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Mariah convinced Sharon and Nick to let her move in with them. Lily pushed Hilary into the pool. Billy and Chelsea made love. Austin and Summer planned a church wedding to prove their love was real. Sharon had a flashback of dropping her lipstick in the stairwell.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 7, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, July 7, 2014

At the motel where Mariah was staying, Mariah was startled when she entered her dark room and suddenly spotted Ian. Mariah seemed unaware that Ian had purposely not announced his presence. Ian said, "You are not safe here!" Mariah noted that she couldn't afford safer lodging while saving money from her meager wages and tips to repay Sharon, even though Sharon was paying for the motel room. Ian told Mariah that she should convince Sharon that it would be in the best interest of all involved if Mariah were to live at Sharon's house. Mariah said that Nick might disapprove.

Ian recalled that Mariah had previously mentioned Nick's concern about the broken door lock, which indicated that Nick cared about Mariah's safety. Mariah added that Nick had returned her forgotten purse and extended a repeat invitation for dinner because Faith liked her. Ian noted that Nick also hadn't mentioned anything to Sharon about Mariah's involvement with the Community of Path Seekers. Ian, feigning fatherly concern, added, "I really wish I could take care of you myself, but I'm not in a position to right now." Mariah replied, "Nick and Sharon have already opened their hearts to me, so why not their home?"

At the ranch, Nikki handed a stack of legal documents to Victor and explained that Ian had followed through with his threat to file a lawsuit against her. Victor dismissed Nikki's concerns and said that he'd handle the matter. Nikki said that perhaps Ian's ultimate goal was to pick a fight with Victor in order to reap a bigger payout in the end. Nikki berated herself for not having realized at the time of Dylan's birth that he was Paul's son. Nikki cried that had she been wiser, she and Paul could have raised their son and never had to face Ian again. Victor offered to drive Nikki to the hospital to visit Paul and Dylan. Nikki hurriedly left the room to get her purse.

At Sharon's house, Nick and Sharon kissed. Sharon glanced down at a drawing Faith had left lying on the coffee table. The drawing depicted a couple enjoying fireworks. Sharon asked Nick if he was comfortable with the decision not to marry. Nick embraced Sharon, and the two became passionate. Nick unzipped the front of Sharon's dress and admired her toned body. Sharon led Nick by the hand toward the stairs. Nick's phone rang, so he sent Sharon ahead.

Victor phoned Nick and informed him that Ian Ward had filed a lawsuit against Nikki. Nick replied, "We need to find out more about Ian's connection to Mariah." Sharon, who hadn't left the room, exclaimed, "Mariah? What about her?" After Nick ended his call, he told Sharon that Mariah had an established relationship with Ian Ward. Nick added that Mariah's mother had evidently dumped the young girl off at Ian's commune, so Mariah considered Ian to be a god-like father figure. Sharon quickly zipped her dress closed when she heard a knock at the front door.

Nick opened the front door. Mariah, who pretended to be distraught, offered to leave at once after she noticed that Nick, with his shirt still unbuttoned, and Sharon were indisposed. Mariah cried that she had nowhere else to turn. Sharon said, "Why don't you turn to Ian, since the two of you are so close?" Mariah glared at Nick.

Mariah quickly insisted that she was grateful that Sharon knew about her past history with Ian. Sharon replied, "Who said it was in the past?" Mariah explained that she couldn't walk away from the man who'd raised her. Mariah added that Nick had advised her to distance herself from Ian, so she needed a place to stay where she could feel safe. Sharon seemed shocked when Mariah claimed that someone had broken into her motel room and had still been present when she walked in the door. Nick demanded details about the intrusion, so he could report the incident to the police. Mariah quickly noted that the intruder had quickly escaped, so she had never alerted the police because she was fearful.

When Mariah said she was desperate to locate a safer place to stay, Sharon offered to let the young woman move in. Mariah refused because she said Nick wouldn't approve. Nick offered to drive Mariah back to the motel to gather her belongings, so she could move in with Sharon. Mariah seemed relieved. Mariah declined Nick's offer of a ride. Mariah claimed that all she had to retrieve was a small bag she'd left with the motel's manager.

After Mariah left, Sharon, addressing Nick, said, "Wow! I'm surprised that you agreed so quickly. What is really going on?" Nick explained that his only intention was to learn more about Mariah. Nick added that it was the only way he and Sharon could determine whether or not they could trust the young woman. Nick demanded that Mariah was never to be left alone with Faith. Sharon agreed, but she insisted that Mariah would impress Nick and win him over. Nick seemed troubled.

In Paul's hospital room, Christine ordered Paul to rest. Paul insisted on paying a visit to his son's room. Paul promised to obey Christine's orders if she'd allow him a brief visit with Dylan. Nikki and Victor arrived. Victor teased Paul and said that taxpayers were expecting him to recover quickly and return to public service. Paul laughed. Christine asked Nikki to step out with her, so the men could visit.

Victor told Paul that they should discuss Dylan. Paul explained that he was still reeling after having been gunned down and later discovering he was the father of Nikki's son. Victor told Paul that Nikki was wrestling with guilt over her belief that she'd denied Paul a chance to raise his son. Paul blamed Ian. Paul insisted that he and Nikki had found their son when they had been meant to find him. Paul jested that if not for Dylan, Victor would be delivering Paul's glowing eulogy. Victor laughed and said, "Who says I would say wonderful things about you?" Both men laughed.

Victor seemed sympathetic when Paul acknowledged that the child to whom he'd given life had done the same for him in return. Victor said he hoped that Dylan would turn out to be the son Paul had always wanted. Victor noted that having such a son wasn't always guaranteed. Paul said he felt as if he'd been given another chance to be the father he should have been to Ricky. Paul added, "Are you okay with the fact that Nikki and I share a child?" Victor said that it was a strange situation. Victor noted that between Ian Ward and Paul, he would choose Paul to be Dylan's father.

In the hallway, Christine apologized to Nikki for having been so harsh. Nikki said she understood Christine's fear of losing Paul. Nikki apologized for having told Paul about Dylan after having promised Christine she wouldn't. Nikki recalled that she had blurted out the truth to Paul while attempting to calm him. Christine replied, "Well, the truth is out there now. That's always a good thing, right?" Nikki agreed, but Christine seemed tense.

In Dylan's room at the hospital, Dylan told Avery he was struggling to remember something that had happened while he'd wavered between consciousness and unconsciousness. Tears ran down Dylan's cheeks when he recalled having suffered a nightmarish flashback. Dylan said that he'd dreamed about the battle that had taken the lives of Sully and the other soldiers in their unit. Dylan admitted that he felt guilty for having survived. Avery nodded sympathetically. Changing the subject, Dylan said he hoped to grow closer to Paul.

Avery seemed at a loss for words when Dylan noted that he'd strongly sensed that Paul had visited his room. Dylan added that he remembered Paul having willed him to live. Nikki arrived. Nikki lovingly grasped Dylan's hand and told him that both she and his father loved him. Avery smiled. Dylan asked how Paul felt about discovering that he had another son. As if on cue, Victor rolled Paul into the room. Avery said, "Why don't you asked him yourself?" Nikki, Victor, and Avery left the room.

When Paul mentioned the danger Dylan had placed himself in by donating part of his liver, Dylan explained that he had never been one to listen to doctors. Dylan assumed responsibility for the shooting after refusing to heed Paul's warning about rushing into a risky situation to save Avery. Paul said that if Dylan hadn't done so, then the two might never have known that they were father and son. Paul thanked Dylan for saving his life. Dylan eagerly embraced Paul's invitation to explore their newfound connection.

In the hallway of the hospital, Avery and Christine made plans to eat in the cafeteria. Nikki and Victor said they were unable to join their friends. After Avery and Christine walked away, Nikki asked Victor if he believed that Katherine might have known about the connections that would be made by prompting the search for Dylan. Victor said that not even Katherine was that omniscient. Victor added, "Katherine still affects our lives more than we realize." Nikki stepped away when Victor received a phone call from Nick. Nick told his dad that he'd found Ian's weak spot, which was giving Mariah a key to Sharon's house.

Ian later returned to Mariah's motel room and knocked on the door. Mariah immediately opened the door, and Ian reminded her to ask who was present before opening the door. Mariah happily announced that she no longer had to worry. Ian congratulated Mariah and said he'd known that the young woman would be invited to move into Sharon's home. Mariah asked Ian how he'd known what would happen. Ian replied, "It's what I do -- read people. I can tell you what people are going to do even before they decide to do it."

In a waiting room at the hospital, Victoria told Stitch that she would hesitate continuing a relationship with him, Billy, or anyone else she couldn't trust to be honest and forthcoming. Stitch insisted that Victoria knew everything. Stitch added, "If you love me, you'll believe me. I've done nothing wrong, and I need you to take my word for it." Stitch noted that the longer he'd kept mum about Kelly being his sister, the more difficult it had become to discuss the issue.

Stitch recalled the horror he'd suffered upon hearing the news that his entire unit had been lost during a battle at war. Stitch added, "This wasn't about lying. This was about hope that I could start something new." Victoria flashed a smile and said that she believed Stitch, but she warned him not to keep the truth from her again. Victoria agreed to meet Stitch later for a dinner date.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Billy climbed onto the seat of a chair to determine the source of a buzzing sound in Connor's nursery. Chelsea noted that fortunately for Connor, he was away at Anita's house. In an unknown location, someone watched and listened to Billy and Chelsea from the live video being streamed from Connor's nursery. From the voyeur's perspective, it appeared that Billy was reaching toward the hidden camera. Suddenly, Billy groaned and grasped his back with his hand. Chelsea appeared concerned. The voyeur, someone with masculine hands, twirled a wedding band on his left hand while he covertly watched the goings-on.

Billy continued to moan about his back injury. Chelsea helped Billy remove his jacket. Chelsea began massaging Billy's back. Back at the mysterious voyeur's home, a workman promised to repair the issue that had caused the surveillance equipment to emit a buzzing sound. The workman added, "At least no damage was done." Chelsea helped Billy walk down the stairs. Billy said that he no longer felt like joining his family to celebrate his birthday.

Billy, with a heating pad draped across his back, took a nap on the sofa. He awoke when he received a text message from Jill about celebrating her son's birthday. Chelsea walked into the room from the kitchen. She carried an apple with a blazing sparkler protruding from it. Billy laughed when Chelsea said, "Happy birthday!" Billy thanked Chelsea for supporting him during his failed attempt to patch up his marriage.

Chelsea told Billy to make a birthday wish. Billy laughed when he realized that he couldn't blow out a sparkler and extinguish it like he could a candle. Chelsea said, "I bet I know what you wished for." Billy again moaned in pain. Chelsea massaged Billy's bare back. Billy began kissing Chelsea, and the two disrobed. Chelsea reclined on the sofa, and Billy began to make love to her. Billy grasped Chelsea's hand as he pressed his body against hers.

Stitch and Victoria later arrived at her house, carrying bags of groceries. Victoria said she'd rather dine at home. She opened a carton of ice cream and began shoveling spoonfuls into her mouth. Victoria asked which bag contained a jar of pickled okra, which she promptly found, opened, and began munching. Victoria suddenly paused and noted that she'd felt her baby move inside her womb. Stitch teased that the baby was protesting its mother's fondness for odd food combinations.

Stitch placed his hand on Victoria's abdomen and noted that perhaps babies could be felt moving earlier during a second pregnancy. Victoria proclaimed that the baby was saying, "Hey, world, here I come!" After Stitch left, Victoria pressed the palm of her hand against her abdomen and felt the baby moving. For a moment, Victoria seemed lost in though. She fished her phone from her purse and phoned Billy. Victoria left a message for Billy, wishing him a happy birthday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At the penthouse, Billy and Chelsea awakened after having made love the night before. She awkwardly asked what they'd done, and he joked that she'd fixed his back. Billy quipped that it had been more fun than a trip to the chiropractor, and an insulted Chelsea asked if he could only joke about what had happened. He chalked it up to both of them being lonely and grieving their losses, but he conceded that they'd gotten closer by working together to get the lowdown on Stitch. Billy reasoned that he and Chelsea had turned to one another for comfort in an impulsive moment, but she implored him to admit that it hadn't just been crazy or impulsive and that they'd both thought about it before.

Billy and Chelsea got dressed, and Billy contended that their lovemaking had happened out of nowhere. She recalled that he'd kissed her and that she'd later kissed him, but he argued that they'd agreed to forget about it. She countered that they hadn't, and he called the night enjoyable, but he reminded her that he wanted to get back together with Victoria, so it had been a one-time thing. He said that he should go, and Anita entered with Connor as Chelsea handed Billy his shirt. Chelsea nervously stated that she hadn't expected her mother, and Billy hurried out.

Anita crowed that she'd known that something had been going on, but Chelsea insisted that Anita was making too much of it. Anita suggested that Chelsea make it happen again, since Billy was a catch, but Chelsea stated that Billy was in love with his wife. Chelsea said that she didn't know what she wanted with Billy, and she hadn't expected anything to happen that soon, since she still hadn't accepted that Adam was gone. Chelsea answered a call from Kevin, who told her to check her email, and she said that she'd call him back. Chelsea explained to Anita that Kevin had found something strange about Stitch, and she gasped when she checked her messages.

Chelsea revealed that Kevin had sent her an obituary of a boy named Benjamin Rayburn who'd been killed after his high school graduation party. The boy had graduated from the same high school the same year that Stitch supposedly had, but his photo looked nothing like Stitch. Chelsea mused that Stitch definitely wasn't who he'd said he was. Chelsea tried to convince herself that it could be a coincidence, but Anita was skeptical that there had been two Ben Rayburns who had graduated the same year from the same high school.

Chelsea realized that Stitch had probably stolen Ben's identity, and Anita called it an old con that had been easier in the old days, before computers had ruined everything. Chelsea contemplated why Stitch would have done it, and Anita suspected that he had something to hide. Chelsea wanted to tell Billy, but Anita cautioned that if Chelsea ran to Billy with the dirt on Stitch, Billy would tell Victoria, who would dump Stitch and reunite with Billy. Anita wondered whether that was what Chelsea really wanted.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack presented Kelly with breakfast in bed to thank her for talking him down, even though he wasn't any less upset that Summer had married a criminal. Kelly commented that nothing was as impassioned and righteous as a teenage girl who wanted to stand by her man, and Jack acknowledged that being the father of a woman-child was new territory for him. Kelly sympathized that it wasn't simple, since Summer was over 18, and Jack considered what Phyllis would have said to Summer. He wondered whether Nick would have handled the situation differently, but Kelly asked what Jack thought. Jack admitted that he didn't have a clue, and he felt out of his league.

Kelly assured Jack that he'd figure it out, since he loved Summer, and he was smart and reasonable. Jack suspected that his sense of reason was getting in the way, but Kelly was certain that he'd find his way, and he thanked her for her vote of confidence. Jack imagined Kelly as a teen, and she informed him that she'd been determined to do everything right. She revealed that her parents hadn't had much money, but she'd won a scholarship to a boarding school, and her family had pinned their hopes and expectations on her. Jack asked about her brother, and she vaguely stated that Stitch had been a different story.

Jack asked what Stitch had been like as a kid, but he quickly retracted the question to avoid putting Kelly on the spot. She offered to talk about it another time, but she had to get to work. He wanted to start working on getting Summer out of her marriage, but he amorously suggested that they go in a little late. They kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Austin and Summer playfully fed one another, and Courtney walked in and turned away when she spotted them. Summer called to Courtney, and she said that it felt like they hadn't talked in a long time. Courtney groused that she'd been busy at work, catching the bad guys, while Summer had been busy marrying them. Summer proclaimed that she'd married a great guy, and she thought Courtney would know that if she got to know Austin.

Courtney huffed that she'd witnessed Austin shoot her boss, and Summer reiterated that it had been an accident, but Courtney testily noted that kidnapping Avery hadn't been. Summer blasted Courtney for being judgmental, and Courtney replied that as a cop, she had to make quick judgments every day. Summer whined that she wanted a friend and not a cop, and Austin suggested that the women talk alone. He kissed Summer goodbye, and after he left, Summer asked if she and Courtney could start over.

Courtney worried that Summer had only known Austin for a few weeks, and she thought that Summer and Austin's relationship had happened too fast. Summer asserted that she and Austin had bonded over their sense of loss regarding their mothers, but Courtney countered that it wasn't a reason to get married. Summer insisted that she and Austin had a connection and that just because things had happened quickly didn't mean they weren't real. Courtney maintained that Austin had done some really bad things, and she wondered what would happen when he went to jail. Summer pleaded with Courtney not to sound like Jack because she needed a friend.

Courtney said that being a friend meant being honest, and she didn't "give a damn" about Austin and probably never would, but she cared about Summer and wanted to protect her. Summer grumbled that she didn't need protection, but Courtney warned that Summer would lose Austin if he went to jail, and she didn't want to see Summer get hurt. Summer was confident that Austin would eventually return to her, but Courtney cautioned that prison changed people, and Austin might be a different person after he served a sentence. Courtney questioned whether Summer wanted to be tied legally to a felon, but Summer declared her love for Austin and said that she was tied to him, and she vowed to wait however long it took.

Summer contended that marriage meant commitment through good and bad, but Courtney fretted that Summer would be throwing her life away before she'd even gone to college. Summer said that it was her choice and her life, and Courtney replied that it was a hard choice to watch Summer make. Summer begged Courtney to be the only friend she had on her side, and Courtney promised that she'd always be on Summer's side. They hugged.

At Jabot, Jack found Billy waiting for him, and Billy confessed that he was a mess and that he needed his big brother. Jack asked for her name, and he noted that the lipstick on Billy's shirt wasn't Victoria's shade. Billy insisted that he wanted to be with Victoria, but he'd done stupid things, like having desperate sex with Kelly. Billy recognized that the comment had been inappropriate, since Jack and Kelly were together, but he groaned that what he'd done the night before had also been wrong. Jack pointed out that the circumstances had been different, since Billy and Victoria were separated, and Victoria wanted a divorce.

Jack insisted that there had been nothing wrong with whatever Billy had done, but Billy said that it had felt wrong. Jack assured him that it was okay to get on with his life instead of waiting for something that might never happen, and Billy questioned whether Jack was talking about Billy or Jack. Billy noted that Jack had moved on with Kelly, despite Jack's feelings for Phyllis. Jack commented that the right woman could ease the pain, and he said that Billy was a free man who could let Victoria know that there were other women in the world. Austin entered and said he needed to talk to Jack, and Billy was stunned when Jack asked for a moment alone with Summer's husband.

Billy warned Austin not to hurt Summer, and he left. Jack hoped that Austin had stopped by to announce that he and Summer had decided to get an annulment, and Austin replied that he was there to explain something that might make Jack feel a lot better. Austin recognized that he'd messed up, but his lawyer was trying to get a suspended sentence or perhaps get him off entirely. Jack asked whether Austin thought that would really happen, and Austin admitted that it looked like he would do hard time. Austin revealed that Summer wanted to stay with him if he went to prison, but he wanted Jack to know that he'd divorce her if he ended up being incarcerated.

Austin mentioned that Summer didn't know he was there, and he knew she didn't want to think about him going to jail, but he realized that it could happen. Austin swore that he cared too much about her to hold her back, and Jack questioned why Austin would want to put her through it at all. Jack suggested that Austin end the marriage right away, and he offered to help the couple get an annulment. Austin refused, and he declared that if by some miracle he did get off, he planned to be with Summer.

Kelly arrived at the Athletic Club and ran into Billy in the foyer. She asked why he was smiling, and he divulged that he'd unexpectedly received a happy birthday message from Victoria. Kelly wished him a happy birthday, and he mentioned that he'd just been discussing Kelly with Jack. Kelly abruptly made an excuse to leave, but Billy demanded to know why she'd never mentioned to anyone that Stitch was her brother.

Kelly huffed that she didn't owe Billy an explanation, but Billy found it odd that Kelly hadn't mentioned her relationship to Stitch when Victoria had tried to set them up, unless Stitch was hiding something. Kelly scolded him for going after Stitch again, and Billy swore that he'd stopped digging into Stitch's past, for Victoria's sake. Kelly called it a good decision, and she walked off.

In the dining room, Hilary suggested to Neil that they go someplace else, but Neil declared that the club had the best food in town and that Devon owned it. Hilary worried that they'd run into problems, but Neil assured her that Lily and Cane were still in Paris, so there wouldn't be any uncomfortable encounters. She spotted Devon walking in, and she proposed that she and Neil plan their honeymoon right away.

Neil wondered why a honeymoon suddenly seemed that important to Hilary, and she claimed that she wanted to bask in being a bride. She enticed him with the thought of going someplace hot and sexy, and she imagined going away for a few weeks, but he didn't think that he could get away for more than a few days. Hilary looked disappointed, and Neil said that he hated to let her down, but she'd surprised him with the idea. She mused that she was discovering a lot of things she never knew she wanted.

Hilary swore that she was happy that she had Neil as well as security and love, and Neil realized that she was afraid they would be taken away from her. He took her hand and promised that he was there to stay, and he added that he loved her and that he planned to keep her happy for the rest of their lives. She hoped that it turned out to be true, and Neil asked if he'd done anything to make Hilary doubt that they'd have a happy life. She explained that the dreams she'd had as a little girl were finally becoming a reality, and she was terrified that she would lose them.

Neil asked Hilary to tell him about her dreams, and she rambled about being the perfect bride with the perfect man, living in a perfect house. She described the home as big and sunny with an upstairs, a back yard, a swing, and a lake that she could swim in. She became emotional, and she reflected back on her life when her mom had been drinking. Hilary said that she wanted everything she'd dreamed about, but the little girl in her was afraid it would never happen. Neil kissed her hand and swore that it would happen, and she left to check out a reception space for Jack.

On the club rooftop, Lily told the twins to have fun in the pool, and Cane said that they'd join the kids soon. Cane asked if Lily regretted returning from Paris early, and she replied that the trip had been romantic, but she was glad to be home. He wished that they were still there, since it would have given her extra time to deal with the situation. Lily snapped that they could have been gone for decades, but she still wouldn't be okay with her dad marrying "that woman."

Devon greeted the Ashbys, and Cane said that they'd returned early because they hadn't been able to wait to check out the new rooftop deck. Lily clarified that the real reason had been that they'd missed the kids, and she and Cane didn't have to be in Paris to have romance. Cane mentioned that he'd heard a maniac had thrown hundred-dollar bills off the deck for promotion, and Devon admitted that he'd been the culprit, since he'd been having a bad day. Lily thought that there was more to it, and she assumed that a woman had been involved.

The twins approached, and Lily left to help them get their pool toys. Cane assumed that Devon's money-tossing had been because of Hilary, and Devon informed Cane about the surprise party for Hilary and Neil. Devon explained that it had gone well until he and Hilary had been on the elevator together, and Neil had caught them, even though they hadn't been doing anything. Cane asked if Neil had been suspicious, and Devon believed that Neil trusted them, but he had to get things under control to avoid breaking Neil's heart.

Devon declared that he wasn't proud of getting drunk or of what he'd become, and he recalled that even when he'd been deaf, he'd been focused on something. Devon resolved to accept the fact that his father had married the woman Devon wanted, and he had to find another project to take up his time. Cane suggested that Devon get back to his music, but Devon envisioned finding an investment opportunity that would put distance between him and Hilary. Cane speculated that Devon was obsessing over Hilary because there wasn't another woman in his life, and Hilary walked in.

Lily sent the twins back to the pool, and she made a catty comment about Hilary, but Cane urged Lily to be nice. Hilary started to walk by, and Devon said hello. Hilary noted that Lily and Cane were back from Paris, and Lily curtly implied that Hilary should be at work. Hilary defended that she was working, but it had been a refreshing change not to run into Lily for a few weeks. Hilary stalked off, but Lily followed her, and a splash and a scream soon followed.

Lily claimed that a clumsy Hilary had slipped, but Hilary ranted about how much she'd paid for her ruined outfit. Lily countered that Hilary had probably used Neil's money, and Hilary questioned what would have happened if she hadn't been able to swim. Lily barked that she'd hoped that Hilary hadn't known how, and Cane pulled Lily aside and asked if the gesture had been necessary, while Devon put towels around Hilary.

Hilary whimpered that she hated being hated, and Devon said that she hadn't deserved it. Hilary confessed that she wasn't a good person, and she thought that he knew why. Meanwhile, Neil made plans to look at a property that afternoon, and he told the real estate agent that he intended to surprise his wife.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A pensive Paul was still recuperating at Genoa City Memorial. He remembered a conversation that he'd had years before with Nikki. April had been pregnant with Paul's child, but Paul had said that he was not ready to be a father. Nikki had asked him what he would have done if Nikki had been carrying his child. He had said, "In that case, I would be ready to be a father."

A cheery Christine walked into Paul's room, breaking his concentration. He told her that he couldn't stop thinking about things. Christine asked what was on his mind -- he told her that being shot and learning that Dylan was his son had changed everything he'd thought he'd known. He needed to reevaluate his life. Christine asked him if he was talking about work. Paul looked at her and said he was talking about everything in his life. Nervously, Christine asked him if this was about them wanting to have a baby.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was napping on the couch. Victor, reading a magazine, sat in a chair close by. Still asleep, Nikki remembered the same conversation that Paul had just remembered. She also remembered that Paul had declared his love for her.

Nikki suddenly awakened, and Victor asked her if she had been dreaming. She told him that there was something she couldn't keep thinking about -- a conversation that she'd had with Paul thirty years before. Nikki grew sad as she told Victor that she felt guilty for depriving Paul of his son. Victor insisted that Nikki had nothing to feel guilty about -- she had been very young when she'd become pregnant.

Nikki felt that Paul had every reason to hate her -- she had deprived him of his son. She told Victor that she needed to discuss the situation with Paul. He begged her to wait until Paul had healed completely, but she said that she needed to talk with Paul sooner rather than later.

Christine told Paul that she was becoming scared about the way Paul was talking. He reiterated that he had spent a lot of time thinking while in his hospital bed. Paul's phone rang, and Christine answered it. It was Nikki -- she asked Christine if she could speak with Paul. Christine became edgy and told Nikki that she couldn't speak with Paul because he was resting. Nikki insisted that what she had to say to Paul was very important, but Christine adamantly told her that her husband needed his rest. Christine then disconnected the call.

Paul told Christine that he was going to eventually have to speak with Nikki. Christine understood that but told Paul that she needed to speak with him -- she wanted to find out what he was thinking, what his new perspective was. Becoming increasingly upset, Christine asked him if he no longer wanted to father a child with her. Paul reminded her that he wasn't a kid anymore -- perhaps it was too late in his life to raise a child. She wondered if the reality was that he feared being too old -- or if the reality was that he already had a son with Nikki.

Paul insisted that Dylan was not a substitute for the child that Paul and Christine had talked about. Christine felt that Paul's change of heart was because of Dylan, but Paul said that was not true. He reminded Christine about the recent upheavals in Dylan's life -- learning that Nikki was his mother and that Paul was his father. Paul said that he had enough love in his heart for Heather, memories of Ricky, Dylan, and the baby that he and Christine might have.

Christine listened as Paul reminded her that he had been shot and that his body might reject the liver -- he told her it wasn't fair to bring a new life into the world if he couldn't be there as a father. Becoming teary-eyed, Christine told Paul what a "good guy" he was -- and that he would have been such a good dad to Dylan, if only Nikki had realized that Paul, and not Ian Ward, was her baby's father.

Paul apologized for Nikki, telling Christine that Nikki had been young and under Ian Ward's control. Christine remained angry, telling Paul that Nikki had robbed him of years with Dylan. Paul told Christine that he didn't want to talk about Nikki anymore because it was upsetting Christine. Paul told his wife that he wasn't saying that he didn't want to have a baby -- he just thought that they needed to spend more time thinking about it.

Christine's phone rang. It was her office calling. She wanted to ignore the call. Paul insisted that she go to work. Reluctantly, Christine agreed. She gave Paul a kiss and left.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was livid that Christine had hung up on her. Victor thought that perhaps Paul was resting. Nikki told Victor that Paul was not resting -- she had heard his voice in the background. Victor lectured Nikki -- he told her that it was a wife's prerogative to protect her husband. Besides, he thought that she and Christine had "mended fences." Nikki admitted that Christine had apologized for yelling at her, but it didn't mean that Christine was ready to accept Paul's new son.

Nikki said that Christine wouldn't be able to prevent Nikki from seeing Paul. Victor wondered why Nikki was getting so worked up -- she had been tossing and turning while napping. Growing angry, Nikki said that she hadn't moved back to the ranch so that Victor could be her guardian. Victor felt that Nikki was pushing herself too hard, and he had seen her hands shaking and her dizzy spells. Nikki insisted that she was fine and was following her doctor's orders.

Victor told Nikki that he didn't care what her doctor said -- Victor knew her better than anyone else. Besides, he said, neither Paul nor Nikki was going anywhere -- they could have their conversation after Paul was out of the hospital. Nikki lashed out, telling Victor that she was leaving to get some breakfast -- but only because she was hungry and not because he'd said to.

Nikki entered Paul's hospital room just a few seconds after Christine left. Paul told her that she had just missed Christine -- Nikki said that she had been waiting for Christine to leave so that she and Paul could have a private conversation.

Nikki asked Paul if he remembered the conversation they'd had when they had been teenagers, discussing whether Paul was ready to be a father or not. Paul chuckled and told her that he had just thought about that earlier that day. Nikki wondered if Paul remembered the part of the conversation when she had asked him what he would have done if she had been pregnant with Paul's child. Paul said that he didn't specifically remember that, but he probably knew what his answer had been.

Nikki wondered what they would have done if they'd known that she had been pregnant with Paul's child -- not Ian's. Paul said that there was no point in looking back. Nikki said that she'd had "this tremendous gift" she could have given him, and she hadn't even realized it -- even though she should have sensed that it was Paul's child. She admitted that she had been so desperate to get away from Ian, it hadn't even occurred to her that the baby could have been Paul's.

Nikki talked to Paul about the many mistakes she had made in her life -- but then she had met Victor -- her silver lining. Paul said that he wanted her to tell him what she would have done if she had known that the baby she had been carrying had been his and not Ian's. Nikki said that she would never have left the baby at a church -- she would never have let their baby go. Unbeknownst to them, Victor was at the door, listening to their conversation.

On the rooftop deck of the Athletic Club, a soaking wet Hilary was still fuming about Lily throwing her in the pool. Devon tried to comfort her, but she insisted that she deserved to be humiliated because she was a bad person. Devon disagreed, telling her that she was a good person. He said that she needed to dry off and offered her a room at the club so she could take a soothing bath while housekeeping dried her clothes. Initially resisting, she finally gave in and accepted Devon's offer.

Devon and Hilary walked away as Cane and Lily looked on. Lily wondered why Devon was fawning over Hilary -- and said that Hilary would probably sue the Athletic Club. Neil suddenly appeared and was surprised to see the Ashbys -- he'd thought they were still in Paris. Lily explained that they had returned early because they hadn't wanted to spend too much time away from their kids.

Neil wondered where Hilary was. Cane said that she had left. Neil asked Lily if she had given Hilary a hard time. Matty and Charlie were playing nearby. Matty told grandpa Neil that Lily needed a timeout. Charlie revealed that Lily had thrown Hilary into the pool. Lily admitted to her livid father that she had pushed Hilary in the pool. Neil could not believe that Lily would exhibit such bad behavior in front of her children.

Cane told Neil that Hilary had gone home to change and that Devon was with her. Neil said that Devon was a good son -- and that he had a lot of sense, unlike Lily. He angrily said, "Grow up. And start acting like a mother -- and a daughter."

After Neil left, Lily told Cane that Hilary had just gotten "a little bit wet." Cane begged her to tell him that she realized that the incident was bigger than that. Lily did admit that she shouldn't have done it in front of the kids. Cane told her that she couldn't "go off the deep end" every time Hilary walked into a room. They began arguing. Lily listed Hilary's transgressions -- Hilary had exploited Neil by publicizing Neil's private journal, she had drugged Cane, and had spiked Neil's orange juice with vodka. Lily asked Cane if she was just supposed to forget about all of that.

Cane reminded Lily that Neil, the person who had been damaged the most, had forgiven Hilary and fallen in love with her. Lily wondered if she was the only person who could see that Hilary was going to hurt Neil. Cane told her that was none of their business but admitted that perhaps Neil and Hilary's marriage was doomed. Lily asked him if he felt that way because Hilary was vicious -- or because Cane knew something else.

Cane told Lily that she was driving him crazy, but he did admit that he felt that Neil and Hilary's romance had happened too quickly. Lily agreed, saying that Neil was on the rebound from Leslie, and there was no way that Neil could be in love with Hilary. Lily felt that Hilary looked at Neil as a meal ticket.

Devon escorted the drenched Hilary to a suite at the club. He apologized profusely for what Lily had done, adding that it was not like Lily to have done something like that. Hilary vehemently disagreed, telling Devon that Lily's mission in life was to make Hilary's life "hell." Devon, trying to calm her down, told her to relax in the luxurious bathtub while he had housekeeping dry her clothes. Hilary said that Devon didn't have to "do all this," but he said that he would do it for any guest. When Hilary reminded him that she was no longer a guest at the club, Devon admitted that he was doing it because she was special. He left the room.

Devon returned later with a bag from Fenmore's -- he had purchased an outfit for Hilary in case her clothes weren't dry. Hilary entered the main room from the bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel. He turned his head to avoid looking at her. Looking at the Fenmore's bad, Hilary told Devon that he needed to stop doing things for her. Devon began professing how emotional he felt around Hilary.

Devon said that he keeps telling himself that Hilary was married to Neil, but that didn't help -- Devon was still in love with her, no matter how much he tried not to be. Hilary told him that she was sorry -- that she shouldn't even be listening to him. Just as Devon said that his feelings weren't going to go away, there was a knock at the door. Devon opened the door -- it was Neil, who appeared to be looking at them suspiciously.

Devon and Hilary started to explain the situation to Neil, but he stopped them -- angrily saying that he didn't want to hear excuses or cover stories. Neil said that he couldn't believe that "my child" could disrespect him like that. Judging by his expression, Devon thought that Neil was referring to him. Neil continued venting his anger, which Devon and Hilary thought was directed at them.

Devon and Hilary were relieved when they realized that Neil had been talking about Lily. Neil wondered why Hilary hadn't called him after she had been thrown in the pool. Hilary sheepishly said that she didn't want to drive a wedge between Neil and Lily. Hilary grabbed the Fenmore's bag, said that she needed to change, and quickly disappeared into the bathroom. After she was gone, Devon apologized to Neil. Neil wondered what Devon was sorry about.

Devon tried to tell Neil the truth about his feelings for Hilary, but Neil thought that his son was trying to apologize for Lily. When Devon said that he wanted to talk to Neil about Hilary, Neil thanked Devon for supporting his marriage, even when the rest of the family had been against him. Neil said he knew Devon had issues with Hilary but he felt that Hilary and Devon might become friends -- Devon might even learn to love Hilary.

Hilary emerged from the bathroom, wearing the very stylish outfit that Devon had purchased for her. She looked a bit nervous -- then put a smile on her face and approached her husband. He once again apologized for Lily and said that Devon was the only person in the family who really "gets it" and that he was sure that she and Devon would be good friends one day. She told Neil that she wanted to go on a honeymoon far away -- where no one could touch them. He said that no matter where they were, nothing could touch them -- they knew who they were and what they had.

Devon returned to the rooftop and poured himself a stiff drink. Lily accused him of holding Hilary's hand as if Hilary had been an innocent victim. Devon said that he hadn't held Hilary's hand -- and then warned Lily, who was his employee, to never repeat her bad behavior. Lily asked him if he was okay -- walking off, he told her that he just needed to get out of town.

Stitch and Victoria ran into each other at the hospital. She said that she was there to visit her brother Dylan, which prompted Stitch to joke about what a difficult patient Dylan had been. Stitch invited her to lunch, but she declined, telling him that she had a lot of errands to run. She confessed that there was another reason for her being at the hospital -- she had just seen her obstetrician. Stitch was concerned about Victoria's baby. Victoria assured him that the baby was fine -- her appointment had been about a paternity test.

Nervously, Stitch asked whether he or Billy was the father. Victoria told him that she hadn't actually had the test and apologized for giving Stitch the impression that she had -- she had merely discussed it with her obstetrician. She would not be taking the test until her next appointment, which would be after she returned from visiting Reed. Stitch told her that he hoped that he had fathered the baby, but no matter what, he loved her.

At the penthouse, Chelsea stared at the obituary of the 18-year-old Ben Rayburn, who had been killed in a car crash. While picking up her jacket, she found Billy's missing sock. She thought about the previous night when she and Billy had made love and then phoned Kevin. She insisted that Kevin shouldn't give Billy any information about Kevin's research into Stitch's background -- she wanted Kevin to feed her any new information about Stitch, and she would "feed it to Billy." Chelsea then called Anita and asked her to watch Connor -- she told her mother that she had an important errand to run.

Chelsea approached Stitch and lied to him, saying that she was there to see Dylan. Stitch told her that only family and close friends were allowed to see him. Chelsea said that she didn't fit into either of those categories -- but she was glad that Dylan had a great friend in Stitch -- and that he and Dylan probably knew everything about each other.

Realizing that she was fishing for information, Stitch told her that Dylan was "doped up" with sedatives and might tell her anything about Stitch, Stitch's past, or any of the other secrets that she had tried to dig up in Australia. Becoming angry, he asked Chelsea what she was up to. Stitch wondered why Chelsea was still playing "private detective" when Billy had stopped trying to learn about Stitch's past. Stitch wondered what was in it for Chelsea.

Chelsea snidely told Stitch that there was medication available for paranoia. He said that he knew what she was doing -- he wanted to know why she was doing it. Stitch told her that she could bat her eyelashes all she wanted -- but he didn't fall for such transparent tactics. When Chelsea replied, "That's not what Victoria said," Stitch grew angrier.

Chelsea apologized. She said that they didn't need to be adversaries -- they both had secrets, and she wondered if they could call a truce. He agreed, but didn't appear to be convinced that Chelsea really wanted to stop digging into his background. She wished him a good day and began to walk off.

Chelsea suddenly turned around and asked Stitch if it was true that he and Kelly were from St. Louis. Stitch said, "Here we go again," but Chelsea told him to relax. She told him that she had once known a guy there who had gone to Chesterfield High and wondered if Stitch knew any kids there. Stone-faced, Stitch said that he had rounds to make. Chelsea said that she'd known that it was a long shot. She rounded a corner, out of Stitch's sight, and appeared to be extremely pleased with herself.

After Chelsea left, Stitch made a phone call. He said, "Someone's been snooping around about me and Kelly. They may come to you next. No, I don't want you to worry. Just a heads-up."

At the Abbott mansion, Billy was thrilled to answer the bell and see Victoria at the front door. He thanked her for her birthday message -- it meant a lot to him. She wondered if he had done anything special on his birthday. He remembered being in bed with Chelsea. He lied and told Victoria that he had done the usual stuff -- birthday cake and candles. When she asked what he had wished for before blowing out the candles, he joked and said, "world peace," then became serious and told Victoria that she knew what he had wished for.

Changing the subject, Victoria told Billy that she was taking Johnny with her on a trip to visit Reed before Reed went to sleep-away camp. Billy joked that he was going to send Reed firecrackers, lots of candy, and other inappropriate gifts, saying, "What kind of a stepfather do you think I am?" Victoria told him that he was the best. Billy said that it would not be long before Johnny would be off to camp. He then pointed at Victoria's "baby bump" and said that after Johnny, Victoria's child would be next to attend camp.

Victoria told Billy that she was going to have the paternity test when she returned from her visit with Reed. She assumed that Billy wanted to know who the father was. He said that he did and he didn't -- because once she got the results, everything would change. Finally admitting that he did want to know who had fathered the child, Billy wondered if the paternity test could harm the baby. Victoria assured him that it was a completely safe procedure.

Billy wondered what would happen if the baby turned out to be his. Victoria said that she couldn't think that far ahead. He told her that he was thinking of looking for his own place -- unless he ended up with two "rugrats" to deal with -- in that case, he would stay at the Abbott mansion, where there was plenty of space. Billy told Victoria that he wanted to buy a "big boy" bed for Johnny, who seemed to be growing every day. He said that he would put the bed in a special room in the Abbott mansion -- a room that Johnny could use when visiting Billy. Victoria asked to see the room, and he led her up the stairs.

Billy descended the staircase by himself and was shocked to see Chelsea at the front door. Nervously, he looked upstairs, where Victoria was still inspecting Johnny's room. Chelsea barged in and returned his sock. Billy tried to get her to leave, and she asked if he was trying to avoid her. She rambled on, telling him that she didn't expect anything from him. She said that they were both adults, and she had no regrets that they had slept together. Victoria was at the bottom of the staircase and heard Chelsea's remark. Looking dumbfounded, she said, "You what?"

Thursday, July 10, 2014

At the Abbott mansion, Victoria angrily dared Billy and Chelsea to tell her that she hadn't just heard them discussing that they'd slept together. Victoria snarled that whenever things went wrong, Billy found a willing girl to make it all better, but Billy ranted that Victoria had slept with Stitch and had filed for divorce, so he didn't owe her an explanation about his relationship with Chelsea. Victoria curtly reminded him that she was taking Johnny to see Reed, and she stormed out. Billy lamented that he kept pushing Victoria further away, and Chelsea regretted that she'd said anything about their night together. Billy swore that he didn't blame Chelsea, and he called her a good friend. "Not anymore," she replied.

Chelsea stopped Billy from pouring a drink, and she lectured that booze wouldn't help. She pressed him to acknowledge what had happened between them hadn't been a fluke, and he questioned what they were if they weren't friends. Chelsea admitted that it hadn't just been sex for her, and she'd been shocked by how alive she had felt after waking up with Billy. She continued that she hadn't thought she could feel that way since Adam had died, but she'd realized she'd been kidding herself after she'd seen Billy with Victoria. Chelsea swore that she wasn't there to make Billy feel guilty, but she wasn't strong enough to care about someone who would break her heart. She insisted that it had to be goodbye.

Chelsea moved to leave, but Billy told her to wait. She said that it would never work because he wanted Victoria, but Billy replied that he didn't want to say goodbye. Chelsea anticipated that Billy and Victoria would reunite if the paternity test indicated that Billy was the baby's father, and Chelsea would be left in limbo. She whimpered that she couldn't take any more suffering, and he said they had that in common. He reiterated that he didn't want it to be goodbye, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

As Victor listened from just outside Paul's room, Nikki told Paul that she'd assumed her child had been Ian's when she'd learned about her pregnancy, but she would have kept her baby had she known that Paul was the father. Paul noticed Victor in the doorway, and Victor said that he'd tried to convince Nikki to stay home and rest, but she'd insisted on seeing how Paul was doing. Victor observed that Paul looked well, and he announced that he'd just heard that Dylan was about to be released. Nikki and Paul expressed their relief, and Victor suggested that Nikki return home. Paul agreed that she needed to take care of herself, and Nikki hesitantly left with Victor.

Stitch informed Dylan that everything was looking good, so he was about to go off duty to swim some laps and burn off the tension. Dylan asked why Stitch was tense, and Stitch replied that he'd feel better when Dylan walked out of there. Stitch remarked that Dylan had been lucky to have Dr. Chang, but Dylan thought that Stitch deserved credit for putting in the extra hours to be there for Avery. Stitch recognized that Avery and Nikki had hardly left Dylan's bedside, and Dylan commented that it was nice to have that many people to count on. Ian entered and hoped that Dylan thought of him as one of them.

Stitch ordered Ian to leave quietly, or he would throw Ian out himself, but Dylan said he could handle it. Dylan asked what Ian wanted, and Ian claimed that he understood and shared Dylan's anger, since Nikki had sent Dylan on a path that had led to Ian. Ian proclaimed that he'd only wanted a relationship with his miracle son, but he didn't hold Dylan responsible for the truth, and he didn't intend to change his will or walk away. Ian wanted to try to have a relationship, but Dylan had no interest. Ian contended that both he and Dylan had been Nikki's victims, but Nikki entered and barked at Ian to get away from her son.

Ian referred to the venom in Nikki's voice, and he surmised that she needed to create a villain, even though Dylan and Ian had been the wounded parties. Dylan warned that Ian would suffer if he didn't leave Nikki alone, and Ian clucked that it was a waste, since Nikki had once shown much promise. She ordered Ian out, and she slammed the door behind him, but she was obviously shaken. Ian ran into Victor in the corridor, and he wondered if Victor had sent Nikki in to do Victor's dirty work. Victor grinned and said that Nikki was the good cop, but unfortunately for Ian, Victor was the other kind.

Ian swore that he wasn't there to start trouble, but Victor huffed that Ian had been nothing but trouble ever since he'd shown up in town. Victor remarked that the irony was that the Newman family had become stronger as a result of Ian's actions, but Ian taunted that it had to be hard that a friend of the family had ended up being the father of Victor's wife's son. Ian crowed that a less secure man might be devastated, but Victor growled that Ian was pushing his luck, and he commanded Ian to get away from him. Ian left.

Nikki informed Dylan that Ian was suing her for emotional distress for allegedly misleading Ian into believing he'd fathered a child, and she suspected that Ian had been there to lay the groundwork. Dylan swore not to do anything that would help Ian build a case, but Nikki said that Ian had insinuated that she'd lied about Dylan's real father. Dylan asserted that he'd had a real father, even if it hadn't been his biological one, but Nikki regretted that she'd complicated Dylan's life again. Dylan joked that life wasn't any fun without some curve balls, and he said he was looking forward to getting to know Paul.

Victor entered Dylan's room, and Dylan called Ian's lawsuit idiotic. Victor promised that Ian wouldn't bother Nikki, but he wanted to take her home. Dylan agreed that Nikki deserved peace and quiet, and she told him to rest up for his big day. As the Newmans headed out, Victor commended Dylan for the brave thing he'd done for Paul.

At the ranch, Nikki refused to lie down, and Victor asked what was wrong. She understood that he was only looking after her health, but she grumbled that she hadn't moved back in to be a prisoner in her own house. He wondered if she'd gone back to the hospital to make a point, and she said she cared about Paul, but things had been different since she'd found out she and Paul had a son together. Victor insisted that it didn't change anything, and she recognized that it had hurt Victor when she'd told Paul that she would have kept Dylan if she'd known that he was Paul's son. Victor pointed out that if that had been the case, Victor and Nikki's relationship never would have happened.

Nikki reasoned that keeping her baby wouldn't necessarily have meant a future for her and Paul, since they'd been too young to be tied down. Victor maintained that his marriage to Nikki never would have happened if she'd kept Dylan, and there would have been no Victoria, Nick, or grandchildren. Nikki tearfully realized that Victor was right, and he said that they couldn't turn back the clock, but they had created a wonderful family, and he was very happy. Nikki admitted that he was right as always, and he held her as she cried that she was sorry.

Sharon called to Faith to get her stuff before they went to the Athletic Club pool, and Faith invited Mariah to join them. Sharon didn't want Mariah to feel obligated to tag along, but Mariah noted that she had the day off, and it sounded like fun. Mariah said it meant a lot that they had included her, but she didn't own a swimsuit. Sharon mentioned that she'd seen some cute ones at Lauren's boutique, and she offered Mariah money to pick one out. Mariah protested that she owed Sharon too much already, but Sharon insisted, and she called it a gift. Mariah asked if Nick would be joining them, and Sharon replied that he'd be there after he took care of a family matter.

At Jabot, Jack informed Nick about Summer's marriage, and he complained that Summer was living in a fantasy world. Jack explained that Summer was certain that Austin would only get a slap on the wrist for shooting the police chief, but Jack was sure that Austin would do hard time, and nothing he had said had made Summer face reality. Jack asked if Nick would help to find a way to end the sham of a marriage, and Nick understood that Jack's motivation was his love for Summer, but he thought that there was only so much they could do. Jack relayed that Kelly and Abby had both advised him to back off, and he'd tried to hear their perspectives, but he couldn't stand to watch Summer throw away her future.

Jack contended that the marriage was a joke, since Summer and Austin had only wed so that she couldn't testify against Austin. Jack added that Summer's trust find provided a source of cash for Austin's legal fees, but Nick said that he believed that Summer loved Austin. Jack recognized how powerful first love could be, but he was determined to look out for Summer's life and future. Jack thought that Phyllis would have found a way to fix it, and he contemplated finding a judge who would rule the union illegal, since Summer and Austin had gotten married to get around the law. Nick refused to be part of any plan to take Summer to court.

Nick said that Summer was determined to do things her own way, but he was sure that once Austin was convicted, she would realize that she and Austin didn't have a future, and she'd end things. Jack recounted that Austin had told him that he'd divorce Summer if he went to prison, but he worried about what would happen if Austin got off. Nick pointed out that Summer was an adult in the eyes of the law, and he understood that Jack didn't want her to make a big mistake, but he believed that Jack was making one of his own. Nick counseled that the more Jack forced the issue, the more Jack would drive Summer away, and he urged Jack to consider what would happen if Summer had to choose between a father she barely knew and a guy she thought she was in love with.

After Nick left, Jack called Christine, and they chatted about Paul's improved condition. Jack informed her that he had an urgent legal matter to discuss regarding Summer.

On the rooftop deck, Austin put sunscreen on Summer, and she cooed that she wanted to return the favor by rubbing it on her husband. She noticed that he seemed distracted, and she assured him that she had enough money to pay for Leslie's services and that she didn't have to testify against him. Austin grumbled that her dad thought that was all Austin wanted from Summer, but Summer declared that she didn't care what other people thought, and she wanted to give the person she loved what he needed. Austin fretted that all he'd given her had been trouble, but she insisted that she saw everything she ever wanted in him. He asked if she'd be okay alone for a little while, and he left to take care of something.

Austin entered Paul's room and said he'd needed to make sure Paul was okay, and Paul dryly replied that he couldn't be better. Austin sincerely apologized and wished he hadn't shot Paul, but Paul questioned what Austin had been thinking when he'd kidnapped a woman at gunpoint. Paul ranted that another young man had fought for his own life because of Austin's actions, and he understood that Austin had suffered a devastating loss, but he reprimanded Austin for taking the law into his own hands. Dylan entered and demanded to know what Austin was doing there.

Paul said that Austin had just been leaving, and Austin walked out. Paul informed Dylan that Austin had been there to apologize, but Dylan wanted Austin behind bars. Dylan revealed that he'd be released the next day, and Paul wondered where that left them. Dylan jokingly asked if he had to buy Paul an ugly tie once a year, and Paul stated that he had questions for Dylan. Paul surmised that Dylan knew about the facts of life, but he wondered if he had to teach Dylan how to throw a slider. Paul was grateful for the chance to find out more about one another.

Paul asked Dylan to tell Stitch to stop in, since he wanted to thank Stitch for everything he'd done to keep Dylan alive. Dylan mentioned that he'd also had help from Paul, who had no idea what Dylan meant. Dylan explained that he'd been out of it when he'd had an infection, and he'd dreamed about whether to stay or to see the light, but Paul had told him that it hadn't been time to go. Dylan continued that something had made him fight harder to stick around, and part of it had been realizing that he wanted the chance to get to know Paul.

Victoria arrived on the club rooftop and ran into Stitch, who sensed that something was wrong. She divulged that she'd stopped by Billy's to remind him she was going out of town, and she'd learned that Billy and Chelsea were sleeping together. Victoria griped that Chelsea had claimed to be helping Billy dig up dirt on Stitch, but Chelsea had really been trying to dig her claws into Billy. Stitch wondered why Victoria was that upset, since she'd repeatedly insisted that things were over between her and Billy.

Victoria swore that she wasn't upset that Billy and Chelsea had slept together, but she hated Billy's inability to tell the truth. She called Billy a hypocrite for professing that he wanted her back, and she declared that she no longer had any qualms about getting a divorce. Stitch wondered if she'd had reservations until then, and she proclaimed that her marriage was over. She removed her wedding band and glared at the tattoo around her ring finger. Stitch sympathized that it wouldn't be easy, and she grumbled that getting the tattoo had been the stupidest thing she'd ever done, other than marrying Billy.

Victoria vowed to get the tattoo removed as soon as the baby was born, and Stitch said it would still leave a scar, but she replied that they all had them. She said she was glad to see him before her trip, and they said that they'd miss one another. Victoria informed Stitch that she intended to have the blood test when she returned, and he mused that they'd finally know whose baby it really was. She softly kissed him before she left.

Across the deck, Faith excitedly ran over and hugged Summer, and Sharon started to put sunscreen on Faith, but she realized that she was almost out. Summer reached for hers and put some on Faith's face, and Faith ran off to join a friend. Sharon noted that Summer seemed down, and Summer confided that she was worried about Austin. Summer assumed that Sharon agreed that it had been a mistake for Summer to marry him, but Sharon asserted that Summer could make her own decisions as an adult. Sharon acknowledged that she'd made a lot of her own mistakes, so she was in no position to judge, but it didn't mean that she didn't care.

Sharon added that she knew Phyllis wasn't around, and she offered to be there if Summer needed someone to turn to. Summer hugged and thanked Sharon, and she hoped that Austin's punishment wouldn't involve serving time, but Sharon questioned what would happen if he did. Summer vowed to wait for Austin until he got out of prison, since she loved him. Sharon asked if Austin loved Summer, and Summer replied that he showed her that he did in a lot of ways, but it was hard for guys to say the words. Sharon mentioned that Nick said it all the time, and she stressed the importance of saying it. Sharon asked Summer to watch Faith while Sharon bought some more sunscreen, and after Sharon left, Summer looked uneasy.

Later, Summer helped Faith dry off, and she said that she missed spending time together. Faith admired Summer's ring, and Summer announced that she'd gotten married, although it had been different from the weddings Faith had seen on television. Austin returned, and Summer introduced him to her little sister. Faith blurted out that her daddy thought Austin belonged in jail, and she ran back to her friend. Summer apologized, and Austin understood that most people didn't like what he'd done, but Summer maintained that it didn't matter as long as they were together. Jack approached and stated that he had something to say to Austin regarding their talk, and Summer looked surprised.

Austin said that he'd intended to tell Summer about the conversation if it had become necessary, and Jack revealed that Austin had said that he'd divorce her if he went to prison. Jack contended that if Austin truly wanted to spare Summer, Austin would end the marriage, and Jack warned that he'd have no choice if Austin didn't do the right thing. Jack revealed that he'd gone to the D.A., who had said that there was a real possibility that the marriage could be overturned. Summer protested, but Jack said it was up to the judge to decide. Jack swore that he loved Summer too much to let her throw her life away, and he hoped she'd understand one day.

Mariah ran into Ian in the foyer, and he hoped to hear how her first night at Sharon's had been. Sharon descended the stairs and remarked that she was glad Mariah had made it, and Mariah introduced her to Ian. Sharon coolly stated that she knew who he was, and she asked if Mariah had found a swimsuit. Mariah headed off to the boutique, and Ian expressed his gratitude to Sharon for taking an interest in his Mariah. Sharon retorted that Mariah wasn't his anymore, and Ian noted the hostility in her tone. Nick arrived and announced that Sharon had gotten it from him.

Nick warned Ian to stay away from Nikki and to drop the lawsuit, but Ian simply commented that Mariah had a whole new life ahead of her, and he wished them a good day and walked away. Nick advised Sharon not to let Ian get to her, but she replied that it was too late. She said that she was more upset for Mariah, who had grown up with Ian as a father figure. Sharon vowed to break the hold Ian had on Mariah, and Nick was sure that with Sharon fighting for Mariah, Ian didn't stand a chance.

Outside the boutique, Mariah informed Ian that she'd bought a swimsuit that was nice but not too nice, and she hoped Sharon hadn't given him a hard time. Ian crowed that all that mattered was that Mariah had found her place in the world, and he was glad that Sharon was on her side. He remarked that it had been interesting how quickly Nick had jumped to Mariah's defense, and he told her to keep up the good work.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sharon asked if Nick had gotten any sleep, since he'd tossed and turned all night. He divulged that he'd kept having the same dream, in which Summer had been sick in the hospital and in need of blood. Noah had stepped up, but the doctor had told him that only Summer's father could donate, and Jack wasn't a match, so the doctor had turned to Nick. Sharon looked thoughtful.

Nick mentioned that Jack had sought him out, and Sharon assured Nick that he'd given good advice. Nick wished he was the kind of father he had once been to Summer, but Sharon argued that even if Summer's paternity hadn't been in question, Nick's relationship with Summer wouldn't have stayed the same because Summer wasn't a little girl anymore. Nick lamented that the harder he'd held on, the more Summer had slipped away, and he wished he could do more, but he'd promised to stay out of it. Sharon pointed out that she didn't have to.

Nick groaned that Summer wouldn't listen to anyone, but Sharon thought that perhaps Summer needed a woman's perspective, so it might as well be Sharon's. Nick worried that Sharon had enough on her plate, but Summer insisted on doing it for Nick, Summer, and Phyllis. Sharon murmured that she felt like she owed Phyllis, and she had a feeling that she needed to step in.

At Jabot, Kelly informed Jack that the company's upcoming event was ready to go, and she asked if he was having second thoughts about approaching the D.A. about Summer and Austin's marriage. Jack argued that Summer's future was at stake, and Kelly understood his concern, but she warned that backing Summer into a corner wasn't the best way to go. Jack hoped that the threat of getting arrested would wake Summer up, and Abby overheard and was appalled by Jack's plan. Kelly left to set up for the Jabot event, but Abby refused to go anywhere until Jack told her why he'd lost his mind.

Abby reminded Jack that he'd resolved to have a calm, rational talk with Summer about Austin, and Jack revealed that he'd found the couple at the Abbott cabin, where Austin had announced that he was Summer's husband. Abby questioned why Summer would do something that crazy, and Jack spat that the marriage was a sham for Summer to avoid testifying against Austin, so Jack had gone to Christine to declare the union fraudulent. He griped that Austin had destroyed Summer's ability to think clearly, and he didn't understand the hold Austin had on her. Abby realized that it was because Austin had been the first guy Summer had slept with.

Abby explained that a girl's first time was major, and afterward, the guy seemed like the only person in the world who existed. Jack recognized that it made sense that Summer had built her world around someone when her life had blown apart, but he hated that she'd turned to Austin. Abby understood that feelings about sex and love could get mixed together, and she hoped that Summer didn't make the same mistakes Abby had, but she cautioned that a father having a daughter arrested for marrying a guy he didn't like sounded like something Victor would do. Abby questioned whether Jack was ready to live with the consequences of his decision.

Summer awakened, and Austin kissed her good morning, but she seemed distant. He assumed that she was thinking about Jack's plot to end their marriage, but Summer replied that she was more bothered by Austin's intent to divorce her if he went to prison. She reasoned that if he planned on dumping her, maybe everyone else was right, and he was only with her to keep her from testifying. Austin swore that he wanted to be with her forever, but he couldn't stand the thought of her throwing her life away by waiting years for him. Summer maintained that she didn't care because she loved him, and Austin blurted out that he loved her, too. He added that he'd never said that to a girl before, and she excitedly suggested that they prove to the world how much they loved one another.

Austin assumed that Summer wanted to have sex, but she giggled and said that hadn't been what she'd been talking about. She explained that everyone believed that their marriage was a fraud, and while she didn't regret eloping, she wanted everyone to know that their commitment was based on something real. Summer announced that she wanted them to stand up in front of their friends, family, and God and tell everyone that they were together because they loved one another. Austin asked if she wanted to get married again, and she clarified that she wanted to have a church wedding.

At the Dive Bar, Noah and Courtney waited to meet Summer, and Courtney hoped that Austin wouldn't be there, too. Summer and Austin arrived, and Summer informed Noah and Courtney that she and Austin wanted to make their marriage official by having a church wedding in front of everyone who loved them. Summer explained that she wanted only people there who supported her relationship with Austin, and she begged Noah and Courtney to attend the ceremony that afternoon. Courtney made an excuse about being busy, but Noah truthfully stated that he couldn't think of any reason to support the marriage. Kelly overheard as Summer proclaimed her love for Austin, and Summer thought that should be enough for the people who claimed to love her.

Courtney told Summer not to act like Courtney and Noah didn't love her, but Austin asserted that real love didn't have strings attached, and he and Summer would be at the church with or without them. As Summer and Austin headed out, Abby ran into them and revealed that she'd talked to Jack, who didn't plan to back down from having Summer and Austin arrested for perpetrating fraud. Abby warned that Austin was using Summer, and Austin retorted that Abby didn't even know him, but Abby pressed Summer to get an annulment. Summer proclaimed that they intended to get married in a church, and she didn't care if anyone showed up, since nothing and no one would change the fact that she and Austin loved one another.

Abby insisted to Courtney and Noah that they had to stop Summer from marrying a criminal again, but Noah thought that Abby's determination was about more than just concern for Summer. Noah figured that Abby was upset because she had expected to be the next one getting married, and Abby conceded that her broken engagement might be coloring her judgment, but she wasn't jealous. Abby swore that she didn't want Summer to get hurt, and if they didn't get through to Summer, that was exactly what would happen.

Kelly returned to Jabot to speak to Jack, and she broke the news that Summer and Austin were planning a real church wedding to prove that their marriage was based on love. Jack prepared to call Christine to request that she issue an arrest warrant immediately, but Kelly commanded him to stop. Kelly contended that it was obvious that Summer and Austin were crazy about one another, and she thought the couple might have something real and meaningful. Kelly realized that maybe Summer and Austin would crash and burn, but they had seemed as much in love as any couple she'd seen, and she thought that Summer was desperate to have the people she loved celebrate it.

Jack didn't know if he could do it, and Kelly asserted that she would have given anything for her father to walk her down the aisle or to see her son get married. Kelly cried that she'd never have those joyous moments, but Jack could, even if it wasn't how he'd hoped and dreamed. Kelly pointed out that Jack had a choice, and he was lucky he had one. Kelly warned that Jack would be hurting himself if he called Christine instead of getting to the church to walk Summer down the aisle, and she told him that he'd regret it, since a girl never forgot what it was like to not have her father there on her wedding day.

Sharon stopped by to see Summer, who explained that she and Austin wanted to show everyone that they really loved one another, and she giddily revealed that Austin had said the words. Sharon recognized that a first romance was a wonderful thing that could leave people unable to think, and she knew that Jack, Nick, and Noah were worried about Summer, but Sharon promised not to tell Summer that she was throwing her life away. Sharon said that she'd seen how Summer lit up when she talked about Austin, and it had been the same way Sharon had felt about Nick when no one had wanted them to get married, but they hadn't let anyone stop them. Sharon suggested that she help Summer get ready for the wedding.

Summer compared the situation to when Phyllis had helped her get ready for prom, and Sharon thought that Phyllis would have said that Summer needed lipstick. As Sharon retrieved what she thought was the perfect shade from her purse, she suggested that Summer use it as her "something borrowed," but Summer hesitated when she saw that the color was creamy nude. Summer explained that it reminded her of her mom, since a tube of lipstick in that shade had been found in the stairwell where Phyllis had fallen, but Phyllis never would have worn it with her coloring. Summer handed the lipstick back to Sharon, who flashed back to spilling the contents of her purse on the stairs.

Summer asked how she looked, and she called to a distracted Sharon. Sharon stammered that Summer was beautiful, and Summer hoped that Sharon wasn't offended that she hadn't used the lipstick, but she didn't want to be sad. Sharon assured Summer that Phyllis wouldn't want her to be, and Summer went to get her shoes. Sharon had another fleeting image of the lipstick falling down the stairs, and Summer asked if Sharon was okay. A stricken Sharon replied that she wasn't.

Noah and Courtney showed up at the church, and she suggested that it wasn't too late to make a run for it. He noted that their absence would be noticed, but she enticed him with the idea of her in her bikini at the lake. Noah amorously imagined it, but he insisted that he had to be there for his sister.

Nick received a text message from Sharon about the wedding, and he opened the door to Austin. Nick said that he already knew about Summer and Austin's plans, and Austin said that a church wedding meant a lot to Summer. Nick questioned whether Austin had thought through how things would be for Summer when Austin went to prison, and Austin admitted that he was worried about her, but he loved her. Austin swore that he and Summer would be together whether Nick and everyone else liked it or not, and he was there to tell Nick that they were going through with the wedding, even if he and Summer were the only people there. Austin added that Summer would be hurt if her dad wasn't there to walk her down the aisle, and he didn't want her to be disappointed.

Austin mentioned that Jack had tried to threaten him into ending the marriage, so it was up to Nick whether Summer would have her dad at the wedding or not. Nick said that it wouldn't be right to take Jack's place, but Austin argued that although Jack was her biological father, she still considered Nick to be her dad. Austin asserted that they both loved Summer, and it would mean everything for Nick to be there. Austin encouraged Nick to forget about everything other than how much Summer needed her dad to walk her down the aisle.

Michael met Nikki at the courthouse, and she was anxious to settle Ian's lawsuit. Michael said it wouldn't be that simple, since Ian was claiming that Nikki had used him to hide the truth from Paul, and it had caused undue pain when Ian had found out Dylan wasn't his son. Nikki huffed that Ian was only in pain because he couldn't use Dylan to get his hands on Newman money, and she contended that Paul had been the one who'd suffered, since Ian had known that he wasn't Dylan's father and hadn't said anything. Michael agreed that Ian's actions had been deplorable, but he advised that it would be her word against Ian's in court, and she needed to be prepared for anything.

Nikki hoped that the case didn't go to trial, but Michael reminded her that Victor didn't want to settle. Michael noted that the reveal of Dylan's true paternity would affect lot of people's lives, and she declared that she wasn't sorry that Dylan was Paul's son, but she just wanted Ian out of their lives. Ian walked in, followed by his attorney, and Nikki gasped when she recognized David Sherman. Nikki said that she'd known David his whole life, and his father had been a close friend of Katherine's. David replied that he wasn't his father, and Nikki accused Ian of trying to get to her.

Ian reasoned that he'd retained the best counsel he could find, and Michael announced that his client was prepared to settle if Ian provided a number. Ian claimed that he was saddened that Nikki thought that everything had a price, even human suffering, and Nikki ordered Ian just to tell her what he wanted. Ian said that he wanted an honest, open dialogue to pursue the truth, and Nikki hissed that she hadn't set out to hurt anyone like Ian had. Ian argued that Nikki's deception had caused Paul to miss out on his son's life, but Michael countered that Paul hadn't filed a lawsuit. Nikki reiterated that she hadn't intentionally withheld the truth the way Ian had, since he'd known that he couldn't have children, yet he'd pretended to be Dylan's father.

Ian recounted that Dylan had presented the dates and facts that Nikki had provided, and he had assumed that he'd been the only man Nikki had been with, until he'd found out what kind of woman she really was. Ian continued that he'd thought Nikki had been a sweet, innocent girl, but she had also been sleeping with Paul and possibly other men. Nikki called Ian a "lying bastard," but Ian referred to Nikki's past as a stripper, an alcoholic, and a drug abuser, and she yelled at him to shut up. Michael urged her to stay calm, but she flew into a rage.

Ian asked if Nikki wanted a drink to calm her down, but Nikki snapped that she hadn't touched booze in ages, and she wouldn't allow him to use her past against her. Ian said he wanted to see justice served, and Nikki coldly told him to tell her how much justice would cost her. David announced that his client wouldn't settle, and he presented Michael with their witness list. Ian chided Nikki for choosing to handle the situation in a hostile manner, and he said that he'd see her in court.

Ian and David left, and Nikki fretted that David Sherman had taken the case. Michael implored her not to let Ian get to her, but she pondered what Ian was after. Michael surmised that Ian wanted to make the matter public and painful for everyone, and he would try to prevent it from happening, but he urged her to stay strong. She swore she would, but after Michael left, Nikki panicked.

Avery took Dylan to her apartment after he had been released from the hospital, and she offered to set him up on the couch. He recalled that the last time he'd been there, he'd been in a panic, looking for her, and she calmly stated that he'd found her. He regretted that he hadn't figured out that Austin had been Avery's stalker, but Avery preferred to focus on Dylan getting better, and she encouraged him to do the same. Dylan thought that Avery should be at work, but she replied that Leslie had everything covered.

Avery rambled that she had all of Dylan's favorite foods, music, and movies ready, and she asked what he wanted to do first. He leaned in to kiss her, but her phone rang, and she answered a call from Marcus. She proclaimed that she was done with the cooking show and that she wasn't going to change her mind, and she hung up. She couldn't believe that the producers wanted to start taping again because the site had received a record number of hits since the kidnapping, and they wanted to cash in on the tragedy.

Dylan teased Avery for spoiling him, and they began kissing. She cautiously reminded him that he'd just been released, but he reasoned that it was much easier than being sent back into combat. Avery answered another call, and she realized that she'd forgotten about a pedicure appointment. Dylan was impressed that she'd chosen him over that, and he offered to give her a foot massage. She protested that she was supposed to be taking care of him, but she relented as he began to rub her feet. Her phone buzzed with a text message, and he declared that she wasn't available. He looked at her phone, and he asked why Leslie had sent her a message about Austin's case.

Avery admitted that she hadn't wanted to turn her back on Austin just because Dylan hadn't wanted her to take the case. Dylan thought that she should want to be as far away as possible from a criminal like Austin, but Avery countered that it hadn't been all Austin's fault. Dylan argued that Avery hadn't been responsible for Austin's mother's death, but Avery sympathized that Austin had acted without thinking after he'd lost his mom, and he hadn't planned on shooting anyone. Dylan wondered what would happen if Austin went off the rails again, and he worried that Summer would be the one who got hurt.

Michael stopped by Avery's apartment, and he reported that Ian intended to make things ugly for a lot of people. He mentioned that both sides had exchanged witness lists, and Dylan would be called to testify. Dylan pledged to do whatever it took to help Nikki, but Michael clarified that Dylan had been called by the prosecution.

Ian returned to talk to Nikki without their lawyers present, but she said that he could get out, unless he'd changed his mind. He understood how she felt about what had happened between them, but what they had shared had been beautiful. He creepily stated that he remembered every moment they'd spent together, and he'd never forget how she'd looked and felt. He said that he would see her in court, and he walked out with a smirk on his face. Nikki sighed deeply and stared at the decanters of alcohol on the table.

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