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Sami and Kate were elected co-CEO's at DiMera Enterprises. Sami told a horrified E.J. that she knew that he had cheated on her with Abigail. Sami lashed out at Abigail for having an affair with E.J. Theresa used Brady's drunken state as part of her own agenda. A waltz sparked romance for Hope and Aiden.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 7, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, July 7, 2014

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady was getting ready for work when he received a response to a text message he had sent a business associate the previous day. Brady couldn't remember sending the message, nor could he remember what it had contained. As Brady tried to figure out how to reply, Maggie entered the living room and cheerfully greeted him.

Maggie asked if Brady was still attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and he admitted that he was not, explaining that he had gone to one meeting and had ultimately concluded that they weren't for him. Maggie could tell that Brady was under the effects of a hangover, and when he assured her that it wasn't a big deal, she sarcastically agreed that he was accustomed to the feeling.

Meanwhile, Theresa entered the living room, and Maggie quickly deduced that Brady and Theresa had spent the previous night together. Maggie asked to speak to Brady privately, so Theresa went upstairs, but she returned to eavesdrop from the foyer after Maggie closed the living room doors. Maggie wondered what had happened during the Narcotics Anonymous meeting to convince Brady that they weren't for him.

Brady said that the only part of the meeting that had resonated had been the part about removing bad influences, and he listed his father as a prime example. Brady told Maggie about what he had overheard John saying to Theresa at the pub the previous day, and Maggie admitted that she was the one who had told John that Brady had attended a meeting. Brady clarified that he wasn't upset -- he was grateful.

"My father freaked out on me, like he always does, but this time...I handled it. I mean, Maggie, I just -- I handled it. I didn't feel like I had to use. Didn't want to use. I haven't used since that meeting. I mean, I am -- I am on it. I've identified the problem, and I've gotten control over it," Brady explained. Maggie pointed out that Brady was still drinking, but he insisted that wasn't his problem. "Damn it, Brady, it is a problem!" Maggie shouted.

Theresa rolled her eyes as she continued to eavesdrop, and she muttered that Maggie was a sanctimonious witch. Brady objected when Maggie labeled him an addict, but she argued that the label fit in his case. Maggie guessed that Brady rationalized his drinking with assurances that it was better than doing cocaine. Maggie said the problem was that when Brady consumed alcohol, he binged instead of stopping after one or two drinks.

"And then, the next morning, you probably wake up with a splitting, debilitating headache, and you rack your brain to figure out [...] what happened the night before, but guess what -- no luck. Brady, if you're anything like I was, you can't remember where you parked the car the night before, or if you even drove it in the first place. You have zero memory for any of it. It's all a blank. Do you remember phone calls that you made, texts you sent? You run a company, Brady. How long, do you think, before it catches up with you in business, let alone in your personal life?" Maggie wondered.

Brady started to blame his father for constantly pushing his buttons, but Maggie insisted that he needed to stop blaming other people for his addictions. "Back the hell off, lady! [...] You need to stop harassing Brady right now," Theresa warned as she barged into the living room. Theresa insisted that John was Brady's problem, and she argued that Brady couldn't be blamed for going to a dark place to block out John's negativity.

Theresa continued that she and Brady were sick of hearing Maggie, John, and everyone else judge them for simply blowing off steam and having fun. Maggie started to chastise Theresa for eavesdropping on a private conversation, but Brady interrupted and irritably informed Maggie that he had to finish getting ready for work. Maggie took the hint and left after assuring Brady that she would always be there for him if needed.

Theresa started to complain about Maggie, but Brady interrupted and apologetically explained that he wasn't going to be able to have breakfast with Theresa because he needed to take care of something else instead. Theresa made multiple attempts to change Brady's mind, but he stood his ground, so she finally agreed to give him some space. After Theresa left, Brady made some tweaks to a business proposal before calling John.

When John arrived at the mansion a short time later, he admitted that he was surprised that Brady had asked to see him. Brady said he didn't want to fight anymore, adding that he wanted to make a fresh start with John. When John returned the sentiment, Brady revealed that he had a proposal that would allow them to do just that.

Brady proposed a partnership between Basic Black and Titan, musing that he and John might even be able to get back to the way things had been when they had worked together to rebuild Basic Black after the pension fund fiasco that had occurred a few years earlier. John was pleased to hear that Brady wanted to work with him again, but his smile faded as he started to read the terms of Brady's proposal.

At the Horton Town Square, Kate was on the phone with Stefano, who had decided to delay his return to Salem because he had heard that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Kate acted disappointed. Clyde approached and greeted Kate after she ended the call, and she officially welcomed him to Salem. Kate predicted that Jordan and Ben were going to be thrilled to see their father again.

Clyde admitted that he was nervous -- especially about reuniting with Ben, who had been a child when Jordan had taken him away from Clyde. "I can tell you, Mr. Weston, that I know firsthand how that must feel," Kate revealed, although she didn't bother to elaborate. Clyde assured Kate that what had been made wrong years earlier was about to be made right, thanks to her.

Clyde was eager to see his kids, so he asked Kate to point him in the right direction. Kate revealed where Jordan and Ben each worked, but she suspected that it was too early for either of them to be working. Clyde didn't want to bother his kids at work anyway, so he asked for their addresses. Kate didn't know Ben's address, so she gave Jordan's address to Clyde instead.

At Clyde's request, Kate promised that she wouldn't say anything about his arrival in Salem if she happened to run into Jordan or Ben before he did. In return, Clyde agreed not to tell his kids that Kate was the one who had tipped him off about their whereabouts. Kate reasoned that she didn't want Jordan or Ben to take her involvement the wrong way.

Later, Clyde followed Jordan and Rafe from her apartment to the park. Clyde hid behind some trees and watched as Rafe kissed Jordan after assuring her that, later that day, they would have the conversation they had been putting off for the past few days.

Nicole was pitching an idea to Miles over the phone when Eric entered the Brady Pub. Nicole abruptly ended the call, explaining that her potential contact had just arrived. Nicole approached and greeted Eric, who said they had nothing left to talk about. "Get over yourself, would you? This isn't about you. This is about Sami and your new jailbird of a brother-in-law, E.J. DiMera," Nicole replied.

Nicole wanted Eric to give her an exclusive on the story, but he couldn't understand why she believed he would be willing to tell her anything. "Because I think you're smart enough to know that your twin sister and her creepy husband need me on their side [for] spin control. The first hours of a scandal are crucial, so come on, Eric -- talk to me, please. [...] I am trying to help your family," Nicole reasoned.

Eric doubted that Nicole would take Sami and E.J.'s side, since she didn't like either of them, and he added that he didn't know anything about E.J.'s arrest, anyway. "I could be on their side...if things were different," Nicole replied. Eric scoffed and observed that Nicole never seemed to change. Eric guessed that Nicole was just using the story as an excuse to talk to him.

Nicole started to deny the accusation but decided to instead admit that Eric was right. Nicole said she had wanted to talk to Eric because she had been eager to find out if her testimony had helped him. Eric revealed that he hadn't heard anything yet, but he added that he still didn't believe that Nicole was being honest about her true motive. Eric guessed that Nicole was working every angle to try to find a way back into his life.

"It's a lost cause. I mean, don't you get it? We can never be together -- even as friends -- because friends don't do what you did. There's nothing for you here...with me. There can't be," Eric said before walking away. After taking a moment to recover from the sting of Eric's words, Nicole exited the pub. Later, Eric went to the town square, where Maggie accidentally bumped into him.

Maggie apologetically explained that she had been distracted because she was worried about one of the people she sponsored, who seemed to be backsliding. Maggie feared the person would end up like most addicts -- lost forever. Maggie decided to change the subject, believing that she had already said too much about the matter, even though Eric pointed out that she hadn't revealed any names.

Maggie revealed that she had heard about what had happened between Eric and Nicole, and she wondered how he was doing. Eric admitted that things had been rough lately, but he added that he was trying to focus on the future, wherever it might lead. As Eric continued to talk to Maggie, Theresa watched from afar, bitterly assuming that they were talking about her.

After Maggie left, Theresa approached Eric and revealed that Caroline had mentioned that he might soon be able to return to the priesthood. Theresa said that was great news -- for Eric, anyway. Theresa added that she was sorry that Nicole had lied to Eric. Theresa pointed out that she had tried to warn Eric about Nicole. Eric countered that Theresa didn't even know Nicole.

"True, but I know people like her. They lie and cheat and make promises and bargains and everything else, but -- look, the bottom line is...people are who they are. They say they want to change, but they don't -- they can't. They just -- just take my word on this," Theresa advised Eric.

In E.J.'s holding cell at the police station, Sami ranted about how an idiotic judge had denied E.J.'s bail request, but E.J. wasn't surprised, given the lengths he believed Stefano had gone to in order to make him look like a flight risk. Sami acted outraged when she learned that E.J. had not heard anything from Stefano. Sami complained that the all-powerful Stefano DiMera could have gotten a message to E.J. if he had really wanted to.

"Oh, he got a message to me, and I heard it...loud and clear. I have a message for him. I'm gonna give it to him the meeting," E.J. informed Sami. Sami confirmed that she had remembered the documents E.J. had asked for, and she wondered if he could really give someone else the right to vote for him at the board meeting. E.J. nodded and said that was exactly what he intended to do.

Sami assumed that E.J. would send Justin in as his proxy, but E.J. insisted that he would never send a Kiriakis into a DiMera board meeting. "There's only one person who I trust completely to represent me -- one person. One person who I know the board will listen to, and that's you -- my wife," E.J. explained. Sami acted touched and innocently wondered if E.J. was sure he wanted her to handle that responsibility.

E.J. reasoned that Sami had been working closely with him and knew exactly how he wanted to run the company, but she pointed out that the board members might not be willing to take her seriously. E.J. argued that Sami had proven herself when she had fixed the mess Kristen had left Countess Wilhelmina in after fleeing the country, but Sami said that was different than staring down Stefano at his own board meeting.

E.J. assured Sami that she simply had to vote for him to ensure that the balance of power at DiMera Enterprises would remain the same. E.J. told Sami that he wasn't going to let Stefano shut them out at Kate's behest. Sami angrily agreed that Kate was definitely responsible for what Stefano had done to E.J.

Later, a notary arrived to oversee the signing of the documents. "Okay, so listen -- the proxy, that gives you the right to vote my shares. The power of attorney [...] gives you control of the company," E.J. explained after the notary left. Sami assured E.J. that she could handle the task, and he urged her to "kick some ass" at the board meeting.

Later, after Sami left, E.J. received a visit from Nicole. E.J. wondered how Nicole had managed to gain access to his holding cell. "Are you kidding me? This is like a second home. I'm practically on a first-name basis with most of the guards here," Nicole joked. E.J. assumed that Nicole wanted to gloat, but she clarified that she actually wanted to help him.

E.J. expressed skepticism, so Nicole admitted that she would be helping herself in the process. Nicole explained that an exclusive interview with E.J. would advance her career while giving him the opportunity to garner sympathy from the public that could prove useful if the case ever went to trial. Satisfied, E.J. revealed that he knew exactly who had orchestrated his downfall -- and that he wasn't going to let the guilty party get away with it.

Sami met with Kate in a secluded section of the town square. As Sami angrily removed the matching set of diamond jewelry E.J. had given her the previous year, Kate revealed that Stefano had turned his jet around after receiving a tip that an arrest warrant was waiting for him in Salem. Kate guessed that Stefano believed that E.J. was responsible for the development -- or that one of the board members, Shin, was planning a coup.

Sami assumed that Kate had managed to gain control of Stefano's shares, but Kate admitted that she hadn't gotten that far yet. Kate was confident that she would still be able to obtain Stefano's shares before the board meeting began, but she reasoned that if she somehow failed to do so, the worst that could happen was that the status quo would be maintained.

"That is not good enough, Kate. If you don't get those shares away from Stefano, then my cheating bastard of a husband has too much power at that company, along with his thug of a father -- whom you claim to despise, right? I have that right, don't I? [...] Kate, you can't do this to me. You have to get Stefano's shares, or our plan is dead, and then where the hell does that leave us?" Sami worriedly argued.

Kate urged Sami to calm down, but Sami ignored the advice and mused that it seemed like Kate didn't really understand how their plan was supposed to work. "I understand the plan perfectly, all right? But Stefano, unlike E.J., is not a caged bird with one option. He has irons in the fire all over town. But ultimately, I believe he will choose me as his proxy -- in fact, I'm certain of it," Kate assured Sami.

As if on cue, Kate received a phone call from Stefano, who wondered if she could be free in a couple of hours to act as his proxy at the board meeting. Kate sweetly replied that, while she had actually been planning to board a plane and surprise him with a visit, she would be happy to do whatever he needed her to do instead.

As Sami silently celebrated, Kate assured Stefano that she would get in touch with his attorney right away to sign the appropriate paperwork, adding that she knew exactly how the vote needed to go. Kate promised that she would fly to Stefano's location as soon as the board meeting ended. "In your dreams," Kate muttered after ending the call.

Sami breathed a sigh of relief and happily embraced Kate before excusing herself so they could each get ready for the board meeting. "First, there's just one little thing. [...] You see, the situation is, we both know what you're getting out of this, but what am I getting out of it? [...] Don't you think it's fair that I benefit from our clever little plan, as well? [...] I'm going to do what I'm supposed to do...and going to do this," Kate explained as she handed Sami a folded document.

Sami started to protest that she had already made promises to Kate, but her voice trailed off as she stared in disbelief at the contents of the document. "You see, Sami, the problem is...I know you promised me, but the truth is, I don't trust you -- not one. Little. Bit," Kate admitted as Sami glared at her.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In Horton Square, Theresa assumed that Eric was going to tell her that she wasn't good for Brady. Eric countered that even though Theresa and Brady were good people, perhaps they weren't good for each other. Theresa insisted that she and Brady cared about each other, but Eric asserted that wasn't always enough. He cautioned Theresa that Brady could really hurt her -- or anyone else he got close to. Although she was very touched, Theresa assured her cousin that she could take care of herself.

Eric was skeptical, teasing her, "You're hard as nails, and you don't give a damn about who you hurt." Theresa maintained that it was never her intention to hurt people. "I'm on my own, and the bottom line is if I don't take care of myself, nobody else will," Theresa pointed out. A bit taken aback, Eric admitted that Theresa's words had sounded familiar, and she guessed that he'd meant Nicole. Eric explained that Nicole had always done whatever it had taken to survive, even if it meant she had regrets later.

Eric added that Nicole had tried to tell him the truth, but he had never really given her the chance because he'd announced that he loved her and he'd decided to leave the priesthood. Theresa guessed, then, that Eric understood why Nicole had lied to him and could perhaps even forgive Nicole. "I have to go," Eric said without answering Theresa, and he left rather abruptly.

At the Kiriakis mansion, John looked over the business proposal that Brady had put together for a joint venture between Titan and Basic Black. Noting that the proposal required that he operate out of Europe, John deduced that Brady was trying to get rid of him -- and Brady confirmed it. Brady tried to lay out a case for the deal being good, financially, for both companies. John hurled the papers away and declared that he didn't care about the money; he only wanted his son back.

Brady argued that their already shaky relationship had gone out the window because of Kristen, and because John was constantly nagging Brady and trying to control his life. Brady maintained that the only way for them to reestablish a relationship was for John to go to Europe and give Brady some space. "I'm not going anywhere," John declared firmly, reminding Brady, "I kicked an addiction to pain meds, Brady, and I couldn't have done it without you -- so please, just let me return the favor." Brady growled that he didn't need the help.

Frustrated, John argued that Brady had obviously been drinking and doing coke. When Brady admitted it, John refused to leave his son. "Dad, you're not the solution. You're creating the problem!" Brady asserted. Gently taking his son by the arm, John suggested that they get Brady some help. Henderson started to enter the living room but thought better of it when Brady bellowed at John, "Get off me, or I swear to God, you'll be sorry!" Brady stormed out.

While Rafe and Jordan were making out in the park, Clyde spied on them. Clyde tried to conceal himself better behind a bush but managed to snap a twig. As Jordan and Rafe were looking around to see who or what had made the noise, Caroline showed up. Clyde used that opportunity to slink away. Explaining that Roman had been pulled off of E.J.'s case, Caroline asked Rafe if he could tell her whether Sami and the kids would see E.J. go to prison. Rafe said that there was a lot of evidence against E.J., and it could spell "big trouble" for DiMera.

Rafe wished that Caroline could convince Sami to leave "that lowlife criminal," but Caroline pointed out, "The heart wants what the heart wants." After Caroline left for the pub, Rafe wryly admitted that he understood why Sami intended to support E.J. -- because Rafe planned to do the same thing for Jordan. They agreed that they would have their conversation about Jordan's past after Rafe's shift ended.

In his office at the police station later, Rafe got a phone call alerting him to check his email. Still on the phone, Rafe opened the attachment and exclaimed, "Holy... I don't believe this. Someone's definitely trying to take down E.J. and the old man. Well, if Stefano ever sets foot in town, I've got a warrant with his name on it... Let me know what you find out. Definitely want to figure out who sent this." After he hung up, Rafe concluded that it had been an inside job and wondered who had the "stones" to betray the DiMeras.

A shirtless Brady was lounging on Theresa's couch, sipping a glass of whiskey, when Theresa got home. He complained about the heat, and she explained that the air conditioning was broken. Brady noted that the lack of air conditioning gave them a great excuse to get out of their clothes. "We don't need an excuse," Theresa pointed out, kissing Brady passionately. Later, as they snuggled after having sex, Brady took an ice cube from his glass and traced it along the back of Theresa's arm. Theresa asked how things had gone with Brady's dad, but Brady didn't want to discuss it.

Brady wanted to know if Theresa had any coke. "Are you sure that's what you want to do?" Theresa questioned. Brady declared that they needed an adventure. He announced that he had an idea for a change of scenery but would not reveal any details so as not to spoil the surprise. Grabbing his phone, he said, "I'm gonna plan the party, if you get the favors. A couple grams will do it." Trying not to appear concerned, Theresa remarked, "Wow, that's a long party."

At Club TBD, Ben showed Abigail that day's edition of the Salem Spectator, whose headline shouted, "DiMera Denied Bail." Ben expressed his surprise that E.J. hadn't been able to use his "juice" to get bail. With a shrug, Abigail maintained that she didn't care what happened to E.J. Ben remarked that E.J.'s plight had to be tough on the kids, and Abigail agreed. Abigail revealed that Sami had gone to jail the previous year, although Sami had been innocent and hadn't deserved what she'd gotten.

Clyde arrived outside the club and opened the front door a crack to look for Ben inside. After a moment, Clyde left.

Ben was hopeful that the tax-evasion charge would keep E.J. behind bars, but Abigail didn't think it would last for long. "I just don't like that you're involved with him," Ben said. "I'm not involved with E.J.," Abigail insisted. Ben assured her that he'd only meant that he was worried what the IRS might think, since Abigail had been in Sami and E.J.'s wedding. Ben apologized if he'd upset Abigail, who assured him that she would happily answer any questions from the IRS because she knew nothing that could help its case.

Abigail apologized for being short with Ben, explaining that she had a lot of work to catch up on because of the wedding. As Ben got up to return to work, Abigail assured him that she enjoyed spending time with him. "Same here," Ben replied. As soon as Ben had left the table, Abigail got a call from a blocked number.

A little while later, Jordan arrived at the club. Ben told her that he was puzzled because Abigail had left without saying goodbye. Jordan said that she planned to tell Rafe everything just as soon as he got off work -- as long as Ben was sure. "You know I am," Ben reassured her. Although she admitted that she was scared, Jordan said, "I think this is it. This is finally our chance to be free from our past."

Meanwhile, Clyde had broken into Jordan's apartment and was looking through her things.

At the jail, E.J. led Nicole to believe that he was about to give her a scoop, so she used her phone to record her preamble for their interview. As soon as she turned the phone toward E.J., however, he declared, "Go. To. Hell," followed by a mirthless laugh. Nicole pointed out that she could help him by getting out a favorable story about him. E.J. mocked Nicole's lack of journalism credentials by reminding her of her recent exposé on Salem's waxing parlors. Nicole asserted that E.J. needed help, but E.J. calmly maintained that he would be out of there in no time.

Nicole reminded E.J. that the DiMera Enterprises board meeting was later that day. E.J. assured her that Samantha could handle it for him. "You're counting on Sami, the queen of screw-ups? Oh, you really are in big trouble, DiMera," Nicole pronounced, laughing. E.J. proposed that since Nicole was clearly desperate for a story, she should instead cover the tale of the priest who'd been violated and the woman who'd sat on the truth while the priest lost his vocation. E.J. speculated that Nicole's desire to interview him was a desperate ploy to get back with Eric -- but there was a reason Nicole would always be alone.

"You are a mean, vicious S.O.B.," Nicole hissed. She threatened to write about E.J.'s part in what had happened to Eric. Laughing off Nicole's threat, E.J. countered that she had alienated every man who'd ever tried to help her. He explained that because Samantha cared about her brother, E.J. cared about Eric, as well -- and Nicole was poison to Eric. Fed up with E.J.'s taunts, Nicole conceded, "You know what, E.J.? You're right. I can't help you. No one can help you... You [and Sami] deserve each other...and I am going to take great joy in watching you two make each other miserable for the rest of your lives." As Nicole stalked out, the smug smile faded from E.J.'s face.

When a guard arrived a little later, E.J. requested, "I need to see someone -- quietly." A few minutes later, Abigail arrived. "You summoned me? What do you want, E.J.?" Abigail demanded. "To warn you. Given the charges against me, the reporters are going to start digging. You might be contacted. I need to know that I can count on your discretion," E.J. explained. Deducing that E.J. wanted her to lie for him, Abigail flatly refused.

Caroline was clearing tables at the Brady Pub when Eric arrived. When Caroline asked, Eric informed his grandmother that he hadn't heard from the bishop yet about whether Eric could be reinstated as a priest. Noting that Nicole had stepped up for Eric, Caroline asked if there were any chance that Eric and Nicole would get back together. Eric asserted that the best thing for him and Nicole was to keep their distance from one another. Caroline remarked that Eric had seemed at his happiest while he'd been with the church, and she didn't think Nicole was good for him.

Just then, Nicole walked in. Eric quickly said goodbye to his grandmother and headed behind the bar and on into the kitchen, just to avoid being in the same room with Nicole.

On a bench outside Horton Square, Sami complained that she had already promised Kate what Kate was demanding. Kate countered that she didn't trust Sami a bit, plus she believed her demands were fair compensation for her part in her and Sami's plan, since both she and Sami were about to double-cross the DiMeras. "If you want revenge on E.J., that's the price," Kate told an exasperated Sami. Sami declared that she would take her chances with the board. Kate warned that she would vote to keep Sami in charge, which would make it look like Sami was staging a coup.

Sami believed that she would have the board's support because she had singlehandedly turned Countess Wilhelmina around. Kate predicted that the board would never turn over DiMera Enterprises to Sami based solely on Countess W, which was only a tiny part of a large multinational corporation. "God, I hate you," Sami declared without much venom. Kate pointed out that their natural, visceral animosity was what had allowed them to keep their plans under wraps and not arouse suspicion.

Kate urged Sami to keep remembering E.J. with "that hot young thing" if she wanted to make him pay. Unable to resist the dig, Kate mused, "I don't know, Sami; I would've thought you could've kept him satisfied just a little longer." Sami insisted defensively that E.J. hadn't slept with Abigail because Sami hadn't satisfied him. Putting out a hand to halt Sami's imminent tirade, Kate pointed out, "You need me a hell of a lot more than I need you."

Sami reluctantly admitted that she had kicked E.J. out of her bed because he had lied to her about Kristen. Kate opined, "Men are only as faithful as their options, Sami." Incredulous, Sami retorted, "What is that? From the hooker handbook?" Sami pointed out that she had never thought E.J. would stray because, at the time, he'd been begging her on a daily basis to marry him. She reminded Kate, "You're supposed to be at Stefano's attorney, like, an hour ago."

Kate handed Sami a copy of the document she'd given Sami earlier, except printed on DiMera stationery. Kate instructed Sami to explain that she'd received it, sealed, from E.J., and to read it to the board before they called the vote. "And try to act surprised. Cheer up, Sami. We're about to get everything we want," Kate said before both women left the park.

After changing into more businesslike attire, Kate and Sami joined the board members in the DiMera boardroom. Mr. Shin began the meeting by explaining that Ms. Roberts and Mrs. DiMera were there as Stefano and E.J. DiMera's designated proxies. He expressed the board's disappointment that neither DiMera man was present because of the criminal charges against them. Kate turned to an assistant, Jessica, and made sure that Jessica was recording the meeting in addition to taking notes.

"I don't think seeing your words on paper would properly convey what you're really trying to say [to Stefano and E.J.], Mister Shin," Kate explained. Insisting they were only concerned about Stefano and E.J.'s well-being, Shin asked if there were anything the board could do to help. Sami politely declined. Shin and Mr. Gordon noted that the board had major deals pending that would have a big impact on their financial future, and Mr. Merkel chimed in that any hint of impropriety could kill a number of those deals.

Assuring the board that she and Sami understood, Kate produced a letter and explained that Stefano had asked her to read it. Kate read aloud, "To the board of directors: I regret that both my son and I find ourselves in circumstances at the moment that could cast a shadow over DiMera Enterprises at this critical time. Rest assured that this business will always have the full attention of both Elvis and myself, but, for now, given her excellent work over the past two years, not to mention her unflagging devotion, loyalty, and commitment to all things DiMera, I hereby nominate my daughter-in-law, Samantha Brady-DiMera, as CEO of DiMera Enterprises."

Sami feigned surprise, while the members of the board did not need to fake theirs. Mr. Gordon and Mr. Valdez expressed doubts -- and more than a little disdain -- that Sami was qualified to take over as CEO, despite her success with Countess Wilhelmina. Shin cautioned Sami that the board had to approve Stefano's recommendation. Sami countered that her company had earned a higher profit margin than any other division at DiMera Enterprises, including those of the board members.

Sami confidently assured the board that she and her husband had been working hand-in-hand over the previous several months, so she knew every aspect of the business. Noting that Mr. Valdez's division had actually underperformed for the previous three quarters, Sami stated, "Luckily for you, I have come up with a solution that does not involve your swelled head rolling. So, gentlemen, if we can all get past your antediluvian disrespect and contempt for women, are there any other objections?" While the board members eyed one another uncomfortably, Kate smirked.

Shin asked if Kate would like to make a motion. After Kate clarified that there was no further business before the board, Mr. Rice announced, "I hereby announce Samantha DiMera as new CEO of DiMera Enterprises." Sami smiled beatifically.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Daniel had just opened the door to leave his apartment when an upset and apologetic Eve suddenly barged in, explaining that she had gotten his address from a friend at the hospital. Daniel admonished her that her presence there was inappropriate. Eve agreed, but she'd thought it would be better for them to speak privately, instead of at the hospital. She clarified that she'd just learned something that meant Daniel could no longer be her surgeon: she and Theresa were half-sisters.

Eve continued that she'd gleaned even from what little Theresa had admitted that Theresa had treated Daniel horribly, and Eve felt terrible about it. Eve added that she knew the unpleasantness with her sister had put Daniel in a tough spot -- so Eve had found another surgeon, Dr. Chung. Daniel assured Eve that she would be in good hands and that there were no hard feelings. As Eve shook Daniel's hand, she gushed effusively about how considerate he was.

Eve revealed that Paige was her daughter, and she suspected that Paige would be disappointed to learn that Daniel wouldn't be performing Eve's surgery. Daniel guessed that Eve had to be very proud of her daughter for getting into Stanford. He promised to get Paige the number of a doctor friend in Palo Alto before she left for school. Touched by Daniel's thoughtfulness, Eve suggested that, since they no longer had a professional relationship, perhaps they could go out for a drink sometime.

Before an uncomfortable Daniel could accept or decline, Eve said, "This is just my way of saying that I think you're very interesting and very attractive." Daniel reminded Eve that he was still getting over a recent breakup. Eve assured him that she didn't mean to press the issue; she was just hoping that there was still a possibility of friendship for the two of them.

Later, Daniel headed to the hospital asked Maxine to forward Eve's file to Dr. Chung. Maxine teased Daniel that he would lose all of his patients if he didn't work on his people skills. Daniel said that the patient had thought there might be a conflict, and he thought that meant she was honest and straightforward. Maxine asked what Eve was like. Daniel pronounced, "Well, she's got real drive, a forceful personality -- she's got moxie. I kind of like that about her, although, frankly, my guess is she is a real handful."

Paige was at home, admiring her diploma from Salem High School, when she got a text message from J.J., asking her to meet in their usual place. She replied in the affirmative. As Paige opened the door to leave, she found Marybeth on the doorstep. Marybeth expressed her sympathy because she believed that Paige and J.J. were surely finished, thanks to the hatred between Paige's mom and J.J.'s. Paige maintained that things with her and J.J. were fine. Marybeth didn't buy it because she knew that Paige and her mom were close, which meant that Paige would ultimately have to choose between her mom and J.J.

At the Horton house, J.J. headed out to meet Paige before his community service, but Jennifer stopped him so they could discuss what was going on with the lawsuit. She explained that she was meeting with Aiden Jennings to ensure the royalties from Jack's book went to the veterans, as Jack had wanted. Jennifer continued that she hated that J.J. and Paige were caught in the middle of everything, and she promised to do everything she could to make it go away. Aiden arrived before Jennifer could explain what she'd meant.

After J.J. left, Aiden told Jennifer that he'd looked over Jack and Eve's annulment agreement, and the thought Jennifer would like what he'd found. Aiden explained that some of the language was vague and even contradictory, and he could challenge a couple of the witness' signatures because one had used different versions of his name -- so Aiden was hopeful that he could get the agreement thrown out. He cautioned Jennifer that things could go their way, or they could be in for a long, nasty battle, but the latter was where he excelled.

Jennifer's seeming lack of enthusiasm disappointed Aiden. Jennifer assured him that she was very grateful, but all she'd wanted was to make sure that Jack's wishes were carried out -- but she also knew that Jack wouldn't have wanted his son stuck in the middle. Jennifer explained that J.J.'s girlfriend, Paige, was Eve's daughter. "I know Jack. He would somehow find a way out of it, so that is exactly what I am going to do," Jennifer declared. A confused Aiden asked if that meant Jennifer intended to give up.

Jennifer assured Aiden that she wasn't going to give up, and she promised not to sign or agree to anything without his approval -- but she pointed out that there would still be a lot of money left for the veterans, even if Eve got half of everything. "Compromise is better than war, especially given your son's situation," Aiden conceded. Jennifer didn't understand why Eve would want to ruin something that Jack had wanted so badly, especially when he had considered Eve a friend. Alluding to Eve's track record with men, Jennifer declared, "I feel sorry for any man who ends up in her sights."

Aiden was still there when Eve arrived a little later, but Jennifer assured her that he was on his way out. After Aiden left, Eve remarked, "Well, well, well. Isn't it just like you to hire a handsome man to be your lawyer?" Although irked, Jennifer asked if the two of them could just talk. Jennifer explained that she would like for the lawsuit to go away -- by giving Eve what she wanted. Eve excitedly proclaimed that Jennifer had seen the light, but Jennifer warned her that the agreement would be very specific and binding.

Eve assured Jennifer that she would sign it as long as it was fair. "Yes, it's fair... It's exactly what you asked for. All proceeds and royalties from Jack's book, we will split fifty-fifty," Jennifer stated. Disappointed, Eve said, "That's mighty big of you to step up like this, but I'm sorry. I don't think that's gonna be enough."

J.J. had on his yellow vest for community service when he and Paige met in Horton Square. J.J. informed Paige that his mom had assured him that everything was going to work out because she didn't want the kids to have to be on opposite sides. Paige was worried that even if their moms worked things out, it wouldn't matter in the long run. J.J. deduced that Paige's mom still didn't approve of him, although he said that his mom thought Paige was great. He didn't think it was possible to convince Paige's mom that he had changed, and Paige seemed to agree.

Paige said that her mom had a bad history where men were concerned. Paige continued, "I'm like this jewel to her. And I know it sounds crazy, but she wants my life to be perfect, flawless, like hers never was. So she gets scared for me, you know?" J.J. asked if Paige were scared. "Of you? No, J.J. Never," Paige assured him. When Paige noticed that J.J.'s supervisor was watching them, she urged J.J. not to get on the man's bad side. She kissed J.J. goodbye and left.

As Clyde looked around Jordan's apartment, his gaze landed on a framed photo of a much-younger Jordan and Ben. Clyde muttered, "I remember this day. Did you two really think I'd never track you down?" Clyde began rummaging through Jordan's dresser drawers. Arthur meowed at him, and Clyde growled at the cat to shut up. Clyde turned up Jordan's lock box and chuckled as he pulled it out of the drawer. When he found it locked, he said, "Why, Tammy Sue, you clever little girl."

Clyde unbent a paperclip, used it to unlock the box, and found Jordan's stash of fake IDs. Chortling, Clyde said, "Well, you got real good at staying gone, didn't you, Tammy Sue? But not good enough. I got you now, girl -- and this time, I'm not gonna let you go," Clyde declared.

At Club TBD, Jordan told Ben that it was their chance to finally be free from their past. Ben declared that he liked the new, optimistic Jordan, and he looked forward to staying in Salem. Jordan playfully reminded him that Abigail lived there. Ben reluctantly admitted that he liked Abigail, but he couldn't get serious about her until he was sure he could trust her. "If Abigail and I are going to go anywhere at all, there can't be any secrets," Ben added. Jordan admitted that she was nervous about telling Rafe everything, but Ben reassured her that Rafe would understand. Ben headed for the back door to accept a delivery.

At the jail, Abigail refused to lie for E.J., plus she was worried that Sami could walk in at any time. E.J. assured Abigail that Sami was at the DiMera board meeting, voting his proxies, and he wasn't asking Abigail to lie. E.J. explained that he'd wanted to see Abigail because the prosecution was trying to add as much as possible to the tax evasion charges against him, and he hoped that he could count on Abigail's discretion. An incredulous Abigail noted that E.J. was the only person she knew who thought there was a difference between lying and keeping quiet.

Her voice dripping with disdain, Abigail reassured E.J. that she had no intention of telling anyone that they'd slept together -- or that E.J. had hired a hit man to kill Nick. A panicky E.J. urged Abigail to keep her voice down, but she loudly taunted E.J. about how Gabi had beaten his hit man to the job until E.J. freaked out. Abigail calmly pointed out that conspiracy to commit murder was still a crime. E.J. insisted that he'd shown Abigail the money because he cared about her, but she contended that his only motivation had been to keep her from telling Hope that she'd suspected he was capable of having someone killed.

"That is what you want me to keep quiet about, right?" Abigail demanded. E.J. imploringly stated that his fate, as well as that of Sami and the children, was in Abigail's hands. Abigail doubted that anyone would even think to contact her, but she promised not to say anything about Nick or anything else. She added that she would be mortified if anyone were to learn that she'd slept with E.J. "It's really sad, E.J. You could have turned into someone so unique, so special. Your brains, your drive -- you could've done so much good, instead of turning into who you are," Abigail said sadly before walking out.

Later, Abigail went back to Club TBD to apologize to Ben for disappearing like she had. Ben reassured her, "It's my fault, anyway, going off on E.J. DiMera like that? You told me flat-out, Abigail, you have nothing to do with E.J. I had no reason to warn you; I just wasn't listening."

At the DiMera Enterprises board meeting, Mr. Rice made a motion to appoint Sami as the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises. While the board was voting, an annoyed Kate sent a quick text message to Sami that read, "Don't forget u need my votes bitch." Sami interrupted the vote because she'd forgotten to do something that needed to be dealt with first. She explained that her husband had given her a letter that he'd wanted her to read to the board, so Sami began to read aloud.

In the letter, E.J. spoke in glowing terms about the brilliant job his wife had done at Countess Wilhelmina -- but, despite his father's nomination of Sami as CEO, E.J. did not wish to take his wife completely away from their children, so he nominated Kate to be co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Kate rather unconvincingly feigned surprise. She urged Sami to see if there were more to the letter. Sami read a few words about Kate's impeccable record and numerous accomplishments in business, but after noting that the letter went on for a few pages, Sami suggested that the board take a vote.

Shin moved to make Ms. Roberts and Mrs. DiMera co-CEOs of DiMera Enterprises for a period of at least six months. After the board voted to approve the motion, Shin welcomed Kate and Sami aboard, and the board members applauded. "This is indeed a historic day, and I think I can speak for Mrs. DiMera, as well, when I say that we are deeply, deeply honored," Kate declared. Kate grabbed Sami's hand and held it in the air as if they were both boxing champions.

After the boardroom cleared out, Sami pronounced Kate's letter "preposterous." Kate pointed out, "E.J. and Stefano won't make a peep now, and if they do, they'll just seem like complete fools. They could even be voted out at the next meeting." The women agreed that they could do a lot to exact revenge on the men over the next six months. "Partners?" Kate asked, sticking out her hand. Sami shook it, concurring, "Partners."

Jordan was sitting on a park bench, complaining to her phone that Rafe was out of town until the next day, when Kate showed up. Kate asked if everything were all right between Jordan and Rafe. "Actually, Kate, I don't mind telling you: Rafe and I are definitely on track. Things couldn't be better for us," Jordan said. Recalling her recent roll in the hay, Kate remarked, "I'm so happy for both of you. I mean, that's what it's all about, right? Being happy, staying happy." With a roll of the eyes, Jordan left, and Kate muttered, "Although I don't think the 'staying happy' part is going to work out for you, Tammy Sue."

Sami was grinning when she went to the jail to see E.J. He eagerly asked how the board meeting had gone. Sami proudly declared that Mr. Shin and the rest of board had been blown away. An excited E.J. said that the board had obviously seen what Sami was capable of because of her work at Countess Wilhelmina. "And now I'm going to have a chance to shine even my new job as CEO," Sami announced.

E.J. laughed because he thought Sami had to have been kidding, but she informed him that she and Kate had been elected co-CEOs of DiMera Enterprises. E.J. didn't believe that his father would have let that happen, but Sami revealed that Stefano hadn't been there. "Kate had his proxies, and I had yours," Sami added. When she handed E.J. the minutes of the meeting, his mirth quickly turned to anger. "Oh, my God, Samantha, what did you do?" E.J. asked as he flipped, horrified, through the pages. "What did I do? Now, let me see. Well, E.J., I did to you exactly what you did to Abigail, you son of a bitch," Sami hissed.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

by Mike

In one of the rooms of the Salem Inn, Hope and Aiden were preparing art pieces for the gala's silent auction when Victor arrived to deliver his contribution, an antique vase. Victor complained that Brady had originally been assigned the task but had disappeared without even bothering to take care of the responsibility first.

Aiden introduced himself and admitted that Brady was probably avoiding him -- and had therefore neglected his duty -- because of a misunderstanding they'd had a few weeks earlier. Hope delicately added that Brady had been under the weather when he had met Aiden for the first time. "Oh, good God, enough with the euphemisms. He was drunk," Victor guessed.

Victor started to complain about Brady's substance abuse problems, but a phone call interrupted his rant. "Good God, Hong Kong again. I swear, these people never sleep," Victor irritably muttered as he walked away. Hope and Aiden returned to their gala preparations, and a short time later, Father Louis burst into the room and announced that a huge problem had arisen.

When Father Louis explained the problem, Aiden and Hope assured him that they had already taken care of it hours earlier. Father Louis was impressed, and as he started singing Hope and Aiden's praises, Victor returned and joined the chorus, declaring that the ballroom -- which he had just visited -- looked terrific. Victor abruptly excused himself again, and Father Louis followed suit, explaining that he had a few last-minute details to take care of before the gala began. When Father Louis listed the things he was planning to do, Aiden and Hope told him they had already taken care of those things, too.

Satisfied, Father Louis wondered if Hope and Aiden were glad that he had forced them to work on the gala together, but he left without waiting for a response. Later, as Hope and Aiden were about to part ways so they could each get dressed for the gala, they insisted they weren't going to miss working with each other at all.

In a Las Vegas casino, Brady and Theresa were gambling at a roulette table, along with a handful of other guests. Brady was quite drunk, and when the ball landed on double zero for what was, according to him, the second time in four minutes, he loudly blamed his poor luck on a rigged table. Theresa -- who seemed bored -- suggested switching to a different game, but Brady believed he had enough money to beat the odds eventually.

As Brady continued to consume alcohol and place bets -- losing each time -- his vision began to blur, and he suddenly collapsed. Theresa called for help, and when a casino employee rushed to her side, she asked him to call for a limousine to take her and Brady to the airport so they could return to Salem. Brady protested that he was fine, and he literally crawled back to the roulette table and placed a bet with all of his remaining chips.

Later, as Theresa was flying back to Salem with a passed-out Brady on his family's private jet, she kissed his left hand -- which was adorned with a wedding ring that matched the one she was wearing.

Bev approached J.J. while he was doing community service in the town square, and he reluctantly agreed to take a break so she could talk to him for a few minutes. "I know how you feel about me, okay? I've done things -- mistakes. But...I did all that because...well, you know how I feel about you, and that's never changed. I guess what I'm asking I still have a chance? I mean, now that you and Paige are going nowhere," Bev asked.

J.J. irritably demanded to know who had given Bev that impression, so she explained that she had seen his mother and Paige's mother arguing after the graduation ceremony. J.J. claimed that the incident hadn't been a big deal, but Bev suggested that Paige might not feel the same way. "I mean, pretty soon, Paige is going to have to choose -- her mom or you," Bev matter-of-factly added. J.J. insisted that his relationship with Paige was fine, and he abruptly excused himself.

Paige went to the hospital to thank Daniel for sending her a graduation card. Daniel surprised Paige with the news that her mother had voluntarily switched surgeons due to a potential conflict of interest with him. Paige suspected that she knew what the conflict was, but before she could voice her suspicion, Daniel changed the subject and asked if she and J.J. were having a fun summer together.

Paige vaguely admitted that things hadn't been that fun lately, evasively adding that J.J. was still pretty busy with community service duties. Paige changed the subject and said that J.J. had loved the guitar he had received from Daniel as a graduation gift. Paige reported that J.J. had been trying to write the perfect thank-you note but hadn't managed to do so yet.

Daniel said he understood why J.J. hadn't contacted him to thank him personally, but Paige vaguely clarified that J.J.'s recent silence had nothing to do with Daniel's relationship with Jennifer. Daniel observed that it seemed like Paige had been dancing around something during their entire conversation, and he wondered if he could help her with anything. Paige said she couldn't really talk about what was going on yet.

Later, Daniel returned to his apartment, where he received a visit from Victor, who had been tasked with picking up Daniel's donation to the gala because Daniel was not planning to attend the event. Victor wondered if Daniel had heard from Brady lately. Daniel shook his head and admitted that his last conversation with Brady hadn't gone very well.

Daniel said he was worried about Brady, and Victor agreed but added that he was also worried about Daniel. Victor explained that Maggie had told him why Daniel and Jennifer had broken up. "A woman tells me she doesn't have a very high regard of me, I take it as a matter of course. Daniel, get over yourself. Give Jennifer a break. So she's wrong about you -- so what?" Victor reasoned.

Daniel suggested that Jennifer might be right about him, but Victor pointed out that he had been searching for his "coke-sniffing, drunken grandson" and that, compared to Brady, Daniel was a saint. Victor added that he was old and that Daniel would one day be old, too. Victor advised that there was no reason for Daniel to be miserable in the meantime, especially when happiness was staring him right in the face.

After Victor left, Daniel considered contacting Jennifer, but before he could make a decision, he received a phone call from a frantic Chloe, whose mother apparently needed surgery. Daniel seemed relieved when he heard what the problem was, but he nevertheless assured Chloe that he would rush to Chicago right away.

At the Horton house, Jennifer incredulously guessed that Eve suddenly wanted more than half the proceeds from Jack's book, but Eve claimed that, as usual, Jennifer was assuming the worst about her. Eve insisted that she only wanted her fair share of the money, but she added that she had big issues with the way Jennifer was negotiating the deal for the movie rights. Eve declared that Jennifer had left too much money on the table.

Jennifer clarified that she was letting professionals handle the negotiation process. Eve cynically concluded that the professionals were all in bed with each other, but Jennifer insisted that was nonsense. Jennifer said Jack's agents understood that maintaining his book's integrity was the key point of the process. "Oh, please. In Hollywood, they have to Google 'integrity' just to find out what it means. The key here is money, honey," Eve countered.

Eve argued that selling the movie rights to the highest bidder would be the best way for Jennifer to honor Jack's request to help the veterans, because doing so would give the veterans' organizations more money. Jennifer protested that Eve "didn't give a damn about" the veterans. "I give a damn about me, my daughter, and my payday, and I'm not gonna let you blow it! You listen up, Jen -- you sign away this book for anything less than a million, I'm gonna come after you, and then you're gonna have to fork out a lot more royalties to make up the difference!" Eve warned.

Jennifer incredulously declared that Eve wasn't just greedy -- she was insane. Jennifer guessed that no amount of money would ever be enough to satisfy Eve because she was really just using the proceeds from Jack's book as a convenient excuse to get revenge on Jennifer for things that had happened twenty-five years earlier.

As J.J. entered the house, Jennifer said Eve was sick and twisted, and Eve countered that Jennifer was a controlling, uptight egomaniac. J.J. lingered in the foyer as Jennifer ordered Eve to leave. Eve warned that she was going to ask for more money to cover the traumatic emotional pain Jennifer had just caused. As Eve stormed out of the house, she paused for a moment to study J.J., who looked at her curiously.

J.J. tried to check on Jennifer, but she was too frustrated to talk to him. Jennifer stormed out of the house, and J.J. followed her to the park, where she angrily slammed her purse against a bench as she ranted about Eve. J.J. suggested that Jennifer might want to try doing some of her yoga stuff, but she ignored the idea and continued complaining about Eve.

When Jennifer paused to catch her breath, J.J. assured her that they would fight Eve. Jennifer agreed but quickly backpedaled, clarifying that she planned to fight Eve alone because it wasn't J.J.'s battle. "Uh, Mom, it is. And I am in this all the way," J.J. insisted. Jennifer pointed out that if J.J. got involved, he might strain his relationship with Paige, but he wasn't worried, reasoning that Paige wasn't like Eve.

In Paige's cousin's apartment, Eve complained to Paige about what Jennifer had said earlier. Paige suggested that Eve might need to try seeing things from Jennifer's point of view, but Eve insisted that Jennifer was simply out to steal what was rightfully Eve's. Eve promised that her attorney would eat Jennifer for lunch.

Changing the subject, Eve said she was still concerned about Paige's relationship with J.J., given his history. Paige insisted that J.J. had changed and that he had been honest with her about everything. Eve wondered if that meant J.J. had told Paige about his attempt to get Theresa thrown in jail. Eve said Theresa had been vague about the details but had obviously been telling the truth about the incident.

Paige refused to believe that J.J. would have kept something like that from her, but Eve argued that he might have known that it would have forced Paige to reevaluate her opinion of him. Eve said she had already made up her mind about J.J., and she hoped she had opened Paige's eyes to his true nature, too.

A short time later, after Eve went to her bedroom, Paige received a phone call from J.J. Before J.J. could tell Paige about what had happened earlier, she demanded to know if he had tried to get Theresa sent to jail. J.J. explained that there was more to the story and that he hadn't been trying to hide anything from Paige.

Paige guessed that J.J. had just kept the information from her because he had known that it would have made him look bad. J.J. denied the accusation and insisted he had tried really hard to be honest with Paige about everything. Paige countered that J.J. hadn't tried hard enough. J.J. suggested that he and Paige could meet somewhere to discuss the matter face-to-face, not realizing that she had hung up on him.

When Eve later emerged from her bedroom, she found that Paige was gone. Meanwhile, someone started pounding on the apartment door, and when Eve opened it, she found J.J. standing in the hallway. Eve started to close the door in J.J.'s face, explaining that Paige wasn't at home, but he held the door open and said Eve was the person he was looking for.

At Club TBD, Ben guessed that Abigail had disappeared earlier because she had wanted to check on Sami, and Abigail played along. Abigail excused herself so Ben could get back to work, but before she left, he vaguely revealed that there was some stuff he wanted her to know. "I just, um...I want to be honest with you...about me. You've been completely honest with me about yourself, so...I feel like I should be open with you," Ben explained. Abigail nodded and hesitantly assured Ben that they would continue the conversation later.

In E.J.'s holding cell at the police station, Sami guessed that E.J. had believed that he would get away with what he had done. "You had sex with Abigail Deveraux, E.J. -- right under my nose. Laughing the whole time, I'm sure -- 'Oh, that dumb Sami. Sami's so stupid, she's so blind -- she won't know what I'm doing.' Well, guess what -- this is what payback feels like, E.J. And it's gonna get worse," Sami matter-of-factly warned E.J.

E.J. sputtered as he begged Sami to give him a chance to explain everything. "Actually, E.J., the truth is, I was really interested in hearing an explanation. But I don't want you to leave out any juicy details. Don't spare me any of it -- how young she was, how gorgeous she is, those thighs -- I mean, if you're gonna cut me, you want to jam that knife all the way in. And -- and I just actually was thinking this whole time -- and it's just you and me now talking, right? -- that, um, it was Chad, right? Chad told you how good she is in the sack, all that inexperience? Ugh! And then he goes to Boston, and you're like, 'Oh, I can't stop thinking about her!'" Sami guessed.

E.J. claimed that he had only slept with Abigail once, but Sami warned that piling lies on top of lies wouldn't help. E.J. insisted that Sami had to believe that he loved her, but she countered that if that were true, he wouldn't have betrayed her. E.J. bitterly reminded Sami that she had kicked him out of her bed, but when she asked if he was blaming her for his indiscretions, he quickly backpedaled and said she had misunderstood.

Sami wondered if E.J. had whispered expressions of love to Abigail during their romp at the Horton cabin. E.J. admitted that he would probably never be able to explain what had happened at the cabin. "Okay, good. To hell with the cabin, anyway. I mean, I'm sick of talking about it. Let's talk about something else. Ooh, I know! Ha-ha! Let's talk about the shower -- your private shower in the company locker rooms. You remember, don't you? I can see it on your face that you do. How I came home early and surprised you. And I was that room with you...while you did her," Sami recalled as she glared at E.J.

"So, tell me, what was that like? I mean, sure, you and I have done the in-the-shower routine a few times ourselves, but, uh, never with the woman that you had promised to marry on the other side of the curtain. I mean, wow, that is brave. And, what, you guys are, like, soapy and slip-slidin' around, and there's Abigail, promising God she's 'arriving' sometime soon, and -- and then what? 'Whoops. We have a visitor. Lovey, I think that's my fiancée out there. Just give me a moment to pop out and send her on her merry way. I'll tell her I love her. I'll be right back,'" Sami mused as E.J. listened uncomfortably.

E.J. sheepishly started to say something, but his voice soon trailed off. "What? What? I mean, what -- what can you even say after how weird you were that day, how distracted you were with me? You think I didn't notice that? You think I didn't go down to security and look at the tapes myself? I mean, God, Abigail had to leave in a different outfit just so she could get out of the building," Sami continued.

E.J. apologized and said he wasn't proud of what he had done. Sami was surprised to hear that, sarcastically musing that E.J. should have been eager to broadcast his fling with a "hot young chick" all over the Internet. Sami hoped E.J. had at least bragged to Stefano about the conquest. E.J. asked Sami to leave Stefano out of the discussion, reasoning that it was just about them and that they needed to work together to fix things for the sake of their family.

Sami started laughing hysterically, and when she finally recovered, she explained that E.J.'s comment had caught her off guard. "I mean, I know you have an ego, but, like, man alive, E.J.! You think we can work through this? How are we gonna do that? More importantly, why? Why would I do that? Because I'd be such an idiot to throw away this wonderful life that I have with you? I'd be stupid to toss away a long and faithful future with you?" Sami asked. E.J. stammered as he optimistically predicted that Sami would have a change of heart once she calmed down and gained some perspective on the matter.

"Oh, oh. Oh, I see that there's some confusion that I should probably, I don't know, clear up here. I've known...about this...for weeks, E.J. I have known for weeks and weeks and weeks. So no, I don't think I'm going to calm down about it. And you know what? To hell with perspective. I decided that, starting on our wedding day, I was going to dedicate myself to making your life...a living hell. And now, guess what? I'm the co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. I have the power. I have power over everything you care about -- which obviously doesn't include me, but I'll survive. And, in six months' time, I'll move on, and you'll be in prison for tax evasion," Sami informed E.J., who suddenly realized that she was the person who had orchestrated his arrest.

Sami warned that she was just getting warmed up. Sami started to leave, but E.J. begged her to stay. Sami bitterly promised to give E.J.'s love to Abigail. E.J. desperately reached for Sami through the cell bars, but she recoiled and glared at him before calmly walking away. Later, E.J. angrily crumpled the transcript of the board meeting as he chastised himself for failing to recognize Sami's plot ahead of time. After trashing the cell, E.J. sank to his knees and started sobbing.

Sami went to the Horton house to visit Abigail. Sami invited Abigail to look at wedding photographs with her, explaining that she needed to take her mind off everything for a while. As Sami flipped through pictures on her tablet computer, Jennifer returned home and eagerly agreed to browse through the wedding photographs with Sami and Abigail. Sami and Jennifer agreed that Abigail had looked stunning at the wedding.

"Oh, I wish your dad were here to see what kind of woman you have turned out to be. Look at this one," Sami said as she flipped to the next photograph -- the one of Abigail and E.J. at the Horton cabin.

Friday, July 11, 2014

At the auction, Hope and Aiden complimented one another on their clothing for the event while they stood in the storage room for the auction pieces. Ciara and Chase ran into the room and asked their parents to join them at the party in the room next door. Aiden and Hope declined, noting that they needed to man the auction room. After the kids left, Hope and Aiden talked about how pleased they were that they had managed to pull off the event to benefit the school.

Marlena entered the room and informed Hope and Aiden that Patti Stanger would not be able to make the auction because she had laryngitis. Marlena added that Patti had promised to provide a donation to St. Luke's instead of appearing at the benefit. Giselle, Roman, and Father Louis entered the room and heard the tail end of Marlena's announcement. Giselle fretted that her paintings would only sell for a small amount of money. Aiden asked Father Louis to emcee the event, since Patti would not be able to attend. Father Louis encouraged Marlena to emcee the event instead.

Marlena argued that she was too serious to emcee the event. As everyone stared at Marlena, she reluctantly agreed to emcee. Hope and Aiden gave Marlena a pep talk and told her she would be great. As everyone left the auction room, Aiden turned to Hope and showed her that his fingers were crossed for good luck. Aiden, Hope, and Father Louis crowded around a television that showed the feed of the party in the next room. They watched as Marlena told jokes, which failed to entertain the crowd. After a few jokes, Marlena relaxed and the crowd started to chuckle and warm up.

When Marlena was finished, Ciara and Chase returned to the auction room and talked to Hope, who was watching the television feed by herself. Ciara asked Hope about the music, and Hope explained that the band was playing a waltz. Ciara asked about learning how to waltz, and Hope declined. When Aiden entered the room, Ciara said that she was unhappy because Hope would not teach her how to waltz. With a grin, Aiden asked Hope to dance, and the two waltzed. Ciara and Chase mimicked their parents' dancing. After a couple of awkward steps, Ciara and Chase stopped. Chase filmed video of Hope and Aiden dancing then he and Ciara ran into the other room to rejoin the party.

After the children were gone, Aiden and Hope danced alone in the auction room. Aiden spun Hope around and pulled her close. Aiden hovered near Hope's lips, then tilted his head past her face and breathed on her neck. Nervous, Hope looked across the room. Aiden pulled his head back and stared into Hope's eyes and looked at her lips. Hope touched the side of Aiden's face and pulled away.

In the town square, Paige thought about when she had met J.J. during volunteer work. Marybeth saw Paige sitting alone on the bench and talked to her about the lawsuit. Marybeth encouraged Paige to stick by Paige's mother because she would always be her mother, but J.J. would only be with Paige during the summer. Upset, Paige lashed out at Marybeth and said that she did not appreciate Marybeth dismissing J.J. Paige stormed off.

At Paige's house, J.J. confronted Eve over her argument with Jennifer. Eve warned J.J. not to hurt her daughter. J.J. said that Paige was the best thing that had happened to him and that he did not appreciate that Eve was attacking his mother regarding her desire to preserve Jack's wishes. With a shrug, Eve noted that Jennifer had not respected Jack's wishes. J.J. and Eve then argued about Theresa. When J.J. called Theresa a "crazy bitch," Eve laughed.

Eve noted that her sister was a terror and that she thought J.J. deserved the right to tell his side of his story about Theresa. When Eve asked J.J. why he had run out on Theresa when she had overdosed, J.J. explained that he had called Daniel, who had saved Theresa's life and had ordered him to flee the scene so that J.J. would not go to jail. Shaking his head, J.J. admitted that it had been cowardly to run away the night of Theresa's overdose and that he regretted it. With a sigh, J.J. added that Theresa had blackmailed him about that night.

When Eve asked for details, J.J. explained that Theresa had forced him to buy her drugs in exchange for her silence. J.J. noted that Theresa had blackmailed J.J. in order to keep Daniel and Jennifer apart. Eve chuckled. Eve asked J.J. if he had set up Theresa in order to reverse blackmail her. J.J. nodded.

"She fights dirty so you gotta fight dirty back," J.J. said. "It took me a long time to learn that, J.J. But I finally realized that that is the only way to deal with her," Eve responded. J.J. said that the best way to deal with Theresa was to steer clear of her. With a smile, Eve noted that J.J. was smart and that she should not have been so hard on him.

When J.J. turned the conversation back to Eve's lawsuit against his mother, Eve disagreed with J.J.'s assessment. Eve explained that she had every right to pursue the profits and movie rights for Jack's book. When J.J. said he did not understand why Eve had asked for more than her fair share, Eve asked J.J. to hear her side of the story. J.J. sat on the couch and listened as Eve talked about how she had earned enough money to prevent Paige from qualifying for financial aid for Stanford. Eve said that she would sacrifice anything to earn the money to send Paige to Stanford.

Eve added that she could not earn the money singing because she had nodules on her vocal chords that prevented her from singing to earn the money for school. With a sigh, Eve explained that she wanted to get the most money possible for the movie rights so that everyone, including the veterans, would get as much money as they could for the book. As J.J. shifted in his seat in frustration, Eve added that her first concern was not the veterans but her daughter. Eve stressed that she would do everything she could to get the best education possible for Paige.

With a nod, J.J. said he understood Eve's perspective and that he wanted what was best for Paige. When Eve asked if J.J. understood that meant that Paige would leave town and go to Stanford, he nodded. J.J. asked Eve to back off of Jennifer. Eve said that she admired J.J.'s love for his mother, and J.J. countered that he admired Eve's love for Paige. With a mutual respect reached, J.J. looked at some of Eve's sheet music and noted that he hoped Eve would be able to sing again.

With a smile, Eve said that Paige had told her that J.J. was one of the most talented musicians that she had ever met. J.J. modestly disagreed. Eve added that Paige had said that J.J. did not realize how good a musician he was. Eve asked if they could call a truce since they both wanted what was best for Paige.

Paige returned home and was surprised to find J.J. talking to her mother in the living room. J.J. explained that he had talked to Eve about the lawsuit, and Eve chimed in that they had talked through their issues and had found common ground. When Paige asked what they had in common, J.J. smiled and said that they had her in common. Smiling, Paige surmised that Eve did not want to prevent her from dating J.J. Eve said yes, and a thrilled Paige hugged her mother and thanked her. Paige told J.J. how happy she was that he had worked things out with her mother.

As J.J. left, Eve took J.J. aside in the hallway and warned him that she had not not yet made up her mind about him. J.J. nodded and said that he understood.

At the Horton house, Sami showed wedding photos to Abigail and Jennifer on her tablet computer. After Sami made a comment about how she wished Jack had lived to see the woman that his daughter had grown into, Sami swiped the photo on the tablet to reveal the photo of Abigail kissing E.J. at the cabin. Shocked, Jennifer asked Sami if the photo was a sick joke.

"It's not a joke. Is it Abby?" Sami said as she glared. Jennifer asked to speak with Abigail privately, but Sami vehemently refused, citing her right to grill Abigail over her affair with Sami's husband. Jennifer fell silent for a moment then she argued that E.J. had to have forced Abigail to kiss her because Abigail despised E.J. Sami shouted that Abigail had done more than kissed E.J.

"I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth," Jennifer said. "Well, then, you should leave because I'm about to unload an earful on your slut of a daughter," Sami growled. Protective, Jennifer ordered Sami not to use foul language about Abigail. Abigail whispered that she had not had an affair with E.J.

"How do you feel about lies, Jennifer? Cause that's all your daughter has said so far, Jennifer, is lies," Sami said. Sami continued, "I'm upset because the woman I thought was my friend, the woman I let bake cupcakes with my children, the woman I felt sorry for because my husband's brother hurt her, that woman who came into my house had an affair with the father of my children and the man that I love," Sami yelled. Overcome with emotion, Abigail choked out an apology through her tears.

Abigail stressed that she had wanted to tell Sami the truth, but E.J. had stopped her. Unfazed, Sami said that unless E.J. had threatened to kill Abigail's family then there was no reason for Abigail to have lied. As Abigail shook her head, Sami mentioned the showers at the company changing room. Abigail begged Sami not to say any more. Sami pushed through and said that she knew that Abigail had followed E.J. to work and had had sex with E.J. in the showers there. Mortified, Abigail turned away, gasping for breath.

Jennifer attempted to defend her daughter, but Sami continued. Sami stood behind Abigail and growled that she had walked into the changing room while Abigail and E.J. had been having sex. As Sami yelled louder and louder, Jennifer grabbed Sami's arms and attempted to pull her away from Abigail. Sami struggled and continued to yell as Abigail crumbled into tears. Jennifer pulled Sami across the room and ordered her to stop yelling and leave.

"Wait, hold on. The high and mighty Jennifer Horton is going to throw me out just for speaking the truth?" Sami asked incredulously. Jennifer shook her head in disbelief. Abigail gasped as she realized that Sami had known about the affair before she had asked Abigail to help her plan the wedding. Disgusted, Jennifer asked Sami how she could have been so cold and calculating.

"How could I? Well, I thought she was my friend. I asked her to help me learn about art so that I could impress E.J. on our honeymoon. I let you babysit my children. I let you bond with them. And when you thought you were pregnant, who was by your side? Me," Sami said. Jennifer gasped in shock. Jennifer ordered Sami to leave. Sami swore that Abigail and E.J. would pay. With a smirk, Sami warned Abigail that all of Salem would learn what Abigail had done. Through gritted teeth, Jennifer ordered Sami not to tell anyone about the affair.

"I'm just he messenger, Jennifer. Be outraged with me if you like, but I didn't do anything except open your eyes to the indisputable fact that your daughter is a whore, and I can tell anyone what happened if I choose. In fact, she and my husband probably did it on that sofa. Alice Horton would be horrified," Sami said. Furious, Jennifer pushed Sami out the front door. On her way out, Sami warned Abigail that Abigail's humiliation was just the start of Sami's revenge.

With Sami gone, Jennifer returned to the living room to find an emotional Abigail sitting on the couch, staring at the floor. Jennifer hugged her daughter as Abigail broke down into sobs.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Sonny looked through the mail and handed an envelope to Will. When Will opened the envelope, he read a letter from an editor with a job offer. Will was excited by the possibility that he might be able to earn a living writing. Will called and learned that he had a job interview scheduled. Thrilled, Will and Sonny yelled with excitement and woke up Arianna. As Will rushed to check on the baby, Sonny called Victor and thanked him for setting up the job interview for Will.

When Will returned to the living room, Will asked Sonny to keep the news about the job a secret until he had learned whether he had the job. As Sonny went to get wine from the kitchen to celebrate, Will answered the front door and found Sami. Sami announced that she and Kate had been named as co-CEO's at DiMera Enterprises. When Will asked if it was a temporary appointment until E.J. was released from jail, Sami said that she hoped not.

"If there's any justice in this world, E.J. will rot in prison for the rest of his life," Sami said. Confused, Sonny and Will looked at one another.

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