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Theresa attacked John then let a drunken Brady think that he'd almost killed his father. Sami spread the news around town about Abigail and E.J.'s torrid affair. Sami learned that Rafe had cheated on Jordan with Kate. Jordan and Ben were shocked to learn that Clyde had found them and that he planned to stay in Salem.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 14, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, July 14, 2014

by Mike

When Ciara and Chase returned to the Salem Inn room where the art pieces for the gala's silent auction were being stored, they discovered that Hope and Aiden had stopped dancing. Hope claimed that she had forgotten her steps, but Ciara didn't understand how that was possible.

Hope pulled Ciara aside and explained that she didn't have time to continue dancing because she had to focus on the auction instead. Ciara pointed out that nothing was happening, but Hope predicted that people would soon start funneling in to collect their artwork. Meanwhile, Aiden observed that Chase looked tired. Aiden suggested that he and Chase might be able to sneak out of the gala a bit early, but Chase protested that he wasn't tired and that Aiden had to stay and continue to work with Hope.

Meanwhile, Marlena entered the room, and a short time later, Roman and Giselle arrived. Roman and Hope praised Marlena's performance as the gala's emcee, but Giselle remained silent, glaring at Marlena. Aiden pulled Giselle aside to ask her about the history of one of the art pieces she had donated. Marlena moved a few feet away to talk to Ciara, and Hope seized the opportunity to talk to Roman privately.

Hope observed that it seemed like Giselle was jealous of Marlena, but Roman didn't think that mattered, since he was planning to break up with Giselle after the gala, anyway. Roman insisted that Giselle was worse than he had ever imagined she would be. "You know what? Even if she weren't, you wouldn't be interested, anyway, because you have your eye on someone else," Hope knowingly stated as she eyed Marlena.

Later, Hope and Aiden exchanged looks as they sipped champagne. Marlena noticed that Hope seemed flustered, so she asked if everything was all right. Hope claimed that she wasn't feeling well, and she suggested that exhaustion was the likely culprit. Aiden said he would be okay on his own for the rest of the night, so Hope decided to leave, ignoring Ciara's protests. Marlena watched suspiciously as Hope and Ciara walked away.

Marlena told Aiden that it was a shame that Hope had been forced to leave early. Aiden theorized that Hope had been fighting something off for quite some time just to get through the gala. Chase suggested calling Ciara to let her and Hope know that the gala had raised fifty percent more money than the previous year's gala, but Aiden told the boy not to bother them. Later, Aiden found himself thinking about his earlier dance with Hope.

John tracked Eric down at the pub to talk to him about Brady's downward spiral. John was pleasantly surprised to learn that he and Eric actually agreed that Brady's relationship with Theresa was a train wreck waiting to happen. John wanted Eric to talk to Theresa, since she seemed to be the only person Brady was willing to listen to, but Eric thought it would be best to instead adhere to the Alcoholics Anonymous mantra "let go and let God." John humored Eric but shook his head dismissively as he watched Eric walk away.

Later, Hope and Ciara arrived to deliver the art piece Caroline had won in the gala's silent auction. When Ciara asked about Hope's health, Hope claimed that she was feeling much better. "You weren't really sick, were you? I could tell. You just wanted to leave because you were upset. I know you, and I know why -- because you miss Daddy," Ciara knowingly stated.

Hope played along, so Ciara retrieved her cell phone and showed Hope the picture of Bo she had saved on the device, explaining that it helped her when she found herself missing her father, since it made her feel like he was always with her. As Hope stared sadly at the image, Ciara wondered if they could return to the Salem Inn to continue helping Aiden and Chase. Hope said no, and when Ciara started to protest, Hope interrupted and repeated her answer more firmly. Later, Hope found herself thinking about her earlier dance with Aiden.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, the husbands were shocked when Sami announced that E.J. had cheated on her with Abigail. Sonny pointed out that Abigail hated E.J., and he reasoned that she wouldn't have kept such a thing from him and Will, anyway. Sonny waited for Will to agree, but Will remained silent, recalling a conversation he'd had with Abigail several months earlier, during which she had refused to tell him the name of the man she had been seeing.

"Oh, my God. Will, you knew? You knew, Will, and you didn't tell me?" Sami asked incredulously after gauging Will's reaction to the news. Will clarified that Abigail had admitted to being involved in an inappropriate relationship with someone but had never been willing to share the details with him. Sami bitterly agreed that the relationship could definitely be described as inappropriate.

Meanwhile, Eric arrived to deliver a gift for Arianna. Eric immediately sensed the tension and wondered what was going on, so Sami shared the news with him. Sami explained that E.J. and Abigail's fling had occurred before the wedding, and Will and Sonny wondered when -- and how -- Sami had found out about it.

"We can thank Nick. He arranged for the photos to be sent to me before he died. The one good thing Nick Fallon ever did [was] make sure that I would see what kind of man E.J. really is," Sami explained. Eric said he was sorry that Sami's wedding, which she had been dreaming about for months, had ended in such a horrible way -- not only with E.J.'s arrest but also with the receipt of the photographic evidence of his infidelity.

Sami clarified that she had actually received the photographs weeks earlier but had married E.J., anyway, because she intended to make life "hell" for him and Abigail. Sonny muttered that he still couldn't believe what he had just learned. "Oh, God, if you don't stop saying that, I cannot be held responsible for my --" Sami started to say, but Eric interrupted and asked to talk to her privately.

Sami didn't want to leave, but Eric reasoned that the matter wasn't Will and Sonny's problem. Sami reluctantly agreed to go with Eric, and before they left, Will hugged her and told her he was sorry about what had happened to her. Once they were alone, Sonny admitted to Will that, while he understood that Sami's plan kind of made sense in her mind, he still couldn't understand why she had gone through with marrying E.J.

"She wanted revenge...and I have a horrible feeling that she's going to get it," Will knowingly predicted. Sonny observed that it had seemed like Sami was actually looking forward to getting revenge, but Will said that was simply her way of burying what she was really feeling. Will guessed that Sami was actually crushed, since she had been in love with E.J. for a really long time. Will sadly mused that his siblings were going to be crushed, too, because their family was going to be torn apart.

Sonny hugged Will, knowing that the ordeal would tear him apart, too. Will suddenly realized that Sami had probably orchestrated E.J.'s arrest, and Sonny guessed that she had also made Abigail her maid of honor as a form of torture. Will wished he had realized the identity of Abigail's mystery man sooner.

Sonny suggested calling Abigail to talk to her about everything that had happened, reasoning that she needed support because she was also suffering, but Will thought it would be best to refrain from getting involved -- for a while, anyway. Will assured Sonny that they would give Abigail their support later, and he pointed out that she already had Jennifer and J.J.'s support in the meantime.

Sonny stressed that Will had his support. "Thank God. You know, sometimes I feel like you're the only person I really know anymore. You know, E.J. and I, we've had our problems. It's not like I didn't know how ruthless he can be. But I also know that he loves my mother -- he really loves her -- which is why I don't -- I don't get how he could do something like this -- to Abigail or my mom," Will admitted.

Eric took Sami to a secluded section of the town square, where she explained that she had gone through with the wedding because, among other reasons, she hadn't wanted to listen to "sixteen versions of 'I told you so.'" Eric insisted that Sami's family loved her and would have been there for her, eager to help in any possible way, if she had backed out of the wedding. "Hey, here's the thing -- I helped myself. I am now co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises, and I am going to make sure that that bastard -- and his father -- wind up with nothing," Sami proudly declared.

Eric wondered how Sami's revenge scheme was going to help matters. "Well, it makes me feel better. And it makes me rich, and powerful, and --" Sami started to explain, but Eric interrupted and predicted that the scheme would also make her miserable and would ultimately hurt her more than anyone else. Sami thought it sounded like Eric was defending E.J. and Abigail, but Eric clarified that he wasn't making excuses for their actions or disagreeing that what they had done had been wrong.

Eric started to advise Sami not to go to the Horton house to confront Abigail, but he quickly realized that she had already done just that. "If you were about to say that it wasn't going to help, you're wrong, because it did. I felt great. E.J.'s not the only one who's going to pay for what happened. I am going to make sure that little Abby pays, too," Sami vowed.

Elsewhere, J.J. thought about his earlier conversation with Eve. Later, after purchasing a bouquet of fresh flowers, J.J. tried to contact Jennifer for the second time, but the call went to voicemail -- also for the second time -- so he decided to leave her a message to let her know that he was sorry that things had been complicated lately and that he hoped things would get better soon.

At the Horton house, Jennifer stressed that the things Sami had said about Abigail weren't true, but Abigail disagreed. "I am a slut. [...] I slept with E.J.'s brother, and then I slept with E.J. How am I ever gonna forgive myself for this?" Abigail tearfully wondered. Jennifer handed her daughter a tissue and urged her not to say or even think such things about herself, reasoning that Abigail had simply made a terrible mistake.

Jennifer advised Abigail to pick herself up and move forward, but Abigail didn't know how to do that. Abigail said she was ashamed of herself and could tell that Jennifer was ashamed of her, too. Abigail added that she had wanted to tell Jennifer the truth on numerous occasions but had never known how to start the conversation.

Abigail stressed that her fling with E.J. had ended months earlier. Jennifer assumed that E.J. had taken advantage of Abigail, but Abigail clarified that she had wanted the fling to happen, and she admitted that she needed to take responsibility for her part in it. Jennifer incredulously asked if Abigail had loved E.J. "No! No, he -- he was just nice to me about...Chad, about Daddy's book. He -- he listened, made me feel better about myself. Then we ended up at the Horton cabin, and I don't know -- it just -- it just happened, Mom," Abigail explained.

Abigail admitted that she had also slept with E.J. in the DiMera Enterprises locker room. Abigail started to offer more details, but Jennifer quickly interrupted and stated that she had heard enough. Abigail begged for Jennifer's forgiveness, which Jennifer granted without hesitation. Jennifer believed that, as Abigail's mother, she should have realized that something had been amiss, but Abigail didn't want Jennifer to blame herself.

Jennifer insisted that, aside from Abigail, E.J., and Sami, the matter was no one else's business. Abigail predicted that Sami would tell the whole world about it, and she admitted that she couldn't blame Sami for wanting to do so. Jennifer argued that Sami had no right to throw stones and that E.J. was the person Sami needed to blame because he was the one who had betrayed her.

Abigail understood her mother's reasoning but admitted that she had allowed Sami to believe they were friends, and Sami had been a good friend during the pregnancy scare. Jennifer was relieved that the pregnancy scare had been a false alarm. Abigail admitted that realizing E.J.'s true nature had made her thankful that there wasn't any reason for him to ever be in her life again.

Jennifer hugged Abigail and assured her that they would get through the ordeal together. "Get through what together?" J.J. asked as he entered the living room. After explaining everything to J.J., Abigail wondered if he hated her. J.J. admitted that, after everything he had put the family through in the past year, he was in no position to judge anyone. "Except for E.J., and I just might take his head off," J.J. added.

Jennifer predicted that J.J. wouldn't need to make E.J. pay for what had happened because Sami would probably take care of that herself. Abigail guessed that Sami had probably already taken out an ad in the Salem Spectator to let everyone know about the matter, but Jennifer reasoned that doing so would hurt Sami's kids. "That is the thing that I feel worst about," Abigail admitted.

Abigail hugged J.J. and Jennifer and acknowledged that she was lucky to have them. "I'm just sorry, because I know that what's coming is not gonna be easy for any of us," Abigail predicted before heading upstairs. Jennifer told J.J. that Abigail was right -- fighting the wrath of Sami wasn't easy.

When Jennifer realized that she had missed two phone calls from J.J. and that he had purchased a bouquet of flowers for her, she wondered if everything was okay. J.J. hesitantly admitted that, against Jennifer's wishes, he had gone to talk to Eve earlier -- and she had actually been quite reasonable. J.J. encouraged Jennifer to give Eve a chance, reasoning that Eve's link to Paige meant that she couldn't be that bad. Jennifer refused and insisted that she needed J.J. to be on her side, not Eve's. Meanwhile, after spending a long time staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, Abigail returned and wondered what was going on.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa led a barely conscious Brady into the living room, where he collapsed on the couch. Brady wanted to know what he and Theresa were doing at the mansion, and when she replied that they were celebrating, he wondered what they were celebrating. As Theresa poured two glasses of champagne, she reminded Brady that they had just returned from Las Vegas.

Brady couldn't remember the trip at all. Brady assumed that he had won a lot of money in Las Vegas, but Theresa clarified that he had actually lost a lot of money. "But I won...big time," Theresa coyly added as she gazed at her wedding band. Brady started rambling about the things he loved about Las Vegas, and Theresa casually admitted that she had always believed that it would be fun to get married there.

Brady scoffed as he stumbled toward the bar to refill his glass. "Why? Why -- why -- why would you -- people go to Vegas, they get hitched, they go to those, uh -- those chapels or whatever, they get married by -- they get married by Elvis -- it's ridiculous. You know, I'll tell you something -- drunk, sober, clean -- whatever I happen to be, I'm never doing that again. Never make that mistake. You know what Kristen did for me, though? She did one great thing -- she taught me how to hate marriage. Thank you, Kristen. I'll never tie the knot again as long as I live," Brady vowed as Theresa sipped her drink uncomfortably.

After draining another glass of champagne, Brady took two steps forward before suddenly collapsing. Theresa rushed to Brady's side and helped him into a chair. While Brady was passed out, Theresa placed a phone call to John and insisted that he needed to get over to the Kiriakis mansion right away.

Theresa managed to revive Brady, who immediately started complaining about a headache. Theresa explained that Brady had hit his head during a fall. Brady passed out again before John arrived. John revived Brady, but Brady couldn't even finish ordering John to leave before losing consciousness again. John feared that Brady might have a concussion, but Theresa dismissively stated that he was just drunk.

Realizing that Theresa wasn't particularly concerned about Brady's condition, John wondered why she had called him in the first place. Theresa announced that she and Brady had gotten married earlier that night, and she produced a marriage certificate as proof of their union. John dismissively stated that it would be easy to get the marriage annulled, since Brady had obviously not been in his right mind at the time of the elopement.

John predicted that Brady would kick Theresa to the curb the following morning. Knowing that John might be right, Theresa suggested that he could pay her one million dollars to make the marriage go away. John reached into his jacket pocket for what Theresa assumed was his checkbook, but she was shocked when he instead retrieved his cell phone and revealed that he had been recording their conversation.

Theresa reached for the cell phone, insisting that John wasn't going to win, but he pulled it away from her and assured her that he already had won. "When Brady wakes up and finds out that you tricked him into marrying you, and then you tried to get me to pay you off to dump him -- Theresa, he doesn't love you, and when he really gets to know you, he's gonna hate you for the selfish, lying little loser whore that you are," John predicted.

Theresa's whole body shook with rage as she insisted that John had no right to talk to her that way, especially since he didn't even know her. "You really think that I don't know all the grief you've caused your family and how they really feel about you? You are a complete embarrassment to them!" John said as Theresa warned him to shut up.

John started to turn his attention back to his son, who was still passed out, but Theresa grabbed his arm and told him to stay away from Brady. John easily shook Theresa off his arm, and she lost her balance and fell to the floor. Theresa's hand landed on a fireplace poker, and she angrily picked it up and swung it at the back of John's head.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In the Kiriakis mansion living room, John informed Theresa that he had recorded her proposal for John to pay Theresa one million dollars to annul her marriage to Brady. Furious, Theresa ordered John to delete the recording from his phone. John told Theresa she was finished then he shoved her away. As Theresa tumbled to the floor, John sat next to Brady, who was unconscious in a chair. Theresa's hand brushed against a fire poker that had fallen on the floor, and she gripped the handle. Theresa leaped to her feet and knocked John over the back of his head with the poker.

A bloody John fell to the floor. Panicked, Theresa wiped her fingerprints off of the poker and placed it in Brady's right hand. As Theresa surveyed the scene, a groggy Brady rose to his feet, dropping the poker, then fell to the floor on the other side of the room. Theresa picked up the poker and again placed it in Brady's right hand as he lay on the floor, unconscious. Theresa grabbed John by the wrists and dragged his limp body across the room so that it was next to Brady.

Theresa ran to the foyer and screamed, begging John to stop attacking Brady. As Henderson called out from the other room, Theresa ran to John, grabbed his cell phone and deleted the voice recording that John had made of her proposal to end her marriage to Brady. When Henderson ran into the room and gasped, Theresa announced that John was not breathing and that she could not find a pulse. Theresa shoved John's phone into Henderson's hand and ordered him to call 9-1-1.

When the paramedics and Abe arrived on the scene, Theresa noted that Brady was drunk but fine and that they should attend to John. As the paramedics worked on John, Abe questioned Theresa about what had happened. Theresa explained that she had left the room to give John and Brady privacy to talk but that she had returned to the living room when she had heard them yelling at one another. Theresa continued that when she had returned to the room, she had seen John attacking Brady. With a sniffle, Theresa exclaimed that Brady had hit John in the head in self-defense. The paramedics wheeled John out on a gurney, and Abe helped a groggy Brady out to the car to take him to the hospital.

In the park, Eric cautioned Sami not to attack Abigail. When Sami shrugged with a guilty grin, Eric groaned. Sami said that she had felt better when she had confronted Abigail in front of Jennifer. When Sami informed Eric that she had known for weeks about E.J.'s affair with Abigail, Eric asked her why she had gone through with the wedding. Sami explained that she had married E.J. not only to exact revenge on him for cheating but also to repay his culpability in Kristen's plot to hurt Eric.

Shocked by the revelation, Eric asked Sami why she had not told him earlier that E.J. had helped Kristen cover up the rape. Sami explained that she'd only had suspicions and had not fully confronted her suspicions until she had realized that E.J. was a horrible person. Eric was upset that Sami had put her love for E.J. ahead of him, but Sami swore that she had not really believed that E.J. had known about the rape until after she had learned about the affair. Sami added that marrying E.J. had given her and Kate a way to pay Stefano and E.J. back. Eric begged Sami to look after her kids and forget about revenge with Kate.

"Payback isn't a bitch. It's my pleasure," Sami said with a gleeful grin. Eric warned Sami that she was using her anger to avoid her pain. With a nod, Sami promised that she would deal with her pain after she finished grinding Stefano and E.J. "into dust." Sami cautioned Eric not to attempt to stop her.

At the Horton house, Abigail overheard J.J. and Jennifer talking about Eve's lawsuit. Abigail walked into the living room and demanded that they tell her what was going on. Jennifer explained everything to Abigail and told her that Eve had rejected the offer to split the proceeds in half. J.J. interrupted to tell Jennifer that he had talked to Eve and that he believed they could reach a compromise. Feeling out of control and angry, Abigail argued that Eve was horrible and was using J.J. Abigail announced that she needed to talk to someone about Sami's visit, and Abigail left.

Once his sister was gone, J.J. told Jennifer that Sami was a bitch for harassing Abigail. J.J. started to leave to talk to Sami, but Jennifer begged him not to make things worse. With a smile, Jennifer noted that J.J.'s instinct to protect his sister showed that he had inherited one of the best parts of his father. Eric knocked on the door and interrupted the conversation. J.J. promised Jennifer he would not "add fuel to the fire," and then he left so Jennifer and Eric could talk alone.

Eric told Jennifer that he knew about Sami's visit to the house, and he said Sami had been wrong to confront Abigail at her house. Jennifer told Eric that Abigail did not want to forgive herself for the affair. Fighting back tears, Jennifer complained that E.J. was a "predator" and needed to be stopped. Eric urged Jennifer to call Daniel, but she refused, citing her desire not to be rescued by anyone.

In the square, Eve overheard Daniel talking to his son Parker on the phone about canceling their evening together. Daniel told his son that he missed him. As Daniel hung up the phone, Eve approached him and asked if everything was all right. Daniel nodded. With a smile, Eve noted that she had been shoe shopping and that her new shoes were hurting her feet. When Eve asked to sit down at Daniel's table, he smiled politely. Eve asked Daniel to join her for a drink so that she would not be drinking alone. Daniel said that he was on call, but he ordered a coffee to drink while Even sipped on a glass of wine.

"I'm glad to run into my only friend," Eve joked. Daniel thanked Eve for handling the situation with Theresa so well. As Eve smiled back, Daniel's phone beeped with an urgent text from the hospital. Daniel excused himself, and he ran to the hospital for surgery. Eve muttered to herself that Theresa had been right when she had called Salem "No Fun City."

As Eve rose to leave, Abigail stomped over to Eve's table and called her a "money-hungry bitch." Abigail accused Eve of stealing money from veterans. Abigail yelled that Eve did not know her father and that there was no proof that the annulment was binding. Defensive, Eve countered that she knew Jack better than anyone and that Jack would be disappointed to see his daughter making a scene in a public place. When Eve called Abigail a brat, Abigail slapped her. Before Eve could respond, J.J. rushed into the square and pulled the two women apart.

Collecting her senses, Abigail appeared to be shaken from her anger. Abigail thanked J.J. for intervening, and she apologized to him. Annoyed, Eve demanded an apology from Abigail. Upset, Abigail walked away. As Eve muttered that Abigail was lucky that she did not want to press charges, J.J. warned Eve to back off of his sister. J.J. said that he would not let Eve roll over his family. When Eve asked if J.J. was threatening her, J.J. clarified that he wanted a truce. J.J. pointed out that Eve had been the aggressor in the lawsuit, and he admitted that Abigail had overreacted.

"I am not threatening you. I am informing you. You need to dial it back, or things are going to get much worse, and you will not get what you want," J.J. said. Eve stared at J.J. as he walked away.

At Club TBD, Ben excitedly showed T a box he had made for Abigail. As a smiling Ben worked behind the bar, Sami entered the club and asked to speak with Ben privately. Ben and Sami sat at a nearby table, and Sami apologized for forcing Ben to attend her wedding as Abigail's date. When Ben expressed his hope that things would work out for Sami, she noted that things would not work out because of Abigail. Sami explained that she had seen how Ben had looked at Abigail and that she wanted to warn him that things were not as they seemed.

Sami explained that she had believed that Abigail had been her friend and that she had allowed Abigail to grow close to her children. When Ben looked puzzled by Sami's words, Sami added that while she had been engaged to E.J., Abigail had slept with him. Ben shook his head in disbelief. Sami said that she thought Ben had a right to know, since Abigail had told her that she was growing closer to Ben. Ben said he did not believe that Abigail had slept with E.J. With a shrug, Sami announced that she had proof but that she had not shown it to Ben because it was graphic. As Ben's mouth fell open, Sami walked out of the club.

Ben returned to work, and his body language grew angrier. When Ben snapped at T, he apologized. T saw Abigail enter the club and joked that Ben would feel better soon. As a stern-faced Ben stared at Abigail, she smiled at him.

At the hospital, John was rushed into surgery. As Daniel started to work on John, the heart monitors flatlined. Daniel used the paddles on John to jump-start his heart, but his heart did not respond.

Down the hallway, a nurse monitored the I.V. that she had connected to Brady to flush the alcohol out of his system. Abe questioned Theresa in the hallway outside Brady's room. As Brady stirred awake, he overheard them talking about how John had been hurt. Brady asked what had happened to John. Abe informed Brady that he had been in a fight with John and that John was in the operating room. Upset, Brady tore the I.V. needle out of his arm, and he rushed down the hallway. A doctor stopped the inebriated Brady by promising to get a report from the OR.

As Daniel approached Brady, Brady asked if John was all right. Daniel shook his head and said things were not good. "Did I kill him?" Brady asked tentatively.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kate was walking past the Brady Pub when she spotted Clyde having a drink inside. Curious about how things were going, Kate joined Clyde and asked how his reunion with Jordan and Ben had gone. Clyde admitted that he hadn't seen his kids yet because some business matters had sidetracked him -- plus he had been procrastinating a bit. Kate asked what Clyde's business was, and he would only say, "A little of this, a little of that." Clyde admitted that he'd read about Kate's many accomplishments, and he sympathized about her recent job loss.

Kate informed Clyde that she had already gotten another job: she had been named co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Clyde was duly impressed. He informed Kate that he was on his way to see Tammy Sue -- better known as Jordan -- as soon as he finished his drink. As she headed out, Kate reassured Clyde that Tammy Sue would be thrilled to see him. "Well, not so sure about that," Clyde muttered after Kate left.

In the park, Jordan sent an urgent text message to Ben, asking to see him right away.

Not long after Sami had informed Ben that Abigail had slept with E.J., Abigail arrived at Club TBD to talk to Ben. Lucas walked in and interrupted with a request to speak to Abigail just as Ben got Jordan's message. Ben took his break and headed out.

Lucas told Abigail that her mom had seemed a little distracted earlier. Abigail admitted that there was a lot going on, and Lucas observed that Abigail also seemed upset. As they got a table in a quiet corner, Abigail confessed that she had done something really bad. Lucas reassured his niece that whatever it was, it wouldn't change the way he felt about her. "No? What if I told you that I had an affair with E.J. DiMera?" Abigail queried.

Lucas was furious with E.J., although he reiterated that it did not change the way he felt about Abigail. Lucas asked if that were why Jennifer had been so upset earlier. "Yeah, Sami dropped by to make sure she found out," Abigail said, adding that she was very ashamed. Lucas blamed the whole thing on E.J.; Abigail had simply made some bad choices. Abigail was grateful to Lucas for being so supportive, but she worried about how the rest of the family would react. "Don't worry about it. Just leave them to me," Lucas said reassuringly.

When Ben got to the park, Jordan confessed that she was nervous about finally telling Rafe the truth when he returned that night. Ben tried to reassure her that Rafe would understand, but Jordan pointed out, "I'll be putting him on the spot. He's a detective, and I'm going to be telling him that the woman he thinks he loves is a thief and a kidnapper." Ben reminded her that she could explain to Rafe that she had kidnapped her kid brother to get him away from the father who'd been beating him. Since Jordan had done it all for him, Ben offered to talk to Rafe for her.

"No, Ben. It wasn't all for you," Jordan admitted. "I know how much you hated Clyde, and I know you blamed him for Mom's death, but you did what you had to do because I was too young, and you saw how he was treating me," Ben reminded his sister. Ben announced his intention to return to Poplar Bluff to teach Clyde a lesson, but Jordan wanted Ben to promise that he would never go back there as long as Clyde was alive.

Ben insisted that he was a grown man who could handle Clyde. Worried, Jordan reminded Ben that their father had never fought fair -- and they both knew that they could never go back or let Clyde find them. "That's not going to happen," Ben reassured her with a hug.

Later, Jordan was walking out of Horton Square when she got a text message from an unknown number that read, "Hello, Tammy Sue..." A look of horror washed over Jordan's face as the phone slid out of her hands and crashed onto the pavement. Before she could maintain her composure, she heard Clyde's voice behind her: "Nice to see you again, sweetheart."

After Ben returned to the club, Abigail began, "Something has happened. Well, actually, to tell the truth, it happened a while ago." Ben assured her that she didn't owe him any explanations about the past, but Abigail insisted that she did. Stammering and searching for the words, Abigail finally managed, "What I'm trying to say is -- this isn't about how I feel about you." Ben gently interrupted her, "I know what it's about, Abigail. It's about you and E.J. DiMera."

When Lucas ran into Kate in Horton Square, he complained, "You are not going to believe the latest stunt that bastard E.J. pulled." Kate assumed that Sami had told Lucas about E.J. and Abigail's affair, but Lucas said that he'd heard it from Abigail. He was peeved when he realized that Kate had known about it. Kate maintained that she'd kept quiet because she'd wanted to spare Sami the pain of gossip about it spreading around town.

Lucas was worried what would happen if Sami let something slip in front of Allie, who adored Abigail. Kate assured Lucas that Sami was determined not to let the kids get dragged into it. Lucas threatened to move Allie out of the mansion if things got ugly, so Kate promised that she would take care of Allie.

When Sami stopped by the jail to visit E.J., he was eager to talk to her, but she wasn't interested in hearing any of his apologies or explanations. Sami revealed that she'd told Jennifer about E.J. and Abigail's affair. E.J. reacted angrily, insisting that it was his fault and Sami had no right to hold Abigail responsible. "Oh, I can and I do -- but your chivalry act is not winning you points with me," Sami snarled. Reaching through the bars to grab her, E.J. pleaded with Sami to listen to him. Sami ordered him to take his hands off of her.

After E.J. complied, he beseechingly apologized for how much he had hurt Sami, but she was unreceptive to his words. E.J. insisted that he had meant his wedding vows, and he had ended things with Abigail. "And that makes it okay?" Sami asked incredulously. E.J. said that nothing he had done was okay, but he knew the two of them could find a way back to one another.

Through clenched teeth, Sami growled, "You betrayed me. You betrayed our children. You lied to me, like you lied to me about Kristen. And I feel I have been incredibly tolerant of the DiMera default setting of doing whatever amoral, disgusting thing you want to do and then lying about it afterwards -- but after everything we have been through, you threw it all away for some cheap fling with a little blonde slut." She accused E.J. of trying to kill Nick not to protect her but to cover his affair.

E.J. vehemently reminded Sami that he'd hired the hit man to protect her, her son, and her granddaughter. Sami speculated that E.J. had hired the hit man because Nick had been blackmailing him, and E.J. had wanted to keep "banging Miss Susie Cream Cheese." Leaning in close, Sami asked her groom sardonically, "Did you tell her that you were going to get rid of her cousin, after you made love to her? I know your special brand of pillow talk, E.J." E.J. maintained that wasn't how it had been, but Sami informed him that Nick had arranged to have the blackmail photos sent to her after his death.

Sami asked E.J. to just admit that he had hired the hit man to kill Nick because Nick had known about E.J.'s affair with Abigail. E.J.'s demeanor changed from contrition to defiance as he replied, "Yeah, I did." Softening, E.J. clarified that he had done so because he feared losing Sami. "Either you were going to spend the rest of your life in prison, or he was going to tell you something that was going to make you hate me," E.J. explained. Sami argued that E.J. had done that with no help from Nick. Desperate, E.J. insisted that he'd been sick when he'd realized how much he'd risked.

Sami spat that the joke had been on her, for a change, because after all her years of lies and cover-ups, E.J. had bested her. E.J. tried to apologize for how much he had hurt her, but Sami yelled at him to shut up. "I am not going to listen to you anymore. I am not going to fall for your lies ever again," she growled determinedly. E.J. gently reassured her that he wasn't lying or trying to spin things. He wondered how Sami had managed to get through everything.

Sami admitted bitterly that it had been hard to lie next to E.J. in bed at night when she hadn't been able to get those images of him and Abigail "going at each other like animals in heat" out of her head. She continued that she hadn't been able to stop thinking that E.J. was exactly the man everyone had warned her he was and remembering that he was the same man she had hated so much that she'd tried to keep her daughter away from him -- and the same man who'd deserved to be shot in the head. A stunned E.J. could only stare at his bride in horror.

E.J. swore that he had changed, and Sami would see that if she gave him a chance. Sami wasn't interested in E.J.'s "jailhouse catharsis," because as soon as she'd seen the photos, she'd formulated her plan -- and E.J. hadn't noticed her plotting because he'd been so self-absorbed, as usual. "So I got control of DiMera Enterprises -- and of you. So you buckle up, E.J. It's going to be a bumpy ride -- straight to hell," Sami warned him as she strolled out.

Later, the guard announced that E.J. had a visitor.

An exhausted Sami returned to the mansion, dropped her purse and briefcase on a table in the foyer, and headed into the living room. When she saw the pitcher of martinis on the bar, she called out grateful thanks to Harold for reading her mind. "Don't thank Harold. Thank me. Welcome home, partner," Kate said as she appeared from behind the piano and raised her martini glass to Sami.

At University Hospital, Daniel informed Brady that John was in critical condition. Brady wanted to see his dad right away, but Daniel advised him that John had sustained a "massive epidural hematoma" and wasn't allowed visitors. Brady admitted that he didn't remember anything that had happened. A guilty Theresa asked Daniel about John's prognosis. Daniel said that they had been able to remove blood clots to relieve the pressure on John's brain during surgery, and John's vital signs were strong despite the possibility of complications.

Marlena hurried in just then after getting a message from Abe that John had been in an accident. Abe informed her that John was in surgery.

Meanwhile, Theresa was expressing disbelief that John had survived the blow to his head. "If he recovers, is he going to be able to talk and stuff?" Theresa asked anxiously. Daniel warned Theresa and Brady that John could have a stroke or slip into a coma -- but it was possible that John might not even make it. A shocked Marlena overheard and demanded to know what had happened. Brady apologized, but that only served to anger and confuse Marlena, so Abe suggested that Brady and Theresa leave so Daniel could explain things to Marlena.

After Theresa dragged a reluctant Brady away, Abe had to step away to make a phone call. Daniel led Marlena to the waiting area and filled her in about John's severe head trauma and subsequent surgery.

In a private waiting room, Theresa questioned Brady about how much he recalled. Brady said that he didn't even remember why they'd been at the mansion or why his father had been there. Theresa claimed that Brady had asked her to call John so they could celebrate their good news. "Brady, we were married tonight," Theresa explained, holding up her left hand to show him her wedding ring. Utterly dumbfounded, Brady looked down at the band on his own finger with disbelief.

Realizing how little about the evening he remembered, Brady implored Theresa to tell him what had happened. Theresa repeated her original story -- that she'd called John because Brady had asked her to; Brady and John had wanted to be alone, so she'd left; when she'd heard shouting, she'd returned had seen John shoving Brady and Brady holding the poker. "And I hit him? In the head?" Brady asked, more to himself than Theresa. Theresa tried to reassure him that he had only been trying to defend himself because he would never deliberately try to harm his father.

Brady announced that he needed to find out if there had been any change in John's condition. As he removed his wedding ring and shoved it in his pants pocket, Brady added, "Then I need to deal with this whole thing."

A nurse had just called Daniel away when Brady returned and heard Marlena asking Abe if John had hit his head. Brady admitted, "No, he didn't. I hit him." A uniformed police officer pulled Abe away before he could mediate the impending confrontation between Marlena and Brady. Marlena was livid when Brady confessed that he'd been drunk so he was "foggy" about what had happened, but apparently he had hit John with the fireplace poker in self-defense. Shoving at Brady, Marlena asserted that John would never attack his son.

Theresa rushed in and defended Brady, quietly explaining that John had been pushing Brady's buttons and getting in his face, and Brady had only been defending himself. Marlena didn't buy any of it. "You could have just killed the one man in this world who loved you beyond everything and everyone!" Marlena roared at a submissive Brady, who could only blink back tears of remorse.

As Brady was attempting to apologize, Daniel returned and advised the group that they were about to move John into a room, and although John was stable, he was slipping into a coma. Daniel added that John would be able to have visitors -- one at a time -- so Marlena charged off in that direction. When Abe pulled Theresa away to speak to her privately, Daniel asked if Brady were really sure he'd struck John. Brady acknowledged that Theresa had been there, but she had been his victim, as well, in a way. A nurse summoned Daniel to intensive care, so he rushed off.

Abe demanded that Theresa tell the truth about what had happened, but Theresa insisted that she had told the truth. Abe informed her that her statement didn't match what forensics had found, which was that Brady and John had been moved. Theresa recalled that after whacking John over the head with the poker, she had, indeed, dragged him closer to where Brady had passed out on the floor. To Abe, Theresa claimed that she'd been frantic to figure out if John had been dead or alive.

Brady wandered over and listened as Theresa tried to reconstruct what had happened. She guessed she had moved John and Brady a little in trying to help them. "John was hit directly on. It could have been self-defense, or he could have been blindsided -- hard," Abe noted. Theresa insisted that, from what little she'd seen, it didn't seem as if Brady had purposely hit his father. When a cop called Abe away, Brady quietly asked Theresa, "You're lying, aren't you?"

Theresa maintained that she wasn't lying, but Brady concluded that she was trying to cover for him because he had tried to kill his father in a drunken rage. Theresa argued that Brady would never try to hurt his father intentionally. "It's my fault my dad's in there... He might not wake up, Theresa. It's my fault. Now we get to call Victor and Maggie and ask them how their trip was and tell them what I did tonight," Brady asserted wryly. After Brady walked away, Theresa muttered, "No, no, he can't wake up. He can't."

Marlena sat at John's bedside as the machines breathed for him and kept track of his vital signs. "I know we've had our problems, and I know I told you we were through, but I can't lose you," she said softly, slipping her hand under his.

Brady slowly opened the door to John's room and saw Marlena sitting next to his father's nearly lifeless form. Tears streamed down Brady's cheeks as the realization of what he had done began to hit him.

Theresa approached Daniel and asked if John would remember what had happened when he woke up. Daniel said that he could only discuss that with family. Holding up her ring, Theresa insisted, "You know what, Daniel? I am family now, so you need to answer my questions." An incredulous Daniel demanded, "Theresa, what have you done?" Theresa became defensive, but Daniel pointed out that an inebriated Brady had obviously been incapable of making an informed decision at the time. "I also can't see John being real thrilled about the latest of Brady's forays into matrimony," Daniel added.

Theresa argued that, regardless, John shouldn't have attacked Brady. "But a drop-dead drunk Brady defended himself, right? Or was it your honor?" Daniel mused.

As Daniel walked away, Abe returned and asked Theresa to confirm that Brady had been holding the poker to defend himself, and that no one else had been holding it. "No one I saw. Why are you asking me this? I told you the poker was in Brady's hand," Theresa replied nervously. "Then why were there two sets of prints on it?" Abe asked.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Due to NBC News coverage of the crash of a Malaysia Airlines passenger in a disputed region between Ukraine and Russia.

Because of this developing story, Days of our Lives did not air today. The episode originally scheduled to air today will now air tomorrow, Friday, July 18, 2014. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Jordan freaked out when she saw Clyde outside Horton Square. Jordan demanded to know how Clyde had found her and what he wanted. Without providing an explanation, Clyde purred, "I've been so worried about you. Fathers never stop worrying about their little girls." Jordan snapped, "You are not my father, you son of a bitch!"

Clyde grabbed Jordan by the arm and warned her to watch her mouth. Jordan wrested her arm away painfully. Clyde asserted that he had thought of Jordan as his own daughter from the moment he'd married her mother. He reminded Jordan that her father had drunk himself to death when she'd been only five years old.

Clyde wanted to know if Jordan had heard from her brother, and she claimed that she had not. Clyde informed her that he had been in town for a couple of days, watching Jordan and Ben. Clyde demanded that Jordan summon her brother so the three of them could have a family reunion, but she emphatically refused. Clyde warned her that he had people watching "Ollie."

At Club TBD, when Ben revealed that he knew about Abigail and E.J., a horrified Abigail realized that Sami had to have blabbed to Ben. An understanding Ben assured her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about. "I'm more than embarrassed. I mean, I slept with a guy I don't even like. I acted like a --" Abigail began, and Ben finished the sentence for her, "Like a guy?" Abigail swore that things with E.J. had been over before she'd even met Ben and apologized for not being honest with Ben.

Acknowledging that Sami had every right to hate her, Abigail fretted, "I'm afraid that Sami's not going to stop until she has ruined my life." Ben wanted to know if Abigail had been spending time with him to get over E.J. Abigail reassured Ben that she hadn't been using him to forget about E.J., and that she had not been in love with E.J. Before Abigail could explain any more, Ben got a text message from Jordan that read, "Need to see you. Our spot in the square. He's found us." An alarmed Ben hurried out without telling Abigail why he was leaving.

Jordan tried to convince Clyde that Ben would run in the opposite direction as soon as he learned that Clyde was in town, but Clyde was sure that Ben would show up to protect Jordan. "I must say time has been good to you. You're even prettier than the day you left," Clyde remarked, leering at Jordan, who uncomfortably tugged at her dress to cover herself. Ben appeared, ordered Clyde to get away from Jordan, and inserted himself protectively between Jordan and their stepfather.

Clyde complained, "I'm getting a little disappointed with the way you two are treating this reunion. A stranger might hear you and think I was the one who done you wrong, instead of the other way around." Ben pointed out that he and Jordan knew the real story of what had happened, and Clyde tracking them down had not changed anything. Clyde declared, "I have my family back, and I am not letting 'em out of my sight again."

Ben doubted that Clyde could do anything to them, but Clyde reminded them that not only had they stolen a bunch of money from him, but "Tammy Sue" had committed a federal offense by kidnapping a minor and transporting him across state lines. Clyde warned them against making him unhappy again. Jordan interceded when it seemed as if Ben was about to attack Clyde. "Do you really expect us to go back to the way things were?" Jordan demanded. Clyde revealed that he had hired someone to manage the business while he was away.

Clyde admitted that he had made mistakes, but he hoped they could reach an agreement about how Jordan and Ben would pay him back for what they had put him through. After cautioning them against running away again, Clyde pulled Jordan's fake ID's from his pocket. "You were in my apartment?" Jordan exclaimed, incredulous. "I told the janitor I was your daddy; he let me in. Nice cat you got there," Clyde explained, adding, "I did you a favor by taking these. They're not something you want the police to see -- especially when one of those cops is your new boyfriend."

Clyde warned Ben and Jordan that he would be watching them -- because he needed time to convince them that he had changed. After informing them that he was staying at the Salem Inn, Clyde strolled off. Ben wondered how Clyde had found them, but Jordan had no idea. "I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm building a life here. I'm not running again," Ben declared. Jordan offered to turn herself in so the threat against them from Clyde would be over, but Ben argued that they had to stand up to Clyde.

When Rafe called Jordan just then, she was reluctant to answer. Ben reminded her that she'd been about to tell Rafe everything anyway. "I was going to tell Rafe about a nightmare from my past -- but now it looks like it's starting all over again," Jordan said anxiously.

Will went to the jail to visit E.J. and demanded, "How could you cheat on my mom and think that you had a prayer of getting away with it?" E.J. didn't really try to defend himself. Will warned E.J. about Sami's thirst for vengeance against E.J., no matter whom it hurt. "William, you need to understand that I love your mother...more than I've ever loved any woman in my entire life," E.J. insisted, but Will pointed out that E.J. had a warped way of demonstrating his so-called love.

E.J. admitted that he had made a terrible mistake that had ruined two people's lives, but an unsympathetic Will accused E.J. of taking advantage of Abigail when she'd been vulnerable after her breakup with Chad. E.J. maintained that had not been the case. Will surmised that neither Abigail nor Sami had wanted to see E.J. for who he really was -- just as Will had wanted to believe that E.J. had changed. "You're a DiMera. You will always put what you want ahead of anything else," Will asserted.

"I'm going to get her back, William," E.J. declared. Will countered, "Which one?" E.J. angrily retorted that he had been talking about Sami, whom he had every intention of winning back. "Save it for someone who cares. I'm sorry that I ever trusted you. I'm not going to make that mistake again," Will said before leaving in disgust.

Abigail showed up a little later and declared without preamble, "We both knew the truth was going to come out, didn't we?" She expressed her belief that everything would have been different -- or at least no worse -- if they had just been honest about what had happened. E.J. apologized for Sami taking her anger out on Abigail. Abigail informed E.J. that Sami had also told Ben what had happened.

Abigail was sure that Ben was disgusted with her, but he had wanted to know whether she had ever loved E.J. E.J. urged her not to torture herself about it, since things were over between them. "My answer to Ben was that whatever happened between us, it had nothing to do with love," Abigail said. E.J. agreed. He informed Abigail that he would be arraigned the next day, and his lawyer was confident that he would get bail -- after which E.J. intended to do everything in his power to get Samantha back. "Good luck with that. You know, for what it's worth, I think you and Sami really deserve each other," Abigail declared as she headed out.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Lucas and Sonny were discussing how Sami was spreading the news about Abigail's affair with E.J. when Adrienne arrived and overheard. Stunned, Adrienne wanted to know if it were true, and Sonny confirmed it. Adrienne presumed that E.J. had to have forced himself on Abigail. Lucas clarified that Abigail had denied that, but he guessed that E.J. had pursued her until he'd gotten what he'd wanted. While Adrienne called Jennifer to offer her support, Sonny sent a text message to Will, asking, "Where are you?"

After speaking for a moment with Jennifer, Adrienne hung up and informed Sonny and Lucas, "[Jennifer] found out about E.J. and Abigail because Sami showed up and acted like a total bitch." Sonny tried to defend Sami by pointing out that she had thought of Abigail as a friend. Will walked in while Adrienne was ranting about what Sami had done after E.J. had obviously "snowed" Abigail. "What did my mom do now?" Will asked. Adrienne filled him in about how Sami had showed Jennifer the pictures of Abigail and E.J. together.

Before Adrienne could get too much more wound up, Lucas suggested that the two of them leave. Lucas promised Will that after he got back from out of town, he would talk to Sami about backing off Abigail. Will admitted that he was worried about his younger siblings, but Lucas assured Will that he would take care of the kids. After Adrienne and Lucas had gone, Sonny apologized that his mom was back on her "high horse." Will admitted that he was incredulous about his mom's behavior with Abigail and Jennifer. Sonny pointed out reassuringly, "Nobody died. Everything is going to be okay."

A little later, Sonny returned to the room after checking on Arianna just as Will was saying on the phone, "Thank you. I'll have to think about it. I'll get back to you tomorrow." When Will hung up, he explained that his editor at the magazine wanted him to write a cover story -- about his mom and E.J.

At the police station, Rafe and Abe looked over the state auditor's case against E.J. and discussed how DiMera Enterprises would have to produce some of its financial records. Abe revealed that Sami and Kate were running the company, although he didn't know exactly how it had happened. Rafe said, "If Sami is running the company, then that subpoena should go to her... Cancel that process server. I'm going to deliver it myself."

Sami was startled and perturbed when she returned home to the DiMera mansion and found Kate waiting there to welcome her home. As Harold delivered a tray of snacks and stood by to await Kate's next command, Kate explained that she had moved in, since DiMera Enterprises owned the mansion and she and Sami shared the title of CEO of the company. "There's more than enough room in this big old house for both of us, now that we've kicked E.J. and Stefano to the curb," Kate pointed out.

As she tiredly removed her shoes, Sami complained that she wasn't really in the mood to tangle with Kate. Kate suggested that instead of retreating to another room, Sami should join her in making sure that everyone who had wronged them paid. "Kate, isn't it bad enough that we have to work together? Do you really want to see my face every night across the dinner table?" Sami asked. After signaling Harold to leave and close the door, Kate admitted that it would all be worth it when Stefano learned that the two women were living in his house and plotting his demise together.

Kate announced that she wanted to hire a decorator to update the "man cave" -- and her first order of business would be to get rid of the "abomination" that was Stefano's portrait looming over the room. "Well, now we've found one thing we can agree on," Sami concurred. Kate produced two stacks of file folders, one of which represented the divisions of the company that they would work tirelessly to make profitable. She continued that "Group B" was where Stefano and E.J. had invested the bulk of their personal assets -- and Sami immediately realized that Kate intended for the two of them to make those divisions "crash and burn."

When Harold escorted Rafe into the living room, Kate greeted him cheerfully and offered him a drink. Rafe declined and presented the women with a subpoena from the state's attorney's office for some financial documents from DiMera Enterprises. Reading over the subpoena, Kate noted, "These are the divisions that we were just talking about, Sami." Kate said that they would be more than happy to comply with the subpoena first thing the next morning.

Rafe was a little puzzled that Sami and Kate seemed to have no intention of consulting with E.J. or Stefano first. The women informed him that they intended to run DiMera Enterprises their way. Rafe remarked that it might be awkward, since Sami had just married E.J. "Don't remind me," Sami muttered. Harold entered and informed Sami that Sydney was "out of sorts," so Sami left to check on her daughter.

Once she was alone with Rafe, Kate informed him that there was no relationship between her and Stefano. Rafe wondered about Sami and E.J.'s relationship. Rafe's expression briefly betrayed just how concerned he was for Sami when Kate informed him that Sami had found out that E.J. had cheated on her -- with Abigail Deveraux. Kate needlessly reminded Rafe that Sami had cheated on him with E.J. Rafe noted wryly that Sami had made the mistake of believing that E.J. had changed.

Kate feigned happiness about the positive status of Rafe's relationship with Jordan. Kate reassured Rafe, "I want you to know that Jordan is never going to find out that the two of us were together the other day... I know if Jordan found out that we slept together again, it would certainly destroy her." Sami returned just in time to overhear. Her eyes widened in shock as she lurked in the foyer to eavesdrop. Rafe admitted that he had just seen Gabi that night, and Kate reminded him that he'd also had a lot to drink.

Rafe admitted that he didn't like lying to Jordan, but he also didn't want to hurt her. Sami loudly made her presence known in the foyer before returning to the living room. Sami explained, "[Sydney] had a nightmare about her father, that he was lost, and she couldn't find him." Sami promised Rafe that she and Kate would get everything the subpoena requested to him the next morning. Rafe expressed sympathy for what had happened to Sami, who was furious with Kate for blabbing. Sami assured Rafe that she was fine. "I saw the look in your eye. I almost feel sorry for E.J. DiMera," Rafe said on his way out.

As soon as the coast was clear, an incredulous Sami remarked to Kate, "You and Rafe had a booty call?" Kate insisted that the two of them hadn't been able to help themselves. Sami asked if what Kate had found out about Jordan would be enough to break up Rafe and Jordan. "Let's put it this way: Rafe is going to find that Jordan isn't the wounded little bird he thinks he needs to protect," Kate said. She added that it that weren't enough, they would move on to Plan B: Jordan would find out that Rafe had slept with Kate -- from Sami.

Sami tried to refuse and urged Kate to fight her own battles. "So when this secret comes out, you don't care that Rafe could be incredibly hurt?" Kate asked skeptically. "Well, he obviously doesn't belong with Jordan, but that doesn't mean he belongs with you," Sami pointed out. Kate wondered why Sami was suddenly being so territorial about Rafe. Sami insisted that she just didn't want Rafe to get hurt, but Kate questioned her, "Is that it, or is it because now that you're through with E.J., suddenly Rafe is looking better and better?"

Sami maintained that she didn't need another man in her life -- and besides, she wasn't finished with the one she'd married. Sami declared, "I promised myself that I would spend every second of my time making sure that E.J.'s life is a living hell, and I meant 'until death do us part'... And anyway, if we're going to be stuck living together, why don't we get to work on the 'for richer [or] for poorer' part?"

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