.

Dylan hated that he couldn't stop Ian from hurting people and that he hadn't been able to keep Austin from kidnapping Avery or shooting Paul, and he compared it to being helpless in the war. Nikki said that sometimes things happened, and there was nothing they could do. Dylan recognized that smashing things wasn't the answer, and he had to find a more productive way to deal with his anger. Nikki agreed, and she worried that he could end up hurting himself.

During a session, Sharon told Dr. Mead about her visit from Ian, who had played a fatherly role in Mariah's life. Sharon hated to think how Ian had filled the parental void, given his reputation and actions, but she conceded that some people could say the same thing about her. Sharon confided that she'd felt like Ian had been trying to manipulate her into thinking they were kindred spirits, but even though he'd said the right things, what he hadn't said had bothered her. Sharon turned the topic to the memories she'd thought she'd lost.

Sharon explained that she hadn't remembered the secret she'd been keeping, but certain things had stirred up feelings. She said that she'd had an overwhelming feeling when she'd seen Summer standing between Nick and Jack, and she thought that different things were somehow connected. Dr. Mead suggested that perhaps Sharon had been thinking about losing Cassie, and it could have triggered sadness because Nick had lost Summer. Sharon thought it had been more than that, and she suspected that the traffic ticket she'd received on the night of Phyllis' accident was connected.

Sharon added that Summer had reminded her that a tube of creamy nude lipstick had been found on the stairwell after Phyllis' fall, but Summer had mentioned that Phyllis hadn't ever worn the shade, although Sharon did. Dr. Mead pointed out that a lot of people probably wore it, but Sharon said that she'd had flashes of the tube of lipstick in the stairwell, as well as other images that she couldn't piece together. The doctor urged her not to try too hard, but Sharon felt that she was on the edge of remembering everything.

Sharon returned home, and she looked at a wedding photo of Summer, Jack, and Nick on her computer. Meanwhile, Dr. Mead greeted a new patient in her office, and she said that she was sorry to keep him waiting. Victor introduced himself.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

In the park, Stitch spotted a baby blanket on the ground as he walked by, and he saw Chelsea and guessed the blanket was Connor's. Stitch remarked that he knew that kids got attached to their toys, and Chelsea thanked him for returning it. She wondered if she could ask Stitch a question, and he replied that she probably wouldn't get an answer. She noted that he sounded hostile, and he retorted that he didn't feel like helping her invade his privacy. She clarified that it had been a medical question, and she inquired why he was being defensive.

Stitch blamed his attitude on a long shift at the hospital, and he prompted Chelsea to ask her medical question. She said that Connor had had a cough the night before, and she was concerned that the croup had recurred. Stitch informed her that it was possible to get it more than once, and he advised her to call her pediatrician if Connor had any worrisome symptoms, but he was sure Billy would be happy to lend a hand with home treatments. Chelsea asked what he was implying, and Stitch wondered if things were serious between her and Billy. She snapped that it was none of his business, and Stitch warned her to stay out of his business if she wanted him to stay out of hers.

After Stitch left, Chelsea answered a call from Kevin, and she griped that he hadn't returned her calls. He replied that he'd been busy, but he had more information about Ben Rayburn, and he had positive proof that Stitch was hiding something. Kevin revealed that he'd looked up Ben's death certificate, and the social security number on it had matched the one Stitch had used on his medical school transcripts. Chelsea realized that Stitch really had stolen someone's identity, and she suspected that he was hiding something huge.

Kevin thought that Billy and Victoria should know the facts, since what he'd discovered was more than just speculation, and Chelsea imagined that Victoria would end things with Stitch. Chelsea flashed back to Billy kissing her after he'd refused to say goodbye, and Kevin asked if Chelsea still wanted to help Billy and Victoria get back together. Kevin stressed that it was important to tell them, since Victoria had no idea who she'd gotten involved with. Chelsea half-heartedly agreed that Billy and Victoria needed to know the truth.

Later, Kevin left a message for Chloe to let her know that he was in a bar, having a beer. He mumbled that he didn't even like beer, but guys were supposed to wallow in a dive bar after their wives left them. He clarified that it hadn't been a real marriage, and she hadn't really left him, so he shouldn't feel bad about it, but he did. He promised that it would be the only time he'd say it, and there would be no more calls or emails. He said that he'd had ideas and thoughts rolling in his mind that he'd wanted to tell her, but he'd figure something else out because he was letting her go. He determinedly said goodbye, and he tearfully hung up.

At the Underground, Mariah struggled to open a jar, and Nick offered to give her a hand. Sharon entered as Nick said that the key was to be smarter than the jar, and Mariah teased him for being outsmarted by a container of olives. He joked that it hadn't been the first time, and Sharon remarked that she was glad to see them getting along. Mariah went to retrieve another jar, and Sharon informed Nick about Ian's visit to apologize for getting off on the wrong foot. She added that Ian had been full of compliments about how Sharon was great for Mariah, but Nick was still suspicious of Ian's agenda.

Sharon noted that Ian had seemed to really care when he'd spoken about Mariah, but Nick didn't buy it. Sharon showed Nick the wedding photo of Summer, Jack, and Nick on her phone, and he said that it had been nice to see Summer look happy. He recognized that it had meant a lot to Summer to have both her dads walk her down the aisle, and it had been hard for him to share that moment, but he had to give Jack credit for accepting that Nick would always be in Summer's life. Sharon looked uncomfortable, and she mused that something wasn't right.

Sharon divulged that she'd felt the same uneasiness at the wedding, but she didn't know what was bothering her. She added that something about seeing both Jack and Nick being fathers to Summer seemed off, and Nick agreed that it also felt wrong to him, but he was doing the best he could to accept it. Sharon commended him for taking the high road, and she informed him that Dr. Mead had thought that her feelings could be the start of a major breakthrough to get back her lost memories. Sharon wished there was a way to jog the memories, and she suddenly realized that maybe there was.

At Jabot, Jack left a message for Summer, asking her to return his call. Meanwhile, Billy left a voicemail for Victoria, noting that things had been tense before she'd left for DC, and he wanted to talk when she had a chance. As Abby rode up the elevator, she phoned Tyler and threatened to leave his belongings at the Genoa City dump if he didn't pick them up. Jack, Billy, and Abby ran into each other outside the elevator as they ended their calls, and Abby declared that it looked like it would be another banner day for the Abbott family.

While discussing business, Billy stumbled over some technical terms in his FDA approval update, and he admitted that his head was elsewhere. Jack complained about Summer's recent decisions, and Abby questioned why Jack had attended the wedding instead of pushing for an annulment, since walking Summer down the aisle had indicated that he'd given up. Jack explained that he'd gone to support Summer and not her actions, and he was grateful that Kelly had convinced him to make the right decision. Abby blasted Kelly's life choices, but Billy thought that Abby should be able to deal with Jack and Kelly's relationship if Billy could, since Jack deserved happiness, and Jack said that Billy did, too.

Abby suspected that Billy was dating someone, and she accused him of giving up on Victoria and turning to a "mystery slut," but he swore that he hadn't given up and that he wasn't Tyler. Billy added that he didn't even know what he had with the other woman, but he knew that Victoria had moved on with Stitch. Billy advised Abby to focus on her own personal life, but she complained that she didn't have one, and she contemplated Lily's suggestion that she start dating again. Jack said that he just wanted her to be happy, and they hugged. Abby prepared to meet Traci, who had returned from New York, and Jack was certain that Traci would make Abby feel better. Meanwhile, at the Athletic Club, Traci forlornly reviewed some legal documents.

After Abby left, Billy remarked that he was trying his hardest to move forward, but it wasn't like him to analyze every decision before he acted, and people would miss out on the good things about him if they didn't accept that he made mistakes. Sharon arrived to see Jack, and Billy departed. Jack was surprised to see Sharon again that soon, and she acknowledged that the wedding might not have been what he'd wanted, but it had been a beautiful ceremony. Jack said it had meant a lot to Summer to have Sharon help, especially since Phyllis hadn't been able to be there. Sharon informed him that she was there to talk about Phyllis.

Sharon lamented that as hard as she tried, she couldn't remember her secret, and Jack wished that Phyllis could wake up and tell her what it was. Sharon had a feeling that it had to do with something that had happened around the time of Phyllis' accident, since all of Sharon's memories had returned, except those around that period of time. Sharon asked if Jack remembered anything that might help her figure it out, and he recalled that Sharon had been very kind and supportive of him and Nick after Phyllis' accident. Jack recounted that Phyllis had briefly woken up, and he'd thought she'd turned a corner, but she'd suddenly lapsed back into a coma after she had suffered a seizure.

Sharon apologized for asking Jack to relive it, but he insisted that he wanted to help. He remembered that Sharon had been around a lot after Phyllis' accident, but Sharon couldn't see herself going to the hospital, given her strained relationship with Phyllis. Jack reasoned that a crisis changed things, and Phyllis would have appreciated Sharon's concern. Sharon asked how Phyllis was doing, and Jack reported that there had been no real change, so he'd had to accept that there wasn't going to be one.

Nick successfully opened a different jar, and he asked if Mariah wanted to pick up some extra shifts that weekend. Mariah assumed that he wanted her to be able to pay back Sharon more quickly, and Stitch entered. Stitch asked about Mariah's knee, and she commented that it was a good thing he'd treated it, since she was on her feet all day at her new job. Stitch ordered a beer, and she said that it was on the house and that Nick could take it out of her salary. She explained that she owed Stitch, who had been nice to treat her injury when she'd had no insurance, and Stitch thanked her.

Mariah went to the back to take inventory, and Nick remarked that everyone seemed to love "Dr. Stitch." Stitch recognized that he and Nick hadn't had a chance to get to know one another, but he hoped to be part of Victoria's life. Nick quipped that it would be a lock if the baby was Stitch's, and he mentioned that he and Victoria had a deal to not judge one another, but he and Stitch wouldn't have a problem if Stitch kept Victoria smiling. Mariah asked Nick to sign for a delivery, and Billy voiced his dismay when he entered and spotted Stitch. Stitch pointed out that Billy could go someplace else, and Billy testily asked whether Stitch shouldn't be off sleeping with someone else's wife.

Billy taunted that Stitch didn't want any other man's wife, just Billy's. Stitch said that Victoria was Billy's ex, but Billy countered that the divorce wasn't final yet, and Stitch called it a technicality. Billy speculated that Stitch's relationship with Victoria would be history when the paternity test confirmed the baby was Billy's, and he stepped aside to take a call. Billy mentioned that he was at the Underground, and he called out Chelsea's name, but she had hung up. Stitch contended that no matter what Billy had said, things were over between Billy and Victoria, since Billy was already sleeping with Chelsea.

Billy insisted that he and Chelsea weren't together, and Stitch scoffed at the idea that "strictly sex" hadn't impacted Victoria. Billy huffed that trying to tear him down wouldn't help Stitch's cause, since Victoria barely knew Stitch and didn't love him, and the more she knew, the faster she'd dump Stitch. Stitch questioned whether Billy expected Victoria to go running back to Billy after the mess he'd made of their marriage, and Billy pointed out that she had before. As Chelsea arrived, Stitch taunted that Victoria had never filed for divorce before, and he couldn't blame her, since Billy was always turning to another woman.

Stitch blasted Billy for not appreciating Victoria, and he ordered Billy to leave them alone. Billy hissed that he'd never accept that Victoria wanted Stitch, and the men appeared to be about to scuffle, but Nick broke it up. Chelsea pulled Billy aside and asked what he had to gain, and Billy wished that he'd looked more into Stitch's past. Billy ordered screwdrivers, and Nick recognized that Billy and Victoria had some serious issues, but he warned Billy against dealing with them at Nick's club. Billy complained that he'd had to deal with Stitch, but Nick advised Billy to worry about himself, since acting out would be the quickest way to get Victoria to sign the divorce papers.

Chelsea told Stitch that he had a funny way of showing that didn't want to cause trouble, but he noted that Chelsea had seemed hurt when Billy had professed his commitment to Victoria. Stitch accused Chelsea of having feelings for Billy, but he observed that she seemed to torpedo any shot she had. She told Stitch not to turn it around on her, since he would say anything to keep her from finding out what he was hiding. Stitch argued that he'd lost everything important to him and that he'd wanted to start over by putting his past in St. Louis behind him, and he hoped he had. He added that it was up to Chelsea, since she could walk away and let him have a shot at happiness with Victoria, or she could destroy him, but she'd also be destroying her own chance at happiness with Billy.

Billy toasted to better days ahead without Stitch, and he and Chelsea clinked their glasses together. He asked what had been important enough for her to rush over, but she balked when she and Stitch locked eyes. Chelsea said that it wasn't easy, but she had to be honest.

Sharon returned to the bar, and she was impressed that Stitch and Billy were in the same room with nothing broken. Nick mentioned that he'd had to separate the men, and he asked where she'd gone. She replied that she'd hoped Jack could tell her something about the secret she shared with Phyllis, but she hadn't had any luck. Sharon resolved to make peace with not knowing what her secret was unless her memory returned, since Jack thought that Phyllis would never wake up.

In Dr. Mead's office, Dr. Mead pointed out that Victor could have consulted with a number of renowned psychiatrists, but he said that he wanted her help. She instructed him to start by telling her about himself, but he said that he was there to discuss a patient -- Sharon. Dr. Mead refused to disclose anything about Sharon due to doctor-patient confidentiality, but Victor claimed that he was there to offer information in case Sharon hadn't been forthcoming, and he divulged that Sharon had invited her dead daughter's look-alike to live at her house. Dr. Mead asked if that bothered Victor, and he declared that it should bother everyone, since Mariah had an association with a known felon. Dr. Mead wondered what Victor hoped to gain.

Victor said that he'd thought it would be helpful for Dr. Mead to have all the information about Sharon available to her, since it might help to get results more quickly. Victor mentioned that Sharon was harboring a secret that could be explosive for Nick, and the only other person who knew the secret was in a coma, so he wanted to do everything possible to help get to the bottom of it. Dr. Mead said that it was time for Victor to leave, and Victor pointedly reminded the doctor that if she became aware of a crime or a threat of one, she was legally obligated to report it to the authorities. He wished her a nice day, and he left.

At the Athletic Club, Abby hugged Traci hello, and she asked if Traci had seen some Broadway shows with Ashley in New York. Traci said that she hadn't been in the mood, since she'd gone there to settle things with Steve, and her divorce was final. Abby was stunned, and Traci sadly stated that she had expected it, since nothing had been the same since Colleen had died. Traci got choked up as she explained that Steve hadn't been able to accept that she'd changed, but they'd both known that they wanted different things. Abby began to sob.

Traci was surprised by how hard Abby had taken the news, and she realized that Abby's emotional outburst had really been about her own breakup with Tyler. Abby wondered why people couldn't just be happy, and Traci said that it depended on each person's definition of what happiness was. Abby groused that they were all screwed, but Traci said she'd learned that she needed to look within herself to find happiness and not to try to find it in someone else. Traci suggested that she and Abby try to do it together, and she had a feeling that soon, they'd be telling one another about new men in their lives.

Jack entered the club with flowers, and he welcomed Traci home. She said that the blooms were just what she needed, but Jack said that they weren't for her. Abby revealed that Traci's divorce was final, and Jack asked if there was anything he could do. Traci requested that he host a family dinner that night, since she thought they could all use one, and he agreed. Abby griped that Jack had bought the flowers for the "queen of bad choices," but Traci pulled her away to take a look at the new deck. Victor asked for a word with Jack.

Victor chided Jack for standing by while Summer had married a criminal, and he called it a way for her to act out because she was upset about the loss of her mother. Jack wouldn't discuss it, and Victor spotted Kelly's name on the bouquet's card and remarked that Jack had also found a way to cope. Jack said that the conversation was over, and he walked away.

Victor made a call to Dr. Cutler to discuss a medication that reversed comas. Victor called the research extraordinary, and he wondered how the medication could get assigned to a patient.

Friday, July 18, 2014

At the Chancellor mansion, Colin asked whether Jill had second thoughts about committing insurance fraud, but she swore it had been worth it to get him out from under his debt, and they had a lot of money left over. He suggested that they use it to fund the new boutique, and Jill said that she was about to go tell Lauren that Jill and Colin were a package deal. Colin gushed that he'd thought he couldn't love Jill any more, and she started to leave, but he reminded her to put the necklace away. She locked it in the safe, and she promised to convince Lauren that a three-way partnership was a genius move.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Lauren told Neil that she intended to expand Fenmore's with another new boutique to showcase Chelsea's designs, although it wasn't set in stone yet. Lauren belatedly congratulated him on his wedding, and he replied that he intended to keep his wife as happy as she'd made him. Neil suspected that Lauren thought he'd been crazy to rush into marriage that fast, and she noted that Hilary had smeared his family's secrets all over the GC Buzz. He acknowledged that Hilary had been in a dark place, but he was grateful that they'd fallen in love. He recognized that not everyone in town was on board with their marriage, and Lily had voiced the loudest objections, since she believed that Hilary would hurt him one day.

Jill entered the club, and Lauren informed her that she and Neil had been talking about the expansion. Jill reprimanded Neil for marrying the "manipulative witch" who had tricked Cane into bed, and Neil commented that he loved a woman who spoke her mind. Neil walked away to take a call, and Lauren lectured that Jill overestimated how much people enjoyed her candor. Jill compared it to Lauren's overestimation of Fenmore's revenues, and she thought they should open another boutique to reach their projections.

Lauren thought Katherine would have loved the fact that Jill was investing in family, but Jill mentioned that the capital infusion had conditions. Colin arrived, and Lauren objected to Colin being part of the family business, but Jill countered that Colin had become part of the family. Colin suggested that Lauren and Jill handle the style while he handled the money, but Lauren protested that he'd run an illegal business from prison. Jill reasoned that it had taken a killer businessman to do it, and Colin swore that it would be fantastic. Lauren flatly told them to keep the cash.

In the dining room, Cane approached Hilary, who said that she was waiting for Neil, but she offered to go someplace else. Cane assured her that she didn't have to do that, and he asked if she'd thought about their prior conversation. She defended that she hadn't planned or expected anything to happen between her and Devon, and she knew that it had been unfair to Neil, who was the last person she wanted to hurt. Devon overheard as she told Cane that the look in Devon's eyes had been wrong, and she knew what she had to do.

Cane asked how Hilary intended to rectify the situation, but Neil joined them and mentioned an intriguing voicemail Hilary had left him. Devon approached, and Cane suggested that he and Devon leave to tend to business, but Hilary invited them to stay. She handed Neil a baseball cap and some tickets, and he proclaimed that the woman he loved wanted to learn about baseball. She crowed that she'd wiped the floor with him during March Madness, and Neil recalled that had been where it had all started. She joked that they had to make it to Chicago for kickoff, and she presented Neil with a mitt to catch foul balls. Neil teased Devon and Cane for being jealous, and Devon scowled as Neil and Hilary left.

Cane informed Devon that he'd walked in on Hilary and Devon in the laundry room, and Devon insisted that things hadn't gotten out of hand. Cane wondered about the next time, and he said that he'd gone looking for them to prevent Neil from doing so. Cane implored Devon to handle the situation if he wasn't going to leave town, but Devon didn't know how. Devon bemoaned that he'd be stuck if he ran, but he'd be "living in hell" if he stayed, and he didn't want to hurt Neil. Cane mentioned that Hilary wanted the marriage to work, and Devon stated that his dad deserved happiness, but maybe Devon didn't.

Jill pointed out that she and Lauren were partners, and Lauren couldn't unilaterally vote against Colin. Lauren snapped that the couple never would have gotten married if she'd had a vote, and Jill conceded that Colin had been a cheat and a crook, but she was there to keep him in check. Lauren pulled Cane into the discussion, and she asked if he would allow Colin to invest in a business that was close to Cane's heart. Cane admitted that he would have said no a year before, but he would consider it. Cane advised that family businesses could get tricky because the parties involved had to stick around for the long haul, and Devon interrupted and remarked that being family was no excuse for being stupid.

Devon lectured that people shouldn't blindly follow family loyalty, and they needed to make the right decisions, even if someone got hurt. Devon apologized for butting in, and he stalked off with Cane right behind him. Jill imagined what would have happened if Lauren had asked for Michael to be involved in the family business, and Jill asserted that she would have supported it because she loved and trusted Lauren. Jill swore that she'd defend Fenmore's to the death, but she felt the same way about her marriage.

Colin admitted that he'd been a "bastard," but he knew numbers and business, and he swore that he wouldn't do anything to anger his wife. Lauren agreed that perhaps it was time for some hope and optimism, and she welcomed Colin to Fenmore's. Colin declared himself to be a legitimate businessman, and Lauren stressed that the business was very legitimate. Jill swore that Lauren wouldn't regret it, and Lauren said that she'd better not.

Devon apologized to Cane for what he'd said about family, but he was frustrated that his father was with the woman Devon wanted. Cane asked what he could do to help, but Devon thought that he had no choice but to live with it.

On the drive to Chicago, Neil and Hilary listened to a weather report about a cloud cover, and she worried that the game wouldn't happen. Neil turned the topic to Devon, and he referred to the unfinished business that seemed to be eating away at Devon. Neil thought that Hilary might be able to help, since Devon trusted her. Neil recounted that Devon had saved Hilary after Lily had pushed her into the pool, and he surmised that Hilary and Devon had become good friends. Hilary turned the radio back on, and they learned that the game had been delayed. Neil reasoned that it gave them more time to get there, and she fretted that the game might be canceled, but he assured her that the storm could pass.

Neil and Hilary were disappointed when they learned the game had been called off due to rain, and she regretted that she hadn't been able to give him a little bit of the happiness he'd given her. He said all that mattered was that she was happy, but she contended that it wasn't all about her, since he'd given her a second chance after she'd ripped his life apart. Hilary added that it meant a lot that he trusted and loved her, and she wanted to be the wife he deserved. He said that it wasn't a contest to outdo one another, but there was no use in going to Chicago, and they didn't need to race home. Hilary had an idea, and she whispered something in his ear. He pulled the car over.

As Devon chugged a drink, Neil and Hilary returned to the club, and Neil promised to get Hilary a baseball the next time. She countered that maybe she'd get one for Neil, and Devon commented that he hadn't expected them back that soon. Neil said the game had been rained out, but he amorously stated that it hadn't been a total waste. Neil offered to spring for peanuts and hot dogs if Devon joined them the next time, but Devon grumbled that he was more of a basketball fan, and he walked off. Neil declared that he'd worked up an appetite, and he went to get a table. Devon and Hilary exchanged an uncomfortable glance.

At the Underground, Billy asked what Chelsea had to be honest about, and she nervously laughed and referred to when she'd implied that she wanted a relationship with him, or they had to say goodbye. She claimed that she didn't know what she wanted or what they had, and she didn't care about a lot of people, but she cared about him and didn't want things to end. He observed that she didn't look relieved, and he questioned what else was rattling around in her head. Chelsea glanced at Stitch, and Billy assured her that after everything they'd been through together, there wasn't much she couldn't tell him.

Chelsea said she'd been worried Billy would punch Stitch, and Billy replied that he liked to use his brains and his smart mouth, but she warned that the latter got him into trouble. He asked if she really had nothing else to say, and she claimed she didn't, but she said she could use a ride home. Billy went to get the car, and Chelsea informed Stitch that she hadn't told Billy anything, but she still could. Stitch said that she'd made the right choice to spare everyone grief, since he had something special with Victoria, and Chelsea could have the same thing with Billy. Chelsea declared that Stitch might have thought that he'd erased what he'd done, but he couldn't hide from it forever.

Jack entered Kelly's office with a special flower delivery, and Kelly asked if she had a secret admirer. She joked that the flowers were probably from Mr. Hinkle, her building manager, and Jack questioned whether he would ever live up to Mr. Hinkle in her eyes. They kissed, and Jack revealed that the blooms were an acknowledgement that she had been right for suggesting that he go to Summer's wedding. Kelly called him a wonderful father, and he requested that she also help him be a good uncle and brother, since Abby and Traci wanted him to host a family dinner. He thought it would be the perfect time to officially announce that Kelly was the new woman in his life.

Kelly was terrified by the idea of attending an Abbott family dinner, but Jack tried to convince her that it probably wouldn't be that bad. She thought that it might be too soon, since some members of his clan hated her, but Jack thought that showing up as a united front seemed like the logical next step, unless Kelly wanted to slow things down. Jack admitted that Phyllis would always be in his heart, but that chapter had closed, and Kelly was a new book filled with new chapters. Kelly said that she'd been honored and proud to go to Summer's wedding with him, and she was sure she'd feel same way when she accompanied him to his family dinner.

Jack's phone rang, and he stepped out to take a business call from London. Stitch arrived to see Kelly, and he asked if she'd heard about Billy and Chelsea. Kelly concluded that they'd slept together, and Stitch noted that things could work out in his favor, since Victoria was pushing through the divorce. Kelly coldly stated that things were swinging in Stitch's direction again, and he begged her not to hate him for making progress. She suspected that he hadn't stopped by to talk about Billy's sex life, and Stitch informed her that Chelsea had mentioned Chesterfield High. Stitch wasn't sure how much Chelsea knew, and Kelly cautioned that his secret wasn't going away and that it was hanging over both of them. She warned that the axe would fall someday when people learned the truth, and Jack overheard and asked, "The truth about what?"

Stitch asked to speak with Kelly alone, but Jack was worried that Kelly was upset. Kelly confirmed that she needed to talk to her brother, and Jack stepped outside. Kelly told Stitch that she'd had her life shredded twice before, and she couldn't put herself in a position to lose everything again. Stitch said that he didn't want her to lie, but he asked if she could avoid answering Chelsea's questions. Kelly promised that she would, and Stitch noted that it was in Chelsea's best interests to leave it alone. Stitch passed by Jack in the hallway on his way out, and Jack returned to Kelly's office. She rushed into Jack's arms, clearly shaken.

Kelly admitted that she'd kept things locked up, but she'd finally met someone she wanted to open up to. Jack said that he knew what it was like to be there for family, but he saw what it was doing to her. She cried that she could handle it, but he hated seeing her try, and he thought that it was too much. Jack encouraged Kelly to tell someone, and he gently pressed her to tell him what Stitch was holding over her. Meanwhile, Stitch left a message for Victoria, saying that he missed her, and he loved her no matter what happened.

Jack swore that he wasn't issuing an ultimatum, but he cared about Kelly, and he saw the pressure she was under and how tense she was around Stitch. Jack encouraged her to let go of the weight she carried, and she wailed that she'd lived with it for a long time. Jack assured her that she didn't have to any longer, and he asked what had led to Kelly and Stitch's estrangement. She asked if Jack remembered the concert in the park, and she said that it had been the first time she'd felt hope since she could remember. She told Jack that it wasn't anything he could fix or handle, but he forced her to look at him, and he swore that she could trust him. "My brother is a murderer," Kelly confessed.

Billy took Chelsea home, and she thanked him for the ride. He asked if that was it, and she swore that she wasn't going to get needy or clingy, so he could go on with his life. He turned to leave, but he realized that he had no life, and she mentioned Johnny. Billy pointed out that his son was in DC, and Chelsea replied that Connor was with Anita. Chelsea decided to have some wine, and Billy reasoned that he couldn't let her drink alone.

Billy asked about the buzzing noise, and Chelsea reported that there had been no trace of it since he'd fixed it. They flirtatiously bantered about how she had fixed his back, and he handed her a glass of wine and moved to kiss her, but she said that she needed him upstairs. Chelsea led Billy to Connor's room, and a disappointed Billy said that he'd thought she'd meant something else. She asked him to lower Connor's mattress so the tot couldn't crawl out, and Billy bragged that he was a mechanical genius. It took him seconds to adjust the crib, and Chelsea asked him to move the furniture around.

Billy complained that Chelsea wanted him to do heavy lifting, and he chided her for pulling a bait-and-switch. She seductively asked what she'd used as bait, and the unseen man with the wedding band watched the exchange via the hidden camera. Chelsea decided that she hated the new furniture arrangement, and she asked Billy to move the dresser back. Instead, Billy pulled her close and inquired whether he should fix the furniture in her bedroom. The mysterious man's assistant said that he'd break in and stop them if he could, but it was impossible.

Chelsea and Billy went downstairs, and Billy said that he'd worked up an appetite while moving furniture. She suggested that she use her healing touch on his back, and he agreed that she should use her gift over and over. They kissed passionately, and they began to remove one another's clothes as they fell onto the couch. Someone turned a key in the lock and opened the front door.

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