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Wyatt saved Liam from Quinn's murder plot, and Wyatt agreed to be the best man at Liam's wedding. As Ridge grappled with being unable to design, he began recalling critical memories from his accident. Wyatt unexpectedly became the owner of the blue diamond.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 7, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, July 7, 2014

At Brooke's house, Hope entered the living room in her robe. She was having trouble sleeping and wanted to talk to Brooke and Bill about Quinn, who'd gone off the deep end. "The deep end is her permanent address," Bill quipped.

Hope explained that Quinn was somehow getting into Liam's house, and Liam's sprained ankle had occurred while Liam had been trying to get away from Quinn. Hope relayed Quinn's demands to have her job back and have Liam leave town. "She threatened to kill him -- and me," Hope added.

Brooke's mouth dropped open, and Bill asked, "She did what?" Bill wanted to talk to Quinn, but Brooke didn't want him anywhere near the woman. Hope conveyed that she'd appealed to Quinn, to no avail. Brooke was upset that Hope had been around Quinn.

Brooke suggested that Liam spend the night at their house, but Hope stated that Liam wouldn't let Quinn run him out of his place. Brooke said that if Quinn had keys to Brooke's house, then Brooke wouldn't be staying there. Hope wanted Bill to talk to Quinn because he was the one who'd unleashed Quinn upon them. Bill sarcastically reminded Hope that she'd been the one to do that.

Bill felt that Quinn's favorite weapon was fear, but carrying through on her threats made her lose her power. He decided that Quinn was crazy, not stupid. Hope relayed that Wyatt had said the same thing and was probably talking Quinn down at that moment. Bill figured that Wyatt was the solution and the only person Quinn would listen to anyway.

Bill changed the subject to something he deemed more pleasant -- his and Brooke's wedding. Hope grimaced and decided she was going to bed. Bill was grateful that Hope had filled them in on what was going on, and he said "we" wanted to fill Hope in, too, and discuss a wedding date.

Irritated with Bill use of "we," Hope asked if Bill was in charge of informing Hope of events in Brooke's life. Brooke said Bill was just being considerate. Hope didn't see why her feelings mattered. To her, Bill's relationship was with her mother. Sensing tension, Bill decided to go upstairs.

After Bill had gone, Brooke said that Hope had every right to her feelings for Bill, and Brooke could only hope that the two could work things out and that Hope could be happy for Brooke. The tearful Hope replied that she wanted her mother's happiness and loved her mother more than anything. Hope apologized and said her nerves were on edge due to Quinn.

Hope apologized for all the times she'd claimed to be embarrassed by Brooke. Brooke made light of it, but Hope noted that Wyatt never complained, and he defended Quinn no matter what. Brooke saw that as different because he knew that Quinn was broken and needed protection.

Hope didn't know how Wyatt could turn his back on Quinn. Fighting back tears, Hope said she'd be devastated if anything got between her and Brooke. Hope promised to find a way to be nicer to Bill because he'd be her father-in-law. Brooke asked if Wyatt being the brother-in-law would be a problem. Hope replied that it depended on Wyatt, and she hoped he and Liam would find a way to get along.

At the cliff house, Quinn held a sword to Liam's neck, and Liam pleaded for his life. He reasoned that everyone would know she was the killer; however, Quinn claimed not to care, because if Liam was gone, Wyatt would have what he wanted. Ripping Liam's sword necklace off, she called him a random bag of blood that no one would miss.

Liam tried to say that Wyatt and Hope would feel too guilty about Liam's death to be together, but Quinn replied that they weren't weaklings like Liam. Quinn told him that life should be like death, where no one cared about anything but what one got in the end.

Liam managed to knock Quinn back, and he scrambled to get away. He stumbled, and she pounced upon him. She raised the sword above her head, but just as she was about to plunge it into Liam's chest, she heard, "Mom!"

Quinn yelled at Wyatt to go home, but Wyatt shoved his mother off of Liam and helped him to the sofa. Quinn stated that Wyatt wouldn't use that tone of voice if he'd heard what Liam had said. "You swore to me that if this ever happened again, you would come to me first!" Wyatt yelled.

Wyatt turned to help Liam exit the house, but Liam stammered that they had to call the police. Quinn grabbed her sword and asked why her son had even showed up there. Wyatt replied that it was to keep her from destroying herself. She said she would have gone away, and Wyatt would have had the life that he'd wanted.

Wyatt asked if Quinn expected him to step over his brother's bloodied corpse to claim the spoils. He claimed that he didn't need Hope that badly, and he asked if Quinn didn't think anyone else could ever love him. He asked if that was how pathetic and desperate his mother thought he was. Quinn screamed that Liam was the pathetic one, and Wyatt should have everything Liam had.

Wyatt told his mother that Liam had been better to her than she'd ever deserved by not throwing her in jail, which had been a favor to Wyatt. Wyatt asked if she was going to kill him, too, because, "after tonight, this is going to be the end of the road for one of us."

Wyatt snatched the sword from Quinn and expressed his disgust that she'd made the life-sized replica sword. He slammed it to the ground, and she assumed he was angry. He asked why he'd be angry about spending years with a maniac who'd do or say anything, spending years hoping she wouldn't awaken in the morning, and spending years fearing what she'd do if she did. Back then, he'd felt guilty for wanting to run away from her, but he'd been the one to keep her from being put away.

Pointing at Liam, Wyatt declared that Liam was his brother, but for years, Wyatt had always been alone with Quinn. Wyatt had had no one to check with about his behavior or challenge the twisted worldview Quinn held. Liam had made Wyatt want to be a better person and had made Wyatt understand that he had to become a person who deserved to get the things he wanted.

Wyatt claimed that he'd only wanted the best for Hope. "But guess what? It wasn't me!" he told his mother. Due to that very night, he was glad that Hope had left him, because he wouldn't want Quinn's crazy world for Hope. Liam asked Wyatt to ask Quinn what she'd had in mind for Hope. Quinn claimed she wouldn't have hurt Hope, but Liam roared that it hadn't been what Quinn had said.

Wyatt asked how many things Quinn had done that she'd expressed she'd never do. He decided that she could keep her secrets, because he knew too much about her already, and he declared that the lives she'd ruined that night had been his and hers.

Quinn hugged Wyatt from behind. She said it wasn't the end of the world, and everything would be fine. She noted that Liam wasn't hurt. She understood that she'd been terrible to Liam, but she felt Liam understood that she was just a strong, passionate person. She turned Wyatt around to look at her, and he declared that she should go to prison for what she'd done.

Quinn figured that Wyatt had said it for Liam's benefit, but she was sure that when morning arrived, lost kittens and puppies would take precedence for Liam. She reasoned that she'd never have to see Liam again, and she asked if that would be good enough for Wyatt. Exasperated, Wyatt sadly said he was done. Quinn replied that she was the one person he could never be done with.

Quinn asked if devoting her life and sacrificing it for Wyatt hadn't been enough for him. She grabbed the sword to stab herself with it and wondered if "this" would be enough. Wyatt snatched the sword from her and stabbed the chair, embedding the sword in it. He asked her to hear him for the first time in his life. "It's over. You don't have a son, and I don't have a mother!" he yelled.

Wyatt decided that being Quinn's keeper made him as crazy as she was. Quinn started to cry, but he held his hand up as if he wouldn't hear it. Quinn ran out of the house, and Wyatt grabbed his keys to give chase.

Liam stopped Wyatt, but Wyatt insisted he had to catch his mother, who needed to be arrested. "Wyatt, let her go," Liam uttered. Wyatt whimpered in confusion, but Liam put his hands over the keys in Wyatt's fist and softly repeated, "Let her go..."

Wyatt asked if Liam was hurt, but Liam replied that he'd gotten off easier than Wyatt. Liam wondered where Quinn would go. Wyatt doubted Quinn knew how to hide or that she even would hide, because she thought everyone was wrong and that she was right. He remarked that they'd lived in the warehouse to avoid having neighbors.

Liam claimed to finally understand all that Wyatt had had to deal with. Wyatt was sorry for what had happened, but Liam said that Wyatt had saved his life. Wyatt remarked that he'd known that kind of day would happen, but he'd always wanted to be a hero for Quinn, even though it had been doomed. He said he just hadn't wanted to be alone.

"You are not alone, brother. I owe you my life. From this point forward, there is no such thing as alone," Liam proclaimed and patted the tearful Wyatt's shoulder.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

by Pam

At Katie's house, Ridge prepared to go to work. He flashed back to when Brooke had found him on the beach in Abu Dhabi, and he recalled when Katie had whispered poetry into his ear to remind him of their love for one another. He recalled finishing a verse that Katie had started. Ridge recalled dressing a model. Ridge admitted that he was nervous, and Katie hugged him.

At Liam's, Liam, Wyatt, Bill, and Hope all marveled that Wyatt had arrived in time to prevent Quinn from killing Liam. Bill apologized for not arriving sooner and seeing that Quinn had been a lunatic. Wyatt and Liam explained that Quinn had made a life-sized replica of the sword they wore as necklaces. She had planned to use in on Liam, Wyatt said.

Liam produced the replica. Everyone gasped. Liam said that Wyatt had stabbed the sword into a chair once he had gotten it away from Quinn.

"She wasn't playing nice with her toy, so I had to take it away," Wyatt said. Bill asked what the police had said, and Wyatt and Liam admitted that they had not called the police. Bill was livid, but Liam explained that he had secured a restraining order. Bill encouraged Liam to press charges, but Liam said that Wyatt had suffered enough. Wyatt promised that Quinn would not harass Liam again.

Wyatt added that Bill had dumped Quinn -- again -- and she had been upset that Wyatt had lost Hope. Bill apologized for his role in the matter, but he said Quinn was a lunatic. Deacon arrived, and Hope and Bill were surprised. Bill told Deacon that he was not welcome at the house. Wyatt begged Bill to reconsider. Deacon and Wyatt explained that Hope's father had had a role in saving Liam.

Deacon explained that he had met Quinn in a bar, and they had shared stories. Deacon added that Quinn had been very interested in the fact that Deacon had been Hope's father. Quinn had invited Deacon to stay at the warehouse, and he had taken her up on the offer. Deacon noted that Quinn had been secretive on her latest design, and he'd wondered why she had been using a blowtorch on jewelry. He'd discovered the sword she had made, and he'd known it could not be good.

After Quinn had left the warehouse with the sword, Deacon and Wyatt had discussed Quinn's erratic behavior, and Wyatt had headed to Liam's house. Liam interjected, "I'm alive right now because of my brother, your father, and a chance encounter in a bar." Everyone marveled at Liam's good fortune. Bill warned Hope that Deacon was trying to worm his way into her life once again. Deacon disagreed.

Wyatt's phone rang. He had a conversation with a woman named Dr. Fellin, who claimed to be calling on behalf of Wyatt's mother. Fellin claimed to be calling from a mental health facility -- which Quinn had voluntarily checked herself into. The doctor said that Quinn was getting the help she needed.

Liam hoped that Quinn would get help after all she'd put Wyatt through. Bill commented that Wyatt and Liam were just like brothers. After all they had been through, they were okay. After everyone else had left, Hope, Liam, and Wyatt discussed what had happened. Liam asked if Quinn had ever done anything so dangerous before.

Wyatt said that she had been mentally unstable, but she had lost everything "this time." He apologized to Liam. He wished Hope and Liam all the best. Wyatt and Liam embraced. Wyatt left, and Hope looked thoughtful.

At Forrester, Eric announced to Rick, Brooke, Carter, Maya, Pam, Charlie, Oliver, Caroline, and Aly that Ridge had decided to return to work. Everyone wondered if Ridge was ready to return to work. "It's the best father and son team ever," Brooke said.

Ridge arrived in the parking lot with Katie, and he got out of the car then opened the car door for Katie. They walked into Forrester together, while a valet parked his car. At the gate to Forrester, the entire team waited for Ridge. Brooke hugged him, and Rick and other employees welcomed Ridge. Carter and Maya took selfies with Ridge. Thorne and Aly embraced Ridge. Pam offered him lemon bars, and Ridge and his father embraced.

Ridge turned at the entrance and nodded to everyone. He thanked them all. He said that his return was what Forrester was all about. "It's the Forrester family supporting one another," Ridge said. He added that he could do anything with the support of Katie. He hugged Katie, and everyone applauded.

Later in the photo studio, Aly and Oliver kissed. Aly noted that it had been cool to see her Uncle Ridge. Maya interrupted, and Aly left. Maya wondered if Oliver had something on his mind. She worried that he had been trying to avoid her. "I know about the recording," Oliver said. Maya looked guilty.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Eric and Caroline met, and Eric told his daughter-in-law that her designs for the couture line had been stunning while Ridge had been gone. Eric and Caroline discussed that Caroline had been intimidated initially, but she had performed admirably. Eric thanked her, and Caroline said that she had enjoyed being Eric's right hand while Ridge had been gone. She enjoyed working with her father-in-law as the go-to designer.

After everyone had left Ridge alone in the Forrester office, he walked around and admired some designs. He smiled and sat down with a pencil and sketchpad. He tried the pencil in both hands but couldn't find a way to sketch. He ripped the sheets off the sketchpad and looked frustrated. He ripped off page after page, and a single tear streamed down his face. He wiped it away.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

by Pam

In Brooke's office, Eric, Brooke, and Katie discussed how touching it had been that everyone at Forrester had been so glad to see Ridge. Katie worried about Ridge. She asked Eric to check up on Ridge, but she didn't want to seem overly protective. Eric left to visit Ridge.

Katie told Brooke that she didn't want to treat Ridge like he was "going to break." Brooke worried that there was a reason to treat Ridge like he might break. Katie said things hadn't gotten back to normal as quickly as he had hoped, but the doctors had warned that it might happen. "He has holes in his memory," Katie said. "Things come back, and things click, but basic things -- it's frustrating for him," Katie explained.

Brooke comforted Katie, and said that Ridge clearly loved and remembered Katie. Brooke said that it had been good to have her little sister back. Brooke added that she had learned -- after Ridge had nearly lost his life -- that life was precious. Brooke apologized for "every harsh word." Katie said that they needed to put the past in the past and move forward as sisters. They embraced, and Brooke smiled.

In Ridge's office, Ridge tried to sketch but had no luck. He struggled to draw basic shapes. Eric entered and asked Ridge what he had been working on. Ridge looked up expressionless. Eric was amazed that Ridge had already been back to sketching. Eric surmised that Ridge had to have been inspired.

Eric asked to see what Ridge had been working on. Ridge refused. "I could pull rank. I could claim it was intellectual property," Eric teased. Eric noticed that Ridge looked unhappy. "Son, you all right? Anything wrong?" Eric asked.

Ridge started to explain, but Eric received a call and had to leave. Ridge returned to the sketchpad and flashed back to sketching and designing clothes. Ridge grabbed his sketchpad and walked out the door. He went outside.

Eric returned to the office and discovered that Ridge was gone. Eric met with Brooke and Katie, and Brooke called security. She said that Ridge's car was gone. Katie was anxious. Katie asked to borrow Brooke's car. Eric and Brooke were worried. Brooke gave Katie her keys. "Call us if you need anything," Eric said.

Ridge had driven to Katie's. He sat by a window in the bedroom and began to sketch. He couldn't draw, and he continued to rip pages from the tablet and throw them onto the floor. He broke the pencils and looked distraught.

Katie knocked on the door. "The door's locked -- can you let me in? I'm not kidding. Open the door," Katie demanded. She continued to knock. Ridge opened the door. Katie entered and saw the papers on the floor, and she hugged Ridge.

On the Forrester rooftop, Rick and Caroline discussed that the information they had about Oliver had been a blessing and a curse. Rick reconsidered playing the recording for Aly. Caroline supported Oliver. Caroline maintained that the tape had been made a very long time before, and Oliver had seemed sincere when they'd confronted him. "Oliver was open and direct about his feelings," Caroline reminded Rick.

Caroline blamed Maya for suspicious motives. Caroline accused "Myrna" of being a troublemaker. Caroline reminded Rick that Maya had caused trouble with Rick, Carter, Caroline, and Oliver. Caroline promised to keep her eye on Maya. Rick wondered if Maya had been sincerely worried about Aly. Caroline scoffed. Caroline insisted that Oliver would prove himself.

Aly showed up, and Rick and Caroline quizzed her about how Oliver had treated her. Aly said that Oliver had been respectful, kind, gentle, and patient. "You guys are cute, but I don't need protection from Oliver," Aly said. She left.

In Oliver's office, Oliver shouted that Maya had blindsided him. "Who the hell are you?" Oliver asked. Maya haughtily claimed she had been looking out for Aly. Oliver disagreed. "I'm crazy about her. I love her," he said.

Oliver accused Maya of being jealous. "Caroline is married to a Forrester, and I'm dating one. That's what this is all about. You're jealous," Oliver said.

Maya argued that Oliver didn't deserve Aly, and Maya accused Oliver of making Maya look bad in photos on purpose. "And you're trying to replace me with Aly," she said.

Aly entered and noticed that things were tense. "Let me know when you want to reshoot," Maya told Oliver. Aly asked if everything was all right. "She didn't like the photos from the last shoot," Oliver said.

Aly asked if Oliver was okay. "Much better now. Don't ever question the way I feel about you," Oliver replied. Aly promised that she wouldn't, and they kissed.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

In the CEO's office, Rick, Brooke, Hope, and Eric gathered for a meeting. Rick asked where Ridge was, and Brooke said he'd left. Rick remarked that Ridge needed to be on top of his game. Eric was confident that the recovering Ridge would lead the business into the future, and Brooke scowled.

Brooke reminded Eric that Ridge designed and shared a vice-presidency with her, but Rick was the president. Eric told Brooke not to worry because Ridge would be consumed with designing.

The topic changed to Quinn and Wyatt's departure, and Hope told Rick and Eric that Quinn had threatened her and Liam. Everyone thought it was for the best that Quinn had gone, but they believed that HFTF would suffer for the loss of her talents. Rick and Eric announced that they were vetting someone for Quinn's replacement. "You remember my brother John's, daughter, Ivy?" Eric asked.

Brooke and Hope were excited to hear the news about Ivy, who'd designed jewelry for Forrester's Sydney boutique. Hope had heard good things about the designs. Brooke wanted to fly Ivy out for a meeting, and Rick announced that Ivy had already taken the long flight from Australia.

Everyone was ecstatic when Rick opened the door to the office and Ivy entered. Brooke, Rick, and Eric hugged Ivy, and Hope introduced herself with a hug. Eric welcomed his niece to Los Angeles.

Brooke took off to meet Bill, and Eric offered to give Ivy a tour of the headquarters later. Rick asked to see Ivy's work and for her to describe it. Ivy deemed it classical and fresh with an edgy twist. Hope fell in love with a bangle bracelet of Ivy's, and Ivy insisted that Hope keep it. Ivy stepped out to ask Pam to film the building tour, and Eric asked Hope what she thought of Ivy.

Hope thought that Ivy showed real potential and had unique work. Hope asked if Ivy knew that she was a prospect to replace Quinn's company, and Eric responded that Ivy believed the family was simply touching base. Rick added that they hadn't wanted to pressure Ivy. Eric had no doubt about Ivy's dedication, and he believed she'd fit in well. Rick foresaw no problems with Ivy, and he asked if Hope thought they should give Ivy a chance.

At Spencer, Justin caught Bill up on the status of the business, and Bill said that in a month, it would be like Hurricane Katie had never occurred.

An employee entered to say she'd tried to drop her child off at the Spencer daycare, but it was closed. Bill pulled out an envelope with two thousand dollars in it and told her to enroll the child in preschool. She said the child was less than a year old, but Bill figured it was never too soon to learn.

As the put-off woman left with the money, Alison arrived with something Katie had left behind. Bill said to get rid of it because he wanted no reminders that Katie had ever been in his chair. He directed Alison to put out a memo eliminating Katie's eight-to-five rule, because one wasn't working unless he was putting in overtime. Justin asked what would happen to the yoga studio.

Bill became perplexed by why Katie had installed a yoga studio, but Justin said it had been Liam. Alison added that it relieved stress. "It's not decreasing my stress! No wonder we're so far in the hole! My life's work turned into a multi-million dollar health spa....Well, no more. We're going to get back to the business of being miserable and making some real money again!" Bill decreed.

After Alison had gone, Bill grew further incensed to hear about the free meals in the cafeteria, juice bars, and free-range meat service. He declared that there would be no more free lunches, and Justin warned that Bill would have a lot of unhappy employees. Bill responded that he'd said nothing about cutting pay, but it would be next on the list if they didn't turn the company around immediately.

Justin was sure Bill would get it done. Bill quipped that he did get things done, unlike others who had to brush up on their helicopter skills. Justin asked for more warning before Bill decided to dump someone in the Gulf. Justin said they were lucky Ridge didn't remember anything about the flight, because Justin had been worried that he'd have to go to the slammer.

Bill assured Justin that they were in the clear, and Ridge had survived as good as new. The men felt as if they'd dodged a bullet. Bill claimed he hadn't been trying to kill Ridge, just trying to teach him a lesson. Bill had had no idea Ridge would go missing and noted that the concussion had been his and Justin's saving grace. Bill said it would be "both our asses" if Ridge remembered the pilot.

Brooke arrived, and Justin took off. Brooke and Bill kissed, and Brooke joked that people were probably shaking in their boots to have Bill back at the company's helm. Bill asked if he was that bad, and she revealed that he wasn't as ruthless as people believed. She added that she'd heard he was dangerous, and he'd do anything to get what he wanted. She said it was true because he'd do anything for her. They hugged, and Bill looked troubled.

In Katie's bedroom, Katie assured Ridge that his gift wasn't lost. Ridge said he could remember his tenth birthday as if it had been the other day, but he couldn't remember how to design a dress. She urged him to be patient with himself, but he murmured that designing was who he was.

Ridge feared that designing would never return to him. Katie asked him to be patient with himself, but Ridge said he wanted to get the designs out of his head and onto the paper. He'd found solace in the gift he'd been given, but it was no more. She was sure he'd spend many more years doing it; he just had to ease back into it. "No...It's gone..." he uttered.

Ridge relayed that he'd seen his father earlier but hadn't mentioned the struggle because everyone was expecting big things from him. Katie felt that Eric, of all people, would understand, but Ridge didn't want Katie to tell anyone about it. He was sure Rick would attack upon seeing a weakness. She disagreed about Rick but promised not to say anything to anyone.

Katie asked Ridge to close his eyes, relax, and breathe. He complied, and she told him to just let whatever thoughts he had be there in his mind. She said he could think about family and friends, and eventually, he'd remember the dresses, the shows, and the successes.

Ridge flashed back to designing and dresses. Suddenly, violent memories of the beach wedding crashed into his mind. He saw the pilot's profile. Ridge's memory honed in on the Spencer logo on Justin's jacket, and Ridge's eyes popped open. Katie asked him what he'd remembered.

Friday, July 11, 2014

In Bill's office, Bill counted down the top three things he'd wanted in life. He'd gotten his company and equal custody of his son, but he'd yet to marry the "luscious Brooke Logan." Though Bill respected that she wanted the families at the wedding, he was concerned that each day that passed increased the chances of something else derailing their wedding.

Brooke couldn't imagine what could happen, and Bill theorized that Quinn could break out of the nut house. Brooke didn't think Quinn was a threat and hoped there were no more selfies out there. Bill affirmed that there weren't, and Brooke was glad because Ridge had paid the price for the first one. She believed that Ridge's memory would return, even though Ridge was frustrated by the gaps.

Bill solicited praise from Brooke about his wedding planning skills. He challenged her to do as well in a short time span then he moved on to talk about the honeymoon. Brooke claimed that each day with him was a honeymoon.

The two kissed as Justin ducked his head in. Embarrassed, Justin said he'd just wanted to tell Bill that he was headed to Forrester to go over some legal matters. After Justin had gone, Bill returned to the wedding talk and joked about having a double elopement with their son and daughter. Brooke doubted that would put Bill on Hope's good side.

Bill started to prefer a wedding over an elopement because it was a chance to rub the marriage in Ridge's face. Brooke said she wanted everyone to get along, and she hoped that Katie and Ridge could move forward as soon as he was healed. "And then we all can do the victory dance," she concluded.

In Katie's bedroom, Ridge had a knowing look on his face as he recalled his incident and the Spencer logo. Katie asked what he'd remembered. "Spencer," Ridge stated. She asked what about Bill, but the frustrated Ridge roared that he didn't know.

Katie implored Ridge to be patient. Picking up his pad, he cynically stated that he had his work in the meantime. Katie said the craft would return, and he could stay there until it did. Ridge didn't want to hide out in her bedroom, so she offered to take him back to Forrester.

At Forrester, Katie and Ridge strode into the CEO's office, and Katie urged him to be patient with himself. Ridge began to draw then he had flashbacks of punching Bill and running to the helicopter.

The office door opened. Justin poked his head in and asked if Katie had seen Rick. Justin tensed when Ridge looked at him. "Hey, you!" Ridge shouted. Ridge flashed back to seeing the Spencer logo and the pilot before the fall. Justin waited only a moment and hastily left the office.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt read a message from Quinn to Hope and Liam. Quinn was grateful that Liam hadn't pressed charges, and she expressed that she was determined to conquer her demons no matter how long it took. Wyatt wished he'd gotten his mother help sooner, but Hope and Liam believed that Wyatt would have if Quinn had ever gone that far before.

Hope and Liam felt that Wyatt had saved the day. Wyatt felt indebted to Liam for not pressing charges. Hope asked if Wyatt would be okay, and Wyatt dismissively affirmed it. He helped Liam prop his foot up on the table, and the three joked about Wyatt helping to nurse Liam to health. Liam replied that Hope was the nurse, and Wyatt was the brother.

Wyatt seemed skeptical that Liam really felt brotherly toward him. Liam stated that Wyatt had saved his life, something Liam wouldn't soon forget. Wyatt admitted to being surprised to see Liam and Hope on his doorstep. Hope said she'd been surprised that Liam had asked her to take him there.

Liam remarked that he'd be rid of his boot in a week. Grabbing the crutches, Wyatt joked about getting a pair to race against Liam with. Hope laughed about their competitiveness, and Wyatt replied that it was what brothers did.

Liam said he wanted to change the competitiveness, and Hope pulled a box out of her bag. Wyatt cooed about getting a present, and Liam stated that it would signify a new beginning for them. Wyatt was perplexed when he discovered a bow tie inside the box. Wyatt said he didn't wear that type of thing, but Liam asked if Wyatt would wear one on Liam's wedding day as Liam's best man.

Wyatt stated that it was one ugly bow tie. Liam hoped that Wyatt would wear it, anyway, for the symbolism. He wanted there to be a new respect between himself and Wyatt, a new beginning. Wyatt refused to wear a cummerbund but then asked if Liam wanted Bill to have the job. Liam said that their father had had plenty of chances, and it was his brother's turn. Wyatt agreed to be the best man.

Hope and Liam exited, and Wyatt flashed back to Valentine's Day with Hope. He heard a knock at the door. Opening it, he discovered two serious looking men on his doorstep. One carried a security case and asked if Wyatt was Wyatt Fuller.

The men had a package for Wyatt and news about Wyatt's friend, Ricardo, who'd died. Wyatt let the men inside his home and asked what had happened to Ricardo. One of the men set the case on the table, and as he opened it, he said that Ricardo had left something for Wyatt. Wyatt's mouth dropped open when the man displayed the blue diamond.

Ricardo hadn't had any children, and upon his death, he'd wanted the diamond to go immediately to the man he'd known would love it, guard it, and appreciate it as much as he had. One of the men stated that the diamond that had captured the world was Wyatt's. Wyatt thought that there had been a mistake, but the men said that with great fortune came great responsibility.

The men gave Wyatt a flash drive containing a message from Ricardo and said the transfer would be legalized soon; however, Ricardo had instructed them to carry the diamond immediately to its new guardian upon his death. Wyatt seemed unsure, but the men left him with the jewel.

At Forrester, Hope helped Liam into Rick's office. Liam boasted about how great Hope probably thought he was for his gesture. Hope thought it was a huge gesture to ask Wyatt to be in the wedding. Liam replied that he'd meant it when he'd said he wanted a new beginning for them all.

Liam wanted to focus on the positives, and Quinn being out of the picture was the biggest game-changer he could think of. Hope agreed, and they kissed.

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