General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 6, 2014 on GH

Franco learned about Sonny and Carly's affair. Ava took the pills that Sabrina had given her to induce labor. Nikolas asked Britt to move back in. Jason agreed to have his fingerprints run through the system.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 6, 2014 on GH
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Monday, October 6, 2014

At the hospital, Monica cheerfully greeted Silas. Silas remarked on how happy she seemed, and she revealed that she had dinner plans that night. She wanted to thank Silas for taking such good care of Danny and for being Sam's "knight in shining armor." Silas informed Monica that he and Sam were no longer together. A surprised Monica wished both Silas and Sam happiness, "even if you're not together."

Monica suggested that Silas, who was a "catch," try online dating. "If I can, you can," Monica told him. He told her that he was "kind of" seeing someone -- his wife. He told a confused Monica that it was a complicated story that he didn't want to get into. He told Monica to have fun on her date and reminded her that the guy was the lucky one to be going out with her. She got into the elevator, laughing.

At the Metro Court, the waiter made sure that Nathan didn't want to order anything. Nathan decided to leave and tipped the waiter for taking up the table for such a long time. Just as he got up to leave, a stunning Maxie stepped out of the elevator. He was thrilled to see that she'd shown up to the restaurant and was glad he'd stuck around. They sat down, and Maxie remarked how Nathan seemed to be in his element. He reminded her that fancy restaurants and country clubs had always been part of his life.

Right on cue, the water arrived with a wine list. Nathan picked out a bottle and conversed in French with the man, much to Maxie's surprise. Maxie couldn't believe that she'd shared an apartment with Nathan and had never found out about that side of him. He wanted to share his life with her. She talked about her time at Crimson but said that her life no longer had a direction. She wondered if he still wanted to be a cop, since Nina's case had been solved. He replied that he loved his job, and he trusted his coworkers more than his own family. Maxie liked what she was learning about Nathan.

The waiter returned to get Maxie and Nathan's food orders. Nathan ordered a steak. An indecisive Maxie finally settled on a vegetarian dish. She went on about how even ordering dinner put her into an "existential crisis" about her identity. Nathan assured her that she was a good person, and that he would be happy with any Maxie that she decided to be.

Monica arrived at the Metro Court and met her date, Judge Walters. They talked about how long it had been since they'd both been in the dating scene. Both agreed that they were happy to be there despite their busy jobs. As Monica talked about the judge's tough but important job as a family judge, he looked around and caught sight of Maxie.

Maxie and Nathan both agreed that the food was delicious, and they were both glad to be there with one another. Nathan asked if she wanted dessert, but he was interrupted when Judge Walters advised them to get the check.

Franco watched Sonny and Carly on his phone. He informed Nina that Sonny was still with Carly. Nina told him to delete the phone app for the camera, but stopped when Carly said how guilty she felt about spending the afternoon "in our son's apartment, having sex with you, and my fiancé has no idea." "I do now," Franco said.

Franco proceeded to throw things around the room, and Nina begged him to calm down. She assured him that she knew how it felt to be cheated on and instructed him to delete the app, but he refused. She grabbed the phone out of his hands.

Sonny told Carly that she shouldn't feel guilty because they belonged together. Carly got on the subject of how Sonny had slept with Ava, who Sonny claimed had "blindsided" him. He said that he would live with the guilt of killing A.J. for the rest of his life.

"I'm sorry, what?" Nina said, hearing what Sonny said. Franco smiled as Nina freaked out about Sonny confessing to murder. Franco admitted that he'd already known and was happy to finally have proof.

Carly apologized for throwing Sonny's mistakes in his face. She rationalized that she was struggling with guilt over multiple things. "What's done is done," Sonny said. He believed that they needed to live their lives and move on. She told him that they couldn't be together. He gave her a speech about how nothing could touch their "deep love." They shared a kiss and made their way to the couch.

Nina tried to comfort a miserable Franco as they listened to Sonny and Carly having sex. Franco put his phone down, and Nina turned it off. Franco informed Nina that there was a time when he'd "cornered the market" on being crazy. "It's time I reminded those two of that," he said. She wondered what he was going to do. "Nothing for you to worry about," he said as he ran out of the room. She ran after him but quickly realized that she was walking around out in the open. As she turned to go back to the room, she locked eyes with a clearly angry Silas.

Carly told Sonny that she needed to get home because Franco would probably be looking for her. Sonny suggested that they put their relationship out in the open. Carly thought that the affair had to end and reminded Sonny of how much Franco knew. She said it was for the best that she married Franco, because he was a better ally than enemy. She opened the door to leave and was surprised to see Franco standing there.

Sam and Patrick arrived at their hotel in Amsterdam. As the bellboy took their bags to Patrick's room, they visited Tracy. Tracy opened the door, very unhappy to see them. She remembered telling them that she could handle things on her own, but Patrick needed to be there. Tracy still believed that Luke was dealing with a form of PTSD, and she wanted to put the "crime boss business" to rest. Patrick wondered if Tracy would accept Luke's guilt or continue to defend him if things turned out that way. Tracy promised to help them because Luke's guilt would mean that she had also been taken advantage of.

Back in Patrick's room, Sam and Patrick discussed Tracy's trustworthiness. Patrick only knew that, if Tracy didn't get answers, he would, and "my approach won't be nearly as gentle." Sam promised that everything would work out and wondered if he trusted her. He did. Just then, the bellboy knocked on the door to check on them.

Sam decided it was time to go to her room, but the bellboy told her that Patrick's room had been the only room booked. Patrick argued, and the bellboy apologized for the misunderstanding. Since the hotel was booked solid for a conference, Sam offered to stay with Tracy. When Sam arrived at Tracy's room, Tracy laughed in Sam's face. She told Sam that it could jeopardize the plan and slammed the door in Sam's face.

Back in Patrick's room, Patrick decided to go to the hotel across the street. However, Sam told him that they could just share the room.

Elizabeth assured Jason that she would be right back, but he began to move as soon as she hit the doorway. She turned when the machines started to beep, and Jason opened his eyes. She told him what had happened to him and asked if he knew his name. He couldn't remember. She wanted to get his doctor, but he grabbed her before she could go. She promised that she would be back, and he let her go.

A few minutes later, the doctor told Elizabeth that Jason's vitals were good. He assured Jason that his memory would soon return. "I remember something," Jason said suddenly. "Elizabeth," he said. She was flattered that he remembered her taking care of him. He had a fuzzy flash of a memory from a long time before.

The doctor left, and Jason had another flashback as Elizabeth took his hand. She could tell that he was remembering something else. "A name," he told her. He had a vague recollection of Elizabeth telling him that he, not Lucky, was Jake's father. "Jake," he said to a shocked Elizabeth.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

At the Jerome apartment, Julian sat on the sofa as he called out to Alexis to hurry because The Golden Girls was about to start. Alexis emerged from the bedroom as she finished getting dressed. She was stunned that Julian wanted to watch the popular sitcom from the 80s and 90s, but Julian unapologetically defended the show that Lucas had gotten him hooked on. Alexis smiled, but she explained that she couldn't stay because she was meeting Ned. Julian's smile instantly vanished as he demanded to know why Alexis was meeting Ned.

Alexis teased Julian about being jealous but explained that she wanted to let Ned know that she and Ned would be better off as friends. She assured him that she wouldn't be gone long, but Julian wasn't satisfied. "Screw that, Ned can wait," Julian said as he kissed Alexis then threw her onto the sofa to make love to her.

Afterwards, a breathless Alexis announced that she needed to grab a quick shower before meeting Ned. Julian was curious why she felt the need for a shower if she only intended to kick Ned to the curb, but Alexis ignored Julian as she went to the bathroom. A short time later, Alexis returned freshly showered. Julian grumbled because she had objected to him joining her in the shower, but Alexis refused to apologize because she knew what would have happened.

After Julian went to shower, Alexis' cell phone rang. It was Sam. Alexis immediately apologized for not getting back to her daughter sooner but quickly confirmed that Julian had not met with Luke in the stables the night of Nikolas' engagement party. Sam carefully revealed that Julian had lied because Tracy had seen Julian and Luke in the stables. Alexis was furious, so she quickly ended the call when she heard Julian return to the living room.

Julian was stunned when Alexis suddenly slapped him then accused him of being a "lying son of a bitch." Julian took a step back as he asked what had gotten into Alexis, so Alexis informed him that she knew the truth; Julian was working for Luke. Julian carefully assured her that she was wrong, but Alexis didn't believe him because Tracy had seen Julian and Luke in the stables. Julian tried to explain that things were complicated, but Alexis wasn't interested in hearing what Julian had to say because she was through with him.

Julian desperately tried to keep Alexis from leaving, but she stormed out of the apartment. Julian immediately called her cell phone then left her a voicemail message warning her that he would continue to call her until she answered because he loved her and refused to accept that they were over.

At Metro Court, Ned noticed Monica sitting alone at a table so he decided to join her for a quick chat to find out why she was there. Monica admitted that she was on a date. Ned was genuinely happy that Monica was dating, so she credited Gayle Baldwin and Audrey Hardy with persuading her to try it again. Monica confided that she hadn't even considered dating anyone since Alan had died, but she was glad that she had listened to her friends.

Meanwhile, Olivia approached the table as Ned revealed to Monica that he had started dating Alexis again. Olivia smiled awkwardly when Ned and Monica noticed her, so she asked if Ned and Monica needed anything. Ned confessed that he was meeting Alexis, so Olivia led Ned to the bar until a table opened up. She fixed him a drink as she suggested that Ned take Alexis to a new action blockbuster that Olivia had recently seen. Ned admitted that he would love to see the flick but explained that Alexis preferred a different genre of movies.

Olivia offered to see the movie again if Ned wanted company to see it, but Alexis walked up before Ned could respond. Olivia immediately offered to get Alexis a drink, so Alexis asked for three martinis. Surprised, Ned wondered if she needed the liquid courage because of what she had called to talk to him about. Alexis insisted that she was simply thirsty then added that what she had intended to tell him was no longer important.

Nearby, Nathan and Maxie agreed that having dinner together had been a good idea because they were each enjoying the date. Their good humor quickly disappeared when Judge Walters walked up and asked to join them for a minute. Maxie bristled at being forced to spend time with the man who had refused to allow her to see her daughter. Judge Walters appreciated that he was not Maxie's favorite person, but he insisted that his decision had been based on the fact that both Nathan and Maxie had lied to him.

Judge Walters revealed that he had read recent news reports about Maxie's ordeal, so he was curious if she had ever stopped to consider how the events or her demise might have affected her daughter, Georgie. Nathan resented the judge blaming the victim because Maxie had been kidnapped. The judge countered that the man had been Maxie's fiancé, but Maxie argued that Levi had been a con man. The judge explained that the choices they made meant something because it reflected on their character and judgment.

"What about Maxie's choices now?" Nathan asked. Maxie quickly added that she was working to pick up the pieces, but the judge warned her that dating Nathan was a mistake because the judge couldn't ignore that Nathan had lied to a judge. Maxie defended Nathan, who was a decorated police officer, while Nathan reminded the judge that the lie hadn't been told under oath. The judge explained it didn't matter because the judge knew that Nathan had lied. The judge added that Georgie was thriving where she was, so the judge saw no reason to change anything if Maxie continued to date Nathan.

After the judge left, Maxie was livid. She decided to call Diane because she was certain that Diane could use the judge's threats to their advantage. Nathan quietly told Maxie to drop it because he didn't want to jeopardize Maxie's chances for gaining visitation rights with Georgie.

Nathan paid the bill then walked Maxie to the elevator. He confessed that he hadn't planned on their date ending the way that it had, but they had to go their separate ways. Maxie agreed then entered the elevator. Nathan and Maxie both appeared sad as the elevator doors closed.

Meanwhile, Judge Walters returned to the table then apologized to Monica. He hoped that he hadn't ruined their chance of having a second date. Monica assured the judge that she understood but suggested that next time they find a place off the beaten path to avoid running into one of his cases. Judge Walters agreed, so Monica toasted to their second date.

In Michael's apartment, Carly and Sonny finished getting dressed after they had made love for a second time. Carly insisted that it was best for Michael that Carly and Sonny stay away from each other because Franco was a better ally than an enemy. Carly opened the door to leave but stopped short when she saw Franco standing on the doorstep. Shocked, she asked what Franco was doing there.

Franco claimed that he'd suspected he would find Carly at Michael's apartment with Sonny because of what had happened to Michael. Carly and Sonny appeared to believe Franco as Franco entered the apartment, but the tension was thick between the three. Carly quickly explained that she and Sonny had sent Michael into hiding. Franco conceded that it had been a good idea because the last thing any of them wanted was more "bloodshed."

Sonny tensed at Franco's threatening tone, but Carly ignored it as she desperately tried to get Franco to leave with her. She insisted that she was eager to hear about Franco's day when they arrived home, but Franco dug in his heels because he wanted to have a chat about what was going on between Sonny and Carly. "We all know," Franco added with enough innuendo for both Sonny and Carly to react.

Franco clarified that he knew that Sonny wanted Carly back, but Carly had rejected Sonny and was engaged to Franco. Franco conceded that he hadn't gotten Carly an engagement ring yet, but he had bought Carly a necklace. Sonny sneered that the necklace was ugly, but Franco smiled as he countered that the necklace was cool. Franco continued to push Sonny's buttons by reminding Sonny that Carly had accepted Franco's proposal after she had been upfront with Franco about Sonny's kiss.

Franco claimed that he wanted the opportunity for Franco, Carly, and Sonny to move forward so they could find a way to live in peace together. Sonny smirked as he asked if Franco seriously thought that was possible. Franco assured Sonny that it was as long as Sonny apologized for the kiss. Sonny admitted that he was sorry that Carly intended to marry "this degenerate," so Carly quickly interceded by suggesting that Franco drop it.

Franco pulled out his cell phone then pretended to call Michael to tell Michael about how A.J. had been killed. Shocked, Carly reminded Franco that he had promised her that he would not tell Michael the truth. Franco assured Carly that the phone call hadn't been real then added that he didn't have proof of Sonny's guilt. Franco also made a point of explaining to both Sonny and Carly that Franco wouldn't do anything to hurt his beautiful bride-to-be.

Carly decided that it was time to leave, so Franco agreed but seized the opportunity to goad Sonny by talking about wedding plans. Franco intended to pull out all the stops because he wanted his wedding to Carly to be one for the history books.

At the hospital, Silas was shocked when he saw Nina run after Franco. Nina froze in her tracks when she realized that she had been caught. Silas was curious why she was out of her wheelchair and bolting after Franco when just a short time before, she had only been able to take a tentative step which had required a herculean effort. Nina explained that she had made progress, but Silas scoffed because he knew that she hadn't improved that much so quickly.

Nina begged to speak privately to Silas because she wanted to explain everything. Reluctantly, Silas led Nina to the conference room then pointedly sat down in her wheelchair. He demanded to know why she had lied, so she admitted that she had been afraid to tell him the truth because he might have gone back to Sam. Nina explained that taking care of her had given Silas the time they had needed for him to rediscover his true feelings for her, so she had been desperate to hold on to him.

Silas explained that it had been wrong of her to lie to him but he conceded that he understood why she had done it. However, he was curious why she had been running after Franco. Nina admitted that besides Silas and James/Nathan, Franco was her only friend. Silas seemed annoyed when Nina claimed that Franco had known that she could walk and had urged her to tell Silas the truth. According to Nina, she had gone after Franco because he had been angry, so she had hoped to work things out.

Nina begged Silas to tell her that she hadn't lost Silas because of her secret, so he hugged her as he promised Nina that he was still there. However, he recalled Sam's warning that Nina had been the one who had been lurking in the stairwell when Sam had told Silas about Patrick's confession on the rooftop. Nina pulled away from the hug then smiled as she promised Silas that there wouldn't be any more secrets.

In Amsterdam, Patrick offered Sam the hotel room, but Sam refused to send Patrick into the streets of a foreign city to find another hotel with an available room. She insisted that there was a simple solution, so she marched to the phone to order a cot. She tried to explain what a cot was to the person at the front desk but was ultimately informed that one was not available. Patrick assured Sam that he would be fine sleeping on the floor then grabbed some blankets and pillows off the sofa for a makeshift bed. Sam was reluctant to let Patrick sleep on the floor, but he assured her that it would be okay.

Later, Patrick and Sam remained awake as each struggled to get comfortable. Eventually, Sam softly called out to ask if Patrick was awake. He confessed that he was because he'd accidently rolled onto the pointed heel of her boot. Sam chuckled as she shifted to the foot of the bed then insisted that he get in. She explained that the bed was big enough for the two of them and would be more comfortable than the floor, but Patrick remained reluctant. Sam was curious if he had ever shared a bed with a friend before, so Patrick conceded that he had.

Satisfied, Sam asked if Patrick could think of any reason why he shouldn't sleep in the bed. He remembered their recent kiss then asked, "You sure about this?" Sam also thought about the kiss she and Patrick had shared. "Why wouldn't I be?" she asked. Moments later, Patrick crawled into bed with Sam then thanked her because the bed was far more comfortable than the floor. He and Sam each rolled to their side of the bed then quietly wished each other goodnight.

In the hospital's Intensive Care Unit, Elizabeth was shocked when her mystery patient revealed that he remembered the name Jake. Elizabeth's eyes clouded with tears as she asked what he remembered about the name. Jason had a distorted recollection of Elizabeth explaining that their son was only being kept alive by machines, but he admitted to Elizabeth that he wasn't sure. Elizabeth wondered if perhaps her patient's name was Jake, but he confessed that he had no idea.

Elizabeth sat down as she quietly admitted that Jake was a good name and then added that it had been her son's name. Jason noticed that she had talked about the child in the past tense, so Elizabeth admitted that her son had died. Jason's compassion for her loss led Elizabeth to open up about the tragedy. She explained that four-year-old son had been rambunctious and had loved playing with trucks. She admitted that she had watched him constantly "except for those thirty seconds" when her son had wandered into the street.

Elizabeth quickly apologized for talking about her loss because she realized that it had been unprofessional. Jason assured her that it was fine then surprised her by confessing that the name Jake felt right to him. Elizabeth smiled as her patient agreed to use the name Jake until they could determine his true identity. Elizabeth and "Jake" officially introduced themselves to each other by shaking hands. After Jason reluctantly let go of her hand, Elizabeth suggested contacting the police with the possible new information to see if they could track down his family. Jason confessed that it felt strange to think that there were people out there looking for him.

Elizabeth assured "Jake" that they were people he loved and who loved him in return. She decided that he needed his rest, so Jason asked if she would return in the morning. Elizabeth smiled as she assured him that she would. She walked to the door then turned off the light. "Goodnight, Jake," Elizabeth quietly said. "Goodnight, Elizabeth," he softly replied.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nikolas read the newspaper as Spencer placed an order for "flapjacks" with special instructions. Nikolas tolerated Spencer's arrogant behavior toward the waiter until Spencer tried to substitute the fruit for a less healthy option. Nikolas scolded his son, instructed the waiter to include the fruit, and then asked Spencer why Spencer was so wound up, so Spencer admitted that he was nervous about their special plans.

Later, Britt arrived. Spencer ran up to hug her and let her know that he was thrilled that she could make it. Britt admitted that it had been impossible to ignore a hand-delivered invitation to join Nikolas and Spencer for breakfast. Nikolas greeted Britt then held out a chair for her as she sat down. Britt was curious what the special occasion was, so Nikolas explained that the past few months had been dark for him with Spencer running away and then Lulu being kidnapped, but the only bright light during all the turmoil had been Britt. Nikolas confessed that he had missed Britt, but Spencer impatiently urged his father to get to the point.

Britt was startled when Nikolas asked if Britt would be interested in moving back in with him and Spencer. Britt explained that she couldn't accept the offer as long as Elizabeth was still in the picture, so Nikolas admitted that he and Elizabeth were over. Spencer smiled victoriously when Britt relaxed then agreed to move back in. Nikolas was eager to get Britt back to Wyndemere, so he excused himself to call his staff to arrange for Britt's things to be picked up at the apartment then taken to Wyndemere.

After Nikolas stepped away, Spencer gloated that Spencer and Britt's plan had worked but he noticed that Britt appeared troubled. Britt explained that she hadn't earned the second chance to win Nikolas back, but Spencer argued that all was fair in love and war. Britt warned Spencer that Nikolas could never learn the truth about Spencer's disappearance that had been designed to draw Nikolas and Britt together because she was certain that Nikolas would wash his hands of Britt for good. Spencer assured her that everything would be fine as Nikolas returned.

Nikolas was curious what Spencer and Britt had been talking about, so Spencer claimed that Britt had simply been lecturing him about the nutritional benefits of fruit. Britt played along with Spencer's lie then shifted gears to confess that she was happy. Nikolas smiled and hugged Britt.

Nearby, Jordan sat at a table as she sent Ava a text message to let Ava know that Jordan had the medication that Sabrina had dropped off for Ava. Jordan revealed that she was at the Metro Court Restaurant, so Ava could send someone to pick up the pills because the coast was clear.

At the brownstone, Ava was touched when Morgan served her breakfast. Morgan thought it was the least that he could do because his father was out to kill her. Morgan noticed the headline about Jordan striking a pedestrian with a car, so he showed Ava the newspaper article because he knew that Ava and Jordan were friends. Ava defended Jordan by insisting that it had been a terrible accident then swiftly changed the subject, suggesting that she hide before someone unexpectedly stopped by.

Morgan assured Ava that she need not worry because Sonny had sent Michael and Kiki into hiding after a hit man had made an attempt on Michael's life the previous night. Ava was startled by the news, but it was quickly forgotten when she suddenly experienced painful cramps in her abdomen. Concerned, Morgan asked if she was in labor, but Ava insisted it was too soon. Morgan asked how he could help, so Ava told him to get her medication from Jordan.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jordan was not pleased when she saw Shawn approach her table because she had specifically avoided Kelly's to enjoy her breakfast in peace. Shawn assured her that he was there to thank her for tipping him off about the hit on Michael. However, Shawn was curious why she had risked incurring Julian's deadly wrath by telling Shawn about the assassin. "Because of you," Jordan answered.

Jordan explained that she had wanted to help Shawn score points with Sonny because Shawn had botched the attempt to kidnap Ava. Jordan also admitted that Michael would have been an innocent victim because Michael was not a part of the organization. Shawn suspected that there was more to why Jordan had told him about the hit, so he suggested that perhaps they could make some small steps toward rekindling their romance by trusting each other. Jordan became distracted when she noticed Morgan enter the restaurant.

Jordan noticed Morgan signal her, so she quickly excused herself and approached Morgan in a hallway. Jordan asked how Ava was, so Morgan explained that Ava needed the pills that Ava's doctor had prescribed. Jordan quickly handed the prescription bottle to Morgan and asked him to let Ava know that Jordan was pulling for Ava. After Morgan left, Jordan returned to the table.

Shawn immediately resumed questioning Jordan about why she had told him about the hit on Michael. Jordan couldn't understand why Shawn continued to look a gift horse in the mouth, but Shawn wasn't satisfied. He warned Jordan that he intended to keep looking for Ava. Jordan didn't expect anything less, so Shawn admitted that not matter how much he wanted Jordan -- or she him -- he would not get back with Jordan.

At Pentonville, Carlos was pleasantly surprised when he realized that his visitor was Sabrina. He quickly hugged her then asked how she had been doing. "Not so great," Sabrina confessed. She added that she needed to talk to him about Ava. Carlos expressed remorse for his role in Sabrina's son's death, but Sabrina wanted to know how certain Carlos was that Ava had been responsible for the crash. Carlos assured her that he was a hundred percent certain, which was why he had confessed to A.J.'s murder.

Sabrina explained that Patrick had linked another possible suspect to the crash because Luke Spencer had confessed to orchestrating the crash. Carlos insisted that it was impossible because Ava had threatened Sabrina and the baby then later had taken credit for the crash. Sabrina told him about Spencer's claims, but Carlos suggested that perhaps Luke had lied to manipulate Spencer. Sabrina wondered if it was possible that Ava had done the same to Carlos. Carlos started to dismiss the possibility but realized that Ava could have lied about everything to force Carlos to confess to A.J.'s murder.

Carlos was livid that Ava had tricked him, but Sabrina became distraught. "This changes everything," Sabrina cried. Concerned, Carlos wondered why Sabrina seemed upset. Sabrina quickly filled him in about her plan to make Ava suffer the same pain that Sabrina had by switching a prescription and replacing it with one that would force Ava to go into labor. Sabrina insisted that all she had been able to think of was Gabriel and how Sabrina had been as far along as Ava when Gabriel had been born.

Carlos was deeply disappointed in Sabrina because he insisted that she was a good person who would never hurt an innocent child. Carlos reminded Sabrina that even if Ava had been responsible for the crash, Ava's baby shouldn't pay the price. He urged Sabrina to get the pills back from Ava before it was too late. Sabrina was certain that Ava hadn't taken the pills yet because it had been a couple of weeks since Sabrina had dropped them off, but Carlos was adamant that Sabrina make things right before Ava's baby paid the price.

After Carlos was taken back to his jail cell, Sabrina called Jordan. Annoyed, Jordan assured Sabrina that Ava had been given the pills then ended the call.

At Silas' apartment, Silas was reading the newspaper when Rosalie knocked on the door. Silas invited Rosalie inside and announced that she was fired. He wrote her a severance check as Rosalie argued that Nina still needed Rosalie's help. Silas explained that Nina didn't require Rosalie's help any more than Nina needed a wheelchair. Rosalie insisted that Nina was barely ambulatory, but Nina proved Rosalie a liar by arriving home without the aid of a wheelchair.

Rosalie pretended to be shocked and called it a miracle, but Nina assured Rosalie that it wasn't necessary to keep up the act because Silas knew the truth. Nina carefully added that Silas knew that Nina had been able to walk for a while, so Rosalie revealed that Silas had fired her. Rosalie asked if that was what Nina wanted, but Silas pointed out that Rosalie's services were no longer required because Nina was fine.

Rosalie waited for Nina to answer, so Nina suggested that perhaps Rosalie could stay on to help clean, but both Rosalie and Silas objected because Rosalie was a registered nurse not a maid. Silas decided to give Nina and Rosalie privacy to say goodbye, so he disappeared down the hall. Rosalie immediately insisted that she needed the job, but Nina wasn't sympathetic to Rosalie's plight because Rosalie had been receiving a paycheck from Silas and another one from Nina for months. Rosalie wasn't satisfied because she needed the work, but Nina pointed out that Rosalie was still being paid to break up Michael and Kiki. Rosalie surprised Nina by refusing to carry out the plan because Rosalie thought that Michael was a nice guy.

Rosalie conceded that Michael deserved someone better than Kiki, but Kiki was the one that Michael wanted. Rosalie also added that Rosalie was attracted to Morgan. Nina didn't care, but Rosalie argued that it wasn't all about Nina. Nina disagreed because Nina was the one who paid Rosalie. Nina demanded that Rosalie remain focused on destroying Kiki, but Rosalie refused. Nina warned Rosalie that Rosalie would be out of a job, but Rosalie was not intimidated because she knew all of Nina's secrets.

After Rosalie stormed out of the apartment, Silas returned to the living room. Nina admitted that Rosalie had been upset about being fired then began to talk about how close Nina and Rosalie had become over the months. Silas was curious how long Nina and Rosalie had been keeping the secret about Nina being able to walk. Nina carefully admitted that it had been only a few weeks -- a month at the most. Silas smiled then suggested that Nina share the good news that she could walk with James/Nathan.

Nina invited Silas to join her, but Silas explained that he had a lot of work to do. After Nina left, Silas called Sam.

Meanwhile, Rosalie approached Morgan as he arrived at the brownstone. She showed him the two cups of coffee that she had picked up then asked if she could go inside with him to talk. Morgan explained that he didn't have the time, but Rosalie insisted that it was important because she had to tell him something before she lost her nerve. Morgan agreed to meet her later, but Rosalie insisted that it was urgent because it concerned her boss, Nina Clay, and Nina's plans for Michael, Kiki, and Morgan.

The confession was quickly forgotten when Morgan and Rosalie heard Ava cry out for Morgan. Morgan and Rosalie rushed into the brownstone as Ava sat on the sofa, clutching her pregnant belly in agony. Rosalie was stunned when she recognized Ava.

In Amsterdam, Sam woke up to her alarm clock beeping. She shut it off then turned to Patrick as he slowly woke up. Sam smiled as she pointed out that they had proven that they could sleep in the same bed without anything happening. Patrick agreed then kissed Sam. Things quickly heated up as Patrick and Sam began to make love until Sam's alarm clock sounded again. Sam wondered why it kept going off, so Patrick admitted that he didn't know because it was Sam's dream.

Sam suddenly woke up with a start as her alarm clock beeped. Patrick woke up when he felt Sam stirring next to him. Sam smiled awkwardly when he commented that they had proven that they could sleep together in a bed without anything happening. However, instead of kissing Sam, Patrick jumped out of bed to get ready for their day. After Patrick disappeared into the bathroom to shower, Sam called to check on Danny.

After the phone call, Sam answered a knock at the door. It was Tracy. Tracy was annoyed because Sam wasn't ready. Tracy was curious why until Patrick emerged from the bathroom. "Never mind, I get the picture," Tracy said as she smirked. Patrick made it clear that what happened between Patrick and Sam was none of Tracy's business, while Sam reminded Tracy that Tracy had refused to share a room with Sam. Tracy defended her decision because Tracy had worried that Luke might have become suspicious if he had found Tracy rooming with a private investigator.

Patrick was curious if Tracy had heard from Luke. Tracy confirmed that she had, but she refused to share any information with Patrick and Sam unless they agreed to give Tracy some time alone with Luke before they approached him with their questions. Tracy was confident that she could prove that Luke was innocent of the horrendous allegations made by Spencer, but Patrick didn't trust Tracy alone with Luke because it was clear that Tracy didn't have an open mind in regards to Luke. Tracy assured Patrick and Sam that she wanted the truth then agreed that Patrick and Sam could be close at hand to make certain that nothing went wrong. Patrick and Sam reluctantly agreed, so Tracy handed Patrick a slip of paper with the time and place of Tracy and Luke's meeting.

After Tracy left, Patrick suggested that he check out the meeting area to find a good place for Patrick and Sam to hide during Tracy and Luke's meeting. Sam smiled and agreed to get ready while Patrick was gone. Shortly after Sam's shower, Sam stared out the window, thinking about her fantasy of Patrick earlier that morning. She pushed the thoughts away when her phone rang. It was Silas. Silas confessed that Sam might have been right about Nina.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

At Volonino's Gym, Sonny was furious when Franco greeted him. Sonny demanded to know what Franco was doing there, but Franco merely smiled as he goaded Sonny by asking why Sonny couldn't accept the fact that Carly had chosen him over Sonny. "Me, a serial killer," Franco said with a smirk. Sonny's temper flared when Franco pointed out that at least Franco had had a brain tumor as an excuse, while Sonny only had a bad temper to blame for his violent behavior. Sonny pummeled Franco's face until Shawn quietly called out Sonny's name.

Sonny's fantasy instantly vanished as he continued to pound a punching bag while asking if there had been any news about Ava. Shawn admitted that Jordan continued to stonewall him, but Shawn was certain that Jordan knew something. Sonny conceded that he owed both Shawn and Jordan for saving Michael's life, but Shawn couldn't understand why Jordan had leaked the information to him.

Sonny confided that the Jerome organization might not be quite as it seemed because Sonny had reason to suspect that Luke might be the person that Julian had been answering to. Shawn was stunned when Sonny told him about Sam's recent visit to discuss the possibility that Luke had been working with the Jeromes. However, Sonny insisted that he would need proof of Luke's guilt before making a move against a man Sonny had always considered a friend.

Shawn noticed Sonny's intense workout, so he asked if Sonny was pushing himself hard because of Luke or Carly. Sonny finally stopped attacking the punching bag as he filled Shawn in about Carly's determination to end things with Sonny because she wanted to go through with the wedding to Franco. Sonny announced that it was time for Franco to be taken care of because Sonny was certain that Franco would never change despite Carly's belief to the contrary. Sonny believed that Franco was looking for an excuse to tell Michael the truth about A.J.'s death, so Sonny needed Franco silenced once and for all.

Shawn pointed out that an added benefit of getting rid of Franco was that it would free Carly up for Sonny. Sonny agreed, which was why Sonny insisted that they make certain that Franco's death could not be traced back to Sonny. Sonny reminded Shawn that a lot of people wanted Franco dead, so Sonny decided that they would pick someone from the pool of people to pin the murder on.

At the hospital, Nina left Rosalie a voicemail message, begging Rosalie to call her back because Nina suspected that Silas was onto Nina. Nina insisted that she and Rosalie needed to get their stories straight, so she offered to meet Rosalie. Nina continued to beseech Rosalie to help by reminding Rosalie that they were friends but Nina's pleading quickly turned ugly when she threatened to share Rosalie's "dirty little secret" with Morgan if Rosalie didn't help.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Franco watched a live feed on his cell phone of Carly and Bobbie talking at Metro Court Restaurant. Bobbie confessed that she hated lying to Scott about Carly and Sonny, especially since Scott and Bobbie were officially dating each other. "You should feel guilty," Franco muttered as Scott walked up. Scott was curious who Franco had been talking to, so Franco claimed that he had been "FaceTiming" with Josslyn. Scott reminded his son of the saying about catching more flies with honey, but Franco changed the subject by asking why Scott was there.

Scott confessed that he had stopped by to invite Franco to join Scott and Bobbie for lunch. Franco quickly declined because he thought his father had chosen the wrong woman. Scott was surprised by the remark, prompting Franco to explain that Lucy had always supported and encouraged a relationship between Scott and Franco, while Bobbie had been leading the charge against Franco with a "pitchfork" when Heather had kidnapped Carly. Scott refused to apologize for choosing Bobbie but he suggested that Franco consider making peace with Bobbie because Franco was about to marry Bobbie's daughter, Carly. Scott assured Franco that the offer would remain open if Franco changed his mind then he left.

Moments later, Nina rounded the corner. Franco was startled because she was out of her wheelchair, so Nina revealed that Silas knew that she could walk because he had caught Nina chasing after Franco. Franco was surprised that she had run after him, but Nina explained that he was one of the only friends she had made in Port Charles, so she had been terrified that he had been about to do something crazy. Franco admitted that he had been tempted to but had changed his mind because he had decided to save something for his wedding to Carly. Nina laughed because she refused to believe that Franco would have actually hurt anyone.

Franco warned Nina that she didn't know him as well as she thought, but Nina was confident that she knew him inside and out. Franco typed his name into the search engine on his phone then handed it to Nina. Nina's smile faded when she saw what had popped up. Nina read the comments then asked if it was true that he had been a serial killer. Franco smiled as he answered that clearly it was true because it was on the Internet. Nina argued that he was a different person because his brain tumor had been removed. "You know what?" Franco asked as he retrieved his phone, "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet."

At the nurses' station, Alexis asked for the doctor who had agreed to be a consultant on a case. However, Julian marched up to pull Alexis aside before the nurse could page the doctor. Alexis resented Julian bothering her, so she told him to stop leaving her messages and following her around because she had moved on with Ned. Julian refused to accept that it was over, but Alexis was adamant that she wanted to pursue a relationship with Ned because she and Ned had been able to remain connected through the best and worst of times.

"And yet, he wasn't even an afterthought when you and I found each other again," Julian shot back. Alexis insisted that Ned was "unique" in her life, while Julian was a "type." She explained that she had always had a weakness for "arrogant, deceitful, destructive men," like her father, Mikkos; her brothers, Stavros and Stefan; Sonny and Ric; and Jerry Jacks. According to Alexis, Julian was just one of many in a long line of bad choices.

Alexis refused to continue the cycle, but Julian reminded her that they shared a daughter and grandson. Alexis assured Julian that she would not discourage Sam from having a relationship with Julian, but Alexis wanted as little interaction as possible with Julian. Julian warned Alexis that Ned couldn't give her what Julian could. Alexis agreed because with Ned she wouldn't have to live the terror of arriving home to find her house destroyed in an explosion or live with a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach that she had been duped again. She explained that Ned could make her laugh, was an incredible dancer, and reminded her that she was capable of enjoying her life.

In Amsterdam, Sam was on the phone with Silas, who had confessed that Sam might have been right about Nina not needing a wheelchair. Sam was surprised when Silas explained that he had caught Nina sprinting through the hospital and that Nina had claimed that Nina had only been walking for three weeks. Silas suspected that it was a lie, but Sam warned him that she might not be the best person for him to talk to about Nina because Sam wasn't objective. Silas regretted how he had defended Nina when Sam had raised concerns about Nina because he realized that Nina had been lying all along.

Sam revealed that she had seen the security footage from the day when she had talked to Silas about Patrick's confession. Silas was stunned when she admitted that it had been clear that someone had been eavesdropping from the stairwell, so he asked why Sam hadn't told him sooner. Sam admitted that she had gone to his apartment to talk to him about it on the night that she had walked in on Silas and Nina on the sofa. Silas confessed that he still had questions about his behavior that night, but he was deeply sorry that he had hurt Sam. Silas knew that Sam was out of town on a case, but he hoped that Sam would give him an opportunity to make things right when she returned.

Sam looked up when Patrick entered the hotel room. He quickly apologized when he realized that she was on the phone, but Sam assured him that it was fine. Silas heard Patrick's voice in the background, so Silas decided to let her get back to work. After the call, Sam admitted that she had been on the phone with Silas. Concerned, Patrick asked about Danny's blood work, but Sam assured him that her son was fine. She confided that Silas had called to admit that Sam had been right about Nina then quickly filled him on Silas' discovery. Patrick wondered if perhaps Silas wanted to work things out with Sam, so Sam conceded that it was possible.

"Is there a chance for your two?" Patrick asked. Sam insisted that it didn't matter because Silas was married, but Patrick argued that if Sam and Silas' suspicions were true then the marriage would not last. Rather than answer Patrick's question, Sam announced that she needed to get ready if they hoped to be on time for Tracy's rendezvous with Luke.

Meanwhile, Silas set his cell phone down then noticed his wedding picture with Nina. He recalled finding the broken pieces of a special glass plaque that Nina had made to commemorate his graduation from medical school and Nina's excuse that she had tried to stand up for the first time alone. He also remembered Nina's attempt to surprise him with how far her physical therapy had progressed by standing up with great effort on her own.

A short time later, Silas spotted Nina at the hospital. Surprised, he asked why she wasn't visiting her brother as she had said she would.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Anna was delighted that Duke had suggested meeting for lunch. Her smile slipped when Lucy rushed into the restaurant, apologizing for being late. Lucy suddenly blurted out that Duke and Anna made a striking couple, so Lucy decided to take their picture. Anna was uncomfortable with the idea, so Duke tactfully led the ladies to a nearby table. He quietly apologized to Anna for inviting Lucy but confessed that he had felt bad for their friend because Lucy had seemed distraught.

Meanwhile, Lucy remained determined to take Duke and Anna's picture. Duke and Anna obliged Lucy by posing for one picture. Afterwards, Anna excused herself for a minute when she spotted Jordan at a nearby table.

Moments later, Anna approached the table, pretending to question what a drug trafficker was doing at the restaurant. Anna sat down then lowered her voice as she asked if there had been any news about Ava. Jordan revealed that she had been able to get the prescription pills to Ava that Sabrina Santiago had insisted that Ava had needed. Anna became concerned when Jordan explained that Morgan had picked the pills up because Anna feared that Morgan might tell Sonny where Ava was hiding. Jordan doubted it because Jordan suspected that Morgan was not on good terms with his father.

Anna was tempted to put a tail on Morgan to find out where Ava was, but Jordan advised Anna against it because Sonny had been known to have police officers on Sonny's payroll. Anna agreed then quickly excused herself because she didn't want to arouse suspicion by spending too much time talking to Jordan. After Anna left, Jordan glanced at her cell phone and saw there had been four missed calls from Sabrina.

Meanwhile, Duke had his hands full with Lucy when she spotted Bobbie at the bar, talking to Carly. Lucy began to shovel bread into her mouth as she became increasingly upset. Duke reminded Lucy that everything was fine because Scott wasn't there. As if on cue, Scott entered the restaurant.

At the bar, Bobbie greeted her daughter then invited Carly to join Bobbie and Scott for lunch. Carly declined because Scott wasn't her favorite person, but Bobbie implored her daughter because Bobbie felt guilty for having to lie to Scott about Carly and Sonny's night together. Carly felt bad for putting her mother in an awkward position with Bobbie's new boyfriend, but Bobbie assured Carly that it was fine as long as Carly promised that it wouldn't happen again.

Bobbie was skeptical because Bobbie had heard the same thing even before Carly's first marriage to Sonny, during the following three marriages, and when Carly had cheated on Jax with Sonny. Carly argued that the last one had not been fair to throw in her face because it had been an emotional time for Carly. Bobbie countered that it was always like that between Carly and Sonny. Bobbie cut to the chase by asking if anything had happened between Carly and Sonny since Carly had accepted Franco's proposal.

Carly reluctantly confessed that there had been an incident at Michael's apartment after Michael had left town, but Carly insisted that she had made it clear to Sonny that they were over. Bobbie didn't believe Carly, but Carly insisted that there were many reasons that she had to choose Franco. Carly was certain that Sonny understood that and had accepted it.

Bobbie and Carly were startled when Scott suddenly walked up to ask what they had been talking about because he had heard Sonny's name mentioned. "My marriage to Franco," Carly answered. Carly explained that Sonny was not Franco's biggest fan, but Sonny had accepted Carly's decision to marry Franco. Scott didn't think that Sonny was in any position to judge Franco because Sonny's reputation wasn't exactly squeaky-clean. Carly immediately defended Sonny by claiming that nothing Sonny had done could compare to the horror of what Franco had done before Franco's brain tumor had been removed.

Scott insisted that his son was a new man, while Sonny belonged locked up in a cage. Bobbie quickly stepped in to keep things from escalating by reminding both Scott and Carly that all Bobbie had wanted was a nice lunch with her boyfriend and daughter. The tension quickly mounted when Lucy suddenly walked up to greet Scott, Bobbie, and Carly. The claws quickly appeared when Lucy made a snide remark about Bobbie's dyed red hair.

Bobbie countered that Lucy was brave to go sleeveless at her age. Lucy shot back that she was surprised that Bobbie was comfortable with Carly being around Scott, since Carly had once seduced Bobbie's husband, Tony. Carly objected to Lucy's comment, but Bobbie landed a blow by asking what it was like for Lucy to live alone in the lighthouse without Kevin.

Duke appeared as Lucy lunged for Bobbie. He managed to pull Lucy back before things turned violent then dragged Lucy back to their table with the excuse that their waiter was ready to take their order.

At the table, Lucy continued to seethe with anger about Bobbie as Anna returned. Lucy had no idea why she allowed Bobbie to push her buttons, but she continued to vent until Duke thought that it might be best to take Lucy home before she embarrassed herself.

At the bar, Bobbie was pleased when she saw Duke and Lucy enter the elevator. Scott revealed that he had invited Franco to lunch, but his son had declined. However, seconds later, Franco walked up. Franco claimed that he had rearranged his schedule to spend time with Scott, Bobbie, and Carly. Carly smiled as Franco suggested that perhaps they could discuss their wedding plans.

Outside the brownstone, Rosalie tried to confess to Morgan about Nina's plans for Michael and Kiki, but Morgan became concerned when he heard Ava cry out in pain. Morgan raced into the brownstone with Rosalie hot on his heels. Rosalie was shocked when she saw Ava on the sofa as Morgan tried to comfort Ava. Rosalie suddenly recalled Nina mentioning that they had no idea where Ava had disappeared to. "I think I just found her," Rosalie muttered under her breath.

Meanwhile, Morgan wanted to take Ava to the hospital, but Ava refused to go because she feared that Sonny would find her there. Ava insisted that the doctor had told her the cramps were harmless, but she desperately needed the pills that the doctor had prescribed. Morgan was hesitant to give Ava the pills because he feared that Ava needed to be in the hospital, so he turned to Rosalie for help. Ava tensed when she realized that she and Morgan were not alone.

Rosalie had no idea what was wrong with Ava, so Ava demanded that Morgan hand over one of the pills. Morgan reluctantly gave Ava a pill, which she immediately took. Ava then turned to Rosalie to find out what Rosalie was doing there. Morgan introduced Rosalie as a friend then started to introduce Ava, but Ava warned him to keep quiet. Rosalie admitted that it wasn't necessary because Rosalie recognized the infamous Ava Jerome.

Ava was flattered but made it clear that Rosalie was to forget that she had ever seen Ava. "I'm sorry?" Rosalie asked. Ava was curious if she had stuttered, so she decided to repeat the order slowly. Morgan quickly explained that it was imperative that no one know where Ava was hiding at the brownstone because there were men out to kill Ava. Morgan walked Rosalie to the door as he asked her to promise that she wouldn't say anything about Ava's whereabouts.

Rosalie assured him that she wouldn't say anything because she was through with Nina since realizing that Nina was only out for Nina. After Morgan closed the door, Rosalie listened to her voicemail message from Nina.

Inside, Ava continued to experience severe cramps. Morgan noticed that the prescription bottle indicated that she could take two pills if needed, so he handed Ava another pill, which she quickly swallowed.

Friday, October 10, 2014

In Amsterdam, Patrick and Sam entered a café then sat down in a private corner booth so they could spy on Tracy when Tracy rendezvoused with Luke. Patrick kept a close eye on the door as he asked Sam if her mind was still on Silas' phone call. Sam was reluctant to talk about it, but Patrick reminded Sam that they were friends, so she confessed that she felt somewhat vindicated that Silas had discovered the truth about Nina. However, it was an empty victory because ultimately, Nina had managed to destroy Silas and Sam's relationship.

Patrick was curious what Sam would do if Silas were to divorce Nina. Sam confessed that it didn't matter because she was furious at Silas. She reminded Patrick that she had been understanding when Nina had suddenly popped up during Danny's birthday party, had accepted Silas' decision to move Nina into the apartment, and had even put up with Nina's attempts to sabotage Sam and Silas' dates, but Silas had always put Nina first. Sam resented Silas for defending Nina when Sam had proven her love for Silas by letting go of Jason.

Patrick regretted upsetting Sam by mentioning Silas, but Sam quickly assured Patrick that it was fine because it had been cathartic to vent so she could focus on Tracy's meeting with Luke. Patrick glanced at the door as he realized that Tracy was late. He wondered if they should have trusted Tracy, but Sam was confident that Tracy would show. "I'm here," Tracy announced after entering the café then approaching the table.

Tracy sat down to explain that she had been running late because she had seen a display of divine pastries in the window of a coffee shop, so she had decided to buy some. Patrick and Sam exchanged worried glances then carefully explained that "weed" was sold at coffee shops in Amsterdam. "Marijuana," Patrick clarified at Tracy's confused expression. He was concerned that Tracy had eaten the pastries because it meant she would be as "high as a kite," but Tracy quickly assured them she had purchased the pastries to eat later. Tracy decided to throw them away then fished her phone out of her purse when it indicated that she had received a text message.

Tracy announced that Luke would arrive in five minutes, so she dashed to a nearby table to wait. Patrick and Sam looked up when they heard the bells above the door jingle. Their expressions turned to surprise when they saw who had entered.

At the hospital, Silas was startled when he saw Nina standing in the conference room because he had thought that she had gone to visit Nathan. Nina smiled nervously then explained that she had intended to visit her brother but he hadn't returned any of her phone calls, so she had decided to stop by the hospital to spend time with her husband. "So, what do you say? You want to work on making that baby of ours?" Nina asked seductively.

Silas insisted that he was working, but Nina suggested that he go to lunch to sneak away with her to a private area and make love. Silas argued that it would be inappropriate, but Nina reminded him that her aunt, Liesl, was still in jail and would never know. Silas remained reluctant, but Nina argued that it had never bothered him before as she dragged him to the supply room. Nina began to seduce Silas, but he told her to stop as he gently pushed her away.

Nina feigned being hurt then played victim by asking if he wasn't interested in her sexually because he had rekindled things with Ava or Sam. Silas assured Nina that he was not having an affair then carefully explained that he needed to stay focused on his work when he was at the hospital because he was the chief of oncology. Nina immediately apologized for being needy and insecure. She admitted that she didn't know what she would do if he hated her, so Silas assured her that he didn't hate her and that there wasn't anything she could do to upset him.

Later, Silas walked Nina to the elevator as she apologized for overreacting. Silas promised Nina that things were fine and assured her that he would see her at home later. After Nina left, Silas approached the nurses' station to ask a nurse to page Nina's physical therapist, Travis, because Silas had a few questions about Nina's condition.

At the police station, Liesl was escorted through the squad room on her way to the interrogation room. She lit up with joy when she saw Nathan seated at his desk because she had been worried about him. Nathan coldly greeted Liesl then asked why Anna had held Liesl in lockup. Liesl was surprised that Anna hadn't told him, but she didn't offer an explanation as she entered the interrogation room.

Moments later, Dante walked up, eager to hear if Maxie had met Nathan for dinner. Nathan admitted that she had and that she had taken his breath away with her beauty, but the date had been Nathan and Maxie's last because Judge Walters had informed Maxie that she could not continue to date Nathan. Dante was stunned when Nathan filled Dante in about Judge Walters' warning, but he suggested that Nathan and Maxie continue to see each other in private because it was unlikely the judge had someone watching Maxie, but Nathan refused to take any chances that Maxie would lose visitation with Georgie because of him.

Nathan and Dante were startled when Liesl suddenly marched out of the interrogation room with her attorney trailing behind her. Nathan realized that his mother had been released from custody, so Liesl explained that Anna had lacked sufficient evidence to charge Liesl with a crime within the required forty-eight hours. Dante stepped away as Nathan questioned Liesl about why Anna had taken Liesl into custody, but Liesl refused to tell him, so he threatened to ask Anna.

Resigned, Liesl admitted that she had killed Victor Cassadine. "You murdered my father?" Nathan asked with an incredulous expression. "I wouldn't call it murder," Liesl replied. According to Liesl, it had been necessary because it had been the only way for Liesl to keep Nathan safe. Nathan sarcastically grumbled that he had certainly won the lottery in the mother department because Madeline had put his sister in a coma while Liesl had killed his father. Liesl insisted that she had done it out of love, but Nathan didn't believe her because she had given him up for adoption as a newborn. He stormed out of the police station as Liesl chased after him, determined to smooth things over with Nathan.

Later, Liesl knocked on Nathan's apartment door. She implored her son to open the door because she had hated seeing him upset. Liesl continued to beg Nathan to talk to her until the door opened. However, it wasn't Nathan who opened the door. "Magda," Liesl greeted her sister. "Hello, Liesl," Madeline replied.

In the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital, Elizabeth adjusted Jason's I.V.s as he slept. Epiphany entered the room, surprised that Elizabeth was there, so Elizabeth confessed that she had only left for a couple of hours. Epiphany teased that Elizabeth's other patients might get jealous then asked how "John Doe" was doing. Elizabeth reported that he was improving then filled Epiphany in about his decision to use the name Jake until his true identity was discovered.

Epiphany promised to keep "Jake" in her thoughts then announced that her shift was over. Elizabeth smiled because she suspected that Epiphany had a hot date with Milo. Epiphany confirmed that she and Milo were going strong then shifted gears by asking about Elizabeth and Nikolas. Elizabeth revealed that it hadn't worked out for her and Nikolas. Epiphany was disappointed but reminded Elizabeth that love might be just around the corner. After Epiphany left, Elizabeth glanced at her patient.

Later, Milo arrived at the nurses' station to pick up Epiphany. Milo smiled when he saw how beautiful Epiphany looked. She noticed Milo's casual attire, so she asked if she was dressed appropriately for their date. Milo smiled but admitted that she might be a bit overdressed.

At Volonino's Gym, Lulu spoke to Tracy on the phone as she admitted that she hated how things had to be handled with her father. She asked Tracy to keep her updated then ended the call to lean down to fuss with Rocco before her kickboxing class. Seconds later, Maxie ran in, anxious to talk to Lulu about Nathan. Lulu was eager to hear about Maxie's date, so Lulu and Maxie sat down to talk as Maxie admitted that the date had been amazing.

Maxie explained that there hadn't been a single awkward moment, and it had been the best date ever, but it had also been an unmitigated disaster because Judge Walters had threatened to deny Maxie visitation with Georgie if Maxie continued to date Nathan. Lulu was outraged by the judge's inappropriate demand, but Maxie insisted that she simply had to stay away from Nathan until after the hearing in December.

Maxie watched Milo and Epiphany with a wistful expression as she admitted that she wanted what they had. Epiphany was dressed in a black t-shirt and pants as Milo laced up her red boxing gloves while Epiphany laughed. Lulu and Maxie agreed that Milo and Epiphany looked happy and were cute together.

After Milo had Epiphany's boxing gloves secured, he taught her how to jab and then to hit the punching bag. Epiphany's smile faded as she quietly asked if Milo was trying to make her lose weight. Shocked, Milo wondered why Epiphany would ask that, so she reminded him that the other night he had opted to take her to the Protein Shack for a skinless chicken instead of going for pizza. Milo quickly pointed out that he worked at a pizza place, so he was sick of pizza. He assured her that he had taken her to the Protein Shack because it was his favorite place to eat.

Milo promised Epiphany that he didn't have a problem with her weight because he thought she was beautiful both inside and out. Epiphany relaxed when Milo insisted that he wouldn't change a thing about her.

Later, Epiphany and Milo returned from the locker room in the clothes they had arrived in. Milo quickly complimented Epiphany then suggested that they grab some pizza. Epiphany smiled and confessed that she was in the mood for chicken.

Meanwhile, Lulu confessed that she felt responsible for Maxie's heartache because Lulu had persuaded Maxie to meet Nathan. Lulu urged Maxie to call Diane Miller because Lulu was certain that Diane could use the judge's threat to Maxie's advantage. Maxie seemed skeptical, but Lulu insisted that it didn't have to be the end for Maxie and Nathan.

After Lulu left for a kickboxing lesson, Maxie looked at a picture of Georgie on her phone. She then stood up to leave the gym but bumped into Nathan as he arrived. The two exchanged soft smiles.

In Jason's ICU room, Jason woke up and looked around. He was relieved when he saw Elizabeth standing next to his bed. She asked how he was feeling, so he answered "good' but conceded that he didn't have anything to compare it to. Elizabeth wondered if he still wanted to use the name Jake. He admitted that he did because it still felt right to him, especially when she said it. Elizabeth smiled then suggested that there might be a way to find his true identity asking the police to run his fingerprints through the system. Jason tensed because he didn't like the idea of involving the police.

Elizabeth jokingly wondered if he was a criminal. Jason confessed that he had no idea, so she explained that teachers and government employees also had their fingerprints in the system, not just criminals. Jason reminded her that he had been struck by a car in the middle of nowhere and hadn't had any identification on him. Elizabeth confessed that she understood his reluctance to find out who he was because his amnesia had given him a clean slate. She assured him that she would never give up her two little boys, but there were moments in her life that she wished she had made different choices.

Elizabeth suddenly apologized because she realized that she had romanticized his tragic situation, but Jason assured her that it was okay. Elizabeth was curious if he had considered that he might have a family out there who missed him and wanted him back. Jason conceded that she had a point, so he agreed to have his fingerprints checked.

A short time later, Dante arrived. After Elizabeth introduced Dante to "Jake," Dante took Jason's fingerprints and promised to get back to him with the results.

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